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Sexy Short Story: Homecoming Loving

The following is a sexy short story inspired by a notification I got about a high school reunion. I didn’t enjoy high school and I imagine many others didn’t, either. Hopefully, this story helps in some small way. Enjoy!

“Here we are…Ridgeway High School…for the first time in ten years,” mused Lorilee “Lori” Ming.

“It’s remarkable,” said her fiancé, Lance Marlow. “The old nightmare factory has changed, but not too much.”

“Not nearly enough, from the looks of it.”

“I want to say it made us strong, but…”

Lance’s words trailed off. He just kept staring back at the structure he once dreaded, squeezing Lori’s hand tightly and holding her closer. She squeezed back, needing no further reminders of what they experienced at Ridgeway High School. The memories were still so vivid.

She and Lance did not have an ideal youth. It wasn’t entirely because of their experience in high school, but those years were the ultimate manifestation of so many hardships. When she was ten-years-old, her parents split up after multiple acts of cheating and several violent outbursts from her father. Finding out her older sister was fathered by another man certainly didn’t help, either.

Lance’s circumstances weren’t much better. He didn’t even know who his dad was. His mother also couldn’t confirm the biological fathers of his two siblings, Dana and Marleen. That didn’t stop her from conning several men into paying her child support. But it did hinder her ability to be the kind of caring mother he needed, especially after he endured a number of health problems as a kid.

Their troubled home life eventually bled into high school and in all the wrong ways. Between his health issues and his mother’s reputation as the town harlot, he was an easy target to pick on. Lori became a target too after a series of public outbursts that closely mirrored her parents. It didn’t take much to set her off. And some of her mischievous peers thought it was funny to push her buttons. Something as simple as a snide remark about her hair was all it took.

“This place brought out the worst in us,” Lori said under her breath. “I hate what it made me. And I hate how I dealt with it.”

She turned to her fiancé and buried her face in his shoulder, hiding the light sobs that overcame her. Lance remained stern and strong, as he often did during difficult times. It was one of the many traits that drew her to him. While they didn’t start dating until after high school, they both knew each other. And they understood and appreciated one another’s plight.

She and Lance watched one another endure years of frustration, mishaps, and emotional damage. They also watched one another hit rock bottom. Lance had an emotional breakdown his senior year when he made himself sick on purpose in hopes of losing weight. Lori managed to get herself suspended after another violent outburst against someone who joked about her sisters. They actually first connected in the principal’s office that day. It ended up being a major turning point because that was when they started turning their lives around.

“Surviving this place was a necessary step,” said Lori. “Meeting you was an unexpected twist.”

“And a damn good one,” said Lance. “That might have been the first lucky break in my life to that point.”

“I’d say better late than never, but that would be insensitive.”

“Wouldn’t make it any less accurate,” he said with a weak smile.

Lori smiled back, hiding more sobs. Looking away from the school and towards the man she loved, the less bleak parts of her life came into focus.

It started with therapy. Lori had to undergo a lot of therapy to confront and deal with her many personal issues. Lance went through therapy too, but he also committed himself to being less sickly. Getting away from his mother and her abusive nature certainly helped. But he also had to work with doctors and trainers to lose weight, get off old medications, and improve his health.

While they were going through this process, they attended the same community college. That was where they started dating. They actually watched one another improve from the complete mess they’d been in high school, eventually becoming functional adults – a feat few in their graduating class thought was possible.

It still took years to build better lives for themselves. It wasn’t until Lance secured his job as a social worker that he proposed to her. And Lori accepted, even before she landed a full-time job as a paralegal. It might have been easier for both of them to just forget the awful years they spent at Ridgeway High School completely. That was certainly their preferred recourse.

Then, they got an invitation to their ten-year reunion. And instead of throwing it away, they both agreed to confront this horror. They even traveled back to their hometown, arriving the day before the festivities – just to take in and process the scene before them.

“I’m kind of glad we’re doing this,” Lance said, breaking the silence.

“Kind of?” Lori said with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t like revisiting these painful memories. And I certainly don’t like being somewhere that made me so miserable,” he explained. “But at the same time…this is something we had to confront.”

“I don’t know that we had to,” she retorted, “but I see where you’re coming from. It does feel oddly therapeutic.”

“We can never undo the hardships we endured. And there’s only so much we can do to deal with the memories,” Lance went on. “But because of this place, I met you. And now we’re about to build a life together.”

Lori had to fight more sobs at such a tender sentiment. But she didn’t mind losing that fight.

“That’s…a beautiful thought, Lance,” she said, wiping away some tears. “It almost seems inappropriate for a place like this.”

“That gonna keep you from kissing me?”

“Hell no!”

She smiled warmly and he smiled back. He then embraced her tightly and gave a deep, affectionate kiss on the lips. Lori gladly returned the gesture, letting some of the pent-up emotions flow freely.

Being back at Ridgeway High School was difficult. They had visited the campus a day early just to give themselves a chance to process it all. Even though it brought back many painful memories, there was something profound about returning together. They had gone from two very broken individuals with many personal problems to an engaged couple, preparing to move forward with their lives instead of just healing from the past.

In that same moment, and within this powerful gesture, another bold feeling came over Lori. While kissing and embracing her finance, her eyes glanced briefly to the nearby football field, which was often empty this time of year. She then started kissing Lance deeper and with a more sensual undertone, her gestures sending clear, unambitious signals about what she desired.

“Umm…Lori?” Lance said, breathless as their lips parted, but their bodies remained close.

“Do me, Lance,” said Lori in a blunt, but impassioned tone. “Do me right now…on the 50-yard-line…for this school we both hate.”

That came off as more aggressive than she’d intended, but the grin on her fiancé’s face still widened. And while Lance was usually one to overthink an opportunity like this, he gladly made an exception.

“Meh. What’s the worst they could do? Suspend us?” he joked.

“They might still try,” she quipped. “So let’s make sure it’s worth it!”

They both laughed. They then kissed again, their embrace and gestures becoming more playful. But with the sun rapidly setting over the campus, Lori knew they had to move with urgency. So, with renewed energy and purpose, she latched onto Lance’s arm and led him towards the football field.

They moved swiftly and with purpose, sharing more excitement in that moment than they had since the day they left this accursed high school. Arriving at the football field, more memories came rushing back – memories of cheering classmates, raucous games, and meaningless school spirit. Neither one of them had a chance to enjoy the more typical rigors of adolescence. The school and their peers had robbed them of that.

Now, they were getting back at them in their own special way.

“Right here! Right on the school logo!” Lori said, practically tugging at Lance’s arm.

“Ground zero for Ridgeway pride? I love it!” he said.

“Shut up and start stripping, love.”

Lori led by example, swiftly slipping off her T-shirt, undoing her bra, and sliding out of her shorts. Lance caught up, getting his shirt and pants off almost as fast as he did the night he proposed to her.

She was down to her panties. He was down to his boxers. Standing with him in the middle of this field filled her with a strange kind of energy – the kind that quickly morphed into a strong arousal between her legs. Sharing that energy, Lance took her in his arms once more and laid her down atop the neatly cut grass. He then proceeded to make out with her like the horny teenagers that once populated this school.

“Kiss me…touch me…do everything the health teachers told us not to do!” said Lori.

Lance snickered, letting out one of those deep, masculine grunts he knew drove her wild. He drove her even more wild with some skilled, targeted foreplay.

He caressed her breasts, licked around her nipples, rubbed his thigh between her legs, and let the weight of his body press down against hers. It was more than enough to send Lori into a sexual frenzy, her heart and her loins in overdrive at the prospect of making love to Lance in such a bold setting.

It led her to reach for the waistband of his boxers and pull them down, freeing the growing erection they had barely contained. He returned the favor by slipping off her panties, leaving them both completely naked and completely exposed in this very open field. It added an element of danger to their sex. It also inspired Lori to take a very specific approach.

After a bit more of heavy foreplay, she shifted their bodies into a new position.

“Here…I’ll suck you off. You eat me out,” Lori said.

“Our health teacher definitely advised against this,” Lance commented.

“Which is why we should do it and enjoy it!”

Lance offered no argument. He gladly followed Lori until they were lying on their sides in a prefect 69 position – her facing his erect penis and him facing her engorged vagina. Nature must have been cheering them on because a warm breeze blew over the field, as if to encourage them to keep going. They gladly got the message.

Lance made the first move, pushing her thighs apart and burying his face in her womanhood. Lori made the next, grasping the base of his cock before enveloping his length between her lips. A succession of purrs and grunts followed, their naked bodies shifting and writhing together at the pleasure they evoked in one another.

It was beautifully harmonious while also being undeniably raunchy. This was reckless and probably illegal. But that didn’t stop them. It just motivated them to go the extra mile.

“Sucking a dick…getting my pussy eaten out…and enjoying every goddamn minute of it! And at a place that made me miserable for four years!”

The enthusiasm and energy really showed. Lori sucked harder and faster than she usually did when giving oral pleasure to her lover. Lance matched her every step of the way, plunging his tongue into her womanly folds and stimulating all the sensitive areas he knew so well. It might have made more sense to save this kind of passion for their honeymoon. But this felt like it would be more fulfilling in the long run.

Their shared efforts showed in the results. Lori felt Lance’s cock become fully erect between her lips. She was also very wet between her legs, ready for sex and not the gentle kind. Their bodies were on the same page. It was just a matter of who would make the next move.

“Take me,” Lori said through another breezy gust.

Like a reflex, they repositioned themselves again. Lori laid on her back again and Lance got on top of her. She then spread her legs, wrapped them around her waist, and drew him closer as they aligned their bodies for sex. Their eyes now locked – their gaze a mix of boldness and passion – Lori urged him to complete this reckless act.

With a thrust of his hips and a subtle shift of hers, they did it. Lance entered her waiting depths with his hardened flesh, penetrating her moist folds so smoothly and easily. Their flesh now entwined, they started moving together – making love to one another – indulging in this sweet feeling in a domain that had brought them so much misery.

“We’re doing this, Lori. We’re really…really…doing this,” Lance panted in between movements.

“Yes, Lance! We’re doing this!” she exclaimed. “We’re making love…right here…at Ridgeway High School!”

From there, an outpouring of pent-up emotions mixed perfectly with a familiar passion. The desire to make love and the desire to confront old demons converged in this reckless, but exhilarating act of intimacy. It was also quite energetic and heated.

Every thrust of the hips was more fervent and focused.

Every undulation was more intense, their naked bodies moving with greater purpose and poise.

Lance treated it like a retort to everyone in high school who made fun of him for being overweight and out of shape. Now, here he was making love to his beautiful fiancé with an intensity that would leave most men winded. Lori eagerly encouraged him, moaning loudly and joyously as he stimulated her innards with his ravenous humping. She raked her fingers down his back, moved her hips in conjunction with his, and showered him with messy, affectionate kissing.

It was wild, but in the best possible way. Together, she and Lance laughed, moaned, and gasped into the dusk of the warm summer night. They also mixed it up along the way, rolling about on the well-cut grass of the football field, making love in various positions. At one point, Lance flipped her onto all fours and thrust into her from behind. He also lightly pulled her hair back while squeezing her butt, something he knew drove her wild.

And as she took in this feeling, Lori looked back towards the school with a mix of bliss and disdain.

“You seeing this, Ridgeway?” she shouted at the building. “I’m back! I’m naked! And I’m fucking my future husband on your football field! Fuck you! Fuck you!”

Lori kept repeating that vulgar mantra as she shifted her torso upwards, which allowed her to reach down to her pelvis and fondle her clitoris through the motions. Lance reached down and helped, placing his hand atop her and applying some extra pressure.

That, along with her vulgar insults to the school, helped send her over the edge. And she achieved orgasm in a way she would not soon forget.

“Oohhhh fuck yes!” Lori shouted.

She made sure she was still staring at the school, as though she wanted to ghosts of her high school years to see her O-Face. She grinned with extra glee, biting her lower lip and arching her back as waves of pleasure rocked her body from within.

It felt so good, like many of the other orgasms she’d enjoyed with Lance. But having it here in a place that gave her so much misery just made it feel even better.

It was a feeling she wanted Lance to enjoy as well.

“You’re turn, love!” Lori said, still beaming from the ecstasy.

She took charge of their lovemaking. It almost caught Lance by surprised. His eyes widened with surprise as she turned around, pinned him on his back, and mounted him like an animal in heat. But a smile never left his face. And that smile widened even as she straddled his waist, lowered herself back down onto his sex, and started riding him with focused intent.

“Oh God! Lori…so beautiful,” Lance gasped.

It must have been quite a sight, watching her ride him with the light of the setting sun in the background. She made sure to give him plenty to admire, grasping his waist and dancing atop him in a special lover’s dance. She even squealed with delight as he reached up to fondle her bouncing breasts, pinching her nipples again as she guided him to his share of the ecstasy.

His grunts and gasped intensified.

Lori sensed he was close, feeling his manhood tense inside her depths in anticipation.

She watched with playful affectionate as his expression tensed in anticipation of his release. She leaned over, steadied her movements, and gave him something to focus on for that final push. When the feeling hit, he let out a cry of elation that echoed throughout the campus.

“Ohhh fuck yeah!”

His choice of vulgar proclamations was so fitting. Lori snickered under her breath while still caressing his face, watching as her lover took in the pleasure.

She felt his body shudder under her, his hardened flesh throbbing inside her as he filled her womb with his hot seed. The warmth that followed perfectly complemented the evening breeze that washed over the field. While Lance processed his bliss, she took his hands in hers and held them close to her chest.

“I love you, Lance,” she told him.

“I love you too,” Lance replied. “I love you as much as I hated high school.”

“And that…is how I know our love is special.

“Special enough to make tomorrow’s reunion bearable?”


Lori grinned at her future husband and he grinned back. They then kissed before parting their flesh. However, they were in no hurry to get dressed. They opted to linger in the afterglow, curled up on the 50-yard-line to further cement this moment into their memories.

Life had not been easy. Their experience at Ridgeway High School was a uniquely dark time for them. But they endured. They found each other. And after ten years of rebuilding their lives, they returned to the site of that darkness. They couldn’t undo everything that made high school so awful. But they could lay the foundation of something better.

And that was exactly what they did on the 50-yard-line in their own special way.

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Sexy Short Story: The Love Pod

The following is a sexy short story about a couple in the not-so-distant future enjoying a little high tech intimacy. Enjoy!

“Please enter the staging area. And please be sure to turn off any electronic devices. By policy, this is a private space in the highest degree.”

“That sounds like a script from a lawyer and read by an unpaid intern,” noted Kyle Elder as he and his wife entered the area, hand-in-hand.

“Spoken like a man who deals with both too often,” replied Daniella “Dina” Dillon, his ever-radiant wife of three years.

“I’d plead the fifth. But I know that would just prove your point.”

“All the more reason to shut up. Besides, we didn’t come here to talk.”

“No. We certainly did not.”

Kyle gave his wife’s hand a firm squeeze and grinned widely. It was painfully clear how much they needed this. It had been clear before Dina pitched the idea the other day after dinner. They’d both been working overtime for two straight weeks. That was to be expected, with him working at a law firm and her working at an investment bank. Having graduated college four years ago, they were in the early stages of their burgeoning careers.

As a result, he and Dina had less time for each other. That was a new, but unfamiliar situation. Having known one another since childhood, falling deeply in love at a young age, they were used to sharing their lives with one another. Having full-time jobs that kept them apart for most of the day proved difficult. And working so hard left them with less energy than usual to be intimate.

That meant when they did have an opportunity, like a stormy Saturday morning, they had to make it count. That led Kyle to splurge for some quality time in a Love Pod. It was a relatively new practice for lovers, couples, and casual partners of all kinds. But it had quickly become an integral service to anyone who desired a special intimacy.

