Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Labor Day 2018 Edition


It’s Labor Day weekend and once again, we all find ourselves asking the same question. What the hell is Labor Day and why the hell is it a holiday? There’s probably a legitimate story behind it, but I doubt most people will care because it means a day off work and a chance to sleep in on a Monday.

I’m somewhat lucky, I guess. When I was growing up, my family made it a point to have a big Labor Day cookout to cap off the summer. My family never passed up a chance to throw a party and have a get-together. Sometimes, the 4th of July just wasn’t enough. I remember those cookouts fondly, but they were somewhat tainted by the fact that I had to go to school the next day.

As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve come to appreciate Labor Day for what it is. We all work so hard just to survive in this crazy world. We all need to take a step back and relax every once in a while. Work is all well and good, but we need balance. I often feel as though Americans are way behind in that respect, compared to those in Europe.

That being said, I urge everyone to make the most of this day. Holiday or not, it’s a day to enjoy the last bit of summer before cold weather sweeps in and Christmas lights go up. That’s why I dedicate this week’s edition of Sexy Sunday Thoughts to Labor Day and sleeping in on a Monday. Enjoy!

“When you think about it, foreplay and negotiating aren’t really THAT different in terms of navigating sex.”

“The difference between having an eccentric quirk and a sexy kink is the amount of lube required.”

“Enjoying cream in your coffee is like enjoying extra tongue with oral sex.”

“An orgy is basically the Netflix of sex.”

“Bad sex can taint love, but good love can repair bad sex.”

“Nipples are nature’s way of keeping some sensitive parts of the body above the waist.”

“The first three-way was contemplated by a either a really horny man or a very tired woman.”

I hope that helps make everyone’s long weekend feel that much more complete. Whether you intend to have a cookout, like my parents, or just not get out of your underwear all day, I hope you find a way to enjoy Labor Day. For some of us, though, the work never ends and that’s especially true of telling sexy stories and sharing sexy thoughts.

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