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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: NFL Draft 2020 Edition


For football fans, the NFL Draft is the annual celebration of hope for the teams that earned a high draft pick. By that, I mean they were terrible the previous year and are badly in need of some fresh talent. The NFL Draft gives them that opportunity. Sometimes, one pick can be the difference between another losing season and a slew of championship. Just ask the New England Patriots.

This year, however, the NFL Draft is set to have a different impact. Usually, the draft is mostly just a glorified news feed, detailing the picks for various teams. Only major football fans tune in or pay attention. That’s often because this is usually the time baseball, basketball, and hockey are playing relevant games.

These are not usual times, unfortunately. Thanks to a global pandemic, we are in the midst of the greatest dearth of sports in decades.

Despite this crisis, the NFL has made clear they are going forward with the draft. Granted, it won’t be the same massive party that they had last year in Nashville. It’s going to happen primarily in a TV studio with many players streaming their reaction from various locations. It’s not going to have much fanfare, but it’s the first major sporting event we’ve had in over a month.

As a lifelong football fan, I’ve always been fond of the draft. This year, I’m just happy to see anything sports related that isn’t a replay of some old game. The NFL Draft is a celebrated event because it brings hope to millions of fans. Hope is something we need a lot more of right now. These Sexy Sunday Thoughts are my way of supplementing it. Enjoy!

“Porn stars are business savvy in that they’ve monetized their genitals.”

“The difference between being adventures and kinky in the bedroom is in which body parts you’re willing to strain.”

“Sleeping with an asshole is an indirect form of masochism.”

“Building love on a foundation of lies is like having sex on a bed of broken glass.”

“Women should be inherently skeptical of a man who can’t hide his porn stash very well.”

“Someone who works hard and plays hard knows how to make love just hard enough.”

“Loneliness is your genitals reminding you that you’re not getting laid.”

I miss sports. I cannot overstate that enough. As much as I love the NFL Draft, I wish there was more to follow at the moment. Since that’s not likely to change anytime soon, I’ll be sure to watch this years draft with a bit more scrutiny than I have before. It’s not much, but during a crisis, I’ll gladly take it.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sexy Running Edition


I didn’t used to enjoy exercise. At one point, my least favorite activity in school was running and given how miserable I was at school for most of my life, that’s saying something. Then, as I got older and more health conscious, running became an integral part of my life. I’m at a point now where it feels weird when I don’t run in some form.

Whether it’s on a treadmill or on the trails throughout my neighborhood, I love to run. It’s not just good for my health. It gets my heart racing, my brain going, and my juices flowing. Yes, I understand that has some sexual connotations. Did you honestly expect anything less from me?

It’s only natural. Running makes me all hot and sweaty. There are times when I come in from a run and I’m just dripping with sweat. I may not smell great, but I feel downright sexy. After burning all those calories, it’s like I just made love to my muscles. It’s a great feeling and with the weather finally warming up, I can run without a shirt on to show off that sexiness. Again, you expect anything less from me?

I hope that when I meet the love of my life, she’ll go running with me. One day, I hope we can go on a long run together, get back, shed our sexy clothes, and share a nice shower together. I hope I find that woman one day. Until then, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to help inspire all those other runners out there. Enjoy!

“The joy your child gives their parents is the echo of the orgasm that made them.”

“Learning about romance through chick flicks is as unhealthy as learning about sex through porn.”

“Trying to be monogamous with a slut is like trying to interrogate a pathological liar.”

“Friends with benefits are the take-home tests of relationships.”

“Imagine how much trust and/or bravery someone must have to allow a cannibal to give them oral sex.”

“Can you honestly believe someone who says they accidentally watched porn?”

“True love is never having to explain why you have so much lube in your dresser drawer.”