“I’m so glad we’re doing this,” Dina said as she admired the pod-like structure before them. “I can only imagine how many couples need it as much as us.”

“Kind of makes me feel bad for our ancestors. They had to build meaningful sex lives without them,” Kyle commented while looking on with similar awe.

“They seemed to manage. We’re here, after all,” she quipped.

“True. But for a love like ours, I want to do more than manage.”

“Me too.”

They shared a warm smile as they approached the Love Pod. Behind them, the door had already closed and locked itself, ensuring there would be no unwanted disturbances. They had also turned off their phones completely, not even wanting an emergency text to distract them from one another. For once, this was all about being together in a private, intimate space.

The room itself certainly accommodated that. Most Love Pods were built within premium spas. And most of those spas were located in small, unremarkable office structures that most wouldn’t recognize even if they walked by them. Even the high-end facilities often kept a low profile.

As for the pod, it didn’t look like much from the outside. It was just this large, egg-shaped structure that had been built into the corner of the room. The exterior was smooth and polished, giving off a glossy sheen. There were some lights built into the top and base, indicating it required electricity. It also gave off a low, radiating a unique energy that beckoned couples towards it like moths to a flame.

Kyle found himself reaching out and touching the surface. Through it, he felt the distinct heat that only Love Pods ever generated. It was enough to evoke excitement and passion in any couple, even those who had been grossly overworked.

“Thank you. Your session is about to begin,” said the same robotic voice from earlier. “Please remove all clothing. Storage compartments are available if desired.”

“Finally! We can ditch these itchy clothes,” Dina said as she loosened her shirt.

“Speak for yourself. You’re not the one who has to wear suits and ties during a summer heat wave,” Kyle said as he did the same.

“Less talking. More stripping,” his wife quipped.

Kyle just grinned and shook his head as he disrobed. He couldn’t help but be somewhat distracted by his beautiful wife eagerly taking off her clothes, abandoning her usual modesty with such glee.

Dina was downright playful in how she wiggled out of her pants, unclasped her bra, and slipped out of her panties. Kyle swore she was tempting him, like a stripper at one of the clubs his older brother kept trying to drag him to. Once fully nude, she even bent down a bit, showing off her bare butt as she picked up her clothes and stored them neatly in a nearby cupboard.

“Damn, you look good naked,” Kyle said under his breath.

She giggled slightly, sounding like the playful schoolgirl she’d been when they started dating in high school. He was so fixated on her heart-shaped butt that he almost forgot his pants were only halfway off. When Dina turned around, giving him a full-frontal view of her breasts and vagina, it helped him refocus. And he couldn’t get his pants and boxers off fast enough.

“I missed seeing you and all your manly glory,” Dina said to him.

“You saw me in the shower two nights ago,” he pointed out.

“I was too tired to enjoy it. But trust me. I’m very rested right now.”

There was an erotic undertone to her voice. That tone always got Kyle’s blood flowing to the right parts of his body. But he refused to get too far ahead of himself. He had to save the bulk of his passion for the Love Pod.

He and Dina had discovered the joys of Love Pods shortly after their honeymoon. Dina’s older sister, who worked for a popular chain of day spas that specialized in their use, had even provided them with a special voucher. That allowed them to make an appointment at some of the best spas in the region. And for the next several hours, it was theirs to enjoy.

Eager to lose track of time with the woman he loved, Kyle stuffed his clothes into another cupboard. He then joined his wife at the entrance to the pod, taking her hand in his and standing together as naked as the day they were born.

“Are you ready for this, my love?” he asked her.

“As ready as any naked woman can be for her handsome hubby,” Dina answered with a grin.

His heart raced with anticipation. Dina leaned in close, the warmth of her body mixing with his. She had that glint in her eyes – the one that told him she yearned for his loving, sensual touch. Kyle delighted in giving that to her as often as possible. Using a Love Pod just made it easier, as well as more satisfying.

The robot voice within the room must have sensed their anticipation. The front doors to the pod opened, revealing the enticing interior to the both of them. It was like an elevator opening to take them to Heaven. And they were ready to ascend.

“Thanks again for your cooperation. Please enter the pod and enjoy your time together,” the voice instructed.

“Oh we will,” said Kyle with the utmost confidents. “We definitely will!”

Like a couple of newlyweds entering a honeymoon suite, Kyle led Dina into the pod. As soon as they were inside, they felt its unique ambience. And it supplemented their blossoming passion perfectly.

Entering a Love Pod was like entering a small sliver of Eden. It consisted mostly of a large, circular shaped bed. But it was no regular king-sized bed that anyone could buy at a mattress store. This thing had a unique cushion. And crawling atop it with his wife felt like getting on top of a magical cloud – one that lovingly supported their naked bodies to the utmost.

In addition to the uniquely shaped mattress, there were also sheets and comforters consisting of an exotic, dark red fabric. Nobody knew what the fabric consisted of. That was a closely guarded secret within the Love Pod industry. Kyle once heard a rumor that the fabric was laced with some kind of special chemical that stimulated skin in a unique way. It would explain why everyone was encouraged to enter Love Pods naked. But the rumors didn’t stop there.

“I swear this place looks much bigger from the inside,” Dina commented.

“Probably some sort of optical illusion,” Kyle said as he admired it himself.

“Do you really believe that?” she said skeptically.

“Does it matter? More so than just being here…together…and increasingly horny?”

“Not in the slightest!” she said curtly.

As Kyle and Dina followed one another atop the mattress and to the center of the pod, they kissed and embraced. That quickly escalated into heated foreplay. Within any Love Pod, the foreplay always seemed more intimate.

A big part of it was the ambience. All along the interior surface of the pod was this silverish surface that resembled a high-definition TV screen. When the chamber door closed behind them, parts of that screen lit up to illuminate the interior in this soft reddish light. It was so warm and radiant. It made Kyle and his love feel so hot from the inside, as though their respective libidos were being ignited from the outside.

On top of that, the unique lighting coincided with this unique aroma that quickly filled the chamber. It was so thick and heavy, like an invisible cloud surrounding them. It did not at all resemble anything most couples smelled, even during their hottest, sweatiest rounds of lovemaking. Many believed it was some kind of synthetic pheromone developed by Love Pod companies – designed specifically to evoke passion, lust, and a level of horiness that could not be achieved naturally. It wasn’t so much a rumor as it was a poorly kept secret within the industry.

Kyle always figured the truth lay somewhere between the craziest rumors and harshest truths. Whatever it entailed, he and Dina could care less about the specifics. All that mattered was that they were alone, sealed in this Love Pod, and deeply in need of one another’s sex. And once the effects of the pod took hold, neither of them held back.

“Touch…kiss me…taste me,” Dina gasped, every word a blend of cries and whispers.

Kyle answered with a series of masculine grunts that sounded like something right out of a nature show. He had already followed Dina to the center of the pod where the mattress was its most comforting. Once there, he serenaded her with his soft lips and loving touch. And before long, they were making out like a couple of restless prom dates.

As Dina lay on her back, her arms wrapped around his neck, he hovered over her – hungrily kissing her lips, trailing his eager hands along her feminine curves, and letting the sinews of his upper body mesh with her naked skin. Kyle was gentle where he needed to be, especially when kissing her lips or nibbling on her ear lobe – something that always drove her wild. He was also a bit more overt when necessary, such as when he squeezed her thighs or cupped her breasts.

“Mmm…Dina,” Kyle said under his breath, “you taste so good…feel so good. God, I want you!”

They were already working up quite a sweat together. All that touching and body contact supplemented the heat, as well as the uniquely sensual aroma. It also intensified their growing sexual arousal, which had begun the second they got naked, but accelerated from their foreplay.

Kyle felt his heart race as blood rushed to his lower body, causing his penis to stiffen to a state rarely achieved outside the most sensual of situations. And as the veins in his manhood throbbed, he reached between Dina’s thighs to feel the outer contours of her vulva. She was already so hot with arousal. And when he sneakily slipped a couple fingers into her vagina, he confirmed she was just as aroused.

“Please…I can’t wait any longer!” Dina said, breaking the kiss and already short of breath. “Do me, Kyle! Make love to me now!”

It wasn’t a command as much as it was a desperate plea. Kyle, never one to deny the woman he loved, acted quickly. Like a soldier springing into action, he pushed her legs apart and got between them. He then aligned his rigid cock with his wife’s moist outer folds, their bodies aching for their fleshly union.

Dina locked eyes with him, grabbing onto his arms and beckoning him with her intense gaze. There was so much she could’ve said to him in that moment. He could’ve said just as much to her. But after being together and being in love for so long, words simply didn’t cut it. A simple, affectionate act was all they needed.

“Dina…” was all Kyle said before thrusting his hips forward and entering her.

They each let out an impassioned gasp as their sex commenced. That sweet feeling of hard, masculine flesh penetrating soft, feminine depths washed over them. They knew this feeling well, but the Love Pod seemed to amplify it. That might have been another secret function that nobody understood. But neither Kyle nor Dina cared for the specifics.

Their flesh now entwined, they began moving their bodies in that special lover’s dance. Kyle was slow at first, just letting his love’s flesh embrace his. But the movements intensified quickly. With great passion and urgency, he worked his body with hers – their flesh rocking, grinding, and slithering with perfect harmony. Hands roamed and lips followed chaotic whims, tasting and tantalizing each other’s flesh with growing delight.

“That’s it, Kyle! Ooh that’s it!” Dina panted. “Like that! Just like that!”

It was sweet music to his ears, hearing his wife’s joyous words. He soon fell into a daze, burying his face in his wife’s neck as their naked bodies rocked and writhed.

Kyle wasn’t doing anything special. He was just making love to his wife in variation of the missionary position, aligning his body with hers in just such a way to maximize their union. It might have just been another byproduct of being too busy or having not enjoyed unhindered lovemaking in a while. The ambience of the Love Pod probably had something to do with it as well, even without all the wild rumors of how it functioned.

At this point, only one thing was clear.

They needed this.

They wanted this.

They loved this.

It ultimately showed when Dina’s moans took on that distinctly orgasmic undertone.

“Ooh I’m close! I’m close! I’m so…so close!” she panted.

“Mmm…me too, Dina,” Kyle said into her ear, making sure to sound extra masculine.

His voice didn’t do justice to just how close he was. Dina was so hot and tight, her womanhood squeezing his member with its moist flesh. He longed for his release, but not before his love could join him in the ecstasy. Through several more focused movements, they carried one to the edge of that special threshold.

Then, they leapt off together.

“Ohhhh Kyle!”


The rush of orgasmic bliss washed over them. It wasn’t simultaneous, but it was pretty damn close.

It hit Dina first. She closed her eyes, curled her toes, bent her knees, and raked her nails over his back before contorting to the onslaught of sensations. That extra throbbing in her vagina got Kyle past the point of no return, as well. His face still buried in her neck, he grasped her hips, dug his knees into the bed, and thrust extra deep into her depths. Within those depths, his seminal fluid mixed with her juices, their sex taking form and substance. But the feeling went beyond the sex.

When the rush coursed through him, it was like a warm blanket composed of raw pleasure wrapped around them. It made every breath, every heartbeat, and every touch feel more meaningful – and every emotion behind it more profound.

“Wow,” said Kyle through his breathless state.

“I know…wow,” Dina said, still swimming in a sea of bliss.

“Even after all this year…you still amaze me, Dina,” he said.

“So do you…and not just with sex.”

“Well…it helps get the point across.”

“That, it does!” she said lovingly.

Still in the throughs of orgasmic delight, they met in a loving kiss. Even the joys of a near-simultaneous climax couldn’t keep Kyle from sharing a simple gesture of affection with his wife. The interior of the Love Pod even seemed to react to it, the ambient lighting on the surface shifting to become more vibrant.

It was tempting to just lay with Dina and enjoy the afterglow. Given how stressed they’d been lately, it might have been the most prudent. But after one shared trip to this sensual paradise, Kyle wasn’t feeling too prudent at the moment. When their lips parted and he saw that seductive glint in her eyes, he knew Dina felt the same.

“We still have plenty of time left in this pod,” Kyle reminded her.

“Is it enough time to catch up on all the sexy things we’ve been meaning to do?” she asked curtly.

“Don’t know. Wanna try anyway?”

“Shut up and kiss me again!”

Never one to deny his wife’s loving desire, they kissed again. Just like before, that kiss turned into heated foreplay. And from there, an impassioned chaos ensued.

He and Dina rolled around together in the Love Pod, enjoying the soft feel of the exotic fabric on their naked skin. They were a bit less urgent than before, just making out for the simple enjoyment of one another’s bodies. But eventually, the desire returned, as did the arousal.

It never ceased to amaze Kyle. His penis almost fully erect, despite being somewhat sensitive after his release. Within these Love Pods, it was as though the limits of the male body had been briefly nullified. More than a few men wondered how that was possible. But Kyle was content to attribute it to a greater desire to make love to Dina. The pod just gave him the perfect domain in which to realize that desire.

And after taking such a direct approach before, he and Dina dared to mix things up a bit. They took turns giving each other oral, which resulted in Dina having another orgasm. He then had Dina lead them into various positions – some of which involved her on top, riding him like a sex goddess – some of which involved him pinning her up against the wall of the pod, bouncing her up and down his cock.

One moment it was slow, sensual, and romantic.

The next it was rough, raw, and energetic.

The full breadth of their passion was on full display within this tiny structure. And they refused to leave until every last bit of desire was spent, shared, and exhausted. That made it easy to lose track of time, as well as how many orgasm they had. Kyle didn’t bother tracking how he and Dina had. They might be very sore tomorrow, but it was so worth it.

And once their last round of ravenous lovemaking concluded, they found themselves back in the center of the pod. Lying side-by-side, still as naked as they day they were born, they just cuddled in a gentle embrace.

“I love you,” said Kyle through his breathless state.

“I love you too,” Dina said, still swimming in a sea of bliss.

“We needed this…so much,” he said.

“More than usual. Good thing these pods making overdue lovemaking so damn satisfying!”

“That’s for sure. I’m already looking forward to our next trip. Maybe next time, we won’t wait so damn long to enjoy it.”

“But even if we do,” Dina said curtly, “I’ll make sure it’s worth the wait.

“Me too, my love. Me too.”

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Hey Arnold! | Helga And Arnold: A Tragic, But Genuine Love Story

This is another video from my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. This video explores the tragic, but unique love story between Helga and Arnold in the classic 90s animated series, Hey Arnold! It’s a story that started off as a strange obsession between a girl and a boy with a football-shaped head. But over the course of the series, it became so much more. Enjoy!

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Sexy Short Story: Mistress Vinetra

The following is a sexy short story about a couple sharing a little intimacy with help from a strict, but fair dominatrix at a BDSM club. Enjoy!

“You’re in my domain now, mutts! What I say from here on out is law! Do you understand?”

The harsh, authoritative voice of Mistress Vinetra boomed throughout the chamber. It hit with such force and intensity that Olivia “Lily” Bristow shook, as though she’d been struck by a rod. Her husband, Byron Bristow, reacted with an even greater shudder. And he was a former marine who stood nearly a foot taller than their scantily dressed Mistress.

But even though she was so harsh and demanding – glaring at them the way a warden would look at a couple of prisoners – they stook meek and obedient in her presence. With their head hung low, they addressed her with the utmost submission.

“Yes, Mistress Vinetra. We understand,” Lily and Byron said simultaneously.

The woman before them just sneered and cracked her knuckles.

“What was that? Did you just cough or whimper? Because I didn’t hear shit!” she barked. “Either tell me you understand! Or face my wrath!”

In her hands, she gripped a leather studded whip. Then, in a demonstration of rare skill, she cracked it with a flick of her wrist. The tip came so close to Lily’s face that she felt the air brush by her cheek. Mistress Vinetra did the same to Byron. And it had the desired effect.

