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Sexy Short Story: Thanksgiving Quickie

The following is a sexy short story about some sexy loving in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I hope this gives everyone out there something else to be thankful for. Enjoy!

The holidays were a stressful time of year. But for Liam Brooks, they were often quite frustrating. And all those frustrations tended to manifest on Thanksgiving.

“Liam! Go check on pies cooling on the porch!” his mother shouted from the kitchen.

“I already did, ma. They’re fine,” Liam groaned as he finished setting the table in the dining room.

“Check them again!” she shouted. “Your father’s busy with the potatoes and your sister is preoccupied with the kids.”

“It’s only been 20 minutes,” he protested. “How much could’ve changed?”

“Don’t get snippy with your ma!” his father shouted back. “We’ve been behind schedule since you got in late last night with your girlfriend. We’ve been catching up ever since. You really want to be the one to ruin Thanksgiving?”

Liam groaned again and held back a string of angry curses. In most other circumstances, he would’ve fired back about how their micromanaging kept others from enjoying the holidays. He also would’ve mentioned how all the aunts, uncles, and cousins got a pass and watched football while he helped with all preparations. But for the sake of keeping the peace for the holidays, he held his tongue.

“I’ll check again,” Liam said with a defeated sigh.

“And check the firewood while you’re at it! It’s supposed to get cold tonight,” his father added, never one to leave out another task.

Liam pulled himself away from the dining room table, shaking his head and hiding his frustrations as best he could. He should’ve been used to this by now. Ever since he was a kid, his parents had been obsessive when it came to tasks, chores, and schedules. They were so particular that they had actual time slots for him and his four older siblings to brush their teeth at night. He thought he’d be used to it by now, but it still annoyed him to no end.

He suspected his siblings felt the same way, but they chose to keep that sentiment to themselves. There was just no winning an argument with their parents, especially around the holidays.

“Never leave a task unfinished or late,” Liam muttered. “How else are you gonna take the fun out of Thanksgiving?”

He slipped away to the back porch, passing by a crowd of nieces, nephews, and cousins. The young ones got a pass, having permission to run around and stick to no schedule whatsoever. Liam envied them. The older ones – including his aunts, uncles, and grandparents – got to just sit in the living room, drinking eggnog and watching football. He peered in briefly to see them yelling at the TV, actually having a good time while he and his siblings did all of the work.

They got to enjoy the holidays.

For him, he just got to work overtime.

His holiday spirit was on the brink. Then, he crossed paths with his girlfriend of the past two years, Alessia Burke. Still trying to make a good impression on his parents – especially after not being able to make it last year – she’d been helping too. Unfortunately, that just meant his parents put her to work so that his older sisters, Jane and Irene, could focus on their kids.

“How more are they going to have us do?” she asked him, looking restless as she carried a box of candles and tablecloths out from the garage.

“As much as they can get away with,” Liam answered.

“And it’s always like this?” Alessia groaned.

“I did warn you.”

“And I didn’t listen.”

They exchanged exasperated glances before carrying out the rest of their duties. Alessia set the materials up in the dining room while Liam checked the porch. As expected, the pies were fine and their stock of firewood was full. There was literally no reason for his parents to keep giving him tasks like this.

Everything was on time.

Thanksgiving was on schedule.

But because he and Alessia committed the high crime of being late last night, they held them to an unreasonable standard. It wasn’t fair. But that was how his parents operated. Being military brats who loved sticking to strict schedules, there was just no other way to live.

“What have I done? Inviting the woman I love to my family’s misery?” Liam wondered aloud.

He avoided answering that question himself. He still wasn’t sure his parents even liked Alessia. She wasn’t the first girlfriend of his he’d brought home. But she was, by far, the most serious. She was not just another fling, as his father loved to assume. He actually cared for her. Their relationship was actually serious.

They’d moved in together six months ago. They planned on getting another apartment after graduating college. He already had a job lined up and so did she. He and Alessia did everything right, being proactive in building their lives together. But it still wasn’t enough for his parents.

Liam briefly turned to head back inside. Instead, he stopped at the door, knowing he’d just get stuck with another menial task and/or yelled at. He checked his phone to see that they still had over an hour before dinner. They had time to catch up with family and just enjoy the holidays together. But since arriving home on a late flight from college, he and Alessia hadn’t had any time to spare. It was all work, chores, and preparation.

“This is now way to make lasting holiday memories, together,” Liam mused.

He remained outside, not caring at all about the bitter November cold. A few moments passed and Alessia slipped out, looking just as overwhelmed. Knowing her, she’d probably snuck through the living room, trying to avoid getting assigned more tasks. She’d been eager to help when she arrived, but that eagerness was long gone. All Liam could do was glance at her apologetically.

“I’m sorry,” he told her.

“Don’t be,” she said, offering a kind gesture.

“I should be. This is no way to spend our first Thanksgiving together…stressed out and miserable. It’s bad enough we got stuck at class an extra day to finish term papers. We haven’t even had a proper date night since Halloween.”

“None of that is your fault, Liam.”

“I probably could’ve encouraged you to not come. I could’ve argued harder to just spent Thanksgiving with your parents, just like you did last year.”

“You wouldn’t have kept me from coming,” she said confidently. “I wasn’t going to keep putting this off. If we’re going to be together…if I’m going to be part of your life…then that includes parts like this.”

Liam managed a light smile, which Alessia returned. He didn’t doubt her words. Alessia wasn’t easily dissuaded from a challenge. It was one of many reasons he loved her. But this was a different kind of challenge for both of them. Just keeping up with it all was a strain.

“I could’ve at least prepared you more,” he said.

“Yeah, you could’ve,” Alessia admitted.

“I knew it was going to be rough…just not this rough,” he said.

“I wish I knew your parents would put me to work. I’m starting to think they don’t like me.”

“They don’t like anyone I bring home…not without testing them constantly.”

“Do you think I’ve passed?” she asked him.

“I don’t know. And it doesn’t matter to me. What matters most is making this Thanksgiving memorable for all the reasons for us. I’d hoped my parents would at least try to understand that, but…”

Liam’s words trailed off, his frustrations getting the better of him. Alessia consoled him, offering a loving gesture and a warm smile. She never doubted his good intentions. That was a relief. It still didn’t sit well with him, having little in terms of good holiday memories to share with her.

At the very least, he would’ve liked to spend some quality time together in his old bedroom. But his parents even denied him that, refusing to let them sleep in the same room and putting Alessia in the guest room with his female cousins. It certainly didn’t help that they hadn’t made love since that same fateful date night on Halloween.

Had he known that would be their last intimate moment together for several weeks, he would’ve made it more elaborate. Now, it looked like they wouldn’t have that moment for the rest of the week. Liam was not looking forward to that.

But as he contemplated all the stressful holiday chores ahead of him, Alessia’s expression and demeanor shifted. She had that distinct glint in her eye – the kind she only ever got when she sought to do something that was both challenging and reckless.

“Well…there are other ways of making Thanksgiving memorable,” she said to him in a seductive tone, “the kind that don’t just involve turkey dinners and pumpkin pies.”

“Oh?” Liam said, intrigued and a little nervous. “What did you have in mind?”

Alessia looked around a bit, as if to map out an elaborate strategy. Glancing inside, she saw that the rest of his relatives were engrossed in the TV. And his parents were likely still hard at work in the kitchen, obsessing over every detail.

If they went back inside, they’d find something for them to do between now and dinner time. In order to make a lasting Thanksgiving memory, they would have to be creative.

“Tell me…how likely is it your parents will lose track of time?” she asked him.

“With an hour before dinner…very,” he answered.

“And if we were to slip away for a while…would they notice?” she further inquired.

“Only if we slipped away to somewhere obvious…somewhere they could easily find us, yell at us, and drag us to more duties.”

Alessia bit her lower lip, her mind working fast. The way she moved in closer, seductively pressing her body against his, implied she had already formulated a plan.

“In that case…would your backyard shed be obvious?” she asked him.

Liam blinked a few times, impressed that she was willing to be that bold. He must have been really in need of sex because he didn’t dare talk himself out of it.

“Not in the slightest,” he affirmed.

“Then, what are we waiting for?”

Her mischievous grin widening, she latched onto his arm and led him towards the shed that sat on the far corner of his parents’ backyard. Liam put up no resistance, feeling his first twinge of excitement and elation all week. The backyard shed wasn’t at all ideal for a romantic rendezvous, but it was one of the few places on his parents’ property they paid no attention to this time of year. Given the cold, dreary November weather, it was likely the only private area remaining.

The prospect of making a good Thanksgiving memory with Alessia – a memory that didn’t involve his parents micromanaging or his family’s scrutiny – that genuinely intrigued him. It also did plenty to arouse him.

“A quickie with my girlfriend on Thanksgiving? Can’t get much more memorable than that,” he thought.

Laughing and giggling playfully, carrying themselves like a couple of horny prom dates, he and Alessia arrived at the shed. He then proceeded to unlock the large doors and open them. With Alessia still clinging to his arm, he led her inside.

“Close the door. And close it tight,” she said under her breath.

“Now, you’re just being paranoid,” Liam quipped as he kicked the door shut.

“Never let horniness supersede caution. It’s the best way to avoid awkward situation…especially around the holidays.”

“Speaking from experience with past boyfriends?” he said, snaking his arm around her waist.

“Shut up and kiss me!”

The door was shut. And, just as requested, Liam made sure it stayed shut. It made things in the shed a bit dim, having only the window on the far side for light. But it was more than enough. Having not felt Alessia’s intimate touch in nearly a month, he gladly navigated the dusty, dank, less-than-romantic ambience. Containing their desire for one another had been stressful. Finally, they had a chance to unleash their passions and on Thanksgiving, no less.

In an outpouring of pent-up sexual energy, he and Alessia eagerly embraced one another and met in a deep, sensual kiss. She literally jumped up into his arms, forcing him to catch her by her well-shaped butt. Instinctively, Liam squeezed it with both hands while she threw her legs around his waist.