The spring and summer are the best seasons for running. The days are long, the heat rolls in, and the sweat feels earned. I try to take full advantage of it and any trail nearby. I encourage everyone else to give it a try. If a guy like me can grow to love running, then anyone can. That, I’m sure of.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Easter 2020 Edition


Today is Easter Sunday. However, I imagine a lot of people either didn’t know, forgot about it, or just don’t have the energy to care. I completely understand. Even as someone who has a special appreciation of Easter, I know that nobody is in a very celebratory mood right now. When there’s a global pandemic ravaging the world, you just can’t get into the spirit of any holiday.

It’s so bad right now that you can’t even get together for a nice Easter dinner. At best, you can video chat with them while you’re eating leftovers. It’s not the same, but I would argue it’s better than nothing. I would also argue that Easter is still worth celebrating. It may not be the flashiest holiday, but it has its place.

It also helps that Easter has some sexy origins. Before it became entwined with Christian traditions, it was associated with pagan fertility rituals. Like it or not, you can’t have fertility without a little sex appeal. As someone who appreciates both sex appeal and warmer spring weather, I’m all for celebrating that sort of thing.

Perhaps this is one Easter in which those lucky enough to be quarantined with their lovers can tap into that sexy past. You’re already stuck at home. You can’t have a family gathering. Why not use it as a chance to share a little sexy time? Here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to get you in that sexy Easter spirit. Enjoy!

“Finding pubic hair in your food is disgusting, but the story of how it got there can be fascinating.” 

“Catching your parents having sex is only as embarrassing as the kinks they’re exercising at the time.”

“Puberty is cruel to teenagers in that it makes them feel ugly and horny at the same time.”

“A stripper’s permanence is directly proportional to how it effects an audience’s genitals.”

“For a man, having a large penis is like having a great credit score.”

“Working hard will help you get laid, but working smart will help you find the love of your life.”

“Behind every romantic gesture are some incredibly lurid thoughts.”

This year has already cost us a great many things, from major sports to holidays. It’s already a lost year, due to the pandemic. Chances are this will be the most forgettable Easter we’ll have. However, if you have to chance to use the isolation as a means of sharing some sexy time, then it can still be memorable for a much better reason.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Frisky FaceTime Edition

For better or for worse, we live in remarkable times. That’s a good and bad thing. Right now, I think the bad is making the news more often than usual, albeit for entirely understandable reasons. However, there’s still some good to be found. Human beings are remarkably adaptive, especially when it comes to their love life.

At a time when everyone is adapting to the idea of social distancing and extended quarantines, we need to find some way of getting sexy and sometimes that requires a little creativity. One method that I’ve known some couples to use involves FaceTime and video chatting. There’s nothing too novel or radical about it. It’s just people getting sexy and naughty over a video chat.

It’s simple, but it gets the job done. Given the market for Cam Girls these days, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. While there will always be a place and a preference for direct, skin-on-skin contact, there’s also a place for shared digital sexiness. Sometimes, that’s the only option we have. Given that it wasn’t an option just a few decades ago, I’d say that’s a remarkable luxury.

These are difficult times, especially if you’re away from your lover. Remarkable technology has made it so that we can be with our lovers in novel ways, even if they require a robust internet connection. Since we don’t know how long we’ll have to remain isolated, we might as well embrace it. This round of Sexy Sunday Thoughts is my contribution to that effort. Enjoy!

“Catching your parents having sex often runs the risk of knowing exactly when and how a sibling was conceived.”

“Bisexuals will always have more options when it comes to both lovers and strip clubs.”

“Just imagine how skilled someone would have to be if they were the world’s oldest prostitute.”

“A part of seeking love is seeking someone you trust to touch your genitals.”

“Meaningless sex doesn’t heal a broken heart, but it’s an effective distraction.”

“An impotent man is exceedingly motivated to use other body parts exceptionally well.”

“Falling in love isn’t a choice, but making your love sexy is.”

