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Finding True Love And Living Happily Ever After According To Isaac Arthur


I’ve talked quite a bit about the future of love on this site. I’ve explored the impact of artificial intelligence, radical life extension, and human enhancement on the dynamics of pursuing love and fostering romance. I don’t claim to be the best when it comes to contemplating these topics. I’m humble enough to admit I’m not even in the top 10.

As such, I freely admit there are people who discuss this issue in far greater detail with far greater production values than I’ll ever manage. Just recently, I stumbled across a YouTube channel by someone who makes contemplating the future a relaxing, engaging, and downright pleasant experience.

The name of that channel is Isaac Arthur. If you, or anyone you know, has even a passing interest on future technology, sci-fi concepts, or space exploration, I highly recommend you check out this channel. It covers a wide range of topics from colonizing space to future sources of energy to what kind of pets we may have in the future.

Naturally, a video he made about finding love using future technology is one of my favorite. It only came out earlier this year, but it perfectly breaks down how love, romance, marriage, and family may unfold in a future dominated by artificial intelligence and radical life extension. Mr. Arthur does in one video what I probably couldn’t do in a hundred articles. For that, I thank him.

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Daily Sexy Musing: Cooking and Sexy Chefs


A nice, romantic meal has plenty of sex appeal. Most people don’t deny that. It’s the foundation of many quality dates that often result in memorable lovemaking. I certainly appreciate it, but there’s also something to be said about the act of cooking itself. I strongly believe that too can have a unique bit of sex appeal.

Now, I’m somewhat bias when I say this because cooking is kind of a big deal in my family. My father is a great cook. My mother is a great cook. Many of my close relatives approach cooking with a passion that you don’t often see outside of a syndicated cooking show. There are more than a few stories about how cooking served as a foundation for a relationship.

Those stories are private and not for me to share. I’ll only note that cooking skills probably played a role in some very memorable nights and for good reason. It’s one thing to have all the right ingredients. Being able to put them together into something delicious takes a mix of skill and talent. When done right, it can be a very sexy combination.

It’s one thing to pay someone else to cook your food. When someone you love cooks it for you, the simple act of sharing a meal gains a more intimate meaning. It helps fill one basic need while acting as a catalyst for another. In terms of overall sex appeal, it’s a perfect two-for-one deal. As such, don’t be surprised if this Daily Sexy Musing makes you both hungry and horny. Enjoy!

The water is boiling.

The ingredients are mixed.

The meat is searing.

The oven is hot.

Everywhere around you, there is a growing heat. It’s a tasty heat, one that lingers with every breath I take. I can taste your labor from afar, but they are just samples of the feast to come. Watching you, my hunger grows. However, that is not the only need I seek to sate.

Before, there was just a collection of food and ingredients. On their own, they were nothing more than food. In your hands, they become something more. With the right preparation and care, it becomes more than just a meal. It stands as a work of art, albeit one we consume. For once, my stomach, my heart, and my loins all conspire to spark my desire.

You mix it all together.

You present it in perfect proportions.

You serve it and yourself in a single dish.

The heat from the kitchen follows us to the table. From the first bite to the last, I taste your amorous effort. It’s as though you injected your passion for me in every scrap. Like the rarest spice mixed in with the rarest fruits, I savor every last morsel. Every sound I make echoes with my loving approval.

As you look at me, I let you know that I am fed. However, I am not satisfied. Even after my stomach is full, there are other appetites that have not yet quenched. To do so requires a different kind of heat, but you need not worry.

You cooked the perfect meal.

I shall serve the perfect desert.

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Daily Sexy Musing: Sexy Daydreaming

Closeup portrait of a Happy young beautiful woman relaxing at ho

We all daydream. Life can be tedious, boring, and uneventful for extended periods. Anyone who has ever had to wait in line at the DMV can attest to that. It’s an inescapable aspect of life and, being the adaptive creatures we are, daydreaming is a common way to get through it. I would even argue it’s universal.