Her rump firmly in both hands, he carried her over to his father’s work bench. It was a bit dusty, but clear of tools and debris. Even after setting her down, she clung to his shoulders while kissing him with greater intensity.

“I am so thankful for this…for us,” Alessia gasped.

“Me too,” Liam said, “so…so thankful.”

More kissing followed, this time with more tongue. Bolder touching followed, as well – hands roaming wildly around the insufferably formal clothes they’d been wearing since that morning. In addition, Alessia used her powerful legs to squeeze his waist, grinding her pelvis against his crotch. Even though his slacks, he could feel the growing heat of her inner thighs.

The heat soon led to a swift loosening of clothing. While kissing her, Liam skillfully undid the buttons to her blouse, revealing the black lace bra she’d worn underneath. Alessia returned the favor by untucking his shirt, undoing his belt, and unbuttoning the top of his pants. That gave the growing erection more breathing room.

But as much as Liam enjoyed such foreplay, he remembered that they had to move with a sense of urgency.

“Off…get this off,” he said with that deep, masculine tone he knew she loved.

Alessia gladly accommodated him, leaned back on the work bench to give him more room. Under her seductive glance, he eagerly removed her bra to expose her well-shaped breasts. Then, in a show of playful affection, she grabbed his head and pulled his face right into her cleavage, evoking moans and laughter of delight.

“Mmm…yeah! Enjoy a little appetizer,” Alessia cooed.

Liam certainly savored the feeling, but kept his hands moving. With not-so-subtle tact, he reached up the short skirt his Aunt Erin criticized earlier and pulled her panties down her legs. He only got a brief touch for the exposed outer flesh of her womanhood, but he felt enough to confirm that she was hot and aroused.

However, despite the need for urgency, he craved enough treat. Pulling his face away from her breasts, he whispered into her ear.

“Lean back a bit more,” he told her.

The deep tone of his voice helped communicate his intentions. Her grin widened and her excitement grew as she did as he asked, leaning all the way back and causing the wall of tools to clank.

Following his impassioned hunger, he dropped to his knees and pushed her legs farther apart. Her panties were off and her skirt remained on, but he still had a perfect glimpse of her pussy. Licking his lips intently, he buried his face between her inner thighs to taste his love’s sweet flesh. The spirit of Thanksgiving must have been strong because it tasted even better than usual.

“Ooh Liam! Darling…you must be hungry!” Alessia gasped.

He replied with a muffled moan as he lovingly gorged on the outer folds of her vagina, performing oral love to her most sensitive spots while savoring her delicious womanly juices. Whether it was hunger or passion, it had the desired effect. It allowed Liam to pleasure his lover, causing her to shift and shudder atop the work bench.

At some point during his efforts, she slipped off her blouse and kicked off her heels, leaving her only in her skirt. Despite the chilly air outside, Alessia didn’t appear the least bit cold. The conditions and ambience also didn’t keep her from achieving a state of full arousal. She soon became so wet and hot, her body craving his sex. The extra-sweet taste of her pussy got his arousal going as well, the growing erection in his pants now aching to be free.

“Mmm…ready, my love?” Liam asked upon removing his head from her inner thighs.

“I’m ready, Liam. Take me!” Alessia said without hesitation.

Reflex, instinct, and desire took it from there. Liam shot up from the floor, shed his pants and underwear, and repositioned himself between his legs. He then grasped her by the hips, drew her pelvis close to his, and aligned the tip of his rigid penis with her moist slit.

Their eyes now locked and their desires perfectly synchronized, he thrust his hips forward and enter her. Hard masculine flesh penetrated hot feminine depths, their bodies uniting in this intimate act. Together, they let out an impassioned gasp. From there, they proceeded to make love.

“Ohhh Liam!”


Little else had to be said after that. Alessia grasped onto his shoulders, her eyes still locked on him as they set a heated pace for sex. He tightened his hold on her hips, guiding her body with his as they rocked, grinded, and undulated together in a focused venting of love and lust.

Despite the dark, dusty setting – despite the chilly, brisk air – and despite the stress of the Thanksgiving holiday – their sex was still so beautiful and intimate. It was a testament to the love and connection they shared. They found a way to share and express that love, even in less-than-ideal circumstances. Their passion was just that strong. That helped make this act of lovemaking all the more enjoyable.

Liam forgot the circumstances and just enjoyed this feeling with the woman he loved. As their bodies moved, they kissed and shared loving gestures. He grinned as her breasts bounced and her legs shifted, showing off that added flexibility that he found so sexy. He kept the pace steady, but faster than usual, knowing they couldn’t draw this out like they usually did.

Thankfully, he knew Alessia’s body so well. He knew how to get her to the brink of orgasm. She claimed she was relatively easy to please, but he still strived to make the extra effort.

“I’m close! I’m close!” she panted. “I’m gonna…ohhhh!”

Her orgasmic moan filled the shed. It was sweet music to his ears. Liam grinned proudly as she closed her eyes, squeezed the fabric of his dress shirt, and threw her head back to offer a gracious cry to the heavens. He still held her close as her legs tensed and her inner muscles contracted, making for an extra tight sensation around his dick. Liam loved that feeling, too. It prompted an extra deep kiss when Alessia finally collected herself enough to share his affections.

“I love you,” he said to her.

“I love you too,” she said through her orgasmic daze.

The kiss kept the passions flowing. Through her lips and her heated touch, Liam sensed she still craved more sex. He did too, his body now aching for its own release. To that end, he followed more instincts and passions.

With a firm grip on her hips, he lifted her off the table and set her back on her feet. Then, with an assertiveness that he knew she found hot, he turned her around and bent her over. Even through her skirt, he got a nice glimpse of her perfect butt. His penis still rock hard, he guided his flesh back into her.

From there, their sex resumed. This time, the pace was even greater. Grunts and gasps grew louder. The loud smacking sound of his pelvis colliding with her butt filled the shed. His clothes became more and more disheveled. And even through the cold air, a light sweat formed on his brow.

But Liam didn’t let up. He was getting so close. He could feel it. Hearing his love moan and pant, he sought to share the feeling with her. So, using the same knowledge of her body that allowed him to give her such great oral sex, he reached around and stimulated her clit with his fingers. That got Alessia moaning louder and trembling harder under the extra sensations.

And in short order, she was ready to climax too. This time, he could share the ecstasy with her.

“Again! Ooh I’m going to…come again!” Alessia cried out.

“Me too, babe. Me…too. Oh God!” Liam gasped.

After a few more heated thrusts, it happened. He and his love crossed that magical barrier that separated them from the sweetest fruits of their love. A hot, orgasmic rush washed over them both and they took it in together.

It hit him first, his knees going weak and his grip on her tightening as he released his manly load up into her depths. It hit Alessia soon after, her lower body trembling as she threw her head back again, giving him a brief glimpse of that beautiful O-face he knew so well. As their bodies trembled, their embrace deepened. And together, they took in this feeling – supplementing it even further with a deep, loving kiss.

As he and Alessia processed and savored every moment, a silence came over them. For a moment, all they could hear was the wind outside and their own heavy breathing. Eventually, Alessia turned around and embraced him once more, resting her forehead against his in a fitting gesture of support.

“We…should get back,” Liam said, emerging from his daze. “Halftime is probably over.”

“Yeah…we should,” Alessia said, still smiling.

“Remember, we were just out here to make a call to your Uncle Evan,” he reminded her. “And if they ask why our clothes are so messed up…”

“I’ll just say it got windy. Your Aunt might not buy it, but…”

Her words trailed off. But Liam kept smiling. It helped assure her he didn’t care what excuse they made or that his relatives bought it. This was for them and them alone. There would be plenty of time to be thankful for everything else over dinner.

Content that they were on the same page, they kissed once more before parting. They then got dressed and tried to fix their clothes as best they could. But before leaving the shed, his love affectionately latched onto his arm and locked her gaze with his once more.

“I know it’s been a stressful week,” Alessia said. “But I’m still thankful we’re here…together.”

“Me too, Alessia,” Liam said to her with a warm smile. “The holidays don’t make it easier. My family doesn’t make it easy, either. But that’s exactly what makes being with you so special. And for that, I am so…so thankful.”

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A Note/Warning To Aspiring Writers: Avoid Vanity Press Scams

For years now, I’ve been an aspiring writer. I’ve self-published multiple books, which I go out of my way to promote. I’ve also been published by a couple of small-time publishers, which I also go out of my way to promote.

I know it’s an uphill battle. I’m also aware that very few writers ever achieve mainstream success. For every George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, and Stephanie Meyer, there are thousands of writers toiling away, working on amazing manuscripts that’ll never see the light of day. Most of the time, writers on my level are content to get whatever exposure we can and whatever minor bit of money comes with it, which is usually very small.

It’s a sad fact of life for aspiring writers. Most will never get published by a mainstream publishing house and few will ever be able to make a comfortable living.

That’s not to discourage anyone from writing. Most people, like myself, genuinely enjoy writing novels, short stories, and anything else that comes to mind. It’s both a hobby and a passion. Even if we can’t ever turn it into a career, it’s something we love to do.

To those same people, as well as those who dream of that rare success so few achieve, I have an important message. It’s not meant to encourage or discourage you from pursuing that dream. You should totally keep working for it. That’s advice most aspiring writers don’t need.

This is different.

This is also important because it might cost you more than a manuscript you worked hard on.

And it boils down to this.

Do NOT fall for Vanity Press scams who claim they can help you sell your book. They’ll just take your money, your book, and whatever else they can get away with.

Now, I’m not just offering this advice on a whim. I promise there’s a good reason why I’m bringing this up in hopes that other aspiring writers will see it.

For the past couple years now, I’ve been getting a number of unsolicited calls from people claiming to work for real publishers. They’re not your typical robocall or phone scams. These are real flesh-and-blood people who usually don’t read from a script. They even leave voicemails that sounds like something a real human would leave.

