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Jack Plays Cyberpunk 2077: Two New Videos Following The Main Story

The following is a couple more videos that I posted to my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. They are another entry in my growing crop of footage of me playing Cyberpunk 2077. Both these videos involve missions that tie into the main story. Enjoy!

This video is of the mission, “The Space In Between.”

This video is of the mission, “Disasterpiece,” which immediately follows the previous mission.

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Sexy Short Story: Want Some Company?

The following is a sexy short story I came up with while in the shower. When you read it, you’ll probably understand why. Enjoy!

“Ugh…what a day,” Marilyn Mitchell groaned to herself.

She must have said those words no fewer than ten times since leaving work. Her shift at the hospital had ended less than an hour ago, but it might as well have been a whole year. That was what every shift felt like these days. Being a nurse at a major hospital was difficult enough, but being one during a global pandemic was a special kind of hardship.

Nothing could’ve prepared Marylin for all this. Prior to March of 2020, she had settled into a stable routine. She knew she wanted to be a nurse back in middle school. Her Aunt Nancy had been a nurse. Her mother, who died of cancer when she was young, spent her final days in the care of dedicated nurses. She understood that the job came with challenges. Teachers and doctors constantly warned her that she would encounter death, disease, and gruesome injuries. She’d confronted all of that during her training and passed with flying colors.

But then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. That brought her into uncharted territory. She thought she was tough enough to make it through this kind of crisis. Now, she questioned that assumption.

“So much death…so much suffering…so much anger, hate, and denial,” Marilyn mused as she drove through the dead of night. “How are we supposed to handle all this?”

She used to ask those questions with tears in her eyes. But after these past few months, she found herself unable to shed more than she already had. This past night had already drained her. The hospital recorded the most deaths in eight months. She and the other nurses had to stay three hours beyond their shift in order to help the staff carry dead bodies to the morgue. She hadn’t even been paid overtime for that. But that still wasn’t the hardest part.

Gripping the steering wheel of her car, Marilyn fumed as she drove down the vacant streets. It was two in the morning and she should’ve been too tried to be angry. But even in her current state, she fought to contain her rage.

“It didn’t have to be like this,” she mused. “We have vaccines. They’re free. They work. But all these people – these selfish, arrogant people – they just won’t get them. And then they blame people like me when they get sick!”

Marilyn muttered a long string of curses as she turned into her neighborhood. She kept replaying the worst parts of her day. Time and again, she encountered a very sick patient who had entered the final stages of COVID-19.

They were coughing uncontrollably.

They couldn’t breathe without help.

Their body was failing them with each passing moment.

And it all could’ve been avoided if they’d just gotten the damn vaccine. Even as Marilyn treated them, they tried to make excuses. She’d heard every last one of them, from crazy conspiracy theories to political rants. And when she explained to them what was happening due to their decision, they got so angry. They looked for someone to blame. But the only ones nearby were her and her fellow nurses.

A couple hours ago, this young man who couldn’t be older than her cussed her out for 20 minutes straight. He claimed she was killing him by trying to give him the medicine he needed to stay alive. He thrashed and kicked, hitting her right in the jaw at one point. He even tried to spit in her face, but was so weak he couldn’t.

Marilyn still treated him as best she could. Eventually, the man passed. Then, she had to tell the man’s family. And their response was to attack her with an empty bottle of hand sanitizer, claiming she’d murdered her son for government grant money. Even though they got arrested, the echoes of their words lingered.


Marilyn pulled into the driveway of her home. Even after turning the engine off, she sat there in silence for a few moments. She just took deep breaths and sobbed until the angry voice passed. Once the echoes faded, she exited the car and entered her house.

The silence of her home was welcome. Not surprisingly, it was pitch black. Her husband of four years, Tyler, was nowhere to be seen. That was to be expected. His shift had ended eight hours ago. He worked as a mechanic for emergency vehicles. That was actually how they’d met. She’d been in the ambulance he rode in during his first week on the job.

Marilyn smiled at the memory, missing the days before the pandemic when things weren’t so dire. That was when two people could find each other while saving lives. She worried those days were long gone and would never return.

“If only…” she said with a sigh.

Setting her things aside and kicking off her shoes, Marilyn ventured upstairs. She moved quietly, so as not to wake her husband. She arrived at the door the master bedroom, which was already cracked open. Upon opening it carefully, she saw that her husband was fast asleep.

From the looks of it, he had a rough day too. He wasn’t even in his sleeping pants. If the strewn clothes on the floor were any indication, he’d just stripped down to his boxers and collapsed on bed the second he got home. Marilyn wondered just how bad it got, knowing how short-staffed they were with ambulance staff. She decided not to dwell.

“Tyler,” she said under her breath, “at least we share this burden together.”

Letting out another tired sigh, she made her way towards their shared bathroom. As much as Marilyn wanted to crawl into bed with him, she hadn’t bathed in over a day. On top of that, she reeked of death and medical waste. No matter how tired she was, she needed a shower.

She couldn’t strip out of her clothes fast enough. She didn’t even bother throwing them in the hamper. She just turned the shower on, waited for the water to warm up, and got in. As soon as the hot water hit her naked body, an overdue feeling of relaxation came over her.

“Finally,” Marilyn said. “That helps…to a point.”

For a while, she didn’t even begin washing herself. She just stood there under the hot torrent of water, letting it soak her from head to toe. It finally rid her of that grimy feeling that had followed her from the hospital. But she felt far from clean, let alone content.

A heavy tension lingered within her. Closing her eyes, Marilyn hugged her shoulders and tried to shut out the horrors of the past 24 hours. She kept seeing the faces of the sick and dying. She kept hearing their anguish and outrage. Instead of gratitude and understanding, her patients were so hostile and uncompromising. They didn’t think nurses and doctors were there to help them through this pandemic. They thought they were the cause of it.

Everything about it was absurd, not to mention insulting. Never before had she felt such hate and anger directed towards her. Marilyn had spent her entire adult life trying to help people and heal them in their time of need. Being resented for this effort was yet another painful side-effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, there was no treatment for it.

“All the hate, anger, and death,” Marilyn mused, “I just don’t know if I can…”

Her words trailed off as she continued soaking. She must have stayed under the water for a good five minutes or so. She would’ve stood there much longer had she not felt a presence enter the shower.

“Hey. What some company?” asked a concerned voice.

Marilyn opened her eyes, jarred from her distressed state. She was so lost in thought that she hasn’t heard anyone enter the bathroom. But she quickly recognized the voice, as well as the touch.

It was Tyler. She would’ve recognized it, regardless of her current state.

“Yeah,” she said. “I’d like that.”

“I know that tone,” Tyler said. “Sounds like you need it more than usual.”

“Sometimes, I hate how perceptive you are.”

“Is this one of those times?”

“No. It’s not.”

He slipped in closer, wrapping his powerful arms around her from behind. Marilyn let out a soft sigh upon feeling his naked skin touch hers. The distinct, unmistakable sinews of his body meshed with hers. It was always so soothing and comforting. Tyler supplemented that feeling even more by lovingly grazing his hands over her torso, paying special attention to her hips, breasts, and neck. Even in her distressed state, his touch sent shivers coursing through her body.

It felt good.

It was just what she wanted.

I was just what she needed.

Her husband knew her body well. He also knew when she needed his love most. Tonight was definitely one of those nights.

“I take it you had a rough shift,” he said, resting his chin on her shoulders as she stood with him under the water.

“That’s one way of putting it,” Marylin said.

“Want to talk about it? Or just vent?”

“Don’t know. Do you want to hear about 25-year-old girl dying in my arms? All while cursing me out because I asked if she’d been vaccinated?”

“I’ll listen if that’ll help,” said Tyler.

“Even if it’s only the fifth worth thing I saw tonight?”

This time, he paused. Tyler knew better than most that nurses saw some awful stuff in the ER. Between the stories his mother told and the stories Marilyn had shared, what qualified as awful seemed to skew more with each passing year. And the COVID-19 pandemic had only skewed it even more.

Even so, that never stopped him from being there for her.

“The offer still stands,” he finally said. “I’ll risk it for you.”

Marilyn sighed, managing a half-smile. She finally turned around to face her lover. When she saw his concerned eyes, she sensed more worried than usual. She attempted to alleviate her husband’s concern, caressing his unshaven face and slipping deeper into his embrace.

“Just hold me, Tyler,” Marilyn said to him. “Stand here…and hold me.”

“I can do that too,” said Tyler with a weak smile.

A soft, yet comfortable silence came over them. He kept his arms securely around her, resting his chin on her shoulder again while the water poured over their naked bodies. Marylin just savored his warmth, placing her head up against his chest, listening to his heartbeat within the steamy environment.

Feeling his body, absorbing his love, and sharing this quiet moment stood in stark contrast to what she’d experienced mere hours ago. Instead of the deathly cold of the hospital, she was in this warm world of contentment. After another terrible day, surrounded by endless death, she was alive and well with the man she loved.

It was a prefect counter. On most nights after a hard shift, this was all Marilyn needed to reclaim her strength and soul. But this was different. Tonight, she needed something more than just a comforting embrace.

She subtly communicated that need to her lover. While in his arms, she began pawing his back, tracing paths with her fingers down the muscles she knew so well. She also gently rubbed her thigh up against his, making brief contact with his penis. Tyler definitely noticed that. Her gestures became even less subtle when she drew him into a soft kiss. At that point, he clearly got the message.

“Tyler…” Marilyn said as soon as their lips parted.

“Yes, love?” he said with an incredulous grin.

“I need you to do more than just hold me…a lot more.”

His grin widened and he caressed the side of her face. Regardless of the hour or the situation, Tyler was not the kind of man to leave his wife’s needs unmet.

“Yeah…I can do that too,” he said.