When done right, it can be good for you. There’s even some science to back that up. When it gets sexy, though, things can get complicated and not always in a bad way. For an aspiring erotica/romance writer like me, I often treat sexy daydreaming as typical brainstorming. More than one of my stories has come to me while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Being a man, it can get awkward for reasons I’ve shared before. If you’re a man, sexy daydreaming comes with some unique risks. If it’s too sexy, then you’re going to have a problem that will only get worse if you happen to be wearing extra-tight pants. Even if you’re wearing the loosest pants you have, it’s all too easy to get lost in a sexy daydream.

Those risks aside, I believe the rewards are plenty worth it. Whether you’re single, married, or something in between, a little sexy daydreaming can go a long way towards giving you sexy ideas. Since all great feats start as ideas, I believe they’re worth contemplating. I sincerely hope this Daily Sexy Musing will inspire some seamy ideas. If you have some you’d like to share, please do so in the comments.

It’s starts with a thought. Then, desire enters the picture. They start to mingle, exchanging and entwining images and ideas. The end result is the same.

In my mind, my most intimate fantasies become real.

In my mind, I am unbound by restraints and restrictions.

In my mind, I dare to explore the breadth of my passions.

From the outside, there is nothing fanciful about me. I walk through crowded streets, smile at casual acquaintances, and conduct myself like any others. Nobody gives me a second look. I am just living an ordinary, mundane life. It hardly does justice to the extraordinary thoughts racing through my mind.

In that world, I am something greater.

In that world, my desires are within reach.

In that world, my passions are unlimited.

In that world, nothing holds me back.

I can walk down the same street and draw the utmost awe from total strangers. My abilities and talents are superhuman, capable of carrying me to the heavens and beyond. The love and fulfillment I seek is both real and nearby. It comes to me as quickly as I run towards it. When I embrace it, everything comes together.

My heart races.

My skin burns.

My loins reacts.

These thoughts aren’t real, but that doesn’t matter to my body. From these thoughts, my desires become tangible. In these fantasies, I gain a strength that reality denies me. Real or not, they inspire me as much as they arouse me. I now have something to strive for.

Whether it’s possible does not matter.

Whether it’s achievable matters even less.

These are my ideas from my world. Reality may not yield, but I’ll make sure it bends.

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Daily Sexy Musing: Hot Tub Sexy Time


I don’t care who you, where you come from, or what you believe about human nature. A dip in a hot tub feels fantastic. You could be having an awful day or even a string of awful days. If you get a chance to submerge yourself in the sweet bubbly warmth of a hot tub, then your day isn’t going to feel so bad.

I can personally attest to the therapeutic effects of hot tubs. I can also attest to the inherent sexiness they offer. That’s not just because hot tubs have inspired both pornos and time travel movies. By design, they help relax us. Naturally, we’re less uptight when we’re relaxed. We’re more open to all things intimate and sexy. That’s the power of a good hot tub.

It also helps that being in a hot tub usually requires that people not be fully clothed. That certainly helps. While getting frisky in a hot tub is prone to certain complications, there’s no denying its ability to inspire sexy feelings in us all. I’ve witnessed it in others. While I never got a chance to enjoy a hot tub privately with my ex-girlfriends, it’s still a sexy effort worth striving for.

Not everyone has access to a hot tub. Even fewer have access to one they can enjoy in private with a special someone. However, I feel that only adds to its appeal. Whether you’re a romance fan or not, you can find something sexy about a good dip in a hot tub. If not, I hope this Daily Sexy Musing helps convince you. Enjoy!

The jets turn on.

The motor starts humming.

The bubbles start forming.

The steam starts rising.

It feels like the perfect reward for an arduous journey, an act of mercy granted to us for all our efforts. We work hard and struggle harder, building a life for each other and a love worthy of such strife. Finally, we taste the fruits of our labor. However, this particular fruit can only be enjoyed together.

We ditch our clothes.

We forget our swimsuits.

We jump in together.

We soak in this sweet, succulent reward.

Immediately, our naked bodies are surrounded by the bubbling water. It’s like being embraced by utter contentment in liquid form. Its magic heals and soothes away the strains and rigors that dampened our spirits. A wave of wonderous relaxation comes over us. Through it, our bodies and spirits are born anew.