But don’t be fooled by the human element. These people are working for the least scrupulous part of the publishing industry. They’re what’s called a Vanity Press scam. In short, it’s a type of grift that attempts to get an author to sign the rights over for a book they’ve written while also paying the vanity press for marking services.

On the surface, it sounds like a good deal. You give them your book and some money. They in turn market your book to a wider audience. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

There’s just one glaring problem.

They don’t really market your book. They just take your book, your money, and leave you with pretty much nothing. They rely on authors who don’t know much about the publishing industry and would prefer to have someone else market their book. It’s shady and exploitative as hell, but it sadly works way more often than it should.

I’ve been dealing with several of these scams for the past couple years now. They keep calling me, asking about one of my self-published books, usually “The Escort and the Gigolo” or “Skin Deep,” and claim they can help me market the book. They’ll even claim they came across the book and it met their criteria for a book with serious sales potential. All I have to do is give them money and publishing rights to realize it.

That’s a lie.

If a legitimate publisher really believes your book has major sales potential, they pay you in the form of an advance. To them, it’s an investment. But a vanity press scam is nothing of the sort. It’s just looking to get you to fork over money to do marketing that’ll never actually manifest. They may claim they have a robust marketing team. They’ll even claim they can get you into major bookstores. Some will go so far as to claim they can get your book noticed by Hollywood producers.

Again, that’s a lie.

It’s little more than excess flattery to convince you to give them your money. Don’t fall for it. They aren’t going to help you sell more books. You may even lose the rights to your own work if you sign one of their contracts. That might end up costing you more down the line and not just in terms of money.

Now, that’s not to say all vanity press publishing is a scam. There are legitimate vanity press publishing companies who essentially help writers self-publish their books in exchange for a fee. The key, though, is that you seek them out and not the other way around. Vanity Publishing is largely the domain of self-published authors who already have an audience or are unfamiliar with how to self-publish across multiple platforms.

There is a place for that kind of service in the publishing industry. But if someone from a publisher calls you and is asking for money in exchange for your book, chances are they’re not representing a real vanity press. They’re just scammers trying to get you to pay them money to make bold promises they have no intention of filling.

In the past two months, I’ve received voicemails from two “publishers.” A quick Google search is usually all it takes to find out that these people are not representing legitimate publishing companies. I usually don’t respond to them. But when I do, I make it a point to ask them if they’re going to charge me for marketing or promotional services. If they say yes or refuse to answer clearly, I hang up and you should too.

I hope this helps any other aspiring writers out there. I urge every one of you to keep writing and keep fighting to get your book out there. Just make sure to avoid vanity press scams. They don’t care about helping you succeed. They just want to take your money, your book, and all the work that went into it.

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Jack’s CreepyPastas: Fermi’s Horror

The following is a video from my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. This video is my second attempt at writing and narrating a CreepyPasta. This one has a bit more cosmic horror than the first. Enjoy!

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Sexy Short Story: My Werewolf Lover

The following is a sexy short story about a sexy supernatural romance involving a werewolf. I think it’s a perfect story to share before Halloween. Enjoy!

“Another cloudless night. Another full moon,” said Adriana Luma. “It’s going to happen again. The beast within is going to awaken. But I’m ready for him!”

The beautiful young woman took one last glimpse from the open window. From the small cabin that she and her boyfriend, Riley Green, had purchased last year, she had a perfect view of the night sky. It was a view she didn’t used to admire that often. Having grown up in a big city, she didn’t think there was much to admire.

Then, she moved to a quiet, fairly rural area a hundred miles from the city. She also met Riley, a skilled electrician who used to work on oil rigs. Then, he decided to become a veterinarian so he could work with animals, which just so happened to be her profession.

Their love seemed generic – a former roughneck turned animal lover, falling for a veterinarian. Most of the people in their small town rarely gave them a second look. She and Riley were just that cute young couple who lived on the outskirts of town.

There was just one major detail that they didn’t know about.

Riley was a werewolf. And tonight, he was going to transform.

“I know you’re coming, Rex,” Adriana said into the night. “You don’t have to fight it anymore. I’m here for you.”

Rex was what Riley called his werewolf form. The nature of that form and how he became a werewolf was a long story. There were all sorts of myths and legends surrounding werewolves. None were true, but all had a small sliver of the truth within.

The reality wasn’t quite as fanciful as the mythology. According to Riley, werewolves were an echo of humanity’s more primal past – a link to the feral creature they used to be. For most everyone, that creature remained dormant was never awoke. But for a select few, this creature awoke during a full moon. He just happened to be among those few.

How the moon became a catalyst was still not known. Riley’s grandfather once theorized that in ancient times, the moon was a beacon for their ancestors to hunt – their prey not able to hide from the usual shroud of darkness. So, the apex hunters of the time used it as an opportunity to be extra aggressive, seeking and pouncing upon more prey. It was an imperfect theory, but it made as much sense as any.

Riley didn’t care for the theories. His greatest worry had been transforming in a public place or hurting someone while in his werewolf form. He claimed it was like part of his brain being turned off while the rest of his body and senses went into overdrive. When Adriana first saw it, she was genuinely scared by it. Riley was such a gentle, caring person most of the time. But the creature he turned into – it was the complete opposite.

At the same time, though, that creature did not scare her away from loving Riley. If anything, it drew her to him even more. Ultimately, this creature became part of the life they were building together. And that extended to their sex lives.

‘I love you, Adriana. This thing inside me won’t stop me from loving you. But if our love is going to work, we can’t ignore the beast inside me.’

Those had been his words to her shortly after she witnessed his transformation. He must have expected her to run away from him because he’d held his head low, as if bracing for her disgust.

But instead, Adriana embraced him. She even told him something that caught him by surprise.

“That beast won’t stop me from loving you, either. In fact, it might just make you sexier!”

She still vividly remembered the bewildered look he gave her. She’d committed that look to memory. It was just that priceless.

Since that fateful night, she and Riley had learned to confront his werewolf side – making it so the creature knew her, trusted her, and would not attack her on instinct. That proved challenging. But in the process, Adriana awakened a side of her she didn’t know was there.

Apparently, she had a think for big, strong, snarling wolfmen. They made her horny on a level she didn’t think possible.

“Hurry up, Rex. I’m so hot for you!” she said into the night.

Adriana was already brimming with anticipation. She’d set everything up in their cabin, like they’d planned. She put on a seductive see-through nighty, as if to create a display for the animal within. She also put on this special makeup and perfume that Riley helped her formulate. It was laced with special pheromones meant to arouse his werewolf form in a very specific way.

Once he got a whiff of her scent, there was no stopping him. The beast within would hunt her down, but not out of bloodlust or hunger.

Adriana checked the clock one more time, making sure they had timed it just right. Less than a half-hour ago, Riley had kissed her on the lips and stripped naked as the moon rose. He knew things were about to get chaotic within him. And just as the clock struck midnight, she heard that distinct howl in the distance.

“Rrrraaoooorrrrrr! Rrrraaoooorrrrrr!”

The silence of the night shattered, she could already sense it happening. Riley was transforming, his flesh morphing from the pale, lanky man who nobody recognized in a crowd to a hulking half-wolf, half-man creature.

Closing her eyes, Adriana vividly remembered the process of that transformation. It started with Riley shedding his clothes, clutching his side, and falling to his knees under the light of the full moon. From there, muscles and sinews bulged and tensed. Thick dark hair formed all over his body, starting from his chest and spreading out in every direction. The structure of his face shifted, his teeth becoming sharp and his eyes becoming a distinct gold hue. All the while, he just kept howling and roaring.

‘If only he knew how much that turned me on.’

A sultry smile crept across her face. Just imagining her love’s transformation was enough to make her excited. But imagining what came after made her wet between her thighs and weak in the knees.

Because once he transformed, Riley became Rex. And Rex was a creature of instinct. He didn’t think or hesitate. He just acted. For much of his life, Riley had gone into the woods to transform, just like his family had taught him. There, Rex could be right at home, hunting and exploring like a true apex predator. If he could satisfy those instincts, then Rex wouldn’t hurt anyone. He used to think there was just one way of going about that.

Then, Adriana showed him another and it didn’t involve hunting.

“Time for the final ingredient,” she said, still grinning.

Turning away from the window, Adriana applied the special perfume that Riley helped her formulate. It was a simple concoction of pheromones, concentrated and potent. To her, it barely smelled like the morning dew in the woods. But to Rex, it was a siren’s song like no other.

Moments after applying it, she heard another roar through the night. She also heard heavy resulting in the fields outside.

“Err! Err! Rrraaahhhhh!” Rex howled.

A new excitement took over as Adriana got into position. She had already locked away her things. She now awaited her transformed lover in the small bedroom set up in the rear of the cabin. Reeking with pheromones and adorned with lingerie, she had made herself the perfect manifestation of desire for the man and the beast.

Closer and closer, the growls and rustling drew near. She could already hear the aggressive footsteps shuffling through the grass and brush.

Then, the door burst open. And within the dimly lit hallways, she saw him – the hulking, snarling creature of the night. Even though she’d seen him many times before, Adriana’s heart still skipped a beat – partially from fear and partially from arousal. But over time, the arousal vastly overshadowed the fear.

“I know you sensed me, Rex,” she told him. “I’m here for you.”

Adriana approached the half-man, half-wolf beast – trembling, but confident. His snarls grew louder and his demeanor became more restless, a common side-effect of the transformation. Now, he was prepared to channel his primal energy.

When Rex narrowed his gaze on her, every feral feature came into view. He’d torn off his shirt again, revealing a ripped mass of masculine muscles. They utterly defied the slim stature of Riley Green that she’d seen earlier that morning. Even covered in gray fur, she could make out the sinews of every muscle. It was more than enough to evoke that basic twinge of arousal that was so familiar to a healthy heterosexual woman like her.

