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Happy New Year 2019!

To everyone out there, their families, and their lovers, I wish you a happy and sexy New Year. I’m looking forward to making 2019 the most awesome year it can be.

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“Rigor And Sweat” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story I wrote about people who don’t understand the value of hard work and those that do. That value has genuine sex appeal, as I hope to demonstrate. Enjoy!

“If you really want something, you need to put in the rigor and sweat.”

That was the mantra that Jennifer Rashad had heard her father, Saul Rashad, tell his many employees at least once a day. As the founder of Silver Chain Industries, one of the most successful companies of the past 30 years, he’d worked to create a culture where people toiled beyond their limits to achieve the sweeter fruits of their labor.

He’d lived by that mantra, having told her and her two older brothers, Raymond and Stefan, the story about what he went through to build his success. He’d been the dirt poor son of a single mother. Now, he was a billionaire married to a former Hollywood actress, whose voluptuous figure Jennifer inherited. He told his story with such pride to family and co-workers alike, reinforcing the value of struggling to achieve something great.

There was just one glaring problem, though. Her father’s message was only selectively applied.

“They’re here!” her brother, Raymond, cheered on a sunny day at her family’s palatial estate. “The X-180 Jet Skis are finally here!”

“A week before they’re officially on sale,” her brother, Stefan, added. “You know what that means, eh bro?”

“A Rashad family test drive?”

“Is there any other kind worth doing?”

The two young men dropped what they were doing and ran out to the private delivery truck that had just backed into the private boat house that was located on the south end of the estate’s ocean-side dock. That dock also housed the family yacht, which her father had named “Rigor.” That seemed somewhat ironic at the moment because that concept seemed empty for Raymond and Stephen.

“Wait!” yelled Michael Prater, the family’s well-paid personal trainer. “We’re barely halfway done with your workout for this morning.”

“We’ll reschedule!” Ray called out. “Some things are more important than our health!”

“Like jet skis,” Stefan said, “new, high-end jet skis!”

They didn’t even turn around to see the annoyed look on their trainer’s face as they sprinted towards the delivery truck. Still in their sweaty workout clothes, they probably weren’t going to change into bathing suits or anything before they took to the water.

Jennifer, who had been reading over emails on her laptop while lounging by the pool in a pair of jean shorts and a tank top, saw Michael’s expression and didn’t blame him for his dismay. He knew as well as the rest of the estate’s staff what a “Rashad Family Test Drive” entailed. It was her brothers’ coy term for parading expensive merchandise to their fellow affluent neighbors. Whether it was boats, cars, or fancy new smartphones, Ray and Stefan took pride in showing off their latest assets to others.

That act of outright boasting wouldn’t have bothered her – or the rest of the staff, for that matter – if her brothers had actually done something to get their hands on that stuff ahead of time. Usually, the most effort they put into it involved making a few phone calls to friends and associates. They didn’t even have to leave their bedrooms to do it. That was hardly in line with their father’s mantra of rigor and sweat.

That didn’t seem to bother him, though. Up on the deck overlooking the pool, Jennifer saw her father casually walking about in the hot summer sun, chatting on his cell phone and conducting business. He just waved to Ray and Stefan as they rolled out the jet skis, not doing or saying anything to stop their behavior. She doubt it would’ve done much good.

“Another day, another bit of unearned rewards,” Jennifer said, sighing to herself. “I should be used to it by now and yet…”

She let her words trail off as she diverted her gaze from her rowdy brothers. It shouldn’t have bothered her. She, Ray, and Stefan had grown up in an affluent world, never wanting for anything or enduring real hardship. Their father, despite his laurels on toil and work ethic, made it that way.

It was blind spot, of sorts, for a man who was usually so attentive to detail. He pushed partners, employees, and co-workers so hard. Her father had once fired a tailor for putting too many buttons on a dress shirt. However, when it came to his children, he made sure they struggled as little as possible.

“You’re my family. It’s my job to take care of you,” was how her father justified it.

Jennifer understood the merit of a man caring for his family. She loved her father dearly because of it. However, it still bothered her in ways that weren’t easy to articulate.

Jennifer certainly had it easier than most, even for a young woman who had inherited her mother’s Hollywood beauty. She went to fancy prep schools as a kid. She got to pick where she wanted to go to college, not even having to fill out an application. Even after she graduated with only a B-average, she still got a high-level position in the family company, but it was one where she didn’t have to do much. In fact, she barely worked four hours a day and made more money than some of her father’s most tenured employees.

Nobody ever criticized or called her out on it. Jennifer even got the impression that the people she worked with and the staff her family employed were afraid of her. She could see in their eyes how they dreaded that one wrong word would get them fired. It created an environment where she couldn’t even attempt to experience the fruits of real rigor…for the most part.

“There’s only one way I can stomach moments like this,” Jennifer told herself as she put away her laptop. “Luckily for me, someone here needs it more than I do.”

She lightly tilted her overpriced sunglasses and cast a glance towards Michael, who kept scolding her brothers for cutting another training session short and subsequently wasting his time. He must have sensed the same need because he turned right towards her, gave her a knowing nod, and stormed back into the mansion.

“I don’t blame you, Michael. Not in the slightest,” she said. “Just be sure you take it all that frustration out on me.”

Knowing the drill as well as he did, Jennifer waited another five minutes, letting the anticipation build. It was just long enough to watch Stefan and Ray high-five each other as they loaded the fancy new jet skis into the water, the typical demeanor of two men enjoying unearned achievement. It added to the general annoyance she felt for her brothers, but it also added a sense of urgency.

“I’m going inside to shower and get dressed, Daddy,” Jennifer called out. “I’ll be ready to join out in the office in about an hour.”

“Okay, sweetheart. Have fun,” her father replied, still very engrossed in his phone call.

Jennifer rolled her eyes. She probably could’ve told her father she was heading out to rob a bank and he would have said the same thing. When he got caught up in work, even on a Saturday, it was hard to get his attention. That didn’t bother her, though. It actually worked to her advantage.

Assured her father and brothers were plenty distracted, she made her way inside the spacious estate that boasted seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a five-car garage. There weren’t many parts of the estate that weren’t absurdly luxurious. There were some areas, though, that weren’t as opulent as others. They also happened to be the places most isolated and necessary for what she had in mind.

“You better be ready to pounce, Michael,” Jennifer said under her breath. “I’ll need some extra rigor this time around.”

Moving faster, she ascended the large staircase in the foyer. She then rushed towards the south end of the mansion where her room was located, complete with oversized closets and a private bathroom better than most five-star hotels. However, that was not her primary destination.

Halfway towards her room, she slowed down. She listened for any maids or cleaners that might have been working off-hours. She heard nothing. Near as she could tell, she was the only one there. The heavy silence, along with the cold air from the air conditioner, sent shivers down her spine. However, they had nothing to do with the cold.

“Just another day in a life of obscene affluence,” Jennifer said, looking around in anticipation.

Those words were the signal. What happened after that was completely beyond her control, in more ways than one.

The instant after she uttered those words, the door of a nearby linen closet burst open and Michael came storming out like a predator in waiting. With his powerful arms and lightning-fast reflexes, he grabbed her from where she stood, putting his hand over her mouth in the process. Jennifer stood no chance, feeling completely powerless as he shoved her into the closest and slammed the door shut behind her.

“Rich, over-privileged bitch,” Michael said in a deep, menacing tone. “Time for some overdue rigor!”

He sounded so intense, like a man willing to work extra hard to get what he wanted. The look in his eyes made clear, even in the dim light of the cramped closet, that she had to work just as hard to keep up with him. That prospect filled Jennifer with so much dread and excitement that she couldn’t tell the feeling apart.

For a brief moment, he kept her pinned against a nearby rack of towels. He wasn’t gentle with her either, his imposing form towering over her and giving no concern for her comfort. For an over-pampered rich girl, it was an unfamiliar feeling, which was exactly why Jennifer found it so hot.

“Now,” he said, taking his hand off her mouth, “get out of those overpriced clothes.”

