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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Cherry Blossoms Edition

Spring is upon us and, even with a pandemic still raging, it brings welcome relief. For me, that sentiment is mixed. I certainly embrace warmer weather, as well as less precipitation that requires shoveling. I just don’t enjoy the allergy onslaught that comes with it. It’s why I don’t need a calendar to know it’s spring. My allergies do plenty to let me know.

It’s why I have a hard time enjoying the simple spectacle of blooming flowers. While most see their emerging presence as a thing of beauty, I see them as a potential precursor to more sinus congestion. I still make an effort to admire them, but that admiration has to be tempered.

However, I do make an exception for certain flowers. Cherry blossoms are at the top of that list. Some of that is due to where I live. I’m less than an hour away from Washington DC, which is known for beautiful cherry blossoms, as well as corrupt politicians. If you can ignore the politics, though, the cherry blossoms are a sight to behold.

They also hold a personal value to me. Years ago, my now ex-girlfriend came for a visit from college during Spring Break. As part of a day out, we traveled to DC where we got to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. It was beautiful, as well as romantic. She certainly appreciated the spectacle and so did I. Even my allergies couldn’t stop me from enjoying it.

It was a great moment for us both. I bet if I asked her now, she would agree that was one of the best memories we shared together during our relationship. Even if you don’t live near DC, cherry blossoms are a beautiful manifestation of the best parts of spring. Their vibrant colors offer both a sign of the seasons and a uniquely romantic ambience.

As the weather gets warmer, more opportunities like that will emerge. If you’re with someone special, it’s a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the spirit of spring. Here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to further liven your spirits. Enjoy!

“If every cop was also a stripper, then getting pulled over would be a lot less stressful.”

“At some point in your life, there’s a good chance you’ve called or texted someone while they were masturbating.”

“Only those who sell sex toys can claim they’re selling happiness.”

“When you’re really prude, everything seems kinky. But if everything is kinky, then can anyone really be a pervert?”

“A major part of loving someone is trusting them to be alone and horny for extended periods.”

“Horny men are more likely to challenges whereas horny women are more likely to have options.”

“It’s difficult to have a successful relationship without an orgasm quota.”

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Update On New PC And New Video Editing Software (Courtesy Of My Stimulus Check)

A while back, I talked about what I planned to do with my next (and probably last) stimulus check. I recounted how my previous stimulus checks went primarily to paying down some credit card debt and completing some overdue repairs on my car. This time, I wanted to use my stimulus money on something bigger and bolder.

That’s why I decided to put it towards a new PC. I’d been using the same computer for over five years and it was starting to show its age. It was very slow booting up and started crashing constantly in frustrating ways. The time was right for an upgrade.

Well, I can now confirm that this plan I laid out is complete. This piece that you’re reading right now was written on my new PC and, without getting too deep into the specs or cost, I can already confirm that this was a great use of that stimulus money. It might end up being the best way I could’ve sent it.

That’s because, traditionally, when I buy a new PC, I don’t get the most expensive model. I tend to get something that’s relatively modest or mid-tier. I don’t think I’ve spent more than $1,000 on a PC or laptop in my life.

That changed with this PC. I won’t give an exact price, but I won’t say I bought the most expensive model either. I’ll just say I spent more than $1,000 on this machine and that old adage of you get what you pay for has never been more true.

The speed and efficiency of this new computer astounds me. I was genuinely surprised at how quickly it booted itself up and updated itself. Even though it still took a while to transfer all my files and programs to it, the speed difference is night and day compared to my old PC.

Some of that is just because of better hardware, but I suspect most of it is due to this computer having a solid-state hard drive instead of a traditional disk drive. For those not savvy on computer hardware, solid-state drives are the same drives you have in most tablets and smartphones. They have no moving parts and are much faster, but tend to have less space.

It’s a bit of a trade-off, but one I make gladly. In addition to being fast, this machine is almost eerily quiet. With my old machine, I could hear it humming from across the room. This one is so quiet that I’m not sure it’s even on when it’s in sleep mode. It’s that quiet. Based on what I’ve see so far, I don’t think I can ever go back to a traditional hard disk.

However, I didn’t just stop at getting a new PC. While I spent most of my stimulus check on the main unit, I used what was left to purchase something that I hope will be equally valuable. It involves new video editing software.