In addition to his transformed upper body, Rex’s lower body had changed considerably as well and not just with respect to resembling a more canine-like configuration. The male anatomy between his legs had grown to match his werewolf form. It was still very human in appearance. There was more fur around it, but it also had the primal energy of a hungry wolf fueling it.

And in seeing her, it started growing. As Rex began sniffing the air around her more intently, it grew and hardened rapidly.

“Yes, Rex,” she told him. “Those pheromones are real and true. They’re saying to you what I cannot put into words. But I can still send a clear message.”

Then, in an effort to supplement the pheromones, Adriana seductively shed her see-through nighty. Now wearing nothing but a pair of cheap panties, she took a step closer. She reached out and pawed his hairy chest. The warm feeling of her hand on his furry chest evoked more arousal within her. It also further stoked the instincts within the beast.

“Take me,” Adriana said intently. “Ravage me like the beast you are!”

“Hrrr!” Rex snarled.

She swore she saw a slight grin. Even through the rows of wolf-like teeth, the human part of his werewolf form showed. For once, both were on the same page. There was a willing, horny female before them. She was offering herself to him – inviting him to fulfill a need other than raw bloodlust. And Rex, being a creature of pure instinct, jumped at the chance.

“Rrrr mate!” he snarled.

No further tempting was necessary. He pounced on her like a true apex predator, but not for the purpose of hunting and hunger. Rex was now operating in a mode of pure, raging lust. And Adriana was the target.

“Yes! Mate with me, Rex! Mate with me!” she urged him.

Snarling and growling, the powerful creature took her in his arms and lifted her off the floor. Then, like an alpha male bringing home a new mate, he threw her atop the large mattress in the corner she’d set up. Now flat on her back with Rex hovering over, his feral penis already fully erect, he eagerly tore off her panties to leave her exposed and prone to this beast’s wrath.

Adriana’s heart skipped a beat again. The line between fear and arousal once again blurred. Her survival instincts told her this creature was going ravage her. But her sex drive also told her that this creature was going to ravage her, albeit in a very different way. Short of breath and brimming with anticipation, the young woman channeled the necessary instincts.

“I want this,” she said to herself. “I’ve made love to the man. Now, I want to get fucked by the beast.”

Adriana’s desires seemed to seep through the pheromones. Now that she was pinned and cornered, Rex proceeded to paw, lick, and taste her naked flesh. He eagerly sniffed and licked around her face and neck, grasped her ample breasts, and hungrily rubbed his furry body against her smooth skin. It was a very aggressive form of foreplay, but one quite common among werewolves and their bonded mates.

Riley once told her that when intensely aroused, a werewolf will always prime his mate to get her in heat. And if the bond between mates was strong, the male would tend to her in a very specific way – the intricate workings of her body becoming imprinted on him. It was part of what made a werewolf so loyal to his bonded mate. And Adriana had come to cherish such loyalty.

“Ooh Rex!” she cooed. “Taste me! Touch me!”

The lustful growling escalated. Rex continued sniffing and licking, drawing his tongue down her neck and onto her breasts. The way that canine-like tongue felt on her nipples always sent special shivers coursing through her body. Adriana giggled joyously, her body trembling even more under his grasp.

Such feral foreplay quickly got her to a state of arousal that triggered the next surge of instincts within Rex. His mate was now fully in heat, aroused and eager for his sex. The scent hung heavily in the air. She even supplemented it with her touch, running her fingers through his thick body fur. Following those instincts once more, he grasped her hips, turned her over, and got into position.

“Hrrrr mate!” Rex howled.

Adriana, now on her hands and knees, her hips angled up towards his waiting cock, held onto the dirty sheets below for what came next. And it happened quickly.

In a rough, focused motion, Rex – the werewolf form of her love, Riley Green – mounted her like an animal and entered her with a powerful thrust. The hot, heavy feeling of hard penetration followed, sending sharp sensations coursing up through her body. Adriana squeezed the sheets under her and let out a sharp gasp.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed.

Those gasps were quickly muted by Rex’s lustful howls. His hardened flesh now inside her moist depths, he began humping with reckless abandoned. Adriana’s world rocked, along with her body. Back and forth, she followed the ravenous force behind each movement – each thrust driving his rigid penis deep into her vagina depths.

It was so jarring – so overwhelming – yet so, undeniably hot.

It was like being bombarded with the unfiltered pleasures of sex at its most primal.

Every higher faculty was tempered.

Every other function associated with sex went into overdrive.

Adriana might not have been a werewolf herself. But being fucked by one turned her into a unique creature of instinct – one entirely focused on this singular, intimate act.

“Yes! Yes! Yes, Rex! Ohhh yes!” she cried out.

“Hrrrr Luma!” roared Rex.

In that moment – hearing him say her name through the beast within – that sent Adriana over the edge. It was more than just a sign that Rex saw her as his bonded mate. It was the love of the man and the lust of the beast combined into a single feeling.

And as he continued humping her from behind, she reached back and placed her hand atop his. Through the fur and flesh, she conveyed her own uniquely primal sentiment.

Then, she climaxed hard.

“Oohhhh Rex!” Adriana exclaimed.

The orgasmic rush washed over her, hitting her like hot waves of chaotic bliss from all direction. She closed her eyes, bit her lip, and arched her back. Rex even grabbed her in the process, cupping both her breasts as her lower body erupted in an orgasmic frenzy. Her toes curled and her inner muscles tensed, contracting around his hardened penis even as it continued slithering inside her.

Rex definitely sensed it. He let out that distinct hiss he always made when she came. It reminded her of an animal triumphantly standing over its prey. That seemed so fitting for a moment like this. He’d rendered her powerless, awash in fleshly pleasure. It effectively gave him free reign to ravage her until his desires were spent.

“Mmm…mate!” Rex growled.

Adriana barely had time to recover before her werewolf lover laid her on her side, hitched a leg up over his shoulder, and continued hammering away. Still drunk on the pleasure of her first orgasm, she just clutched the nearby pillowed and enjoyed the right. She even cooed as he licked and sniffed around her feet – another sign that the playful, gentle lover in Riley Green was still within.

Her sense of time quickly became obscure as their animalistic sex played out like it so often did on these clear nights. Rex continued ravaging her with his lust, going hard and fast with their sex. They remained on the mattress for the most part. But on some occasions, he mixed it up – pinning her against the wall, lifting her up in his arms, and lying her flat on her stomach while they went at it.

But Adriana wasn’t entirely passive in their sex. She always found a way to contribute, channeling her own knowledge of good werewolf sex. She frequently ran her fingers through the thick fur around his hack and shoulders. She also licked around his ear, something she knew Rex enjoyed a great deal. She even scratched around a particular area of his hip, which got him humping even faster – so much so that she climaxed again.

Her orgasmic cries seemed to encourage him even more. But even as Adriana became more dishevled and covered and sweat, she urged him on.

“More! Give me more, Rex! Please…I can take it!” she told him.

That had always been an important part of their love. Riley’s greatest fear had always been hurting her while he was in his werewolf form. It took a while for Adriana to convince him that she could handle that form. It was as much a part of him as his human form. And if their love was going to work, she had to accept him in every form.

It also helped that sex with a werewolf was incredibly hot. Adriana had always enjoyed rougher forms of sex, but none compared to that given by a werewolf. She often climaxed multiple times and tonight was no exception. She didn’t know how many she ended up having. She just knew how to show her appreciation once her lover drew close.

That moment finally arrived when she found herself on her back, her legs hitched over his shoulders, while he hammered away with increasing urgency. His fur-covered pelvis kept smacking against hers – his rigid member tensing inside her with anticipation. Adriana saw it in his face, his expression twitching and his hands trembling. She lovingly caressed the side of his menacing complexion, smiling up at him as his climax approach.

“I know you’re close, my love. Please…embrace it,” she told him.

“Hrr rah! Rah! Rahhhhhh!”

Rex’s howls escalated as he delivered the last round of humping. Finally, his movements slowed and his hips steadied. And with one final howl, her werewolf lover climaxed.

“Rrrrrr Luma!”

Him saying her named again was just so fitting. Adriana’s smile widened as she held on for the intimate rush.

She held him closer, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist while he pushed his cock into her extra deep. He then dug his hands/paws into the mattress, holding on as he filled her with his masculine fluid.

It always seemed a bit more voluminous in his werewolf form, but Adriana really enjoyed it. That hot feeling of his fluids mixing with hers inside her womb – it carried with it a special kind of warmth and intimacy. She’d come to cherish it a great deal, even if it left her tired and sore the next day.

As Rex took in the sensations of his sexual release, his growling and panting finally settled. After so much exertion, he collapsed atop her – his imposing form now pressed against her naked skin. Adriana eagerly caught him, catching him in her embrace and rolling him onto his side. She then curled up next to him, his body still furry and feral. It still felt so good to her touch, filling her with a special contentment that she sought to share with her werewolf lover.

“You did it, my handsome beast. You pleased your mate,” she told him. “Now please…lay with me. Rest. You’ve earned it.”


Her loving words, coupled with her tender touch, helped further soothe the beast. He continued his heavy panting, having exerted so much energy during their sex. All that wild, untamed bloodlust that often came from his transformation had been appropriately focused and directed. Instead of rage and destruction, it led to hot sex and primal intimacy.

For a werewolf and his loving mate, it was the best possible trade.

“Sleep, my werewolf lover,” Adriana said, kissing his furry cheek before he fell asleep. “You’ve shared with me your feral lust. Now, wake up as a man…next to the woman who loves you and the beast with him.”

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Jack’s CreepyPastas: The Great Sorrow

The following is a video from my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. This video is my first attempt at writing and narrating a CreepyPasta. For those not familiar with the term, a CreepyPasta is an internet based horror story. I’ve been reading them and listening to them for a couple years now. Now, I’m ready to craft my own. Depending on the response this video gets, I’ll make more. Enjoy!