“Yes! We understand! We understand!” Lily said, sounding on the brink of tears.

“Please, Mistress…forgive us,” said Byron, his lips quivering. “We acknowledge your authority. We trust in your word.”

“Then, say it louder!” she barked. “Tell me who your mistress is!”

“You are!” the two of them yelled.


“YOU ARE!” they said, practically screaming it at that point.

The walls trembled and their ears rung. This particular chamber wasn’t the most spacious place to carry out the task before them. But that was somewhat necessary for a bondage dungeon. It couldn’t be too luxurious. Lily and Byron learned long ago that certain places needed to be uncomfortable in order to set the right mood – relatively speaking.

This particular bondage dungeon was known for going the extra mile. It was an invite-only club that catered exclusively to those seeking a fully immersive BDSM experience. The people who ran it weren’t just ordinary enthusiasts. They were professionals, on par with licensed therapists. Whether they worked in bondage, submission, fetishism, or role playing, the patrons of this dungeon could rest assure that they only dealt with the best of the best from the BDSM world.

Standing side-by-side, they exchanged glances as Mistress gripped her whip and paced before them.

This middle-aged woman carried herself as someone who ate, slept, and breathed BDSM. Her attire consisted entirely of high-quality black leather, all of which had been custom fitted to high her toned, athletic body like a second skin. It included thigh-high stiletto boots, matching black gloves that ran halfway up her arm, a black corset that had a cutout for her large breasts, and crotchless panties that displayed her vagina, even in poor lighting.

But the most distinguishing feature of Mistress Vinetra’s attire was her mask, which covered her head and half her face. She’d boasted before that she made it herself, customizing it for her head and embroidering it with a unique array of symbols. It was her most distinguishing piece and she wore it like a crown. And within this chamber that she had set up, she was queen.

“I know why you’re here again,” she said, still pacing and grasping the whip. “You need another lesson in Mistress Vinetra’s discipline. Tell me I’m right!”

“Yes! You are right, Mistress,” Byron said quickly.

“I supposed I shouldn’t be too surprised. You mutts are so pathetic and inept. You can’t handle yourselves. You need my forceful hand to guide you. Tell me I’m right!”

“You’re right, Mistress!” Lily said, just as quickly.

The domineering woman just shook her head and sneered. She then turned towards Lily and pointe the tip of her whip at her face, aiming it right between her eyes.

“You’re lucky I’m a merciful mistress,” she told them, her voice both menacing and oddly lurid. “You come into my domain. You pay handsomely to lock yourself in this chamber. I can and will guide you. But you must exercise complete obedience. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress Vinetra!” said Lily and Byron like loyal soldiers.

“Louder!” she barked.

“YES, MISTRESS VINETRA!” they shouted.

Responding so loudly and obediently took Lily back to boarding school. Obeying authority and following rules had been a constant in her life since she was a child. She’d grown up in a strict religious household. Her father was an accomplished businessman and her mother was principle at a prestigious private school. They’d made it clear to her and her four siblings at a young age. There were a lengthy list of rules that they were expected to follow. Breaking or undermining those rules usually resulted in immediate and strict punishments.

Her husband’s upbringing was very similar. His parents both came from military backgrounds. His father was an accomplished officer in the navy and his mother ran a successful veterans charity. Like her parents, they sent Byron to military school so that he could understand and appreciate the value of discipline. It made him a very stern, regimented person by nature. It ultimately served him well during his time in the marines.

Throughout their respective lives, she and Byron exercised great discipline. Even when they started dating, having met during a military parade, they followed a strict regimen. They would even go so far as to time their dates by the hour. And when they got married, they demanded the ceremony start exactly at noon, much to the chagrin of their less disciplined relatives.

While that discipline had served them well for much of their lives, they quickly learned it had been a hindrance on their sex life. They realized during their honeymoon that intimacy, even among married couples, didn’t have as many strict rules. It led to many failed efforts and awkward nights. For a time, she and Byron had been at a loss.

Then, they discovered the lurid world of BDSM. And shortly afterwards, they met Mistress Vinetra.

“Glad we understand each other,” the leather-clad woman said coldly. “Now, let the guidance begin. Take off your clothes!”

Lily and Byron couldn’t comply fast enough. They both stripped down with an urgency that wasn’t the least bit sensual. But in shedding their clothes before this woman and within this domain, something already awoke within them.

They usually did a good job at hiding it, but not tonight. Lily could sense the intensity in her husband’s breathing as he unbuttoned his shirt quickly, undid his pants, and took them off along with his underwear. Being told what to do in such a clear, direct manner often got him energized – nut unlike his days at boot camp. But this time, that energy had a sexual component.

“All of it!” Mistress Vinetra barked. “Take it all off!”

They stripped faster. And when she slapped the whip in her hand, it got Lily going too – reminding her of the nuns and priests who ran her old boarding school. She was already down to her bra and panties, breathing heavily like her husband every step of the way. Upon removing her bra and slipping out of her panties, she felt that same energy. And it had an effect on her.

“Damn. I’m already getting wet,” Lily said under her breath.

“What was that?” the imposing woman yelled.

“Nothing! Nothing at all, Mistress!” she said meekly before stepping out of her panties.

Now fully naked, alongside her husband, she stood at attention before Mistress Vinetra. Instinctively, she used her hands to cover parts of her nakedness. It was a standard reflex for a woman who’d grown up in such a strict, conservative home.

But Mistress Vinetra was having none of that. She used the whip to slap her arms from afar, forcing her to keep her hands by her sides.

“Hey! Don’t you dare cover up!” she said sternly. “Your tits, your pussy, and everything in between should be completely exposed.”

She then turned the whip towards Byron, who was equally inclined to cover his exposed genitals. But he quickly refrained.

“The same goes for your dick and balls!” she said to him. “Be ashamed of your bodies on your own time. In my chamber, you get naked and you don’t hide it! Those are my rules. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Vinetra!” they both shouted in response.

At this point, she and Byron were more focused. Within this woman’s chamber, everything was so ordered and strict. But some of her rules clashed directly with other rules she had followed all her life. Modesty had always been a big deal in her family. Lily used to be so self-conscious that she wouldn’t even undress in front of other girls at school during gym class. Even after their wedding, just getting undressed in front of her husband had been challenging.

Now, here she was, bare-ass naked in a BDSM dungeon with a husband who was so reserved he avoided women in bikinis. But instead of shame and self-consciousness, she felt something else. She felt aroused – energized by the notion that this chamber operated under different set of rules, but rules that were still very strict.

“You feel it already, don’t you?” the leather-clad woman said, pointing the tip of her whip at their genitals. “The power of my authority – it’s making you hot and horny like pigs in heat.”

Lily opened her mouth to respond, but then her mistress pointed the whip towards her mouth to silence her. Byron bit his lip too and kept standing at attention. But that was no longer the only thing at attention.

“Your dick is getting hard. Your pussy is getting wet,” the imposing woman said, putting her whip at their lower bodies. “You don’t just demand my authority. You crave it!”

She and Byron remained silent, standing still like soldiers in front of a drill sergeant. They kept breathing heavily, their hearts racing as they faced Mistress Vinetra’s imposing glare. The energy and tension of the room escalated as she began pacing before them, casually slapping her whip into her hand. More and more, it became sexually charged. It was as though their bodies didn’t know the difference between sexual arousal and harsh discipline.

Those blurred lines were the key to the experience they sought. She and Byron learned early in their exploration of BDSM that many kinds emerged when the lines between ordinary arousal and sexual arousal became obscure. Finding and focusing on those lines had been a challenge. But Mistress Vinetra helped them in that journey. For that reason, among many others, she had their trust, as well as their total obedience.

“There are so many ways I could use that to humiliate you,” Mistress Vinetra said. “I could degrade and hurt you in ways you can’t imagine. And in my chamber, there’s nothing you could do to stop me.”

That was meant to scare them. She even moved in closer, so much so that Lily could smell her overpriced perfume and imported black lipstick. Most rational people would’ve been terrified or put off, at the very least.

Instead, it just made her and Byron even hornier. Byron was already semi-erect. Lily still didn’t know if that was because of or in spite of his lifetime of sexual reservations.

“But lucky for you dirty mutts, I’m understanding as well as merciful,” Mistress Vinetra said in a more measured tone. “And in order to properly guide you, I’ll need the right tools.”

A lascivious grin crept across her face, evoking even more excitement between her and Byron. Still gripping her whip, the leather-clad woman slipped off to the side towards a large black cabinet stood against the wall. It resembled an old dresser, common to master bedrooms. When she opened the double doors, they heard her rummage through what sounded like an old toolbox. But they couldn’t see what she was getting.

“Eyes forward! Don’t you dare peak!” she barked from behind the doors.

Their heads snapped back into their previous position, their arms tensing as they continued standing like soldiers, still fully nude and awaiting orders. Mistress Vinetra kept sifting through her tools. The sound of metal and plastic objects clanking together filled the chamber. For all they knew, she was doing it on purpose. This was just her way of building the tension even more.

Even if it was, Lily and Byron didn’t dare question her. They just waited patiently until she emerged from behind the cabinet with a small bag of objects in hand. Lily was tempted to peak over to see what they were, but resisted that temptation in the name of respecting her Mistress’ rules.

“You! Bitch in heat!” Mistress Vinetra said, directing her voice towards Lily. “Present your hands and wrists to me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Lily said quickly.

That obedient response earned her a quick swat on her buttocks by the whip.

“I don’t remember telling you to talk!” she spat. “That was a warning. Consider it the last warning I give!”

Lily’s lips quivered, but she remained silent. The part of her butt where the whip struck really stung. Mistress Vinetra had surprising strength for a woman of her stature. But that sting didn’t just dissuade her from saying anything else. It added to her arousal.

She could already feel it between her legs, the folds of her womanhood becoming wet and engorged. Given her conservative upbringing, this kind of arousal was so taboo and forbidden. Good, upstanding woman weren’t supposed to get this horny, even around their husbands. It was so wrong by every standard she had ever learned, but it felt so right on a much deeper level.

Even as she tried and failed to hide her arousal, Lily did as her mistress asked. She placed her wrists together and presented them to her mistress, as if she were being arrested. Almost immediately, she felt the older woman grab her wrists and secure them with handcuffs. They were not the cheap, toy variety either. These were real. They were meant to retrain those who didn’t want to be restrained.

“You are bound in my lair, bitch,” Mistress Vinetra said right to her face, employing a deeply lurid voice. “Now, come with me. Make your way to the Submission Rack. Say you’ll follow me!”

“I will follow you, Mistress,” Lily said without hesitation.

Her voice was meek, but a touch of excitement had entered her tone. It even showed as Mistress Vinetra pulled hard on her wrists to guide her into the chamber, drawing her towards the special setup in the back of the room. Usually, that was where beds were placed, often with special attachments for BDSM tool. But this time, their mistress had ditched the bed entirely and opted for a modified table.

It looked like a standard massage table, not unlike those found in massage parlors. But this one had some modifications made to it, most likely by Mistress Vinetra herself. There were special straps around the legs and a few extra latches along the side. It looked like a piece of furniture that had been specifically designed for BDSM. It was a testament to their mistress’ expertise.

“Bend over!” Mistress Vinetra demanded the moment they arrived.

This time, she didn’t wait for her to comply. The older woman shoved her against the table and pushed her down, her breasts and torso now pressing against the cold black leather of the rack. It caused immediate discomfort, especially with her nipples. But Lily didn’t dare protest.

While she processed this new discomfort, Mistress Vinetra worked quickly. She grabbed Lily’s bound wrists and pulled them towards a special latch that had been installed on the side of the table. That latch included a small, but sturdy chain lock. Upon opening it, she interlocked it with the center of Lily’s cuffs. It left her effectively bound to the table – totally prone, completely naked, and with no means of escape.

“Now, you’re completely at my mercy,” Mistress Vinetra said, leering over her with a perverse sneer. “First, I secured your obedience. Now, I have your body. And I can do anything I want to it!”

To further belabor her point, she took her whip and swatted Lily’s butt again. She managed to hit the same area she’d struck earlier, which already had already turned slightly red. Lily let out a sharp wince, unable to shut out the pain completely.

“Ungh! That…really stings,” she groaned.

“Silence!” the older woman spat.

More harsh swats followed. The sound of hard leather smacking exposed skin filled the chamber. Lily winced and groaned, biting her lip to stop herself from saying anything else. But at one point, her groans shifted into something other than pain.

It was happening again. That line between pain and pleasure was starting to blur. She’d learned how to walk that line since she and Byron began exploring BDSM. In time, she thought she knew how to navigate it. But Mistress Vinetra had a talent for blurring it even more. She must have uncovered something new because Lily didn’t remember getting this horny last time. Even her mistress noticed.

“Still so wet, like an animal in heat,” Mistress Vinetra noted, her gaze turning towards her groin. “Pathetic, but predictable.”

She taunted her even more, grazing the tip of her whip over the outer flesh of her vulva. That triggered an unexpected twinge of pleasure to counter the lingering sting from her ass. It sent her deeper into this state of intense desire. She couldn’t see her husband from her prone position, but she could feel his hungry eyes on him.

Were Mistress Vinetra not in total control, he would’ve pounced on her like an animal as well. But, being the good soldier he was, he just stood back and watched their mistress work. While Lily entered this new state, their mistress retrieved another tool from her arsenal. It was a mid-sized ball gag. And she didn’t even wait for Lily to react. She just grabbed her by the jaw, pulled her up, and shoved the ball gag in it before securing it.

“Mmf!” was all she got out.

“There!” Mistress Vinetra said. “I was going to let you use your mouth. But you insisted on disobeying. And in my chamber, there are consequences for disobedience.”

The older woman roughly shoved Lily’s her head aside. It was a harsh gesture, but it got the point across. She wasn’t just supposed to obey. She was supposed to feel the consequences for disobeying.

That simple, stern dynamic had guided her life since childhood. Lily had followed it and respected it, more so than most. It never took on a sexual component. But once those lines got blurred, it took her body and her mind into uncharted territory. She went from embracing this kind of discipline to craving it.

With her hands cuffed, her mouth gagged, and her naked body completely prone, Lily had been thoroughly disciplined by Mistress Vinetra. The older woman proceeded to tease parts of her back and buttocks with the tip of her whip, admiring her handiwork as she made her way around the table.

Finally, she turned her attention back to Byron, who was still standing at attention like a soldier. He’d just watched another woman in a bondage costume bind, gag, and humiliate his wife. And, for reasons that only he and Lily understood, it left him very aroused.

“I see there are other consequences in play,” Mistress Vinetra said with a smirk. “Did watching me bind your wife make your dick hard? Answer me!”

“Yes, Mistress. It did,” Byron said, responding as though he were talking to his old marine drill sergeant.

“Does it make you want to fuck her?” she asked, now pointing the tip of the whip at his hardened penis. “Answer!”

“Yes, Mistress! It does,” he said, this time louder than before.

Mistress Vinetra moved in closer, casting Byron a lurid leer. She got in so close that he could smell her perfume. From there, she reached down with her gloved hand and grasped his penis. He winced at her firm grip. She then squeezed it while trailing the tip of the whip over the sinews of his upper body. Even from across the room, Lily could hear her husband let out a sexually charged gasp.

He was too disciplined to admit it, but he wanted her. He wanted her so badly. But a lifetime of rules, regiments, and restraint kept him from just unleashing his desires upon her. A man like Byron needed a push. And Mistress Vinetra would do more than just push.

“Then, here’s what you’re going to do,” she said firmly. “First, you’ll your hands behind your back. Then, I’m going to cuff you, just like I did your wife. Tell me you understand!”

“I understand,” Byron said obediently.

He then did as she asked, dutifully placing his hands behind his back like a prisoner waiting for his shackles. Mistress Vinetra only offered him the slightest look of approval before slipping behind him, retrieving another pair of cuffs, and securing his wrists. Even though he was younger, taller, and fitter, he was completely at her mercy. Something about that got them both more excited.

