Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: New York Comic Con 2018 Edition


It’s a great time to be a comic book fan and for once I’m not just referring to the glut of superhero movies flooding the market. This past weekend was New York Comic Con 2018 and, as I so eagerly documented, I had a chance to attend. As someone who writes extensively about comics and builds every Wednesday around reading them, this time of year is basically Christmas meshed with Halloween.

Every year, I go to New York Comic Con knowing that it’s a true testament to fandom. Say what you will about the “toxic fanbase” phenomenon that has emerged in recent years. There’s no denying the passion and dedication of those who attend the New York Comic Con where they can dress like their favorite character. Considering some of the time and effort some people put into their costumes, that passion is worth celebrating.

I could spend a whole week talking about all the wonderful sights and sounds of the New York Comic Con. I still couldn’t do it justice. Every year I go, the experience seems to expand. I meet new people. I discover new things. I get to share in the collective joy that comes with being a fan. For that, I’ll always be grateful.

After another eventful New York Comic Con, I don’t think I’ll surprise anyone by dedicating this week’s edition of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts to the experience. There’s a lot to celebrate in this golden era of superhero movies. I’m just glad I got to be part of it and add a little sexiness to the mix. Enjoy!

“A whore is a slut who is smart enough to get paid for doing what they’re already doing.”

“Logistically speaking, phone sex only became practical when phones began vibrating.”

“In terms of raw intimacy, lube is the most romantic gift you can give your lover.”

“Female breasts are one of the few things in the world that can be both a distraction and a motivator.”

“In terms of love and sex, the tongue is the most versatile body part.”

“Internet porn has created the first human society where everyone has access to cheap, abundant orgasms.”

“The difference between intimacy and debauchery is measured by the amount of fun the clergy doesn’t think you should be having.”

Another year has come. Another trip to the New York Comic Con is complete. Every year seems to raise the bar and I’m plenty willing to do my part. To the city of New York, the many comic companies I love, and those who wore overly-elaborate costumes, I sincerely thank you. You help give heart to these passions we share.

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