Panting heavily, her every vein coursing with adrenaline, Jennifer did as he demanded. With trembling hands, she pushed the straps of her tank top off her shoulders and pushed it down her waist and legs. She then undid her jean shorts and took them off too, leaving her in just her bra and panties. When she hesitated, though, Michael pushed her up against the shelf even harder, causing her more strain.

“No stalling!” he barked.

The imposing man pressed his forearm up against her neck, causing her to cough. As she stood pinned and paralyzed from the adrenaline, Michael tore off her bra with one hand. He then did the same for her panties, tearing through the expensive fabric with ease.

Now fully naked, her breasts and pussy exposed to a dominating man who’d once been marine, Jennifer trembled under his penetrating gaze. In that moment, exposed and vulnerable in the utmost, her wealth and pledge meant nothing. For once, she was at the mercy of something more powerful than her father’s influence. For reasons she could only attribute to a full-blown kink, she found it incredibly arousing.

“You pampered little whore,” Michael said, the former marine in him really showing. “You’ve got money, security, and big tits. You’ve never had to struggle for anything, have you?”

“No,” Jennifer said meekly, “I haven’t.”

“Well, that changes now,” he said, “because to get through this, you will have to struggle. Unlike your asshole brothers, you’re going to listen to me and you’re going to make a goddamn effort. Understand?”

“Yes! I understand.”

Jennifer might have said that a bit too eagerly. It showed the extent of how much her kink had intensified over the years. Michael wasn’t the first person with which she’d embraced it, but he’d proven he was most skilled at giving her what she wanted and what she wanted – what she needed for the good of her soul – was for someone to make her work for what she sought.

Michael remained stern, something her previous lovers had been reluctant to do whenever she revealed her fondness for being dominated. He then stepped back, pulling his forearm from her neck so she could breathe easier. His eyes still taking in her naked body, he gazed down on her as though she were the lowest subordinate in all of Silver Chain Industries.

“Get down on your knees,” he told her, “and suck my dick. Suck it until I shoot my load down your gullet.”

She nodded weakly, her demeanor becoming that of a lowly servant and not a spoiled daughter of a billionaire businessman. Under the poor light of the cramped linin closet, she dropped to her knees, the dirty carpet that was rarely vacuumed digging into her skin. Her hands continued to tremble as she grasped the sides of Michael’s athletic shorts and pulled them down along with his boxers, revealing a semi-hard penis.

It was hardly the first time she’d seen his generous endowment. Michael had the kind of dick that strained a woman’s jaw muscles, even those like her who’d been giving oral sex since high school. That didn’t stop her form immediately taking it into her mouth the second it came free. Jennifer knew it was a challenge, giving such a strong man oral sex. That was exactly why she got so turned on by doing it.

“That’s it! Put some effort into it, you privileged bitch,” Michael said as her lips slithered along his dick.

His demanding, crude tone motivated her even more. Jennifer knew she couldn’t half-ass it and still get the job done, as she’d been done all her life. She had to put in real effort. Her father, her money, and her name weren’t going to help her for once.

Taking that notion seriously, she approached sucking Michael’s dick with the kind of effort that had helped make her family company successful. She grabbed hold of the man’s muscular thighs, relaxed her jaw, and bobbed her head back and forth in a hard, rhythmic motion. It was strenuous, testing both her gag reflexes and her ability to bring a man to orgasm. She didn’t assume Michael would make it easy for her. She didn’t want easy.

“Yeah!” he said with a deep grunt. “Suck it hard. Use your tongue. Really work for it.”

Jennifer stepped up her efforts, sucking harder and taking more of his length with every motion. His dick had since become fully erect, really stretching her mouth in ways she wasn’t used to. She still welcomed the challenge, sucking and slurping Michael’s manhood with more effort than any overly-pampered woman would dare.

Michael made it even harder for her, grabbing the sides of her head and holding onto her head to intensify the motion. At one point, he held it still and just fucked her face, as if to let her know how hard he wanted her to suck him. It was so hard that she even gagged a few times, coughing and drooling over his cock. She still kept sucking, though, not daring to wane in her effort.

That sustained rigor, having to suck a dick so hard and meet such unreasonable demands, gave her a powerful rush that intensified her arousal. Jennifer could already feel it between her legs, her pussy getting wetter in accord with the effort. It used to worry her, the idea that being dominated so crudely made her that horny. She’d since embraced it as both a kink and an exercise in work ethic.

“I…I’m ready!” Michael grunted. “I’m gonna come…right down your throat!”

Jennifer summoned whatever energy she had to suck just a little bit harder, pushing herself beyond the limits she thought she had. She gagged a few more times, but didn’t dare lose focus. After a few messy licks, mixed in with some hard face-fucking, she did it. She got Michael to come.

“Ohhh fuck!” the former marine grunted.

As his labored moans echoed throughout the closet, Jennifer felt his cock throb as it released a thick load of manly fluid down her throat. Again, she gagged, but didn’t avoid the strain. She swallowed every last drop, even using her tongue to make sure she got it all. It was part of that extra effort she’d been taught, but never allowed to exercise. While she doubted her father thought she’d employ it through sex, there was no denying the results.

Jennifer remained still as Michael’s body shuddered from his release. She could feel the intensity of his orgasm in the way his legs tensed and his dick twitched inside her mouth. Looking up at him, seeing that look of ecstasy on his face, she saw the fruits of her vigorous labor. It rendered her even more aroused.

“That’s a good dirty girl,” Michael said breathlessly, “so spoiled, yet so determined.”

He withdrew his cock from her mouth. Jennifer gasped and coughed, saliva still dripping down the side of her face. Still looking up at him, breathless and submissive, she pleaded with her eyes for more.

“You’re so pampered, but you still want to work,” he told her, “to feel the sweat and strain of hard, heavy labor.”

“Yes,” she affirmed. “I do.”

“I believe you,” he said with a coy grin. “That’s a rare trait, even among marines. I know because I got discharged for pushing others in all the wrong ways. You, on the other hand…you want to be pushed.”

Jennifer nodded again, submissively and meekly. That fueled Michael’s own fetishes. She suspected that he became a personal trainer because he liked giving orders, having people follow them, and pushing them extra hard. She doubted he’d ever encountered someone as eager to be pushed as her.

It was enough to keep his dick semi-hard, despite his recent climax. That didn’t surprise Jennifer. One climax was rarely enough to satisfy Michael. He needed more work, which was part of why he made her so horny. She continued offering no resistance as he grabbed her by the neck and pulled her back into an upright position.

“Let’s finish this somewhere more spacious,” he said to her.

“Lead the way, Michael,” Jennifer told him.

“I’ll do you one better. I’ll carry you!”

In a show of strength and dominance, Michael put those Marine Corp muscles to good use and lifted her up off the floor. He then opened the closet door, carried her out, and hitched her over the shoulder as though she were disobedient child. Jennifer pretended to struggle at first, but only ended up laughing. She could only pretend so much when she was so horny.

Still naked and at his mercy, she held on as domineering man carried her into her room and into her private bathroom. There, he slammed the door behind him, locked it, and took her to the shower in the corner. He set her down right under the spigot, making her sit on the dirty floor.

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” Michael said as he took off his shirt and stepped out of his shoes and socks, “I’m going to fuck you…hard. It’s going to be strenuous, rigorous, and exhausting as hell. You’re going to need an extra-long shower by the time it’s over.”

“Is that a warning?” Jennifer asked, goading him with her feeble tone.

“No. It’s a guarantee!”

Looking up at him, his imposing stature casting a shadow over her, made it seem so daunting. Between the size of his muscles, the extent of his endowment, and his conditioning as a former marine who put up with her brothers, the man could ravage her in ways that few could. There would be pain along with the pleasure, discomfort along with the ecstasy.

It was exactly what she wanted, though. Jennifer Rashad, the daughter of a billionaire who only knew comfort and luxury, craved the rigor and the reward.

“Then, there’s nothing left to say,” she said, still on the cold shower floor. “I am at your mercy.”

“And if you want to get through it, you’re gonna have to endure!” he said to her.

The intensity of his tone, as well as his choice of words, heightened her arousal. Her body and mind ached for the rigor Michael promised. He had to know how much his aggressive, dominating approach turned her on. It was part of the process of making her work for it.