If you’ve been following my YouTube channel, Jack’s World, you’re probably aware that the quality is a bit limited. That’s mostly a byproduct of me being very new to video creation and having limited equipment. The video editing software I’ve used thus far has been a version of Microsoft Movie Maker that’s no longer being updated. If I want the quality of my videos to improve, I needed better software.

So, after consulting with some people much smarter than me in this field, I went out and purchased a copy of Adobe Premier Elements 2021. This is the software that most successful YouTubers use in some form or another. It’s very new to me. I’ve only started learning about its functionality and interface, but I’ve every intention of using it to make better videos.

For now, expect the next crop of videos to use the old software. When I finally get around to using Premier, I hope the difference will be clear. Along with the new hardware I have on this PC, I hope it leads to a major uptick in the quality of my videos. If it does, then that stimulus money will prove even more valuable.

I’m not expecting more stimulus money at this point. However, I’m already quite pleased with the purchases I’ve made. I hope others are able to make equally fruitful purchases. If you have any other stories about what you did with your stimulus money, please share them in the comments. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some awesome videos to with newer, better tools.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Easter 2021 Edition

Let’s be honest. Last year had one of the worst Easter holiday weekends since the days of Jesus himself. It hardly counted as a holiday. Even if you only know Easter as that holiday that involves plastic eggs and ham dinners, it was a holiday to forget.

At this time last year, the pandemic was escalating with each passing day and since viruses don’t take holidays, it got much worse in the coming weeks. It wasn’t just bad. It was downright scary. We didn’t know just how bad this pandemic was going to get. We didn’t know how many people would end up sick or dead because of it.

You can’t really celebrate anything in that kind of situation. I think Jesus would understand that too.

My family still made an effort to have an Easter dinner last year. It was better than nothing, but the pandemic kept everyone from getting into the spirit. Easter is usually one of those holidays that my family uses as an excuse to just get together and hang out. I always enjoyed that. A day with family, sharing a good meal and catching up, is a holiday well spent.

Last year robbed us of that. This year, things aren’t entirely back to normal. Only a few relatives have been vaccinated and plenty are still not able to travel. However, it’s a lot less scary this time. The pandemic is still raging, but we’re closer to the end than we are the beginning. That alone is reason to celebrate.

With that in mind, I encourage everyone out there to make the most of this Easter Sunday. Even if it’s not a big holiday in your book, try doing something to make it special. Even if it’s as simple as making hardboiled eggs, do something to help make up for all the festivities we lost last year. Here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to help get you in the Easter spirit. Enjoy!

“There’s a good chance that at some point in your life, you’ve talked to your parents shortly after they did something kinky.”

“You can’t outlaw prostitution without criminalizing orgasms to some extent.”

“True charisma is measured by an ability to make people horny without touching them.”

“A skilled tongue can do far more than make up for a small penis.”

“Does having sex with identical twins truly count as a three-way?”

“In many respects, a skilled dominatrix is better at enforcing rules than cops.”

“Things that make certain people feel horny are sure to make other people feel scared.”

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Cartoon Romance Edition

Cartoons are not just for kids and haven’t been for decades. That shouldn’t need belaboring in this day and age. With shows like “Rick and Morty” and “Bojack Horseman,” it’s safe to say the debate is over. Anyone who still thinks cartoons are for children are either willful idiots or just cantankerous trolls.

I’m lucky in many respects because I grew up at a time when cartoons were mostly for kids. Then, in my teen years, they started maturing before my eyes. From “The Simpsons” to “Bevis and Butthead” to “King of the Hill” to “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” I watched as this rich and colorful medium matured.

A big part of that maturity came from how these shows depicted romance. Being a long-time romance fan, I noticed this more than most. For years, romance in cartoons was restricted to Bugs Bunny occasionally kissing Elmer Fudd. There was little in terms of refined relationships, like the ones we see in movies, TV, or books. That has since changed.

Shows like “Futurama” and “The Dragon Prince” have really raised the bar for how romance can unfold in a cartoon. Some animated romances are genuinely beautiful. They have the same dynamics as their non-animated counterparts. It’s a big reason why the “Futurama” finale brought many fans to tears. It was just that beautiful.