Not all video chatting has to be sexy. Not all digital exchanges have to have some sort of kinky element. However, when global affairs require extreme measures, we’ve no choice but to adapt and cope. That extends to our love lives. If we can’t be together physically, then a video chat might be the best we can hope for. It’s not the same, but it’s better than nothing. If it helps us feel less lonely, then I say that’s an extra-sexy bonus.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Spring Time Loving Edition


It’s officially spring. Traditionally, it’s the time of year when people finally emerge from months of staying indoors, dressing in layers, and scraping ice of windshields. It’s also the traditional time when love is in the air and lover’s embrace one another in the same way they embrace warmer weather. It may be corny, but for the romantic among us, it’s a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, traditions of all kinds have been upended in recent weeks. Thanks to a global pandemic that has killed the mood for many, we’ve already lost major traditions in sports, holidays, and festivals. Chances are we’ll lose a lot more before all is said and done. As a romantic, I take no pleasure in conceding that.

However, I don’t believe in letting fear and dire news kill the spirit of the season. Pandemic or not, warmer weather and longer days have arrived. We can finally put away the heavy coats and the snow shovels. Even if we can’t go to the beach, we can still enjoy the luxury of wearing less clothing around the house and our lover. It may not take the place of other spring traditions, but it’s better than nothing.

These trying times will eventually pass. Eventually, our collective isolation will end, toilet paper will be on sale again, and people won’t be afraid to shake hands. Until then, let’s welcome the spring and the seasonal passions they inspire. Here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to get you in the spirit. Enjoy!

“Necessity may be the mother of invention, but the desire to get laid is a close relative.”

“A nice guy and a nice girl can still have the naughtiest sex lives.”

“To some extent, saving the human race requires helping people get laid.”

“The first act of drunk sex was probably messier than anyone expected.”

“If what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, then it should follow that what makes you lonelier makes you hornier.”

“Parents want what’s best for their kids, but seem to hesitate when it comes to their sex lives.”

“To some extent, masturbation is general maintenance for our genitals.”

There’s no way around it. This spring will be one to remember for all the wrong reasons. Hopefully, it’s a lesson for how bad things can get and how much we can endure. No matter how bad it gets, we can’t let it temper our sense of romance. Better times are coming. Until then, we should to make the most of these difficult times.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Rebound Love Edition


Rebound sex has somewhat of a mixed reputation. It’s not uncommon for someone to tell a friend, be they a man or a woman, that the best way to get over one lover is to hop into bed with another. The logic sounds lurid, but it’s not entirely flawed. Sometimes, people need to reconnect with someone new to move forward. Like anything, there’s a healthy and unhealthy way to do it, but it does have merit.

Personally, I think just jumping into bed with the first person you can after a break-up does more harm than good. However, I also think that pursuing a new relationship shortly after another has fallen apart can work very well, provided those involved understand the circumstances. I think love in that context can be just as meaningful as any other.

It’s part of a very human tendency to seek love. When you feel broken, vulnerable, and lonely, you’re going to be a lot more motivated to seek it. Break-ups often leave us feeling all of those things and then some. I’d argue that you’re never more motivated to find a new love than you are when you’re still reeling from one that failed.

I’ve experienced this personally. I’ve also seen others experience it as well. Some ended up in a rebound relationship that has since become long-term. It’s an uncommon love story that doesn’t always have a romantic foundation, but it’s every bit as genuine. Love like that is certainly worthy of some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to cap off the weekend. Enjoy!

“If you and your lover are horny, creative, and daring, you can make love on any piece of furniture.”

“Pillow talk is basically a debriefing for your heart and your genitals.”

“Every time you think your job is awful, remember that there are janitors who work at brothels.”

“Sexting is basically an effort to be the one who makes someone horny from afar.”

“A good portion of peoples’ morality is built around which sources of orgasms warrant stigma.”

“As long as people have dirty minds, there will always be a source of free porn.”

“Decadence is just a sexy brand of fun that makes certain people uncomfortable.”

Pursuing love is rarely a smooth, predictable process. We all have this fanciful idea of how we’ll fall in love with someone. It rarely plays out that way in the real world. Rebound love might not be the most romantic kind of love we pursue, but it can still blossom. It can turn the pain of a breakup into something beautiful. What’s more romantic than that?