“Now, stand up! Face me!” Michael ordered.

Jennifer couldn’t comply fast enough. She shot up from the cold floor so that she stood in the middle of the empty shower. Just being upright proved difficult due to the intense arousal between her legs. She still managed, which was exactly the point. She knew the real rigor had only just begun.

Like a dog in heat pouncing on a mate in heat, he entered the shower stall and pinned her up against the cold marble wall, the dry surface sticking to her naked skin. He then smothered her with his hands and lips, burying his face between her breasts and raking his hands over her naked body. He was not gentle or affectionate, hungrily nibbling on her tits and roughly fondling the outer folds of her pussy.

It was a very aggressive brand of foreplay, but one with an important purpose. It helped set the tone for her while helping him get erect again. Sensations of pain and pleasure surged through her body, overwhelming her senses and sending her into a daze. Jennifer did nothing to oppose Michael’s fervent foreplay, keeping her arms down and back up against the wall. It was uncomfortable, but stimulating. To feel the pleasure, she had to endure the pain.

It began a familiar that Jennifer had come to love and it would only get more strenuous. She could already feel Michael’s dick getting harder. She could sense his burning need as well in the way he roughly fingered her pussy. He was not going to make it easy on her, nor did she want him to.

“Turn around!” Michael ordered.

Her legs weak and her pussy throbbing, Jennifer barely managed to do as he asked. She did just enough though and quickly found herself up against the wall, her still-sore tits pressing up against the dirty marble. Already panting heavily, she could only brace herself for what came next.

“Time to start fucking you,” he said. “I’d tell you to hold on, but…”

He cut himself off, not giving her another second to prepare herself. With maximum leverage from his position behind her and an ironclad hold on her hips, Michael thrust his pelvis forward and entered her. The feeling of his rigid member penetrating her womanly flesh sent surges of sensations coursing through her body, intensifying that pleasure/pain mix he’d established earlier.

Jennifer let out a deep moan, but was quickly silenced when Michael pressed her head up against the wall and began the rough, rigorous, dominating sex that she loved and craved.

“Michael,” she gasped, her voice still muffled, “so hard…so rough.”

“I’m just getting warmed up,” Michael said, whispering directly into her ear.

The former marine in him really showed. The same aggressive bravado that got him discharged earlier also did wonders for his conditioning. He fucked her hard and fast, working his hips at a rapid pace that tested her endurance on multiple levels. Sometimes, there was pain. Sometimes, there was pleasure. Dealing with one was hard enough. Dealing with both required a different kind of strain and Jennifer eagerly rose to the challenge.

Closing her eyes, her nails raking down the cold wall, she gasped and grunted in accord with the rough movements of their sex. She could only do so much to move her body with his, but had to in order to maintain that blend of pain and pleasure. The way her skin roughly stuck to the cold surface added more strain. It also helped her work up a good sweat, more so than any her brothers had gotten during their workout. That seemed to encourage Michael even more.

The sound of his pelvis smacking against her butt filled the bathroom, along with their various grunts and moans. Michael even gave her butt a few light smacks, which helped intensify the pleasure/pain mix. It was strenuous, rigorous, and overwhelming in ways a rich girl in a mansion rarely experienced. Between that intense experience and the added kink behind it, Jennifer achieved orgasm in record time.

“I…I’m…coming!” she gasped, her words muffled by the wall.

“Already?” grunted Michael, sounding humored. “You kinky…pampered…slut!”

Jennifer barely heard him as she crossed that special threshold where the pleasure vastly overshadowed the pain. In an instant, he knees buckled and her lower back arched as she absorbed her sexual release. Michael even had to slow his rapid humping due to the intense throbbing of her inner muscles.

It was so sharp and intense, hitting with a shock rather than a wave. It was a raw, chaotic kind of pleasure that ignited every nerve and sent her mind spiraling like a whirlwind. Being an attractive rich girl, Jennifer had access to all kinds of sex growing up, but few lovers dared to push her out of fear from her father’s wrath. Those brave few, like Michael, made her work for that special level of ecstasy, which made it all the more enjoyable.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” Michael warned her as she lingered in her orgasmic state. “You just gave me a reason to step up my efforts!”

While Jennifer was still catching her breath, the imposing man withdrew from her briefly and pulled back from the wall. He then pushed her down to cold floor of the shower that the maid’s hadn’t cleaned in nearly a week.

“On your hands and knees,” Michael told her.

Despite her dazed state, Jennifer still managed to comply. She got on all fours, her head partially on the floor with her butt pointed up at the powerful man before her. He soon joined her on the floor, giving her butt a few hard smacks. He then guided his dick back towards her dripping-wet entrance, but instead of her pussy, he pressed the tip up against her ass.

“If that approach is too easy for you,” Michael said mischievously, “maybe this one will be more challenging.”

Without no further warning and little hesitation, he pushed his cock into her ass, penetrating her once more and sending a fresh shock through her body. Whereas the overwhelming pleasure of orgasm had dominated before, the pain of a different kind of penetration helped re-establish the balance.

“Oohhh!” Jennifer moaned. “My…my butt.”

“Take the pain, rich girl! Take it!” Michael said through labored grunts.

The former marine went to work proving his point, re-establishing the same heated sexual rhythm he’d established earlier. With both feet planted firmly on the floor, both hands firmly on her hips for leverage, he rapidly pumped his cock into her ass. Jennifer, her face still pressed against the floor while her polished nails scratched along the dirty surface, just moaned and gasped from the feeling.

It was intense in a different, but similar way from before. Jennifer didn’t do anal sex often, but when she did, it offered the greatest challenge and the greatest rewards. There was more discomfort, but there was also more ecstasy in the final payoff. It required more effort and pain tolerance. For the kind of payoff she wanted, Jennifer was willing to put in that work.

“So hard…so rough,” she grunted in between Michael’s fervent movements.

“Ohhh yeah!” Michael seethed. “I know…how much…you love it.”

More moans and grunts echoed throughout the shower. More sweat formed on her skin. Every breath became labored and every motion came with great strain. With that strain, though, came a unique rush. It went beyond any sensation of pleasure. For Jennifer, it evoked a unique feeling that went beyond work, sex, and ecstasy.

On an unwashed shower floor, naked and vulnerable where her wealth couldn’t protect her, she toiled and struggled to get what she wanted. She endured a kind of hardship that her parents hadn’t allowed. It was as revealing as it was kinky, but it also had a twisted logic to it. By straining and struggling, the feelings she achieved were more meaningful.

“Rigor…sweat…pain…and pleasure,” Jennifer said as her body rocked to Michael’s ravaging. “I want it. I…I feel it.”

Through the imposing man’s relentless movements, the pain gave way to the pleasure. The discomfort morphed into ecstasy. From those rough, vigorous movements, Jennifer achieved another orgasm.

Unlike the first one, Michael didn’t slow down. He just kept pounding into her in pursuit of his own peak. She doubted he noticed her climaxing again. All she got out was a muffled gasp as her body shuddered under the weight of intense pleasure and heavy strain. It was the ultimate manifestation of that potent mixture of pain and pleasure, creating that powerful feeling that she found so uniquely satisfying.

As the intense sensations rendered her dazed, Michael finally approached his climax as well. She could hear him seething with every movement, throwing in a swat of her butt and a quick squeeze of her breast as he approached the threshold.

“Almost…there!” he grunted. “Going to…come…soon!”

Jennifer kept enduring, even after the orgasmic rush had passed. Her world kept rocking, her body moving sharply in conjunction with each thrust. Finally, Michael tasted the fruits of his hard labor as well.

Upon steading his hips, he let out a deep, masculine moan that filled the bathroom as he released his load into her. Jennifer could feel his member throbbing intensely, his grip on her naked flesh tensing in conjunction with his release. Being a former marine, he valued such intense exertion greater than most. It made him a good personal trainer for the family, but it made him an even better lover.

“Such hard, sweaty work,” Jennifer said with a content purr.

“It’s a…a beautiful thing. Isn’t it?” Michael said, still short of breath.

“Indeed, it is.”