Granted, good cartoon romances are still few and far between, but that only makes the ones that work more endearing. As the medium continues to evolve, I hope we get more romances like that. There will always be a place for Looney Toons style slap-stick, but cartoons need not be defined by that. They can be romantic for all the right reasons.

To celebrate all things animated and romantic, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts. Enjoy!

“Being sexy while refusing to give oral sex is like being a drag racer who refuses to exceed the speed limit.”

“Like it or not, perverse thoughts are a pre-cursor to our very existence.”

“Is a push-up bra really that different from a cod piece?”

“Teenagers today will never appreciate the amount of work, tact, and cunning it took to both find and hide a porn stash before the internet.”

“There should be no shame in being seduced by someone who is exceptionally good at it.”

“A man cannot condemn homosexuality without indirectly insulting his own genitals.”

“Boring sex can only ever be a luxury in the grand scheme of things.”

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Spring 2021 Edition

This past winter sucked and for once, it had nothing to do with the weather. I don’t think I need to remind everyone of why it sucked. I think I’ve belabored that enough these past few months. There’s a good chance things will continue to suck for the same reason in the coming months. They just won’t suck nearly as much.

That’s because, as of yesterday, spring has arrived. It’s official now. We made it through one of the worst winters most of us will ever experience. Now, we have warmer weather and a less apocalyptic outlook before us. I, for one, am elated. I usually don’t celebrate the arrival of spring this much, mostly because of my allergies, but I’ll make an exception this year.

I want to believe things will be better this time. Hopefully, pools and water parks will open, movie theaters will have blockbuster movies to release, and we’ll be able to travel without fear or lockdown restrictions. Moreover, we’ll be able to do all of this without dressing in layers. I cannot overstate how appealing that all sounds right now.

I’m trying to be optimistic. I really am. My spirit is still far from intact. They’ve been crushed several times too many over the past year. I want to make the effort and I hope the arrival of spring will help. Nobody knows how much worse or better it’ll get. All we can do is move forward.

To help my broken spirits, as well as many others, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to get everyone in the spirit of spring. Things may suck, but at least they’ll suck with better weather. Enjoy!

“We will never know the identities of couples who are most skilled at thrill sex.”

“A man with six-pack abs will always work harder to maintain his sex appeal than a woman with big tits.”

“If nice guys only finished last in bed, then they’re more likely to be ahead when it comes to finding love.”

“Is it ironic or appropriate that idiots who find love rely mostly on dumb luck?”

“The term, gross incompetence, was probably coined after a failed sex act.”

“A quickie is the espresso shot of sex while tender lovemaking is a perfect latte.”

“Logistically speaking, you’re better off sleeping with someone ugly because they have more incentive to put in the extra effort.”

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: St. Patrick’s Day 2021 Edition

I know it’s a bit premature to talk about St. Patrick’s Day. I also know there has never been a year in which an exception is more warranted. Let’s not lie to ourselves. Around this time last year, the world was just starting to fall apart as a global pandemic started raging. Everything after that was basically an extended nightmare.

It was right around St. Patrick’s Day that many parts of the world went into lockdown. That was around the time movie theaters closed, major events got cancelled, and everyone had to get used to regularly wearing a mask. It was a dark time and if you had St. Patrick’s Day plans, you had to cancel them. Even if you tried to celebrate on your own, the news was just too dire.

It’s been a year since then and while things are still bad, we’re tantalizingly close to the end of this pandemic. With three vaccines now in our arsenal and vaccination efforts underway, we have a valid reason to celebrate. Even if you don’t care for St. Patrick’s Day or the history behind it, this is the perfect time to make an exception.

Whether it involves having a drink or watching college basketball, I encourage everyone to do something extra this year. Get together with family. Go out if you can, but continue to wear a mask and wash your hands. Use this holiday as a prelude to better times. I know they can’t some soon enough, but they’ll be here eventually.

I don’t know how I’ll spend my St. Patrick’s Day. I just know I’m going to try and do something festive and fun. Here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to help get you into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. We need to start having good times again. Let this St. Patrick’s Day be the first.

“Confidence won’t make you better in bed, but it can fool others into thinking you are.”

“A woman’s love for her man is directly proportional to her willingness to wear uncomfortable lingerie.”

“Do we really want to know what inspired the inventor of the butt plug?”

