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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sensual Stripping Edition


This is the time of year when everyone is a bit more eager to strip out of their clothes. By that, I don’t mean that people are hornier or friskier than usual. It’s the middle of the summer. It’s hotter than a dragon’s taint outside and not everyone is lucky enough to have a decent air conditioner. In those circumstances, you’re going to be inclined to wear less.

Aside from beating the heat, this presents a rare and sexy opportunity that aspiring erotica/romance writers like myself can appreciate. The way I see it, if you’re going to take off your clothes, you might as well have fun with it. I know there are professional strippers working at legitimate strip clubs who do it better than most of us ever will. That doesn’t mean they should have all the fun.

I’m not going to lie. At times, I’ve done a little sensual stripping on my own during hot summer days. If I’m restless or hot, I’ll even put on some music and make a game of it. Even if I’m alone, it’s a nice way to remind myself that I can be sexy in my own way. I don’t need to work in a club or have a boob job. I just need a little confidence, spirit, and some decent music.

By dedicating this round of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts to the act of stripping, I hope I inspire others to try it too. You don’t have to be a professional. You don’t even have to look like an underwear model. Just find the right environment, put on some music, and let your sex appeal do the rest. Enjoy!

“Nipple sensitivity is nature’s way of daring you to be kinky.”

“You can’t say something is your fetish until you’ve willingly licked it.”

“If you’re really rich, sexual fantasies rarely remain fantasies for long.”

“Evil prevails when good men do nothing and when beautiful women have sex with assholes.”

“Being really horny and really drunk can lead to equally poor decisions, but with much less vomiting.”

“If making love is like a cake, then foreplay is like licking the batter from the bowl.”

“When you think about it, your genitals were the first gadgets you ever obsessed over.”

By now, I hope your clothes feel unbearably itchy and the summer heat is only going to make it worse. We’re all naked underneath our clothes. We all have strip naked at some point. Why not have a little fun with it? Regardless of your gender, age, or relationship status, it’s a simple way to exercise your sexy side.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Hot Kissing Edition


What’s a hot, sexy romance without a good kiss? It’s one of the few common traits that both cheesy romance and porn have in common. Two lovers find each other, they kiss, and then they let passion and/or horniness do the rest. It’s a beautiful thing that’s worth celebrating in all its intimate glory.

I still remember my first kiss fondly. It wasn’t exactly epic or exhilarating. I was in a car with my girlfriend at the time. We were about to head into my parents’ house for dinner. Before we went in, I leaned over and kissed her. It might not have been the most romantic moment of our lives, but it was special. It has only become more special as I’ve gotten older.

We’ve all had moments like that. A hot kiss is one of those few romantic gestures that’s truly universal. A good kiss can be what initiates a romantic moment. It can also help conclude one. It can be something sweet and innocent. It can also be sexy and dirty. How many romantic gestures are that flexible?

Being a romantic, a hot kiss will often mark the apex of an epic love story. Having written more than a few of those stories, I understand the power of a hot, intimate kiss. This being one of the hottest times of the year, weather-wise, I thought it was fitting to dedicate this week’s edition of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts to this most sexy of gestures. Enjoy!

“By its own nature, charisma is the most indirect form of foreplay.”

“Loneliness is nature’s way of urging us to share our orgasms with others.”

“Puberty is nature’s way of testing how we handle feeling anxious, angry, and horny all at once.”

“To some extent, flirting is a tacit way of daring someone to get naked with you.”

“It’s very likely that the first massage was just foreplay that worked a little too well.”

“The act of falling in love is essentially a proto-orgasm.”

“Porn is an art form in the same way strawberry ice cream is a fruit.”

I hope that inspired everyone to make the next kiss they share with their lover count. There’s a time and place to just share a quick peck on the cheek. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a fitting gesture of love. The same applies to those deep, hot, intimate kisses that really gets our hearts racing for all the right reasons. If you’re lucky enough to have a lover, make those moments count.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Father’s Day 2019 Edition


At some point in our adult lives, we start to appreciate all the things our parents did for us as kids. We don’t always appreciate them. Sometimes, we even resent how involved they get in our lives. There’s no question that some parents overdo it. In hindsight, it’s understandable and for fathers, the challenges can be especially daunting.

With each passing year, I’ve come to cherish more and more how my father met those challenges. I know I often belabor how awesome my parents are. I went out of my way to single out how great my mother was last month. Now, it’s my father’s turn and, without question, his love was every bit as impactful.

