Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sexy Love Letters


In the era of the internet, the idea of sending anyone a love letter probably seems dated. Anyone under the age of 30 might look at the letters people used to send and cringe. The notion that you couldn’t send a message and get a response in under five seconds must seem horrifying on some level. Who could possibly wait that long?

While writing letters may be outdated, the idea of a love letter isn’t, especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. It doesn’t matter if it takes the form of an email or a text. The sentiment is the same. When your lover isn’t there to share a romantic sentiment, you have to send a message and hope they get it. A love letter may not be as effective as other gestures, but it helps convey passion on an important level.

I learned to appreciate love letters at an early age. Years back, my grandmother actually showed me a box of old letters that my grandfather sent her while he was serving in the military during World War II. The letters weren’t just a unique piece of history. They demonstrated that love is a powerful feeling, no matter the era or the medium.

Whether it’s pen on paper or through a smart phone, a love letter tells someone how much you love them. It conveys that your love is something that’s worth articulating in a tangible form. It’s a special sentiment that’s worth sharing. Please let these Sexy Sunday Thoughts inspire you to write a love letter at some point today. Enjoy!

“Multiple orgasm are the deep fried Twinkies of sex.”

“When you’re married to someone you don’t love, foreplay is like commuting.”

“Logically speaking, we’ll never know who first successfully faked an orgasm.”

“You can’t promote family values without indirectly promoting incest porn.”

“Loving someone often means acknowledging all the kinky stuff they want to do to you.”

“Technically, the first orgy was the first diversity initiative.”

“Prostitutes and celibate priests are the only ones who can put a numeric value on how many fucks they give.”

Love is a beautiful thing. It’s worth celebrating, sharing, and exploring. There are many ways to go about it. A love letter is just one of them. You never know how big a difference it can make in your relationship until you write one out. One day, you may get to share them with your grandchildren, if only to show that love is beautiful in any generation.

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