“Dance like no one is watching and make love like you’re being filmed.”

“When it comes to making love, searching for your lover’s G-spot is every bit as important as finding their G-spot.”

“Learning things the hard way is still enjoyable when it comes to oral sex.”

“Pillow talk is the primary commercial sponsor for all lovemaking.”

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Hard Running Edition

There was a time in my life when I hated running. I’ve made no secret of that. Around that same time, I was not into fitness, exercise, or anything of the sort. Gym was one of my least favorite classes and I saw running as nothing more than extended pain endurance. Needless to say, that had a huge impact on my overall health and body image.

As I got older, I came to appreciate exercise. A big part of that process was learning to appreciate running. I admit, it was still a chore at first. I still disliked the strain and soreness that came with it. That didn’t stop me from pushing myself. Even though it was painful at times, I got better at it. In time, I came to really enjoy it. It’s at a point where I actually enjoy running.

However, through this process, I learned there’s a big difference between running hard and a simple jog. There’s certainly a place for a light jog every now and then. That can be plenty enjoyable and beneficial, in its own right. Hard running is different. Hard running will test your body and your mind, but in the best possible way.

It also has a unique sex appeal to it. There’s no way around that. You’re sweaty, you’re breathing hard, and you’re grunting constantly. I don’t think I need to explain why that has some sordid parallels. Whether you’re a man, woman, or something in between, it’s a sign of strength and endurance. That comes in handy in any sexy situation.

With the weather getting warmer and the world emerging from a global pandemic, the time is right for everyone to start planning for a time when you can show off your sex appeal. We’ve all been pent up and anxious for so long. It’s time to start pushing ourselves and a little hard running will help get our bodies back to form.

Here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to get you motivated, among other things. Enjoy!

“If you’re not willing to share a bathroom with someone, then should you really share your genitals with them?”

“Sleeping with a douchebag can be as risky as receiving oral sex from a cannibal.”

“It’s usually safe to assume that someone with a good imagination masturbates more frequently than most.”

“Someone with significant credit card debt is going be more prone to getting involved in S&M, by default.”

“Sleeping with someone who failed sex ed counts as thrill sex on some levels.”

“An important part of finding love is realizing what weird someone does to make you horny.”

“Polyamory only works when everyone involved freely admits just how horny they are.”

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Remembering (And Learning From) My First Date


We all remember our first crush.

We all remember our first kiss.

We all remember the first person we ever fell in love with.

These are pivotal moments in our lives. They help form the core of our romantic identity. Who we are and how we go about loving others starts with those moments. Ideally, we get better at them over time, as do our lovers. They aren’t always great. Sometimes, they’re terribly awkward. I admit I’ve had a few. As awkward as they were, I learned from them.

With that in mind, I’d like to get a little personal again. I know it’s been a while since I shared a little anecdote from my life. I’ve told stories about my sub-par flirting skills. I’ve also recounted stories that definitively prove how awesome my mom is. I like to think these are stories people can relate to and learn from. I hope this one is similar.

This personal story is about the first date I ever went on. It’s another one of those pivotal moments, but one that tends to be more mixed. Sometimes, a first date is a prelude to an epic love story that culminates in two people getting married, having kids, and building a life together. It can also be an unmitigated disaster. You don’t have to look far to find stories like that.

For the most part, first dates tend to be a mixed bag. They can either be utterly forgettable or a moment you treasure for the rest of your life. The story of my first date lies somewhere in the middle. I hope my now ex-girlfriend feels the same way because it was her first date too. She and I were both young, romantically inexperienced, and socially awkward. In a sense, our date was destined to be mixed.

That didn’t make it any less meaningful. In fact, it gave us an experience to build from, one that would serve us well throughout our relationship and even after we broke up.

It started out simple. I planned to take her to a restaurant at a nearby mall. She loved seafood and this was one of my favorite places. It was also the first date in which my parents let me borrow the car. It was exciting, but still nerve-racking. I saw it as a critical first step in our relationship. I wanted it to be part of a real love story for us. It didn’t play out like I’d planned, but it was still a story.

Before we even got to our destination, there was a setback. While driving to the mall, I take a wrong turn and end up in some office park across the street. Keep in mind, I knew this area well. I’d been going to this mall since I was a kid. Now, here I was, getting lost in familiar territory with a girl I’m trying to impress. It was not a good start.