He kissed her again. This time, his embrace evolved into impassioned foreplay. He slipped his hands down to her lower body, reaching between her thighs to caress the outer areas of her sex. That sent more shivers through her body. Those sensations became even hotter when he slipped two fingers into her folds, carefully touching the areas he knew got her aroused.

That evoked a soft moan of arousal and contentment. She was already trembling in his grasp. But she didn’t make Tyler do all the work. She returned the favor by adding some foreplay of her own, kissing back with more tongue while rubbing her thigh against his groin even harder.

It wasn’t long before he was erect and she was moist. Hearts raced and breathing became ragged. The steamy environment helped create a uniquely sensual ambience. The need for physical relief mirrored the need for mental relief. And in Marilyn’s experience, making love to her husband was the best medicine any overworked nurse could ask for.

“Tyler…take me,” she gasped.

He answered with a determined grunt. That was his way of telling her to brace himself. Because she was about to get the kind of loving that only a dedicated husband could offer.

In a show of uncanny strength for this hour, he grasped her hips and guided her towards the far end of the shower. From there, he pinned Marilyn to the wall. The feeling of cold linoleum against her back helped build the anticipation. Now holding onto his arms for leverage, she gazed lovingly at him as he lifted her leg and positioned himself at just the right angle.

Like a reflex or a carefully honed skill, Tyler guided his hips towards her until the tip of his cock pressed up against her outer folds. A careful maneuver followed, his hard manly flesh penetrating her moist womanly depths. From there, their bodies and their desires did the rest. And they began making love.

“Oh my God!” Marilyn gasped. “Yes…that’s it. That’s what I need.”

“Mmm…and I love giving it to you,” Tyler grunted.

He hastened his movements, getting in closer to maximize the body contact in between thrusts. Marilyn’s gasps and moans intensified. She clung harder to his arms and buried her face in his shoulder, focusing on every wondrous sensation that followed.

Together, their naked bodies moved and jived, flesh complementing flesh with every motion. The pace wasn’t too fast or chaotic. That wasn’t her and Tyler’s style. Given the nature of their works, they had always favored the steadier, smoother brand of sex. There was a time and a place for a rowdy romp. This wasn’t it. This was the time for tender, caring lovemaking.

“Love…emboldens life,” Marilyn found herself saying repeatedly.

The same mantra that her hospital had preached to a whole new meaning. Before long, it had just been a slogan meant to offer strength in the face of hardship. Now, in the throughs of passion, it carried even greater weight.

She and Tyler continued making love, even as hot steam filled their bathroom. Their bodies slick with moisture, every movement seemed so effortless. From the way their naked skin grinded to the smooth slithering of his manhood inside her womanhood, it all felt so wonderfully intimate. It brought Marilyn to a much better place, mentally and physically, than she’d been earlier that night.

Eventually, the succession of sensual sensations escalated. The internal and external feelings of sex sent Marilyn down the path of orgasm. Even in her stressful state, the feeling built up inside her. It also helped that Tyler knew all her little quirks. From how he nibbled around her neck to how he angled his thrusts, he hit all the right spots.

At some point in their lovemaking, he pulled away and turned her around so that she was pressed up against the wall, her perky butt facing him while he stood behind her. From there, Tyler thrust back into her and stepped up the pace even more. The wet smacking sound of his pelvis colliding against her butt echoed throughout the bathroom. He even reached around and used his fingers to stimulate her clit, giving her an even greater boost in her journey to ecstasy.

“Tyler! Ooh Tyler! I’m close! I’m so…so close!” Marilyn gasped.

“Me too, my love. Me too,” he gasped, leaning in to whisper directly into her ear.

His deep, loving voice helped her complete the journey. Like arriving atop the summit of a mountain, she took that final step. From there, her world became awash with the raw ecstasy of their love.

“Ohhhh yes!”

Marilyn’s euphoric cry filled the bathroom as the orgasmic rush washed over her. She closed her eyes, threw her head back, and raked her nails down the walls of the bathroom. Hot waves of pleasure surged through her, the inner muscles of her vagina contracting around her lover’s flesh. It manifested so beautifully, her body under the weight of such pleasure. It was so intense that she almost didn’t sense when Tyler came too.

“Marilyn…oh God!” he gasped.

His moans weren’t quite as loud, but every bit as intense. He tightened his grip on her hip, leaning over and placing another hand atop hers. As he climaxed, he interlocked their fingers and squeezed her hand, holding on as he got his sweet release.

Marilyn grinned widely as she took in that hot, intimate sensation. She could actually sense his penis throbbing inside her as his manly fluids mixed with her juices. Along with the surge of pleasure, it gave form and substance to their love.

“I love you,” said Tyler, still whispering into her ear.

“I love you too,” said Marilyn. “Thank you…for helping me heal.”

“You heal others. I heal you. Remember?”

“Mmm…thanks for reminding me.”

As they caught their breath, Tyler withdrew from her so that she could turn around and return to his embrace. He eagerly held her close, drawing her back under the pouring torrent of water. Once there, they met in another soft kiss to complete their lovemaking.

Through a shared effort, they created this amazing feeling. And after a night of immense hardship and heavy losses, it wasn’t just what she needed. It was what this world needed, now more than ever.

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Jack Plays Cyberpunk 2077: More New Videos (Including The Main Story)

The following is a couple of videos that I posted to my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. They are more captured footage of me playing Cyberpunk 2077. I’m starting to get towards the end of the game. In one of these videos, I navigate one of the main storylines. I plan on recording more as I make my way towards the end. Enjoy!

This video is of the mission, “Fortunate Son.”

This video is of the mission, “Gimme Danger,” which is one of the main missions that must be completed to beat the game.

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A Brief Message After One Of The Busiest Weeks Of My Adult Life

Every now and then, we have one of those weeks that really tests us. Whether you’re in high school or a working adult, you just find yourself navigating each day like it’s a marathon after another marathon. It’s exhausting, draining, stressful, and even frustrating most of the time.

Then, you make it to the end of the week and it feels so good.

That’s basically the week I just had. I feel like this past week has been one of the hardest of my adult life. I won’t get into all the details why, mostly because it would require a book’s worth of backstory, context, and plot. I’ll just say that I found myself juggling way more challenges than most over the span of just a few days. On more than one occasion, I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to manage it all.

But in the end, I did.

I didn’t just make it to the end of the week. I actually finished everything I wanted to finish and did it with a sense of pride, accomplishment, and confidence. That just made it all the more rewarding.

I’ve had long, arduous weeks before. Sometimes, I’ve had several in a row, but this week was different. It felt like a perfect storm of issues and challenges. All sorts of factors, none of which I could control, seemed to converge on just a handful of days. That doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s usually very stressful.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to manage that stress. I like to think I’m better at it now than I was when I was a younger. That still didn’t make it any less draining. When I got home yesterday, I basically fell onto my bed and just laid there for a while. I also enjoyed an extra glass of whiskey, which is typically my preferred method of unwinding on Friday nights. And I can confirm it tasted that much sweeter.

I know it’s a bit cliché to say that hard work can be very rewarding, especially for those doing jobs they hate or dealing with issues that frustrate them. However, there is something to be said about making it through a difficult week and succeeding in everything you set out to do. It really is uniquely satisfying. It shows just how strong you are and how far you’ve come.

I’ll likely face other weeks like that in the future. Everyone reading this now will probably face the same. Take heed from this message.

You will make it through.

You will overcome.

You will be stronger because of it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s another glass of whiskey waiting for me.

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Jack Plays Cyberpunk 2077: Two New Videos (With Sexy Parts)!

The following is a couple of videos that I posted to my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. I’m still refining my ability to record video game footage from me playing my PS4. I feel like I’ve gotten a good handle on things now. These two clips are some of the longest and most detailed to date.

Below are two clips of me playing through two missions in Cyberpunk 2077, one action packed and the other intimate and dramatic. Let me know what you think and how I’ve styled my female V.

This video is of the mission, “The Hunt.”

This video is of the mission, “Following The River.” It also includes one of the many sexy parts of this game. Enjoy!

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Sexy Short Story: The Bouncer

The following is a sexy short story I wrote after reading some stories about being a bouncer at a strip club on Reddit. Some were funny. Some were disturbing. With this story, I just want it to be sexy as hell. Enjoy!

“Last call, ladies! Suit up, sober up, and go home! We’re closing!”

That same mantra played out every night at the Exposé Gentleman’s Club at around the same time. Timothy “Titty Tim” Staggbern made that announcement from the DJ booth, much to the chagrin of the remaining patrons lingering near the stage. At this hour, only the drunks, perverts, and stalkers with disposable income remained. That often made closing a bit of a challenge.

But Annabelle Aspen – better known by her stage name, Carlie Minx – didn’t shy away from that challenge. She volunteered to be the last girl on stage that night, doing what she did best on the brass stripper pole on the main stage. She’d been dancing, twirling, and shaking her heart-shaped ass for several songs now, giving some of the other girls time to slip out or finish their private dances.

“Take one last look at the famous Carlie Minx, gentleman,” said Titty Tim. “She’s done for the night and so are we.”

“Oh come on! She hasn’t even taken her thong off!” whined one of the patrons, who’d tried tipping her with a twenty.

“Sorry pal! You’ll have to come back another time if you want to see her cooch.”

The man still protested. A few others lingered near the stage, watching hypnotically as Anna shook her thong-clad ass at them. She could tell these men wanted more. One of them had already tried to get her to leave the club to go home with him. She’d politely refused. Exposé Gentleman’s Club had strict rules about that sort of thing and she wasn’t about to test them.

That was almost ironic because following rules hadn’t been Anna’s strong suit for much of her early life. She’d come from a comfortable upper-middle class neighborhood where following the rules was expected. Everyone from her parents to the homeowners association made those expectations abundantly clear. And while her older brother and two sisters gladly followed, Anna chose another path.