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Jack Plays Cyberpunk 2077: Final Mission (With Multiple Endings)

The following are a series of videos from my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. I’m finally at the endgame with Cyberpunk 2077. I’ve made it to the last mission. However, Cyberpunk 2077 is unique in that the ending depends heavily on the choices you’ve made throughout the game.

Some are good.

Some are awful.

Some are a little in between.

In these videos, I play through three endings. One of them is the worst, by most measures. The other is the best, in my opinion. The other is solid, but not the best. Enjoy!

The worst possible ending.

The best possible ending in my opinion.

This is a good ending, but not the best.

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My Trip To New York Comic Con 2022

As I promised, I’ve compiled some of the videos and images of my trip to the New York Comic Con into a video for my YouTube Channel, Jack’s World. Please note that this is only a fraction of the footage I took. There was just so much to see and so many people to meet. There was just no way I could fit it into one video, but I did my best to make sure it captured the experience. Enjoy!

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Post-New York Comic Con Afterglow Setting In

Yesterday was a damn good day. Defintely a true return to form for the New York Comic Con. After two years of dealing with COVID-19, this felt like a truly complete Comic Con experience. For that, I cannot thank the fine folks who make the New York Comic Con experience possible every year. And I cannot thank enough the wonderful people who attend these conventions to make them so special.

From the comic book creators to the cosplayers to the celebrities to the food vendors to the security guards, I thank you.

This was truly special. As I’m typing this, I am nothing short of exhausted. Between navigating the Jacob Javits Center to traveling to New York City to finding appropriate lodging that won’t render me broke, it’s always quite challenging. But it’s still so worth it.

This year, I had a chance to meet a few of my favorite comic book writers. I managed to get some autographs, as well as a few special variant comics that I fully plan to frame. I met some amazing cosplayers who had some truly remarkable costumes. I also met a major celebrity. I won’t say who it is, but you’ve probably seen him in a several major blockbuster movies.

I’m going to take some time to rest and relax from it all. Then, at some point, I’m going to take the footage I captured and put it in a YouTube video for my channel, Jack’s World. I’m looking forward to sharing it. I’m also already looking forward to attending New York Comic Con next year, as well.

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Sexy Short Story: Fresh Upgrade

The following is a sexy short story about a couple in the future celebrating the fruits of emerging technology. I got the inspiration from playing “Cyberpunk 2077” and I hope it shows. Enjoy!

“Neural cognitive transfer complete. Thank you for your patience, Kimberly Tannish. Enjoy your new body.”

Kimberly – or Kimi, as she liked to be called – opened her eyes and groaned, the cordial tone of the assistant AI doing little to stem the grogginess. Her head was still spinning, her mouth was still dry, and her vision still blurry. All were common side-effects of a standard cognitive transfer process. It could only ever be so comfortable, given the science and logistics involved. But the end result was usually worth it.

“Rise and shine, beautiful. You’re looking more radiant than usual. You do something with your hair?” joked a familiar, but welcome voice.

“You do know that joke stopped being funny in the 2040s, right?” Kimi quipped as she emerged from her mental fugue.

“Hey. Some of us still appreciate classic humor.”

“Your standards for what qualifies as humor never ceases to astonish me.”

“But you love me anyways. So who’s fault is that?”

Kimi smiled and shook her head in bemusement. That helped her feel less dazed as she stepped out of the transfer chamber. Waiting for her, as expected, was her husband and longtime love, Colten Corban – who she called Colt. He was standing right in front of the chamber with a big blanket in hand and a fresh bottle of nutriwater. Still regaining her balance and overall demeanor, she accepted both.

Emerging from a transfer chamber was always the toughest part of a neural cognitive transfer. Most likened it to waking up from a vivid dream after running a dozen marathons. It was so physically and mentally strenuous. But that was to be expected. Transferring a healthy mind into a new body an arduous process, even if it had become routine.

Now standing on the cold, sterile floor of the transfer room, she leaned into Colt’s warmth as he wrapped her naked body in the blanket. Given that this new body was still fresh, certain sensory systems were quite sensitive. Touch, taste, sounds, smells, and sights all seemed more intense. That was an unavoidable side-effect of any new body.

But before donning the blanket, Kimi got a brief glance of her new form. Discomfort aside, she liked what she saw.

“This one turned out better than expected,” Kimi said, still embracing her lover. “Bigger breasts, better skin, less curly hair, thicker lips…the surface features all look good. Hopefully, that extends to the internal bits.”

“You look as beautiful as ever,” said Cole with a smile. “I know I’ve said that about your last four bodies. But this one is definitely an upgrade.”

“For what I paid for it, I sure as hell hope so,” she said.

“Your nipples aren’t misshapen. Your butt is nice and round. And your teeth are all in place. I think it’s safe to say you weren’t ripped off.”

“Sorry. I’m just a little paranoid. I haven’t forgotten what happened at our fifth anniversary.”

“That was both our fault,” he told her. “We trusted a discount body upgrade doc. And we got what we paid for. Some lessons just gotta be learned the hard way. Even in this day and age.”

Kimi sighed again and smiled up at her lover. Still clinging to the blanket, he kept his arm around her waist so she could enjoy his warmth. The transfer chambers at these upgrade shops, as they called them, were usually cold. They had to be in order to keep the environment clean and sterile. Getting a new body might have been routine – not to mention big business – but it was still an extensive medical procedure. There had to be standards and guidelines in place.

“Come on. I reserved a recovery room down the hall,” Colt said, gesturing towards the door. “I made sure the cleaning bots did a once over before you woke up.”

“Such a courteous husband,” Kimi said. “How did I get so damn lucky?”

“Don’t know. Want to get some neural enhancers to help you figure that out?”

“Smartass,” she said, giving him a playful swat.

They laughed casually as he led her out of the transfer chamber and into the hall of the upgrade shop. There had been some standard clothing provided by the staff, but Kimi opted not to. A thick blanket and her husband’s presence was all the warmth she needed. Not everyone could be so lucky, even if they paid more for their new bodies.

Walking down the wide halls of the upgrade center, Kimi saw a number of other customers pass them by. Some looked old, slow, or weak – escorted by family or assistant androids. They were likely preparing to transfer to a younger, healthier body. They seemed so anxious, yet excited. They were ready to start living the life they wanted in the body they wanted.

That was the most standard service provided by an upgrade center. But most other customers looked younger, relatively speaking. That was often hard to tell. After someone’s twentieth birthday, age tended lose all meaning. Even someone with far lesser means could afford to get a new body – or, at the very least, upgrade theirs so they didn’t age beyond their 30s. It was at a point where nobody even talked about their age anymore. It was hard to believe it used to be such a big deal.

As they neared the end of the hall, Kimi and Cole passed by a few female customers and several male customers. It looked like they had gotten similar upgrades. They were just walking about, wearing standard issue hospital gowns or fully in the nude. Recognizing Kimi’s new fresh figure, they smiled and waved.

“Nice new flesh,” one of the men said. “Did you get the latest circulatory upgrades?”

“Yep! And the endocrine upgrades to go along with it,” Kimi said. “Don’t forget those. Or they’ll charge you extra next time.”

“Damn. I knew I felt something different when my stress levels went up,” said one of the women, who’d been checking herself in a mirror. “Guess I’ll have to upgrade that next week.”

“Better do it before your next date night. Trust me, it makes a difference,” said Cole.

The other customers laughed. They seemed to share Cole’s outdated humor as well. Kimi rolled her eyes, but still grinned none-the-less. Upgrading bodies and getting new ones might have been mundane for her, but she was aware that it hadn’t always been this way.

Upon arriving at the recovery room, Colt opened the door and led her in, like the gentleman he was. Kimi thanked him with a loving gesture as she made her way to the bed, the blanket still wrapped around her naked body. As she sat down on the edge, she leaned back and sighed. Colt joined her a moment later, closing the door and locking it behind her.

Recovery rooms weren’t known for being luxurious or comfortable. They were just a room with a bed, a bathroom, and some sound-proofed walls to let customers rest. Most weren’t designed to accommodate more than one person, but Colt made sure he got the larger one for her. He probably paid extra for it, even when he didn’t have to. That was just the kind of guy he was.

Despite the limited amenities, he made it feel cozy and comfortable. Kimi found herself just leaning against his shoulders, sitting with him in a comfortable silence. She remained restless, which was to be expected. But she still found her mind drifting more than usual.

“Remember my Great Grandma Tammy? The one who died shortly after we met?” Kimi said, finally breaking the silence.

“The one who also called me a smartass at least once week?” Colt said. “Yeah, I remember. She was quite a character.”

“She was also part of the Last Elders,” she went on, “that final generation that died before stuff like body upgrades and mind transfers became common. Some were part of it by choice. Others were just too late. Great Grandma Tammy was a little of both.”

“Yeah, I still feel bad for that crowd. It’s one thing to learn about it in history downloads. But knowing people who went through it – people born with one body and being stuck with it their whole lives – hell, I can’t even imagine. Unless you had good base genetics, that must have been torture.”

“That’s what a lot of people say these days. I’ve even said it once or twice. This is my seventh new body. And even though it has the best genetics and cybernetics, I can’t imagine it being the only body I’ll ever have. But the fact remains. People like Great Grandma Tammy lived like that for generations.”

Another silence fell over them, this one heavier and more tense. Kimi latched onto her lover’s arm. He then leaned on her as well, their minds drifting down similar paths.

“When I a kid, she told me all about that messy, painful world,” she continued. “She said people used to have few options if their bodies broke down. Lose a limb? It’s gone forever. Damage an organ? Good luck replacing it. Think you’re ugly? Too bad! Either exercise and eat right. Or get fatter and uglier.”

“Exercise and eat right? Just to look less ugly? That sounds tedious,” Colt laughed.

“Apparently, it was worse than that. You could do everything right to your birth body. And it would still fail you. Sometimes without warning. Every day was struggle and a gamble. One moment, you think you’re healthy, beautiful, and young. The next, you’re old, sick, and ugly…and there was nothing you could do about it.”

