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“Hot Dream” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story about sexy dreams, sexy bedtime activities, and what happens when you blur the line between the two. It’s compound sexiness at its finest. Enjoy!

“Another late night,” sighed a restless Victoria Rhodes. “Why do I keep doing this to myself?”

She didn’t bother answering that question as she dragged herself through the front door of the apartment she shared with her boyfriend, Jason Leeroy. She tried not to make much noise. It was past midnight and she was the only one on their floor who worked such erratic hours. Even though she was used to the demands of her job at the law firm, she always seemed out of synch with those around her.

The day still shouldn’t have been that long. Several clients insisted on dragging out basic legal proceedings and, ever the opportunist, she volunteered to cover the overtime. It should’ve been over in time for dinner. Instead, it went past sundown and beyond.

“Hell, I know why I do it,” she muttered as she closed the door behind her. “The real question is why I drag the people I love through the muck?”

Setting aside her keys and purse, Victoria gazed into the darkened apartment to see that her work life and personal life were woefully unbalanced. There was a half-eaten bowl of popcorn on the sofa and a bunch of disheveled blankets strewn over the sides. It reminded her that she’d promised that she’d be home in time to catch up on some shows they’d been binge-watching. Once again, she broke that promise.

She hated breaking her promises, especially to someone who’d been so patient with her. Many of Victoria’s past relationships failed because her lovers couldn’t keep up with her ambition. Jason was the first to last more than a year as she pursued her goal of leading a major law firm. He just kept supporting her and she kept giving him reasons to regret it.

“I’ll make it up to you, Jason,” Victoria said under her breath. “I know I say that a lot, but I mean it. I really do.”

Sighing to herself and shaking her head, she made her way to the bathroom, stripped out of her overpriced business attire, grabbed a towel, and prepared herself for bed. She was tired, but still very restless. She wasn’t sure she could sleep, but she had to try. At the very least, she had to be rested so she could properly apologize to Jason in the morning.

“Quit making excuses,” Victoria told her reflection after washing her face. “You’ve found someone who loves and supports you. Don’t take it for granted.”

Still leaning over the sink, her face still wet and her mind still racing from a long day, she cast herself one last critical scold. Assuming she’d have plenty of time to resent herself tomorrow, she set aside the towel and retrieved a nighty from the laundry hamper. That was something else she should’ve done after work, taking care of the laundry that had piled up. It was yet another thing Victoria kept putting off.

Again, she set that issue aside and focused on getting some much needed rest. Now earing her black nighty and the same white panties she’d put on that morning, she turned off the light and retreated to the master bedroom she shared with Jason.

Not surprisingly, he was already fast asleep, the comforter barely covering his legs and waist. He looked peaceful, more relaxed and content than she’d ever been. It came so easy to him. It probably helped that he worked in the music industry, often with jazz artists and soft rock groups. She envied that ability to just lay back, unwind, and let a stressful day just melt away.

“Oh Jason,” Victoria said under her breath. “Finding peace comes so easy to you. If only we all had that talent.”

With a yawn and a light stretch, she carefully pulled back the covers and slipped into bed with her lover. His warm presence, alone, was enough to ease her anxious mind to some extent. As she snuggled up to him, though, she noticed something else.

He was naked. That was somewhat surprising. While it wasn’t that unusual for Jason to sleep naked, it rarely did so without the influence of a major summer heat wave. Even if it was the middle of spring, she still expected him to wear boxers. Having seen him naked many times before, as well as slept with him, Victoria shrugged it off.

Then, as she curled up closer, she noticed something else that further explained why he’d ditched the boxer shorts. Jason had a full-blown erection.

“Whoa,” Victoria said. “Someone is having a nice dream.”

As she laid next to her lover’s sleeping form, she sensed her observation had been more accurate than expected. That erection matter of male reflexes or morning wood. Jason really was dreaming. She could tell by his quickened breathing and rapid heartbeat. Even in the darkness, she saw how his expression shifted erratically. Those were not the signs of someone in a deep sleep.

“I stand corrected,” she said with a humored grin. “Someone is having a very hot dream.”

Jason stirred slightly in her presence, but didn’t wake up. Being such a heavy sleeper – a natural adaptation, as he called it, from having a father who played guitar and a mother who sang showtunes – it took a lot to wake him up. She didn’t think it allowed for such vivid dreaming, but the proof was rock-hard flesh pressing against the sheets.

“A hot sexy dream,” Victoria mused, “maybe that’s what I need…if only to remind myself why I push myself so damn hard.”

Snuggling closer to her lover, she found herself lightly embracing his sleeping form. In doing so, her thigh grazed over his rigid member. That got a reaction from Jason. She swore he cracked a smile in his sleeping form. Something about that made Victoria smile as well.

Still restless, she rubbed her thigh against it a little more, feeling the manly flesh along her smooth skin. It wasn’t just sexy. It was oddly refreshing, reminding her that she was still young, healthy, and in love with a handsome man. That was something that shouldn’t have required a reminder in the first place, but it still felt so right.

“Mmm…guess it’s not as hard for some people…figuratively speaking,” Victoria said under her breath.

Again, she rubbed her thigh against his hardened cock. She swore it got more erect under her touch. She saw his smile widen. She also felt parts of her body react as well. Even in her restless state – or because of it, even – she felt a twinge of arousal between her thighs.

That feeling, and all the implications that came with it, inspired a new recourse. If Victoria was going to overwork herself while overwhelming those she loved, then she might as well get creative with how she managed everything. Having a naked, fully-aroused man in her bed presented a unique opportunity.

“Maybe I need more than a dream,” she said in a deep, sensual tone. “Maybe I need something more real.”

Opting to take advantage of the opportunity, Victoria channeled her sexy side – a side that she hadn’t been able to exercise in quite some time. Looking up at her lover and recounting how her work habits had hindered their love life, she suddenly felt motivated to rectify that.

With a mischievous grin, she lightly pulled the covers back to reveal Jason’s rock-hard boner. For a brief moment, she marveled at how a man could get so aroused in his sleep. It helped that her lover was very well-endowed. Jason’s older brother once joked that the men in their family had their most extraordinary traits hidden by their ordinary stature. Seeing his manhood at full arousal made clear that it was no joke.

Victoria, already licking her lips intently, carefully grasped the hardened shaft with both hands. Jason reacted again, shifting a bit in the bed, but remaining asleep. Once he settled, the restless woman dared to take the intimate moment even further. Using a careful mix of tact and affection, she leaned in and began giving him oral sex.

“Mmm…yeah,” Jason gasped in his sleep.

It was a good sign. He must have thought he was having an especially vivid dream. Something about that encouraged Victoria even more. Glancing up at her lover through the darkness, she grew bolder and began sucking him off.

She was more careful than usual, going nice and slow, trailing her lips and tongue along the length of his cock. He was so hard. She could feel the veins bulging around her lips, throbbing with the kind of masculine arousal that evoked the most primal of desires. Tasting, licking, and savoring his manly flesh, the experience didn’t just intensify her own arousal. It helped purge from her the anxiety that had followed her home from work.

“You like it. I know you do,” she whispered, adding more vivid details to her lover’s dream. “I like it too. It’s getting me so wet.”

That wasn’t just dirty talk. As she continued sucking her lover’s cock, she felt her own horniness escalate from a twinge of heat to a firestorm of arousal. At one point, she released one hand from the base of Jason’s cock and slipped it into her panties, fingering and stimulating her outer folds to maximize her arousal.

Soon, they were both fully aroused. His dick was so hard and her pussy was so wet. Looking back up at her lover’s sleeping form, it might have been easy to just keep sucking until he got off. That way, she could convince Jason that he’d just had an especially graphic wet dream. However, that would’ve left her unsatisfied. It also wouldn’t have come close to making up for her broken promise.

“I can tell you want more, my love,” Victoria whispered to her sleeping lover. “Don’t worry. You’ll get exactly what you need. We both will.”

Like a sexy spirit of the night, she rose up and took off her clothes, sliding her nighty off over her head and slipping out of her panties. Once she was every bit as naked as her lover, she tactfully crawled atop his sleeping form. From there, she straddled his waist and aligned his cock with her pussy. Then, with the utmost care, she lowered herself onto him, his rigid flesh penetrating her moist folds in an intimate melding of their bodies.

“Ooh Jason!” she gasped in a muted tone.

She tired her best to not be too loud. That wasn’t easy under the weight of the intense sensations that followed. Somehow, whether by miracle or her ability to silence herself in the heat of the moment, Jason remained asleep. They were having sex, their intimate flesh fully entwined, and her lover was asleep. If it didn’t feel so good, it would’ve been hilarious.

However, Victoria’s first instinct wasn’t to laugh. With her throbbing pussy now squeezing Jason’s cock, she remained focused on turning his sexy dream into a blissful reality. She began moving her body, digging her knees into the bed and lightly holding onto his waist. Back and forth, she maneuvered her hips, working her folds along the length of his manhood. Along the way, she rubbed her swollen clit, supplementing every movement with more hot sensations. Even under such a steady, careful rhythm, the feeling quickly intensified.

“Jason…Jason, my love,” Victoria gasped.

“Victoria,” he gasped in a sleepy dazed.

Hearing him say her name, even in his current state, warmed her heart and gave greater meaning to their sex. For all she knew, his sexy dreams involved ex-girlfriends and celebrity bimbos he saw on TV. That wasn’t the case, though. In his sexiest dreams, she was there. She was part of those fantasies. If she hadn’t already been madly in love with him, she would’ve fallen for him on the spot.

“Yes, my darling. I’m here…with you…in your dreams,” she whispered in between blissful gasps.

Whether by instinct or reflex, Jason’s hands found their way to her hips. Victoria quickly took them and guided them to her breasts, allowing him to squeeze them as she rode his cock closer to the brink. She could tell by the way his expression contorted that he was close. She quickly made her way to that special plateau, as well.

She didn’t know if a man had ever brought his lover to orgasm in his sleep, but it couldn’t have been too common. It felt like one of those rare confluence of events that wasn’t impossible, but still improbable. Whatever the odds, it was happening with her and Jason. Victoria was about to climax and so was her lover.

She applied more pressure to her clit, digging her knees and feet into the bed even harder as she jerked her hips through a few more successive motions. She could already feel her lover’s cock throbbing inside her. He was about to pop his load. Then, just as his face contorted to the sweet sensations of his release, she felt it.

“Ohhh Jason!” Victoria moaned, no longer trying to mute herself.

It was like a blanket of bliss covering her from every angle, all those pent-up feelings from excessive work and broken promises washing away in that one moment. Like a woman possessed, she writhed atop her lover, closing her eyes and arching her back as the ripples of ecstasy coursed through her body.

The hard, rapid contractions of her inner muscles helped Jason get his share of ecstasy too. His moans complimented hers as he released a thick stream of manly fluid into her depths, their sexual juices converging in a perfect blend of ecstasy. It embodied the perfect feeling for such an unique set of events.

Coming home late, she’d expected to find her lover fast asleep. Finding him aroused, caught up in a very sexy dream, defied more than her expectations. It felt like a sign, of sorts. Even at a time when she was overworked and overwhelmed, there were opportunities to embrace those intimate passions that made all the work worthwhile.

After soaking in the feeling, committing every blissful sensation and the lessons they carried to memory, Victoria let out a content sighed and rolled off her lover. Their flesh now parted, she curled up next to Jason’s naked body, the post-coital afterglow doing plenty to ease her restlessness. Finally, she felt like she could get some much-needed sleep.

“That was great,” said Jason in an unexpected voiced.

Jarred from her dazed state, Victoria opened her eyes to see a beaming grin on her lover’s face.

“Jason…how long have you been awake?” she asked with an embarrassed, but amused look.

“Since I felt a beautiful woman crawl into bed with me,” he replied.

“And the raging boner you had before that?”

“What can I say?” Jason said with an innocent shrug. “I was having a hot dream. You just helped make it hotter.”

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“The Open Road” A Sexy Short Story About Summer Vacations


The following is a sexy short story I conjured while driving home from a trip to the beach. It’s the middle of summer and this is the time of year when people hit the road and go someplace fun. Sometimes, you can have a little fun along the way. I hope this story makes that point in a way that is both effective and sexy. Enjoy!

There was something uniquely peaceful about the open road, especially for Jade Alayna. For much of her life, she’d been sheltered and reserved. She came from a world of gated communities, country clubs, and prep schools. Since before she could walk, her entire life had been scheduled and structured. Her parents, teachers, and peers all worked tirelessly to ensure she stuck to the script and never deviated.

Ultimately, they failed. Just being on the open road, watching miles of undeveloped land pass by, was proof of that. There were no manicured lawns, intricately planned suburbs, or perfectly-organized structure. There was just dirt, fields, and grass. To most, it was ugly and unkempt. To Jade, it was a tangible sign that she had escaped her sheltered life, if only for a while.

A more powerful kind of proof sat next to her in the driver’s seat of the old Mustang. Ricky Pax, a man who’d never set foot in a country club or worn a prep school uniform, knew the open roads well. With messy hair that extended past his shoulder, clothes that had been bought at a discount, and a face that hadn’t seen a razor blade in weeks, he was the kind of rebellious loner who everyone told her to avoid.

Instead, she hooked up with him. Depending on how their trip panned out, she might even be in love with him.

“We got a couple hundred miles left to go,” he told her in that deep, masculine tone of his. “Roads tend to get emptier and bumpier in these parts. So if you’re a light sleeper, you’ve been warned.”

“I’ll be okay,” Jade assured her. “I’m in no hurry.”

“You say that like you’re being frisked by a cop,” Ricky said. “You sure you’re up for this?”

“If I weren’t, wouldn’t it already be too late?” she quipped. “I kind of missed my chance to pull back when I snuck away from campus, hopped three buses, and met up with you at a rest stop on the freeway.”

“Just making sure, babe. It ain’t every day a pretty girl ditches her clean-cut college uniform for a mini-skirt and a guy who pays his rent by hustling pool.”

“Well, then I guess today is your lucky day…the latest of many.”

Ricky cast her that rugged smile of his, looking over at her with that affectionate bravado that attracted in the first place. Even after carrying out a relationship in secret for seven months, it still got her heart racing. It also made parts of her body hotter and not because of the hot weather.

In some respects, she was even luckier than Ricky. Getting away from that overpriced private college, even for a weekend, was a real hassle. She had to convince her parents that she was going camping with some female friends and then convince her friends not to rat on her. She was definitely on the hook for a lot of favors for the rest of the year.

It was still worth it because the risk paid off. Jade got to meet up with the man who made her feel free, among other things. Logistically speaking, their paths never should’ve crossed. She’d only met him because he did odd jobs for a traveling Country music band that had played at a local restaurant near her school. He worked as an electrician and mechanic, getting his hands dirty and making things work. She only met him because she got lost looking for restroom.

Jade still vividly remembered that moment, opening the door to a utility room where a sweaty and shirtless Ricky Pax had been tweaking a fuse box to get the sound system working again. Looking back on it, she was amazed that her panties hadn’t caught fire from the heat in her loins. Everything that followed that fateful encounter had been an exercise in shedding the restraints that others had placed on her for so long.

“I know it seems like I’m just a pretty rich girl going through a rebellious phase,” Jade said, still gazing at Ricky as he watched the road. “Hell, this time last year, I hadn’t left the state, I didn’t have any tattoos, and I was a virgin.”

“To be fair, you were pretty eager to do something about that last one,” Ricky said with a smirk.

“That’s bound to happen when you live in a world where your whole fucking life is decided for you. My parents and all their preppy friends had it all figured out. Being the only girl in a family of three brothers, I was going to be the princess of the country club. I was going to wear all the pretty dresses, go to a nice school, and marry a nice boy who wouldn’t see me naked until our wedding night.”