“Second, you’re going to walk up to your bound and gagged wife,” Mistress Vinetra continued, “and you’re going to fuck her. You’re going to fuck her hard and raw. And if you don’t fuck her with the vigor I demand, you will be punished. Is that clear? Answer!”

“Yes, Mistress! It’s clear…very clear,” Byron said, his voice brimming with anticipation.

“Very good,” she said. “There is a third act. But I’ll reveal that at a later time of my choosing. For now, get moving!”

To further belabor her point, she used her whip to swat Byron’s butt. Lily could tell from the sound it made that she struck him a lot harder than she had her. It wasn’t just that Byron was a trained marine used to pain and discomfort. He was just the kind of man who got more motivated when extra force was applied.

The trained soldier moved quickly, scurrying across the room with his hand still bound behind his back. Mistress Vinetra followed him closely, still using the whip to swat his butt and lower back. That kept the motivating going.

“Faster!” the older woman barked. “Get over there, your horny dog! You’ve got a bitch in heat who needs your cock!”

Byron didn’t say a word. He just winced and grunted as he rushed over to his bound wife, his hardened penis tensing and bouncing as he approached.

By the time he arrived, he was already short of breath. But it wasn’t due to the simple exertion of being rushed by a woman with a whip. Lily could hear him seething with lust as he stood over her naked body, her round buttocks presented before her as she lay bound and gagged. Despite her state, her arousal hadn’t waned. She was still very wet and aroused. She even wiggled her hips a bit, as if to urge him to enter her.

“Mmf!” Lily moaned through the gag, her lust showing in her tone.

“Silence!” Mistress Vinetra shouted, swatting her back with her whip. “Save your whimpering moans for the ravaging that awaits you!”

The sting of the whip and her burning arousal further blurred the intimate lines. Lily looked back briefly, seeing her husband gaze at her with such intensity and desire. The mask of discipline had finally slipped. He was finally revealing how much he wanted her. It sent Lily deeper into a sexual state. She really felt like a dog in heat, just like her Mistress described.

“Plant your feet. Angle your hips!” Mistress Vinetra demanded. “Put that cock of yours right up against her juicy cunt!”

Byron did as he was told, as he always did. Even someone of his fit stature trembled under her harsh orders. Lily could feel it as the tip rubbed up against her wet folds. The tension and energy of the chamber was overwhelming. Her heart raced so fast that every sense became heightened. She had never wanted a simple physical act so much before.

But neither she nor Byron dared act without Mistress Vientra’s orders. What happened next was completely at the whim of their Mistress. She seemed to delight in their inability to act without her, even at their most aroused. But despite their total submission to her whim, she didn’t torment them with anticipation.

“Now, fuck! Fuck like the runts you are!” Mistress Vinetra exclaimed.

She delivered one final swat of her whip on Byron’s buttocks. It was, by far, the hardest and loudest yet. Like a reflex, he thrust his hips forward. In doing so, he entered Lily’s vagina with his cock. Hard, rigid flesh penetrated soft, moist depths. A sharp surge of sensations flowed through them, the hot feeling of sexual entwinement consuming them both.

That powerful feeling removed all remaining limits. From there, all the discipline and restraint that Byron had exercised for years vanished. Like a animal finally released from its cage, he began fucking her. It was not the tender, gentle lovemaking they’d attempted on their honeymoon. It was fucking, plain and simple. And all Lily could do was brace herself as her husband unleashed the full extent of his desires.

“Lily…” he gasped, his voice weak with lust.

“Silence!” yelled Mistress Vinetra. “Less talking. More fucking!”

She swatted his ass several times with her whip, which got Byron humping harder and faster. He grit his teeth and seethed with greater exertion, thrusting his hips back and forth at a vigorous pace. Heavy grunts and groans followed. Lily’s naked body rocked in accord with every thrust, her skin grinding hard against the leather of the table. Due to the shackles and the gag, there wasn’t much she could say or do. She just took it, her body absorbing all this hot sex.

And it felt good.

It felt really, really good.

The idea of sex feeling so good was hardly radical. But it had been so taboo for her entire life. Neither she nor Byron knew how to make it feel this good, even after they got married. There was nobody to give orders, set rules, or explain the process. But in the end, they didn’t need advice. They needed a harsh, capable expert in BDSM to bark orders.

“Yes! That’s it! That’s how you do it!” Mistress Vinetra exclaimed. “That’s how obedient mutts fuck!”

Standing right by the table, she watched intently as Byron fucked Lily with great tenacity. She occasionally swatted his butt with the whip, ensuring he maintained that vigorous pace. She also slipped the tip just under the table and rubbed it against Lily’s crotch. Somehow, she managed to rub it right up against her swollen clitoris – a remarkable feat, given how Lily hadn’t been educated much on that part of female anatomy.

“Mmm!” Lily moaned, the effect of the pleasure echoing through her gag.

“What’s the matter, bitch? Has nobody ever rubbed your clit before?” her mistress laughed.

She said that knowing full-well that Lily had gone to a religious school. The quality of their sex education was questionable at best. And their understanding of what made for great sex was non-existent, especially for women. They’d given Lily the impression that women weren’t supposed to enjoy sex. Mistress Vinetra had long since allayed her of that opinion.

Lily dared to enjoy every savory moment of this decadent act. With each movement, Byron’s pelvis smacked against her buttocks. The sound of their flesh colliding filled the chamber with litany lewd noises. Those same noises seemed to drive Byron to not hold back – to fully embrace, with her, their primal want for sex. It was so visceral that Lily could hear her husband’s flesh sloshing inside her.

To a girl raised in such a strict, religious upbringing, it was obscene.

But to that same girl, who had awakened her sexual side in unexpected ways, it was nothing short of exhilarating.

To a girl raised in that environment, it took her to new sexual heights. And between the heavy humping of her powerful husband and the skilled teasing of her clit by Mistress Vinetra, Lily soon found herself on the cusp of orgasm. The look on her face – eyes dazed, expression tensing, and a bit of drool dripping down her lip – made it very obvious.

“Ha! You’re about to come. Aren’t you, bitch?” Mistress Vinetra taunted.

“Mmf!” she answered, the tone doing plenty to get the message across.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she laughed. “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. A mutt like you – pretending to be so pure and innocent – you’re always the horniest bitches!”

She pressed the tip of her whip against her crotch even harder, adding enough pressure to push Lily past the point of no return. There was no stopping it now. She was going to climax.

“Very well,” Mistress Vinetra sighed, as though it were the most mundane thing in the world. “Go ahead. Come! Come like the horny bitch you are!”

Lily, having the blessing of her mistress along with her husband’s relentless ravaging, clenched her fists and braced for the approaching orgasmic rush. Her body trembled in its bound state, arching back and tugging at her restraints. Her movements were so intense that Byron had to slow his movements, almost losing his balance as she writhed before him.

Then, she felt it. Her hips bucked, her vaginal muscles contracted, and her expression twitched erratically. A long, hot rush of pleasure washed over her, consuming her from the inside out with ecstasy.


Mistress Vinetra just laughed while Byron steadied his hips, watching as his wife achieved climax. It must have been quite a sight because Lily could feel his gaze on her. She learned early on in their sex life that she was very animated when she had an orgasm. Mistress Vinetra once joked it was a product of having denied herself such pleasure for most of her life. But in the heat of such a moment, it was no laughing matter.

“Now, that is the look of a sex crazed slut,” Mistress Vinetra laughed, pointing her whip right at her face.

Lily barely heard those words. That didn’t make them any less true. She probably looked like a full-blown nymphomaniac, dazed by the basic pleasures of such a basic act. She could even feel Byron gaze on her, astonished that a woman who was so modest most of the time could be so sexual. He would never say it out loud, but that drove him wild with a special kind of passion.

He’d slowed his thrusts to a steady grind, just enjoying the hot throbbing sensation around his cock while she climaxed. Mistress Vinetra kept laughing, using her whip to push her head up by her chin so that she could not hide her expression. As the orgasmic rush neared its completion, the leather clad woman leaned in so that her face was all Lily saw.

“You see? That’s what you get for following the rules,” she said sternly. “Submit to me and achieve the utmost pleasure. Do you understand?”

“Mmhmm,” Lily managed to say through her gag.

“Good, you horny bitch. But don’t think you’re done for a second,” she said, grabbing her chin with her gloved hand. “You got yours. Now, your horny hubby is going to get his…even if it means treating you like his own personal fuck toy.”

Lily was still in a post-orgasm daze, her brain unable to process the extent of her words. Mistress Vinetra didn’t wait for her to catch up. She was already exercising her authority, slipping around to the other end of the table. Byron could only watch on, his desire for sex still going strong.

Their mistress worked quickly. She undid the shackles that kept Lily’s cuffed wrists bound to the table. That finally allowed her some extra movement. But it didn’t last long. Her wrists stayed bound and Mistress Vinetra didn’t give her time to change that.

“Turn over!” she demanded. “On your back! Hands above your head!”

Lily complied as though it were a reflex. In her daze, her body seemed to move with little forethought. But she didn’t resist. She didn’t even try to remove the ball gag from her mouth.

Before she knew it, Lily was lying flat on her back atop the table. She could now see Byron standing over her, still breathing heavily with a fully erect dick. She then felt Mistress Vinetra pull her wrists back so that they were over her head. From there, she secured them to the side of the table with another strategically placed shackle.

It once again left her bound and prone, completely at the mercy of both her husband and her mistress. She had no further say from here on out. She was just a woman in full submission, ready to fulfill her role in this intimate act.

“There!” Mistress Vinetra said upon securing her wrists. “Now, you’re going to lay there, spread your legs, and watch your husband fuck you. And he’s going to keep fucking you until he comes. Is that clear, Mr. Hubby?”

“Yes, Mistress. It’s clear,” said Byron.

“And she’s gonna take it! She’s gonna take it all!”

She said that last part right into her ear, as if to allay any doubts as to how this would play out. Lily, still reeling from her orgasm, had none to begin with. Without offering a muffled moan in acknowledgement, she just spread her legs as wide as she could. It was her way of telling her husband that she understood.

She was giving herself to him.

She was giving herself over to this feeling and this role.

He’d done his part. Now, she was doing hers.

“What are you waiting for?” yelled Mistress Vinetra. “Do it! Fuck her!”

Byron answered only with a deep, masculine grunt. He then locked eyes with her, maneuvered himself between her legs, and guided his penis back into her dripping wet vagina. His hands were still bound behind his back, but that didn’t hinder him in the slightest. That still didn’t stop Mistress Vinetra swatting his torso with her whip. Even a good soldier needed prodding.

“That’s it! Now, start humping!” she told him. “Work that cock! Get it in nice and deep!”

Byron answered with another grunt, his gaze intensifying even more. It was enough to make Lily hot with passion all over again. It led her to spread her legs wider, bend her knees back, and offer him plenty of room to work with.

Once he entered her, he resumed their heated sex. Back and forth, Byron worked his hips with greater urgency. At this point, he wasn’t just obeying his Mistress. He longed for a release of his own. Lily could see it in his face – the subtle strain that revealed the desperate desire. Sweat had formed on his brow and his member throbbed harder with each successive thrust.

“Harder! Faster!” Mistress Vinetra demanded, swatting his butt with the whip. “I know you wanna come. You wanna come so bad, don’t you?”

“Yes…I do,” Byron grunted.

“Say it again! I can’t hear you!”

“I said yes! I do!”

“Say to your wife! Tell her what you want to do to her!”

“I want to fuck you! I want to come! I want it…so much!”

His words were so blunt and vulgar. These were never words he dared utter outside this room. Even during their honeymoon, they never spoke in such profane ways. Even when the desire was present, the guidance was not. Just telling one another what they wanted sexually just never came easy.

But Mistress Vinetra made it easy.

She made it clear and blunt, even if it often meant being profane and vulgar.

Crude language aside, it got the point across. And it quickly got Byron to the brink of orgasm. Harder and faster, he humped her with greater urgency. Lily even encouraged him with her eyes, telling him with her dazed glance that she wanted this. She wanted him to share in the same pleasure that she’d just experienced.

Finally, Byron reached that special summit. He crossed that point of no return.

“I’m…coming!” he exclaimed.

“Yes! Do it! Empty your balls! Fill her with your cum!” Mistress Vinetra seethed.

What unfolded next was almost as theatrical as the display Lily had put on earlier. Byron, his feet planted firmly on the floor, bent his knees and leaned over for extra leverage. From there, he delivered a few more targeted thrusts before pushing his member into her deepest depths before the feeling washed over him.

When it hit, he let out a long, masculine moan that echoed throughout the chamber. Lily had come to love that sound. Along with that moan came that hot, intimate feeling inside her as he released his pent-up load of sexual fluids. It was an incredible feeling, his juices mixing with hers inside her depths. And as he leaned over more, his imposing body trembled at the waves of pleasure that followed.

“Such a strong, obedient stud,” Mistress Vinetra commented. “That’s how you really fuck!”

A smug, but satisfied grin formed on the older woman’s face. But neither Lily nor Byron noticed it. For once, their mistress’ attention was not their concern.

 Through his blissful rush, Byron never diverted his gaze from her. And Lily never diverted her gaze from him. Even in this lurid situation – this chamber within a BDSM dungeon that they had willingly entered – their love found a way to entwine with their lust.

It was something they only ever achieved in places like this, a complete submission to this powerful feeling. A lifetime of obedience, modesty, and repression had left them so ill-equipped to navigate sex. But with the help of Mistress Vinetra, they didn’t just embrace the greater pleasures of this act. Their love, as well as their fondness for rules and order, became stronger.

“Well done, you horny mutts. You entered my domain. You followed my rules. And you achieved what we sought,” their mistress said sternly as she set aside her whip and went around to undo their cuffs. “Just remember that submission isn’t just about rules. It’s about dedication. You’re both clearly dedicated to following the right rules. Stick your mistress and you’ll be the most loving, dedicated, sex-crazed mutts you strive to be.”

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Sexy Short Story: Just Because

The following is a sexy short story about two people celebrating their love, just because. Enjoy!

He came home that night from a long day at work, not expecting much. It had been just another ordinary day for Jay Grissom. He’d woken up early, gone for a short jog, made himself some coffee, and left the house for his office at the consulting firm he’d worked at for five years now. Jay had been so casual in his routine that he barely spoke to his wife of seven years, Sadie Sonya, when they met up in the kitchen.

She was still tired and groggy, wearing a robe and checking her work emails. She clearly wasn’t expecting much from work that day, either. Being a dental hygienist, Sadie’s routine was just as typical.

There were no major events scheduled for that week.

There were no major holidays coming soon.

There weren’t even any major milestones, be they birthdays, anniversaries, or historic dates.

But that only made what Jay saw when he got home all the more special.

“My God,” was all he could say.

“Just the reaction I was hoping for,” Sadie laughed.

It was something out right out of a steamy romance novel or a dirty movie. Sadie had closed the blinds, rearranged the furniture, and set up an inflatable air mattress just in front of the fireplace. On the coffee table and TV stand, she placed an elaborate array of electric candles. She’d also placed special red cloths over each lamp, bathing the entire living room in an erotic red hue.

But at the center of it all was Sadie herself. She’d once again raided the sexy draw in their dresser, breaking out the see-through lingerie and matching thong underwear she knew he loved. She’d also placed rose petals over the inflated bed with special bottles of exotic lotion nearby. It left little ambiguity as to what she intended for them this evening.

“I know it’s late. I know you’re tired, sore, and restless,” she said in the sweetest, sexiest tone he’d ever heard. “But I still want to do this.”

“Why? What’s the occasion?” Jay asked, still flabbergasted by the sight before him.