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Intimate Quarantine Edition


There are certain times when it’s genuinely hard to set a sexy mood. A national tragedy, a death in the family, or being arrested often qualify. However, a global pandemic is a special kind of challenge. Like everyone else with access to a news feed, I know what’s going on with the Coronavirus/COVID-19. There’s no way around it. This is a crisis the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades.

I’ve tried to offer advice and lighten the mood over the course of the week. I know that only goes so far. When it comes to offering some Sexy Sunday Thoughts, I understand it’s more challenging than usual. Originally, I was going to do a St. Patrick’s Day edition. With so many events cancelled, I feel that’s just not appropriate anymore.

For many communities, including my own, we’re on somewhat of a quarantine. Schools are closed. Large gatherings are banned. We’re basically just stuck in our homes, trying to amuse ourselves and washing our hands constantly. It’s not ideal, but there are still some sexy opportunities to pursue.

If we’re going to be stuck inside, we might as well make the most of it. If you’re lucky enough to have a lover, use this time to catch up on some quality lovemaking. You might never have a time with so few distractions. In that spirit, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to get you in the mood. At the very least, I hope it raises your spirits.

“Being bored and horny is one of the few problems that actually solves itself.”

“Love may be priceless, but relationships come with many hidden fees.”

“Whoever first came up with clown porn must have an exceedingly twisted amount of kink.”

“One man’s premature ejaculation is another’s impromptu quickie.”

“The ability to get laid is what separates being creepy from being mysterious.”

“Part of finding a great lover is giving them plenty of chances to practice.”

“During a crisis, all sex counts as thrill sex.”

In times of crisis, the best you can do is not panic and take things a day at a time. Things will eventually return to normal. It’s just going to take longer than usual. Until then, do what you can to make the most of it. Wash your hands and embrace your loved ones. If you can embrace them in a sexy way, then that’s just a nice bonus at a time when there are precious few.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sexy Wit Edition


What does it mean to have a quick wit? It’s one of those things we can’t clearly define, but we know it when we see it. Like sexy innuendo or erotic undertones, it’s something we just pick up on without knowing why. Having witty, smart retorts is an underrated tool in social interactions. It can even get you ahead in certain professional fields, especially if you’re a lawyer. Just ask Saul Goodman.

Outside a courtroom, a quick wit can have many sexy connotations. I’ve known more than a few people in my life who might not have had the looks of a supermodel, but they could talk and quip as though they were the sexiest creatures on this plant. It’s one of those rare sexy skills that men and women alike can appreciate. It doesn’t always work the same way, but it still works.

A sexy wit can help you say many sexy things to your lover, but with fewer words and a more memorable impact. It’s rarely something you can plot out. Anyone can make a romantic gesture if they have enough time, resources, and motivation. It takes real talent to make such a gesture on the cuff and with just your words.

Whether it comes from raw talent or learned skill, a sexy wit goes a long way for anyone who wields it. Women can use it to get their lover’s excited. Men can use it to get their lovers interested and engaged. It may be an understated ability, but its potential greater than most people realize. I hope this round of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts help others appreciate that potential. Enjoy!

“The first man to give a woman multiple orgasms was also likely the first real life superhero.”

“It’s probably coincidence that the best drugs either facilitate great sex or supplant it.”

“Ever stop and wonder what sort of mishap, ignorance, or debauchery requires someone to call customer support for a sex toy?”

“If all the greatest sluts and studs go to Hell when they die, then is Heaven truly Heaven?”

“The measure of a man can be indirectly inferred by what he thinks of when he masturbates.”

“Creativity is equally instrumental in creating greater art and kinkier kinks.”

“Is a hypochondriac with a dirty mind a hypocrite by default?”

Not everyone can talk with the same swagger and seductiveness as James Bond or Jennifer Lopez. However, with the right application of wit and word play, we can amplify our sex appeal in the right situations. Whether you’re with a long-time lover or a pretty face that you just met, a good wit can go a long way towards endearing yourself to them and not just in a sexy sort of way.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: First Crush Edition


Who doesn’t remember their first crush? Maybe a better question for some is why can’t we forget our first crush? Most of us know remember the name, face, eye-color, and shoe size of the first person we had a crush on in our youth. I certainly do. I’ve shared some personal details of that experience before. I think it’s an experience we can all relate to on some levels.