“You stayed naked half the fucking day when you snuck over to my place last month. You wouldn’t even put on panties when you went out to the mail.”

“Hey, you try wearing those itchy uniforms for days on end,” Jade said. “Now that I think about it, the itch was just me telling myself how much I hated being my family’s pet project…this innocent little package that they could show off to all their friends.”

“They really thought you were innocent?” Ricky said with a humored chuckle.

“Let’s just say they didn’t ask questions when I took extra-long showers…or why I was especially fond of my electric toothbrush.”

Jade laughed to herself, but also resented how hard she had worked to enjoy the tiniest bits of personal freedom in her life. In such a structured world, she was expected to be a model of innocence and chastity. Since her protests never led to anything, she’d rebelled in other ways.

That often involved her doing little things like masturbating in the bathroom, sneaking beer under bleachers at school, and listening to music she knew her parents hated. Those small acts of rebellion added up, eventually culminating in her relationship with Ricky. After just a few nights with him, she could safely say the innocence and chastity her family pushed on her was long gone. Being on the open road felt like she was leaving that girl behind for good.

“Now that I look back on it, their idea of innocent was just code for something else,” Jade continued, her voice becoming more distant. “To them, innocence is just obedience. Virtue is just restraint. Love is just allegiance. And happiness is just what makes everyone else happy.”

“That’s pretty damn twisted,” said Ricky. “My dad’s idea of happiness is a beer, a beautiful woman, and a day where you didn’t have to put on pants.”

“You make him proud for all the right reasons…especially when you’re not wearing pants.”

“That’s probably the extent of my family’s trashy legacy.”

“It isn’t trashy if it leads you to happiness. That’s something you’ve taught me in so many ways these past few months. I’ve broken a lot of rules to be with you Ricky…done things that would get me in a world of trouble with my family. Not too long ago, that would’ve upset me. Now, every time I cross those lines to be with you…well, let’s just say I didn’t know a girl like me could be so happy.”

A twinge of heavy emotion filled her voice. Jade turned away from the open road and leaned over towards the driver’s side of the car, embracing her rugged lover. He returned the gesture, snaking his arm around her and holding her close. It probably wasn’t safe, forcing him to steer the car with one hand. She didn’t care and neither did he. Just being with him was dangerous, but that only made it feel right.

“Out here, in this open stretch of road, I can be who I want to be…feel what I want to feel…embrace who I want to embrace,” Jade said.

“And of all the non-name shmucks you could’ve embraced, you picked me,” said Ricky. “I’m honored and little turned on.”

“You picked me too. You didn’t have to involve yourself with a pretty girl for an affluent community who keeps mistaking you for a wandering hobo.”

“So long as that pretty girl keeps giving me reasons to go out of my way for her – whether it’s her beautiful smile or sexy ass – I’ll gladly let them look down on my trailer park ass.”

“And I intend to keep giving you reasons, Ricky,” said Jade. “That’s part of why we’re taking this trip…to be tougher and free on the road. I know it’s a risk, but I intend to make it worthwhile.”

In another act that would’ve horrified her parents, her teachers, and the state police, she leaned in closer and kissed Ricky’s bearded face. His favorable reaction caused him to tighten his embrace, but still kept his eyes on the road. That ability to stay so focused in a world that was so unstructured was just one of the reasons she’d fallen for him. It also was a huge turn-on.

As Jade kissed him, her loving gestures transformed into something bolder. She nibbled on his ear and reached down his torso, eventually finding that perfect package of man-flesh right between her legs. She wasn’t gentle with it, either. While teasing him with her lips, she firmly rubbed over that special bulge in his pants, once again affirming that she was not that innocent girl from a gated community.

“You’ve done a lot for me, Ricky…and to me, for that matter,” she whispered into his ear. “You dare to guide me into this unkempt, unstructured world. You make me feel things I was never allowed to feel…naughty, dirty things that make my legs weak and my panties moist.”

She gave her lover’s covered man parts a firm squeeze, evoking a deep grunt that forced him to tighten his grip on the steering wheel. He still ended up swerving somewhat, but that did nothing to dissuade Jade.

“You’ve also helped me become more daring, myself,” she said, her voice taking on a very seductive tone. “You think I just slapped on this mini-skirt and tank-top because it was hot? That was only part of the reason…the only unsexy part.”

Then, knowing Ricky was fighting to stay focused on the road, she pulled up her mini-skirt to reveal that she was wearing a very revealing thong. She’d gotten one between the time she snuck off the sheltered campus of her fancy private school to the moment she got into his car was an adventure, of sorts. However, she sensed he didn’t care for the details.

The deviant, unrestrained temptress that Ricky helped awaken kept pushing it. She kept kissing down the side of his face, stroking that bulge in his pants while fondling her inner thighs. It created a heat between that was not at all caused by the midday sun.

“Jade,” Ricky said intently, “I know what you’re doing.”

“So do I,” Jade said boldly. “I’m letting you know how much I want you. Out here, on the open road, we’re free. And I want to celebrate that freedom by feeling that big, manly dick of yours. Just thinking about it is making me so wet.”

“You don’t think straight when you’re horny…more so than most girls.”

“You’re right,” she said, “which is why I’m not going to think twice about doing this.”

Then, in an act that shed whatever innocence she still had, Jade undid her boyfriend’s pants and freed his dick from its confines. As soon as that long, manly flesh popped out, she undid her seatbelt and bent over so she could taste his cock directly. She showed no hesitation, either. In an act of deviance and defiance, she began giving her boyfriend oral sex.

She didn’t care that they were going over 70 miles-per-hour on the highway.

She didn’t care that it was broad daylight, either.

A truck, a cop, or a bus full of children could’ve passed by and they would’ve seen her slurping and slithering along the length of a man’s dick. Whether they were aghast or impressed, she didn’t let up. She went at it, giving the man who’d set her free the kind of oral sex that utterly defied the restraint she once exercised.

“Oh fuck! Jade…you’re doing it to me again,” Ricky grunted, now gripping the steering wheel as though it were the edge of a cliff.

“And what might that be?” she asked after licking the tip of his cock, as though she didn’t already know.

“You’re making me want to fuck you. And seeing as how we’re in on the road, in the middle of nowhere, and with nowhere to stop for miles…”

His words trailed off. Jade still hovered over his dick, stroking it hard as it throbbed within her grip. Looking up at her lover, she could tell he was fully aroused. He had that glint in his eyes…that look that conveyed that distinctly masculine drive. It was not the look of a refined gentlemen, like the ones Jade’s parents wanted her to marry. Ricky was a different kind of man…a man who brought out the real woman in her.

Without warning or hesitation, Ricky hooked the steering wheel to the side, pulling the dusty car over onto the gravel curb. It was a bumpy ride, so much so that Jade had to hold onto her lover, keeping a firm hold on his dick. That only made him more determined.

“Outside…now,” he said, upon turning off the engine and unlocking the doors.

“Outside…in broad daylight…for anyone to see?” Jade asked, as though she were aghast.

“Yes!” he said plainly.

Like a reflex, she pulled away from her lover’s lap and followed him out the driver’s side of the car. As she stumbled out, he grabbed her by the wrist and helped her to her feet. He then walked her towards the dirty hood of his car, his erect dick still hanging out of his pants. From there, he grasped her shoulders and kissed her hard on the lips. Jade instinctively kissed back, using their close proximity to keep stroking his member.

As their lips and tongues twirled together, Ricky pushed up the top part of her halter top and unclasped her bra. Her breasts now exposed to the midday sun, he reached up her skirt and pulled down her panties. He took full advantage of her exposed flesh, fondling her breasts and stroking her inner thighs, all while still kissing her in a way that perfectly blended raw lust with sincere affection.

A sharp gust of wind blew over the long stretch of road, flowing through her inner thighs and over her round breasts. That feeling of being so exposed in the open, unstructured world that had been hidden from her all her life wasn’t just liberating. It turned her on even more.

“Ricky…do me,” Jade gasped, “right here…over the hood of your car.”

“Turn around. Bend over,” was all he said.

It was such a crude, crass request, but Jade didn’t hesitate for a second. She wanted Ricky just that badly. It didn’t matter if they were out in the open and breaking laws. She wanted – no, she needed – to exercise her desire and the unrestrained freedom that came with it.

Not caring about the burning sun or all the dirt on the hood, Jade followed her burning desires and bent over the dirty hood of her lover’s old car, placing both hand on the hot surface. Ricky then positioned himself behind her, placing one hand on her hip and the other on her waist. She could already feel the tip of his manhood rubbing against her moist slit, adding more fuel to the raging firestorm of lust within.

“I always knew you weren’t that innocent,” he told her, leaning in and whispering into her ear. “A woman like you…she needs something more.”

That deep, husky tone of his sent her heart racing and her lust into overdrive. Thankfully, Ricky didn’t make her long to feed those burning needs.

With a firm thrust of his hips, he entered her. In an instant, her eyes widened, her nails raked down the hood of the car, and she let out a gasp that echoed throughout the open road. That hot feeling – the intoxicating, sensual feeling of manly flesh penetrating her womanly depths – sent her into a once-forbidden domain of ecstasy.

“Ohhh yes!” she cried out into the open air. “Fuck me, Ricky! Fuck me!”

Her lover replied with a manly grunt and dominating lust. His grip on her butt and waist intensified as he began moving his hips, penetrating and pumping into her with his throbbing member. It was a perfect melding of flesh, her body embracing his, forging an intimate link that further severed her ties from the world she’d escaped.

It also wasn’t lost on her that it was unfolding outside, under the afternoon sun, on a long stretch of highway in the middle of nowhere. If just one car drove past them in either direction, they would’ve seen everything – her and Ricky having sex, her breasts swaying and her pussy fully exposed. The virtues of modesty, restraint, and obedience shattered with every sensual movement and Jade loved every minute of it.

Ricky gave her even more reasons. As he fucked her at a heated pace, he explored the naked flesh that was usually concealed by itchy clothing. He fondled her swaying breasts, pulled on her long-flowing hair, and stimulated her swollen clit. That was something else he did that set him apart from the other men she knew. He didn’t just seek to please himself. He sought please her too.

“I’m gonna…do it, Jade,” he grunted. “You’re gonna…come…out here…for all to see!”

It wasn’t a promise or a goal. Ricky had never been one to just boast for no reason. He simply told her what was going to happen and she believed him. He was going to make her climax right on the side of the road.

He delivered, as Jade knew he would. He stepped up the pace, so much so that she had to lean over even more so that her breasts were pressed up against the hood. It was as though he was inside her mind, as well as her body. The way he touched and embraced her so intimately struck all the right nerves, literally and figuratively. He carried her to the edge of that special domain of bliss and she gladly followed him into it. When she entered that world of ecstasy, she let the world knew who took her there.

“Oohhh Ricky!” Jade exclaimed.

In an instant, burning desire turned into a firestorm of ecstasy. Sharp surges of orgasmic sensations shot up from her core, spreading out in every direction like a raging river. Jade didn’t hold back in the slightest. She threw her head back so that the heavens could see the look of joy on her face as she climaxed with her lover. She barely even noticed her nails scratching down the hood of the car.

“You see?” Ricky said to her. “That’s what you need…to be free and unhindered.”

Jade couldn’t imagine a more effective way of making that point and not just because she was in an orgasmic daze. It wasn’t that long ago that she felt so trapped by the affluent world of her home town. Even when she followed all the rules, she never felt free. She always had to hold back, as though there was something inside her begging to get out.

Then, she met Ricky, a man who unleashed her spirit. Her phony-innocence had been shackles and he broke her free of that. If she had any doubts about how much he meant to her, they were long gone.

Still beaming with orgasmic energy, Jade tapped into that unbridaled spirit and seized the moment. In an act that caught Ricky off-guard for once, she pulled away, turned around, and drew him into another tight embrace. In the process, she jumped up into his arms, his throbbing manhood still radiating plenty of desire.

“Ricky,” she said in a deeply seductive voice. “Keep fucking me. Fuck me until you feel as free as I do right now.”

“Really? You look pretty free, Jade,” he said playfully.

“Do it!” she urged him. “I don’t care if a convoy of nuns passes by. I want it…and I know you want it too.”

As good as he was at getting her hot, Jade knew how to motivate her lover. A certain tone in her voice, mixed with a special seductiveness that could only come from a spirit freed of its confines, inspired her lover to keep doing her on the side of the road.

Not knowing if a convoy of cops were on their way, Ricky set her down on the hood, hooked her legs around his waist, and aligned their bodies once more. With another thrust, he entered her again. Their throbbing flesh united, he continued their sex, but with more urgency.

He was so focused and thorough, a man on a mission to embrace the same spirit as hers. Jade did her part, holding onto his shoulders and making sure her breasts bounced with every thrust. She watched as his face twitched and contorted in anticipation. She locked her eyes on his, caressing his face and digging the balls of her feet into his back, which she knew he loved. Just as he had done for her, she guided him into a world of ecstasy.

“Jade…I’m coming!” Ricky grunted.

“Yes, Ricky…come with me,” Jade said to him.

The feeling struck. Ricky’s expression became awash in ecstasy as he delivered the final round of thrusts. Then, his body trembled. His member tensed. In that moment when ecstasy took its purest form, he let out a moan so masculine she swore the ground trembled.

As her lover took in the feeling, Jade’s smile never waned. She continued caressing his unshaven face, embracing him on the hood of his car, under the son, and on the side of a long, vacant road. She felt his hold on her tighten, his burning desire morphing into loving passion. When he opened his eyes, she saw more than the look of a satisfied man. She saw the eyes of the man who had set her free.

“I love you, Jade,” Ricky said to her.

“I love you too, Ricky,” said Jade.

“Want to get back on the road? Or do you want to do it again in the back seat?”

“We’re a couple of free spirits on the open road…we’ll follow wherever our desires lead us!”

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“Rooftop Fireworks” A Sexy Short Story (For The 4th Of July)


The following is a sexy short story I wrote in celebration of the 4th of July. To all the proud Americans out there, especially the brave men and women serving in the military, this day is for you. In the spirit of patriotism, I wrote a story that I hope combines the best elements of patriotism and sexiness. Enjoy!

“God bless America, indeed,” said Brent Braxton in a proud, patriotic tone.

“Amen to that, my darling lieutenant,” said his wife Janet Braxton, matching his tone as only she could.

“Hey, we’re not in the marines anymore. You don’t have to keep calling me lieutenant.”

“I know, but it’s not my fault you love it so damn much.”

“Point taken,” the former marine.

They shared a good laugh and a glowing smile. Brent gladly raised his half-empty beer bottle to the cloudless night sky. His beautiful wife of four years did the same, tapping her bottle with his. It capped off what had been an eventful 4th of July thus far and for a couple of veterans who’d met on a military base, that carried greater meaning.

They’d both taken very different paths to get to this moment. Brent was born in the United States, but his parents were immigrants who barely spoke English when they first arrived. Conversely, Janet came from several generations of red-blooded Americans who could trace their lineage back to the Revolutionary War. He joined the marines after losing out on a college scholarship. Janet joined because enlisting in the military was practically a rite of passage for her family. Logistically speaking, their paths never should’ve crossed.

Being a marine taught him a lot about being American. However, when he met Janet on a routine visit to vehicle maintenance facility, he learned more than he ever could’ve imagined. She wasn’t just the quintessential American woman. She radiated a strong, free-wheeling spirit that would’ve endeared her to any soldier. She took all those patriotic platitudes that most people rarely scrutinize and gave it a face…a beautiful, angelic face.

Holding her in his arms while sitting on the roof of their quiet suburban home, Brent still couldn’t believe that this American angel fell in love with him. Every time she latched onto his arm and caressed his face, it affirmed that love was real. On the 4th of July – the same date he proposed to her, no less – that love became part of the festivities.