“That’s pretty bleak. It’s amazing the human race got through it.”

“Funny, that’s what she said too,” said Kimi with a half-grin. “She even had a sense of humor about it. She knew she was too old and sick to get a new body. And at that point, she said she was fine with letting her life end on her terms. I was probably the only one who didn’t try to convince her otherwise.”

“You think you could’ve?”

Kimi paused again and thought about it. In recalling those precious memories she had with her Great Grandma Tammy, it didn’t take long for the answer to become clear.

“I doubt it,” she said. “And honestly, I’m glad I didn’t try. Because before she died, I was the only one she talked to regularly and honestly. And she had a unique perspective on many things. I like to think she imparted some of it to me.”

“How so?” Colt asked.

Kimi, now feeling less restless and dazed, stook up from the bed. She then turned her attention to the mirror hanging on the other side of the room. No longer feeling cold or unbalanced, she tossed aside the blanket and just looked at her new body.

She was still fully naked, every bit of flesh exposed for her to see. This body was not radically different from the one she had just a few days ago, but it was still different. There were fewer blemishes, a bit more muscle tone in certain areas, some more feminine features in others, and a different style of hair. Even the shade of her eyes was slightly lighter than before.

She, like many others who upgraded to new bodies, saw this as a form of refinement – an effort to put their mind in a form they felt gave them the best sense of overall being. Kimi had liked her previous bodies just fine. They all had worked for her during certain parts of her life. But, in the same way people upgraded tools and devices, she decided to upgrade her body along the way.

In that context, it almost seemed logical. As Kimi let that perspective sink in, she found herself exploring her new flesh with her hands. Colt, never one to interrupt her when naked, just watched from the bed.

“Great Grandma Tammy lived quite a life,” Kimi said, still fixated on her reflection. “She lived through a pretty upheaval time. When she was a kid, computers were so bulky you couldn’t always fit them in your pocket. And they didn’t even project things in 3D.”

“Talk about ancient,” Colt said under his breath.

“But as she grew, she saw how people used these tools to reshape their world. Some resisted and feared it. Others tried to push the limits. But she preferred watching from afar…focused on the why more than the how.”

“Does anybody really wonder why anymore? Hell, why would anyone be content with living your entire life with just one body? Especially when you have the option to upgrade.”

“Believe it or not, that used to be a serious issue. But Great Grandma Tammy never cared for politics. She would often say that people tend to worry more about implications rather than possibilities. She also said people weren’t always honest about why they develop technology like this.”

Kimi moved her hands to her breasts, which were now perfectly shaped. Her old body had been nice, but the breasts had been a bit disproportionate compared to previous forms. While Colt never seemed to mind, she found them cumbersome after a while. Now, as she squeezed them lightly, she felt a slight tingle course through her body.

It was a good kind of tingle, though. And she hadn’t felt anything like that in her old body.

“We all have dreams, desires, fantasies, and hopes. But we can’t always pursue them,” Kimi continued. “In her day, that was even more true. When you’re stuck with one body, you’re at the mercy of all its limits. Great Grandma Tammy considered herself lucky. She used her one body to pursue all sorts of experiences…including a few I wished she hadn’t shared.”

“She never struck me as a woman with a filter,” Colt said.

“Yeah, that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. But I think that’s just because she was so brutally honest. She saw people like us – changing our bodies and transferring to new ones – as a way remove those burdens. The experiences our ancestors never had, but often dreamed out…they were within our reach now.”

Kimi stopped touching her breasts and just looked down at her hands. There was a new strength to them, which was typical of a new body that had been forged, refined, and enhanced to her specifications. That strength was something many took for granted. But she liked to think Great Grandma Tammy appreciated it better than most.

“Life is precious. Most agree on that,” Kimi continued. “But quality of life…really living life and enjoying its fruits…that’s where people used to get upset.”

“Still don’t see what they would be upset about,” Colt shrugged.

“Believe it or not, they gave many reasons. But Great Grandma Tammy said they were never good ones. They were just excuses…driven by fear of something so new…uncertainty of where it might lead…and anxiety over what others might do with it.”

“Like go out, live dangerously, eat great food, and have great sex? Like that’s such a bad thing?” Colt laughed.

“Exactly,” Kimi replied, her tone dead serious. “Nobody would say it out loud. But Great Grandma Tammy knew it was on their minds. Once removed from the limits of one body, people realized what they could do. And some just…didn’t think people could handle that.”

“Well, chances are those people died off with the rest of the Last Elders. So, I guess that issue solved itself.”

“That’s just it. I don’t think she cared about resolving it. I also think it helped her understand where the world was going. And when her time came, she was at peace with it.”

Kimi looked back at her reflection. Her new body would afford her many opportunities for new experiences, both for herself and for her husband. She found herself smiling again, as if her Great Grandma Tammy was with her at that moment.

“She lived an eventful life during a chaotic time,” said Kimi. “She traveled, learned, succeeded, and failed. She met so many people and made so many friends…including a few that became lovers. Although, I wish she spared me those details.”

“Like I said. No filter,” Colt snickered.

“That one body of hers guided her through that life. She even claimed it held up better than she thought. And she told me that I had a chance to do more, live better, and experience things she never could’ve imagined. It was just up to me to take that chance…and realize how lucky I was to have so many.”

“Well, having known you for so long and shared so many experiences, I think it’s safe to say you’ve done her proud.”

Kimi’s smile widened. She then turned back to her husband, who kept smiling as well. She rejoined him on the bed. But this time, she was bolder in her actions.

With a seductive glint in her eyes, she got onto his lap, snaked her arms around his neck, and let the heat of her body mix with his. It had the desired effect. She could already feel a sudden hardness in his pants. Colt quickly fell under her affectionate spell, leaning back on his arms so that she had even more leverage over him. It was his way of letting her know that she knew how to captivate him, no matter which body she inhabited.

“Oh Colt,” Kimi said to him. “You know just what to say to your naked wife…especially while she’s adjusting to a new body.”

“It’s what a good husband does,” he replied proudly. “Anything else I can do to help you adjust?”

“Well, I was going to ask for lengthy visit to the premium VR chamber. But now, I just want to make love to you in this sterile, unromantic room.”

The way she framed it made it seem like an obvious choice. And if the look in her husband’s eye was any indication, then the choice was just as obvious for him.

“Well, if you really think it’ll help…” he said coyly.

“Shut up, kiss me, and let’s share another amazing experience!”

Colt laughed before gladly obliging her new desires. He fell back onto the bed, allowing his wife to effectively pin him on the spot. She then kissed him hard on the lips and he kissed back, his passion rising to meet hers in this special moment. Despite his larger stature and well-toned muscles – which he had personally molded for his current body, no less – he was completely at her mercy. And he loved it.

A brief make-out session followed. Lips meshed and tongues twirled, all while Kimi’s naked body pressed against his still-clothed form. Her skin still felt a bit raw, still settling after emerging from the chamber. But that only intensified the effect of every touch. And Colt was extra gentle in exploring her new flesh, showing a special tenderness that made her feel both aroused and loved.

Eventually, they made their way further up the undersized bed, which was not meant for two adult bodies. In the process, Colt kicked off his shoes and socks. At this point, his clothing became too much a burden.

“I just realized I’m very overdressed,” Colt said when their lips briefly parted.

“I was hoping you’d notice that,” Kimi tease.

“I might need some help…and a reminder of how long we’ll have this room to ourselves.”

“Just worry about getting undressed, love. If the cleaning drones give us crap, I’ll deal with it.”

That was all the assurance Colt needed. Still on his back, he began to undress.

While he removed his shirt and light jacket, Kimi took care of his pants. By the time he got them and his underwear down to his ankles, his penis was already half-erect. As soon as she saw it, she eagerly grasped it with both hands, giving it a rough stroke before offering a soft lick.

Like her skin, her tastebuds were still a bit sensitive. So, the taste of his flesh was extra intense. That motivated her to fellate him with her soft lips and stroke him with her hand, employing all the unique tricks and tactics that she knew drove him wild.

“Oh Kimi!” Colt moaned as he leaned back against the headboard. “Even with a fresh mouth…you’re still so good at sucking dick!”

She flashed him another seductive gaze, further locking him within her spell. He watched his expression twitch and tense to the sensations evoked by her oral sex. After some thorough sucking and stroking, he became fully erect. His penis, like much of his body, had been molded and enhanced to a be a certain size and shape. But unlike so many other men, there were no extra cybernetics to help get him hard or enhance its function.

They had tried that before, but they both agreed it made intimacy too mechanical. That was just fine for regular quality sex. But genuine lovemaking required more effort. And she and Colt had always embraced the added challenge.

“Every great experience…demands great effort,” Kimi mused in between sucking.

That was another common refrain from Great Grandma Tammy. Kimi wasn’t sure if she meant for it to apply to intimacy. But knowing her, she wouldn’t mind if it did.

True to that effort, she sucked harder and faster – trailing her tongue along the length of his shaft. Colt let out more moans of approval. At one point, he reached down and lightly ran his fingers through her hair. Colt knew how much she loved that. And even in a fresh body, it triggered a surge of arousal.

Reaching down between her legs, Kimi began fingering her folds. They were already moist with juices and hot with desire. As she felt around inside, she noticed certain spots were more sensitive than her previous body. That left her hungry for the true breadth of the experience that awaited.

“Mmm…it seems my new lady parts are working,” said Kimi with a purr. “Ready to test them out, my love?”

“As ready as any male body can be!” Colt affirmed.

Eager actions followed those eager words. Kimi, the taste of his cock still lingering in her mouth, sensually crawled atop her husband and mounted him. Like an alpha female finding the alpha male in nature, she embraced him and all the primal passions that came with it.

It didn’t matter that their bodies were synthetic. Various parts, including those involved in sex, had components that could not occur in nature. That didn’t make their love or desire any less palpable.