Most of the time, our first rush isn’t the person we end up with. More often than not, they coincide with that fateful moment when we realize we’re attracted to other people. We gradate from that point in our lives when we’re not just looking for a friend. We’re seeking a more intimate connection. It can be profound, but it can also be scary.

When we’re young, our emotions are all over the place. They’re still new to us. We don’t know how to deal with them, let alone share them. Our first crush is like our first attempt to make that connection. Some are lucky enough to share the awkwardness with someone special. It can seem immature in hindsight, but it still represents a meaningful step in our romantic, emotional, and sexual journey.

I certainly learned a lot from my first crush. Some of those lessons took longer than others to sink in. Even if you ended up with someone different in the end, that first crush will always be special to us on some levels. Please keep that in mind as I share with you some Sexy Sunday Thoughts. If you’re among the lucky ones to still be with your first crush, I hope it gets you in the right spirit. Enjoy!

“When you’re bisexual, every close friend is a potential lover.”

“The first three-way that involved twins was also the first two-for-one deal.”

“Underwear is only as sexy as your lover’s desire to rip it off.”

“There’s a right way and a wrong way to talk dirty, but the line gets very blurry when one lover is kinky.”

“Can a mistake that results in an orgasm truly count as a mistake?”

“Finding true love and finding a steady supply of shared orgasms aren’t the same thing, but they involve similar processes.”

“Every love song takes on a different meaning when sung from the perspective of someone who’s very horny.”

My first crush probably doesn’t remember me. They may have similar feelings about their first crush. Whatever the case may be, there’s value in knowing that moment in which you desired something deeper than friendship. It’s the first step to developing sexier feelings for others. Those first steps may be awkward, but they can take us to some wonderful places later in life.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Leftover Chocolates Edition


The end of every holiday, large or small, brings with it some underrated perks. Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, those perks have appeal for those in love, as well as those who are single. One of my favorite involves the glut of cheap, leftover candy that’s often in abundance after a holiday.

If you’ve been to a store in the past week, you’ve probably seen it. Shelves upon shelves of unsold Valentine’s Day treats are just sitting there, having not been used in any grand romantic gesture. It’s tragic anytime delicious treats go uneaten, but even though Valentine’s Day is over, there’s still hope for them and for those who don’t need a holiday to do something special.

At the end of the day, it’s cheap candy. If you, your friends, and your lover can’t find a way to enjoy cheap candy, then you’re just being difficult. I say take advantage of it. It doesn’t make you cheap. Technically, you’re working smarter by saving money that you could use for yourself and your lover on your own terms. Hallmark may not like it, but that’s their problem.

There aren’t many situations that aren’t improved by extra candy. As long as you don’t mind the Valentine’s Day themes at this point, you’ve got a golden opportunity to make your day a little sweeter. If you can make your lover’s sweeter too, then that’s a nice bonus. No holidays are necessary. Hopefully, these Sexy Sunday Thoughts will help you work up an appetite. Enjoy!

“Technically, romantic tension can’t function without some degree of horniness.”

“You can only be so romantic when you’re really horny.”

“How much do you trust someone who says they’ve never watched porn?”

“If a crazy stunt gets you laid, does it still count as crazy?”

“Pursuing love means finding someone willing to regularly get naked with you.”

“A whore is just a slut with better business savvy.”

“Great love stories often come from those who are lonely, horny, or both.”

We’re entering a time of year in which there aren’t a lot of holidays to look forward to. That means you’re not going to see elaborate treats or decorations. Those cheap, leftover chocolates from Valentine’s Day aren’t going to last forever. Get them while you can. Enjoy them on your own terms. Share them with the ones you love if you can. It’s as sweet a gesture as you can give.

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