“You know, it’s funny,” Brent mused as he set his beer aside.

“What is, love?” Janet asked.

“How people ask God to bless America, as though it needs more at this point,” he said distantly. “I certainly thought that as a kid. Whenever my parents told me about where they’d come from, even simple comforts like air conditioning seemed like divine gifts.”

“Whereas my family didn’t believe in gifts,” she said. “You worked for everything and you celebrated when you earned it. That’s the American way, according to my dad.”

“It still seemed like a dream to my parents,” Brent went on. “Where they came from, even hard work didn’t always earn you much. In fact, there was a good chance it earned you precisely dick. For a while, I wasn’t sure if growing up in America would be any different. Then, after serving my country, meeting you, and seeing other parts of the world, I realized something profound.”

He turned towards his beautiful wife, pulled her deeper into his embrace, and caressed the face that still made his heart skip a beat. The star-lit sky, the full moon, and the lights in the distance made every aspect of her beauty so clear. On the 4th of July, she seemed to glow even brighter. When she smiled back and placed her hands over his, he felt truly blessed. All those patriotic sentiments that he’d heard all day resonated on a new level.

“I believe that when people say, God bless America, they’re not just asking for more of those gifts. I don’t even think it has anything to do with being lucky for being in such a wonderful country,” said Brent.

“Then, what do you think it means?” Janet asked intently.

He paused for a brief moment, collecting his thoughts so he could do justice to both the woman and the country he loved. On the 4th of July, he could do no less.

“It’s an acknowledgement,” Brent said, “a sign of immense gratitude for a blessing that we received long ago, but still appreciate to this day…especially on a day like today.”

“The 4th of July,” she said, as if to acknowledge it with him.

“The fact this country exists is a blessing. It’s a place where a guy like me can grow up feeling out of place, but find purpose. It’s a place where my parents can actually earn a better life from all their hard work. We don’t have to have lengthy legacy like yours to receive these gifts. We just have to share in the same uniquely American spirit.”

“My God, that’s patriotic. And that’s coming from someone whose father made her memorize all 50 states and all U.S. territories by age seven,” Janet said.

“I know. It’s corny as hell.”

“Did I say I minded?” Janet replied, along with another warm smile.

She leaned in and kissed him. Patriotism often did that to her. Being a marine, herself, and the daughter of such proud Americans, expressing love for America wasn’t just a formality. It meant a lot to her. Between serving his country and marrying her, Brent had come to cherish that meaning every bit as much.

Under the skies of a perfect 4th of July evening, he savored every second of her kiss. With that American spirit he loved, she wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened their embrace. Brent shared in that spirit, slipping his arms around her waist and immersing himself within her loving warmth. Even in the summer heat, it felt so intoxicating.

Both the spirit of the 4th of July and the spirit of their love intensified their passions. Simple kissing morphed into deeper gestures. Hands roamed, tongues twirled, and hot bodies pressed together, even after a day of barbecues and community events. They both smelled like charred burgers, cold beer, and over-cooked fries. They both radiated all things American. He and Janet just had to celebrate their blessings to the utmost.

What began as a loving kiss had become a full-blown make-out session. Brent had planned on getting intimate with his wife at some point that night, but he didn’t think it would happen on the roof of their house. He was tempted to break the kiss and ask if she’d like to take this back inside. Before he could, the booming echoes of fireworks in the distance erupted in the night sky.

Suddenly, he remembered why he and Janet had chosen to sit out on the roof in the first place. It gave them the perfect view of the annual fireworks show at the nearby lake. As the sky lit up and their patriotic passions kept flowing, a new desire took hold. In the spirit of American independence, he sought a more ambitious form of celebration.

“Hey Janet,” Brent said breathlessly as more fireworks filled the sky.

“Yes, my darling?” said Janet.

“Let’s make love,” he said to her, “up here…on the roof…under the fireworks.”

“And on the 4th of July?” she replied with a beaming smile. “God, I feel as blessed as my country right now!”

“I hope that’s not all your feeling.”

“Believe me. I’m feeling more than just patriotism right now!”

Inspired by both love and liberty, they kissed again and just as a large plume of reddish fireworks erupted overhead. It was like America itself was encouraging them to celebrate the freedom they cherished. At that moment, it became clear that the fireworks weren’t going to be the only 4th of July spectacle they enjoyed.

As the fireworks erupted overhead, he and Janet quickly shed their clothes. Thanks to the summer heat, they didn’t have much to take off. He’d just worn an old T-shirt and jeans. She’d worn denim shorts and a right, white, and blue halter top. True to her libertine spirit, Janet got naked faster and more eagerly. She practically tore off her shirt, bra, and pants. She didn’t even care that she kicked her flip-flops off the side of the roof. Being naked outdoors on the 4th of July just seemed so American for her.

“My God…patriotism never looked so sexy,” Brent said as he gazed upon her naked form.

“Shut up and get those pants off, soldier!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

He responded as though he’d been given an order by his old drill sergeant. Janet even helped him, grabbing the sides of his pants and pulling them off along with his underwear. He didn’t care that she threw them across the roof and into a pile of dirt. He didn’t even care if someone walked by their house and saw their naked bodies under the light of the fireworks. He and his beautiful wife were going to make love in celebration of America.

“Come here, my All-American beauty,” Brent said in his most seductive voice.

“Yes, sir!” Janet replied, mirroring his soldier-like tone from moments ago.

They laughed playfully, even as the noise from the fireworks drowned out all other sounds. They embraced and kissed again, taking a brief moment to enjoy each other’s nude form. Janet had such a fit, sexy body. Being a marine and a cheerleader in high school gave her so much to admire. Her breasts, butt, legs, and lips all radiated that uniquely American beauty that helped fuel his passion for her.

She showed just as much appreciation for his masculine features. She eagerly pawed his chest, hooked her legs around his waist, and embraced him in a way that maximized skin-on-skin contact. It was Janet’s preferred approach to foreplay, letting her body lustfully grind against his while she smothered him with loving kisses. He often joked that she loved foreplay almost as much as actual lovemaking. On a night like this, it was no laughing matter.

The kissing, touching, and caressing of naked flesh helped turn intimate desire into physical arousal. That perfect combination of affection and desire did more than enough to get them both aroused. Brent could already feel the moist heat between her inner thighs, even amidst the summer humidity. She definitely felt his hardening penis press against her thigh, affirming just how much he wanted her.

By the time the sky was really flashing with multi-colored fireworks, they were both ready. Usually, he and Janet made an effort to draw out the foreplay. Knowing their window with the fireworks was limited, they had to act with both urgency and passion.

“Brent…I’m ready,” Janet told him, already breathless from so much kissing.

“So am I,” he said to her, equally winded.

“Then, do it, my American stud. Make love to me!”

With a confident grin and patriotic passion, Brent began a 4th of July celebration that would’ve made any American proud.

He shifted his grip to her butt, squeezing it hard with the strength of a trained marine. Then, with her legs still hooked around his waist, he lifted her up and aligned her body with his. He soon felt the tip of his manhood against her outer fold. Her gaze never diverting from his, she grabbed onto his shoulders in anticipation. Using the same powerful arms that he’d used to carry her into their honeymoon suite, he lowered her onto his manhood.

“Ooh Brent!” she gasped, just in time for an extra-loud burst of fireworks.

Their flesh united. His rigid member penetrated her hot depths with ease. Wet womanly flesh embraced hard masculine flesh in a perfect merging of two proud Americans. As they both soaked in the feeling, Brent lovingly caressed her face and admired her beauty amidst the dazzling spectacle of the fireworks in the background.

“Janet…my love,” he said in a daze of passion.

“Brent,” his wife replied, already far deeper in that daze.

Not much else needed to be said. Given the commotion from the fireworks, they wouldn’t have heard each other anyways. However, the dazzling sights and booming sounds of that 4th of July spectacle was secondary. On this roof, their love was the real show.

Driven by both passion and excitement, they moved their bodies in a sensual rhythm. Brent used his powerful arms to rock his lover’s hips back and forth, working her tight folds along the length of his member. She supplemented every movement with gyrations of her own, clinging harder to his shoulders and imparting just the right amount of energy to their sex.

The incline of the roof even worked to their advantage. It gave Brent extra leverage in guiding their sexual rhythm. It also allowed his beautiful wife a greater range of motion. She sensually swayed and contorted her body through the motions, as though she were dancing amidst their intimate union. He couldn’t imagine a sight more beautiful, even without the fireworks in the background.

The fireworks still had an impact. As the pace of the show picked up, so too did the pace of their lovemaking. Janet rocked her hips harder while he supplemented each movement with his arms. A more intense rhythm meant more intense sensations. As more fireworks went off, the sensual feeling escalated. Brent could feel it in his lover’s touch, from the way her nails raked down his upper back to how her inner muscles squeezed his member every time he plunged into her.

“Yes! Yes! Ohhh yes! Brent…my proud, patriotic love!” Janet exclaimed.

“Janet! Ohhh Janet! My sweet, sexy, All-American wife!” he gasped.

It was a spectacular feeling, one that fit perfectly with the fireworks in the background. As he and Janet absorbed that feeling, they kissed wildly and unleashed a torrent of blissful moans. The noise of the fireworks masked it, but they still felt it.

Their lovemaking seemed perfectly synchronized with the spectacle in the skies above them. As the volume of fireworks became greater, their heat of their sex intensified. Brent had been to enough 4th of July parties to know when the grand finale was getting closer. With each booming crackle, he and his love neared their own finale.

“Janet…so close!” Janet said over the rhythmic rocking of their bodies. “I’m so…so close.”

“Me too, Janet,” Brent replied intently. “Let’s…shoot off…together!”

“Together…under the fireworks…tonight!”

The ways he said it made it sound both sexy and patriotic. Like two determined Americans, who just happened to be trained marines, they focused their efforts like never before. The firework around them had just entered the main finale. They were going off in rapid succession, filling the skies with dazzling lights and thunderous booms. In that light, their naked bodies glowed like never before.

In that moment and under this wondrous spectacle, he and Janet capped off the finale with a shared ecstasy like no other. It felt like a 4th of July miracle because they achieved orgasm almost simultaneously. As the pleasure washed over them, they let out their most patriotic gesture to date.

“Oohhh America, yes!” they each said at once.

It would’ve been funny if it weren’t so amazingly euphoric. Just as Janet’s inner muscles clamped down around his cock, he got his release. Thick streams of his manly fluid mixed with her feminine juices, creating a harmonious mixture. Love, passion, and ecstasy took a tangible form, both in terms of the spectacle around them and the feelings coursing through them. As they held each other closely, their naked bodies perfectly enmeshed, they shared a deep kiss to complete their celebration.

As their lips were entwined, the fireworks show above them ceased. The sound of applause from bedazzled onlookers echoed through the trees. They were rightly amazed by what they just saw, but Brent doubted they felt as satisfied as him and Janet at that moment. Together, they didn’t just witness a spectacle to celebrate the country they loved. They embraced the ideals that made America worth celebrating.

“I love you,” he told her, dazed and breathless by their passion.

“I love you too,” she replied.

“Happy 4th of July, my star-spangled wife.”

“Happy 4th of July, my freedom-loving husband. Thank you…for making this American woman feel so blessed.”

“Just doing my wife and my country proud!”

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“Out Of Our System” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story that was partially inspired by a true story. Without giving away too many details, I’ll simply note that the story involved a few minor lies to parents that resulted in a young couple having a house to themselves for an entire weekend. I hope this story does justice to the fun they had. Enjoy!

“It’s official!” said Dean Kyler. “For the next 48 hours, all clothing other than briefs and panties are prohibited.”

“Music to my ears, babe,” replied Leah Pool, already stripping down with playful eagerness. “Between this goddamn heatwave and three months of forced celibacy, I don’t plan on wearing much this weekend.”

“As your loving boyfriend who hasn’t been near a naked woman in three months, I’ll make sure those plans don’t change.”

“You better.”

Leah snickered as she slipped off her T-shirt, kicked off her shoes, and removed her tight denim shorts. Dean followed suit. He couldn’t get his shirt and jeans off fast enough. He didn’t even bother folding them up. He just threw it aside, leaving him in a pair of black briefs and showing little inclination to wear much of anything for the foreseeable future. Having already stripped down to her, she did the same with her discarded clothing, enjoying that liberating feeling of being topless in the presence of her boyfriend.

They were still in the foyer of his parents’ house. They’d just walked in the front door, having capped off a two-hour drive in a beat-up Buick with sub-standard air conditioning. It might have been the first day of spring break, but an early heatwave made any clothing other than underwear seem unbearable. Even so, Leah didn’t mind in the slightest and not just because she’d gone months without her lover’s intimate touch.

“God, I missed seeing your tits,” Dean told her, already moving in closer for a semi-nude embrace.

“I missed you copping a feel every chance you got,” Leah quipped as she accepted the gesture and snaked her arms around his neck. “Not gonna to lie. It got very lonely at times and there’s only so much I can do with a vibrator.”

“I’ll bet that pissed off your roommate.”

“Let’s just say she knows not to ask me for batteries,” she joked.

They both laughed as they kissed and deepened their embrace. Leah made it a point to maximize skin contact, making sure her exposed breasts pressed up against his chest. As soon as their lips touched, Dean began feeling her up, trailing his hands and fingers along her naked skin. Warm tingles coursed through her body. Aside from heating up her loins, it reminded her how much she’d missed Dean.

They’d had been together since their freshman year of high school. What their parents and friends thought was teenage puppy love had evolved into something much deeper. She’d given Dean her virginity at their junior prom. She’d gone with him to his uncle’s funeral after he died in a traffic accident. He’d been there for her while recovering from a broken leg she endured during an ill-fated skiing trip. Leah wasn’t afraid to tell Dean that she loved him.

While other high school sweethearts were splitting up or growing apart after graduation, she and Dean got more serious with their relationship, even as it gained new challenges. She’d been accepted into a prestigious all-girls school. He’d gotten an athletic scholarship to a private religious school that his dad had attended. Even though both schools were just an hour’s drive away, their strict policy against public displays of affection and co-ed mingling made their relationship difficult to sustain.

They still endured it. It wasn’t easy. College had been full of many distractions and temptations. Their love proved stronger in the end. That made the prospect of a clothing-optional weekend at Dean’s parents’ house even more appealing.

“The fridge is full. The doors are locked. I also confirmed my mom’s plane is in the air,” Dean said, breaking the kiss while remaining in an embrace.

“Does she know that I’m not currently on a bus with my roommate to a camping retreat in the mountains?” she asked.

“No, but it wouldn’t matter if she did. She’s already in another time zone and expects me to stay home during Spring Break while my father’s visiting his brother.”

“You’re just trying to get me out of my panties faster, aren’t you?” teased Leah.

“It’s working, isn’t it?”

“Shut up and take me to the nearest bedroom.”

Dean gave her a lecherous grin before shifting his grip to her butt, lifting her up in his arms, and capturing her lips again as he carried her up the steps. As their lips and tongues twirled, she clung to his shoulders and hooked her legs around his waist, already feeling a growing bulge in his underwear. Just the thought of two thin layers of fabric separated his cock from her pussy send her lustful desires into overdrive.

It had been too long since she and Dean made love. She should’ve been used to that. Neither her parents nor Dean’s were fond of them being sexually active. Dean’s family was religious and her parents had always been concerned about her personal life, especially after her older sister ended up in a bad marriage. Officially, their position was that they shouldn’t have sex until their wedding night and they made a concerted effort to keep them from deviating.

