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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Slutty Costumes 2021 Edition

October is a magical month for those who love to dress up in elaborate costumes. At the start of the month, you have the New York Comic Con, which I eagerly attend every year. Even if you’re not a fan of comic books or anime, it’s a huge event that allows people to dress up in whatever costumes they see fit.

Seriously, I saw someone dressed as Charlie Brown and the entire cast of Rugrats. The only limit is your willingness and ability to wear a costume.

Then, at the end of the month, you have Halloween. For kids and adults alike, it’s a national holiday that gives you another reason to dress up however you see fit. It doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate. It just has to be a costume you really want to wear and show off.

As a kid, I certainly enjoyed the act of dressing up and trick-or-treating. As an adult, though, I’ve also come to enjoy those who use this opportunity to flaunt their sex appeal. That often means people using Halloween or New York Comic Con as a chance to dress extra slutty.

Some may not like the use of that term or what kind of slutty costumes people use, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Being a fan of all things sexy, I wholly support anyone’s desire to dress extra slutty at any point during the month of October. Whether you’re going to Comic Con or a Halloween party, this is your time to flaunt your sex appeal. I say use it!

There will always be those who are against anything slutty. These people are also against fun, joy, and everything that makes life worth living. Don’t listen to them. Just enjoy dressing slutty and have fun. Here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to help inspire whatever slutty costume you have in mind. Enjoy!

“Being seductive requires that you be polite while horny to some extent.”

How To Be Seductive And Seduce The Man You Want

“Good manners and good sex cannot be entirely separated.”

How to Seduce Someone: 15 Seduction Tips to Make Them Yearn for You

“A man who frequently loses his car keys is ill-equipped to find a woman’s G-spot.”

Create meme "Girl , unsatisfied woman, male " - Pictures - Meme-arsenal.com

“The prevalence of incest porn has made family reunions a lot more awkward for certain people.”

Family Reunion Ideas that Celebrate Family History • FamilySearch

“Ideally, you’d like to know your lover’s weirdest kink before your honeymoon.”

Naked Woman Weapon Stock Video Footage - 4K and HD Video Clips |  Shutterstock

“There’s no polite way to explain the usage or appeal of anal beads.”

What People Say About Your Home When You're Not There

“In general, relationships become less complicated when more orgasms are exchanged.”

5 Ultimate Tips To Orgasm - Achieving The Big O | Vibease

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Homemade Treats Edition

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Halloween is only a few weeks away. Thanksgiving and Christmas will follow soon after. If you have a sweet tooth or just enjoy free candy, then this is a wonderful time of year indeed. Even though I try to eat healthy for most of the year, I usually make exceptions for the holidays.

While I certainly have a soft spot for traditional candy, I also have a strong affinity for homemade treats. Whether they’re just chocolate chip cookies or something more elaborate, I think there’s something special about a treat that’s homemade. It’s not just that it lacks the fancy packaging and brand names. When something is homemade, you know it’s made with love.

I say that as someone who was spoiled quite a bit as a kid. My late grandmother was legendary for her cooking skills. Every year, she would make delicious treats that would unit siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles from every branch of our family tree. Just thinking about it reminds me of the sweet taste of her cookies, bread, and fudge.

I like to think my family has continued that tradition. Both my mother and father have special homemade treats that they often make this time of year. I also have my own special dishes, namely cookies and fudge. I like to think that, if I ever meet that special someone, I’ll endear myself to her by my ability to cook her delicious treats for special occasions.

To everyone out there who has that special someone, use this time of year as an opportunity to make something sweet and special. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. There are ample recipes out there to choose from. What you make is up to you. Just be sure to make it with love. IF you need further inspiration, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to get you going. Enjoy!

“Ladies shouldn’t expect someone with poor aim to find their G-spot.”

10 common mistakes that ruin accuracy, and how to fix them. – Understanding  Archery

“Only those with attractive cousins truly understand the appeal of incest porn.”

My best friend's cousin got us both pregnant — what should I do now?

“If you’re bold and horny enough, you can make love in any kind of weather.”

Alivia + Devin // Caught in the Rain – Wanderlynn Photography | Midwest  Wedding Photographers

“Never underestimate what people will tolerate in a relationship when the sex is great.”

