Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Tight Fitting Clothes Edition

Woman wearing of jean pants from back. Female bottom in tight jeans

Growing up, I didn’t like tight-fitting clothes. In fact, I would get annoyed if I had to wear something that anything looser than cargo shorts and an oversized T-shirt. I won’t say it was a quirk as much as it was a preference. If I ever had the choice to dress myself, I would almost always favor loose-fitting clothes.

That did change as I got older, though. It took a while, but I noticed that after I got in shape, I came to appreciate tighter-fitting clothes. From shirts to jeans to underwear, I felt as though tighter clothes helped show how much I’ve grown and how much work I’ve put into my body. I can safely say that I feel more attractive in tighter clothes.

I know I’m not alone. Look at any popular fashion magazine or attractive model and chances are they’ll use tight clothes to show off their beauty. It’s not so much a result of enjoying the feeling of certain fabrics on your skin as it is a statement that you’re fit enough to wear these kinds of clothes in the first place.

Is it somewhat egotistical? Yes, it certainly is. Then again, if you have the chance to show off how good you look, why waste it? Some extra tight clothes can help you achieve just that. This week’s edition of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts is a dedication to those tight-fitting clothes and all the sexiness they show off.

“It’s somewhat ironic that we judge sexy lingerie by how much it makes others want to rip it off.”

“A cheap dildo is a worthy investment to those who’ve been on one too many cheap dates.”

“Whoever invented popsicles had to have known how much impact they would have on attitudes about oral sex.”

“Doing chores for your lover is exhausting, but doing chores with your lover can be a form a foreplay.”

“A firm handshake among men can imply a lot about where that hand and those fingers have been.”

“When you think about it, feeling emotional and feeling horny is just a matter of which body part gets the most blood.”

“The only way people will stop doing illicit drugs is if they stop making it so much easier to get laid.”

I hope that made everyone’s clothes feel a little tighter for all the right reasons. I still wear a lot of loose-fitting clothes on a casual basis. However, when I get a chance to show off how good I look, I gladly opt for something tighter. I encourage everyone to do the same. We all have a certain amount of sex appeal. Don’t let your clothes completely hide it.

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