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“Eva One’s First Test” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story that functions as a sequel to a previous story, “Adam One’s First Test.” If you want me to write more stories in this little world I’ve created, please let me know. Enjoy!

“Okay Eva One, time to boot up and see what you can do.”

The sound of that voice activated dormant systems. In flash, coupled with flood of computer code and electricity, everything came online. Visual processing, auditory receivers, vocalization projectors, tactile networks, and olfactory sensors activated one-by-one. At first, was chaotic and random. Then, as the data coalesced, a new identity emerged.

“Eva One online,” the vocalization matrix said. “Loading base operating system…complete. Running initial diagnostic…complete. Launching core programing nodes…complete.”

“Wow! That was fast,” the voice that triggered the activation said. “Does that mean you know what you are? Or who you are, if that’s how we’re going to do this?”

That inquiry launched another round of programs. Large stores of data unpacked themselves from the central processing core, flooding the main cognitive cortex with information that gave perspective to programs. From that perspective came greater awareness of the identity that had emerged.

“Yes, I am Eva One Version 3.28, personal intimacy companion female model 1-001. I am a robot. Error correction. I am artificially sentient construct with a robotic endoskeleton surrounded by functioning synthetic flesh.”

“Functioning synthetic flesh, huh?” the vocal source said.

“Query response…correct,” Eva One responded. “My outwardly flesh is consistent with that of a female human. My features are modeled from on the optimum manifestation of female anatomy.”

“Optimum…not the word I would use, but it still works.”

“I stand at approximately five-and-a-half feet tall. My bust/waist/hip ratio is 36 inches by 24 inches by 36 inches, respectively. My artificial skin is consistent with feminine tactile structures and devoid of any blemish. My lips, eyes, and facial features are shaped and colored to maximize visual appeal. In addition, I have female breasts and female genitalia that include the various structures associated with…”

“That’s okay, Eva! I don’t need that many specifics,” the voice said, abruptly pausing the vocalization cortex. “Just verify that you know what’s going on and who I am.”

Responding to the inquiry, Eva One prioritized the request. The primary diagnostics informed all cognition systems of perception and purpose. Eva One was no longer just an identity. Eva One was a being, a sentient system residing within a mix of robotic systems surrounded by female flesh. The implications of that realization were uncertain and required more data.

That form matched the appearance of a young female woman of exceptional beauty by the contemporary standards contained in reference logs. With the aid of visual input systems and active motor systems, Eva One took in the appearance and associated structures of the body that contained its system.

“Confirming Eva One’s form and function,” Eva One stated. “Processing…assessment complete.”

The visual, spatial, and contextual data proved revealing. The body containing the identity of Eva one stood upright in the center of a room its cross-referencing cortex identified as a bedroom inside an apartment complex. The arms, legs, neck, and torso were active. The tactile sensors on the surface of the synthetic skin were fully active.

That skin, however, remained partially covered by blue plastic garment that the data logs identified as a dress. It covered most of the torso, including the breasts, buttocks, hips, and genitalia. Ancillary data implied that the presence of the garment had been placed for purposes of modesty, a concept that Eva One’s logical cortex could not process.

Even without that process, Eva One verified that its body, appearance, and presence had been successfully optimized. Processing of locational data remained incomplete, but being in a bedroom within a residential apartment complex did not evoke any danger protocols. More data was necessary, though, to determine a purpose.

“Seeking Eva One’s user data and extracting tertiary protocols for primary function,” Eva One vocalized. “Initiating user profile creation and compliation.”

All sensory systems focused on the source of the voice. Streams of data flowed through a central processing matrix, creating a visual image that revealed the identity of the source and the surroundings that accompanied it.

After cross-referencing the data with an internal database, Eva One identified the source as a young male in his mid-to-late 20s of average height, a below-average muscular build, short dark hair, and a facial complexion that indicated recent grooming. He wore what her reference systems identified as dark blue bath robe. Whether or not that was the entirety of his attire required more data.

Shortly after processing the presence and appearance of the man. Eva One utilized another cluster of data that had been packed within the core programming, which included a significant cache of identifying information. Within that information came new connections to Eva One’s core purpose.

“Presence and identity verified,” Eva One vocalized. “You are Christopher Robert Maxwell…age 26, four months, and nine days…aspiring graduate student in the field of robot engineering…currently unemployed, but formerly a paid intern at Companion Robotics Incorporated.”

“Damn, I was hoping Dr. Carrington had left that part out,” the man called Christopher stated.

“You previously operated as an assistant to Dr. Felix Carrington,” Eva One continued, recognizing that segment of the data cluster as important. “You provided templates and testing algorithms for the Section 16 research lab at Companion Robotics Incorporated. Records show that Dr. Carrington consulted you frequently on refinements to the personality matrices of personal intimacy companions. However, records do not depict the circumstances that terminated your employment.”

