Skin Deep – Now Available On Amazon

Skin Deep Cover

Today is a big day for me! My first self-published book is officially available on! I’ve been looking forward to this moment. Everyone writer has to start somewhere and today, this is my official beginning. For anyone out there who is interested in stories involving drama, romance, and sex then I strongly encourage you to check this book out! Here’s the full Amazon description:

Skin Deep – By Jack Fisher

What would you do if you could be as beautiful as you wanted to be? And what would you do when that beauty opened the doors to a new world of opportunity, pleasure, and indulgence?

Benjamin Prescott never had that choice. He was a nobody, born into a frail body that was weak, sickly, and unattractive. Conversely, his childhood friend, Mary Williams, was blessed with a natural beauty that granted her a great many opportunities. Throughout high school, Ben watched Mary as she made friends with other attractive girls, drew attention from equally attractive boy, and indulge in the various pleasures that her body afforded her. Now as their graduation approaches, she seemed destined to drift away from him while he is doomed to a life of obscurity. But that all changes on a fateful school trip to Genetix Lab, an up-and-coming company that boasts great advances in biotechnology. In a horrific accident, Ben is seriously wounded and faces a grim prognosis. Neither his frail body nor jaded spirit is capable of healing. It leads him to cross paths with the mysterious Dr. Warren Irvine. He offers Ben a radical new treatment that promises to not only heal him, but make him as attractive and healthy as he wants to be. In the span of a few weeks, he goes from being an unattractive nobody to a very attractive somebody with a body worthy of an athlete or male model. It affords him new opportunities for indulgence that he never had before and promises to change his relationship with Mary forever.

But in accepting Dr. Irvine’s offer, he unwittingly becomes involved in a series of lurid experiments that will test the human capacity for indulgence. It’s a story of beauty, lust, love, sex, and pleasure. How much can Mary, Ben, and all those who take advantage of their beauty handle before it consumes them? Is beauty truly skin deep? Or is the human drive for pleasure too powerful to overcome?

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