From a young age, she’d always been adventurous. She went off to places she wasn’t supposed to be, made friends with people she wasn’t supposed to befriend, and did things she wasn’t supposed to do. It got her into plenty of trouble, but it also gave her a rush that obeying the rules never gave her.

Then, she hit puberty and discovered sex. And she quickly learned she really liked sex.

“This job is so much easier when you look good and love sex as much as I do,” Anna said to herself as she finished her dance.

More men cheered and howled. But the bouncers had already sprung into action. Those who wouldn’t leave, even after the music stopped playing, were escorted out. Anna always appreciated that added bit of security. She could’ve used more of than in her youth.

There was no getting around it. She had been a real slut in high school. At one point, some of her peers called her the blonde minx. She’d flirt, seduce, and hump anyone she found cute, even if it meant breaking a few rules. It certainly helped that she’d been born with a sexy body, courtesy of her mother’s cheerleading days. It also helped that she was a lot more willing to take chances in an environment where too many people got comfortable with the mundane.

It led to many hook-ups and decadence. Once she left for college, it only escalated. Her fondness for sex complemented her adventurous spirit in so many ways. While that didn’t make her becoming a stripper inevitable, it did make it more likely.

“Your done, Carlie!” said Tim. “Cover those tits up so we can get outta here.”

“Now, that’s a sentence I rarely hear,” Anna joked as she picked up her top.

“Shut up and get moving. You’re making it harder on the bouncers.”

Anna rolled her eyes while everyone filed out of the club. She still lingered on stage, cleaning the pull and gathering up her tips for the night. It had been productive. She’d made more than enough to cover her rent for the month. She was one of the club’s top girls. She could get away with overcharging men for lap dances, private dances, and whatever extras she could negotiate.

The manager and the other girls didn’t always like that. But that was what separated regular strippers from the true professionals.

“Another night…another round profitable decadence,” Anna said with a sigh.

As she stashed her crumpled bills into her purse, she watched the club clear out. She figured most of the girls had already left, if only to avoid any lingering perverts trying to get with them in private. The bouncers at the rear exit usually took care of them. The bar staff and servers were already on their way, too. Many looked tired and drained. Working this late wasn’t for everyone. But Anna had always been a bit of a night owl. This was often when she did her best work.

However, Anna had another major reason for lingering about. And that reason was helping to evict the last patron, who was being drunk and unreasonable.

“Aw come on!” the man said. “I want to stay with Carlie tonight!”

“Sorry, sir. But we’re closing. And Carlie isn’t accepting any more admirers,” said a firm, authoritative tone.

“Bullshit! I’ve got money!” the man shouted in a slurred voice. “Just give me a few more minutes! I swear I can…”

But he didn’t get a chance to finish. He’d just broken a major rule by shoving past the bouncer and making his way back to the stage. Anna saw him coming towards her. She saw a lecherous look in his eye. Some of it was fueled by alcohol. But most of it was that unhealthy level of infatuation that separated paying customers from dangerous threats.

“Big mistake, asshole!” the same bouncer shouted.

Before the drunk could even get halfway towards the stage, the bouncer tackled him from behind and pinned him to the floor. He attempted to fight back, but he didn’t stand a chance. This bouncer wasn’t just some muscle-bound meathead. He was a former marine, having served multiple tours overseas and dealt with people far more dangerous than an obsessive drunk. And he didn’t hesitate to send a message.

“Ahhh! My nose! I think you broke my nose!” the drunk cried out.

You broke the rules,” the bouncer replied. “Consider us even.”

The man kept on protesting, even as another bouncer came by to pick him up. It was a good thing too. If left alone, the man who’d tackled the drunk would’ve done serious damage. Anna knew that beyond a shadow of a doubt. She knew because that bouncer happened to be Hector “Heck” Glassman. He wasn’t just Exposé Gentleman’s Club’s best bouncer. He was also her lover.

“Thank you,” Anna mouthed with a grateful grin.

Hector didn’t crack a smile. He just nodded, still in full bouncer mode. He was still on the clock. And he was so disciplined in his role that he didn’t dare break from it until the job was done. Even though Anna had played fast and loose over the years with rules, she admired that about him. It was part of what drew her to him.

“Don’t worry about that creep anymore, Carlie. He’s officially banned,” said Titty Tim before leaving through the back.

“I’m not worried,” Anna said, still grinning at her protective lover.

“Well, take that worry-free ass to the back. This place is going dark in a half-hour.”

Titty Tim yawned flipping the lights off near the bar, looking ready to go home and crash. On most nights, Anna would follow close behind. But tonight was different. Tonight, she was going to break another rule, albeit a small one. And she was going to do it with the help of her disciplined bouncer boyfriend.

“A half-hour…should give us plenty of time!”

With a mischievous grin, she slipped off the stage and made her way towards the back. But rather than follow Tim, she slipped into the hall that led to the private rooms. Before she did, she cast a suggestive glance towards Hector, who was finishing up with the other bouncers. They were locking the doors and securing the area, as they did every night. But when he saw her, he just nodded again.

He knew what she was doing. And as soon as his co-workers were done, he started heading her way.

“We’re done here, guys,” Hector told the other bouncers. “I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

“Night, Heck!” said one of his co-workers.

“Don’t stay out too late. Even your uptight ass needs rest!” said another.

He barely acknowledged their remarks. The other men just shrugged and made their leave. They were all tough, well-built men who dealt with plenty of rowdy customers. But event they got intimidated by Hector on a regular basis. He was just that tough. He could scare people into submission with his presence alone.

But Anna wasn’t scared. She’d met plenty of scary men, including a few who tried to get into her pants – and not always with her consent. She knew how to deal with them. But she sensed something different in Hector. She dared to connect with him when others were too scared or hesitant. That connection ultimately blossomed into something so much more.

“If only they knew,” Anna mused.

Once Hector caught up with her, she latched onto his muscular arm and led him into one of the private rooms. Some called them “the champagne rooms.” This was where the rules at Exposé Gentleman’s Club, as well as the laws.

It was where strippers gave paying patrons private dances. What happened during those dances varied. Some dancers never went beyond a certain point. Others knew how to tactfully negotiate extra activities, including intimate touching and full-blown sex. When Anna first started, she’d learned how to work around the rules and laws to earn extra money. But once Hector entered the picture, things changed.

She now had a new set of rules to follow. And this time, she didn’t mind following them to the letter.

“Finally!” she said to him as they entered the room and closed the door behind them. “I’ve been thinking about this all night.”

“I know. It showed in your dancing,” Hector said.

“You watched? I thought bouncers weren’t allowed to watch,” she teased.

“We’re allowed. We’re just discouraged. And as a general rule, I don’t watch. But when you’re on stage…”

He let his words trail off. His deep tone and light embrace told her the rest. She smiled at him as they sat at the oversized booth. This particular private room had a large, circular couch. It was built with stripping and lap dances in mind. She’d used it many times before with paying customers, some of which offered her a lot of money to do more than just dance naked.

She refused every one of them. In her more promiscuous past, she would’ve jumped at the chance. But Hector gave her a reason to save her sexual energy for later. Now, after spending hours dancing and stripping for horny customers, she was ready to do something with it.

“Shut up and kiss me!” Anna said.

Now sitting atop the plush seat, he gladly obliged. She got onto his lap, snaked her arms around his neck, and joined her lover in a deep kiss. There was no music, no negotiation, and no elaborate show. There was just her, Annabelle Aspen and Hector Glassman, alone together and in need of expressing their love.

When their lips touched, a different feeling came over Anna. This wasn’t some sleezy degenerate, paying for the privilege to kiss her. This wasn’t some lonely guy who just longed for her intimate company, either. Hector knew her, understood her, and embraced her without condition. And she knew him, both intimately and personally.

That made his every touch more powerful. The feeling went beyond her heart and her libido. But on a night like this, Anna craved the totality of his love.

“Please…hold me close,” she whispered to him seductively, yet affectionately.

Hector answered with another deep grunt. Again, no words were necessary. He could convey all the necessary sentiment with his tone and touch. The way he tenderly kissed her lips, caressed her hips, and stroked her cheek told Anna he knew what she needed. And he was going to give it to her.

She could already feel a growing bulge in his pants, protruding through his tight black pants and pressing against her inner thighs. But unlike every guy who’d overpaid for a lap dance, there was no watching the clock or waiting for the end of a song. She and Hector just kissed, embraced, and held each other, going at their own pace and on their own time. After another night of following the strict rules of the Exposé Gentleman’s Club, it was nothing short of liberating.

“Oh Anna…” gasped Hector, his words thick with longing and desire.

Hearing those words made her heart skip a bit while also fueling the heat between her legs. But the arousal remained secondary to the gestures. Through the heated kissing, Hector felt up her feminine curves with his powerful hands. Anna responded by grinding her pelvis again his while pawing his chest, touching him with an honest desire that she never gave to a client.

Such affectionate tenderness was a welcome counter to the erotic spectacle that Anna had put on that night. With no loud music playing in the background, they could focus only on each other. This tender make-out session, coupled with shared foreplay, got their bodies and their desires in synch. It was another key distinction between Hector and the men who stuffed money into her G-string. He cared about making this enjoyable for her. That just made her love him even more.

Eventually, they got to a point where a tender embrace just wasn’t going to cut it. Anna craved his sex and Hector craved hers. And with the club closed and the rules no longer in place, they could do it their way.

With that liberating sentiment in mind, Anna finally broke the kiss and whispered into his ear.

“Sit back,” she told him. “Let me make you feel great.”

“As you wish, my love,” he said in his deep, masculine voice.