“No occasion. No reason. Just because,” Sadie answered.

A wide, beaming grin formed on his face. It was the perfect response that fully encapsulated why he’d fallen in love with this woman.

Sadie mirrored that grin as she rose from the inflatable mattress, approached him while sensually swaying her hips with every side, and welcomed him home with a deep, affectionate kiss. While Jay savored the taste of her sweet lips, she helped him out of his clothes. The overpriced suit he’d worn that day came off quickly. Sadie had gotten quite adept at undoing the buttons, belt, and tie his work required him to wear. Jay didn’t even mind that she was overly casual in tossing it aside into a pile on the floor, knowing fully that they would get wrinkled, dirty, and in need of a trip to the dry cleaners.

It was all worth it. Because it meant he could feel Sadie’s soft hands on his naked skin.

By the time she pulled down his boxers, they were already making their way back to the inflatable bed. Their kissing became more fervent – lips meshing harder as tongues hungrily twirled. By the time he laid her down, he’d removed her lingerie to reveal her ample breasts. Even though they had been clearly visible through the thin fabric, it still felt so good – feeling her fleshy mounds with both hands. It earned Jay a soft purr from his beautiful wife.

“Mmm…you’re not as tired as I thought,” Sadie said playfully.

“I thought I was too,” Jay said. “Not anymore!”

They laughed together as they embraced a more playful spirit. In short order, he and Sadie were making out atop the inflatable mattress like a couple of horny teenagers. As their kissing became messier and more heated, they let their hands roam freely – touching and caressing naked skin wherever they found it.

Jay knew his wife’s feminine contours so well, right down to that small part of her neck that made her giggle like a schoolgirl. And she knew his special spots too, including that little spot on his lower back that sent delightful shivers up from his core. It was targeted foreplay at its finest, stoking the passion they shared, as well as the growing desire to make love.

But Sadie had never been one to make elaborate plans without seeing them through. When it came to satiating such shared desire, she always went the extra mile.

“Lie down on your stomach,” Sadie whispered seductively.

Jay couldn’t oblige fast enough. What heathy, heterosexual male could? This was how Sadie further stoked their love and desire. And she was damn good at it.

As soon as he was on his stomach, she reached for the bottles of lotion. Upon opening one, the sweet scent of citrus and lilac filled the room. That was one of Jay’s favorite scents. The fact Sadie knew that was just another testament to her dedication as his wife and his lover.

Still playful, as well as seductive, she applied a sizable amount of lotion onto his back and shoulders. Some of it got onto the mattress, but there was little concern about messing it up. It wouldn’t have been the first time they’d stained a mattress with the products of their sex lives. Once applied, she set the bottle aside and proceeded to give him soft, but thorough massage.

“You’re tense,” Sadie commented, “and not just because you’re horny.”

“It was…a long day,” Jay said in between content gasps.

“Any particular reason why?”

“None that matter right now,” he answered.

Sadie fell silent, but Jay could still feel her seductive grin on him. She became more focused and bold in her touching, paying special attention to the area between his shoulder blades and his lower back. It was so relaxing and soothing while also being undeniably sexy. Certain parts of his body relaxed while others tensed. It felt so good – so much so that a part of his brain urged him to just roll over, take Sadie in his arms, and make love to her on the spot.

But, as tempting as it seemed, Jay tempered those thoughts. Sadie was the kind of lover who enjoyed taking her time. It often tested a man’s restraint, but she always made sure to reward such patience.

“I had a long day too,” she said while rubbing his thighs with both hands. “It was a normal day, but it felt longer than usual. I was tempted to just fall asleep on the couch when I got home. But then I thought…why not do something needlessly sexy?”

“Just because?” Jay said, mirroring the same tone and verbiage from earlier.

“Just because,” she repeated.

They laughed playfully together. That encouraged Sadie even more. Still flat on his stomach, Sadie leaned over and began rubbing her breasts against his oiled up back. He could clearly feel her hardened nipples grazing over his sinews. That was as clear a sign as any that his wife was very horny. And even her restraint had limits.

“Roll over,” she whispered into his ear, her voice both seductive and urgent.

Jay did so eagerly. While he shifted his body, Sadie eagerly slipped off her panties. How or why they’d stayed on for so long was beyond him. But once they were off, she threw them across the room with little care of where they landed. Now as naked as him – her arousal matching him, as well – she mounted him in preparation for their sex.

No words were said.

None were necessary.

Sadie told him everything he needed to know with her eyes. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. She loved him with as much passion he loved her. And she sought to turn that love into a real, tangible act that they could share together. Jay sought the same thing. It was merely a matter of letting their bodies follow their desire.

It all culminated in a perfect uniting of their flesh. Once aligned – her knees planted at his side and his pelvis angled with hers – it happened. A careful movement of her hips, combined with a light thrust of his, and he entered her. And from there, their lovemaking commenced.

“Sadie…” Jay gasped.

His beautiful wife just shot him another beaming smile, taking his hands in hers and squeezing them tight as she proceeded to ride him. Hot, sensual sensations followed, evoking a frenzied mix of gasps and grunts. The hot, tight feeling of her womanly flesh slithering smoothly over his manly length consumed them both. It felt so wonderfully intoxicating. And it was a feeling they savored together.

“Oh Jay!” Sadie moaned.

Squeezing his hands harder, the pace of their sex escalated. Heightened passions fueled greater exertion, their naked bodies rocking and undulating to the steady rhythm of their love. The air mattress under them got quite slippery, but it did little to temper their passion. If anything, the slippery surface helped them have more fun with this intimate act.

Joyous laughter soon mixed in with the typical gasps and grunts of sex. Jay eventually took a more active role, embracing her and pulling her into a deeper embrace as she rode him. She somehow managed to keep those skilled hips of hers bouncing, even as she kissed his lips and pawed his chest. Jay made sure to supplement each movement, thrusting upwards with his hips and using his arm strength to help guide every movement.

They soon struck a solid balance – making love with an intensity that didn’t exhaust their passion too quickly, nor did it unfold too slowly as to temper the desire. Once they found that balance, they began making love in various positions atop the air mattress. Jay got on top for a while, allowing Sadie to catch her breath for a bit. They also spooned while he poured some of the lotion on her, allowing their naked bodies to grind more intimately and sensually.

It was the kind of balance only a couple of experienced lovers could achieve – the kinds of lovers who didn’t need holidays, anniversaries, or birthdays to enjoy some overly elaborate lovemaking.

Jay and Sadie knew the breadth and limits of such passions. They also knew what it took to follow those passions to their inevitable peak. Getting Sadie to the brink took some effort. She once even joked that few lovers had been willing to put in such effort. But Jay was plenty willing. And after being married for seven years, it was practically a reflex.

“I’m close!” she gasped. “I’m so…so close!”

“Me too…my darling,” Jay said through labored breaths.

She was on top of him again, riding him cowgirl while leaning over him with their eyes locked in an impassioned gaze. Jay kept a firm grip on her hips while she clung to his shoulders, bracing herself for the oncoming rush of ecstasy.

When it hit, Jay watched with delight as her face contorted into that distinct orgasmic expression. He then grinned widely and held her close as she tensed and contorted to the blissful release. Sadie was always so theatrical when she climaxed, her hips tensing and her back contorting in such a distinct way. She also let out these adorable squeals of joy that filled the room. And no matter how many times he heard it, Jay never got tired of that sound.

But even as his love enjoyed her orgasm, she kept moving and working her hips – eager to ensure he got to share in the ecstasy. It took extra effort and concentration on her part. But for him, she was always willing to go the extra mile for him. The end result was a uniquely satisfying climax with the woman he loved.

“Ohhh God!” Jay gasped when he felt it.

Closing his eyes, he felt his mind and body ascend to that special domain of bliss. Hot sensations of pleasure coursed through his body in conjunction with his sexual release. Their flesh still entwined, his juices mixed with hers in a wondrous manifestation of their love. And as Jay soaked in this feeling, Sadie interlocked her fingers with his and held his hands close to her chest.

In doing so, he could feel her rapidly beating heart. It was like a beacon of their love – a testament to the intimate effort they’d shared. When Jay opened his eyes and looked up at his beautiful wife, he gave her hand a firm squeeze to further convey his love.

“I love you,” he said to her.

“I love you too,” Sadie said back said back.

He smiled at her and he smiled back. Their flesh parted and she laid on top of him. Now cuddled next to one another, they shared a soft kiss. It was still early in the evening and at some point, they were going to have to get cleaned up. But for now, Jay was content to just enjoy the afterglow with Sadie.

“You know…when I woke up this morning, I wasn’t expecting much out of this day.”

“Me neither,” she said. “We’ve had a lot of days like that lately.”

“But you just made it special…just because.”

“Well, when you love someone…that’s all the reason you need.”

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A Beautiful (Real) Love Story About How A Nun And A Monk Fell In Love

It’s easy to be cynical these days.

It’s easy to be downright fatalistic, at times.

I know I’ve been both, especially during the last election. In hindsight, I regret being so dire. That was not helpful to anyone and I sincerely apologize to those who felt my rhetoric was too dark.

In an effort to balance all the distressing, dire news that seems omnipresent, I’d like to share a rare, but beautiful story that I came across. It’s a real, actual love story involving two real living people. It’s not overly sordid. It’s just a genuinely sweet love story involving a monk and a nun who fell in love.

I admit that sounds like a plot from a romance movie or a cheesy novel that someone like me would probably read, but it’s actually something that happened. Robert was a Carmelite monk in Oxford and Lisa Tinkler was a Carmelite nun. They had chosen to dedicate their lives to this strict, religious order. They each had religious experiences in their youth and, by most accounts, took their vows seriously.

Then, they met. Sparks flew. The chemistry was subtle, but real. And ultimately, love did what it did and they eventually got married.

But don’t think for a second this cost them their faith. If anything, their faith was a big part of it. Even as someone who tends to be very critical of organized religion, I find that genuinely beautiful. They live a life that seems antithetical to finding true love, but they still found it. Even if you’re not a romantic, you can’t deny there’s something genuinely sweet in that.

There’s a lot more I could say about a story like this, but I’ll just this article from the BBC tell their story. If you’re still cynical after reading it, then you’re just being difficult.

BBC: The Nun and the Monk Who Fell in Love and Married

Twenty-four years after becoming a nun, it was a brief touch of the sleeve of a monk in the parlour of the convent in Preston, Lancashire, that changed everything for Sister Mary Elizabeth.

The prioress of the order had taken her to meet the friar Robert, who was visiting from a priory in Oxford, to see if he wanted anything to eat. But Sister Mary Elizabeth’s superior was called away to take a phone call, so the two were left alone.

“It was our first time in a room together. We sat at a table as he ate, and the prioress didn’t come back so I had to let him out.”

Sister Mary Elizabeth had lived a devout, austere and mostly silent life as a nun, spending most of her days in her “cell”. As she let Robert out of the door, she brushed his sleeve and says she felt something of a jolt.

Twenty-four years after becoming a nun, it was a brief touch of the sleeve of a monk in the parlour of the convent in Preston, Lancashire, that changed everything for Sister Mary Elizabeth.

The prioress of the order had taken her to meet the friar Robert, who was visiting from a priory in Oxford, to see if he wanted anything to eat. But Sister Mary Elizabeth’s superior was called away to take a phone call, so the two were left alone.

“It was our first time in a room together. We sat at a table as he ate, and the prioress didn’t come back so I had to let him out.”

Sister Mary Elizabeth had lived a devout, austere and mostly silent life as a nun, spending most of her days in her “cell”. As she let Robert out of the door, she brushed his sleeve and says she felt something of a jolt.

“I was a little bit shocked. I wore a veil so he never even saw my hair colour. He knew nothing about me really, nothing about my upbringing. He didn’t even know my worldly name,” she recalls.

Before entering the Carmelite order – an ancient order of the Roman Catholic church – at the age of 19, Sister Mary Elizabeth had been Lisa Tinkler, from Middlesbrough.

Though her parents had not been religious, an aunt’s pilgrimage to Lourdes awakened something in six-year-old Lisa, such that she asked her father to build an altar in her bedroom.

“I had a little statue of Our Lady on it and a little Lourdes water bottle. Actually, I thought it was the bottle that was holy and not the water – so I was just filling it from the tap and drinking the water,” she says.

Lisa would make her own way to one of the Roman Catholic churches in her home town and sit alone in the second pew – where she says she developed an overwhelming love for the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, and ultimately a feeling she had a vocation.

A weekend retreat at a monastery while she was still a teenager convinced her of her calling. The monastery was run by Carmelite nuns from an order that had origins in the 12th Century and where the life was particularly spartan, secluded and strict – but she decided that was precisely the life she wanted to lead.

Though Lisa had wanted to join immediately, her mother – who was troubled by her daughter’s decision – secretly wrote to the monastery to delay her departure for a few months, so Lisa could spend one more Christmas at home. She joined in the new year.

“From then I lived like a hermit. We had two recreation times a day, about half an hour, when we could speak, otherwise you were on your own in your cell. You never worked with anybody, always on your own,” she says.

Over the years, Sister Mary Elizabeth felt her vocabulary diminish as she had little more to talk about with the other nuns – who were all decades older than her – except the weather and the nature in the garden. She saw her mother four times a year through a grille.

“When I had my 21st birthday, my cake and my cards were all passed through the drawer. And when my nephew was born he was passed through a kind of turntable,” she chuckles, looking back on it all quite fondly.

She describes the way she felt her “interior world” open up as the outside world closed to her. There was a sense of feeling content and fulfilled. But, that day in the convent parlour, it all changed with the touch of a sleeve and a message asking if she would walk away from monastic life and get married.

Sister Mary Elizabeth didn’t give Robert an answer to his question and did not know what to do.

He may have known nothing about her, but she knew a little about him.

On his visits from Oxford to the Carmelite retreat centre in Preston he had occasionally come to say mass at the nearby monastery and Lisa had watched his sermons from behind a grille.

Through hearing his anecdotes as he preached, she got snippets of a life growing up in Silesia in Poland near the German border, and about a love of mountains. Though she says at the time it did not feel like it had a profound impact on her.

Now, suddenly, that had changed.

“I didn’t know what it feels like to be in love and I thought the sisters could see it in my face. So I became quite nervous. I could feel the change in me and that scared me,” she says.

Sister Mary Elizabeth eventually plucked up the courage to say to her prioress that she thought she had feelings for Robert, but the response she got was disbelief.

“She couldn’t understand how it had happened because we were in there 24/7 under her watch all the time. The prioress asked how I could have fallen in love with so little contact,” she says.

Sister Mary Elizabeth had imagined the reaction of her family, or of her bishop, if she left. She also wrestled over whether her relationship with God would change.

But the interaction with her superior caused her to do something uncharacteristically impetuous.

“The prioress was little bit snappy with me, so I put my pants and a toothbrush in a bag and I walked out, and I never went back as Sister Mary Elizabeth,” Lisa tells me now.

Robert had messaged her to say he was planning to visit Preston again that evening. This time, it was to meet a Carmelite friend for advice at a nearby pub, the first person from the order he had trusted to tell of his and Lisa’s predicament.

Lisa guessed they would be meeting at the Black Bull about a mile up the road, so that was where she decided to head.

But instead of it being a joyful moment, Lisa was thrown into deep turmoil that November night in 2015.

“The rain was lashing down as I was walking along the Garstang road. The traffic was coming towards me with bright headlights and I just thought ‘I could just finish this,'” she says, referring to a momentary suicidal thought.

“I was really struggling, I thought I should just stop this from happening and Robert could get on with his life. But I also wondered if he really meant what he said about getting married.”

But Lisa kept walking until she found herself on a Friday night drenched, without a coat, in her habit outside the Black Bull. She only plucked up the courage to go inside when she saw the monk inside through an open door.

