My name is Jack C. Fisher. I was born on the East Coast to two awesome parents in a place. Yeah, I know that’s overly general. But I like to leave a little something to the imagination. Am I some reclusive genius who spends 23 hours a day in a windowless basement? Or am I some faceless nobody who walks down the street every day unrecognized? I won’t say. I’ll leave it up to the imaginations of readers.

And in many respects, that’s a perfect metaphor for Jack C. Fisher. From the earliest days of my youth, I loved to tell stories. It started with action figures and cartoon characters. Then, I got into comics. I am admittedly an unabashed comic book fanboy. I love X-men, Superman, the Avengers, and pretty much every other comic book series that has been turned into a multi-billion dollar movie. It’s through comics that I really got inspired to start writing and it’s through comics that I’ve refined my skills over the years.

It started with fan fiction. You might have heard of that. It’s that thing E. L. James wrote before she wrote “50 Shades of Grey.” While I never wrote anything quite like that, I did have a fondness for writing comic book characters. And yes, I often wrote those characters in mature ways that would never make it past most editors. I enjoyed exploring more adult themes, ranging from mature romance to erotic exploration. So yes, I do consider myself a romantic at heart. Love, lust, and everything in between is what appeals to me and that’s what I love to write.

As such, I’d like to turn my passion into a career. It’s a career I don’t know much about, nor did I study in college. It’s one of those passions that I just sort of fell into. Whether it’s through self-publishing or through a publishing house, I want to tell stories to inspire the passions of others, among other things.