In this therapeutic domain, we still find each other. Through the bubbling water, my flesh seeks yours. Unburdened and unencumbered, we answer the call. We find one another, daring to pursue even greater bliss. Our wet skin is so smooth, invigorated and energized by this feeling. We let it guide our passion and the fruit only gets sweeter.

We share a hot kiss.

We exchange a hot gesture.

We caress our hot flesh.

Everything is so hot and lively. In this steamy domain, our passions are ignited while our souls are soothed. What could be more relaxing?

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Daily Sexy Musing: Happy Friday Edition

Group Of Golfers Walking Along Fairway Carrying Golf Bags

Greetings and Happy Friday, everybody! I know it’s somewhat inane, especially if you have to work on the weekends. Trust me, I understand that sentiment. For a good chunk of my 20s, I worked at a company that required me to work on Saturdays. That meant anyone who greeted me with a Happy Friday was just rubbing salt in the wound, albeit unknowingly.

I no longer have that job anymore. I’m now in a position where I can appreciate someone who greets me with a Happy Friday. For most people with a regular work schedule, Fridays are among the best days of the week. Whether you’re in school or working, it’s the end of a rigorous work week and the start of the weekend. What’s not to love about that?

Fridays are the days when most people try to go out and have some fun. Sometimes, that fun involves something sexy. A lot of date nights are on Friday. A lot of celebratory lovemaking occurs on Fridays. I lived in a co-ed dorm in college. I remember how active Friday nights were.

It’s still somewhat cliched, treating the end of the week as though it’s a full-blown holiday. However, I think that’s exactly the kind of spirit we need in our lives. We don’t have to reserve that spirit for a few days out of the year. Why can’t we channel some of that passion on a weekly basis? If so, what better day to do so than Fridays?

To those working this weekend, I apologize if this comes off as empty rhetoric. Again, I’ve been there. I know how you feel. To you and those looking to enjoy their Friday, I hope this Daily Sexy Musing helps. Enjoy!

The week is over.

The journey is complete.

The blood, sweat, and toil have ceased.

Friday has come and I’m ready to enjoy it. Like anything, though, it’s easier to appreciate when you have someone to enjoy it with. That’s where you come in.

For five days, we’ve rolled out of bed, worked hard, and earned our keep. Our passions, energy, and focus had to go in many different directions. Few were sexy and even fewer were memorable. Like so many others, we put in the time to do our part. Once again, we followed the rules and paid our dues. Now, it’s time to collect our reward.

Tomorrow, the burdens are lifted.

Tonight, we celebrate as we undo the locks.

The sun goes down and our paths cross. Much of the stress, anxiety, and concern of the past five days. I take you in my arms and you take me in yours. Like a breath of fresh air, it leaves us elevated and energized. I don’t know what I’ll do over the weekend, but I know what I want now.

Being with you, no longer encumbered by thoughts of another early morning, pent up passions come pouring out. We can finally shed the clothes, demeanor, and formalities that have stifled us all week. There’s no need for anything elaborate. We just need each other, our love, and a bed that and support our bodies.

It’s Friday.

We’re home.

We’re together.

That’s all we need.

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Daily Sexy Musing: Being Tough


There are many traits that people find sexy, but only a handful are universal. These special traits transcend race, gender, body type, culture, and even kinks, to some extent. Not many traits check everyone of those boxes, but toughness is definitely one of them. I would even argue it’s one of the best.

Even without its sexual connotations, toughness in a lover has plenty of appeal. I say that as someone who grew up with some tough individuals, many of which are close relatives. A few served in the military. Some overcame some serious hardship against illness, injury, or poverty. Others are just the kind of people you want on your side in a fight.

I know the value of toughness. I also know that it’s not the same as being physically strong or mentally capable. To be tough is to push yourself in ways that go beyond the call of duty. It often requires that we rise above our limits and expectations. That can mean subjecting ourselves to unpleasant experiences in the name of achieving something greater.