“When I saw her, my heart stopped,” says Robert.

“But actually I was paralysed by fear not by joy, because I knew in that moment that I had to be entirely for Lisa, but I also knew we were not practically ready for that,” he says.

Robert had been a Carmelite friar for 13 years by this point. He was a thinker, academic and theologian who came to monastic life in a search for meaning during what he describes as a crisis of faith and identity.

Looking back now, he feels his roots made that confusion almost inevitable – growing up in a region that recently transitioned from Germany to Poland, with a Lutheran father and Catholic mother.

But it was a dark period after a failed relationship that led him to continue his search for fulfilment in England where, in spite of the Lutheran Protestant theology he had settled on, it was in a Carmelite Roman Catholic monastery where he found his solace.

“I didn’t know much about Carmelites before and had not considered being a monk. In fact, I was always very suspicious of this kind of expression of faith,” Robert says.

But he says the order taught him how to embrace darkness, difficulties and crisis to the point where he felt settled. However, the encounter with Lisa – who he barely knew then as Sister Mary Elizabeth – turned his life upside down.

“That touch of Lisa’s on my sleeve started a change, but while I felt something gradually growing in my heart, I don’t think I ever reached a point where I felt I was crazily falling in love, because in becoming a monk or a nun they teach you how to deal with emotions like love,” says Robert.

He explains that his message to Lisa asking if they could marry was almost an intellectual tussle with himself.

“When she appeared at the pub the little demon in me was terrified. But my fear was not religious or spiritual, it was purely about how I would start a new life at the age of 53,” he says.

The transition was difficult, particularly at the beginning. Lisa remembers a moment just before Christmas, soon after they had both left their monastic lives.

“I looked at Robert and he was distressed and crying. At that moment we both hit rock bottom and it felt like we should just take something like Romeo and Juliet and just end it,” says Lisa.

“It was so hard because he both felt so alone and so isolated and didn’t know the way forward. But we just held hands and we got through it,” she says.

They describe the moment at the job centre when they both burst into tears when asked about their transferrable skills – and another time when they were driving from Preston to Yorkshire.

“I had ordered a book in Polish about nuns who had left their orders for various reasons. I read and translated it for Lisa in the car, but she had to pull over on the M62. We both needed to cry because their stories were so emotional and we could relate to them,” says Robert.

What brought them peace was the thing that guided them to their monasticism in the first place – connecting with their personal faith.

“All through your religious life, you’re told your heart is supposed to be undivided and given to God. Suddenly I felt like my heart was expanding to hold Robert, but I realised it also held everything else that I had. And I didn’t feel any different about God, and that was reassuring to me,” says Lisa.

Lisa first found work at a funeral home and later as a hospital chaplain. Though he was upset by a letter from Rome telling him he was no longer a member of the Carmelite order, Robert was soon accepted into the Church of England.

They both did get married, and now share a home in the village of Hutton Rudby in North Yorkshire – where Robert has been made a vicar of the local church. They are still on a journey to adjust to life outside the monastery.

Lisa in particular, who had been isolated for 24 years and not had the academic life Robert had before, talks of feeling like an observer in the outside world. Only now is she working out what hair styles and clothes work best for her after a life in a habit.

They both still yearn for elements of monastic life, Lisa even says that if it was not for Robert, she would return to being a Carmelite nun tomorrow.

“We became so used to the silence and the solitude, that’s hard to find in the business of the world, you get pulled in so many different directions, so it’s a constant struggle for me and Robert to remain centred and grounded,” says Lisa.

But they have found a solution that works.

“I often think I live in a monastery here with Robert, like two Carmelites where everything we do is given to God. We anchor ourselves in prayer but love can make a sacrament of everything you do and I realise nothing has really changed for me,” she says.

Lisa says they both agree there are three of them in the marriage.

“Christ is at the centre and comes before everything. If we were to take him out of the equation, I think it wouldn’t have lasted really.”

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How “No Strings Attached” Became My Favorite Romance Movie

This video is another video from my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. This video highlights and celebrates one of my favorite romance movies of all time, “No Strings Attached.” It’s a movie I didn’t expect to love as much as I did. I didn’t even expect to wash it in full. Now, it’s a movie I keep going back to whenever I’m in the need of some quality romance. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Jack Quick Reacts: Harley Quinn A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special

This video is another video from my YouTube channel, Jack’s World. And it’s another entry in my ongoing Jack Quick Reacts series in which I react to Harley Quinn’s “A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special.” Enjoy!

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Sexy Short Story: The Secret Cove

The following is a sexy short story about a young love and covert intimacy. For those of you who experienced young love, I hope it brings back fond memories, among other things. Enjoy!

Young love was supposed to be immature, fleeting, and shallow. Some didn’t even call it love. They just wrote it off as overactive hormones within overwhelmed teenagers. It was more than a little demeaning. And more than a few teenagers resented those sentiments, especially when it came from parents and teachers.

Then again, teenagers did tend to make immature decisions on immature feelings. The glut of teenage melodrama and meltdowns on any given week proved that. But Lauren Wyncove believed such broad assumptions ignored the exceptions. And those exceptions were uniquely special.

“Is it just me? Or does has this week been twice a long and ten times more frustrating?” asked a restless Jonas Kelpern as he walked beside her.

“Rest assured. It’s not just you,” Lauren replied with a bemused grin.

“Good. Because I swear it’s starting to get to me,” he said, “every project due date…every upcoming exam…and the SAT test. God damn, I’m sick of hearing about that!”

“If you’re expecting me to argue that, you’re wasting your time. My dad still insists on sending me to that test prep place…on Saturdays.”

“You sure it’s not just his way of keeping us from going on dates?” Jonas asked.

“Relax. He doesn’t hate you…or the fact that you’re dating his youngest daughter,” Lauren teased, giving him a playful swat.

“But he still doesn’t trust me to be in a room alone with you for more than ten minutes.”

“To be fair, I doubt anyone trusts teenagers to be alone in a room for that long…especially not in our neighborhood.”

“Sad, but true,” he sighed.

They both laughed. Even though it had been a long day, she and Jonas still found a way to lighten the mood. They’d needed that more and more lately. This was their senior year. The end of high school was in sight. Like most teenagers, they were ready for it to be over. But she and Jonas had other reasons for counting down the days till graduation.

Now smiling and in a better mood, Lauren latched onto her boyfriend’s arm and walked with him down the main sidewalk leading away from their school. The building was still in sight. They could still hear the usual commotion that came along with the final bell. Just finding each other through the crowd so that they could walk home together was a challenge. But they’d learned to navigate it well. They had to in order to spend time together like this, away from the prying eyes of parents and school administrators.

That time was precious to them, even before they started dating. Lauren had known Jonas since the fourth grade, back when she still thought boys were gross. He’d moved into the same neighborhood two blocks away from her home, his parents seeking more comfortable surroundings for him and his two younger siblings. They quickly became friends, bonding over their love of the outdoors, camping, and horror movies. Then, by the time they started high school, that friendship blossomed into something more.

That was when things got a little more tense, both with their families and every adult who regularly dealt with teenagers.

“You think they’ll ever feel different about us?” Lauren wondered aloud. “Once we’re out of high school and in college together?”

“I hope so,” said Jonas, grasping her hand with his. “But some still think we’ll break up after graduation. My Uncle Marvin is even betting on it.”

“Seriously?” she said. “We’ve been together since freshmen year.”

“Doesn’t matter,” he said. “We’re teenagers. He still thinks what we have is just hormonal puppy love.”

“Of course, he does! The guy has been divorced what? Twice already?”

“He claims that makes him an expert or something,” Jonas muttered.

“Well, to hell with him! He can believe what he wants. What we have is more than that.”

“I know it is,” he said, squeezing her hand. “I just wish someone would take it seriously. Like when I say I love you, they think it’s cute. Not real…just cute. It’s a nice sentiment, but…”

Jonas’ words trailed off, his frustration showing once more. Lauren cast him a reassuring smile and gave his arm an affectionate squeeze.

“It’s okay. I know you mean it when you say it,” she told him. “You mean it just as much whenever I say I love you.”

“I don’t doubt that. I never doubt that,” he said, smiling back as his frustration lessened.

“Then, it doesn’t matter what our uptight families think. What we have…it’s ours and ours alone. We know how real it is.”

“And how to appreciate it,” Jonas added.

Their mood eased as they continued walking together under the afternoon sun. By now, they were out of sight from the school. They could no longer hear the crowds, commotions, or bus engines. They were on the main sidewalk that connected the school to the various cul-de-sacs that made up their upper middle-class neighborhood.

In many respects, Lauren and Jonas were lucky. They lived close by to one another and their neighborhoods were close enough that they could walk home every day. They made sure to do so as often as possible because it was one of the few times when they could be together, alone and unsupervised.

Those times had been few and fleeting, ever since they became official. Even if their respective families thought their relationship was cute, they didn’t trust them to be alone together for too long. They weren’t too subtle with their reasons, either. Lauren’s own mother had said it best.

“You’re two hormonal teenagers whose brains and genitals aren’t on the same page.”

Lauren had laughed at that when she’d first heard it, but it was no joke. Both her parents and Jonas’ agreed. The two of them were not allowed to have any intimate time together. This was a nice neighborhood that espoused high values. That meant things like sex, drugs, or parties of any kind were discouraged at every turn. And she and Jonas were expected to uphold those values, regardless of their love.

For the most part, they did just that. They abided by those rules. They didn’t go to parties or experiment with drugs, even though there were plenty of opportunities – more so than any adult would dare admit. But that didn’t mean they never tested those rules. In fact, recent events had led them to develop their own set of rules for exploring their love.

“Speaking of appreciating our love,” Jonas said in a suggestive tone. “We’re coming up on our stop.”

“I noticed that,” Lauren said, her voice just as flirty. “How much time do think we’ll have?”

“More than usual,” he answered. “I told my dad I was staying a bit later to finish up a bio project…which I already finished at lunch.”

“And I told my mother I had a meeting with my SAT tutor,” she said, “which she doesn’t know got cancelled at the last minute.”

Their demeanor shifted. Lauren felt that special twinge of heat between her and her boyfriend, but it had nothing to do with the afternoon sun. His touch became less subtle. And the way she clung to his arm took on a more intimate overtone. Before she knew it, some of that heat found its way to her inner thighs.

It effectively confirmed what sort of extracurricular activities they would share in today.

“In that case, wanna pay a visit to our secret cove?” Jonas asked.

“Definitely!” Lauren said without hesitation.

With newfound energy, they checked around to make sure no cars or buses were passing by. They were now at a lengthy stretch of road with some dense forest to the east and old flood plains to the west. There was little in terms of trails or paths. But there was one notable dirt trail up ahead. Anyone driving by never would’ve known it was there. But Lauren and Jonas knew. And they knew where it led.

“The coast is clear. Let’s go!” said Jonas with growing excitement.

Lauren giggled to herself as she followed her boyfriend onto the trail. Like a couple of thieves evading the cops, they slipped into the thick brush and followed the dirt path. It was narrow, muddy, and uneven at times. Near as they could tell, it had once been used by a utility crew. But time and erosion had left it in poor condition.

That didn’t bother her and Jonas. It actually worked to their advantage. They did have to avoid some low trees and hazardous bushes, but the risk was worth the reward. Because at the end of the trail was their best kept secret, as well as a major violation of all those uptight rules.

“There it is!” Lauren said.

“I see it too,” said Jonas.

It appeared quickly through the heavy brush. It was a small cabin-like structure, located just a few steps from a dried-up creek bed. They’d found it nearly a year ago while hiking around after school. Jonas surmised it had been a tool shed, likely used by the utility crews. It wasn’t very big. It had about the same space as her mother’s walk-in closet. But it was large enough to accommodate some battery-powered lights, an old mattress, and some sheets that Jonas’ father threw away.

They called it their secret cove. She and Jonas had used some spare lumber and tools from a neighbor to fix it up. It acted as a refuge from all the rules, structures, and scrutiny they faced every day. It was where they came to be alone, get away from it all, and share in some unsupervised activities.

Those activities included the kind fueled by those raging hormones her mother once warned about.

“Sorry, mom,” she said under her breath. “Sometimes brains and genitals are on the same page…even for teenagers”

Lauren’s heart raced and the heat within her loins intensified. She couldn’t stop giggling as she and Jonas entered the cove and set their backpacks aside. From there, Jonas retrieved the plastic bag of sheets they kept hanging from the ceiling and Lauren turned on the lights she’d set up on the walls. The mattress was still there on the floor, untouched since their last visit.

Before long, the scene was set. The bed was made and ready for them. Knowing times like these were precious, they kicked off their shoes and got on the bed together. Jonas eagerly wrapped his arms around her while she latched onto his shoulders.

“Ah. Alone at last,” Jonas said with a beaming grin.

“Alone indeed,” said Lauren, grinning back at him.

Few words were needed at that point. Now comfortably in one another’s embrace, they she and Jonas came together in a deep kiss. With nobody watching or scrutinizing their every move, they could finally do so with a little extra passion. That passion included much more tongue and body contact. It also ignited the pent-up desire within them.

From that first kiss, a heated make-out session followed. Lying side-by-side on the bed, their loving gestures quickly grew bolder and more targeted. Jonas slipped his hands from her waist to her butt, giving it a nice squeeze through her jeans. Lauren loved that. She returned the favor by biting his lower lip and rubbing her thigh up against his groin. It evoked a light gasp, as well as a growing hardness within his pants.

That set the tone for this intimate moment. Like the many others before it, they spent the first part just sharing all the affectionate gestures they couldn’t give in front of teachers and parents. It got their hearts racing and their bodies excited. Together, they followed that excitement, letting the all the heavy petting evolve naturally into full blown foreplay.

At that point, their greatest hindrance was their clothing. But that was an easy fix.

“What do you say we ditch these clothes?” said Jonas, briefly breaking the kiss.

“And break every rule our parents imposed on us? Even during sleepovers in fourth grade?” Lauren said, pretending to be aghast.

“Yep!” he said without hesitation.

“That’s so bad and bold. No wonder I fell in love with you!”

They laughed and kissed again. Through more heated foreplay, they got undressed. Jonas’ shirt and pants were the first to go. Lauren followed soon after, slipping out of her jeans and T-shirt. As soon as he slipped off his boxers, he helped her undo her bra. He’d gotten quite adept at that since they started making love. It was his way of showing that he paid attention during their intimate moments, more so than most would expect of a teenager.

Once her bra came off, Jonas reached for her breasts and gave them a nice squeeze. That sent special shivers through Lauren – the kind that felt so good on a muggy afternoon. She couldn’t never stop herself from cooing under that feeling. She sounded overly giddy, but Jonas didn’t seem to mind.

“Your boobs look so nice in the afternoon sun,” he said to her.

“Spoken like a true gentleman,” Lauren said jokingly.

“Good thing I’m a man of action rather than words.”

There was another joke about his poor English grades she could’ve made. She chose not to. Jonas already had her moaning and purring as he continued fondling her breasts, evoking more impassioned cooing. It sent more warm shivers coursing through her body, turning that twinge of heat between her thighs into full-blown sexual arousal.

They were officially past the point of no return now.

Lauren wanted him.

She wanted to give herself to this man – to feel his body with hers – to make love to him in this dirty, cramped, less-than-romantic shack. These were not just the basic urges of horny teenagers. This was a genuine desire to express their love.

“Jonas…” gasped Lauren, her desire echoing through her voice.

He took that as a sign to escalate his actions.

Like a caring lover, he laid her on her back and got on top of her. He was fully nude, his manhood hanging out for her to see. But she still had her panties on. Jonas saw that too. And sensing her growing impatience, he playfully trailed his lips down her torso – following a clear path to her lower body.