A new sensual spirit came over her. It was not unlike the feeling she got on stage while stripping and dancing. But this time was different. This was more personal and intimate. And she reserved it only for very special, very deserving men.

Following that spirit, she dropped to her knees while Hector leaned back, resting his arms atop the seat. Once in position, she went right for his pants, undoing them swiftly and tugging them down his hips to free his throbbing manhood. When that big piece of man-flesh popped out, Anna shot him a beaming grin.

“I missed this wonderful dick,” Anna said while looking up at him. “No matter how many I see, yours is still my favorite.”

On his stoic face, a similar grin formed. And it only widened as she pulled his pants down further, gripped his fleshy rod in both hands, and licked along the base. That earned her another deep grunt and an affectionate glance.

“You’re good at putting on a show. But you’re even sexier when you’re honest,” Hector told her.

“That’s because it’s true,” said Anna, “so beautifully true.”

Dazed by arousal and passion, she focused her energy on her lover’s member. With raw, unfiltered desire, she took his length between her lips and proceeded to give him oral sex. There was no hesitation, negotiation, or special technique. She just sucked, licked, and slurped along his length, savoring the taste of his endowment and listening to his manly grunts.

“Oh Anna…” gasped Hector.

Again, his tone said more than his words, conveying all the necessary sentiment. That only encouraged Anna to go harder, working her lips along his length and bobbing her head in a steady rhythm. His breathing sharpened and his member throbbed between her lips, his growing enjoyment showing in every reaction.

He kept his gaze locked on her, still grinning as he softly ran her fingers through her hair. He didn’t grasp the side of her head or demand that she suck it harder. Hector just let her go at her own pace, trusting her to know what he liked and what worked best for her. It was the kind of trust that just wasn’t possible between stripper and client. This was something only lovers could share.

That didn’t stop her from being playful. While she showed off her oral sex talents, she skillfully undid her top and let it fall to the floor. As soon as her voluptuous breasts came tumbling out, she put them to work, shoving his member between her mounds and mashing them together in a wonderfully sexy display.

“Ooh! You’re as skilled with your breasts as you are your lips,” Hector told her.

“And I gladly reserve the best of that skill for you,” Anna said proudly.

“Do your clients know that?”

“They don’t. And they never will!”

She went back to sucking him off, but kept using her breasts to supplement her efforts. It kept her lover from asking any further questions. He just leaned back further on his seat, enjoying the hot feeling that followed. It was so hot that he began unbuttoning his shirt. The club was always a bit muggy at this hour. But Anna didn’t mind. Seeing her lover’s chiseled upper body just got her even more excited.

But that excitement quickly manifested in more arousal between her legs. Lovers or not, the taste of his manly flesh stirred in Anna a more basic desire. As much as she loved this man, she hadn’t forgotten how much she enjoyed sex. Even after a night of dancing naked in front of a bunch of horny strangers, she still got wet with this man. That was just another way she knew he was special.

After giving his manhood one final lick, she looked up him with longing eyes.

“Hector…I’m ready for you,” Anna told him.

Hector didn’t say a word. He had never been big on words. Being a bouncer and a former soldier, he let his actions do most of the talking. And this was no exception.

Like a man on a mission, he guided her back to her feet. Then, he took her in his powerful arms once more, laid her down atop the oversized seat, and reached for her G-string. Anna eagerly lifted her hips, allowing him to get it off with ease. She even kicked off her heels. If she was going to make love to this man, she had to shed every trace of her stripper persona.

This was an act between Annabelle Aspen and Hector Glassman, not Carlie Minx and Heck.

“Please…take me,” Anna beckoned.

Again, Hector responded with actions rather than words. Once her panties and heels were discarded, he did the same with his pants. He then got on top of her, his imposing manly form completely subsuming her entire world. But Anna welcomed it, eagerly spreading her legs and wrapping them around her waist. She then grasped onto his shoulder, their eyes locked as their bodies aligned themselves for the coming act.

The moment finally came. Her powerful lover moved his lower body forward, entering her moist folds with his rigid member. That sweet feeling of hard penetration followed.

“Ohhh Hector!” Anna exclaimed.

“Anna…” was all he said.

Hearing him say her name still made her heart skip a beat. It was so fitting. Everyone else in the club knew her as Carlie. And whenever she was with a client, he yelled that name, whether she was getting him off or just giving him a lap dance. It never had the same effect as this, hearing her lover say her real name during sex.

Not much else was said as their lovemaking commenced. Hector kept it simple, working his hips and grinding his upper body against hers in a succession of hard, yet loving thrusts. It was simple missionary style sex, a far cry from the various kinky acts Anna had shared with past clients and partners. But there was something oddly fulfilling about making love in a way so simple and direct.

As their naked bodies undulated to the rhythm of their sex, Hector leaned his forehead against hers, their eyes locked as their gasped and grunted to every impassioned exertion.

That was something else distinct to making love to Hector. She never closed her eyes, as she often did with other clients and partners. She didn’t have to imagine that she was having sex with a better, more attractive man. She was already with that man. That made every blissful sensations more rewarding.

“Yes!” Anna gasped. “Take me…love me…hold me.”

Her soft words prompted Hector to step up his efforts. He shifted his grip to her thighs, parted her legs further, and intensified the pace of their sex. Anna moaned joyously, digging her nails into his shoulders and writhing under him as his pelvis smacked against her in conjunction with each motion. He further supplemented each movement by leaning in, kissing down her neck, and nibbling in that area just below her earlobe.

He knew that drove her wild.

He knew that made her squeal with delight.

He also knew that hastened her journey towards orgasmic bliss.

That was what a good lover did. They knew their partner’s body and made use of that knowledge at every turn. No matter how promiscuous or experienced one lover might have been, that intimate approach was the difference between a casual romp and full-blown lovemaking.

“Ooh Hector! Just like that! Just like that!” Anna exclaimed.

“Anna…I love making you moan,” Hector said right into her ear.

“Mmm…and I love rewarding you!”

Never one to have her lover do all the work, Anna made use of her intimate knowledge. She dug the balls of her feet into his lower back each time he thrust into her. She knew how much he loved that. She also trailed her fingers down his back muscles, tracing a special path that always evoked an extra grunt of approval.

Encouraged and impassioned, she and Hector grew more playful with their lovemaking. They didn’t just stay in one position. As much fun as basic missionary was, they still mixed things up. At one point, he held her up in his powerful arms and bounced her up and down his cock, really penetrating deep into her vagina depths. That was fun, as well as a nice show of strength.

At another, she sat him down again and straddled his lap while riding him hard, showing that she too had strong lower body strength. Hector certainly appreciated. It also allowed him to fondle her bouncing breasts as she worked her hips.

The booth might have been confined, but they made the most of it. And with no songs playing and no time to keep track of, she and Hector could draw out their lovemaking as long as they desired. There was no urgency or limitation. They didn’t go too hard or fast, feeling like they had to get off after a certain amount of time. They just went at it in whatever position they fancied, guiding one another towards that special ecstasy that they had come to cherish.

Losing track of time was the best part of their lovemaking. But even with their fit bodies, their stamina was limited. Eventually, she and Hector had one another on the brink. She was clinging to his neck while he was squeezing her butt, grunting harder as their hips gyrated together in a final push. She could see in his sweat-covered face that he was close. And she could feel within her core a special pleasure brewing.

“I’m close, Anna!” Hector said. “I’m real…real close!”

“Me too, love!” Anna exclaimed. “I’m so close! I’m gonna come! I…oohhhh God!”

Her words were cut off by the sweet songs of ecstasy, both hers and Hector’s. She couldn’t tell if their orgasms hit simultaneously. But that didn’t matter. It was more than close enough to complement their love.

Anna felt it hit hard, washing over her like a surge of warmth. She curled her toes and squeezed her lover’s wrists with hers, her lower body tensing in conjunction with the hard contractions of her inner muscles. It hit Hector just as hard. She could see it as his expression went from strain to satisfaction, his grip on her holding firm as his cock throbbed inside her tight folds.

Together, they savored the euphoric rush as their hot fluids mixed within her, the pure manifestation of their sex converging inside her. Anna had always loved that feeling. She’d only dared have unprotected sex with a handful of men. Hector was one of the few who knew that special feeling with her. And he cherished it just as much as she cherished her.

“I love you, Anna,” he said to her, breathless and dazed.

“I love you too, Hector,” she told him, “my wonderful bouncer boyfriend.”

He cast her another loving grin, even as the orgasmic rush lingered between them. Anna drew him into another kiss. Hector eagerly met her gesture, their lips touching with that special tenderness that went beyond the sex.

Together, they lingered in their affectionate entwinement. As a welcome afterglow came over them, they settled into a lighter embrace. His flesh withdrew from hers and their lips parted. They soon found themselves just sitting slouched in the booth. Anna remained curled up next to him, resting her head on his shoulder while kept his arm draped around her waist.

A peaceful silence fell between them – a stark contrast from the loud music and cheering that usually dominated the club. It used to bother her, the quiet calm that often came after sex. But with Hector, she’d come to cherish it, as well as appreciate the igorny.

“It’s funny, you know?” Anna mused openly.

“What is?” Hector asked.

“How a girl like me – a self-proclaimed party girl slut, who also strips for a living – can appreciate comfortable silence like this.”

Hector paused for a moment. Then, he snickered and held her closer

“You’re right. That is funny,” he said, “almost as funny as an ex-marine bouncer can appreciate it too.”

“Does that make us weird?” she asked.

“Nah. I think it just means we appreciate balance. Whether you’re a slut, a soldier, or something else entirely…we all need balance in our lives. And if making love in a quiet strip club after hours gives us that…so be it.”

