One More Bit About Rejection And Dealing With It

Well, it’s been a day since I made a post that is sure to upset feminists, non-feminists, and clown porn enthusiasts alike with my insight into the mind of a misogynistic man. I haven’t gotten any threats. I haven’t been sued. I haven’t even gotten any hate mail. That shows just how relevant I am in the grand scheme of things right now. If I ever become a famous author, I have a feeling that post will come back to haunt me in some ways. For now though, my obscurity and lack of success protects me.

Perhaps posts like yesterday’s and my discussions about jealousy and rejection were tempting fate. I don’t believe in fate, but I do believe that things you don’t believe in can still screw you over. Maybe that happened this week because I got another rejection letter for “The Big Game.” This one wasn’t as detailed or friendly as the last one. It was basically, “We read it. We don’t want it. Fuck off.” Since this is erotica we’re talking about, I’m guessing that last one was meant in a good way.

Maybe I was hoping for too much with “The Big Game.” It’s not meant to be some epic “Lord of the Rings” scale erotica masterpiece. If I’m going to write something that big, I’d like to know I have an audience first. I don’t have that. I have a handful of people who think I don’t suck. I’m happy to accept that for now, but I’d like to grow that audience. Rejection certainly doesn’t help so I may have to figure something else out.

Earlier this year, I thought about joining The Writer’s Market online service. My only concern is that some of the services involved will be reluctant to push the kind of BDSM I have in books like “The Big Game.” I want to believe that there’s a market for every genre. Go to Amazon and look up Dinosaur Erotica for proof of that. I hope I can tap into that market.

Until then, I have to keep refining my ability to deal with rejection. I expect to deal with plenty more as I aspire to become a published author. I’ve found that humor of the sexy kind is a good way to cheer myself up. So in the interest of sharing these valuable skills with others, here’s a complication of sexy Vines I found on YouTube. It cheered me up. I hope it can do the same for you.

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One response to “One More Bit About Rejection And Dealing With It

  1. Sorry you were rejected again. That sucks, and blows. You really are a fantastic writer. I haven’t read any of your erotica though.

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