Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sexy Spandex Edition

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Let me make one thing clear. I am not a fashion expert. I’m as qualified to judge fashion as I am to do brain surgery. So, please don’t take what I’m about to say as some sort of informed opinion on fashion. This is just me, a guy who writes sexy short stories and sexy novels, commenting on certain attire that he finds sexy.

While it’s easy to see why lingerie and thong underwear has sex appeal, it’s a bit less obvious to see the appeal of something like spandex. Being a fan of superheroes, who regularly run around in spandex or spandex-like attire, I see it easier than most. However, I think even non-superhero fans can see an underlying sex appeal to spandex.

It’s not just shiny and tight fitting. It’s a unique material in that it can take many forms, with respect to attire. Not all of them are overtly sexual, but those that are definitely stand out. Having gone to many comic book conventions and seen many dedicated cos-players, I can safely confirm the breadth of spandex’s sex appeal.

Now, as a material, it’s not known for being easy to work with. In fact, you’ll need more time, money, and energy to work spandex into something sexy when compared to other forms of attire. However, the results will stand out. This is a kind of sex appeal that’s not easily matched or mirrored. Again, I can say that with confidence, given how many comic conventions I’ve been to.

Whether you go to those conventions or not, I say spandex is one of those things whose sex appeal is worth celebrating. It’s distinct, it’s flexible, and it can take many sexy forms. For everyone who appreciate its appeal, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to help inspire some sexy ideas. Enjoy!

“A good negotiator will have a better chance at getting laid by default.”

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“Alimony is basically the overdraft fee that comes along with heartbreak.”

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“On some levels, isn’t an orgy just a conspiracy to get more orgasms?”

Four in 10 Americans say they've never had a true orgasm

“You cannot champion the golden rule and refuse to give oral sex without being a hypocrite.”

ASMR Popsicle 🍡 Soft Eating Licking Sounds 🍡 [No Talking] - YouTube

“Few have the ability to organize a three-way and even fewer appreciate the responsibilities of ensuring everyone involved is satisfied.”

FMX Presents The Threeway Weekend This Weekend

“No teenager will ever admit to their parents how horny they are most of the time.”

My teenage son can't talk to girls | Family | The Guardian

“Expecting good sex without being in shape is like expecting good grades without studying.”

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