As he drew near, he grasped the sides of her panties. Lauren lifted her hips accordingly. Then, with the utmost care, he slid them down her thighs and legs. Now every bit as naked at him, Jonas narrowed his gaze on her exposed vagina. She was visibly aroused, but that didn’t stop him from being thorough.

Casting her a playful gaze, he pushed her legs farther apart and buried his face between her thighs. As soon as Lauren felt his lips on her womanly flesh, she clenched the sheets and gasped.

“Mmm…delicious,” Jonas said, his voice muffled by her pussy.

“Ooh Jonas! That’s it! Gorge away!” she exclaimed.

Lauren’s playful coos turned to vocal moans of approval. Ever since they started having sex, Jonas had developed a fondness for giving her oral sex. She wasn’t sure how they discovered it. One day – in this same secret cove, no less – he discovered he loved eating pussy.

She certainly didn’t mind. After exploring and experimenting, Jonas came to know her inner depths very well. He could hit all those special spots with his tongue and lips, applying just the right amount of stimulation to really heighten her arousal. Such dedication and commitment to navigating her lady parts just made her love him even more.

Most of the time, she was content to let him dine on her flesh until she climaxed. But on this day, that wasn’t going to cut it.

“Jonas please!” Lauren cried out, which got his attention. “Take me.”

He knew what she meant. And once again, he didn’t hesitate to deliver.

Jonas arose from her thighs and got on top of her, positioning himself between her legs and slipping eagerly into her arms. Their eyes now locked, his naked skin pressed against hers, he aligned the tip of his erect manhood with her moist entrance. Going down on did plenty to hasten his arousal, ensuring he was as ready as her for the final joining of flesh.

Their bodies were ready.

Their emotions were focused entirely on each other.

And with a simple motion of their lower bodies, Jonas entered her. From there, their lovemaking commenced.

“Oh God!” Lauren gasped.

“Lauren…” Jonas said, caressing her face in a daze of passion.

Their union was smooth and effortless, her body embracing his as he penetrated her depths. Once they felt their blissful warmth, their bodies started moving. Together, they established a steady rhythm, his hips undulating with hers in a perfect venting of sexual energy.

It was simple, but effective. She and Jonas weren’t the kind of lovers who liked it rough and rowdy. They had come to enjoy a more measured kind of lovemaking – one they could draw out and enjoy to the utmost. It allowed every sensation and emotion to become more streamlined. Through this intimate act, the substance of their love became so raw and basic.

Lauren sat it in his eyes.

She felt it through his kiss.

She heard it in every gasp, grunt, and pant.

As their sex played out, their gestures mirrored their passion. They kissed in between gasps, eagerly caressing and grazing one another’s naked skin. Lauren trailed her fingers around the sinews of his back while Jonas traced his hands up her feminine curves. Even though they preferred a gentler kind of lovemaking, every kiss felt more desperate. Every touch seemed more eager.

It wasn’t just that it had been a while since they’d made love. Being so in love and not being allowed to express it had really affected them, more so than usual.

“Lauren! Oh God, Lauren!” Jonas panted.

“Yes! Oh yes! Ohhh yes!” she exclaimed. “I…I’m getting close!”

“Already?” he said.

“Yes!” she affirmed. “Please…don’t stop!”

He did exactly as she asked, not letting up in his movements. He buried his face in her neck, shifted his grip to her thighs, and held her legs apart at just the right angle to maximize the impact of every pelvic thrust.

It showed once again that Jonas knew her body well. Lauren could feel those extra sensitive spots come ablaze with pleasure, building up the feeling more and more. Now raking her nails down his back, she held on tight and let her lover take her to that special domain of ecstasy. And she let him know when she arrived.

“Ohhh Jonas!”

When she let out that cry, her world shook. Fireworks went off in her mind and body, toes curling and core muscles contracting. Jonas even slowed his movements and rose up so he could enjoy the show. He once told her that she looked so beautiful when she climaxed. The way she grinned, bit her lower lip, and trembled to the feeling was a sight to behold. And she was happy for him to watch the fruits of their sex play out before them.

“I never get tired of hearing that,” said Jonas with a wide grin.

Lauren barely heard his remark. She just continued writhing under his grasp, soaking in every blissful wave of pleasure that went coursing through her body. Every orgasm felt great, but this one was extra satisfying for some reason. Either she and Jonas were getting really good at sex or they had more pent-up desire than usual.

Whatever the reason, Lauren showed her appreciation by drawing her lover into another keep kiss. Jonas gladly kissed back, his soft lips capping off the last rush of pleasure. For a moment, they lingered in that moment, letting gestures of love supplement their sex. It was a subtle acknowledgement that this feeling went beyond two horny teenagers going at it.

But it wasn’t lost on her that their flesh was still entwined. His cock remained deep inside her folds, aching for a release after all the hot throbbing of her inner muscles. Never one to leave her love unrewarded for his efforts, she broke the kiss and whispered into his ear.

“Your turn,” Lauren told him.

With surprising strength, she rolled him over on the bed, taking most of the sheets with them in the process. Before he knew it, Lauren had him pinned flat on his back with her on top of him, straddling his waist. He didn’t seem to mind. He just kept grinning, now admiring the sight of her naked body hovering over him. While he gazed up in a daze, she took her hands in his and guided them to her breasts.

“Hold on,” said Lauren. “I’ll take you where you need to go.”

“Do what you need to do, my love,” Jonas replied.

Encouraged and determined, she began riding him cowgirl style. With her own brand of grace and skill, she gyrated her hips at the same pace that he’d employed with her. A steady pace with constant exertion got their naked bodies rocking and grooving together. Through each movement, the sweet, fleshy feel of her vaginal muscles slithering along the length of his cock sent more hot sensations coursing through them.

Those sensations compounded fast. Lauren watched her lover’s expression twist and contort as he approached his climax. His grasp on her breasts tightened as well, kneading her fleshy orbs in anticipation of his release. That sent more of those warm shivers coursing through her body, giving her even more incentive to get the job done. When that time came, she gave his hands a firm squeeze and held on for the ride.

“I’m ready, Lauren!” Jonas panted. “I’m gonna…I’m gonna…ohhh God!”

It finally hit, the orgasmic rush overcoming him as he crossed the point of no return. Like her, Jonas had a distinct reaction during orgasm. He would partially close his eyes, tense his leg muscles, and let out this long, deep moan.

It was so distinctly manly. Lauren loved taking it all in. Still squeezing his hands, she admired his reaction while feeling his member throb inside her. She then felt that distinct warmth that came with him filling her depths, her fluids mixing with his within her womb. She loved that feeling too. It added a sense of raw intimacy. It meant being very diligent with birth control, but the end result was so worth it.

“Lauren…I love you,” said Jonas in his blissful daze.

“I love you too, Jonas,” she told him.

He smiled up at her and she smiled back, their bodies lingering in their intimate entanglement a bit longer. When they finally parted, Lauren laid down on top of him and they shared another soft kiss.

From there, the afterglow quickly set in. It was one of Lauren’s favorite parts of sex, enjoying that special feeling of love and satisfaction after mutual orgasms. She eagerly curled up to her lover while Jonas laid on his back, his arm still draped over her. Now breathless, sweaty, and drained, they just held each other within this special sanctum.

“One of these days, we’ll be able to do this without hiding,” Jonas mused while stroking the side of her face. “At some point, everyone will realize we’re not just two horny teenagers. We really do love each other.”

“I hope that day comes soon,” Lauren said with a content sigh. “But for now, I don’t mind sharing this in this secret little cover of ours.”

“Even if it’s dirty, cramped, and hidden in the woods?” he teased.

“Yep!” she said proudly. “Now, kiss me again before I get too comfortable. I’m up for another quickie if you are!”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

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Sexy Short Story: Sexy Christmas Party

The following is a sexy short story about a sexy Christmas party like no other. Consider this my gift to all those who appreciate a little sex appeal with their holiday season. Enjoy!

As kids, it was easy to love Christmas. Between the presents, the decorations, the treats, and the days off from school, there was plenty to appreciate and celebrate. Growing up, Sandra Clair enjoyed it as much as any kid. But like most people who got past a certain age, she came to see the holidays in a different light.

It became less about the festivities and more about the work that went into them. Instead of adults setting everything up, she and everyone else her age had to do their part. For most, that wasn’t too big an issue. It didn’t make the presents, treats, and festivities any less enjoyable.

But at the same time, there was a distinct lack of excitement and overall joy. And once she and her friends graduated college and built adult lives for themselves, Christmas just became another holiday. While most were content to accept it as such, others like her and her boyfriend, Warrick Moss, sought to get creative with the season.

In that effort, they uncovered an entire community of adults like them who sought to make Christmas special in a very unique way – one that adults could enjoy without spending nearly as much money on presents.

“We’re here!” Sandra said, brimming with excitement. “Finally, the wait is over.”

“Funny. I used to say those exact same words in that exact tone on Christmas Eve when I was a kid,” Warrick commented as they got out of the car. “I just never thought I’d say them again…let alone feel this kind of excitement for the holidays.”

“Just because we grew up doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the Christmas spirit. Doing so just means finding a different approach.”

“Then, I’m glad we found one that works so well for us,” he said, his excited look matching hers. “I love getting excited for Christmas again.”

“Me too, love.”

With a beaming grin, Sandra latched onto her boyfriend’s arm and followed him towards the large single-family house at the end of the cul-de-sac of the upscale residential neighborhood. She didn’t know who owned it. The organizer of this holiday event had rented it for the week. Chances were this wasn’t the first holiday party of this sort it had hosted. It wasn’t the largest house on the block. But it was large enough to accommodate the necessary festivities.

It had all the essentials – multiple levels, at least four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a hot tub, an in-ground pool, ample street parking, and plenty of space for plenty of people. That last element was the most important. Driving in, Sandra noticed how many cars were parked along the street leading up to the house. That indicated the crowd this year would be even larger than the previous year. She had noticed that general trend since she discovered these kinds of Christmas celebrations. In some ways, that strengthened her Christmas spirit even more.

“There’s still a powerful desire to celebrate the holidays in a special way,” she thought. “It’s just a matter of sharing joy with others.”

With that hopeful thought in mind, Sandra eagerly stepped over trails of snow and ice with Warrick to arrive at the front door. A few other couples and individuals arrived with them, all looking just as eager to celebrate. Upon entering the front door, they were greeted with a very cheery – and half-naked – female host wearing a Santa hat.

“Welcome to the party! I’m Ellie!” she greeted them. “So glad you could join us. Please sign in and head over to the den. There’s a place set up for your coats and clothes.”

“Thanks, Ellie. We know the drill,” Warrick said, humored by her bubbly disposition.

“We actually met at one of these, you know?” Sandra commented, squeezing her lover’s arm a little tighter.

“Really? That’s so sweet!” Ellie replied. “That seems to happen a lot with these parties. Guess that’s just the magic of Christmas.”

Sandra and Warrick laughed as they signed in and slipped into the den located on their left. That girl couldn’t have been older than 23. This might be her first Christmas party of this nature. It was still so new to her. Hopefully, she came to appreciate it as much as her and Warrick.

It was true that they had met at a party like this three years ago. It might not have been the moment they fell in love, but it was the first spark of sorts. The love that blossomed afterwards – that could definitely be considered a Christmas miracle of sorts. It gave Sandra even more reason to enjoy this time of year and this very special celebration.

“Time to slip into our Christmas attire,” Sandra said teasingly as they entered the den.

“Ha! I used to think that was a running joke,” Warrick said as he took off his coat. “But now, I think it’s the most serious part of the holidays.”

“Oh, I say it’s very serious, hon,” she said. “You could even argue it’s the most important holiday tradition for people our age.”

“And I’m sure you’d win that argument handily,” he laughed.

Sandra laughed with him as they proceeded to don their special attire, as she’d jokingly called it.

Once their coats, gloves, and shoes were off and stored away, she and Warrick proceeded to strip down. But they didn’t stop at their shirt, socks, pants, or even the light sweater she’d worn. They took everything off, right down to their underwear. Sandra hadn’t even bothered with a bra, knowing it would not be necessary for much of the night.

Ultimately, she was left in a simple pair of red lace panties and Warrick only wore a pair of red briefs. The color was appropriate for the season. But they both knew it was likely that even this limited attire would be discarded soon enough.

“Ah! It feels good to get out of all those clothes,” said Warrick as he stored them away in a small bin.

“Even when it’s freezing cold with nine inches of snow on the ground outside?” Sandra quipped.

“That just makes it feel even better,” he replied. “It also gives us all the more incentive to find new sources of warmth.”

“Good thing I’m already feeling quite incentivized,” she said in a more sexually suggestive tone.

“Could that just be your Christmas spirit?”

“Among other things,” Sandra teased.

Now comfortably clad in their underwear, she grasped her lover’s hand and eagerly led him out of the den. Along the way, a few other guests arrived and walked past them. Naturally, they noticed a half-naked couple walking by. Sandra always got a kick out of such reactions.

The newbies and first timers were often taken aback, seeing nearly nude figures so casually walking by.

Those more experienced in these kinds of holiday parties just shot them a friendly, welcoming grin. The men, in particular, would often flash Sandra a special look – as if to let her know they’d be seeking her out later on.

Tonight was no exception. One man – a tall, athletic older man with a thick beard – offered her such a glance as he and a woman his age walked towards to den. Sandra hoped to remember his face. That might make for some fun activities later on.

“Just one of many gifts I hope to give and receive tonight,” she thought to herself.

Eager to seek the warmth and the festivities, Sandra led Warrick through the foyer and into the main living room on the first level of the house. They could already hear plenty of music, laughter, and various other joyous noises emanating from the area. Upon reaching the center area, they were greeted with a remarkable sight that rivaled that of any holiday.

It was a Christmas party, but one with a very sexual and intimate theme. A large crowd of men and women – some clad in underwear and lingerie – but most wandered about completely naked – not at all concerned by exposed breasts, butts, penises, and vaginas. Some danced to various Christmas music playing through the TV entertainment system. Some enjoyed the long buffet in the kitchen that provided plenty of snacks and drinks. But most were engaged in various acts of sex, lovemaking, and intimate coupling.

They did it on the floor, a young woman on her back with a man her age on top – casually humping away, kissing and caressing one another’s naked flesh.

They did it on the couch – an older woman riding the cock of a younger man, clinging to his shoulders while he buried his face in her breasts.

They did it while dancing – two men playfully grinding up against a playful woman, who clearly knew both of them – bending over so they could take turns having sex with her from behind.

Some of the sex was light and playful. Some was rougher and more physical. Regardless of what form it took, the result was a chorus of orgasmic moans, grunts, gasps, and cries. All this combined with the Christmas music, the various Christmas lights that lined the room, and the nine-and-a-half-foot Christmas tree that lit much of the room made for a vibrant, sexy Christmas party.

“Looks like the party started early,” Warrick commented.

“Guess they couldn’t contain their spirits,” Sandra said as she admired the spectacle.

“That means we’ve got some catching up to do.”

“Indeed,” she agreed. “But the plan remains the same. Meet under the tree at midnight?”

“I’ll be there, my love. You can count on it!”

Sandra squeezed his hand and gave him a light kiss – a small, affectionate gesture meant to spark a firestorm of pent-up passions. It had the desired effect while also reminding him that there was something special waiting for him under the Christmas tree the moment the clock struck midnight. After three years together, she trusted Warrick to be there to share in this precious gift.

But until then, a wonderfully sexy Christmas party awaited them.

She and Warrick parted ways, each with the understanding that they would be partaking in the ample amounts of holiday sex that awaited them. Plenty of women were going to gladly and eagerly spread their legs for him, just as he had at the fateful Christmas party in which they first met. And Sandra was going to welcome plenty of men into her grasp, sharing her body and her sex with them.

They both knew the drill when it came to sex parties and open relationships. They might enjoy, indulge, and explore their sexual desires with other. But their love for one another remained strong and secure.