The job was complete. They both got what they’d worked for. Michael, now covered in sweat, withdrew his cock from her ass and rose up. She remained on the dirty floor, rolling over and sitting with her back against the wall as she caught her breath.

Looking up, she saw a very different man than the one who had been fucking her ass just a few moments ago. Beyond being short of breath and very satisfied, he was smiling. The intense aggression with which he had pursued their laborious sex had faded and rightly so. Like her, their worked hard and it paid off.

To some extent, the ecstasy they shared reflected that family motto of rigor and sweat. She doubted her father intended it to have such a kinky connotation, but there was no getting around the results.

“I’ll turn the shower on,” he told her. “Take all the time you need. I’ll duck into one of the guest rooms.”

“I’ll be okay, Michael,” she said, smiling back. “Thank you…for challenging me in just the way I needed.”

“Thank you for putting in more effort than your brothers.”

“One of us had to,” Jennifer said proudly. “At some point, though, we’ll have to let them know that our workouts involve more than just weight training.”

“Only if we leave out the part where the woman I love enjoys getting ravaged,” he added.

“Only if you don’t tell them just how much you love ravaging me,” she quipped.

“That’s going to be hard.”

“I know,” Jennifer said, “but I’m a Rashad. Whether it’s love or hard fucking, we don’t shy away from rigor and sweat!”

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Never Forget: A Tribute To The Victims Of 9/11 (And The Heroes It Inspired)


Today is a solemn day, but one we should never forget. I don’t think I need to tell anyone over the age of 25 why September 11th, 2001 is a day we’ll never forget. Even for those born after, it affects them. Nearly two decades later, it continues to affect us all. That’s why we shouldn’t forget. We need to remember because we need to learn from it.

There’s a lot I can say about the issues surrounding September 11th, 2001. I could spend the next year, writing an article every day about the lives lost and the families shattered by that terrible incident. It still wouldn’t be enough. It still wouldn’t heal the scars.

With that in mind, I won’t lament over what and who we lost on that day. Instead, I’ll take the advice of the late Fred Rogers, a man whose capacity for love and compassion is legendary.

In the spirit of those wise, caring words, I think the best thing we can do to honor the victims and learn from the trauma we all experienced that fateful day is to acknowledge the heroes. You don’t have to look far to find stories of heroism on day like September 11th. On a day like this, though, those stories should carry even greater weight.

In the end, the losses are always going to hurt. However, it’s important to remember that even in the face of atrocity, good people find a way to be good. Amazing people find a way to be heroes. That, more than anything, is worth remembering.

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“After A Long Week” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story that I wrote after an especially long, busy week I had recently. I think everyone has had similar weeks like that at some point in their lives. This is just me turning it into a sexy story. Enjoy!

“Man, it feels good to be home,” said a tired, but restless Kevin Crayton.

Just hearing those words out loud felt cathartic. He almost had to remind himself that it was Friday night. He wasn’t just going home to sleep for a few hours before heading back to the office. He actually had a chance to rest, relax, and actually appreciate everything he’d worked for. That shouldn’t have been such an audacious concept, but that was the kind of life Kevin had forged.

After pulling into the driveway of his modest suburban house, he took a moment to just catch his breath and gather his thoughts. He had just worked a 60-hour week that shouldn’t have been necessary. Unfortunately, his job at the marketing firm he’d been working at since college threw him several curve balls.

On Monday, two people quit out of the blue, not even handing in a two-weeks-notice. On Wednesday, one of his best analysts broke her ankle in a freak accident and had to spend the night in an emergency room. Those were just the most obvious complications that culminated in a project he had finished and turned into the director just two hours ago.

It was one of those tasks that wouldn’t have been too stressful on a typical work week. In fact, he should’ve been able to take off early and spend the afternoon with his wife, Lucy, who only worked part-time at pharmacy. It wasn’t fair to her that he’d been so busy. He’d canceled their usual date night, which really upset him because that was usually the most relaxing part of his week.

He had to make it up to Lucy. He’d promised her the day they got married that he’d make time for her, even as he pursued his career at the firm. Having been raised by a former marine, Kevin took pride in keeping his promises. He just hoped Lucy was in a forgiving mood.

“Now, I need to make it up my wife,” Kevin said with a deep sigh, “and for all I know, that’ll take all weekend.”

He wasn’t looking forward to all the apologies he owed her. They’d barely spoken in the past 36 hours while he’d been so busy at work. That didn’t make Kevin any less eager to see her. He needed a lot of things to make up for the week he had, but for now, he’d settle for his beautiful wife.

“Might as well start somewhere,” he said, shaking his head in exasperation.

Hoping to leave behind a full five days of stress, he exited his car and made his way to the front door. The sun had already set and chances were, Lucy had already eaten dinner. He’d snacked all afternoon and wasn’t even hungry. Hopefully, she had room for desert, assuming she wasn’t upset with him for working so damn hard.

Kevin began rehearsing all the ways he was going to confront her as he approached the front door. Then, just as he was about to open it, he saw a folded piece of paper taped on the doorknob. On the front was his name written in his wife’s handwriting. Curious, Kevin picked it up and opened it.

“Welcome home,” he read. “I know you’ve had a hard week. Open the door to make it better.”

Now more intrigued than curious, Kevin unlocked the front door and opened it. Immediately, he was greeted with a shocking, but appealing sight.

His wife there waiting for him, but in a distinctly kinky sort of way. There, in the middle of the narrow hallway between the stairs and the small table where he put his car keys, Lucy sat naked on the dirty wooden floor. She looked so casual, leaning back on her arms with her legs fully spread with her lady parts on full display. She acted as though it were the most normal thing in the world, a wife greeting her husband with such an overtly sexual display.

“Welcome home, babe,” Lucy greeted. “I had a feeling you’d need something like this.”

“Lucy,” Kevin said, frozen in place and at a loss for words. “I’m…not sure what’s going on here.”

“Kevin, it’s exactly what you think it is and then some. Now, are you going to stand there and gawk or are you going to get in here and let me welcome you?”

His mouth hung open in shock for a good half-minute. Eventually, Kevin collected himself enough to step inside and close the door behind him, if only to keep one of the neighbors from getting an eyeful of his wife’s nude form.

Even then, he remained somewhat confused, but the more primal parts of his mind were already on alert. In seeing Lucy in all her glory, that seductive glint in her eyes that he hadn’t seen since their honeymoon, Kevin remembered that he still had a functioning penis.

He also recalled that hadn’t had sex with his wife in quite a while. In fact, they hadn’t done it in nearly two weeks. That was the longest they had gone without sex since that time they came down with the flu three years ago. After the week he’d just endured, that felt way too long.

“Lucy,” Kevin began, still struggling to form words.

“Before you begin,” she said, cutting him off, “let me just make a few things clear. It should explain why I decided to ditch dinner, candles, and clothes for the night.”

“That would be helpful,” he replied with a half-grin.

“For the record, I know how busy you were this past week. Believe it or not, I do listen when you tell me about your day. You’re not one to complain, but you do tend to wall yourself off. It’s how you keep your mood from affecting the people you care about.”

Kevin’s grin widened. On top of how good she looked naked, Lucy also reminded him how well she knew him. They’d been together for so long that he didn’t always appreciate how much she’d picked up on his quirks. Not a lot of men could make that claim about their wives. It showed just how lucky he was.

“I’m not going to lie. That does bother me to some extent,” Lucy said.

“And I’d planned on spending the weekend apologizing for that,” Kevin said.

“Save it. You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. I’ve already accepted that harping on that is pointless. Your job is important. Sometimes, a lot of shit goes wrong. Rather than agonize over it, I say we skip to the part where we just celebrate that it’s over.”

“Celebrate…yeah,” he said.

He sounded like an immature teenager who’d never seen exposed breasts before. Lucy snickered at his demeanor and so did he. By every measure, the scene before him was crazy, like something ripped out of a bad porno. It also made a twisted bit of sense.

“So with that in mind…” Lucy said, letting her words trail off.

“Right,” Kevin said, his brain finally catching up to his hormones. “There’s a lot I want to say right now, Lucy. But I got to get the fuck out of this itchy suit.”

