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Sex Robots And Sexy Short Stories: A (Big) Response And New Ideas


Whenever I write one of my Sexy Short Stories, I do so not knowing whether it’ll resonate with audiences. Like any other media or genre, it really is a crap shoot. You have no idea what’s going to hit and most of the time, the stuff you think will hit ends up missing.

Well, in the past couple days, I’m dealing with the biggest hit I’ve had since I started writing these Sexy Short Stories. Fittingly enough, it’s all thanks to sex robots.

It’s kind of fitting. I write articles about them. Now, my most successful short story in terms of traffic and upvotes on Reddit is built around them. To date, I’ve written three short stories involving sex robots.

Eva One’s First Test

Adam One’s First Test

My First Sex Robot

Just this past week, “My First Sex Robot” became the most successful to date. It received over 60 upvotes on Reddit and garnered more positive comments than any other story to date. On top of that, I got a considerable spike in traffic on this website, thanks to that story.

I don’t know if it’s just timing or a fluke, but there seems to be a market and an appetite for stories featuring sex robots. Since writing sexy short stories is one of my passions, I’d like to fill that need.

With that in mind, I’d like to use this opportunity to solicit input. Sex robots are an emerging technology. It’s something that most still see as curiosity or a peculiarity. I suspect they’re going to be much more than that in the coming years. I’d like to get ahead of that curve, as much as possible.

To do so, there are many questions to contemplate. This is a new technology and an emerging genre. What do you, the readers, want in a story about sex robots? I’m not just talking about sex robots being a minor plot detail. What kind of story do you want to read when sex robots are the center of the story?

Do you want to read a story that’s told completely from the point of view of the sex robot?

Do you want to read about how people and users react to sex robots?

Do you want to read about the emotional connections that these robots form with their lovers?

Do you want to read about new and unique sex acts that are only possible with a sex robot?

Do you to read about the artificial intelligence aspect of sex robots?

Do you want to read about how sex robots change or subvert romance?

Do you want to read about robots falling in love when they’re not supposed to?

I’m sure I’m missing a few questions, but that’s exactly why I’m making this post. Please, if you can, take the time to let me know what kind of stories you want me to write on this topic. I’ve already got a few other stories in the works, but I’d like to focus more on sex robots for future stories. I want to see if I can break new ground in this genre.

To those who helped make “My First Sex Robot” such an unexpected success, I thank you. Now, let’s build on it!

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Publishing Update: Another (Expected) Rejection


I just wanted to post a quick update on my publishing efforts, which I know I haven’t talked much about lately. There’s a reason for that, though. For the past couple months, I’ve been working with a former publisher to re-acquire the rights to a manuscript that was edited and prepared for publication a couple years ago.

That process took longer than I’d hoped, but it went through and I tried to re-submit the manuscript to the same publisher that published “Passion Relapse” and “Rescued Hearts.” I did this knowing it was somewhat of a long shot because my last three manuscripts to this publisher had been rejected. I felt if I could get this through, we would be back on track.

Sadly, that didn’t happen. Earlier today, I got a rejection letter. It wasn’t the rude kind, though. The editor offered me a sincere apology that they would not be able to publish my work. She claimed that things have been rough for small to mid-tier publishers. Unless your J. K. Rowling or Stephen King, it’s just hard to get any major project off the ground. I can understand that, but a rejection is a rejection.

I believe that after this, I’m done with that particular publisher. I’m not entirely sure of my next step. I’m still sitting on several finished manuscripts and one that is already professionally edited and ready to go. I’m not sure where to turn to next. I’m thinking of giving Writers Market a chance, but this is the part of the business I still don’t know much about.

When it comes to writing a novel or a sexy short story, I know how to do that. When it comes to the business and marketing side of things, though, I’m pretty ignorant. I’ll keep feeling my way around in the dark, hoping I’ll stumble across something. For now, though, my publishing efforts are a bit on hold. I hope it doesn’t stay that way. If anything changes, I’ll announced it in between sexy short stories.

To everyone who has supported and encouraged my efforts, I sincerely thank you.


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Publishing Efforts Update: ANOTHER REJECTION

A while back, I announced that I had submitted a manuscript for what I’d hoped would be my third published novel. I’d submitted it to the same publisher that had previously published my first two novels, “Passion Relapse” and “Rescued Hearts.” I hoped to continue building a larger catalog with them in the name of building a stronger partnership.