“I’ll never understand why some people think having someone’s love means owning their sex,” Sandra thought to herself. “It seems so selfish. Sex is a gift for yourself and others. Why not share it? Especially during the holidays!”

It made so much sense. Giving and receiving gifts was such a core part of Christmas. And while material gifts were all well and good, the simple joys of sex was the most universally enjoyable gift one could give. And in the spirit of Christmas, Sandra was in a very giving mood.

While Warrick slipped off to the kitchen for a snack, quickly attracting the attention of two fully naked women in the process, Sandra made her way to the center of the living room. There, the Christmas music was at its loudest. As it just so happened, a dance version Jingle Bell rock started playing. And she eagerly began dancing away, swaying about and shaking her butt while over a dozen men and women of various levels of nakedness did the same.

As the holiday spirit flowed through her, she quickly attracted her first partner. A handsome man around her age with somewhat awkward dancing skills approached. He wore this goofy novelty underwear with a female elf face on the back. That initially got her attention. But when he moved in closer and she got a feel for his smooth, masculine sinews, that same spirit turned to genuine arousal.

“Hi! My name’s Niles,” he greeted.

“Sandra,” was all she said, the glint in her eyes telling him all he needed to know.

“Shall we?” he offered.

Sandra just smiled seductively and let both her Christmas spirit and her growing arousal take it from there.

They danced a bit longer to the music. Then, they started kissing and making out. Eventually, they made their way to the nearby couch – which already had two other couples going at it right next to them. Sandra barely noticed. She just kissed, pawed, and embraced the handsome man before her – engaging in heated foreplay until full arousal was achieved.

Niles made the first move – slipping her panties off down her legs, rendering her as naked as the other couples in mid-coitus. She made the next, sliding his underwear off to reveal his waiting manhood, which was already quite erect.

Then, they had sex – sweet, sensuous sex in a crowded room for all to see.

Sandra laid back on the arm of the couch, lifted her left leg while Niles got on top of her, and closed her eyes as the hot sensations washed over her. He was a gentle, but through lover – holding her leg up over his shoulder while he humped and thrust his hips – working his hardened penis inside the folds of her vagina. It felt so good. She playfully fondled her breasts while he teased her foot with his lips. He even stimulated her clit with his thumb, ensuring she achieved orgasm before he did.

That first release – that wondrous wave of rippling pleasure, causing Sandra to curl her toes and arch her back – it was amazing. She’d had orgasms before. She’d had sex with Warrick and other men before. But there was just something special about this powerful feeling during Christmas. It was like giving and receiving the best gift possible. And she didn’t even need to wrap or shop for it.

“The perfect present, indeed,” she thought her mind and body swam within the post-coital afterglow.

She gladly rewarded Niles by pulling him closer, holding onto his arms, and encouraging him to receive his gift of ecstasy. When he did, she offered him a chance to release it on her breasts. She noticed him watching them bounce gleefully during their sex. He gladly accepted, pulling out just as he crossed that special threshold. Sandra even held her breasts together, using them to catch his thick seminal load, which she gladly licked up.

“Merry Christmas, Niles,” she then said to him.

“Merry Christmas,” he said with a breathless smile, looking so satisfied and content with their sex.

They shared one last affectionate gesture. Niles was even nice enough to retrieve some wet wipes to help her clean off. Like any well-organized sex party, there were always wet wipes, lube, towels, and condoms within reach. Sandra didn’t bother with condoms due to being on birth control. But some still insisted on using them and it was an unstated rule that everyone respect such preference, especially for the holidays.

Shortly after cleaning herself up, Sandra ventured off to share more gifts with more willing partners. But first, she made a quick trip to the make-shift buffet for some food and drinks. Anyone who participated in a sex party knew that was important to stay hydrated and consume plenty of calories. Great parties, as well as great sex, involved a lot of exertion. And since the party had just begun, she had plenty ahead of her.

While enjoying a drink, she encountered a couple of brothers, Kendell and Braxton. They had clearly been there a while, having long since lost their underwear. And shortly after sharing a drink with them, Kendell made an offer.

“Ever had a devil’s three-way with a couple of brothers?” he asked her.

“Do you really care about my answer? Or do you want to take this somewhere less crowded?” Sandra quipped.

“There’s an empty office with a couple of yoga mats,” Braxton pointed out.


With renewed energy, she latched onto the arms of the two handsome men and led them the office. It actually wasn’t empty. There was already a couple in there – a woman bent over the desk with a man behind her, hammering away while lightly swatting her butt. They saw the three of them enter, but didn’t stop their sex. The woman even grinned at them, as if to let them know they didn’t mind the company.

Leaving the other couple to their act, Braxton pulled out the yoga mat that had been rolled up in the corner – most likely something the former owner of those kept, but rarely used. Upon laying it out on the floor, Sandra got on it and did a sexy pose – inviting the two brothers to enjoy this with her.

“Come on, studs! Show me some brotherly love!” she said.

The two men were all too happy to oblige. With perfect coordination, along with a shared desire, they got on the yoga mat with her and initiated some heavy foreplay. Sandra drew them into a three-way kiss while they eagerly touched, fondled, and caressed her naked body. She also pawed their chests, sensing she wasn’t the first female touch they’d enjoyed tonight.

Once they set the sensual mood, Sandra rewarded their careful cooperation. She instructed each one to get on their knees, standing side by side. She then proceeded to give them both oral sex, using her skilled lips and tongue to orally please one man while using a hand to stroke off the other. Braxton and Kendell moaned in approval, offering praise and appreciation every step of the way.

“You are a real gift of a woman,” Braxton said.

“This is why I love the holidays!” said Kendell as he felt her tongue slither along his shaft.

Sandra shot them a wink and a grin, further stoking their passions. Her oral teasing quickly got them fully aroused again. Never one to turn down another joyous gift, she turned around, got on all fours, and shook her heart-shaped butt towards them.

“You’ve enjoyed my gift. Now please give me yours!” she said to them.

The two brothers eagerly accepted. And with the aid of the yoga mat under them, they had sex.

Doing it with two men at the same time tended to get chaotic, especially if the men were overly eager or competitive. But Braxton and Kendell were so coordinated and measured, never fighting for who got to do what during their sex. This was likely not the first time they had double-teamed a willing woman at a party like this. If anything, they’d refined a strategy and Sandra enjoyed the benefits.

Braxton got things going, getting behind her and doing her doggy style while Kendell got in front, kissing her and fondling her breasts. Her naked body rocked hard to each thrust and pump. At one point, she started giving Kendell oral sex again, the erect cocks of the two men being inside her simultaneously.

It was so decadent and indulgent, taking the brunt of their lust from both ends. Sandra loved every second of it – the sound of their manly grunts, the taste of their manly cocks, and the sensations evoked from their lustful exertion – it was like a desert with extra layers of frosting. She ended up climaxing again with ease, her euphoric moans muffled initially. But the two brothers made sure she could enjoy it while they enjoyed her.

“She’s been such a good girl…a very good girl,” Kendell said while running his fingers through her hair.

“Don’t you mean naughty?” Braxton quipped.

“No. I don’t.”

The two brothers laughed and continued their sex. Braxton kept doing her from behind, stepping up the pace of their sex until he climaxed, pulling out at the last minute before releasing his seminal load onto her lower back. While he indulged in his release, Kendell laid Sandra on her side and spooned her from behind, lifting up her leg so that he could insert his penis into her vagina.

Once inside her hot, silky flesh, he thrust away like his brother had. He soon climaxed as well. He opted to release it inside her. That warm feeling of hot male fluid mixing inside her was so nice, especially on a cold December day. She showed her appreciation by squeezing his hand and drawing him into another three-way kiss with his brother.

“Merry Christmas to you both,” Sandra said to him.

“I’m feeling so…so merry,” Kendell said breathlessly.

“Me too,” said Braxton.

The brothers clearly needed to catch their breath. But Sandra was still too excited to linger and enjoy the afterglow. There was more sex to enjoy – more intimate presents to share. Neither Braxton nor Kendell were inclined to stop her. They even encouraged her, knowing she would spread plenty of merriment.

After downing a few more refreshments, Sandra threw herself into the heart of this sexy Christmas party. By now, almost every guest had arrived. The house was quite crowded. There was a sea of naked bodies in every direction, it seemed. Not all were having sex, but that was the most common activity besides the dancing and casual chatting. Sandra had never been one for small talk, so she kept the festivities basic.

“Hey! Want to share a little holiday cheer?”

That became her primary greeting. And while a few men did turn her down, nearly everyone she asked gladly accepted. It resulted in multiple sex acts that manifested throughout the house over the course of the party.

She ended up joining a woman named Marianne Yasir and her husband, Wyatt, in their first three-way – getting into one of the guest bedrooms with them, with her and Marianne taking turns riding Wyatt cowgirl style until they all climaxed.

Sandra also hooked up with a young man fresh out of college named Andrew Bates, who was attending his first sexy Christmas party. She made sure to make it special for him, leading him into the master bedroom where they crawled under the covers, made out like horny teenagers, and had the kind of rough sex that left them both quite sweaty and disheveled. They both definitely needed a breather and a dip in the hot tub afterwards.

And while in the hot tub, she found her next partner – an older man named Tyler. At first, they just soaked in the hot tub with a few other couples, a few of which were having sex. After a while, she invited him into the sauna upstairs to help her cool off. Tyler accepted and, not even bothering with towels, they had sex – slow, sensuous sex that was less draining, but still satisfying.

As the clock neared midnight, Sandra hooked up with several other men, as well as one woman she got friendly with on the dance floor. But she attributed that mostly to the effects of light alcohol consumption. She didn’t usually care for getting intimate with other women. But when she drank, she wasn’t afraid to put on a sexy show, especially if other men watched.

“I’m not even bicurious. But it gets the men excited. So, it’s worth kissing another woman and rubbing our boobs together,” she said to herself.

That resulted in two more men inviting her to some private areas for sex, which she gladly obliged. With one, she used her breasts and oral sex skills to get one off. With another, she rode his cock reverse cowgirl style while Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” played in the background. She didn’t know why, but she always found that extra hot.

It was, by every measure, a productive sex party for her. But sharing it on Christmas Eve with so many others, eager to share in this same wondrous gift, just made it all the more satisfying. But as the clock neared midnight, she made sure to conserve just enough strength. At that point in the party, some were already tapping out – either retiring to one of the bedrooms or getting their clothes and leaving.

But for Sandra, no sex party was complete without one more special act of sensual gift giving.

“It’s almost midnight,” she said, checking the clock in the living room, even as the music kept playing.

There were still some people dancing to the music, as well as others having sex on the couch and various furniture. It wasn’t quite as chaotic as earlier. These were just those who had more spirit than most at such parties.

As she made her way to the large Christmas tree, a few men did proposition her for more sex. But she turned them down politely.

“I’m saving my last gift for a very special someone,” Sandra told them.

They smiled in understanding, knowing not to interfere with a beautiful naked woman on a mission. She was still sweaty and disheveled from all the sex, but she’d fixed her appearance in the bathroom just for this moment. She still looked like a woman who had enjoyed multiple cocks inside her over the course of that night, but she still had some burning desire to share.

And as soon as the clock struck midnight, which officially made it Christmas, she saw Warrick approaching. He had long since ditched his underwear, his penis and balls completely exposed. Judging by the look on his face and the light sweat on his skin, he’d enjoyed his share of sex. She’d even caught glimpses over course of the night.

He’d enjoyed a three way with two women, who happened to be roommates.

He had sex with recently divorced woman in the master bedroom shower, bending her over and while she demanded he smack her butt, which he gladly obliged.

He’d even seduced a woman to do it on the dining room table, eating her pussy out as though it were a delicious meal before having sex with her in a way that rocked the table.

Warrick always made his presence felt at these parties. But it was how they ended that made them so meaningful. No matter how many willing partners they found at these parties, they ended up together for their last intimate romp.

“Heya beautiful,” he greeted her.

“Hey,” Sandra replied.

“Looks like you’ve been having plenty of holiday fun,” he said.

“I have. But now…I’m ready for the best gift of all.”

“So am I.”

With a beaming grin and an affectionate gaze, Sandra embraced him with both arms and he embraced her. And, under the light of the Christmas tree and a proverbial mistletoe above them, they shared a deep, loving kiss.

It was very different from the kisses and gestures they’d shared with other partners. Those were all acts of lust, desire, and playfulness. This was an act of love – a kind that couldn’t be randomly found at any party, sexy or otherwise. It was a feeling that could only blossom over time, just as it had for them.

As they kissed, the music kept playing. The dancing and decadence continued around them. Neither she nor Warrick noticed. And none still participating in the festivities paid them much mind. That was fine with them. As for as Sandra and her boyfriend were concerned, they were the only ones in that house at the moment.

And within that moment, they capped off this wonderful Christmas party in the best possible way. They made love right there at the base of the Christmas tree.

“Our love is truly the greatest gift. Every year, we cherish it on Christmas,” Sandra mused. “What more could anyone want from a holiday?”

Guided by this spirit, and plenty of other desires, she guided him down to the floor where the plush rug awaited. They continued kissing, pawing, and caressing one another – showing a knowledge and appreciation of one another’s bodies that no one else at this party could hope to match. They were so gentle and careful at first. But as the arousal escalated, it became more fervent and focused.

It finally culminated when Warrick got on top of her, pushing her legs apart and aligning their sex. Sandra eagerly spread her legs and wrapped them around his torso. Then, with the weight of his naked body pressing down against hers, he entered her. And as soon as their flesh united, the playful spirit of the party meshed perfectly with the tender affection of their love.

“There’s a difference between having sex and making love…a big difference,” Sandra thought as the act unfolded. “And with each passing year – especially on Christmas – I come to appreciate it more and more.”

Together, they shared in that appreciation – moving, thrusting, and rocking their bodies to the rhythm of their act. It wasn’t too rough, but it wasn’t overly gentle, either. It was a perfect balance of passion and affection – his masculine sinews perfectly entwined with her feminine contours. The way he felt inside her – the way his manhood slithered sensually inside her womanhood – it defied description.

Following this feeling, they rolled about on the rug – their naked bodies illuminated by the light radiating from the Christmas tree. Their lovemaking took various forms – her on top riding him, her on her side while he thrust into her, and her on all fours with him doing her from behind. But fittingly enough, the completed the act in the same position they often found themselves in whenever they made love with extra passion.

“My love…hold me,” she told him.

Warrick answered with a deep, masculine grunt – the kind that always got her heart racing and her loins enflamed. Like a reflex, their bodies assumed that special position.

They both sat in an upright position, her legs arched over Warrick’s waist while he firmly grasped her butt. She latched onto his shoulders, her pelvis still aligned with his – his sex still entwined with hers. Now facing one another, their lips so close and their gaze locked, they shared in the exertion.

She rocked her hips, lightly gyrating her pelvis to work his flesh inside hers.

He used that powerful arms of his to supplement each movement, never once diverting his eyes from hers through every undulation.

Finally, through so much shared effort and passion, they came. Sandra felt it first, that hot ball of pleasure welling up in her core and spreading out in all directions. Warrick felt it moment’s later, his expression tensing and his grip on her tightening as the flesh burned with hot pleasure.

Inside her, she felt her inner muscles contract hard, her vagina squeezing her lover’s cock with its moist heat – carrying him to the brink and beyond. She then felt him fill her womanly depths with his hot fluid, their sexual juices mixing inside her. It was their love made real – their shared passion taking form and substance.

It marked the culmination of Christmas – the exchange of the best gift they could ever give to one another. And on a night when they’d shared many similar gifts with others, it felt both festive and fitting.

“I love you,” said Warrick, still breathless and dazed.

“I love you too,” Sandra said lovingly.

“Merry Christmas, my love.”

“Merry Christmas!”

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