With renewed energy and intense urgency, Kevin shed his clothes like they were on fire. He threw off his blazer, undid his belt, and stepped out of his shoes before practically tearing off the fancy suit that he’d gotten dry cleaned less than 12 hours ago.

He didn’t care that he wrinkled his dress shirt and slacks by throwing them into the corner with his running shoes. He barely noticed that he’d kicked his expensive dress shoes across the foyer and into the living room. He needed his wife. He needed her welcoming embrace, among other things.

As soon as he was fully naked, he got down on the floor with her, paying no attention to the dirt and mud stains. He then joined his wife in the middle of the narrow hallway, crawling right between her legs and snaking his arms around her before kissing her passionately.

“God, I need you…so much,” Kevin said in between messy kisses.

“Prove it,” Lucy said, her tone rivaling that any temptress.

Knowing exactly what she meant, skipped the heated make-out session that usually initiated their sexual encounters. Instead, he went directly for the part that made his wife melt in his arms.

Keeping his lips active, he sensually kissed down her neck and over her ample cleavage. He made it a point to give her fleshy mounds an extra firm squeeze, which made her shudder in all the right ways. As much as he loved touching her breasts, though, he didn’t linger. Another part of her body beckoned.

Inch by inch, he worked his way down her torso, past her navel, and into the waiting heat of her inner thighs. He noticed that she was already pretty wet. For all he knew, she’d been waiting for him all evening, eager for his tender touch. He had no intention of making his wife wait a second longer.

“Mmm…seems like you need this too,” Kevin commented.

“Care to prove that too?” she quipped.


Like a starving man getting his first meal in days, Kevin buried his face in his love’s pussy and began eating her out. He wasn’t slow or careful like he usually was. He went in full-speed, skillfully parting her wet folds with his fingers and plunging his tongue into her womanly flesh.

That intense, feminine aura consumed him, sending him into a daze of drunken desire. That skill and effort drew a powerful reaction from Lucy as well.

“Ooh Kevin!” she squealed with delight. “Consider me…convinced.”

Falling back on her arms, his love let out moans that echoed loudly within the narrow hall. Encouraged, Kevin pushed her thighs farther apart so he could get in deeper, licking and stimulating her depths as only he could. The sounds of her blissful moans was like the sweetest music. Already, he felt the stress of the past week melting away.

“Lucy…you taste so good,” Kevin moaned, his voice muffled by her pussy.

It was once of his admitted kinks that might have been the deciding factor in Lucy accepting his marriage proposal. He loved giving oral sex to women. He loved the taste, smell, and effect of pussy. He’d loved it since his first girlfriend in high school dared him to go down on her one night. He liked to think he’d made her night. By the time he met Lucy, he’d refined his tastes, as well as his technique.

Using his tongue and fingers to full effect, Kevin stimulated all those extra-sensitive spots he’d come to know by heart. It led to louder moans, the likes of which filled the first level of their house. Lucy was a direct, straightforward person by nature. She made clear to everyone what she wanted, what she liked, and how she wanted things done. That extended to sex and he was all too eager to oblige.

“Kevin, I…I’m getting so hot.” his love moaned.

“Good,” he told her, “because I’m going to need more than this.”

Lucy couldn’t see it from her position, but Kevin already had a full-fledged boner urging him on. Whether it was a product of pent up sexual energy or the act of gorging on his wife’s pussy, he was very aroused and in need of his wife’s sex.

After giving her folds one last tender lick, Kevin rose up from the floor and got on top of her. He ended up pinning her right on the floor, the dirty wood pressing up against her naked flesh. She didn’t seem to mind, though. She kept her legs fully spread, took him in her arms, and pulled him on top of her so that her ample breasts pressed up against his chest.

“Kevin…take me,” Lucy told him. “Give me what you need…what we both need.”

Her words echoed with the same desperation he felt in every fiber of his being. It was no longer about having overdue sex with his wife. It was about fulfilling an unmet need for both of them.

Driven and determined like never before, Kevin grabbed hold of her thighs and guided his erect dick into her waiting vagina. The feeling of their flesh melding, his hard masculine flesh entering her moist womanly depths, was intoxicating – a once cold void filled with a powerful new heat. It sent him deeper into his daze and Lucy gladly followed.

“Feeling better yet, love?” she purred.

“Ohhh Lucy!” was all Kevin got out.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

She laughed and playfully kissed him, trailing her lips down his face and neck. That encouraged Kevin even more. Lucy had never been a slow and steady kind of girl when it came to sex. She liked it rough. They both did. It was the most potent manifestation of their love for one another.

He made it a point to be extra potent, working his hips and pumping his member inside her tight flesh with great vigor. Their naked bodies rocked and writhed on the floor within the narrow hallway. Kevin couldn’t recall how long it had been since they mopped the area. If it hadn’t been dirty before, they were certainly making it dirty, the sweat and crime of their bodies mixing in a growing pool of passion.

The added effort paid off sooner than expected. After a good dose of hard, focused humping, Lucy’s moans got louder. The writhing and movements of her body intensified. She was already on the brink of orgasm. He knew the signs and Lucy was rarely subtle about it.

“Harder, Kevin! Do it harder! I’m going to…come!” she moaned.

Kevin adjusted his body slightly, rising up so that he could hump her at a different angle. He intensified the pace, watching as her breasts bounced with each thrust, her sweaty flesh grinding against the floor. It was such a beautiful, erotic sight…one that became a noisy spectacle as he sent her over the edge.

“Oohhh Kevin!” she cried out.

The hallways did little to contain the sounds of such ecstasy. He watched in awe as Lucy arched her lower back, closed her eyes, and grasped her breasts as she climaxed right there on the dirty floor. He even slowed his movements so that he could enjoy every second of it.

That might have been the quickest he’d ever brought his wife to orgasm and for someone who claimed she could get herself off with an electric toothbrush, that was saying something. While it was relatively easy to make Lucy come, leaving her satisfied was more challenging. He was more than up to the task, though.

“You really did need that,” Kevin teased, still panting heavily from their sex.

“Yeah…no need to prove it this time,” she said.

“Still…couldn’t hurt to be sure,” he said coyly.

In another show of his burning needs, he withdrew his cock from her still-throbbing vagina, shifted his grip to her waist, and turned her over so that she was on all fours. Still clearly drunk on orgasmic bliss, Lucy did not resist in the slightest. She even shook her heart-shaped ass a bit, as if he needed more tempting at that point.

“Go on,” she said. “Be as sure as you want!”

“I intend to do nothing less!” Kevin told her.

Licking his lips in anticipation, he positioned himself behind her, propped on one knee with his right foot planted firmly on the floor. He then grabbed hold of his wife’s wonderfully round butt, guided his still-rigid cock to her outer folds, and thrust it back into her. From here, he resumed their sex, now with more leverage and even more motivation to fulfill his own needs.

Again, he pumped his cock within her tight folds. It was intense, vigorous, and focused. The sound of his pelvis smacking against her butt echoed through the hall, the feeling of the floor sticking to their sweaty flesh. Lucy even supplemented his movements, bucking her hips so that their bodies moved in a harmonious symphony of sincere love and pent-up lust.

Need mixed with desire and desire became pleasure…intense, overwhelming pleasure that escalated rapidly. Kevin usually preferred drawing out sex with Lucy. He liked to savor it as much as possible. For the sake of completing an overdue feeling, he made an exception and pushed towards his waiting peak.

“Lucy…I’m close…so close! I need it…so bad!” he said through increasingly labored grunts.

“Do it, my love,” Lucy told him. “Come…meet your need with me.”

He did it harder, working closer and closer to his goal. Lucy did her part too, rising up and guiding his hands to her breasts, allowing him to squeeze them for that final drive into ecstasy. It did the trick. He got what he needed.

“Ohhh Lucy!” he gasped, mirroring the words and passion she’d voiced earlier.

Like a warm wave washing over an arid desert, a surge of bliss erupted from within. His dick throbbed, his face contorted, and his muscles tensed in accord with his release. His manly fluid mixed with her feminine juices in a pool of shared passion, a literal manifestation of the lust and love they had expressed in a narrow hallway of all places.