Well, I’m sorry to say that I heard back from them and the news was not what I had hoped. For the second submission in a row, I got a rejection letter. It wasn’t a mean one. The editors I work with are incredibly considerate and given all the submissions they get, they’ve been wonderful to work with every step of the way. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t get behind my story.

It is disappointing. I had high hopes for this manuscript. I wrote it with the intention of making it a real niche title that would’ve appeal to a specific segment of the erotica/romance market. I thought that would give it more appeal than the last manuscript I submitted. I guess I was mistaken.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with this or the other one they rejected. I’m still struggling to find other publishers who are willing to hear me out. However, I am not discouraged and I still intent to keep submitting.

As I write this, I’m putting what I hope to be the finishing touches on my next manuscript. This one is a bit more general and should appeal to more romance fans. It has many similar elements to “Passion Relapse” and “Rescued Hearts.” I have high hopes for it and hope to submit it soon. I also have another draft that I’m hoping to finish in the coming weeks.

In any case, I have plenty of sexy stories to tell, including more sexy short stories. This is a setback, but it’s not a defeat.

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“Rescued Hearts” Is Out TODAY!


Today is another milestone in my endeavor to become a successful erotica/romance writer. I’ve been looking forward to this day since late last year when I announced that Totally Entwined Group, the same publisher who published “Passion Relapse,” agreed to publish another one of my novels.

That achievement, in and of itself, was pretty big. Just getting one novel published in “Passion Relapse” was tough enough. Some may even call that a fluke. One bit of success can be attributed to luck or circumstance. Just ask Trent Dilfer. Two published novels, however, is not a fluke. It may very well be the start of a trend.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce the official release of “Rescued Hearts,” my second published novel of Totally Entwined Group. If you liked “Passion Relapse,” you’ll probably enjoy this story too. However, this is a very different kind of story. It’s still a love story. It still has plenty of sexy elements. It’s just the application of those elements that’s different.

“Rescued Hearts” is the kind of story in which two people just finding each other isn’t enough. There are obstacles that will actively hinder their ability to be together and I’m not just talking about laundry habits. The obstacles here are serious and downright dangerous.

The love and passion in this story can’t just blossom on its own. It has to be earned. That’s why I believe it’ll strike the right chords with those who appreciate love, romance, and the sexy elements that make it so special. Winter isn’t over yet, but this sexy story will help guide you through.

“Rescued Hearts”
By Jack Fisher

Have you ever fallen in love with an angel? Candy Carter has. A self-proclaimed trailer-trash princess, she seems destined to live a life of quiet deviance in Haven Hill, a dying rural town overrun by drug dealers and criminals.

Then, in her darkest hour, EMT Ryan Roth saves her life when a forest fire ravages her town. That fateful encounter doesn’t just endear him to her heart. It inspires her to leave Haven Hill and build a better life, much to the dismay of her jealous ex-fiancé, Paul Reynolds. She runs away, enrolls in college and tries to become the kind of woman who was worth saving.

But just as that life seems to be taking shape, Candy crosses paths with the man who’d been her angel, only to find out that he’s divorced and miserable. As they reconnect, old dreams transform into new passions and hope for the future for them both. However, Candy’s old life comes back to haunt her. Her angel may not be able to save her this time, or they may both lose their lives.

As always, I encourage everyone to both read the book and provide feedback. I’m always open to discussing the sexy and non-sexy elements of the story. That kind of feedback helps me become a better writer and I want to keep writing more sexy stories, be they novels or the sexy short stories I occasionally share.

I also have plenty of other sexy stories I hope to get published. I consider “Rescued Hearts” just another step in the process. I hope to share more news about future novels, be they with Totally Entwined Group or some other publisher. Until then, please take the time to enjoy this sexy tale of romance, passion, and everything in between.

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“Rescued Hearts” Release Date HAS CHANGED


I have a quick, but unfortunate announcement to make regarding my next novel, “Rescued Hearts.” No, it hasn’t been cancelled. It’s still being published by the fine, sexy people working at Totally Entwined Group. I still have every intention of promoting the hell out of that book. However, the timeline for doing so has changed.

Earlier last week, Totally Entwined Group sent a letter out to every previously-published and soon-to-be-published author. In the interest of discretion and caution, I won’t reveal the contents of that letter. I’ll just say that the company is undergoing some restructuring with a new partner. As a result, the release schedule for various novels have changed. That includes my own.

As of this writing, the new release schedule for “Rescued Hearts” is as follows:

Preorder: May 8th, 2018
General Release: June 19th, 2018

Also, as part of the new restructuring at Totally Entwined Group, there will no longer be an option for early download. That means, regardless of whether you pre-order “Rescued Hearts,” you’ll still have to wait until June 19th, 2018 to read it.