Having an awesome father is like having a superpower. He’s this source of strength and power that you can draw from when the world looks so big and daunting. My father was very much my first superhero, guiding me and protecting me through a world that I didn’t understand. He didn’t just have my respect and admiration, as a father. He earned it.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to treasure his love and dedication more and more. There were plenty of times when I was stubborn, arrogant, or just plain immature. He was still there, guiding me and loving me as any father would. He was patient, kind, and understanding. He had a low bullshit tolerance and he taught me what it meant to be a decent human being.

For that, and so many other reasons, Father’s Day carries special meaning for me. My dad helped me become the man I am today. He and awesome father’s like him have an immense impact on so many lives and that’s certainly worth celebrating. This special Father’s Day 2019 edition of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts is my humble contribution to that celebration.

“Talking about our feelings is a slippery slope to talking about what may or may not make us horny.”

“Using vibrators during lovemaking is like pouring hot fudge on chocolate ice cream.”

“Revenge sex is basically weaponized orgasms.”

“Anyone can be a stripper, but not everyone is qualified.”

“A good relationship is basically a good system for mutual orgasms.”

“Skydiving and having sex with crazy people has the same appeal.”

“With enough charisma, a conversation can be a form of foreplay.”

Once again, I give my sincerest thanks and appreciation to all the amazing fathers out there who do so much for their children. I also give a double thank-you to my own wonderful father. For however long I live, I’ll be eternally grateful for the love and support you’ve given me. I am the man I am because of you. To him and all the wonderful men like him, Happy Father’s Day!

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sexy Tan Edition


I love summer. I love going to the beach, eating outside, and hanging out by the pool. The long days, the hot weather, and the lack of precipitation that needs shoveling has always appealed to me. However, there’s one other aspect of summer for which I have mixed feelings and that involves tans.

Now, I’ll be the first to proclaim that I find tans sexy. Whether you’re a man or a woman, having a good tan is a great way to augment your sex appeal. I think that’s beyond dispute. Unfortunately, like any other natural endowment, not everyone can pursue that sex appeal with the same ease.

I’ve tried to get a tan before. It has never worked. I’m one of those guys whose skin doesn’t tan. It burns. Since I was a kid, I never managed to get a tan over the summer. Even when I smothered myself in sunscreen, I only ever ended up with a nasty burn that required a healthy round of Aloe Vera lotion.

It was frustrating, but that didn’t stop me from appreciating the sex appeal of tans. There are some people in my family who just tan naturally, especially around this time of year. They carry themselves with more swagger and rightfully so. They know they look good and will keep enjoying that look for the rest of the summer.

To those people, as well as those like me who still appreciate them, this round of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts is for you. I may be doomed to spend every summer bathing in sunscreen, but those who can get a tan should enjoy it. You don’t know how lucky you are.

“We send mixed messages when we’re so careful about protecting our genitals, yet still refer to them as our junk.”

“Breasts are nature’s way reminding men that they’re easily distracted.”

“The best lovemaking makes a bad day good and a good day great.”

“The difference between having sex and making love is akin to the difference between a home run on opening day and a grand slam in the World Series.”

“The fact that the human ass is inherently dirty and sexy makes it the perfect biological paradox.”

“What exactly was the first couple to have a tickle fight thinking?”

“If a man knows the entire starting lineup of his favorite football team, then he has no excuse for knowing how his lover’s genitals work.”

I hope this gives you some extra motivation while lounging out in the summer sun, working on that perfect bronze tan. If your skin can handle it, I say go for it. Summer is a great time to show off your sex appeal. A good tan is one of the few features that men and women alike can appreciate. It’s just one of the many things that make summer inherently awesome.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Summer BBQ Edition


Summer has arrived. The weather is hot, school is out, pools are open, and bikinis are back in style. For anyone who values the ability to lounge around naked, it’s a wonderful time of year. While I’ve made my love of casual nudity known, there are plenty of other summer activities that I enjoy. A few of them can even be done while fully clothed.

One of them is a good summer barbecue. While I’m not that picky an eater, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for good barbecue. It helps that I come from a family that will make any excuse to have a barbecue. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or not. If we can all get together, fire up a grill, and cook some great food, then we’ll find a way to make it happen.

I’ve always found barbecue to be the most social kind of eating. It’s the kind of food where you don’t just sit at a table. You walk around, you interact, and you create a fun atmosphere for all to enjoy. To some extent, it’s downright intimate. You’re eating food that’s fresh off the grill and hanging out in an open environment. Whether with family or strangers, it’s something everyone can appreciate.