Sexy couple laying on bed stock photo

“If a dedicated lover isn’t willing to wear an elaborate costume during sex, then are they really dedicated?”

Sexy Costumes For Women | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

“When you think about it, the presence of a camera is the only thing that distinguishes role playing from porn.”

Sex & Relationship Advice: The Importance of Fantasy and Role Play

“If someone is a narcissist, then it’s safe to assume they masturbate more than most.”

How to know when an ego check is in order - The Business Journals

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: New York Comic Con 2021 Edition

Last year was awful for so many reasons. I don’t think I need to remind everyone why, but if it encourages more people to get vaccinated, I’ll keep doing it. We missed out on a lot of things we took for granted last year. I certainly missed out on a few events and traditions that were just gut-wrenching.

However, of all the events and spectacles that got cancelled last year, few hurt more than the New York Comic Con.

For years now, I’ve made going to the New York Comic Con one of the highlights of my year. Going to New York, dressing up, and taking in the spectacle with legions of my fellow comic book fans just gives me so much joy. I cannot overstate how much fun I have every year. That’s why not going in 2020 was so devastating.

This year, I got a chance to make up for it. I’ve already documented my journey and why it was so awesome. I’ve already shared the wonders of what I experienced. I wish I could put it all into words, but that’s just not possible. New York Comic Con is one of those things that needs to be experienced to truly appreciate.

After missing out on it for a full year, this one felt special. For that reason, I will try to appreciate it even more moving forward. We never know what the world will throw at us to disrupt our lives. At least for this past weekend, comic lovers like me got to celebrate how far we’ve come.

In the spirit of that celebration, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts. To my fellow comic fans and all the awesome cos-players out there, this is for you. Enjoy!

“There’s a non-zero chance that someone got laid for lending someone their phone charger.”

Young Couple Watching Movie On Tablet by Alberto Bogo - Couple, Watch

“If you’re not good at sharing, then chances are you won’t be able to enjoy a threesome.”

What Women Find Truly Attractive In A Man | TalkShop Blog

“Is a friend who has never wanted to have sex with you truly a friend?”

Selective Focus Of Beautiful Seductive Couple Hugging Free Stock Photo and  Image

“Every child is a consequence of someone else’s horniness.”

Caring for Moms During Mental Health Month - Chicago Behavioral Hospital

“If heartbreak is the worst kind of pain, then rugburns from your honeymoon are the best.”

Young Couple Cuddling Lying On Living Room Floor Apartment by Jess Craven

“Ideally, you should ask for oral sex from someone who is both hungry and horny.”

The Meat Popsicle Everyone Wants To Lick! - YouTube

“There’s a right time and a wrong time to make love, but that’ll never stop certain couples.”

Should a man withdraw his consent when he finds that a woman is dry? - Nile  Post

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New York Comic Con 2021 Afterglow

New York Comic Con Announces 2021 Ticket Plans - Geek Anything

I don’t have much to say this morning. I’m still exhausted after all the festivities, but in the best possible way. We may have lost a year because of a global pandemic, but I can safely say that the New York Comic Con is as awesome as ever.

There’s a lot I’d like to share.

I have plenty of awesome pictures.

I also have some souvenirs that I can’t wait to frame and mount on my wall.

For now, though, I’m just too exhausted.

Thank you, New York Comic Con!

Thank you for putting this on after such a rough couple of years!

We needed it.

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On My Way To New York Comic Con 2021!

New York Comic Con Will Return With In-Person Convention This Fall

It’s finally here! After an agonizing two-year hiatus, as well as a global pandemic, the big day is finally here. The New York Comic Con has arrived!

As we speak, I’ve got my costume laid out. I’ve got my stack of comics that I want to get autographed ready to go. Words simply cannot do justice to how excited I am. I’ve already belabored how agonizing it was to see the New York Comic Con cancelled last year. After today, I hope I can completely put that behind me.

If you also lucky enough to go, I hope you’re as excited as me. I intend to get plenty of pictures to capture the moment. For now, though, I’m off to the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

New York Comic Con, I’m on my way!

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sneaky Loving Edition

There’s a good chance you’ve been in a room with a couple who was secretly getting frisky. Maybe they were doing it under a blanket. Maybe they claimed they just needed to refill their drinks. Whatever their excuse, you probably didn’t think much of it. By the time they were done, you were none the wiser.

