Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Quick Fling Edition


Every love story is unique. It’s even more so for the sexier kind of love stories. As an aspiring erotica/romance writer, I’ve come to appreciate the broad spectrum of those stories. Some are more dramatic than others, but not every love story, sexy or otherwise, needs to involve fairy tale endings that involve life-long romance.

Every once in a while, a quick fling that lasts only a few days, if that, can be just as meaningful. It’s not the same kind of romance you get with stories involving star-crossed lovers, but it can be just as compelling. I’ve seen real people experience brief, but passionate flings that barely last a few days. Even though it doesn’t work out long-term, it still has a profound impact.

Personally, I haven’t had too many of those flings in my life. That’s more a side-effect of the poor social skills I wielded for the first half of my life than anything else. However, I’ve seen enough of them play out with others, including a few close friends and relatives, to appreciate their worth. In terms of romance, it may not be the most epic, but it can still be fun.

I know it’s hard to have a fling of any kind, given the current state of the world. One day, hopefully soon, it will be possible again. Given how isolated we’ve all been for the past several months, I think we all could use one. To that end, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to get you in a romantic, fling-loving mood. Enjoy!

“Isn’t it counterproductive for a romantic evening to wear clothes that are hard to get out of?”

“A friendly divorce is as logical as a horny asexual.”

“Virtual sex is just a much more vivid wet dream.”

“How much porn someone has on their hard drive is not as revealing as what percentage of that drive is used to store it.”

“Hate sex is basically aggressive orgasm seeking.”

“There are remarkably few socially acceptable ways to compliment someone’s genitals.”

“Porn has completely misconstrued how sexy taking a shower actually is most of the time.”

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