They had to have known their attempts at that point were futile. They knew she and Dean had slept together at least once. She doubted they knew just how much they’d done it, often behind their backs and in ways that would make most parents cringe. Despite being in such a conservative environment all their lives, she and Dean realized quickly that they loved sex. Having so many constraints just meant they had to be extra efficient with their private time.

The next several days gave them just the opportunity they’d needed. She and Dean were both on spring break. They both had an entire house to themselves, absent of parents, teachers, or anyone else who could keep them from expressing their love. On top of that, they had a lot of pent-up horniness that they hadn’t been able to vent. Finally, they could get it out of their system.

“The guest room,” Dean gasped upon reaching the top of the stairs.

That was all he could get out. Leah kept his lips busy with hers, clinging harder to him with her arms and legs as he carried her into the guest room, which happened to be the closest bedroom. She’d slept in it before, but never with Dean. It was usually reserved for one of Dean’s many relatives. Instead, it would be the first room they christened during their romantic weekend of sexual venting.

“Dean,” Leah said upon reaching the bed, “keep the door open. For once, I want to make love without feeling like we’re hiding.”

“Given the circumstances, that counts as kinky,” Dean said upon setting her down on the bed.

“Compared to all the decadent things I want to do to you this weekend, it’s almost sad.”

“It’s not,” he assured her. “It just tells me that my parents’ rules failed. They only made us hornier.”

“Now, I know you’re trying to get me out of my panties.”

“Well, if you need more incentive…”

He spoke with that deep, suggestive undertone. He knew that voice made her wet, even when they spoke over the phone. It effectively sealed the fate of her panties and his underwear, for that matter.

“Change of plans,” she said, “panties and briefs are no longer exempt. All clothing this weekend is hereby banned!”

“I can get behind that rule,” said Dean in that same deep, manly tone.

He must have been waiting for that proclamation because he slipped out of his briefs before joining her on the bed. Leah practically tore hers off, throwing them across the room and having no intention of retrieving them for the rest of the weekend. As of that moment, she and Dean were going to be full-fledged nudists.

Now fully naked, his throbbing erection free and her engorged pussy exposed in the midday sun, Leah moved further back on queen-sized bed and gestured for her lover to join her. He did so without hesitation, crawling on top of her and kissing her again, allowing their fully naked bodies to embrace.

It was a great feeling, his manly sinews pressing against her feminine curves. It got her heart racing and her blood flowing even faster, triggering a heated make-out session that quickly ruffled the sheets of the neatly-made bed. Usually, Leah preferred some extended nude exchange before they got to the sexy stuff. After several months without sex, she just didn’t have the patience.

“Your dick,” Leah said, abruptly breaking the kiss. “I need to taste your dick.”

“And I need your pussy just as much,” he told her. “I almost forgot how good it tastes.”

“Well, now is the best possible time for a reminder!”

Needing no further convincing, Leah took the initiative and adjusted their bodies so that they could give each other oral sex simultaneously. Dean ended up on his back while Leah got on top of him, his head now perfectly positioned between her thighs while she was perfectly positioned over his cock. He was as hard as she was wet, the desire that had been denied by distance and rules finally coming out.

“Mmm…a real, actual dick,” she said, licking her lips in anticipation.

“Pussy…real, moist pussy,” Dean said.

She made the first move, engulfing the full length of his dick in her mouth and sucking it with the same passion she had at their senior prom. His manly flesh tasted as good as she remembered. It was so hard and hot, the veiny contours throbbing around her lips and tongue. She savored every inch as she bobbed her head up and down, sucking and licking along his length.

Dean was just as thorough. With a potent blend of hunger and lust, he gorged on her pussy, probing her depths with his tongue and fondling her folds with his fingers. He hadn’t forgotten her most sensitive spots. He also hadn’t forgotten how she liked having her clit rubbed. It didn’t just feel incredible. It showed just how much he’d missed her. Absence, it seemed, added some special intensity to their sex. It also added a sense of urgency.

“God, you taste good!” gasped Dean, already breathless after so much intimate gorging. “I…I want to be inside you now. Actually, scratch that. I need to be inside you!”

“I can tell,” she said, still grasping his cock after giving it an extra-long suck.

“Please, Leah…I’ve missed you so much. I’ve missed this…our love…and expressing it.”

“Me too, Dean. That’s what this clothing-free weekend is all about…expressing our love.”

As much as she enjoyed tasting her lover’s cock, she enjoyed having it inside her even more, uniting their bodies in that fleshly union that their parents thought was too deviant. Time and again, she and Dean proved that nothing so intimate and pleasurable could possibly be that deviant.

Looking to prove it once more, Leah adjusted her body in preparation for sex. She remained on top, straddling his waist and alighting her pussy with his cock. Dean stayed on his back, grabbing a firm hold of her hips and bracing for the coming feeling.

All it took was a single plunge of the hips. With a that one motion, the months of loneliness and horniness ended. Dean’s manly flesh was inside her womanly depths. They were making love.

“Ooh Dean!” Leah exclaimed.

“Leah!” Dean cried out.

For once, they could make as much noise as they wanted, letting the world know that they were in love and freely expressing it with sex. It made for a fitting crescendo of moans, cries, and gasps that echoed throughout the vacant house. In an instant, those lonely sexless nights they’d spent in cramped dorm rooms became a distant memory.

They were loud and fervent with their sex. Leah rode her lover’s cock cowgirl style, gyrating her hips and working her folds along his ridged length. Dean supplemented her movements, using those powerful arms of his to add more energy to their sex. In the warm mid-day sun, even with the air conditioner going, they worked up quite a sweat. It sent her to the brink of orgasm in record time.

“Dean! Oh Dean! I…I’m coming! I’m gonna come…so hard!” she exclaimed.

“Good!” he said in that deep tone he knew she loved. “I promise it’s the first of many.”

He was a man of his word. As she rode him harder, he used his thumb to rub her clit, which helped send her over the brink. When the intense wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her, she ended up grabbing her breasts and throwing her head back as that wonderous feeling of ecstasy washed over her. It was a special ecstasy, one that she couldn’t get with a vibrator. It affirmed just how much she’d loved and missed Dean.

“You’re always so theatrical when you come,” he commented. “I’m not used to seeing it in the middle of the day.”

“Mmm…better get used to it fast,” said Leah, her words slurred by the daze of bliss.

“I intend to, but first things first!”

As she soaked in her orgasmic state, Dean shot up from the bed and threw his powerful arms around her, drawing their naked bodies together once more. Leah instinctively returned the embrace, kissing him despite her heavy gasping and holding on as he rolled her over so that she was now the one on her back.

His dick remained enmeshed in the folds of her throbbing pussy. Leah could feel it aching for his own release. She imagined internet porn and hand lotion was just as inadequate when it came to venting his lust. To sate his desires, he needed to feel her womanly flesh squeeze his rigid length in an outburst of passion. Having had done so much to meet her desires, she gladly accommodated her lover.

“Mmm…such strong priorities,” Leah purred.

“It’s been so long…too long,” he said intently, caressing her face as his manly figures pressed down against hers. “Without you…my life is so damn lonely.”

“Well, I’m here now, Dean,” she told him. “Please…get it out of your system.”

She didn’t need to tempt him that much with her seductive tone, but she did anyways. It had the desired effect. With those fateful words, Dean cast her an intense look and unleashed the full force of his pent-up sexual energy.

Using every bit of leverage that the missionary position allowed, he humped and pumped her with the vigor of a man who’d been deprived of intimate love. It showed in the desperate, yet affectionate look on his face. He never turned away or closed his eyes. It was not the look of a man just looking to fuck an equally-horny woman. There was a deeper connection at work, one every bit as intense as the orgasm she’d just experienced.

“That’s it, Dean. Ooh, that’s it!” she gasped, urging him on as she clung to his shoulders. “We’re really here…in bed…making love. It’s just you and me…this weekend…together.”

Getting that message across helped give him that extra push he needed. With her legs spread-eagle, their naked bodies rocking as naked skin slid along naked skin, she held onto her lover and guided him to that special ecstasy. She conveyed to him the same loving gaze that made her peak so meaningful. When he finally reached that peak, he put on his own erotic spectacle.

“Oohhh Leah!” he cried out.

It was a release that had been months in the making, but so worth the wait. Leah bent her knees back and took his hands in hers, giving him something to hold onto as he descended into that world of ecstasy.

It made for quite a release. She felt his body shudder atop hers, his manhood tensing as it released an impressive load of cum into her depths. The feeling of his hot fluids mixing with her juices added even more intimacy to their act. Having made sure ahead of time that there would be no need for condoms or pulling out, it was a special feeling they could savor together.

“Wow! That was…wow,” Dean said in between heavy gasps.

“Yeah…wow,” Leah said while caressing his face affectionately.

“So much…I love you so damn much, Leah.”

“I love you too, Dean.”

That might have been the orgasmic afterglow talking, but that didn’t make the sentiment any less genuine. She and Dean were long past those doubts. He loved her and she loved him back. They also enjoyed expressing that love together in all the very physical, very sensual ways that others tried to discourage.

As they soaked in the breadth of that feeling, she and Dean shared another loving kiss. Still naked, their bodies covered in a light layer of sweat, he withdrew from her while still maintaining a deep embrace. Usually, it was the point where they had to come down from their sexual high, put their clothes back on, and put on an innocent face for those not comfortable with them having a mature sex life. For once, that wasn’t a concern.

“I missed you. I missed this,” Dean said distantly, now resting his head on her breasts.

“Me too,” Leah said, “although I imagine you missed falling asleep on my chest even more.”

“I did, but it’s more than that,” he said. “For as long as we’ve been together, we’ve had to be so tactful about expressing our love. Whether it’s a quickie here or a secret romp in a closet, it feels like we have to jump through so many hoops, just to be together.”

“It’s annoying. That, I don’t deny. The fact we’re still together says a lot about our love.”

“It sure does. It says just as much about moments like this…rare, precious moments when we can just stop being careful and enjoy our love completely.”

There was a brief silence as he finished catching his breath. He then laid down next to her, still embracing her, their naked bodies making plenty of skin-on-skin contact. Despite the sweat and messy hair, he caressed her face with deep affection.

“I cherish those moments too,” Leah told him. “I have a feeling I’ll cherish them even more after this weekend.”

“And I intend to give you plenty more reasons for that,” Dean said with a confident grin. “I’m taking that no-clothing rules seriously. I am not putting those boxers back on. We have month’s worth of love to make and we’re going to make the most of it.”

“No need to convince me, lover boy. I can already feel your dick rubbing against me,” she teased. “I hope that means that bottle of lube I brought is going to be empty by tomorrow.”

“It sure as hell better be. I love you just that much, Leah. And for the next 48 clothing-free hours, we’re going to express that love in every room in every way possible.”

“Sounds romantic,” she said seductively, “and exhaustive. You sure you have the energy for it?”

“Of course!” he said, putting his hand on her butt to further communicate his desire. “You’re the one who told me to get this out of my system. Trust me, we’ve got a lot to get out and an entire weekend alone to do it!”

They shared another loving kiss, effectively solidifying their plans for the weekend. Leah had planned on catching up on lost time together, especially the sexy kind. Knowing Dean was so motivated made her more eager to make it count.

The rest of the day, and much of the evening, played out in a blur. It felt like a lurid fantasy that she would’ve woken up from long ago. It was not a dream, though. It was real…beautifully, wonderfully real.

They made love in the shower in the master bedroom…the bigger, more spacious one that her parents never let her use.

Then, they did it in dining room, Dean bending her over the same table on which they ate holiday meals.

They also did it in her dad’s man cave in the basement, going at it on the same leather recliner that she never got to sit in.

They even did in the living room while watching a porno that Dean had bought, two activities that her parents had banned outright from their house.

They did all of that while sticking to their no-clothing rule, remaining butt naked, even while making dinner. It was reckless and deviant, but fun and exhilarating. It made every kiss, hump, and orgasm more satisfying. With respect to getting their passions and desires out of their system, it definitely helped.

“I love you…so much,” Dean kept saying in the throughs of passion.

“I love you too,” Leah kept replying.

The sounds of their love echoed from every wall. Every intimate act that was once forbidden or frowned upon was now theirs to embrace. Having gotten some of that pent-up passion out of their system, the true breadth of their love felt pure and free.

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“Beating The Heat” A Sexy Short Story For A Hot Summer Day


The following is a sexy short story I wrote in celebration of the Summer Solstice. In addition to it being the longest day of the year, it’s also hot and humid. That means it’s easy to work up a sweat and sweat is just another way of making sexy things sexier. Enjoy!

“Damn it! Of all the days for the air conditioner to break down, it just had to be today,” groaned a frustrated Ellen Fryer.

The young woman lounged lazily on her couch, staring up at a ceiling fan that was nowhere near enough, even at its highest setting. The TV was on in the background, but she’d stopped paying attention a half-hour ago. There was only so much she could focus on when it was 106 degrees outside and on her anniversary, no less.

Wiping another layer of sweat from her forehead, Ellen sighed in defeat. She was not built for the heat. She’d grown in Canada where the sub-zero temperatures in spring were considered normal. She thought she could handle moving to Florida for work, at least for a while. Then, she fell in love with Ethan Fryer, who not only grew up in a tropical climate, but thrived in it.

She envied his resilience while laughing every time he called a 51-degree winter day a cold spell. On a day when a heat advisory had closed the local parks, Ellen there was nothing funny about their massive disparity in heat tolerance. As she tried her best not to think about it, the back door to their one-level home opened and Ethan stepped in, shirtless and covered in sweat.

“Well, it’s official,” he said. “The condenser coils are shot and the compressor is useless.”

“The way you say it implies this isn’t something we can fix in the next hour,” Ellen said dryly.

“I’m afraid not, hun. I already called my buddy, Marco. He says he won’t have the parts until Monday at the earliest.”

“Monday? Seriously!” she groaned. “So it’s not just our anniversary. We’ll be stuck here without air conditioning all weekend!”

“I don’t like it, either. But we’ll find a way to stay cool. We always do.”

“Easy for you today,” Ellen said. “You’re used to the heat. You grew up in it. Hell, you seem to enjoy it!”

“That doesn’t mean I like seeing my wife so miserable. That, I’ll never get used to.”

That sweet, sincere tone of his kept Ellen from complaining even more. There was no use taking her frustrations out on her husband, who’d braved the heat to try and fix their air conditioner. His brother was a mechanic and his father made furniture. Ethan knew how to use tools and work machines. Those skills were no match for the heat, though. It didn’t seem fair and it might end up derailing their anniversary.

Now avoiding eye-contact, Ellen turned off the TV and buried her face in the arm of the couch to vent her frustration. Ethan walked over and sat down next to her, not even bothering to put on a shirt to distract from those dirty jeans he’d been wearing all day. He attempted to console her, as any good husband would. It did little to cool her off, but it did help calm her down.

“I’m sorry, Ethan. I shouldn’t take it out on you. It’s not your fault I have piss-poor heat tolerance,” Ellen said, still avoiding eye-contact.

“That’s okay. You have plenty of other wonderful traits,” he teased.

“And you look damn good without a shirt on so it’s still not fair,” she went on. “It’s just…had this big, elaborate plan for today. We were going to take a day off work, turn off our phones, and spend half the day just catching up with one another. We’ve just been so goddamn busy since we moved into this house that we barely had any time to just be a husband and wife.”

“I still love that plan. It’s not quite as ambitious as taking a trip to Canada, but we’ve been pretty limited in terms of air fare lately. Between buying this house and starting new jobs, we can barely afford a dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.”

“God, what I wouldn’t give for some cold, Canadian air right now,” she said, “but just being some place cooler isn’t the point. This day and this weekend was supposed to be about us…not about beating the heat.”