In fact, I think it’s a near certainty that anyone reading this has either gotten frisky with someone in secret or not noticed when another couple has. I know this because my ex-girlfriend and I were fond of sneaking a few sexy gestures to one another when no one was looking. I won’t get into specifics. I’ll just say we were very tactful.

To my parents, who might end up reading this, I apologize. I promise it was nothing too crazy. At the same time, I don’t deny it was kind of thrilling.

I’ve known plenty of other couples who do the same. I had a roommate in college who loved getting frisky with his girlfriend when he thought I wasn’t looking. Honestly, I kind of admired his bravado. We were living in a dorm. There’s not a lot of room to hide in a place like that. Sometimes, you and your lover are just too energetic, so to speak.

As a lover of all things sexy and romantic, I totally respect that. So long as a couple doesn’t do anything too overt, I’ll gladly cheer them on. Being subtle with your sexiness takes tact and skill. Those are skills we should all refine with our lovers. It makes our love lives, and life in general, more exciting.

In that spirit, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to inspire all those who like to be sneaky with their sexiness. I hope you never get caught or find yourself in too awkward a moment. Enjoy!

“Your capacity for disgust is directly proportional to your willingness to touch a used condom.”

Teachable moment - finding a used condom on the ground - Sex Ed Rescue

“Expecting a satisfying sex life from an unmotivated lover is like wanting a virgin prostitute.”

Britain's Prostitution Laws

“Women who have given birth should have fewer reservations about anal sex, by default.”

I know why she's showing her booty, too | The Scene

“If identical twins jerk each other off, does that still count as masturbation?”

10 Pairs Of The Hottest Celebrity Twins

“You can either be jealous of someone who has multiple orgasms or you can be inspired, but only one will make you happier.”

I woke up to an orgasm every day for a week

“Can you really say something is your favorite food until you’ve licked it off your lover’s body?”

Exactly Where To Kiss A Girl To Turn Her On | Susan Bratton | YourTango

“Imagine how stressful strip poker is for someone who has both a gambling problem and a porn addiction.”

11 Women Playing Strip Poker Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

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My Old Backpack And Why I Can’t Throw It Away

Tips to Ensure your Backpack Lasts Longer - ICSB 2007

We all have certain possessions that mean something to us. They don’t always have to be family heirlooms or valuable collectables. Sometimes, we grow attached to certain things that don’t have any real value outside their use. If anyone else had the same thing, they probably would throw it away without a second thought.

It’s not a matter of hoarding, which is an objectively unhealthy habit when done in excess. It’s a matter of just attaching sentimental value for something in an unexpected way.

I bring all this up because something strange happened recently. After coming back from my vacation to the beach, I thought it was high time I buy a new backpack. Actually, that’s just me being polite. I was exceedingly overdue to buy a new means of carrying small items to nearby places.

That’s because, for reasons I don’t have a good explanation for, I’ve been using the same backpack since my senior year of high school. I don’t remember the exact day I bought that backpack, but I can safely surmise it’s nearly 20 years old. To get an idea of just how old it is, it still has a special pocket for flip phones.

I know I probably just dated myself there, but I’m trying to illustrate an important point. That backpack has served me well for many years. I used it through my entire college career. I used it through multiple jobs and careers. I used it while moving several times to new places. It has carried comics, laptops, and any number of critically important items over the years.

Basically, if it was something I had to keep close, it went in my backpack and that backpack never left my side for too long. If it sounds like I’m overstating the value of this thing, I apologize. It’s nothing fancy. It’s just a backpack, but it literally helped carry me through my entire adult life.

Along the way, it stayed intact and durable. In terms of mundane the possessions I’ve owned, it held up better than almost anything from that long ago.

None of my clothes have lasted that long.

None of my gadgets have lasted that long.

Hell, this backpack has outlived most dogs.

Even though I ultimately bought a new one, it’s still relatively intact. Granted, some parts of it have seen some wear and tear. There are some areas that are faded. There are also some parts that have become a bit torn. However, all the zippers still work and all the compartments are still usable. If I had to, I could still take it out of my closet and use it.

Perhaps it’s because it held up for so long that I can’t bring myself to throw it away. I had it with me during some major milestones in my life. It kept me organized and equipped for some major challenges and memorable trips. My life may have changed a great deal since I bought it, but it has remained one of the few constants.