I apologize for all those who were looking forward to reading something sexy this winter. That was how I intended to market it. I suppose I’ll have to turn “Rescued Hearts” into a seamy summer read for those looking to stay hot around the pool or beach. I’m willing to make that adjustment in the name of presenting a quality, sexy product.

The full extent of the changes at Totally Entwined Group are still ongoing. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the situation and provide updates, if possible. For the time being, I’m going to proceed with my current plans for future sexy stories as though nothing has changed. That may be a lofty assumption, but I’m not going to stop crafting sexy stories.

As I write this, I’m polishing off a manuscript that I intend to submit to Totally Entwined Group, but haven’t. Those intentions haven’t changed, but that could change. If it does, I’ll announce it within an appropriate context and timeframe.

For now, I’m still committed to making “Rescued Hearts” the greatest, sexiest novel it can be for Totally Entwined Group. I’ll be making more efforts to that effect as the release date approaches. Until then, update your calendar and reorganize your sexy reading list.

“Rescued Hearts” is still coming. It’s just going to take a bit longer. If I do my job well, then the wait will be worth it and even more satisfying. Yes, that’s exactly as kinky as it sounds.


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Happy Columbus Day (Minus The Implied Racism)!

We all heard the annoying mnemonic in grade school. In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. It’s a simple fact we don’t give much thought, like the porn collection of our grandparents or brand of anal lube our parents prefer. Some things are worth not not thinking about. Some things, however, are worth some extra scrutiny.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind Columbus Day. Who doesn’t enjoy yet another excuse for sales at the mall or a day off work? I’m an American. I’ll use any excuse to celebrate something.

That said, it helps if that something is worth celebrating. For Columbus Day, unfortunately, that worth is questionable at best. It’s supposed to commemorate Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America. However, that little factoid is dubious at best and outdated at worst.

Never mind the fact that Native Americans have been roaming the Americas since 12,000 BC. Never mind the fact that Vikings established temporary settlements on America nearly 500 years before Columbus. Never mind the fact that Christopher Columbus was an outright racist who exploited the shit out of the Native Americans he encountered, on top of spreading disease no less. Never mind that…

Actually, I should probably just quit while I’m behind. Let’s face it. History tends to be much less romantic. When we’re kids, it’s kind of hard to discuss things like genocide, slavery, and racism. That just makes kids cry and we don’t need that. They cry enough with Pixar movies.

So what do we do with Columbus Day? Well, it’s another day off and another excuse for sales. That’s pretty much it. Does that vindicate the asshole it’s named after? I don’t think so. We’re Americans. We’re really good at turning a blind eye to horrible shit in our history, especially in certain parts of the deep south. It doesn’t change or undo any of the shit that history does. So what’s the big deal?

I’ll still wish everyone a happy Columbus Day for what it’s worth, but I’ll still question just how much it’s worth celebrating. It’s a question that John Oliver already answered on his HBO show last year so I’ll leave you with that before exploiting the shit out of some sales. It’s still a holiday though. In this hectic world of ours, I think we need to as many as we can get away with.

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One More Bit About Rejection And Dealing With It

Well, it’s been a day since I made a post that is sure to upset feminists, non-feminists, and clown porn enthusiasts alike with my insight into the mind of a misogynistic man. I haven’t gotten any threats. I haven’t been sued. I haven’t even gotten any hate mail. That shows just how relevant I am in the grand scheme of things right now. If I ever become a famous author, I have a feeling that post will come back to haunt me in some ways. For now though, my obscurity and lack of success protects me.

Perhaps posts like yesterday’s and my discussions about jealousy and rejection were tempting fate. I don’t believe in fate, but I do believe that things you don’t believe in can still screw you over. Maybe that happened this week because I got another rejection letter for “The Big Game.” This one wasn’t as detailed or friendly as the last one. It was basically, “We read it. We don’t want it. Fuck off.” Since this is erotica we’re talking about, I’m guessing that last one was meant in a good way.

Maybe I was hoping for too much with “The Big Game.” It’s not meant to be some epic “Lord of the Rings” scale erotica masterpiece. If I’m going to write something that big, I’d like to know I have an audience first. I don’t have that. I have a handful of people who think I don’t suck. I’m happy to accept that for now, but I’d like to grow that audience. Rejection certainly doesn’t help so I may have to figure something else out.

