Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Fancy Whiskey Edition

I haven’t always been a huge drinker. In fact, I didn’t come to appreciate alcohol until later in life. It’s like a lot of other acquired tastes. You don’t understand the appeal until you reach a certain stage in your life. Now, I enjoy a good cold beer on a hot summer day as much as anyone. However, when it comes to more potent forms of alcohol, I’m more selective.

I’ve tried various types of more refined, high-grade alcohol over the years. Most were forgettable. A few were downright disgusting. In the end, the hard liquor that won my heart was whiskey. There’s just something about the way it tastes and the way it feels as it goes down your throat that is just pure nirvana.

Now, I don’t consider myself a whiskey connoisseur. However, I feel like I’ve refined my taste enough to know good whiskey from bad whiskey. There is a difference. I question the honesty and sanity of anyone who says otherwise. Cheap whiskey will still get you drunk, but it won’t be an enjoyable process.

I’m not one to grossly overpay for a bottle, but there are a few occasions where splurging is worth it. If you want a quick guide, check this one out from Mens Journal. If you’ve got the money, try some of these unique spirits. Your inner Ron Swanson will thank you. Think of him and the special taste that comes with fancy whiskey as you enjoy these Sexy Sunday Thoughts. Enjoy!

“In terms of your love life, good oral sex is an integral part of your diet.”

“The first person to develop a clown fetish must have had a kinky sense of humor.”


“Whoever said that laughter was the best medicine probably wasn’t having enough orgasms.”

“Learning from mistakes will make you a better lover, but it can also reveal unexpected kinks.”

“Making someone else’s bed always carries the risk of touching their sexual fluids.”

“Children are basically living orgasms.”

“Logistically speaking, really horny supermodels have a much easier time staying in shape.”

Everybody has different tastes. When it comes to alcohol, there are many different ways to enjoy it. Whiskey is just my preferred path. There’s a time for the traditional stuff you find on sale at a liquor store, but there’s also a time for the good stuff. Those times are rare and fleeting, but a nice glass of whiskey only makes them more special.

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