They laughed again and shared another kiss. Eventually, they would have to get dressed and leave the club so that the cleaning staff could take over. In a couple nights, she would be back on stage stripping and dancing. And he would be manning his post, dealing with rowdy customers.

It was a strange, lurid life. But having found love through that life, it was still uniquely satisfying.

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Jack Plays Cyberpunk 2077: Two New Videos!

The following is a couple of videos that I posted to my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. I’m still experimenting with posting captured or streamed video game footage to my channel. While I haven’t figured out the streaming part, I have gotten better at capturing footage on my PS4.

Below are two lengthy clips of me playing through a couple of missions in Cyberpunk 2077. Let me know what you think and how I’ve styled my female V.

This video is of the mission, “With A Little Help From My Friends.”

This video is of the mission, “Queen of the Highway.”

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Sexy Short Story: The Honeymoon Trainer

The following is a sexy short story I wrote after reading a story about honeymoon horror stories. There were plenty of common themes and issues as to what made it horrifying, but a lot of it came down to bad expectations and limited guidance. This story is about someone who’s trying to be proactive. Enjoy!

“Just two months, three weeks, and five more days, my love,” said the sweet, angelic voice of Allie Romana. “That’s how much longer we have to wait.”

“It can’t go by fast enough,” Lance Harrison replied as he embraced his beautiful bride-to-be. “There’s still a lot of work to do, but we’ll get there. This is just part of it.”

“I know. I just wish there was something I could do to make this easier.”

“Trust me. You’re doing plenty, Allie. These are things I have to do if I’m going to be a good husband. You’ve already put your faith in me and a higher power. I want to make good on it.”

Every word Lance said echoed with an honesty that would’ve been alien to the man he was five years ago. It still felt strange, bearing his soul and making himself so vulnerable to another person. That only affirmed how right it was. A loving embrace from his fiancé and a soft kiss on the lips only reinforced it.

Lance clung to her as long as he could, taking in her loving presence even if it meant running late. It was already past six in the middle of the week. Between night classes and his vocational training, every hour counted in his ongoing effort to become a man worthy of Allie Romana’s love. That didn’t stop him from taking a few moments every now and then. It only made him more motivated to become that man.

“I’ll be back late,” he said to her after their lips parted. “Dr. Reyes wants me to put in extra time over the next few weeks. She thinks I’m just about ready to take the final step I need to be your husband.”

“I know therapy is a process, but you’ve come a long way,” Allie said. “She’s been good for you. She’s been good for us. Are you sure you want to do these last round of sessions alone?”

“Believe me, I’m sure,” Lance told her. “I think if I can make it through this, then I can give you the wedding, the honeymoon, and the marriage you deserve.”

“You always make it sound so daunting.”

“Considering the man I was and the man I’m trying to be…it is,” he said, “but that’s exactly why it’s worth doing.”

Lance kissed her again to allay any further doubts. It earned him that wondrous smile that he’d come to love so much. He smiled back at her before finally parting ways and getting into his car, leaving his beautiful fiancé to a night of much-needed rest. Given everything she did, from her job at the local elementary school to the volunteer work she did for her father’s church, Allie had a way of stretching her energy and her love. However, her heart was always in the right place and that was just one of the many reasons he loved her.

“Try and relax,” he told her from the open window of his car. “You’ve earned it. I’m still way behind.”

“I’ll try, darling,” Allie replied, smiling as she waved goodbye. “I love you!”

“I love you too. See you later tonight!”

Armed with his fiancé’s love, Lance drove off into the early evening traffic. His appointment with Dr. Reyes, his therapist of the past three years, awaited him. The fact that he was so eager to navigate rush hour traffic showed just how determined he was to be a good man for Allie. It also reminded him of the kind of man he used to be.

Five years ago, he was the kind of man who was unfit to be in the same zip code as a woman like Allie. He was not a pleasant person to be around. He’d come from an affluent neighborhood and a good family, but made all the wrong decisions growing up. When it came to doing the right thing, he went out of his way to make things harder on himself. He broke every rule he could, rebelled against every authority figure he encountered, and made the worst possible enemies while embracing the worst possible influences.

For a time, Lance Harrison was a lost cause. He’d dropped out of school early, been arrested multiple times, and came dangerously close to losing it all more than once. On top of all that, he’d been his worst possible self around women. It wasn’t just that he’d treated them as disposable sex toys, never bothering to learn their names, let alone fall in love. He’d go out of his way to attract the wrong kind of women for all the wrong reasons.

Then, after an arrest that almost sent him to prison for life, he hit rock bottom. He ended up in a church run by Allie’s father. Shortly after, he met Allie and everything changed. She helped shined a light on the man he was and, in doing so, he realized how much he hated that man. That, and many other moments like it, ensured he would fall hopelessly in love with her. She hadn’t just won his heart. She saved his soul.

As such, Allie deserved the best version of Lance Harrison he could be. He’d already done plenty to become that man, having rebuilt his life and found a promising career as an electrician. However, there was one aspect of his old self that he’d yet to cast aside and that was what led to the latest round of Dr. Reyes’ therapy.

“Two months, three weeks, and five days,” Lance repeated to himself as he neared Dr. Reyes’ office. “That’s how long I have. God, I hope it’s enough.”

He found himself praying, something he’d never done before he met Allie, as he pulled into the small office park nestled behind a strip mall. Most of the time, it was just a fifteen-minute drive from his and Allie’s apartment. In rush hour traffic, it took over twice that.

Lance gladly endured the slow traffic and ill-timed lights, arriving several minutes later than he’d hoped. Knowing Dr. Reyes wouldn’t give him a discount, he moved with greater urgency. Knowing the importance of the type of therapy she offered, he entered her office with more determination than usual.

“Don’t bother signing in, Mr. Harrison,” said Sherry Graves, the receptionist at the front desk. “Dr. Reyes is already back there waiting for you. She had a feeling you’d be late.”

“Thanks for understanding,” Lance said. “Tonight is going to be trickier than most.”

“So I’ve been told,” she said. “Good luck.”

“Believe me. I don’t intend to rely on luck after this.”

That almost sounded arrogant, not unlike the Lance Harrison of five years ago. However, that version of Lance didn’t have a reason for his arrogance. He just lashed out at a world he thought he could bully through on his own. Allie had shown him otherwise, but Dr. Reyes had been teaching him the skills that helped justify his attitude.

After Sherry buzzed him in, Lance made his way down the narrow hall towards the office in which he’d confronted many personal demons. It still gave him mixed emotions, submitting himself to such scrutiny and trusting others to help him become the man he wanted to be. It had not been easy, nor had it been very pleasant. For Allie, it was worth the effort.

However, that part of his therapy had been complete for a while now. The last part that he sought to complete before his wedding remained unfinished, but it involved something more pragmatic than simply transcending the man he’d been.

“I’ve confronted my demons,” Lance said to himself. “Now, I need to prove myself in other ways.”

With confidence and poise, he opened the door to Dr. Reyes’ office and entered the room. There, he discovered that the middle-aged woman who’d helped rebuild his broken soul had been waiting for him. She’d also made some additional preparations.

“You’re late, Mr. Harrison,” Dr. Reyes said to him in that stern, but empathic tone.

“I know. I’m sorry,” he said, already short of breath upon seeing her setup.

“Don’t apologize. Remember what we discussed at our last session. Apologize when you know there’s no further recourse. But when there is…”

“Make promises instead. They’re always more valuable,” Lance said, recalling that mantra from multiple sessions.

Dr. Reyes offered a half-smile of approval. That was usually the most he ever got, in terms of approval. In any other circumstance, it would’ve been a big deal. However, the circumstances for the night’s session were exceedingly different.

For one, Dr. Reyes had altered the furniture of her usually-mundane office. She’d closed the blinds to the windows, changed the lighting of the room to make it dimmer, and created an ambience that felt more like a hotel suite than a doctor’s office. In addition to the setup, the accomplished therapist wasn’t wearing her usual pantsuit and glasses. Instead, she wore only a black silk robe and, near as he could tell, contact lenses that made her eyes appear light blue – the same color as his beloved Allie, no less.

Once the door closed behind him and the automatic lock activated, the ambition of the therapy session kicked in. He’d been expecting it. He’d even been preparing for it. Even so, it still caught him off-guard.

“Mr. Harrison,” Dr. Reyes began as she sat casually in her plush leather chair, “as you know, we’ve made a lot of progress over these past few months. Compared to where you were when you first arrived, I’m genuinely impressed. And believe me, I don’t say those words lightly.”

“No need to protect my ego, Doctor,” Lance told her. “I know where I’ve come up short.”

“You’ve dug deep into your soul. You’ve ripped out the ugliness that made you such a deviant, self-absorbed, self-destructive miscreant. It was painful, but you did it. Now, I can look at you and see a man who’s comfortable in his own skin.”

“But it’s still not enough,” he reminded her.

“I know. That’s why I’m confident that tonight will be a turning point. With your wedding less than three months out, you’ve got precious little time. You seek to be the best possible spouse for Allie, but you never learned how to love unselfishly. That needs to change before you walk down the aisle and this is part of that process.”

The older woman always spoke with such knowledge and certainty. Lance had come to expect that from Dr. Reyes. From the first day he walked into her office, he got the sense that she knew him better than he knew himself. Moreover, she understood who he was trying to be and why it mattered so much to him.

Still standing in front of the closed door, he watched as Dr. Reyes rose up from her plush leather seat and walked towards him. In the process, she undid the sash to her robe and let it fall to the floor, revealing that she had nothing on underneath except white lace panties.

Years ago, the sight of a topless woman – especially one with such a fit, attractive figure like Dr. Reyes – would’ve brought out the selfish brute in him. He would’ve seen such a woman as little more than a pair of tits, a set of legs, and an ass for him to tap. He’d since learned to see women another way, even when they were topless and beautiful.