Once they were in position, Kimi took his hands in hers and aligned her pelvis with his. Then, as they interlocked their fingers, she maneuvered her lower body so that the tip of his hardened penis pressed against her outer folds. Initially, she just grazed her hot flesh over his member, building anticipation. Even in their impassioned state, the finer points of lovemaking could not be rushed.

As soon as the moment and the desires were just right, Kimi thrust her hips downward. A sharp flood of sensations followed. Hard masculine flesh penetrated soft womanly depths. Their flesh now intimately entwined, they began moving together in this special lover’s dance.

“Kimi…your new body…so tight,” Colt gasped.

“Ooh Colt!” Kimi cooed “I feel it too…so hot and raw!”

She squeezed his hands harder, holding them right between her breasts as she rode her husband in a succession of sensual movements. She didn’t do it as hard or fast as they usually did when they made love. Her body was still new. Technically, she was a virgin again. This was its first taste of significant exertion. And heated lovemaking with her husband was quite a test.

But already, this new body had passed that test with flying colors.

“Yes! Yes! Oohhh yes! Ohhh Colt!” Kimi squealed with joyous delight.

She wasn’t usually so vocal during sex. The sensitivity of her new body was certainly part of that. But there was something special about this act.

In remembering Great Grandma Tammy’s perspective, Kimi recounted the feelings beyond those afforded by a new body. Those feelings were just a component of a larger experience. Over the years, she’d had many within various bodies – some she’d shared with Colt and others she’d experienced herself. To just focus on the raw sensations was to mix the true breadth of the experience.

And experiences like this – having sex with her husband, sharing both her body and her love for him – they were uniquely special. And they were worth cherishing to the utmost.

“Feel this with me, Colt…feel it,” she panted.

Her husband responded with a masculine grunt, followed by a flurry of impassioned gestures. He rose from the bed, captured her lips with his, and lovingly smothered her naked body with his powerful hands.

All the while, Kimi kept rocking her hips and working her womanhood along the length of his member. The raw, fleshy feeling of their sex mixed with the tender loving gestures that she and Colt had come to cherish. He knew just how to kiss her while they were making love, biting her lower lip and twirling his tongue with hers. He also knew how to use those powerful hands of his, grasping her by the thigh and supplementing every motion with his upper body strength.

The way he touched her, along with the way their naked bodies grinded together so seamlessly, unleashed waves of blissful sensations. Even in such a cold, sterile room, an intimate ambiance surrounded them. And with it, they guided one another towards an orgasmic peak.

“Colt! I…I’m getting close! I’m getting…so close!” Kimi panted, feeling the orgasmic rush coming strong.

“Yeah…I’m ready too, babe. I’m so…so ready!” Colt said, his grunts getting deeper with every movement.

Together, they made the final push to ecstasy. Armed with a fresh body, Kimi pushed harder. She grasped his upper arms, raking her nails over his flesh, and added extra force into each gyration. At the same time, Colt shifted his hands to her buttocks, squeezing it hard and gritting his teeth as he sought his own release.

Finally, it hit. Kimi felt her body cross that special threshold. There was no more need for pushing or exertion. She just had to hold on, embrace her lover, and descend into a world of intimate bliss.

“Oohhh Colt!”


Her descent was beautiful. Like a reaching the summit of a tall mountain or crossing the finish line after a long race, there was nothing left for her to do besides absorb the glory.

It started with a burning ball of heat within her core. Then, it spread out in all directions, rippling along every bit of skin and radiating in all directions. The muscles in her lower body tensed, her vagina contracting hard around her husband’s flesh. And within the loving grasp of her husband’s arms, she shuddered under the waves of such pleasure.

“This is it. These are the experiences that matter most,” she mused through the ecstasy.

As Kimi processed the orgasmic rush, Colt climaxed as well. He made that distinct expression she’d come to know and cherish – his facial muscles tensing just as his grip on her butt intensified. Then, she felt it inside her depths.

Her husband’s penis throbbed inside her, his thick shaft tensing before releasing a sizable load of seminal fluid into her womb. Her still throbbing vagina hungrily sucked it up, his fluids mixing with hers in an intimate concoction within her. She could feel the intensity of his release, the contracting muscles in his lower body and the extra heat radiating from his flesh. That heat, mixed with hers, melded together like their flesh. And even in a new body, the love and the euphoria manifested before them.

“I love you, Colt,” Kimi said, caressing her husband’s face as he soaked in the feeling.

“I love you too, Kimi,” he said, placing his hand over hers. “In this body or any other…I love you. And I’m grateful we have these experiences to share.”

“As well as the fresh bodies to really enjoy them!”

“That too.”

Still breathing heavily, they shared a beaming smile before coming together in another kiss. Still upright, naked, and locked in a deep embrace, Kimi further cherished the experience they’d just shared. It was hopefully the first of many they would have in this new body.

And once they caught their breath, they fell back onto the bed. Now lying side-by-side, their tender gestures became more heated once more. And it wasn’t long before they were aroused and eager for more lovemaking.

“Up for a few more experiences before they kick us out of this room?” Colt offered with a playful grin. “Remember, I did recently upgrade my penis. I know it’s good for at least six more rounds!”

“At least?” Kimi said. “You know, Great Grandma Tammy said the men of her day could barely manage one. They had no way of getting around refractory periods.”

“That sounds horrible. It also doesn’t answer my question.”

“Then yes! Definitely!” Kimi said, now beaming with new energy. “I only mention that because this new body is supposed to have some extra-efficient genitals. I’d like to test them out!”

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Sexy Short Story: Kickoff

The following is a sexy short story about a couple celebrating the kickoff of a new NFL season. One day, I hope to share a similar celebration with my future wife. Enjoy!

It had been seven long months for Patrick Bell and his wife, Joseline Amaya – seven months since they woke up early on a Sunday, full of excitement and anticipation. It shouldn’t have seemed so long ago. They had navigated periods of time far more extensive than that throughout their lifetime. Even so, it had once again been an agonizing wait.

That was because it had been seven months since Patrick and Joseline had watched a meaningful game of NFL football together. They still remembered vividly watching the final seconds tick away of the Super Bowl back in February. It has been an exciting, satisfying conclusion to another season. But as always, there was a solemn realization every time the colorful confetti fell on the new champion.

Football season was over. And they wouldn’t be able to watch another meaningful game until September.

Every Sunday after that felt so empty and uneventful. Patrick remembered waking up the following weekend, seeing Joseline just stirring her morning coffee with a spoon, already wanting the next season to start. He knew that feeling well. And he knew the agony of the wait before them.

Like her, he came from a family of die-hard sports fans. His mother, his brother, and his two sisters built many fond memories around gathering by the TV, eating snacks, and watching football on a Sunday afternoon. His father once said it best.

“There are only two seasons. Football season and getting ready for football season.”

Joseline’s family was very similar. She said that while other girls watched Disney movies, she would watch Sportscenter with her dad and two brothers to see football highlights. Her father also happened to be a former player and a high school football coach. Her mother worked in sports medicine, specializing in young athletes. Fittingly enough, Joseline ended up going into the same field, which only seemed to amplify her love of the sport.

That set her apart from many other women. Some men were even shocked by just how much she loved sports like football. Joseline could reduce some men to tears with her knowledge of the NFL and NCAA. It was a big part of what had attracted him to her in the first place. And when she told him about how she built her entire Sundays around watching NFL football, Patrick knew she was the one. She was the love of his life.

But at the moment, their love for each other and their love for sports was not their primary source of frustration.

“Is it just me? Or is the clock on my phone moving slower?” said Joseline as she paced restlessly around the living room.

“It’s not just you. That much, I’m sure of,” Patrick replied.

“Damn! Just once, I’d like to be able to blame the clocks,” she said with a sigh.

“Well, maybe one year, we’ll catch a break and experience a time-space anomaly. For now, we just have to endure one more hour without football.”

“Also known as the longest hour of the year,” said Joseline.

Patrick watched his wife pace faster. He had been habitually checking the time, as well. Whether it was the clock on the cable box or the timer on his phone, every second seem to tick by slower. They were so close to a new NFL season. They just had to hold out a bit longer.

That once again proved easier said than done. He and Joseline had woken up earlier than usual. They made it a point to get all their groceries, finish any incomplete chores, and prepare their lunch and snacks before kickoff. Along the way, they watched a couple of pregame shows. They also checked their fantasy football teams, even comparing notes with friends and relatives.

It was all just filler activities to help pass the time. But now, they had run out of things to do to occupy themselves. All that was left was to wait by the TV for kickoff. They already had the NFL Redzone channel queued up. There was even this final countdown timer on the screen. But it still moved painfully slow.

“There’s gotta be a better way to deal with the offseason,” Joseline said with a heavy sighed.

“If there is, I’m not smart enough to know it,” said Patrick. “Maybe we’ve been doing something wrong these past seven months?”

“That or we just love football too damn much,” she said, laughing and shaking her head.

“Well, if loving football that much is wrong, then I’m not sure I want to be right.”

“Why would it be wrong? Hell, if it weren’t for football, we never would’ve met. What other girl meets her future husband at one a.m. in a sports bar during a Monday night game in week two?”

“What other girl stays sober long enough at a bar to keep yelling at the TV when all her friends have checked out?” Patrick quipped.

“In my defense, my old college friends were lousy drinkers,” she quipped.

“Doesn’t change the fact that you only had half-a-beer by the fourth quarter…or the fact that you yelled almost as loud as me when at that bullshit pass interference call.”

“Almost?” she questioned, sounding offended at such a notion.

“You want me to call up my dad and brother again? They were there. They’ll back me up. They’ll even recount how you kissed me on the spot when the game ended on a pick six in overtime.”

“Will they also recount what happened in the women’s bathroom fifteen minutes later?” she said curtly.

“If they did, that would be very awkward. But it wouldn’t make me less right.”

