After working on this blog for over a year, building it up into a hub for both my sexy novels and my various sexy musings, I feel ready to take it to the next step. By that, I don’t mean starting in my own Broadway rendition of “Skin Deep” or “Passion Relapse,” although that is a long-term goal of sorts. I mean it’s time to see if this sexy enterprise can start turning a larger profit.

I realize that talking about money that doesn’t involve inheriting a private island in the Caribbean can be a bit of a mood-killer. However, it’s one of those topics we can never fully avoid. As much as I love writing about sexy topics, from sex robots to the distant future our future sex lives, I can’t keep doing it for free. At some point, I need to pay my bills.

For the most part, I’ve been trying to do that with my novels. I’ve been building this site as a means to sell those novels and increase awareness of my writing, as a whole. However, those sales are still limited. My profile is still not very high and I want to do everything I can to increase that. Unfortunately, I need money to do that.

There are two ways I could do this. The first, and most common, is to monetize this site by allowing ads. Now, I could do this, but I know as well as anyone who has spent more than two minutes on the internet that ads are annoying as hell. They’re great for content creators, but not so good for customers.

It’s for that reason that I’m choosing the section option, which is to respectfully ask for donations/tips from regular readers of this blog. Think of it as a hot, manly Chippendale dancer walking up to you with a G-string, asking for spare dollar bills in exchange for taking in his sexiness. I won’t say I’m as physically fit as a male stripper, but I am fit and I have a sexy mind that I enjoy sharing on the massive stage that is the internet.

As such, I’ve created a donate page through PayPal that anyone can donate to. You can donate as little as a dollar or as much as ten thousand. Now, I’m not asking anyone here to pay my mortgage. I’m just asking for spare change to help support the work I do on this website and with my novels.

I’d like to see how well this works for a while. I’d also like to resist the urge to permit ads on this site as much as possible, if only to ensure that the experience is still as unencumbered as possible. Thank you and I appreciate all those who support this site, my novels, and my efforts as a whole.

In the long run, I’d like to make a living telling sexy stories and writing about sexy topics. This is just another step in that process. Again, if you have money to spare, even if it’s just a little, please click the link below and donate as much as you can.