“I hope you’ve done the homework I gave you after last time,” she told him, standing so close he could feel the heat from her half-naked body. “You’re still such an eager lover, but your knowledge of the female body remains crude. For Allie, a self-professed virgin who values her body as well as her soul, that’s not sufficient.”

“I know,” Lance said while glancing into her eyes rather than her well-rounded breasts.

“We’ve been doing this for weeks. You’ve already come a long way, but tonight has to be the night when it all comes together. Tonight, you will become the husband Allie needs on both her wedding day and the honeymoon.”

“Considering your reputation as the honeymoon trainer, I appreciate your vote of confidence.”

“Don’t mistake confidence for certainty,” she said. “You still need to prove yourself. Look me in the eye, as you would your future wife, and tell me you’re ready.”

The older woman did not make it easy for him. She moved in closer, so much so that her exposed breasts pressed up against his chest. It was more than enough to trigger a primal reaction within his body. In the past, he would’ve followed that reaction in the most selfish manner possible. A big part of his therapy involved following a different path.

It was an unorthodox kind of therapy, but one Lance badly needed. Dr. Reyes had convinced him of that after finding out that Allie was a virgin and had made a big deal about saving herself for marriage. That meant that on the day she accepted his marriage proposal, he signed up to be her first sexual experience – him, Lance Harrison, the same man who once only pursued women who identified as self-loathing sluts.

The prospect of giving Allie the sexual experience she deserved was almost as overwhelming as confronting his many demons. He and Allie had many difficult conversations about it, many of which occurred in Dr. Reyes’ office. Her reputation for helping couples with disparate sexual experience was one of the many reasons they’d borrowed money from relatives to hire her. Now, Lance had to prove that money had been well-spent.

The temptation to lapse into old habits was there. Dr. Reyes even goaded him, snaking her arms around his neck and urging him with his eyes to succumb to old lusts. It would’ve been easy. It probably would’ve felt good too. However, that wasn’t in line with the man he wanted to be. Allie deserved better and he let the attractive female doctor know.

“I’m ready,” Lance finally told her, his voice leaving no room for doubt.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Dr. Reyes said with another half-smile of approval. “Then, let’s begin the session. Take off your clothes.”

He used to hesitate when she said those words. There was even a time when he didn’t hesitate enough to get naked in front of an attractive woman. Lance had since learned that there was a right way and a wrong way to expose himself to a willing female.

With the tact and respect he’d learned from previous sessions, he disrobed before the skilled doctor. He shed his coat, shirt, pants, and shoes in short order. He made it a point to remove his underwear last, if only to show that the sight of a half-naked woman still aroused him as it once did. It was just a matter of channeling that arousal in more intimate ways.

“You’ve been working out,” Dr. Reyes said, those analytical eyes of hers scanning his naked body. “It shows more and more with each session.”

“Thank you. I’m hoping to be in peak condition for the wedding, as well as the honeymoon,” said Lance, not hiding any part of his naked figure from the older woman.

“Being physically capable is a good start. Being appropriately skilled, however, takes a different kind of conditioning. Follow me.”

She took his hand and led him to the plush couch he usually sat at during their sessions. Lance followed her willingly, leaving his clothes in a wrinkled pile on the floor. Her commanding presence, combined with her voluptuous figure, made her easy follow. She made it even easier by sensually swaying her hips, showing off that heart-shaped buttocks that those lace panties barely contained.

“I know what you’re doing,” Lance said under his breath. “My conditioning has gotten better.”

“I heard that,” Dr. Reyes said, “and parts of your body disagree.”

He didn’t deny it. He couldn’t exactly hide that he was aroused. His semi-erect penis was proof enough of that. Part of that was having such a clear view of Dr. Reyes’ voluptuous body. Another part was the fact that he hadn’t had sex outside a therapeutic session in a long time. It wasn’t uncommon for him to have intense, unmet desires that he once never hesitated to pursue. Allie helped change that, but Dr. Reyes helped refocus it.

By the time they arrived at the couch, his dick was already aching for some intimate touching. Then, Dr. Reyes turned around, let go of his hand, and sat down on the couch in an intimate poise, presenting her legs in a sensual manner. Lance had seen a similar act of seduction in strippers and prostitutes, but Dr. Reyes did it in a way that conveyed higher stakes. It was more than enough to evoke an even greater desire.

“You’re already aroused,” she pointed out, her gaze narrowing on his erection. “In this context, that’s a good thing.”

“You mean it’s not a lingering byproduct of my whore-loving past?” Lance said half-jokingly.

“If it were, you would’ve done more than just follow me and stare at my ass,” the older woman said. “That’s a positive sign that your sexual awareness is more in line with her personal awareness.”

“Positive…right,” he said, still wishing that his penis wasn’t so overexcited.

“That’s also why I set up my office like this. The dim lighting, the shaded windows, and the intimate setting is meant to create an atmosphere similar to a couple’s honeymoon. This isn’t you bending over some slut in the back of a bowling alley. This is you sharing an intimate, passionate moment with your wife.”

“You’re never going to let that incident at the bowling alley go, are you?”

“You haven’t let it go because it’s still symbolic of how you’ve approached intimacy for much of your life. Before Allie, it was always an act of selfishness…a reckless pursuit of your personal satisfaction. Your partner’s pleasure, if it even mattered at all to you, was never more than an afterthought.”

Lance didn’t bother contesting her assessment. She’d listened to enough of his stories of selfish decadence to surmise how he’d approached intimacy. He refused to use that same approach with Allie. She deserved so much more, both as his future wife and as a virgin experiencing such intimacy for the first time.

“Now, I’ve been working hard, employing my time-tested therapeutic approach, to get you to embrace that moment,” Dr. Reyes continued. “If ever there was a time to prove yourself before your wedding, this is it.”

She made the stakes sound so high. Given the extent of her unique brand of therapy, it probably was. His overeager libido aside, Lance felt the weight of the situation. He had to unlearn a lot of deviant attitudes since falling in love with Allie. Whether or not he’d unlearned those involving intimate relations between lovers remained to be seen. Now, Dr. Reyes was poised to test him.

Lying back further, the middle-aged woman rested her arms on the top of the couch and let her legs drape casually over the cushion. Lance even sensed some arousal in her, but refused to assume anything at that point.

“Go on. Take my panties off,” Dr. Reyes told him. “Prove that you can remain focused in the presence of a naked woman you clearly want to fuck.”

“You make it sound like I haven’t shown that multiple times to date,” he told her.

“You’ve shown it to me. Prove to yourself that it’s not just you going through the motions.”

Again, she made it seem daunting. She also revealed that she’d noticed how flawed he’d been in previous sessions when they explored intimacy. Before, just stripping her down to her bra and panties was enough to awaken the immature pussy hound from the past. He’d gotten better, but only to the extent that he hid it better.

Being the expert, Dr. Reyes could see through it. Lance had learned that more than once. He had to prove that he could approach a naked woman in the right way for the right reasons.

“Okay,” he said, maintaining his poise. “Lift up your hips, ma’am.”

“As you wish,” she replied, her voice taking on a more seductive tone.

In another life, he’d have ripped off her panties and started groping her breasts already. That was what the selfish, lust-driven man he’d been wanted. However, that wasn’t what his lover wanted. He couldn’t use that approach with Allie, nor could he use it with Dr. Reyes. She still cast him that seductive gaze, daring him to give into those lurid inclinations. He continued to resist.

She continued tempting him. Lance still didn’t let it overwhelm him. With focused determination, he dropped to the floor, got on his knees, and approached the beautiful older woman with more tact than he never could’ve managed five years ago. Then, with gentle care and tender affection, he trailed his hands up Dr. Reyes’ shapely legs, highlighting every inch of exposed skin until he reached her panties.

“Your legs are beautiful,” Lance told her, his growing desire creeping into his tone.

“That’s a thoughtful assessment,” Dr. Reyes said, “much more so than saying I have the thighs of a high-priced Brazilian hooker.”

Lance would’ve laughed had that not been an exact quote he’d used the first time they tried such an exercise. He maintained a straight face and a level head as he slid Dr. Reyes’ panties down her legs. Again, he highlighted every inch of exposed flesh, even using his lips to kiss along the feminine contours.

“You’re also using your lips for something other than crude remarks,” she told him. “That’s promising.”

He kept his focus, even as he tossed the panties aside and got a perfect view of a fully-naked Dr. Reyes. Even by the standards a more respectful Lance Harrison, she was a beautiful woman. In his youth, he would’ve described her as porn star material with a touch of sexy librarian. He actively avoided labeling her beauty. In his mind, she was just a beautiful naked woman offering herself to him.

“You’re doing well, Mr. Harrison,” Dr. Reyes told him. “We’re naked. We’re in an intimate, private setting. You have a chance to please yourself and your lover. Now, we both know you can please yourself. You’ve done in various ways, some healthier than others.”

“And I’ve grown fond of the healthier ways, believe it or not,” Lance told her, still on his knees and looking up at her naked form.

“I believe you,” she said. “However, wanting to please your partner is not the same as actually pleasing them. Too many patients from far lesser therapists think that’s the only requirement. It’s not. That’s why I had you study female anatomy, oral sex techniques, and subtle body cues. Now, here’s you’re chance to make use of it.”

Showing some determination of her own, Dr. Reyes spread her legs nice and wide, creating a clear path to her inner thighs. Lance now had an up-close view of her feminine anatomy. Details and features he’d never bothered to learn in high school health class were there for him to see.

The first time he’d seen female genitalia so closely had been awkward. He’d even been hesitant at one point to scrutinize it because the particulars didn’t matter. If he wanted to please his future wife, though, it had to matter and Dr. Reyes knew that.