That entire concept is something we want in our lovers. Whether it’s protecting us from harm or birthing our children, we want and need our partners to be tough. Love may bring us together, but toughness makes that love stronger. A tough lover can do many amazing things for a relationship, including the things that are clothing optional. I want this Daily Sexy Musing to highlight this. Enjoy!

We endured the hardship.

We fought the obstacles.

We overcame the odds.

We absorbed the blows.

Through each challenge and trial, we feel the sting of strife. At times, it hurts. The pain is real and leaves lingering scars. Sometimes, it’s more subtle. We don’t even feel it, at first. From tasks that strain our minds to feelings that damage our spirits, we are weighted down by many burdens. It hinders our ability to celebrate our love at every turn.

Every step comes with struggle.

Every reward comes with cost.

Every gain comes with loss.

A shallow love has no chance. Like thin ice or brittle glass, it shatters at the slightest disruption. You’re not like that and neither am I. Our hearts and souls are more robust than that. I gladly share your pain, just as you eagerly share mine. It leaves us weaker in the moment, but stronger in the long run.

Together, we harden ourselves, but strengthen our hearts. We’ll navigate the storm, but never feel wet. I’ll take the hit and I’ll do so with a smile. That’s what love like ours can do. Alone, my first instinct is to avoid hardship. With you, I eagerly endure it. In doing so, I articulate my love without a single word.

You get the message, loud and clear. You return the favor, affirming our love and demonstrating your strength. My heart and soul gushes for you. What started with love has become a connection.

That connection is strong.

That connection is deep.

Most importantly, that connection is ours.

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Daily Sexy Musings: Skilled Hands


There are many sexy parts of the human body. Some are inherently more sexy than others, but everyone has their preferences when it comes to which parts they admire. I certainly have my favorites. Being a healthy straight male, I think most can surmise which body parts I most admire. However, there are some parts that I feel don’t get the attention or respect they deserves.

Those parts are our hands. I’ll give everyone a second to finish rolling their eyes, but I believe there’s a case to be made for hands being the most under-appreciated tool in our intimate arsenal. Now, I don’t deny that hands aren’t the first body part that gets our attention when we see someone attractive. It might not even be the fifth. However, it’s utility in all things sexy is beyond dispute.

In many cases, our first romantic gesture involves touch. Whether it’s holding hands or heavy petting, we use our hands to convey all sorts of intimacy. Most people know how to caress and fondle. It’s as natural as breathing for thinking, emotional creatures. It only gets really interesting when lovers develop some skill with their hands.

Make no mistake. Skill makes a difference. I know this because I’ve known men and women who use their hands to do more than simply touch. They know exactly where, how, and what intensity to use in conveying their passions. It shows in how they deal with their lovers. They can make another person feel loved and satisfied without saying a word and while keeping their clothes on, no less.

Hands are undeniably useful and deceptively powerful. That special skill can be wielded by men and women alike. It often takes practice and refinement, but it’s definitely worth doing. I hope this Daily Sexy Musing affirms that. Enjoy!

I crack my knuckles.

I focus my mind.

I rub my hands together, creating a warmth I hope to convey.

You stand before me, waiting and eager. There’s so much to say and do. We’ve finally found the time and space to focus only on each other. I want to make it count, but there’s only so much I can put into words. How I feel and what I desire simply defies description.

Thankfully, there are other ways of telling your lover how you feel.

With my hands, I lightly graze your face with my fingers. Then, I trail down your chin and neck, finding those extra-sensitive spots I know so well. You shiver and shudder every step of the way, just as I’d hoped. I don’t have to say anything. I just smile and let my hands do the talking.

These hands can say more than most. Whereas some develop their speaking skills, I chose to refine how I touch and feel my way around my lover. Practice and dedication, combined with trial and error, have made me adept at making every tactile gesture matter. I’ve also made sure you reap the benefits.

Through my touch, I show how much I want you.

Through my touch, I convey how much I love you.

Through my touch, I inspire your greatest passions.

My skilled hands work their magic. You eagerly succumb to my spell. Guided by my hands, I take you in my arms and we follow this new passion. What starts as a simple touch can become so much more. With skilled hands, they can become truly powerful.

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