Much to my ex-girlfriend’s credit, she didn’t make a big deal out of it. She even thought it was funny. I doubt she knew how much I was panicking. I remember gripping the steering wheel so hard, wanting this to be a dream I woke up from before going on the real date. I still put on a smile and tried to make small talk. I’m pretty sure I started talking about comics.

Despite that setback, we made it to the mall. We then make our way to the restaurant without incident. I’m still recovering. I’m also being extra-vigilant. I’m holding her hand, smiling at her, and staying close like a respectable man should. All the while, I’m trying hide how nervous I am. I know she was nervous too, but she wasn’t the one who got lost less than five miles from his house.

Things finally settle once we’re at the restaurant. It’s not an overly fancy place, but it’s no fast food joint either. It’s a place with waiters, menus, and a cocktail list. At the time, we’re both poor college students so this is a nice change of pace for us both. I tell her it’s okay to splurge a little. My parents even gave me some money. We certainly made the most of it.

It’s here where the most memorable part of the date played out. At first, I struggle to keep a conversation going. I’m still socially awkward. I met this girl on the internet. I’m used to having time to think my responses through before answering. It’s not an easy transition. However, after we ordered, something amazing happened.

We started really connecting.

I know it sounds corny. It may even sound mundane because it was a date. Connecting is kind of the point. However, keep in mind that this is my first date and she is my first girlfriend. I’m in uncharted territory. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do. I’m just talking to this girl, trying to come off as the kind of guy she wants to be with.

Despite that inexperience, I managed to build that connection. We started talking about school. She started talking about her family. I started talking about movies, comics, and books I’ve read. At some point, I stop worrying about keeping the conversation going. I just talk to her like the person I’ve come to know from our interactions online. She really is that same person and that just endeared her to me even more.

The rest of the dinner goes great. I do recall eating a little too quickly and sloppily, but that didn’t matter. She ate the same way. I saw it as a sign. She also cursed a lot more than I did. She wasn’t big on making things too formal. She wasn’t trashy or anything like that, but she wasn’t the kind of person who censored herself. That ended up helping me navigate the night.

After we eat, we just walk around the mall together. I feel more relaxed. She’s more relaxed, as well. At some point, it doesn’t even feel like a date. We’re just hanging out, doing the kinds of things we like to do by ourselves. This time, we have someone to share it with. That, more than anything, is what made that date feel special.

It wasn’t a chore or some elaborate ritual. We were a young couple with a blossoming romance. We wanted to get to know each other and have a little fun. That’s exactly what we did. I learned a lot from that first date, both about the girl I was dating and the dating process, in general. If there are any lessons I hope to impart from that experience, it’s this.

A first date doesn’t have to go perfectly in order to be successful.

It can start off badly. It can even have a few setbacks. You can still make it work. You can even learn more from those setbacks than you would have, if everything had gone according to plan. I had a plan for that first date. That plan collapsed within five minutes of leaving my place. In hindsight, that was probably a good thing. It forced me to get back to basics on why I wanted to date this girl in the first place.

Even though that relationship didn’t work out, that first date set a good tone for us both. We were together for a good nine months after that. In that time, we had a lot of fun. We shared a lot of great moments, some of which I’ve recounted. There’s a lot I learned about myself during that relationship. It marked a major turning point in my social life.

Before that first date, I was still the same socially awkward mess I was in high school. I used to even joke about how pathetic I was because I’d never been on a date. Now, I couldn’t make that joke anymore. I also couldn’t say I was as socially awkward anymore. I’d gone on a successful date. You can’t make that claim without having some social skills.

That should give hope to anyone out there who feels like they don’t have good social skills, either. I’ve been there. I know how hard it can be to develop those skills, especially when it comes to dating. It is possible, though. I’m living proof of that. You just can’t stop yourself from trying. You can’t make excuses, either.

Those moments that I mentioned earlier are powerful and precious. After a year like 2020, you tend to appreciate them even more. Moreover, you can’t just wait for them to happen. You have to pursue them. It took me way too long to do so, but I did it. I encourage everyone else out there to do so as well. Hopefully, your first date goes even better than mine.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sweetheart Edition

What makes someone a college, high school, or overall sweetheart?