“Go on. Perform oral sex on me,” the older woman said to him. “Bring me to orgasm. If you succeed this time, I promise you’ll leave this office both satisfied and ready.”

“That’s a bold claim, doctor,” Lance said, not turning from the intimate task before him.

“It’s not a claim. It’s a certainty…one you can embrace if you’re willing to focus your passions.”

That might have been the most encouraging thing Dr. Reyes had ever said to him, with or without her clothes on. Whether it was just her giving him an added push was beside the point. She believed he could prioritize satisfy a woman before satisfying himself. He wasn’t about to betray undercut that believe.

Licking his lips in anticipation, finally allowing some of that simmering lust to surface, Lance leaned in between the older woman’s legs, grabbing hold of her thighs in the process to hold them apart. He could already feel the heat radiating from her pussy, the intense odor triggering more primal reactions. However, for once such reactions would bring out the better man in him.

“Lie back and relax, ma’am,” he said in as mannerly a way as anyone could in his position. “I’m going to make you feel great.”

“Prove it,” Dr. Reyes said intently. “Prove it to me and yourself!”

There wasn’t a second more of hesitation. Lance took the intimate plunge, burying his face in Dr. Reyes’ intimate flesh. There was no aversion or awkwardness. He went about tasting, teasing, and pleasing her with a level of care that would’ve shocked his older self.

All that studying of the female body and what gave it pleasure began paying off. Using his tongue and lips, he skillfully stimulated those sensitive areas with the utmost care. He was gentle at first, getting a feel for how Dr. Reyes enjoyed being pleasured. He knew she wouldn’t make it easy for him. He knew it wouldn’t be easy with Allie either, given her inexperience. That meant he had to go the extra mile, sensing his partner’s reaction and noting the things that really got her aroused.

It took a bit of exploration. Dr. Reyes tempered her reaction at first, only offering some light gasps and moans to guide him. For all he knew, she held back in order to make him work harder to please her. He must have exceeded her expectations because after finding some extra-sensitive spots inside her depths, she began reacting more strongly.

“Mmm…you’ve been studying hard,” she said through her moans. “You’re finding…what I like. You’re listening…to my body. You’re making me…want you.”

Lance had never heard the usually-stoic woman stammer with her words. He found that uniquely rewarding. He dared to get a little playful, licking and tasting her pussy with more energy. More reactions followed, so much so that she arched her lower back and began fondling her breasts. Sensing he was on the right path, he released his grip on her thighs and began using his fingers to stimulate her clit.

“Yes! That’s it!” Dr. Reyes gasped. “Touch me…right there. The female body…has its soft spots. Know them. Learn them. Even a virgin…especially a virgin…will appreciate them.”

That encouraged Lance even more. He already found himself entertaining thoughts of making Allie moan with such pleasure. He wanted to make her their sex the best it could possibly be. However, before he could make that a priority, he had to finish the task before him.

Not letting up in the slightest, Lance continued tasting, fingering, and teasing the older woman’s sex. She couldn’t hide her arousal at that point. She was so wet and engorged, her body contorting more intensely at every turn. She was getting close. He was certain of that. Even as someone who once never cared whether his lover achieved orgasm, he knew the signs. It was going to happen and it would be by his efforts.

“Oohhh yes!” Dr. Reyes cried out. “I’m going to…have an…orgasm…now!”

Even as her blissful words echoed throughout her office, Lance didn’t let up. He kept up his oral teasing until he felt her body shudder under the weight of her release. When it happened, she grabbed onto his hair, pulling it harder than he’d expected, and threw her head back in a fit of ecstasy.

Her joyous moans were beautiful. He’d heard women moan during sex acts before, but never like that. The idea that he could make someone feel so good without trying to please himself in the process gave him a unique satisfaction that he couldn’t have appreciated before he met Allie. Looking up at Dr. Reyes, seeing her expression contort with such joy, brought a smile to his face, even as parts of it dripped with her feminine juices.

“Well, did you enjoy that?” Lance asked coyly.

“I’ll let…my body language…answer that question,” Dr. Reyes replied, still catching her breath.

“In other words, yes,” he surmised.

“Yes, indeed,” she affirmed. “You’ve learned well, Mr. Harrison. Allie is going to be a very…very happy woman. That, I am sure of.”

“Does this mean this therapy is complete? Am I ready for to marry the woman I love and give her the honeymoon she deserves?”

“Therapy is often a process,” she said as she let out a content sigh, “but in terms of your wedding and your honeymoon…yes, I’d say you’re ready!”

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Jack Plays Cyberpunk 2077: Riders On The Storm

The following is a video from my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. This video is footage of me playing Cyberpunk 2077. It took me a while to level up my version of V. Now, I’m starting to do major missions. In this footage, I make my way through the Rides On The Storm side mission. Enjoy!

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Sexy Short Story: Morning Coffee

The following is a sexy short story I wrote while enjoying my morning coffee. When you read it, you’ll understand why. Please leave a comment below and check out my other sexy short stories when you get a chance. Enjoy!

The smell hit him the second he emerged from his deep slumber. His alarm hadn’t even gone off, but Jayden Axel that didn’t matter at this point. He knew as soon as he smelled the distinct sent of coffee brewing, it was time to wake up, even if he didn’t want to.

“Ugh…too early,” he groaned to himself.

Not long ago, Jayden would’ve rolled over and gone back to sleep. For most of his life, he had never been a morning person. Going all the way back to grade school, he resisted getting out of bed. That made him habitually late for a lot of things. At one point, he almost got suspended for missing the bus too many times.

It only got worse as an adult. His work as a nightclub manager made him a hardened night owl. For a good chunk of his twenties, he slept all day and worked all night. It was hardly normal, let alone healthy. But he didn’t mind. And he would’ve continued that life had he not gotten another job with a major entertainment company. Even after that, he resisted morning activities to the utmost.

That finally changed when he met Brenda, the women who eventually became his wife. Just thinking about her and realizing she was no longer in bed with him was enough to keep Jayden from resisting.

“The things I do for love,” he muttered.

As he slipped out of bed and stretched his limbs, he let out a sigh of defeat. Jayden still couldn’t believe how, of all the beautiful women he’d encountered over the years, he fell in love with one that happened to be a morning person. It didn’t seem right or fair. But a brief glance at his wedding ring reminded him that it happened. He married a woman whose internal clock was the exact opposite of his.

Jayden would’ve laughed to himself if he weren’t so groggy. Pushing back the covers, he dragged himself out of the bed and into the kitchen where his beautiful wife awaited. He didn’t bother with pants or a robe, opting to remain in his boxers. Most of his good clothes had already been packed in the various boxes that lined much of their apartment. Today was the day they were set to move out from this cramped place and into their new house.

It was supposed to be exciting, moving into a bigger, better home. He and Brenda had been working for this since they got married. Jayden wanted to be excited. He just couldn’t muster up the energy.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Brenda greeted him, her voice too chipper for this hour. “You’re looking rested.”

“Don’t start. It’s too early for sarcasm,” Jayden groaned as he made his way to the kitchen.

“Sorry. I was just trying to sound optimistic,” she said with a shrug.

“Is that why you brew an extra large pot of coffee? Thinking it’ll make just as upbeat?”

“I’m optimistic. Not delusional,” she quipped. “I just knew the smell would help. It’s one of the only things that gets you going this early.”

“And you just love using that against me, don’t you?” he said.

“If it works, it works.”

Jayden shook his head and yawned as grabbed his largest mug from the cabinet. Brenda already had her coffee in hand, sipping away as though she needed an extra boost. He still didn’t understand how she could be so energetic in the morning. She was an outgoing person, by nature. But how she managed to carry that energy so effortlessly out of bed every morning still baffled him.

Jayden didn’t bother making sense of it. He just poured half the pot into his mug and started drinking, not even bothering with cream or sugar this time. He needed the caffeine in his system and he needed it five minutes ago. The sun was barley up and he was not at all used to routine. He knew he had to adjust eventually. The nature of his job required it, more so than his overly chipper wife. It just wasn’t coming as easily as he hoped.

“Today is a big day. We’ll need our energy,” Brenda said in between sips. “The movers say they’ll be here and noon. And we need to finish all the heavy lifting by ten.”

“Ten…sure,” Jayden said, still half-aware.

“Maybe I’ll wear my bikini through the whole process, as well. Maybe that could get the movers to work faster.”

“Bikini…right,” he said, having barely heard.

Brenda shook her head and gave him a playful swat. He knew she had been half-joking. But the coffee still hadn’t kicked in. That was never an excuse for her. Bemused and a little concerned, she set her mug aside and slipped in closer.

“Hey, come on, babe. I’m trying to help you here,” she said. “Morning coffee can only do so much.”

“Tell me about it,” Jayden said as he drank more.

“I get it. You’re not a morning person. You never have been. But you’re trying to change that.”

“Trying to is one thing. Having to is another,” he sighed. “This new job is so demanding. But it’s the only way we were able to pay for our new house…and for the lives we’re trying to build.”

“You can’t just look at it like that. Jobs and obligations suck, but we do them anyway. I had to do the same at the last ad agency I worked at. But it was only temporary.”

“And how is this any different?” he asked. “Given time, maybe they’ll let me take over some night operations. I’d be better at that.”

“You can’t plan your career or your life around maybes. That’s just setting yourself up for frustration when things don’t go your way. Sometimes, you have to do these things not because you have to…but because they’ll make you stronger in the long run.”

She leaned back on the kitchen counter, narrowing her gaze on him in a way that forced him to be more alert. Brenda never gave him that look unless she had a serious point to make. And those points usually had merit, even if Jayden didn’t always get the logic.

“You do your best work at night. That’s beyond dispute,” she continued. “I’ve seen it. We met at a nightclub, after all.”