Summer is prime barbecue season. I certainly plan on attending more than a few. I encourage everyone else who’s fond of hot weather and cold beer to participate whenever they can. This edition of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts is my way of ushering in this unique summer activity. Hopefully, it makes you hungry, among other things.

“Alcohol is probably just as responsible for creating many relationships as well as ruining them.”

“Love is the bedrock for a successful relationship, but orgasms are bricks and cement that help build it up.”

“In essence, a romantic gesture is just a more elaborate form of foreplay.”

“Take away the sex and prostitutes really aren’t that different from politicians.”

“If laughter is the best medicine, then making love is the best therapy.”

“Good lovers tend to their partner’s needs, but great lovers help them discover new ones.”

“A date is basically an elaborate guessing game on what will convince someone to regularly have sex with you.”

I hope that helped everyone work up an appetite. Summer has a great many appeals. Good barbecue is just one of them. Even without a gathering or an event, any season is made better by good food. If you have a chance to get out and enjoy one, I encourage you to do so. After all, no epic romance or sexy activity can be done on an empty stomach.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Memorial Day 2019 Edition


There’s no getting around it. War and conflict have shaped human society in ways that are impossible to overstate. The people who end up fighting in those conflicts often pay a high price for their role. Some end up paying with their lives while others pay through the trauma that follows them home.

That’s part of what makes Memorial Day such an important occasion. Most people are related to or know someone who has served. It takes a special kind of spirit to serve one’s country. It’s not just about being willing and able to venture to foreign battlefields in the name of their country. Soldiers have something unique that helps them serve the way they do.

I have multiple family members who served their country. Some of my distant relatives served in World War II. A few who are still with us served in Vietnam. That special something that helped them serve with honor is apparent. It’s something no parade can ever fully capture, but it’s still worth celebrating.

To all the veterans who have served, as well as the brave men and women serving at this very moment, I thank you for your sacrifice. You blood, sweat, and patriotism is part of what makes the way of life we’ve come to cherish possible. Let this round of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts honor you in its own special way. Enjoy!

“How someone develops a spanking fetish is often weirder than the fact they have a spanking fetish.”

“Sex needs no advertising, but requires plenty of negotiations.”

“Making out is just a PG-13 form of foreplay.”

“Hate sex is like dangerously spicy food in that it causes great discomfort, but has inescapable appeal.”

“Part of loving someone means knowing how to share a bathroom with them.”

“Being in love means having sex on a good day, but true love means doing it on your worst day.”

“At its core, flirting is asking someone to help you have an orgasm.”

Once again, thank you to all the brave men and women who have served their country and are currently serving. If you wish to help our country’s veterans, please consider donating to organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project and the Purple Heart Foundation. There are many ways to show love, but on Memorial Day, please make the extra effort to show them what they mean to us.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Smooth Shave Edition


While I’m a fan of manly beards, I don’t deny that there’s a unique appeal to smoothly-shaven skin. Whether it’s on your face, legs, chest, or genitals, there’s a lot to like about that clean, crisp feeling. Sometimes, that’s a feeling you want to enjoy, both for yourself and for your lover.

I’ve recounted times when I’ve let my hair just grow out. It had its share of appeals. It helped me look more rugged and manly. That was fun, but it became somewhat of a challenge when I wanted to have a more formal look. Over time, I learned that when I shave my face and cut my hair before such occasions, I can look pretty damn sophisticated.

I value that look. Many men feel the same way. Many women have equally strong feelings about a smooth shave, especially when it comes to their legs. This is the time of year when women finally get to show their legs off again. As someone who is very much in favor of women showing off their sexy skin, I definitely value that too.

There are plenty of circumstances in which that rugged, unshaven look works. Those moments can have plenty of sex appeal. The same goes for that smooth-shaven feeling. Both have plenty of potential for sexiness. Both are worth celebrating. This round of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts should help in that effort. Enjoy!

“Technically, a pimp is just a middleman to a pricey orgasm.”

“When you’re horny, your brain often betrays you just after your genitals.”

“If love is ultimate drug, then divorce is the ultimate hangover.”

“Ironically, stupidity is responsible for both increasing and decreasing a population.”

“Falling in love is correlated, but not caused by a willingness to give oral sex.”

“In the right circumstances, make-up sex can be both therapeutic and self-destructive.”

“A man’s porn stash can be just as revealing as a woman’s choice in vibrators.”

Whether you prefer a look that’s rugged or clean-cut, there are a great many ways to be sexy. Hair, wherever it is on your body, can help supplement that sexiness. A cleanly shaven face or cleanly shaven legs offers so much, in terms of intimate touch. As summer approaches, this is as good a time as any to appreciate it.

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