I think, for that reason, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to throw it away anytime soon. I even remember having strange feelings when my new backpack arrived. Once I took it out and cleaned out my old backpack, I found myself just holding it up and looking at it for a good couple of minutes.

It had been a long time since it was completely empty. In holding it like that, I remembered how much I’d used it over the years and how much it helped me in so many ways. For something that wasn’t expensive, flashy, or stylish, it did more than I ever could’ve hoped. How many other possessions can we say that for?

Even though the new backpack I got is considerably better in terms of size, features, and storage, it just doesn’t have the same history as my old backpack. Hopefully, it lasts just as long and carries me through just as many ordeals. Even if it does, I may still have my old backpack lying around somewhere. I may still have it years from now.

If it sounds like I’m making too big a deal about a simple backpack, I apologize. I just wanted to share this strange experience because I think it’s something a lot of people encounter over the course of their lives. They come across some mundane possession and grow attached to it for reasons they don’t understand.

Years later, even after they’ve upgraded to something better, they just can’t bring themselves to throw it away. Maybe it’s a watch, a coffee mug, a footrest, or a blanket. Whatever it is, it means something to us personally. Even if it didn’t cost much when we bought it, it became valuable to us in unexpected ways.

For me, it happened with a simple backpack that I bought during high school. For others, it might have been something else. Having shared my story about my backpack, I welcome anyone with a similar experience to share theirs in the comments. What have you owned that gained unexpected personal value? Whatever it was, I hope it served you as well as my old backpack.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Fall 2021 Edition

It’s official now because of the calendar. Depending on where you live, you can probably feel it too. The leaves on the trees are starting to change. The weather is getting cooler. Anything and everything is being flavored with pumpkin or pumpkin spice. Football is back in swing. Fall 2021 has arrived.

After last year, it’s a lot less bittersweet. Despite the best efforts of idiots and anti-vaxxers, we are in a better place this year. This year, we might actually be able to enjoy traditional fall activities. It still won’t be completely normal. I think we’re still a long way from that. That shouldn’t stop us from enjoying it as best we can.

As fun and sexy a hot summer can be, fall can bring a different kind of sex appeal. That cooler, crisper air makes the morning coffee taste a bit better. That same weather also makes curling up under a blanket and snuggling a little closer all the more appealing. Plus, it’s not overly cold so you can still get away with wearing minimal clothing.

For me, personally, the sexiest fall activity I can imagine involves snuggling up on the couch with a beautiful woman, watching football, and enjoying a nice fall themed beer. I may not have met the woman I can share that with yet, but it’s something I hope to do at some point this fall, if I get the chance.

If you’re lucky enough to have a special someone, use Fall 2021 as an opportunity to make up for last year. There will be more to do and better days will come. Today is as good a day as any to start. Here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to get you going. Enjoy!

“A woman who hides her sex toys has no right to judge a man who hides his porn stash.”

Revealed! The 24 sex toys every human should own! –

“The fact that crazy women are better in bed is proof that evolution has a kinky side.”

14 Unexpected Things That Make Women Horny | YourTango

“If you can text during sex, then you have no excuse when your lover can’t find your G-spot.”

People are texting exes, cutting biz deals and buying stuff in their sleep

“Making someone horny by mistake is the only time clumsiness will get you laid.”

Woman pulling man's necktie while sitting at home – Stockphoto

“Can you really say you love someone if you’re not willing to lick food off their naked body?”

8 Foods To Enjoy During Sex - AskMen

“Men will always be suspicious of a woman who owns more than one dildo.”

My ENORMOUS Sex Toy Collection & $1000+ GIVEAWAY *CLOSED* - YouTube

“We should all have sympathy for the maids who have to clean the honeymoon suits at resorts.”

Couple Money Fights: How Much Did That Hotel Room Really Cost?

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Flashy Car Edition

Some people are shamelessly shallow. They don’t try to hide it. They don’t care when they get scolded or criticized for it. To them, style will always supersede substance. That’s how they conduct themselves and that’s how they go about attracting others, be it romantically or professionally.

Most of us probably know someone like that. They can be annoying at times, but we can at least appreciate when they’re transparent about it. That kind of honesty can be refreshing.