Ellen groaned into the arm of the couch again. Ethan let her vent, but didn’t let her despair. After belaboring her frustration, he pulled her up from her slouched position and into a light embrace. He was still hot and sweaty from outside, but his strong arms and loving presence was still comforting. She didn’t even mind the smell of mud and humidity. The fact he was so willing to sweat for her was part of why she loved him so much.

“We can still make the most of this day,” he told her. “We’re still together. We made it a whole year as husband and wife, despite a make-shift wedding my parents hated and you moving to Florida, which your parents hated.”

“Yeah, we’ve beaten more than the heat. That’s for sure,” Ellen said, mustering a light smile.

“My mom still thinks I was nuts to marry a full-blooded Canadian.”

“And my dad still thinks me living in Florida is a bad idea. Even in this heat, I’m not willing to concede how right he might have been.”

“Despite all that – and the busted air conditioner, on top of it – I still love you, Ellen. I’m still so thankful to call you my wife.”

“I love you too, Ethan. Even when I’m hot, miserable, and restless, I love you,” she said. “I just really wanted to do something special today…something fun and memorable that we can tell the grandkids one day.”

“Well, it’s only half past noon,” Ethan pointed out. “There may still be time.”

“I appreciate your optimism,” she said, “but the parks closed and the nearest water park packed to capacity, our options are really limited.”

“We’ll figure something out. I promise.”

He embraced her a little closer, wrapping his arm around her waist and kissing the side of her head. Ellen returned the favor, resting her head on his shoulders lightly pawing his chest. She didn’t mind the sweat. Wearing a dirty tank-top and shorts, she could withstand the grime and smell. As frustrating as it was to have her anniversary derailed, she refused to let a busted air conditioner defeat her.

Ellen lingered in her husband’s arms for a bit, wondering how they were going to salvage the day. He seemed content to just sit with her, resting his head on the back of the couch and taking in the air from the ceiling fan. The heat still didn’t seem to bother him, but her being miserable sure did. There had to be a way to make their anniversary special, despite their limited means. She was just too hot to think of it.

Suddenly, Ethan shifted in his seat. She looked up at him to see that his expression had shifted as well.

“Actually, I’ve got an idea,” he said, “a crazy, unusual idea that just might help us.”

“Are you sure?” Ellen questioned with a cocked eyebrow. “I’ve heard those words and I’ve seen that look in your eyes. Usually, your ideas have mixed results, at best.”

“This one probably won’t change my record, but it’ll help us celebrate our anniversary and beat the heat…among other things.”

Ethan cast her a devious, but playful grin. He didn’t show it often, but when he did, it usually meant that they were in for an adventure of sorts. The last time she saw it was on their honeymoon in Miami. That usually had some pretty distinct implications.

“I’m still skeptical, but very curious,” she said.

“Curious enough to trust me with this?” Ethan asked.

“I married you on this day a year ago, Ethan. I think we’ve done plenty to establish trust in one another.”

“Fair enough,” he said with a shrug. “Just follow along with what I do and we’ll make this work!”

His mind already going a mile a minute, he got up off the couch and closed the blinds for the back door. He then pushed the coffee table out of the way and cleared a large space in the center of the living room.

“Stand here under the fan,” he told her.

“Okay, but you know that fan is a piece of shit, right?” she said. “It’s been going all morning and hasn’t done squat to cool this place down.”

“Don’t worry. For what I have planned, it won’t have to…not entirely, anyways.”

His voice took on a mischievous, yet eager undertone. Ethan had always been the kind of man who got overly-energetic when he felt like he was onto something. That was part of why he was so good at his job as a graphic designer. He knew how to be creative and draw inspiration from unexpected places. Having come to trust such eccentricities, Ellen did as he asked.

She got up from the couch and stood right under the fan, which happened to hover right over the center of the room. Ethan then pushed the couch back a little further, giving them even more room, before addressing her again.

“Now, take your clothes off,” he said.

Ellen looked at him with a bemused half-grin. Ethan had a lot of endearing traits, but the man had no tact and little filter between his brain and genitals.

“I promise, it’s for a good reason,” he assured her.

“One other than an excuse to see me naked?” Ellen quipped.

“Since when do I need an excuse to see my wife naked?” he retorted innocently. “I want to help you and for my idea to work, you need to be naked.”

She was tempted to ask more questions, especially if Ethan hadn’t thought everything through, which he rarely did. However, it was too damn hot for overthinking such things.

“Fuck it,” she sighed. “With no AC, I might as well give my tits and cooch some air.”

“Now there’s the bold woman I married!”

Ellen just rolled her eyes as she stripped out of her tank-top, shorts, and underwear. She wasn’t wearing a bra, having decided shortly after the AC broke that the fewer layers she had on, the better. She didn’t even try being sexy about it, throwing her clothes across the room like they were dirty laundry. That didn’t stop Ethan from eying her exposed tits for a moment, but he didn’t stay distracted for long.

As she stood naked under the ceiling fan, he rushed over to the kitchen and opened the freezer. He then retrieved every tray of ice they had stored, grabbed the mini-cooler they had stored in a nearby cabinet, and dumped every cube into it. Ethan worked with a sense of urgency, like a man on a mission to save his anniversary. Ellen found that endearing, but remained skeptical.

“What’s the big plan, Ethan?” she asked with folded arms. “Are you just going to cover me in ice and pretend that’s as good as a working air conditioner?”

“Not quite, but close,” he said.

After putting every last ice cube in the cooler, her over-excited husband closed it and rejoined her in the living room. A curt grin never left his face as he set the cooler down, undid his belt, and took off his pants, boxers and all.

“You want a memorable anniversary and you want to cope with a Florida heat wave,” he said. “That’s asking a lot, but when you’ve lived through as many heat waves as I have, you learn a few tricks here and there to stay cool.”

“Do all those tricks involve mutual nudity?” Ellen asked.

“Not all of them, but more than most,” Ethan joked. “Now lie down on the floor. Make sure you’re right under the fan. I’m going to cool you off…and heat you up.”

His voice took on a distinctly seductive tone, conveying that manly bravado that had attracted her to him in the first place. Even in the unbearable heat, Ellen found it sexy. Him being naked, that toned upper body of his combined with a generous endowment between his legs, certainly heightened the allure.

The kinkier parts mind were already starting to fill in the blanks. However, she decided not to make too many assumptions. Her husband requested her trust in rectifying the situation with their air conditioner and her anniversary. She still had every intention of giving it.

“Well, if I’m going to ask that much of my husband and the heat, I might as well take a chance.”

“You mean I won’t have to coax you into doing something kinky? I’m already liking this anniversary!”

“Don’t push it, stud.”

Still grinning, Ellen laid down on the floor, scooting a little to her right so that she was directly under the fan. She probably should’ve asked whether Ethan had vacuumed the living room like she’d asked him to do two days ago, but something told her she was better off not knowing.

As she laid on the plush white carpet, the air from the fan flowing over her naked body, her husband knelt down next to her and set the cooler to his side. For a moment, he just gazed lovingly at her, his eyes drifting up and down her exposed form, paying extra attention to her breasts and pussy.

He hadn’t admired her beauty like that since their honeymoon, which had been five days of clothing optional activities. In his defense – and hers, for that matter – they hadn’t had the time or energy to just admire each other on a sunny afternoon. It was a welcome feeling, but it was still hindered by the heat.

“You’re so beautiful, Ellen,” he said to her in an affectionate tone. “In and out of your clothes, you’ve always found a way to be stunning.”

“I know you prefer me out of my clothes,” she teased. “Being Canadian, I’m still used to dressing in layers.”

“Being from Florida, feeling comfortable with nudity is more necessity than attitude. Whenever it gets this hot, you’ve got to be flexible…and a little creative.”

Doubling down on that seductive tone of his, he leaned in and kissed her affectionately on the lips. Ellen instinctively kissed back, but sensed the loving gesture from her husband had an ulterior motive. It didn’t take long to affirm her suspicions.

As their lips tenderly touched and their tongues twirled, she suddenly felt a shot of cold – glorious, refreshing cold – around her nipple. She shuddered at the feeling, albeit in the best possible way for a heatwave. She quickly recognized it as a cube of ice touching her skin. Somehow, he’d managed to stealthily open the cooler, retrieve a cube of ice, and sneak it onto her sweaty skin without her noticing.

“Ooh Ethan!” she cooed. “The ice…”

“Too cold?” he asked.

“Hell no!”

Encouraged by her reaction, he rubbed the ice cube around other parts of her breast. He kept on kissing her, as if to keep her from seeing what he was doing, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement to the experience. It must have worked because Ellen could already feel her nipple getting erect as more shivers followed. On a hot summer day without air conditioning, it was the best possible feeling – or second best, depending on how far Ethan took it.

He made good use of the first cube, rubbing it around both her breasts until it was half-melted. He was thorough, yet gentle, letting the cold water of the ice mix with the lingering sweat on her naked skin. Combined with the air flowing from the ceiling fan, it cooled off more than her breasts. By the time the cube broke apart both her nipples were hard and her skin numb with cold.

It was a good start, but she didn’t expect Ethan leave it at that. He finally broke the kiss before leaving what remained of the ice cube between her breasts.

“Hold still,” he told her. “I’m just getting warmed up!”

“Nice choice of words,” Ellen said curtly.

“You know what I mean,” he laughed.

With a more playful grin, he gathered more ice from the cooler. Now holding two cubes in each hand, he hovered over top of her so that he straddled her thighs. From there, he carefully and affectionately trailed the ice cubes over her body. It wasn’t the most efficient way of cooling someone down, but it definitely worked…more so than Ellen had expected.

Ethan didn’t just focus on the sexier parts of her body, either. He started at her forehead and worked his way down, rubbing the ice cubes over the airs that had been sweaty or clammy from the humidity. He paid special attention to her neck, her torso, her shoulders, her waist, and her abdomen. More relief followed as chills – genuine, refreshing chills – coursed through her body.

It was like a massage, but with ice instead of massage oil. Also, like a massage, all the touching had another effect. Ice or no ice, she was still naked. Such touching was bound to cause certain reactions.

“Ooh! I like that,” Ellen said. “I’m feeling cooler already…for the most part.”

“For the most part?” Ethan questioned.

“Well, there are certain parts of my body that are still hot,” she said with a sensual undertone.

Ethan flashed her a winning grin. His plan was officially working and Ellen had no problem conceding that. She just needed him to see it through to the utmost.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll get to those parts soon enough.”

He continued his intimate efforts, rubbing the ice cubes down her arms again before spreading them every last part of her upper body. After applying the melting cubes to the areas around her waist, he set what remained of the cubes in her navel and retrieved more ice from the cooler.

He retrieved just two cubes, one for each hand. They happened to be larger than the others. Ellen figured there was a reason for that and if that naughty glint in his eyes were any indication, she knew what it entailed. She remained very still, even tensing in anticipation. The ice had already cooled down the majority of her body, but the parts that remained hot were also parts that would be more difficult to cool.

“Spread your legs, a little,” Ethan said. “Give those lady parts of yours some air.”

“You really think that’ll help?” she snickered.

“It couldn’t hurt to try, could it?”

Not caring about the logic of his lurid request, she did as he asked and parted her legs so that he had more room to work. Now positioned between them, having an unobstructed view of her pussy, he resumed his icy massage.

He didn’t go straight for her sensitive parts, though. He started on her lower thighs, working the eyes around the toned leg muscles that she’d sculpted from shoveling snow in Canada and running on the beaches in Florida. He steadily worked his way up, gliding the ice around her pelvis and inner thighs. The shivers that followed were even more intense, causing her whole body to shudder with greater intensity.

That helped Ellen cool off even more, so much so that she felt goosebumps on her skin that she hadn’t felt all summer. Bit by bit, he neared the outer contours of her vulva. He seemed to avoid it at first, flashing her a teasing glance at one point. She soon got impatient. All those cool, sexy shivers he’d evoked left her wanting more, but he just had to test her patience.

“It’s worse than I thought. You’re still so hot,” Ethan said, pretending to be worried. “You’re in luck, though, my dear wife. I believe I’ve found the source!”

At that moment, he trailed one of the ice cubes right over the outer folds of her pussy. Almost immediately, Ellen felt an extra intense shiver shoot through her body. That time, though, it wasn’t just from the chills.

“Ohhh Ethan!” she squealed with delight. “You found it. You definitely found it!”

“Indeed, I have,” Ethan said proudly.

Now more motivated than ever, he put the two ice cubes between her breasts so he could retrieve new ones. With those cubes, he focused entirely on rubbing the icy cold over her pussy. The sensations that followed were as strange as they were arousing.

It was a true clash of forces, the heat of her womanhood and the cold of the ice. Ethan was gentler than he’d been with the rest of her body, carefully trailing the cubes around the edges of her folds before holding them close to her wet opening. It cooled her down in some ways, but triggered more heat in others…albeit, a very different kind of heat.

Closing her eyes, the air from the fan still flowing over her naked body from above, Ellen moaned and writhed under the feeling. She bent her knees back and curled her toes, the shivers from the cold mixing with the shudders of arousal. It made for a strange, yet exhilarating feeling. It was cooling her down and making her horny at the same time. It shouldn’t have been physically possible in a Florida heat wave, but it was really happening.

Ethan didn’t just use the ice cube, either. When one cube melted especially fast – a likely and inescapable byproduct of her arousal – he used his hand to lightly finger her vagina. Still cold from holding the ice, his touch sent more shivers and shudders up through her body. At one point, Ellen arched her back and rubbed her still-hardened nipples, so much so that Ethan dropped the other ice cube.

Her reaction affirmed two inescapable truths. First, her lover’s unorthodox method for cooling her down worked. Second, it made her very horny.

“Ethan,” she said with great intensity in her tone. “I think you’ve done enough.”

“You…want me to stop?” he questioned.

“No. I want you skip a couple steps.”

Before he could ask question, Ellen shot up from the floor and kissed her husband passionately. It caught him off-guard somewhat, but he didn’t seem to mind in the slightest.

As she kissed him, she reached down and firmly stroked his cock. He was already semi-hard. Being naked with her, touching her, and seeing her react so strongly to his ice massage really got his blood flowing in the right direction. It didn’t take much foreplay to get him fully erect, but just getting him ready for some anniversary lovemaking wasn’t enough. She had to get a little creative as well.

“We’ll need more ice for this next part,” she said seductively after ending their kiss.

“We will?” he said, now curious as well.

“Oh we definitely will!”

Showing some playfulness as well, she reached over to the cooler and pulled it in closer. She then reached in, got a couple cubes of ice, and pressed some of it over his manly chest. That evoked shivers in him similar to the ones she’d felt earlier.

“Hold those there,” she told him.

Not saying a word, Ethan did what she said. Either he trusted her just that much or he was too horny to care. It didn’t matter either way. She intended to take their newfound method of beating the heat to a kinky extreme.

Grabbing another handful of ice from the cooler, she laid back down on the floor and placed it over her upper body. The cold quickly flowed into her naked skin that was already wet from his icy massage from earlier. It was a good feeling during a heatwave, but it wasn’t the only feeling she sought.

“Make love to me, Ethan,” she urged him. “Keep the ice between our bodies. Let’s see if we can melt it with our sex!”

“That…is the craziest, sexiest idea I’ve ever heard,” Ethan said.

“Well, I did say I wanted our first anniversary together to be fun and memorable.”

“That, you did,” he said, “and this definitely achieves both!”

Still holding the ice on his chest, Ethan went to work creating the kinds of memories they wouldn’t soon forget. He was still careful and diligent, lying down on top of her as she spread her legs wide, wrapping them around his waist securely. He made sure to keep the ice between them so that it was perfectly sandwiched between his chest and hers.