As he soaked in that feeling, he captured Lucy’s lips in another kiss. Eventually, their naked bodies parted and they found themselves sitting with their backs against the wall – still naked, yet very relaxed.

It was beautiful, pleasurable, and exhilarating. After a week of work, stress, and pressure, it was the perfect counter. Kevin went from frustrating restlessness to utter contentment in record time. It was all thanks to having such an amazing wife, one who knew how to fulfill a need and be extra sexy in the process.

“What a way to end a long week,” Kevin said with a beaming smile.

“Amen to that!” said Lucy.

“Work sucks, but when you’ve got someone you love to come home to…someone who doesn’t mind being naked as soon as the door opens.”

“Don’t say it’s worth it. Work shouldn’t be the only reason why you come home to make love to your wife.”

“It’s not,” he said as he affectionately embraced her. “I was going to say it reminds you that no matter how hectic the rest of life gets, you can still get so much with the simplest, sexiest basics.”

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Attending My First Beach Wedding!


I just want to make a quick, but notable announcement. I know most people don’t come here to hear about my day-to-day activities that don’t result in sexy novels or sexy short stories, but this is one activity that I feel is worth sharing.

As I write this, I’m preparing to attend my first beach wedding ever!

It’s true. I, a self-professed romantic, have never been to a beach wedding. I’ve been to multiple weddings before. I’ve even been to weddings at unique locations, including wineries and museums. However, I’ve never been to a beach wedding and something about that just feels off for a lover of love like me.

If that weren’t unique enough, the wedding I’m about to attend is a lesbian wedding. One of my oldest friends, who I’ve known since I was a kid, is getting married to a woman she has been with for many years now. They’re very excited and very eager to celebrate their love before friends and family.

It promises to be a beautiful moment in a beautiful setting. I look forward to sharing it with them and all the friends and family that will be attending. Being a romantic, I might get a little emotional and I don’t care in the slightest. It’s a wedding. It’s the one event where we can all channel our inner romantic.

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Publishing Update: Another (Expected) Rejection


I just wanted to post a quick update on my publishing efforts, which I know I haven’t talked much about lately. There’s a reason for that, though. For the past couple months, I’ve been working with a former publisher to re-acquire the rights to a manuscript that was edited and prepared for publication a couple years ago.

That process took longer than I’d hoped, but it went through and I tried to re-submit the manuscript to the same publisher that published “Passion Relapse” and “Rescued Hearts.” I did this knowing it was somewhat of a long shot because my last three manuscripts to this publisher had been rejected. I felt if I could get this through, we would be back on track.

Sadly, that didn’t happen. Earlier today, I got a rejection letter. It wasn’t the rude kind, though. The editor offered me a sincere apology that they would not be able to publish my work. She claimed that things have been rough for small to mid-tier publishers. Unless your J. K. Rowling or Stephen King, it’s just hard to get any major project off the ground. I can understand that, but a rejection is a rejection.

I believe that after this, I’m done with that particular publisher. I’m not entirely sure of my next step. I’m still sitting on several finished manuscripts and one that is already professionally edited and ready to go. I’m not sure where to turn to next. I’m thinking of giving Writers Market a chance, but this is the part of the business I still don’t know much about.

When it comes to writing a novel or a sexy short story, I know how to do that. When it comes to the business and marketing side of things, though, I’m pretty ignorant. I’ll keep feeling my way around in the dark, hoping I’ll stumble across something. For now, though, my publishing efforts are a bit on hold. I hope it doesn’t stay that way. If anything changes, I’ll announced it in between sexy short stories.

To everyone who has supported and encouraged my efforts, I sincerely thank you.

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“Tea Time” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story I wrote that was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend involving tea. It wasn’t all that sexy at the time, but it gave me some sexy ideas. Enjoy!

“Drink this and Jeff will fuck you like a stallion!”

That was what Jessica King’s eccentric Aunt Mayne had told her the other day when she gave her an unmarked box of custom tea packs. She didn’t entirely recall what had led to them talking about sex life, but it happened and she was still recovering from the embarrassment.

Then again, she hadn’t exactly been too subtle about the recent shortcomings in her personal life lately. Her friends and family had commented more than once that she looked overly uptight and exceedingly stressed, especially for someone who worked her dream job as a costume designer and married her college sweetheart. Jessica had so few reasons to complain that she had to be extra subtle about her problems, but that proved challenging when it came to sex.

Standing in her kitchen, staring at the unmarked box her Aunt had given her, she wasn’t sure what to make of it. There were no labels or logos on the side. Her Aunt Mayne clearly hadn’t bought it from the internet or anything. She was the eccentric of the family, a free spirited older woman who loved to travel and bring back strange souvenirs. Her bringing back exotic tea seemed perfectly in character.

Tea that would fix her sex life, though? That was pushing it, even by eccentric Aunt Mayne standards.

“You were really eager to give this to me, Aunt Mayne,” Jessica said as she picked up the box. “I wish I knew why, but I’m kind of afraid to wonder.”

Curious, and even a little intrigued, she opened the box and took out a couple of tea bags. She scanned them briefly. Near as she could tell, they were ordinary looking bags. When she smelled them, though, they didn’t smell like ordinary tea.

“That aroma…what the hell is that?” Jessica wondered. “It’s nice, but…different.”

She wasn’t sure what to make of it. She didn’t remember her Aunt Mayne giving her specifics. She’d just told her to drink the tea and that would somehow solve her and Jeff’s intimacy problems. It seemed too good to be true, but given the current state of their sex life, Jessica was willing to take chances.

“Well, if I’m going to take advice from a crazy aunt, I might as well get a little crazy myself,” she said with a shrug.

Choosing not to overthink it, she set the box aside and went to work making some late afternoon tea. She retrieved the pot from the stove, filled it with water, and heated it up. As it warmed up, she took her and Jeff’s favorite mugs from the kitchen cabinet.

Given the cold, stormy weather outside, it was a good time for tea. She and Jeff often enjoyed sharing a cup or two in the later afternoon when it was too late for coffee. It was Saturday as well, which happened to be the only day of the week when they got to spend the whole day together. Jeff often visited his aging grandmother at a nursing home on Sundays and she worked irregular hours during the week. If they were going to improve their sex lives, it was going to happen on a Saturday.

As the water heated up, Jessica wondered how it got to this point. She and Jeff used to be such a passionate, playful couple. Even during college, while holding down a full load of classes, they somehow found the time and energy to have sex at least five times a week. At one point, they were doing it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. It was their morning wake-up call and midnight snack, as Jeff once described.

“I miss those days,” Jessica said distantly as the kettle started steaming.

It seemed so long ago, but it wasn’t that far back. She still had some of the lingerie she’d worn during the many passionate nights they shared in that cramped, unkempt apartment they’d once lived in. Jeff once joked that their clean and spacious house just wasn’t dirty enough for the kinky sex they used to have. She now suspected that hadn’t been joking.

Neither one of them knew when their current sexual dry spell began. Jessica suspected it began earlier that spring. In the span of a month, her mother got divorced for the second time, Jeff’s grandfather passed away, and one of her step-sisters went to jail. None of that should’ve impacted their sex life, which had been pretty healthy up to that point. Over time, though, it just seemed to fade.

Little by little, their intimate moments became less frequent. Even when they had sex, it was less about passion and more about scratching an itch. They treated sex almost like an extra meal, something they did to fulfill a basic need and nothing more. There was never any desert or snacking, so to speak. Then, a couple of months ago, it stopped entirely and that really worried her.

“Is it just a dry spell? Or a sign of things to come?” Jessica wondered.

Those were tough questions that no married woman wanted to contemplate. Thankfully, the tea kettle started hissing and that drew her attention.

With another sigh, she removed the kettle and poured the water into their mugs. Using two of the bags from the box, she steeped the exotic leaves into the steamy water to disperse the flavors. That strange smell quickly filled the kitchen, but it beat the smell of week-old leftovers that usually filled the air.

“Hey Jeff! I made us some tea,” she called out as she made her way to the dining room with both cubs in hand.

“Great! I’ll be right there,” Jeff replied from his office where he’d been video chatting with some friends.