“I know. I haven’t forgotten that…or how we ended up in your bedroom later on,” Jayden said, managing a half-smile.

“But you have so much more to offer. And you can’t always wait until the sun goes down to do that. I believe you’ll surprise yourself with how good you can be in the morning if you put in the effort. Even if you don’t share that belief, I’m going to encourage you as best I can.”

Her kind, loving words had an effect on him. Jayden wanted to believe the morning coffee was part of it. But his wife’s encouragement tended to be more potent.

He still couldn’t believe how lucky he’d gotten, finding a woman like her. She’d helped him see the world with clearer eyes. She also pushed him in all the right ways, becoming a better man for her and everyone else in their lives. He should’ve kicked himself for being so short-sighted, seeing his need to adapt as an obligation rather than a challenge. But Brenda kept him from being too self-deprecating.

“Just something for you to think about while you wake yourself up,” she added with a grin before turning towards the sink.

He smiled back, raising his mug while she cleaned some of the dishes they’d left from dinner the previous night. Already, Jayden felt more alert and energized. The coffee was doing its job, but Brenda did so much more. It almost seemed unfair, her putting up with him and his morning habits.

Then, as he drank more of his coffee and gazed at his wife’s butt from behind, a different kind of alertness took over. Suddenly, Jayden had an idea for showing his appreciation, as well as testing his new approach to mornings.

“Actually,” he said as he approached her from behind, “I prefer to do more than think. If I’m really going to be a morning person from now on, then I might need something more than my morning coffee.”

Slowly and lovingly, Jayden reached around his love’s waist and softly kissed along her neck. Brenda smiled and moaned softly, her hands still holding onto the counter while the fresh coffee simmered in the pot. Between that rich smell and that of her flesh, he was already more alert. Brenda quickly caught up, turning her head and capturing his lips in a soft kiss. Her sweet breath mixed with the taste of coffee, creating the perfect blend between them.

“Mmm…I’m feeling much more awake,” Jayden gasped.

“Speak for yourself,” Brenda quipped.

They shared a laugh as the kiss deepened. Before long, their gestures depend as well. Jayden savored the taste of his love, their lips meshing and their tongues twirling. Hands started to roam with Jayden setting the tone, feeling up her shapely thighs before slipping his hands under her thin nighty. Brenda’s skin felt so smooth, even in the early morning hours. And as he savored her touch, he ruffled her sleeping attire.

That was all the incentive she needed to shed the undersized garment. Jayden was so captivated by her kiss that he barely noticed her slid the straps off her shoulder, allowing it to fall halfway down her body, thereby exposing her ample breasts to the early morning sun. Any straight man with half a heartbeat would’ve been fully awake at that point.

“Don’t need this anymore,” Brenda teased.

Knowing it would rouse him even more, she let go of the counter and turned around. She was still within his arms. Except now, Jayden had a nice view of her breasts. He shot her a beaming smile, thanking whatever higher power there was to have a lover who could be this sexy so early in the morning. Brenda just smiled back, adding in a seductive glint as she let the nighty fall to her ankles, leaving her in nothing but a pair of panties.

“Has the coffee kicked in yet?” she asked him.

“Yeah…it’s getting there,” Jayden replied.

“You sure about that?”

“Are you doubting my prowess this early in the morning?” he joked.

“Not at all, hon. But it never hurts to be certain!”

She sounded way so chipper. But for once, Jayden didn’t mind in the slightest. He minded even less when Brenda kissed him again, this time with more focused passion. He returned that passion with more targeted touching, this time paying close attention to her breasts and hips. She knew how to tempt him, but he knew how to return the favor. He recalled just how to touch her to get her aroused. That helped make their honeymoon so active. It helped just as much this morning.

As Brenda reacted to his touch, she let out those soft, sensual purrs that he loved so much. Along with those purrs, she playfully rubbed her thigh against his groin. Having only worn a pair of boxers to bed, she had to know that would get his blood flowing in just the right way. That, along with the simple effects of good coffee, left his body feeling hot and excited. His morning wood returned with a vengeance, becoming so erect that his boxers could barely contain it.

Jayden hadn’t planned on making love to his wife this morning. He doubted that Brenda had planned it. If she had, then she would’ve worn less clothing to begin with. It didn’t matter now. Whether it was the coffee or just overexcitement, they were doing this. They were making love this morning.

Jayden, never one to skip the necessary steps, briefly broke the kiss and whispered into his love’s ear.

“Get up on the table,” he said in a low, husky tone.

That got Brenda even more excited. She always loved it when he was extra manly in his tone. She was downright giddy when she hopped up onto the counter, the half-full coffee pot nearby with their mugs still within reach. That helped the aroma linger as Jayden made his next move.

“Just lean back,” he told her. “I have another wake-up call for you.”

“You think I need one?” Brenda quipped.

“Well…parts of you might.”

She laughed playfully as she watched him do what needed to be done, entrusting him once more with her body, as well as her love. Jayden made good on that trust, grasping the sides of her panties with both hands and skillfully sliding them down her legs. Now fully naked, sitting comfortably on the kitchen counter, the love of his life gazed back at him with alluring affection.

In the early morning sun, it was tempting to just admire such a sight. But Jayden didn’t dare lose focus. It might have been another sign that he was becoming a morning person. Like a man on a mission, he turned his attention to her inner thighs. Dropping down to his knees, he pushed her legs apart and buried his face in her pussy.

As great as that first sip of coffee tasted, the taste of his lover’s sex was every bit as intoxicating. Once his lips made contact with her tender flesh, Jayden went to work, lapping and gorging on her womanhood as only he could.

“Oohhh Jayden!” Brenda purred. “You know just rouse a girl’s spirits!”

He kept at it, evoking more purrs and moans along the way. Looking up from between her thighs, he watched Brenda lean back further on her arms, her grin widening as he stimulated all the right areas within her. He knew those spots well. And he attacked them with his lips and tongue, getting her every bit as aroused as him.

Jayden would’ve loved nothing more than to get his love off. It would’ve been a great way to cap off this impromptu morning sex. But he had burning desires of his own. By now, his boxers had become too great a burden. His morning wood beckoned for his love’s intimate warmth. In listening to his desires, as well as Brenda’s heated moans, he slipped out of the boxers and stood up.

His love quickly took note of his arousal. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t have to. She just cast him an intense glance, urging him with just her eyes to make love to her on the spot. Jayden did so with an energy he once thought impossible before eight in the morning.

“Brenda…” was all he said, the intensity of his tone conveying all the necessary emotion in that moment.

It got the point across. Jayden then got in position, holding her legs apart while she grasped his shoulders. Like a reflex, their bodies aligned themselves with one another. Finally, with his feet planted firmly and her hips arching at just the right angle, he thrust forward and entered her.

Together, they let out a sharp gasp. The hot, smooth union of their flesh consumed them. No matter the time of day, or how little a morning person he might have been, it was an incredible feeling. As he and Brenda took in moment, more reflexes took hold. Jayden began moving his hips, working his naked body in conjunction with hers. That sweet, sensual dance they knew so well played out amidst the sweet smell of morning coffee and the beaming light of the sunrise.

Jayden kept it slow and steady at first, allowing Brenda’s body to adjust to his. Once they settled in, her inner depths embracing his hardened flesh to the utmost, he picked up the pace. Faster and faster, he delivered more thrusts. More gasps followed, along with heavy petting and targeted gestures of affection.

Brenda raked her fingers down his shoulders and arms, lightly biting on his lower lip as he intensified the pace. Jayden tightened his hold on her thighs, rocking his lover’s body with each impassioned movement. With every loving touch and sensual sensation, he brought her closer to her peak. He was close too. But lovemaking like this, especially in the early morning hours, was best shared.

“Oh! Oh! Oohhh I’m close!” Brenda exclaimed. “I’m so…so close!”

“Mmm…me too,” Jayden said, whispering into her ear in a deep, masculine voice.

That helped send her over the edge. He could already see it in her expression. Brenda had a very distinct O-Face. It was not easily faked or mimicked. And he never tired of watching it manifest before his eyes.

After a few more steady thrusts, it happened. His love climaxed. Arching her back and closing her eyes, she clenched the back of the counter for dear life. She then let out a euphoric cry to the heavens, her toes curling and her lower body tensing as the blissful feeling washed over her. Jayden’s peak followed soon after.

His was nowhere near as theatric. But between the stunning visuals and the hot, throbbing feeling around his manhood, he could no longer hold back. Still clinging to his lover, Jayden let go and savored the feeling that followed. He let out a deep, pleasured grunt as his fluids mixed with hers within their fleshly entwinement. Hot sensations followed, flooding his body and mind with the sweet fruits of their lovemaking.

Beyond just waking him up better than any cup of coffee, it reminded Jayden why his love was worth waking up for.

“God, I love you,” he said to her as their flesh parted. “No matter the time of day…I love you, Brenda.”

“I love you too, Jay,” she told him. “I know it’s challenging for you…adjusting like this. Don’t think for a second your efforts go unnoticed.”

“You make everything worth it. Between your support and your incentives for getting a guy out of bed this early…it’s so incredibly worth it.”

She cast him another beaming smile. They then shared another loving kiss to cap off their morning lovemaking. Now flushed with energy, Jayden helped his love off the counter. Neither one of them bothered putting their clothes back on. They could remain crumpled up on the kitchen floor for the rest of the day for all he cared.

Brenda kept smiling as she retrieved their coffee mugs and finished up what remained of their morning brew. Jayden did the same, not that he needed it at this point.

“So…need more coffee before we get going?” Brenda asked curtly.

Jayden laughed and shook his head.

“Nah, I think I’ve had more than my share. But I wouldn’t mind a quick shower.”

“Well, we’re already naked,” she pointed out. “Want some company?” “Wouldn’t have it any other way!”

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