It was a strange feeling, a dozen cubes of ice between two hot naked bodies. It promised to make things a bit more cumbersome than usual for sex, but Ellen was plenty willing to work around the challenges. Her husband, his rigid member already pressing up against her inner thighs, seemed just as eager.

“Wow! That is cold,” Ethan said, shuddering somewhat as he hovered over her.

“I know. Nice, isn’t it?” she teased.

“Yeah…very nice.”

She kissed down his face and neck, which helped mitigate the shivering. It also helped focus again. Their bodies aligned and their passions ignited – figuratively speaking – he grabbed hold of her hips and guided his dick into her pussy. Her inner muscles, still in a strange state of arousal and cold, eagerly stretched to accommodate his length. Once united, the cubes of ice between them didn’t stand a chance.

“Oohhh yeah!” Ethan moaned. “That’s…so hot.”

“Mmm…and cool?” she quipped.

“That too!”

They laughed again before letting love and desire manifest in its most physical form. Their bodies began moving, Ethan working her body against hers, his knees and feet digging into the rug for leverage. As his member slithered inside her depths, Ellen dug the balls of her feet into his lower back while clinging to his shoulders, urging him supplementing the strength of his hips with that of her legs.

Moans and grunts soon filled the living room, their naked bodies rocking together in the glow of the afternoon sun. It was intoxicating, sensations coursing through her body with each intricate action. Beyond the feeling, though, the melting ice between them added something more to the mix. The cold on their skin, clashing with the heat of their sex, made for an oddly exhilarating feeling. The rhythm of their sex even seemed to spread the cold from the ice more effectively, much more so than earlier ice massage.

“So cool…so hot. So cool…so hot,” Ellen found herself repeating.

Ethan soaked in the unique blend of feelings with her, kissing down her neck and keeping his body pressed against hers. The pace of their lovemaking quickly accelerated, the rate at which his manhood pumped into her becoming more intense. Ethan’s determination to her pleasure showed in every movement, his dedication every bit as strong after a full year of marriage.

Whether it was the intensity or the cold from the ice, it send her to the brink of orgasm. Ellen could already feel it coming fast, like a cross between an arctic blast and an erupting volcano. It came so fast that she ended up raking her nails across her husband’s back.

“So cool…so hot! Going to…make me…come!” she gasped.

There wasn’t much ice left between their bodies at that point. The heat and friction they had created together had melted almost all of it. Something about that seemed fitting. It made the orgasm that washed over her that much more satisfying.

“Ohhh Ethan!” she cried out.

Closing her eyes, tightening the hold she had on her husband, Ellen let out a cry of ecstasy that coincided with a surge of raw ecstasy. The feeling coursed through her body, mixing with the lingering cold from the ice. It made for another unique blend, the icy cold and the hot sensations of sex. It proved quite potent, more so than she expected.

As her body shifted and writhed under the weight of that unique experience, Ethan ceased his thrusting and kissed down her neck. His member remained buried in her depths, surrounded by her throbbing heat. He was already short of breath, but still very much engrossed in the same experience.

“How’s that for cooling off?” Ethan whispered into her ear.

“I say it’s…effective,” Ellen said through her orgasmic daze.

“Good to know,” he said. “I honestly didn’t expect it to work that well.”

“In that case…maybe you need a little cooling off too!”

She used her most seductive tone, the kind that usually gave Ethan pause in an intimate situation. Having felt the joys of sex and ice, Ellen now felt compelled to share more of it with her wonderful husband. It being their anniversary, she had that much more incentive to make it memorable.

He didn’t ask for specifics. He didn’t even resist when she captured his lips in another kiss, rolled him over so that he was on his back, and position their bodies so that he was under the ceiling fan. Upon breaking the kiss, Ellen retrieved another handful of ice from the cooler and pressed it on his chest. Then, with her knees firmly planted at his sides and his manhood still inside her pussy, she began riding him.

“Time to cool you off…and make you come!” Ellen said seductively.

“That…sounds so damn sexy when you say it,” he replied.

Grinning playfully, she smothered more ice over his upper body, spreading it around his upper body as she worked her pussy along his manly length. She even made sure there was room for the air from the fan to wash over him, cooling him even more in the process. She could feel him shiver at times from the ice. He laughed gleefully in between moans of bliss. He looked like he was having more fun than he’d had since their honeymoon.

Ellen laughed with him as their naked bodies moved together in a sexual fervor. She was extra thorough with every motion, knowing how much her husband loved to feel the full length of her womanhood around his member. He also reached up and fondled her bouncing breasts, his hand still cold from the ice. It allowed him to share in the unique feeling as well.

After riding him for a bit, melting more ice in the process, she sensed Ethan getting close. She could tell by the way his expression twitched and his hold on her breasts intensified. He was poised to share in the same potent peak that she’d felt earlier.

“Ellen, I’m so…so close!” he grunted. “The cold…the heat…I love it!”

She cast him another seductive look, moving her hips a little faster to send him over the edge. She also kept what remained of the ice pressed up against his nipples as kept fondling her breasts. Finally, he crossed that threshold and took the proverbial plunge into ecstasy.

“Ohhh Ellen!” he exclaimed.

It was a beautiful sound and an equally beautiful sight, the man she loved in a state of ecstasy. Deep grunts filled the room as his dick throbbed inside her, filling her depths with his manly seed. It was a hot feeling, but one that was balanced out by the presence of the ice. He seemed to appreciate that balance as well as they shared a beaming smile before kissing once more.

After the blissful feeling passed, Ellen rose up off her lover and laid down next to him. They remained on the floor, still under the ceiling fan. The ice on their naked bodies had melted, but the cold lingered and the air following over them cooled them even more. It was probably the best possible feeling for that moment.

“I love you, Ethan,” Ellen told her husband, still curled up to his naked body.

“I love you too, Ellen,” Ethan replied, his arm lovingly draped around her.

“And thank you,” she added, “for making our first anniversary so memorable.”

“You’re welcome,” he said proudly. “I could’ve done without the broken air conditioner, but I think we’ve made the most of it.”

“That we have,” she said. “Plus…we still have plenty more ice.”

Ethan turned towards her and grinned.

“Then, let’s not waste it!” he said eagerly.

She kissed him again, leading her husband into another round of playful foreplay. They still had a long, hot afternoon without air conditioning ahead of them. They would have to find some way of staying cool and they’d just discovered something that worked incredibly well.

A year ago, she married him. Today, on their anniversary, she made love to him in the middle of a heat wave with ice cubes on his nipples. It might not have been the most traditional way of celebrating their first anniversary, but it was still plenty memorable. On top of that, it actually helped her cool off. What more could anyone want on a hot summer day without air conditioner?

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“Side-Effects” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story about stress, love, and the side-effects of trying to balance it out. We all have our own way of coping with stress. Some of us need more than meditation or a vacation. Sometimes, we need something sexy. This is one of those times. Enjoy!

“One pill in the morning and one in the evening,” said an exasperated Jennifer Jermaine, “do they really think we’ll screw that up?”

“For all the legal crap they made us sign, I’d say yeah. They think it’s a distinct possibility,” said her roommate and boyfriend, Zane Crayton.

“Even with the promise of five hundred bucks and extra credit for our bio class?”

“They’re probably hedging their bets. Makes me think they’re the ones with severe anxiety issues.”

Jennifer shook her head and sighed as they pulled into the parking lot for their apartment building. She should’ve been more excited about earning easy money. Both she and Zane were the perfect embodiment of financially challenged college students, having spent the past two years pinching pennies just to keep their student loan debts from ballooning. Any amount of money should’ve made them feel somewhat less anxious.

Then again, that was the trickiest part about having generalized anxiety disorder. Even when something good came along to alleviate their many stresses, it did little to ease her troubled mind. Mitigating one source of stress just meant shifting her focus to another. It had been plaguing her since middle school. Zane claimed to have dealt with it since the fifth grade and, having known him since childhood, she didn’t doubt that for a second.

That was part of what made the prospect of testing a new anti-anxiety medication at the university’s biology lab so appealing. Beyond the money, she and Zane were in need of a new approach to managing their stress because what they’d been doing since their freshman year clearly wasn’t working.

Zane knew that as well as she did. After parking the car and turning off the engine, he reached into his pocket and took out the bottle of pills they’d gotten from the lab.

“I hate that it’s come to this,” he said, shaking his head as he looked at the bottle, “resorting to unproven meds to get us through the rest of the semester.”

“I don’t like it either, but would you rather have another panic attack in the middle of an exam?” Jennifer asked him.

“Hell no,” he said, “but it just feels like the bar for success is so low, at this point. At least with that attack, I didn’t throw up.”

“Any success is still success,” she pointed out. “At least you didn’t faint during your AP Calculus test in high school. I’ll never live that down.”

“Believe me, I haven’t forgotten. I also haven’t forgotten that we’ve tried almost every other medication. I get that anxiety on our level is a legitimate disorder, but still…why does it have to be this hard?”

Zane was getting anxious just thinking about it, which helped reinforce his point. Jennifer, not wanting another panic attack in the middle of a parking lot, reached over and consoled her long-time lover. Her gentle touch always seemed to help. It was one of the few remedies that had always had some therapeutic effect. She wouldn’t have been overly dramatic in saying that she and Zane couldn’t have functioned as well as they had over the years without each other.

“Success or not, we’ve made it this far,” Jennifer told her long-time lover. “We survived high school. We’ve endured two stressful years of college. We even survived prom night, despite my mother being our chaperone for the first several hours.”

“I’m actually proud of how we survived that,” Zane said, finally cracking a smile.

“On top of all that, we’ve managed to stay together and help each other at every turn,” she said. “I believe we can make it through and not worry about fainting in a crowded room. The fact that we need some extra help in pill form shouldn’t be a failure, by default.”

“If only love was enough,” he added.

“If only,” she said with a chuckle, “but even love needs a supplement every now and then.”

Jennifer offered her lover another caring gesture. Then, in a demonstration of her commitment to enduring their anxiety together, she retrieved her bottle of pills from her purse and took one. It was already time for their first dose and they had class early tomorrow morning so it couldn’t hurt to get a head start.

Still smiling, looking as relaxed as anyone with generalized anxiety disorder could be, he followed suit and took his pill. That made it official. She and Zane were guinea pigs for a new drug. There was no telling how much or how little it would help. At the very least, they had some extra money to spend and a potential tool to get them through the rest of the semester.

“Well, we’re officially medicated again,” Zane said.

“And we’re officially earning that five hundred bucks,” Jennifer added.

“Guess we should do our part for science and try to relax before our insomnia kicks in.”

He almost made it sound daunting, but that was part of the many challenges before them. Having an anxiety disorder came with many problems, but insomnia was one of the worst. She and Zane hadn’t had a full night’s sleep since the holidays and, if any medication were to work, it had to help in that respect. Jennifer couldn’t afford to take another math exam while drowsy.

She did her best not to dwell on that as she and Zane exited the car and made their way up to their shared apartment. It was just after eight and neither of them had eaten much for dinner, having shared a burrito on their way back from the lab. Outside, it cold, rainy, and miserable. There were even echoes of thunder in the distance. They were hardly conditions conducive to a relaxing evening.

“I need a snack,” Zane said as he took off his coat, set his stuff aside, and made his way to the kitchen. “Then, I need to catch up on my reading. I really can’t afford to get another C-minus on my next history exam.”

“I’d say to not overdo it, but I’m so behind on my statistics work that I’m not sure I have time for a snack,” Jennifer said.

“Then, I guess the meds better kick in soon because it’s already shaping up to be another long, restless night.”

That was hardly the right attitude for someone who wanted to treat their crippling generalized anxiety disorder, but Jennifer was too restless to make much of it. While Zane picked at some leftover take-out from the fridge, she sat down on their living room couch where she’d left a stack of books and papers earlier that day.

She felt tired. She probably should’ve turned in early. However, on a stormy night full of rain and thunder, it would’ve been an exercise in futility. Between restlessness and her history with insomnia, she figured she might as well do something productive with her time.

“Long restless nights,” Jennifer said under her breath. “I don’t know how many of those I can handle.”

As the rain poured harder outside, she began thumbing through some notes and textbooks. Zane stayed in the kitchen, finishing off the leftovers and pacing about, as he often did when he agonized over his schedule the next morning. If those pills they’d just taken were supposed to help, then they weren’t doing much. It already felt like just another dreary night in the middle of a hectic week.

Then, just as Jennifer began losing herself in her work, a strange feeling came over her.

“Hey, did it just get warm in here or something?” she wondered out loud.

“I don’t know,” said Zane as he finished up the take-out. “It shouldn’t. We haven’t had the heat on all week.”

“That’s weird because I swear I just…”

She stopped as the feeling came over her again, but with more intensity. It wasn’t as though the air around her had suddenly gotten hotter. It was more like something inside her body had heated up, warming her from the inside. It began in her stomach, but quickly spread, so much so that she felt a light sweat on her forehead.

It wasn’t a particularly uncomfortable feeling. In fact, it was oddly welcome on such a cold, dreary night. However, as the heat within her grew, the nature of the feeling changed.

“Jen,” said Zane, who stopped pacing. “Whatever you’re feeling, I think I’m feeling it too. I don’t know if it’s the leftovers talking, but I feel like there’s a sauna in my gut.”

Jennifer looked over to her lover, who quickly set the leftovers aside and removed the sweatshirt he’d been wearing since early that afternoon. It must not have been enough because shortly after, he removed his T-shirt as well.

In doing so, however, it accelerated the strange feeling that had consumed Jennifer. It also clarified what exactly she’d been feeling. Seeing Zane, her long-time boyfriend who often used exercise to reduce anxiety, shirtless in the middle of the kitchen triggered instincts that her anxiety often overwhelmed. Now, that stressful dynamic had flipped completely.

“Zane,” Jennifer said, “I think the pills we took have kicked in.”

“Really?” he said, already wiping some sweat from his brow. “Is this what they’re supposed to do? Or are these just side-effects?”

“That depends. What other effects are you feeling besides the heat?”


He trailed off again, his demeanor quickly shifting. At first, Jennifer wasn’t sure if he was just too overwhelmed to put it into words. Then, she gazed down at his waist and saw the likely source of the confusion.

He had a full-blown boner in his pants. She could tell by the sizable bulge protruding from those dirty, poorly-fitted jeans he wore. Zane tried to hide it, but did a poor job. She offered a humored grin to help reassure him. However, her lover having an unexpected erection only affirmed what she too was feeling.

As she got up from the couch, it was undeniable. The same heat that began in her stomach had made its way to her inner thighs. Just as her lover suddenly had a rock-hard dick in his pants, she felt a moist heat in her panties. It might have been the greatest arousal she’d felt since their anniversary last summer. Given all the stress she’d been under lately, Jennifer had doubted she could ever get that aroused again.

Those doubts were effectively gone. At the same time, the true effects of the pill became clear. Whether by design or due to side-effects, she was very horny and so was her boyfriend. Despite all the impending stress they had on their plate, she couldn’t ignore the burning feeling, nor did she want to.

“Jennifer,” Zane began, already sounding breathless, “I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing, but I’m so horny right now. I’m pretty sure my dick just popped a seam in my pants.”

“It’s a good thing, Zane…a very good thing,” Jennifer said intently.

“So you feel it too?” he asked.

“Let me put it this way…I’m pretty sure I could reheat those leftovers with my pussy right now.”

In any other circumstance, Zane’s reaction would’ve been hilarious. However, Jennifer was too horny to laugh. Already breathing heavily, she stripped out of her clothes with an urgency she hadn’t had since their prom night.

She practically tore off her shirt, sweater, and bra, throwing them across the room and not caring at all that she knocked over another stack of textbooks. As she undid her pants and took them off, along with her now-soaked panties, she began making her way towards her still-overwhelmed boyfriend.