That’s one of those questions that has multiple answers. I’d even argue it has more right answers than wrong answers. We all have that special someone that we hold in high regard. We think of them and our hearts and minds just feel like they’ve been dipped in chocolate. It’s a sweet, sentimental feeling, in more ways than one.

I say that as someone who did have a college sweetheart. I was too miserable and socially inept to find someone in high school, but I was lucky enough to connect with a very special girl while I was in college. While our relationship didn’t ultimately work out, I still see what we shared as a positive overall experience. I certainly hope she feels the same.

That’s the great thing about having a sweetheart. Even if they become an ex-love at some point, you still appreciate the depths of what you shared You still enjoy the memories you forged together. Some are even lucky enough to marry their sweethearts. I consider those connections to be extra special.

Whatever you call them, they often form an important aspect of our romantic outlook. What we share with our sweethearts helps shape our understanding of romance, intimacy, and everything in between. It often happens in our youth, but it can happen at any point in your life. You don’t always know it at the time, but it becomes beautifully obvious with the benefit of hindsight.

Whether it’s a fond memory or someone you’re still with to this day, take this as an opportunity to appreciate those sweethearts in your life, whatever form they take. Here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to assist. Enjoy!

“If finding true love is like trying to win the lottery, then your genitals are your good luck charm.”

“Sending a married man to a strip club is like sending a pervert to a panty factory.”

“Isn’t it ironic that the sexiness of an underwear is directly proportional to how much it makes others want to see you take it off?”

“There’s a non-zero chance you or a sibling was conceived during a kinky sex act.”

“There’s a big difference between someone who gets laid often and someone with low standards.”

“It’s very telling that those who want to punish are people that even sluts wouldn’t sleep with.”

“It takes a certain level of humility for someone to readily use sex toys to please their lovers.”

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My Newfound Fondness For My New (Memory Foam) Mattress

There are certain products we should regularly replace or upgrade. Our phones, smoke detectors, toothbrushes, anti-virus production software, and underwear come to mind. Those are obvious and most people don’t need to be reminded of that. There are some products, however, that not everyone upgrades regularly.

It varies from person to person. For me, I certainly prioritize upgrading my phone, my clothes, my passwords, and other essentials. One thing I tend to negate, though, is my mattress. I freely admit that I slept on the same mattress for nearly 15 years before I replaced it. After that, I didn’t even think about replacing it.

That changed recently when I noticed my mattress sagging in the middle. In the past, I would’ve shrugged that off. Then, I started waking up with a stiff neck and in odd positions. The longer I put it off, the worse it got. Since you can’t really work around getting regular sleep, I decided to finally upgrade. I even managed to save some money so that I don’t have to buy something cheap.

That is likely the reason why my old mattress started sagging, by the way. I bought it because it was cheap and not because it was the most comfortable. The old adage of you get what you pay for really applies here. When you start waking up with a stiff neck every other morning, you feel it even more.

This time, I dared to splurge. I had a budget, but it was larger than last time. That meant I could try some of the fancier mattresses, like those that use memory foam. I’ve seen them advertised before. I tend not to believe those fancy adds that claim they’re that revolutionary. I’ll just say that, after lying on a few, I found one that was comfortable and bought it.

I won’t say how much I paid for it. I’ll just say that it was at least double the price of the last mattress I bought. Again, you get what you pay for and after the first few nights on it, I came to appreciate adage even more.

I wasn’t expecting much when I slept on it the first night. I’d have been just happy to wake up without a stiff neck. I might have set the bar low, but that didn’t stop me from appreciating the results.

I love this mattress.

I love how comfortable it is.

I love not waking up feeling stiff or sore.

I don’t want to come off as a shill for a particular brand, so I won’t mention which kind of memory foam mattress it is. I’ll just say that I’m legitimately impressed. I didn’t know sleeping on a decent, non-cheap mattress could feel so good. I might have learned that lesson the hard way to some extent, but I’m glad I learned it. I know the world is a crazy place right now and the economy sucks for a lot of people, but everything about it is only made worse when you don’t get quality sleep. A good mattress won’t fix everything that’s keeping you up at night, but it’ll definitely help. Keep that in mind the next time you’re thinking about which product in your home you’d like to upgrade.

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