She laughed again and flipped him off, as was often her refrain when he won an argument. Patrick just shrugged innocently, smiling back with the same look he had that fateful night they first met.

Right or not, it was a fond memory – meeting Joseline at that sports bar during their freshman year of college. The only reason he’d gone to that bar was because the TV in his dorm had broken and he refused to miss Monday Night Football. Patrick didn’t go with the expectation to meet a beautiful woman who loved football as much as he did. That was just how it all played out.

The game had just started when he arrived with his dad and brother, who were in town at the time. And Joseline was already yelling at the TV, much to the annoyance of her female friends, who were more interested in drinking and flirting. She was also arguing constantly with other men at the bar, challenging them their football knowledge and their ability to surmise how the game would unfold. Some men flirted with her, but most just couldn’t keep up with her – not until he approached her.

That encounter was the first of many. For the rest of the season that year, they met up to watch football every Sunday. Joseline claimed she just wanted to watch with a guy who could talk seriously about football without staring at her tits every two minutes. That fell apart after just a few weeks. And by the time the playoffs started that year, they were hooking up after every game.

Watching football together wasn’t just a fun Sunday activity for them to share. It had been the catalyst for why they fell in love to begin with. It carried a great deal of meaning for them. He and Joseline had only come to appreciate it more after getting married.

“What do you think they’re doing to pass the time?” Joseline wondered as she started pacing again.

“Hard to say,” said Patrick. “My dad and my mom usually keep themselves busy with crossword puzzles. My brother just constantly shuffles cards and plays poker with himself.”

“I still think that’s weird,” she said.

“You’re not the only one. But I tried both last year. It didn’t make the time go that much faster.”

“Neither did my dad’s tried and true approach of re-watching old Super Bowls on VHS,” said Joseline. “It never did much for me. But I swear that’s like meditation for him.”

“I’m just surprised he still has a working VHS player. But if it works, I still envy him.”

“Maybe it does something special for him – something you just can’t get by watching highlights from YouTube,” she wondered.

“If there is, it’s too late for us this season. We’ll just have to find something else to do to get us through the home stretch.”

Joseline sighed again. She then checked her phone and groaned. Time still wasn’t moving fast enough. Restless and resigned, she set her phone aside on the table next to the couch. Patrick remained fixated on the TV for a moment, watching the countdown clock on the NFL Redzone channel tick down. It wouldn’t move fast enough for him, either.

They were so close. The final hour was upon them. He and Joseline just needed to hold out a bit longer. Anything that could make time go a little bit faster would be godsend at this point.

A anxious silence fell over the living room. He and Joseline stared at the TV for a brief moment. Patrick was prepared to get up and pace anxiously with her. Then, she looked back towards him and her demeanor shifted. She suddenly got this look in her eye that said an idea had just come to her – one that likely wasn’t normal.

“Well, if neither of us can thank of anything right now, there’s always one alternative,” Joseline said with a hint of mischievous subtext.

“And what might that be?” asked Patrick.

She cast him a knowing smirk. She then proceeded to casually slip out of her sweatpants, remove her shirt, and undo her bra. Patrick was momentarily taken aback, seeing his wife undress on the spot. Even though he had seen her naked many times before, watching her take her clothes off with such a cavalier attitude was still quite jarring – albeit in the best possible way.

“What are you waiting for? Take your pants off,” she said, as though it were the most casual request she could’ve made.

Patrick remained dumbstruck for a brief moment. Then, he started thinking with his other head. And like a reflex, he did as his wife asked. He slipped out of his pants, boxers and all. He fumbled a bit, having not prepared himself for his wife’s actions. But her intentions quickly became clear as she slipped out of her panties, tossed them across the room, and approached him.

“Stay seated,” Joseline told him, speaking in that sexy, authoritative voice she knew he loved.

“Um…is there a plan here?” Patrick asked while taking off his shirt.

“No plan. Only a goal,” she replied. “We need to distract ourselves. This will help with that.”

Patrick opened his mouth to say something, but chose to stay silent. Either his brain wasn’t getting enough blood anymore or he just couldn’t contest her point. Her logic was as sound as could be. If this helped pass the time between now and kickoff, then what was the downside?

He stopped giving it further thought as he watched Joseline drop to her knees, position herself in front of him, and eye his exposed penis. He was still a bit surprised. The blood was just starting to flow to his lower body. But his wife didn’t wait for him to get into a better mental and physical state. She just went for it, grasping the base of his shaft with one hand and enveloping the tip with her soft, supple lips.

“Oh Josie!” Patrick gasped.

Now sinking comfortably into the couch, he closed his eyes and let his wife work her magic. Joseline ditched the usual finesse and technique she employed with oral sex, opting instead for a more direct approach. She was so focused and fervent, sucking hard and stroking his manhood. Audible slurping noises soon filled the living room, briefly overshadowing the noise of the TV.

Patrick loved every second of it – not just because it was a distraction, but because his Joseline was so skilled at oral sex, even in unusual situations. She never shied away from getting down and dirty in the spirit of a quality sex life. Usually, she was so selective about when she unleashed this side to her – saving it for either their honeymoon, their anniversary, or a special occasion. This was so unexpected and spontaneous. But that just made it hotter in Patrick’s mind.

He eagerly lost himself in the sensations that followed, enjoying the hot feeling of her lips and tongue working their way over his manly flesh. It wasn’t long before his member grew erect, becoming fully hardened within her mouth. Even after achieving this state, Joseline continued sucking. But before long, she grew impatient in a whole new way.

“Is this helping?” she asked while stroking his cock with one hand.

“Oh yeah! It’s definitely helping,” said Patrick without hesitation.

“Good. Because now I need you to return the favor.”

Without saying another word, she shot up from the floor. Then, still moving with a sense of urgency, she got onto his lap and straddled his hips in an upright cowgirl position. Their naked bodies now aligned, Patrick had a perfect frontal view of his wife’s face and exposed upper body.

“Do me,” she urged him. “Bounce me on your cock. Rock my world until I forget what time it is!”

“Well, since you were so helpful to me…” he said.

Patrick let his words trail off, opting to take the same direct approach she had shown with him. This was usually the point during sex where he would throw some creative wordplay into the mix. She’d always loved how he talked dirty during passionate moments. But this time, he let his actions do the talking.

Taking a firm hold of her hips, he proceeded to make love to her. He not overly careful or overly callous about it. Patrick just channeled pure, unfiltered lust in rhythmically thrusting his hips upwards, driving his manhood into her vagina. Their flesh now entwined, he used his hips and his strong arms to bounce his wife’s naked body in focused outpouring of passion. He locked eyes with her, daring her to stay focused on him as they rocked and writhed together on the couch.

Breathing grew ragged and labored.

Gasps and grunts quickly filled the room, along with the hot slithering sounds of their fleshly entwinement.

It wasn’t the most romantic setting in which to express their love. But for a couple of die-hard football fans, it was so fitting. And it soon had the desired effect.

A steady outflow of pleasurable sensations emerged from their sex, coursing through their bodies as every sensual motion played out before them. Patrick made sure to thrust with added force, causing her breasts and butt to bounce in accord with bit of exertion. Joseline supplemented his efforts, grasping onto his shoulders and gyrating her hips to help work her hot flesh along his. It was so crude in terms of approach, but there was no getting around the results.

It was working.

Patrick had already forgotten about the time. All he could think about now was making love to his wife.

“We’re doing this. We’re really doing this!” Joseline said intently.

“Yeah…we are,” Patrick grunted, tightening his grip on her hips.

“Soon…kickoff will arrive,” she continued, as if to keep encouraging him. “Soon…the new season…will begin. Soon, we’ll…we’ll…ohhh God!”

Joseline cut herself off, a powerful orgasm having rushed up on her faster than expected. It seemed to catch her off guard, but Patrick new her O-Face well. When she closed her eyes, tensed her legs, and arched her lower back, that was the point of no return. She was going to climax.

He watched it unfold before him in a glorious display, grinning as she dug her nails into his shoulders and held on while the orgasmic waves washed over her. He had to slow his pace, the added tightness of her inner folds deepening their fleshly connection. It was so hot and tight that it sent him to the brink as well. Patrick thought he could hold out a bit longer. But he was wrong.

“Ohhh God!” he grunted as he too crossed the point of no return.

Wrapping his armed around her waist, he buried his face in his wife’s cleavage as he got his release. It was so sharp and intense, her hot flesh still throbbing around his penis as he filled her depths with his seed. That sweet mix of sensual fluids gave form and substance to their love – a feeling they had both come to appreciate, regardless of their mood.

For a brief moment, time really did seem to lose meaning. He and Joseline just kept embracing, their naked bodies entwined on the couch. They continued panting heavily, a light afterglow settling over them as the orgasmic rush subsided. In this sensual daze, their gaze met again and they shared a deep kiss. It was messy and uncoordinated, but that didn’t bother them. They were feeling too good to care.

Then, just as the daze began to fade as well, they heard it.

The countdown to kickoff was over. And they heard the familiar voice of Scott Hansen welcome the audience to NFL Redzone. Almost immediately, Joseline’s face lit up with newfound excitement.

“It’s time!” she said.

“Guess that means this distraction was successful,” he pointed out with a grin.

“Yes. Very successful!”

Now giddy with joy at the ensuing kickoff to the new NFL season, Joseline slipped off his lap, their flesh parting in the process. They were still covered in a light sweat. And they were definitely going to need those refreshments they’d set on the nearby table along with he snacks.

But they were ready. So, now sitting side-by-side on the couch, still naked and feeling a lingering afterglow, Patrick and Joseline settled in for a new season of NFL football.

“Should we get dressed before we get too comfortable?” she wondered.

“A bit too late for that,” he said. “I’m feeling pretty damn comfortable right now.”

“Me too. But I don’t think I’ve ever watched football naked.”

“Me neither,” said Patrick. “What if we end up liking it?”

“Well, I guess that just gives us another reason to look forward to football season!”

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