She briefly debated telling him about the source of the tea, but Jessica doubted he’d care. Jeff was one of those guys who drank his coffee black, bought the cheapest beer, and didn’t go for fancy wine. His tastes were simple. If it was warm, tasty, and soothing, he drank it. He was easy to please, in that respect. That made their recent struggles in the bedroom all the more frustrating.

Jessica waited a moment for the tea to cool down before drinking it. After a couple minutes, Jeff entered the dining room, still wearing the same unwashed football jersey he’d worn to bed the previous night. Usually, she’d berate him for wearing a shirt that long. On such a dreary day where everything felt so overwhelming, she just didn’t have the energy.

“Tea…just what I need,” he said as he sat down across from her. “That’s decaf, right?”

“As far as I know, it’s the mild stuff,” Jessica replied, which was only a half-truth. “It won’t keep either of us from taking a nap this afternoon.”

“Good,” Jeff said, “because I do not have the energy for more jitters. I just found out my uncle Rob is still arguing with my dad on my grandfather’s old house. On top of that, the heater is going to be stuck at half-capacity for a few more days.”

“So it’s going to be cold and depressing for a bit longer,” she said. “Maybe I should’ve broken out the vodka.”

“Better save that for tonight. I swear if my dad calls me again to whine about that lawyer Uncle Rob hired…”

Her husband trailed off, shaking his head in frustration as he took his first sip of the tea. It was probably best he didn’t finish. Jeff had done plenty of complaining about his ongoing family dramas since his grandfather died. He was probably just as sick of talking about it as much as she was hearing it.

At the very least, he didn’t react strongly to the tea. He sipped it like he did any other hot drink. Assured that there was nothing strange about it, Jessica drank some as well. To her relief, it tasted fine, which made her wonder why her Aunt Mayne made such a big deal about it in the first place.

“This is good,” Jeff said, “just what I needed too. I swear these past couple of weeks are conspiring against me.”

“To be fair, nobody conspired to damage those rusted coils in the heater,” Jessica pointed out as she took another sip. “That was just us putting off maintenance work way longer than we should have.”

“The timing still sucks,” he said. “I don’t know how much longer I can play mediator with my family. It’s not fair to you or the guys at work.”

“So electricians aren’t immune to family drama? I’m genuinely shocked,” Jennifer said dryly.

“Yeah, you’d think the fear of electrocution would distract a guy. Guess I’m too brave for my own good.”

“Or just too human,” she pointed out, “which isn’t a bad thing, mind you. Someone has to have humility in a family drama. That sure would’ve helped my sister during her last divorce.”

“True,” Jeff said, “but I just wish someone else would bear the burden. It isn’t fair to me, my folks, and especially you.”

He reached across the table and held her hand. On such a cold, dreary day, the warmth of his touch was just what she needed. It got her to smile for the first time in days. He smiled back and drank more of his tea.

“I know this crap has been affecting us, Jess,” he went on. “I know I keep apologizing and you keep saying it’s all right.”

“That’s because I mean it,” Jessica said, giving his hand an affectionate squeeze. “Hell, I’ve whined just as much about my sister’s latest failed marriage so I’d say we’re even.”

“Even or not, that doesn’t make it right,” Jeff said strongly. “Being so damn overwhelmed on our own shouldn’t make us too overwhelmed for each other.”

“We’ll endure. I married you because I knew we could.”

“And I married you because you kept my attitude in check,” he said, “that and you make good tea.”

“Glad to know I’m doing okay thus far, as your wife,” she laughed.

He smiled again, but he remained restless as he drank the rest of his tea. Jessica did the same, finishing hers fairly quickly. Between the lack of a functioning heater and family drama, a warm beverage went a long way in improving her mood.

As she finished the last few sips, though, she started to feel something unexpected. As she held her husband’s hand, Jessica felt a sudden heat in her core. It started small. She figured it was just the tea entering her stomach. Then, that heat grew and made its way downward, eventually settling between her legs. Before long, it morphed from bodily warmth to full-fledged sexual arousal.

She began shifting in her seat, thinking it was just a fluke. The feeling didn’t go away, though. It had been a while since she’d gotten randomly aroused on a Saturday afternoon, but she still remembered what it felt like. It could’ve just been a byproduct of her and Jeff’s recent dry spell, but Jessica sensed other forces at work.

“The tea,” she said distantly, looking down at her empty up.

“Is really good, by the way,” Jeff said, whose demeanor had shifted as well. “I don’t know what flavor this is, but there’s something about it that just feels strong. Are you sure it doesn’t have caffeine in it?”

“I’m sure…mostly,” Jessica said.

Jeff eagerly gulped down the rest. He had let go of her hand and was now staring intently at his empty cup. He clearly sensed something too. She even saw him shift in his seat somewhat. Those old jeans of his suddenly looked uncomfortable.

As Jessica tried to make sense of the feeling, she felt more heat consume her body. It wasn’t just concentrated between her legs, either. It spread out in all directions. Her skin felt hotter, breaking out in a light sweat and in a house with a half-functioning heater, no less. Her clothes felt itchy as well, which shouldn’t have been possible since she was wearing a T-shirt and sweat pants. It got to a point where the arousal was so intense that it didn’t feel natural.

“Whatever was in it, I’m feeling it,” Jeff said. “I swear this room just got ten degrees hotter.”

“Yeah,” she said distantly, “maybe the heater is working better than we thought.”

“That piece of junk? I doubt it.”

Jeff, his face now flushed, removed his shirt and wiped some light sweat from his brow. That might have helped him, but it only compounded the feeling for Jessica.

She was already inextricably aroused. Seeing her husband shirtless – a man who spent a lot of time in the sun at work and played sports in college – only intensified that feeling.

“Oh boy…damn you, Aunt Mayne,” Jessica said under her breath, now rubbing her thighs together.

“You say something, Jess?” he asked her.

“No!” she said quickly. “I mean…I guess I’m feeling it too.”


She tried to respond, but only ended up smiling awkwardly. There was no denying it anymore. She wasn’t just horny. She hadn’t felt this aroused since their honeymoon. Sitting across from her shirtless husband, having not had satisfying sex in way too long, she felt basic instincts overshadow her ability to rationalize the situation.

“Jessica?” Jeff said after a brief silence. “Are you okay?”

He took her hand in his again. That might have been the best or worst thing he could’ve done. Feeling his touch triggered even more instincts. His palms were already sweaty, excreting a distinct scent of manliness that filled the air between them with more than just heat.

Looking up from her cup and into his eyes, she saw the same effects as well. His face still flushed and his breathing now labored, she could tell he was aroused too. She didn’t need to see an uncomfortable bulge in his pants. Jessica knew her husband well enough to know when he was really in the mood. Whether from the tea or pent up frustration, Jeff had the eyes of a man who needed to fuck.

“Jeff,” she began, “this may sound kind of random, but…”

“You want to fuck right here on the table?” he said intently, desire echoing through every word.

“Well, I wasn’t going to be that specific, but if that’s how you want to do it…”

Jessica didn’t get a chance to finish. She didn’t have the patience and neither did Jeff. In an outburst of lust that overwhelmed every other burden they’d dealt with, they shot up from their seat, leaned across the table, and kissed each other with the passion of a couple of horny prom dates. Before she knew it, Jeff had grabbed her T-shirt, pulled it off over her head, and removed her bra with stunning efficiency.

“Off! Get it off!” she found herself saying.

Their lips parted just long enough for him to get her shirt off. Now topless, he breasts exposed and her nipples erect, Jessica crawled up onto the table, knocking the two tea cups off in the process and onto the carpeted floor. They didn’t shatter or leave much of a mess, but she didn’t care. She’d clean it up later. For the moment and foreseeable future she just wanted to fuck her husband.

Now propped on her knees in the center of the table, Jessica smothered her husband with a fury of kisses while he fondled her exposed breasts. She kissed with more tongue than she had on their third date, throwing in a potent blend of affection and lust. She also pawed his upper body, feeling those manly sinews that once drove her so wild with desire. After a prolonged absence, those desires were back with a vengeance.

“Jeff…I’m so horny,” Jessica said in her depending daze.