“What are you waiting for? Get out of those pants, already!” Jennifer told him.

“Right,” Zane said, finally jolted from his daze. “These clothes…so damn itchy.”

“Here, I’ll help!”

Jennifer almost tripped over herself, kicking her pants and underwear off as she arrived at her lover just in time to help him get his pants off. That wasn’t easy, given the presence of a throbbing erection. Now standing before him, fully naked and very much aroused herself, more powerful instincts overrode the anxiety that so often plagued them. With their clothes now off, underwear and all, the full extent of their arousal became clear.

“Wow, that’s hard!” she commented a she gave his penis a light touch.

“I’m as shocked as you,” Zane told her.

“Too shocked to take me into the bed room and fuck me?”

“Not in the slightest!”

What happened next was distinctly out-of-character for Zane, but in the best possible way. Unbound by stress or reservation, he threw his arms around her, grabbed her by the butt, and lifted her up into his grasp. Jennifer instinctively grabbed onto his shoulders and threw her legs around his waist, her pelvis already rubbing up against his throbbing erection.

Once in his arms, he captured her lips in a deep kiss that employed more tongue than he’d used on her birthday two months ago. Jennifer returned the gesture, gladly twirling her tongue with his as he carried her into the bedroom, their naked skin already grinding together in a sensual mesh. It further compounded their arousal, turning the intense desire into a burning need.

“The bed,” Zane gasped in between their messy kissing.

The meaning behind his words barely registered. She recalled briefly that their bed was unmade and disheveled, an obvious byproduct of two anxious college students who often forgot to tidy up their room before they left for class. Now, they were going to make love on top of it. Something about that just felt so fitting.

Their lips still entwined, Zane laid her down on the bed. He wasn’t overly careful with her, either. He essentially dropped her down atop the messy sheets, not even bothering her to align her with the pillows. He quickly joined her, still kissing her passionately and feeling up her naked body with eager hands. When their lips finally parted, he hovered over her with a lustful glint in his eyes that shouldn’t have been capable for someone with generalized anxiety disorder.

“Zane,” Jennifer said, her voice seething with lust.

“God, I want you, Jen. I want you so fucking bad.”

“Then, do me!” she urged. “Skip the foreplay. Just fuck me like I know you wanna! Fuck me like the man I love!”

She couldn’t believe she’d uttered such crude words. She and Zane had a semi-active sex life – although, that wasn’t saying much, given how constant anxiety often tempered their libido – but neither of them had ever craved one another with such passion. It was as though someone had flipped a switch within their minds and bodies, raising their sex drives to their maximum levels and beyond.

Zane, taking her lurid rhetoric to heart, followed the burning lust. He shifted his grip to her thighs, pushed her legs apart, and laid on top of her, allowing gravity to enmesh their naked bodies once more. He then aligned his manhood with her moist slit, his intense gaze never diverting from hers. With a strong thrust of his hips, he entered her.

Almost immediately, sharp sensations shot through her. That hot feeling of hard masculine flesh filing moist womanly depths consumed them both. Energy, passion, and ecstasy she didn’t know she and Zane had suddenly came pouring out as the hottest sex they’d had in years began.

“Oh my God! Oohhh yeah!” Jennifer moaned. “That feels good! That feels…so good!”

“Mmm…so hot and tight,” Zane grunted. “Oh Jen! Ohhh fuck, Jen!”

They sounded possessed. The stress-plagued college students that had entered the apartment minutes ago had given way to a couple of sex-crazed nymphomaniacs. If that was a side-effect of the pill they’d taken, then it was a hell of an effect. Jennifer would’ve loved to know the science behind that, but she was too busy enjoying the onslaught of ecstasy that followed.

Like a couple of animals in heat, she and Zane rocked their naked bodies in a perfect coordination of passion. He did most of the humping, clinging to her waist as he rhythmically thrust his hips, pumping his cock inside her pussy. Jennifer did her part to supplement every motion, lifting her hips in conjunction with each thrust while raking her nails along his back.

Between the motion of their bodies and the friction of their naked skin, they worked up quite a sweat. Even with the rain pouring outside, they filled the room with the wondrous cries of passion and bliss. It was, by far, the loudest and most physical act of sex they’d shared since moving into their cramped apartment last fall.

Such hot, vigorous lovemaking brought Jennifer to the cusp of orgasm faster than she thought possible. For much of her life, she’d thought she was one of those unfortunate women who struggled to reach that special sexual plateau. She could still climax, but it took a lot of effort, which wasn’t always fair to Zane. Now, as the pleasure washed over her, every assumption she once had about her body and her capacity for pleasure was shattered.

“Ohhh Zane! Ooh I’m coming!” she cried out.

“Whoa! Already?” he gasped.

That was the most he got out before the feeling hit. It was like a shock to the system. She dug her nails hard into his back, planted her feet firmly on the wrinkled sheets of the bed, and curled her toes as inner muscles spasmed in accord with her orgasmic release. Either it had been a long time since her last good orgasm or she’d been doing sex halfway for years.

As she shuddered under the weight of the pleasure, Zane steadied his movements. She felt his loving gaze on her as her expression contorted to the orgasmic sensations. She also sensed him make the final push to achieve his own peak.

He was probably so used to holding back for a while so she could at least get close to an orgasm. Now, having already made her climax, he could just let loose and pursue his own path to ecstasy. It must have been liberating because he was extra animated as he joined her in that world of bliss.

“Jen…I’m coming too! Ohhh fuck!” he gasped.

Jennifer was still deep in her orgasmic daze when the feeling washed over her lover. She caressed his face and gazed into his as he took in the feeling. She might not be as familiar with the capacity of the male body for pleasure, but she couldn’t remember him looking that satisfied with his peak.

Their eyes never diverted as he let out a series of deep grunts that coincided with his release. She felt his grip tighten, his lower body tense, and his member throb within the hot confines of her pussy. As his manly fluids mixed with her feminine juices, another warm feeling came over them. There was no mystery to it, though. She knew what it was as well as Zane.

“God, I love you, Jennifer,” he said in his orgasmic daze.

“I love you too, Zane,” she said with a loving smile.

He smiled back and they shared a loving kiss. He withdrew from her, but remained on top of her naked form. What they were feeling was something they hadn’t felt in a long time. It wasn’t just good, satisfying sex. The more profound feeling they experienced was contentment…real, genuine contentment.

“For the record, this is the least anxious I’ve felt in years,” Zane said as the kiss parted.

“Same here,” Jennifer said.

“You think it’s the pills? Or just a side-effect?” he asked.

“Do we care at this point?”

“Not in the slightest!”

They kissed again. There was still a lingering heat in her body. Even after the orgasm had passed, the feeling that prompted such a passionate outburst remained. Jennifer also noticed that her lover’s penis was still partially erect. Knowing male anatomy as well as any sexually active woman, it seemed impossible. Then again, the contentment she just experienced had also been impossible until moments ago.

“You’re still hard,” Jennifer commented.

“I noticed that,” Zane said sheepishly.

“Another side-effect?” she teased. “Or another sign that there’s still some lingering anxiety?”

“Only one way to find out!”

A mischievous grin formed on his face, one Jennifer hadn’t seen since their junior year of high school. Showing more playfulness than she’d seen in years, Zane picked her up in his arms once more and led her to the center of their bed.

While in his naked embrace, he kissed and caressed her, keeping that burning feeling going. Jennifer, both curious and still very horny, kept following his lurid lead. Eventually, Zane ended up on his back with her on top of him.

“Let’s try this,” he said, as though it were a serious test, “you suck me and I eat you out. See if we can get each other in the mood again.”

“And that will help us determine whether this is a side-effect?” Jennifer asked with a humored grin.

“Among other things,” Zane replied with a playful shrug.

For once, Jennifer didn’t overthink or agonize over a choice, as most with generalized anxiety disorder often did. On a whim fueled by desire and lingering ecstasy, she just went with it. If more great sex was going to help her and Zane deal with their stress, then why fight it?

With just as much playfulness as her lover, she shifted her body so that she was in position to suck his still-rigid cock, which was also dripping with her feminine juices. She also aligned her still-moist pussy with his face. Despite the lingering fluids, Zane didn’t hesitate for a second to start eating her out.

That hot, intimate feeling of his tongue probing her folds sent a fresh round of shivers through her body. They provided additional motivation as she took the length of her lover’s manhood into her mouth, licking and suckling the rigid flesh with the utmost care.

“Mmm…Jennifer,” Zane said, his voice muffled by her pussy.

“Mmf!” was all Jennifer could reply with.

Tapping the same energy that had made for such great sex earlier, she and Zane gave each other the best oral sex they’d ever shared. It wasn’t even a question. Oral sex used to be something they did out of necessity in their sex life. Now, they were doing it because they were as determined as they were horny. It was a strange, but incredible feeling.

If the purpose of mutual oral sex was to test the extent of the side-effects they’d been feeling, then it was definitely a success. After only a brief round of sucking and licking, Zane’s cock became fully erect again. His efforts with her pussy had a similar impact. His knowledge of her intimate anatomy really paid off. She was ready for more sex and the contentment that came with it.

“I think you’re ready for another round, love,” Jennifer said after giving his member one last lick.

“Guess it counts as the second phase of testing,” Zane commented.

“Guess so,” she said, “and in the interests of medical science, why I don’t stay on top?”

“Sounds like a plan!”

They laughed playfully, which counted as an accomplishment for anyone with an anxiety disorder. That fun-loving spirit continued as Jennifer realigned their bodies so that she was on top, straddling his hips cowgirl style. With the same intent he’d shown with her the first time, she united their bodies with a simple movement of her hips.

“Ooh that feels so good!” Jennifer moaned as her pussy plunged down onto his cock.

“Yeah…so good!” Zane grunted, now gripping her waist in preparation for another intimate romp.

A steady chorus of grunts, gasps, of moans followed. Just as before, their sex manifested with intense fervor. She rode him hard, gyrating her hips in a way that really worked his manhood within her throbbing folds. Thanks to her upright position, they could more freely explore each other’s naked bodies.

He caressed her bouncing breasts.

She pawed his manly chest.

Together, they exchanged a myriad of loving gestures, every touch seeming to temper their anxiety.

It was as though their hands and bodies had been imparted with healing powers. The exchange of such intimate touching helped supplement the pleasure, like waves overlapping with other waves. In the beginning, it felt overwhelming. Now, she and Zane were navigating a familiar path that led to both ecstasy and contentment.

“Zane…this feeling,” Jennifer moaned in a deepening daze of bliss.

“I know, Jennifer. I know,” Zane replied, just as he trailed his hands up her feminine curves.

They continued their heated, touch-heavy lovemaking. They rocked their bodies and the bed, venting years of pent up desire that their anxiety had restrained. Regardless of whether it was due to the pill they’d taken, they achieved something special that went beyond great sex.

In addition to being great, the sex did plenty to wear them out. Zane demonstrated a surprising level of stamina and not just in terms of male sexual function. She also managed to vent more energy than she thought possible for a woman who’d eaten such a light dinner. It ensured that, by the time they neared another orgasm, they were both ready to give out.

“I…I’m close, Zane! So close!” she gasped, her naked body now glistening with sweat.

“Me too, Jennifer. Me…too!” Zane said through his labored grunts.

As they made their final push to ecstasy, their hands found one another. Their fingers became enlaced and the pace of their sexual movements steadied in preparation for the final release. Jennifer wasn’t sure who climaxed first. She just knew that as soon as hers hit, the feeling that began as a side-effect was complete.

The culmination of their lovemaking made for a fitting spectacle. Jennifer threw her head back and arched her body as the orgasmic feeling washed over her. Zane firmly squeezed her hands, letting out a deep grunt as he got his as well. More intimate fluids mixed within her depths, adding to that uniquely hot feeling in her core that had kick-started their intimate act. Once all was said and done, a new feeling took over.

With a content sigh that she’d never thought she would hear, Jennifer collapsed atop her naked lover. Their intimate flesh parted, but they remained in a loving embrace. As she rested her head atop his chest, she felt Zane relax, the tension in his muscles melting away under a potent mix of affection and ecstasy. In terms of combating restlessness and anxiety, it proved to be a potent combination.

For a brief moment, she and Zane just laid together, soaking in the afterglow and relaxing to an extent that shouldn’t have been possible for anyone with generalized anxiety disorder. Jennifer could already feel herself getting drowsy. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been so tired before midnight. Even with the storm raging outside, she felt ready to nod off for some badly-needed rest.

“I think we might actually sleep well tonight,” Zane said as he lovingly stroked her lower back.

“Great sex…good sleep,” Jennifer said, her eyes already feeling heavy. “These are my kind of side-effects.”

“If I recall, they gave us two weeks of pills for the test.”

“Really? Then, these are going to be two very relaxing weeks for us.”

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“Taking A Chance” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story about trust, taking chances, and believing that people can be decent and loving, even in sexy moments. I think it’s an important message that’s worth affirming every chance we get. Enjoy!

“Never trust men. They have too many reasons to use you.”

Sharon Kena had heard that mantra from her mother all her life. It was one of the first lessons she’d taught her as a kid and she belabored it every chance she got. It didn’t matter who she met or what she did. The message was always the same.

“Avoid men at every turn. If you can’t, make sure you use them before they use you.”

She said it so often that Sharon hadn’t given it much thought in recent years. She made it through high school without dating any men and none of her current friends were men. Sharon still dealt with them, but even the slightest interaction with a man was enough to draw scrutiny from her mother. At one point, she made a scene at an airport when the flight attendant made her sit next to a middle-aged man on a trip to visit her grandmother.

As mortifying as moments like that were, Sharon understood her mother’s sentiments to some extent. She knew, as well as everyone else in her family, that she had a bad history with men. Her father ditched her when she was a baby, her uncle abused her, and every man she’d ever dated found some way to hurt her.

Sharon’s own father was probably the one that went too far. He’d been so nice to her, treating her mother better than any of the abusive assholes she’d dealt with before. He was older, but claimed to love her. It wasn’t until her mother got pregnant that she found out she was just his mistress. Her father actually had another family across the state, complete with a wife and three kids. His wife apparently let herself go and he just wanted to sleep with a woman under 150 pounds.

Her father had used her mother and essentially abandoned her, even after she was born. Sharon was perfectly fine keeping him out of her life entirely, but he’d left such a deep scar on her mother that she went out of her way to inoculate her from such men. For the most part, she succeeded.

However, there was always that gnawing curiosity in the back of Sharon’s mind. Were all men really that bad? As much as her mother belabored that point, a part of her just couldn’t leave it at that.

“So…you want to come up and see my apartment?” Sharon asked in the most seductive tone she could muster.

“Boy, you sure like to skip ahead, don’t you?” replied the surprised, but intrigued young man in her presence.

“Is that a yes or a no?”

“Hell yes!” he said with a cocky grin. “For a girl as pretty as you, I’ll skip all the steps you want.”

Sharon replied with a half-hearted laugh. It couldn’t have been that convincing, but Chris Chadwin didn’t strike her as the kind of guy who cared. Why would he? He was about to get laid.

As Sharon latched onto his arm and led him up to her fourth-floor apartment, she could hear her mother’s voice echoing in her head, yelling at her to throw Chris out the nearest window. She was about to do something her mother urged her to avoid at all costs. She was going to willingly have sex with a man she barely knew, didn’t care for, and wasn’t even that attracted to. It was the antithesis of everything she’d been taught, but Sharon had already made her choice.

“I’m taking a chance, for once.”

That was what she’d told herself that afternoon, less than two hours before she accepted Chris’ offer to join him for happy hour at a bar not far from where she lived. It hadn’t been the first time he flirted with her. He wasn’t even the only woman he flirted with. He was just the easiest man to hook up with and that was all Sharon needed.