One of the shallowest ways people show off is with flashy cars. However, I’m not just talking about the kinds of fancy cars that rich people buy to show off. There are people who put time, energy, money, and resources into turning an ordinary car into this massive statement about who they are and who they’re hoping to attract.

Now, I’ve never been a car guy. I don’t entirely get the appeal of elaborately decorating or modifying a car. However, I totally respect the people who turn their cars into a work of art. I also understand how that can have a certain sex appeal.

Cars are big, loud, powerful machines. They convey something about us, whether we intend it or not. For those who use flashy cars, be they supped up hot rods or tripped out luxury vehicles, to attract certain people, it can be effective. It’s even logical in some respects. If they can handle a fancy car, then they should be able to handle a lover.

Again, I’m not a car guy. I don’t claim to know the intricacies of what makes a car flashy. I just know it takes skill and passion, which I can always respect. In celebration of those passions, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to the flashy car lovers and the people who are drawn to them. Enjoy!

“To some extent, foreplay is a teaser trailer for your genitals.”

10 Foreplay Tips That Will Make Her Climax BEFORE Sex - Mimicnews

“Good lovers learn from their mistakes, but that’s extra challenging when you’re with a masochist.”

Bondage Sexy Woman - boldpleasures

“Being charming is like having a boob job on your personality.”

10 Most Popular Reasons Why Women Get Breast Implants

“Innuendo is just a subtle way of letting everyone around you know how horny you are.”

Stryx | 6 Flirting Tips for Guys | How to Flirt as a Man

“Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but sex appeal is heavily influenced by our genitals.”

Facts About Flirting That Single — and Married — People Should Know

“Making someone horny by accident is the only accident we don’t mind cleaning up.”

How Guys Flirt: 15 Subtle Things Guys Do to Impress a Girl

“Laughing during sex can either be really good or really embarrassing.”

Happy Couple Laughing in Bed Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free)  14799685 | Shutterstock

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: NFL Kickoff 2021 Edition

It’s finally here! For sports fans and lifelong football fans like myself, today is one of the holiest of holy days. It’s the day for which we clear our calendar, complete every chore, and purge ourselves of all distraction. That’s because today is the first Sunday of the NFL season. Just typing that put a big smile on my face.

I’m not gonna lie. I am as giddy as a schoolgirl on crack in a pony factory.

I’ve made no secret of my love of football. I’ve also shared how I go about enjoying football every Sunday. From noon until midnight, I basically camp out in front of my TV, armed with a six pack of beer and a large pizza. Then, thanks to NFL Redzone, I basically spend the whole day consuming every game and moment.

I cannot overstate the amount of joy this brings me every Sunday. It may not be the sexiest way to spend a Sunday. Then again, that could change one day when I meet my future wife. I sincerely hope she loves football as much as I do. If I can find a woman to spend all Sunday watching football with, then I’ll know I’ve found the love of my life.

For now, I’m more than happy to enjoy and indulge in my love of football for this Sunday and for the next 18 Sundays until the Super Bowl. To all my fellow football fans, the wait is over. We are ready for some football! Not that we need any more excitement, but here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to celebrate this most glorious of Sunday. Enjoy!

“Lying and cheating will never stop, so long as it allows assholes to get laid.”

Beirut Love Life: The ABCs of Body Language - BNL

“Confusing love and lust is often what differentiates a romance story with a porno.”

10 Reasons Why You Should Wait Longer To Have Sex

“Role playing is karaoke for your genitals.”

Pin on Sexy role play

“No matter how liberal you are, you’ll never be as egalitarian as a bisexual.”


“You can’t be happy with a boring love life for the same reason you can’t be satisfied with a subtle orgasm.”

Happy National Orgasm Day! July 31st celebrates sex but survey shows most  women fake it - Mirror Online

“Can you ever truly be honest with your lover without sharing your porn stash?”

Daily Freier Forced to Retract Satirical Article About Guy Who Tries to  Sell His Porn Collection on Secret Tel Aviv …..After Guy Tries to Sell His  Porn Collection on Secret Tel Aviv |

“There’s a non-zero chance you’ve touched something that has been in someone else’s ass at some point in your life without realizing it.”

Best sex toys: 18 to buy now for the ultimate orgasms

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