Earlier this year, I thought about joining The Writer’s Market online service. My only concern is that some of the services involved will be reluctant to push the kind of BDSM I have in books like “The Big Game.” I want to believe that there’s a market for every genre. Go to Amazon and look up Dinosaur Erotica for proof of that. I hope I can tap into that market.

Until then, I have to keep refining my ability to deal with rejection. I expect to deal with plenty more as I aspire to become a published author. I’ve found that humor of the sexy kind is a good way to cheer myself up. So in the interest of sharing these valuable skills with others, here’s a complication of sexy Vines I found on YouTube. It cheered me up. I hope it can do the same for you.

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The Growing Challenge of “Strong Female Characters”

As I wait for a response on “The Big Game” and begin my next project, I’m immediately confronted by a growing issue. It’s an issue we’re seeing a lot more of these days. Some say it’s from excessive liberal activism. Some say it’s a direct response to Bella Swan. Whatever it is, we can’t escape it. Strong female characters are in demand. People want them. Producers are trying to make them. Nobody has a clue how and sometimes it shows. Just look at the response to this year’s Ghostbusters trailer.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert on third-wave feminism, pop culture criticism, and the workings of gender politics. I also don’t claim that all the female characters in my books are “strong female characters.” I understand that some of the female characters in “Skin Deep” and “The Secrets of Sadfur Island” play into certain tropes. They kind of have to for the story I’m trying to tell. That said, I do make an effort at strong female characters. Jani’s character in “Jackpot” is my latest effort. Not saying it’s perfect, but it is an effort.

With my next project, I’m going to try and make an even greater effort. While one of the main characters in this story is going to be a man, the character that ends up moving the plot forward most is a woman. I decided early on that I want this woman to fit the characteristics of a strong female character. I don’t expect her to fit perfectly, but I want to make the effort.

I’ve already run into some issues. For one, I ended up changing her name once already. Not sure that’s a sign of anything, but if I can’t even come up with a firm name for a character, then I’d say that means the concept needs refinement. I’m also trying to give her a distinct personality. The first scene she’s in is a bit heavy to say the least. Already, I’m concerned that she’s coming off as too harsh and not feminine enough. I don’t want an angry ball-buster type woman. I want a female character that is actually likable and genuine.

This is definitely going to be an ongoing struggle. As The Mary Sue, a feminist pop culture website, points out, strong female characters don’t always come off as strong or as feminine as we think. I want to try and avoid that pitfall. It’s going to be a challenge, but I think it’s one that’s worth taking on. As I said earlier, the demand for strong female characters is growing. It’s going to take a while really get a feel for what defines this concept, but I’m going to try and do my part.


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My Next Project: A Sci-Fi Erotic Thriller?

As I wait for a response on “The Big Game,” I’m already hard at work contemplating my next project. It’s a big part of the process I’ve developed over the years. No work is ever truly definitive. You can’t treat a book or series as though it’s your masterpiece and it’s going to make you the next Tolken. You have to be ready and willing to develop more ideas. More importantly, you have to be willing to develop new ideas. That’s what I hope to do with this next project.

Recent projects like “The Big Game” and “Jackpot” focus heavily on romance and erotica. I started these projects with a certain, focused theme in mind and built the story around that. However, lately I’ve felt the need to mix things up a bit. Maybe it’s just a result of having seen one too many summer blockbusters, but I want to add a little excitement to my work. I want to get peoples’ hearts racing for entirely different reasons.

I have written books with that concept before. “Skin Deep” is, at its core, an thriller with heavy erotic elements. It had romance and erotica, but those elements are built around an adventure and a conflict. Granted, it’s not the kind of conflict you’ll see outside of a late-night movie on Cinemax, but it’s a type of conflict I think deserves exploring.

So for my next project, which is currently untitled, I’m going to take a stab at another erotic thriller. Moreover, I want it to be a thriller with some sci-fi elements mixed in with the erotica. It may sound like a strange combination, but make no mistake. There is erotic potential in sci-fi. Just search the web and note all the erotic fan fiction about Captain Kirk and Spock. This project isn’t going to be quite like that, but I will try to use sci-fi elements in a new way.

I think the timing for something like this is right. Not long ago, the market was saturated with romance and erotica surrounding  supernatural creatures like vampires and werewolves. It still is to some extent, but I think the time is right to mix things up. Like every fading trend, it takes something new and innovative to start a new wave. I’m not going to pretend like this next project will be revolutionary, but I hope to make it part of such a trend.

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