“Me too,” he said as he gave her breasts a firms squeeze. “I don’t know why, but I want to fuck you so bad right now, Jess!”

Jessica made the tea in hopes of warming herself up and getting Jeff away from the drama surrounding his dad. She’d succeeded in that, not giving too much thought to her Aunt Mayne’s claim about the tea. Now, she found herself wondering whether she’d been too skeptical of her eccentric aunt.

Colorful family members were the last thing on her mind, at the moment. Having made his intent clear, Jeff stepped up the pace of their foreplay. After fondling her breasts and reacquainting his tongue with hers, he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer. In the process, she shifted her body so that she sat upright on the edge of the table with her legs hanging over the side. With little hesitation and growing eagerness on her part, he lifted up her lips slightly and pulled off her sweat pants.

When he failed to remove her panties, as well, he just grabbed ripped them off, tearing through the fabric in the process. It caught her by surprise, somewhat. Jeff could be pretty passionate during sex, but he hadn’t been that aggressive in quite some time. Torn panties aside, Jessica remembered how much she loved it.

“I’ll replace those,” he told her.

“I don’t care,” Jessica told him. “Now what are you waiting for? Get those pants off!”

Showing some aggressiveness of her own, she shot her husband a look of urgency and desire. Now fully naked, her legs spread and her arousal obvious for him to see, Jessica left no room for ambiguity. She wanted to fuck and she wanted it now.

Jeff responded like soldier on a mission, almost tearing his own pants off in the process. That proved somewhat difficult because of a sizable bulge that even a pair of loose jeans couldn’t hide. He still managed to get it off, freeing a raging hard-on that she hadn’t seen since their anniversary last year. Jessica didn’t think it was possible for a man to get that hard that quickly, but she was beyond caring about the specifics.

“Come here, beautiful,” he told her, sounding like the most suave man in the world.

“Take me, my husband,” Jessica replied, trying to sound like the most seductive.

Wasting no time and not hesitating for a microsecond, he grabbed her by the thighs, pushed them apart, and pulled her closer into his grasp. She eagerly leaned back on her arms, hooking her legs around his waist as he guided his rigid member towards her wet entrance. He then thrust his hips forward, driving his dick into her pussy. The smooth melding of their flesh flooded Jessica with an onslaught of welcome and overdue sensations.

“Ohhh yes!” she moaned. “That’s what I want!”

“And that’s what you’ll get,” Jeff said intently.

Showing a grit that sent her feminine instincts into overdrive, Jeff began fucking her with a fervor that rocked the table, if not the entire room. He was strong and fervent with each movement, pumping his throbbing cock within the tight folds of her depths. The merging of their flesh was so smooth, as though their bodies had ached for one another on a primal level.

Following her husband into the intense sexual rhythm, Jessica leaned back further on the table and moaned blissfully at the steady stream of pleasure. She dug her feet into his lower back, supplementing each one of his thrusts with some force of her own. Her breasts bounced along with the rest of the table, the shared movements of their sex evoking that special kind of intimacy and ecstasy.

It was so fast and intense that it sent Jessica to the brink of orgasm in record time. It felt like Jeff had found a short-cut of sorts, one that stimulated just the right nerves in just the right places. Having not had a good, solid release in so long, Jessica embraced that feeling to the utmost.

“Ooh I’m coming, Jeff! I…I’m coming!” she cried out.

Jeff barely faltered. If anything, he stepped up the pace of their sex, fucking her harder and rocking her body with more vigor. He even leaned in, burying his face between her breasts and smothering her cleavage with his lips. It made Jessica squeal with delight, having not forgotten how much he loved playing with her breasts during sex. It had been a while since he’d been that playful and it gave the orgasm that followed even greater meaning.

“Ohhh Jeff!”

It hit her like a tidal wave. She closed her eyes, threw her head back, and curled her toes as a sharp surge of pleasure erupted from her core. Under the weight of such sensations, Jessica felt her inner muscles contracting around her husband’s cock, he echoes of ecstasy radiating from head to toe.

She would’ve fallen flat on the table had Jeff not caught her, holding her up and giving her something to cling to as she climaxed. Even in his lustful daze, his love for her and his fondness of watching her come showed. It made the release that much more satisfying.

“Wow! You were really that horny,” he said into her ear as she soaked in her climax.

“Speak…for yourself,” Jessica quipped in her orgasmic daze.

“Why speak when I can show you?”

There was a mischievous undertone to his voice, the kind he rarely used outside their kinkiest moments. Even after an overdue orgasm, Jessica still had plenty of desire for sex and Jeff was all too willing to oblige.

Before she fully recovered from their climax, he adjusted their bodies. First, he briefly withdrew from her still-throbbing vagina. Then, he pulled her forward a bit and turned her over so that she was now bent over the table. Now clinging to the sides for support, she could already feel Jeff positioning himself behind her for more sex.

“Do it, Jeff. Show me!” she told him, still drunk on the ecstasy.

He replied with a deep, masculine grunt that kept her instincts in overdrive. Grabbing hold of her hips once more, he guided his dick back towards her wet entrance and entered her once more. He then re-established a sexual rhythm, going even harder and faster than before. He even kicked the chair out of the way so that he had more room to work.

With her breasts now pressed up against the polished wood, holding onto both sides for whatever leverage she could manage, Jessica gladly accommodated her husband’s burning desires. He’d been so efficient at bringing her to orgasm. It was only fair that she did the same and after everything he’d gone through with his family, he needed it.

As he worked his cock inside her, his pelvis rhythmically smacking against her butt, Jessica bucked her hips, parted her legs a bit more, and tensed her inner muscles in accord with every thrust. His flesh sought hers and her flesh embraced his, a perfect harmony of desire and entwinement. It was the kind of intimate act they’d cherished for as long as they’d been together. Enjoying it once more was both refreshing and profound.

Her efforts didn’t go rewarded. Jessica knew the kinds of stuff that got her husband off and few things worked better than him just getting behind her and hammering away, allowing him to exercise the extent of his desires. The end result was almost as efficient for him as it was for her.

“Jessica! I…I’m close! I’m really…really close!” Jeff grunted as his movements grew more desperate.

“I’m ready, my love,” Jessica moaned. “You need this too. We both do.”

As her husband delivered the last round of thrusts, Jessica rose up a bit from her position. She then reached behind, grabbed his wrists, and guided his hands to her breasts. He’d always enjoyed squeezing them when he climaxed. Her remembering that was her way of showing that she hadn’t forgotten how much they enjoyed each other’s intimate company. Hopefully, it would also ensure they wouldn’t forget in the future.

With her breasts, among other things, in his hands, Jeff let out a round of deep, manly moans as he crossed that special threshold. His movements steadied, his body tensed, and manhood throbbed inside her as he achieved his long-awaited release. Jessica let out a moan as well upon feeling his manly fluid mix with her feminine juices. It symbolized a perfect blending of passions, culminating in a unique kind of ecstasy.

“God, I love you, Jessica,” he said breathlessly.

“I love you too, Jeff,” Jessica said affectionately.

After he soaked in the orgasmic sensations, he withdrew from her, giving her room to turn around and take him in her arms. Just as he’d done with her, she caught him before the weight of the pleasure could overwhelm his sense of balance. He eagerly accepted her embrace, as well as the loving kiss that came with it.

“That…was something else, Jess,” Jeff said, having finally caught his breath.

“Yeah…it was,” Jessica replied with a beaming smile.

“That was also some really good tea,” he added, the half-smirk revealing that he’d made the connection.

“I agree…really good.”

They both laughed. Apparently, her eccentric Aunt Mayne had been right. Whatever was in that tea did wonders for her sex life. She would have to find out where she got it and how to get more the first chance she got.

For the moment, though, she and Jeff lingered together for a moment, now naked and sweaty in the middle of their dining room. In a home with a clunky heater, it was a damn good feeling. They still had to lean back on the table for support. Jessica also felt some lingering desire within her, as well as from her husband.

“So…want to take this to the living room and work on a few rug burns?” Jeff suggested.

“Hell yes!” Jessica said without hesitation. “First, I should probably make us some more tea.”


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