He was already getting frisky. As they ascended the stairs, he slipped his arms around her waist and playfully kissed her neck. Sharon didn’t care much for neck-kissing, but she appreciated the intimate grasp. The feeling of two powerful arms wrapped around her from behind was surprisingly arousing. It shouldn’t have been, given the influence of her mother, but it was.

“It’s just down the hall,” Sharon told him after ascending the final round of stairs.

“Lead the way, beautiful,” Chris said playfully.

He must have thought he’d charmed her perfectly. He had no idea of her true intentions and she had no plans to tell him. If Chris knew his actions that night might confirm or discredit everything she thought about men, then she wouldn’t be taking a chance.

Sharon chose to hook up with Chris because he was the kind of overly-macho flirt that her mother warned her about. He was a sophomore at the nearby community college who spent his weekends cruising bars, looking for pretty girls to get with. Some of the other girls who worked at the same software company as her had shared sordid stories about their encounters with him. Some showed regret. Most just shrugged him off as an arrogant meathead.

Whatever they thought of Chris, he still had a reputation as a guy who got more women than most. Despite not being exceptionally attractive or accomplished, he somehow managed to convince plenty of women to sleep with him. He never pretended to seek anything romantic, either. He was just a horny guy who wanted to have meaningless sex with pretty girls.

That fact, alone, didn’t surprise her. It was consistent with at least some of what Sharon’s mother warned her about. What still bugged her was the bigger implications.

Did he really just want to use her the same way he’d use a tissue to blow his nose?

Was she just a pair of breasts, a nice set of legs, and a pussy to him?

Did he only care about getting off and ditching her for his next sexual conquest?

Those were just some of the questions that Sharon sought to answer. All her life, she had only her mother’s answers to go on. For once, she wanted to answer those questions for herself. It meant putting herself at risk, but for her own peace of mind, she needed to find them on her own.

“We’re here,” Sharon told him upon arriving at her apartment door.

“Finally!” Chris said, still embracing her from behind. “These pants are getting really tight.”

“I think I can help with that,” she quipped, “so long as you return the favor.”

“Oh, don’t you worry!” he said boldly. “When it comes to ladies and favors, I know how to prioritize.”

His bravado was obnoxious, but the sentiment was endearing. Sharon even managed a genuine smile, if only to give Chris incentive to honor his word.

She could already tell he was plenty motivated. With the way he rubbed up behind her, she could feel the bulge in his pants pressing up against her. He was horny, that much was clear. He wanted sex and he wasn’t afraid to be crude. Sharon was willing to tolerate that, provided he didn’t confirm too many of his mother’s warnings.

Upon entering her apartment, she didn’t waste time. Before she could second-guess her choice, she led him into her bedroom. There, she finally turned around and let every reckless whim guide her.

“Want to help me get out of these itchy clothes?” she asked him.

“Of course!” Chris said eagerly. “Isn’t that what a gentleman does?”

Ignoring, for the moment, how little he had in common with a traditional gentleman, Sharon let him strip her as they made their way to the bed. He was surprisingly courtesy in that he didn’t rip her clothes off like her mother said men would if she gave them the chance. He was almost gentle in how he slid her pants down her legs, even teasing her feet as he laid her down on the bed.

“Simple, brand-name underwear,” he commented up on seeing her in her bra and panties. “I like it!”

“You probably say that to all half-naked women,” Sharon said.

“You’d be surprised.”

He might have been right about that, but Sharon tried not to overthink the situation. She just watched as Chris shed his clothes, as well, removing everything but his boxers. He then joined her on the bed, getting on top of her gazing upon her with a lust she’d been taught her whole life to avoid.

“You ready for the main course? Or do you need some appetizers?” Chris asked, sounding like every bad porno she’d ever seen.

“It’s uh…been a while for me,” Sharon told him. “I might need a little extra care.”

“No problem!” he said confidently. “I don’t mind going the slow and steady route.”

Sharon replied with a flirtatious grin, hiding the fact that she had never let a man touch her in such an intimate way. For much of her life, the thought of letting any man put his hands on her like that was abhorrent. She had to set all that aside, if only to give Chris – and men, as a whole – a fair chance.

It wasn’t like she had avoided all sexual activity. Her mother – most likely in an effort to keep her away from men – actually bought her a vibrator when she was a teenager. She even let her watch porn, although she only tolerated lesbian porn. In her youth, that had been plenty stimulating. She’d even had a sexual relationship, of sorts, with a lesbian woman at one point.

Even though her mother had been vocal with her approval, something about it just didn’t feel complete. It was as though she’d only ever explored half of her desires, at most. At time went on, men found their way into her sexual thoughts, so much so that she couldn’t shut them out.

Chris wasn’t the first man that had evoked sexual feelings in her. He was just the most convenient way to explore those feelings. In her mind, if she could still experience pleasure with a man after everything her mother had done to demonize them, then that would go a long way towards proving her wrong.

“Just lie back and let me work my magic,” Chris said as he guided her to the center of the bed. “I think you’ll find I know my way around the female body.”

“That…would be surprising,” she said under her breath.

Despite all the factors urging her to do otherwise, Sharon went along with the horny man’s lustful request. She soon found herself lying flat on her back, resting her head on her pillow, as Chris got on top of her and went to work.

It started with a simple make-out session, his lips smothering hers with his sensual hunger. Somewhere, along the way, he removed her bra and trailed his lips down her body, paying extra attention to her breasts. He kissed her exposed flesh, again showing a surprising amount of care. He wasn’t trying to devour her as much as he was trying to savor her exposed flesh.

At first, it felt strange. Before long, though, it felt good.

“Mmm…you taste good,” Chris said, his voice muffled by her breasts.

Sharon replied with light moans, but didn’t completely succumb to the same lust. However, that quickly changed after he removed her panties and got his first taste of the tender womanly flesh between her thighs.

“Ooh!” Sharon gasped.

“Whoa!” he said. “It has been a while for you.”

He had no idea and Sharon didn’t intend to let him know. She’d presented herself as someone who regularly took guys up to her apartment and fooled around. She needed Chris to believe that in order to make all the risks worthwhile. Near as she could tell, he wasn’t overthinking the situation.

He was just touching and tasting her naked skin, as though it were a succulent treat. After tossing her panties aside, his gaze narrowed on her inner thighs. She even noticed him licking his lips in anticipation.

“That’s a nice-looking pussy you have there,” he commented. “Mind if I have a taste?”

“Please,” Sharon said, as though it were the most polite thing in the world.

With a dazed, but eager look on his face, the young man pushed her thighs apart with both hands and indulged in her womanhood. His eagerness, alone, surprised her. Sharon had been led to believe that men only liked receiving oral sex and rarely gave it. Even if Chris was an outlier, there was no denying his demeanor. He was a man and he enjoyed eating a woman’s pussy out.

That was jarring enough, but Sharon didn’t care. His efforts did exactly what she needed him to do. He was not too coordinated. He wasn’t overly-thorough, either. That didn’t matter, though. Chris showed he knew enough about female anatomy to get her juices flowing in ways that directly countered her mother’s warnings.

“Ohhh yeah!” she moaned. “That…that feels good.”

“Mmm…you almost sound surprised,” he teased, briefly looking up from her inner thighs.

He had no idea how big a deal it was for her. The idea that a man actually enjoyed something that gave a woman direct pleasure just didn’t fit with her mother’s narrative of men being selfish pigs. While her mother would’ve argued that Chris had only gone down on her to ensure he got what he wanted, Sharon couldn’t accept that something that felt so good could be that selfish.

As enjoyable as it was, she picked up on Chris’ secondary agenda. While giving her oral sex, he’d been pleasing himself as well, getting his manhood nice and hard. It was the most effective act of multitasking she’d seen in any man to date. Regardless of how her mother viewed men, Chris proved that they could stay focused when motivated.

“God, I love the taste of a hot, moist pussy,” said Chris after giving her outer folds one last lick.

“I love that you love it,” Sharon teased. “Your generosity is…appreciated.”

“Just doing what I got to do to make the next part easier for both of us!”

With a curt grin, as if to flaunt his manliness, he rose up and removed his boxers, revealing a fully-erect penis that looked ready to enter a willing vagina. Her mother once told Sharon that any penis attached to a man was inherently repulsive. Chris might not have been the most attractive or endowed man she’d ever seen, but the sight of his manly physique hovering over her did plenty to fuel her arousal.

“You ready?” he asked as he loomed over her with lustful intent.

“Are you asking me? Or telling me?” she teased.

“Only if you’re anything less than ready for some fucking!”

“Then, I guess that depends.”

“On what?” he asked intently.

“On just how good you can make it!”

It wasn’t just a flirtatious quip. Now clutching his shoulders, gazing up at him with burning desire, she dared him with her eyes to prove himself. He didn’t have to completely disprove everything her mother had ever taught her about men. He just had to demonstrate that he could give a woman quality, enjoyable sex. Chris, meathead or not, seemed up for the challenge.

“In that case, I’d say we’re both ready!” he said confidently.

“Less talking…more fucking,” Sharon said intently.

There was no turning back. At that point, she’d given Chris free reign over her naked body. He could drop the façade and use her like his personal fuck toy. He could also demonstrate that even a horny man getting what he wanted could be trusted to that extent. Sharon was about to find out.

Instinctively, she braced herself, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. She felt it as Chris’ upper body made contact with hers, his manly sinews meshing with her feminine curves. As naked skin meshed with naked skin, he tightened his grip on her thighs, holding her legs apart as he guided his rigid manhood to her womanhood.

Then, with a thrust of his hips, he entered her.

“Ohhh yeah!” Chris moaned. “So hot and tight…you like that?”

Sharon replied with a sharp gasp. That was all she could manage. She genuinely struggled to process the feeling that had just washed over her. She’d been led to believe that any act that involved a man penetrating a woman with a body part could only be uncomfortable. While it hadn’t been disproved entirely, she already found herself questioning that assumption.

Chris didn’t wait for her to finish processing it. He had already begun moving his body, burying his face in her neck and working his dick within her tight folds. He wasn’t too rough, establishing a steady pace of sex. It didn’t completely rock her world, but it certainly rocked the bed enough to remind her that she was really doing it. She was having sex with a man, despite her mother’s efforts.

“Wow! This feels good…no, great!” Sharon proclaimed.

She sounded even more surprised than she did before. Chris didn’t seem to notice, though. He was too focused on their sex, thrusting his hips and caressing her naked body. It was so hot and intimate, his naked skin gliding against hers, masculine sinews meshing with feminine curves. It wasn’t supposed to be so intoxicating. It was just supposed to be sex, but it quickly evolved into something else.

As Chris maintained the sexual rhythm, Sharon found herself supplementing his efforts. She acted on a mix of instinct and lust, raking her fingers down his back and arching her body in just the right ways every time he drove into her. The feeling of his hard, manly flesh slithering inside her stimulated parts that she didn’t know existed. Even a vibrator could only do so much. There was just something different about an actual, throbbing penis in conjunction with a man’s body.

It felt so good that Sharon expected it to end abruptly. She’d heard plenty of jokes about how men barely make it beyond the first dozen humps before they blow their load. Chris didn’t seem that eager to rush the experience. It was easy to assume that he just wanted to show off his prowess so that he could brag to others who good he was in bed. However, it was just as likely that he wanted to draw out an inherently pleasurable feeling and Sharon was more than happy to let him.

“You…are so sexy,” Chris said into her ear, part of his face still buried in her neck.

“And you’re so…considerate,” Sharon gasped, still struggling to form words.

“Considerate? I can do better than that!”

Chris seemed to take that as a challenge. At first, Sharon worried that she’d said something wrong. For all she knew, the best parts were over and everything from that point forward would prove her mother right. Once again, she braced herself.

In another display of bravado, he rose up slightly so that he was in a more upright position. Her legs still hooked around his waist, he began humping her at a different angle. However, he threw a little something extra into his efforts. As he worked his manly flesh within her depths, he used his thumb to stimulate her clit. Either the man had just paid extra attention in health class or he genuinely cared about bringing a woman to orgasm.

“How’s that? Is that better?” he said with a cocky grin.

“Oohhh!” was all Sharon got out.

Her body reacted before her brain could process everything. She grabbed hold of the sheets, closed her eyes and panted heavily as a flood of powerful sensations shot through her. What they’d been doing before had been pleasurable, but it only took her so far on the path to ecstasy. That extra effort, stimulating her most sensitive areas with such determined care, sent her down the rest of that blissful with stunning efficacy.

At that moment, another profound realization sank in. She wasn’t just having sex with a man. She was going to achieve orgasm with one of them. If that weren’t astonishing enough, a man was going to give it to her. If there was a more effective way to shatter her old assumptions about men, she hadn’t heard of it.

“Like that! Ohhh just like that!” she gasped, increasingly short of breath. “You’re going to make me…I’m going to…ohhhh yes!”

That orgasmic chorus filled the room. There was nothing fake or exaggerated about it. She experience a real, toe-curling orgasm. Every muscle contraction and blissful sensation carried more meaning than usual, as if to directly counter every man-hating rant her mother had ever made.

“The sound of a woman coming,” Chris said, “I never get tired of that!”

He still sounded arrogant and crude, but Sharon didn’t mind. He’d just giving her an orgasm. He earned the right to brag. Logistically speaking, it made too much sense. To back up his bravado, he had to give her great sex. To give her great sex, he had to do it in a way she enjoyed. He got what he wanted. She got what she wanted. It was almost like sex was a collaborative effort.

Sharon would’ve laughed if she weren’t still processing the ecstasy. She was content to just soak in the feeling while Chris pursued his own peak. He kept the pace of their sex slow, shifting his grip to her butt and giving it a firm squeeze as their naked bodies moved together in blissful harmony. By the time he neared his peak, Sharon had completed her orgasmic journey. In doing so, she opened her eyes and watched the man before her complete his.

“Almost…there!” Chris grunted. “Just…a little…oh fuck!”

His orgasm wasn’t as theatrical as hers. After a few more targeted hips thrusts, his expression contorted and his grip on her butt intensified as he got his release. Sharon even felt it as his cock throbbed inside her in accord with his release.

Her climax directly led to his.

Her pleasure became his pleasure.

Inside her, the juices of their sex blended together, their shared ecstasy taking a tangible form.

“I feel it,” Sharon said distantly. “Inside me…so nice and hot…I really feel it.”

She doubted Chris heard him. That look on his face – the O-face that she once joked about, no less – made clear that he was in too blissful a daze to hear. That didn’t matter, though. Whether he knew it or not, he just changed everything she thought she knew about men.

When he finally opened his eyes, that post-orgasmic afterglow already setting in, she made it a point to cast him an affectionate smile. He smiled back, still looking dazed, if not somewhat goofy. That didn’t stop her from drawing him back into an embrace and giving him a kiss.

“Thank you, Chris,” she said to him intently.

“For giving you the good fucking I promised? You’re welcome!” Chris replied proudly.

He laughed as their naked bodies finally parted, exhaustion and satisfaction settling over them as the room fell silent. Sharon smiling, though. Chris might have been arrogant, crude, and immature. From his perspective, he just banged a pretty girl and did it well enough to ensure she enjoyed it. That was as meaningful as their sex had been for him.

For her, however, the meaning went beyond the sex. Chris was not some dignified gentleman. He wasn’t some thick-headed brute, either. He sought sex with a pretty girl and getting it didn’t mean using her, as her mother often warned. In fact, that would’ve made it harder to achieve the satisfaction they’d shared.

She trusted him with her body.

He rewarded that trust and she rewarded him back.

A man she barely knew, who only wanted sex, proved that she could trust a man. The end result wasn’t just great sex. It was definitive proof that her mother had been wrong.

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