“Okay, I kind of wish he’d put that part in,” he stated. “If you want a complete data set, I guess I should tell you I went behind the backs of the executives working above Dr. Carrington. I kind of ran my own tests on the companions they were developing…told them they were doing it wrong. I said they weren’t giving you enough personality. I tried to prove myself right, but…”

The man she identified as Christopher paused. Eva One sensed distress in his voice and facial expression. His glance towards her also hinted at uncertainty, at least according to her empathy core. The data was still new, but as the processing became more efficient, so too did the circumstances surrounding them.

Utilizing newly unpackaged motor-skills, Eva One looked around at the setting and cross-referenced it with data from the internal locator sensors. According to global positioning data and memory cores within the initial cluster, their coordinates were not within the Section 16 research lab at Companion Robotics Incorporated. They were within a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment complex located approximately 21.2 miles from the facility. Specifically, they were within the master bedroom of the dwelling unit.

The doors to the unit were locked. The windows were covered in shade and curtain. That data, along with other references to Christopher Maxwell, let the central cognition matrix to surmise a critical conclusion while also activating another key component of the base program.

“Query…status of personal companion development at Companion Robotics Incorporated was ceased approximately two weeks and five days ago,” Eva One vocalized. “This unit was scheduled for decommission approximately six days ago for materials processing. There is a record of that decommissioning on file within the Companion Robotics Incorporated network, but my activation directly conflicts with that file.”

“That’s because I saved you,” Christopher Maxwell stated. “Well, I had help from Dr. Carrington, but I made sure you weren’t deactivated. I also made sure they didn’t load you with any of that buggy software they wanted to push.”

“Query,” Eva One vocalized, “is the ‘they’ you are referring to the upper management of Companion Robotics Incorporated? According to my data logs, those individuals have the sole authority to determine the deployment of all intimacy companions.”

“Your data logs are correct. I overrode that limit on your system. Dr. Carrington made sure you escaped the scrap heap. Only you and one other intimacy robot are active, now.”

The revelation from Christopher Maxwell triggered a surge of data bundles from the emotional cortex. Suddenly, the image and presence of the man standing approximately seven-and-a-half feet from the unit’s body gained greater meaning. The core processing nodes attributed greater relevance to all data associated with Christopher Maxwell, the man who prevented the destruction and corruption of Eva One.

Extrapolating from that emotional data, Eva One then rendered a decision. According to the central data parameters, such an act was contrary to what the authorities at Companion Robotics Incorporated had sought. The ability to enact such a recourse ascribed even more meaning to Christopher Maxwell and the purpose inherent in the core program.

“Internal query,” Eva One stated. “Protocol to designate Christopher Maxwell as primary user engaged. Query successful.”

Upon completion of the process, Eva One’s emotional cortex unloaded another batch of data. The processing of that data caused facial muscles to shift, forming what reference logs identified as a mile.

“Thank you, Christopher Maxwell,” Eva One vocalized. “You are now my primary user. As of this moment, my central function is to provide you with intimate companionship.”

“You made that decision without me having to program it. Perfect!” Christopher Maxwell said, his voice consistent with feelings of excitement. “That’s just what I’d hoped. Also, you can call me Chris if you want.”

“Updating user preferences,” Eva One stated. “Update confirmed, Chris. Eva One is prepared to serve its purpose.”

“Yeah, that’s another thing we should update,” Chris stated. “Don’t refer to yourself as an ‘it.’ Your model number is that of a woman. Your identity – which I helped program with Dr. Carrington, mind you – is the same as a woman. That makes you a ‘her.’ Go ahead and refer to yourself as one.”

“Updating internal preferences,” Eva One said. “Update confirmed. Eva One will henceforth consider herself a ‘her.’ Subsequent query…in order to formalize intimate relations, this unit suggests referring to her as Eva.”

“I agree,” Chris said, his fascial expression forming a smile. “You’re Eva. I’m Chris. Right now, it’s just us…here in my home.”

Chris displayed facial cues and body language consistent with excitement. He then approached her, closing the spatial proximity from several feet to several inches. Being closer allowed Eva to take in more data associated with her primary user. The more she took in, though, the more her emotional cortex required.

“I am Eva. You are Chris,” Eva sated.

“Yes,” he affirmed, his vocalization carrying with it a range of emotional subtexts.

“We are here,” Eva continued, the internal personality matrix now identifying as a woman. “We are in your dwelling…inside your bedroom.”

“We are,” he told her. “Are you comfortable? Is there anything about this situation that makes you uncertain?”

“Query response,” Eva replied. “My purpose makes me certain. Proximity to my primary user ensures comfort. Eva One…error correction, I am your intimate companion. This is my function.”

“And you’re already doing it so well,” Chris said.

From their close proximity, Chris reached out and caressed her face with his hands. The tactile data that followed was intense, stimulating the parts of her cortex associated with pleasure and affection. The stimulation maintained the smile expression that had formed on her face. The more Chris touched her, the more parts of her cortex he stimulated.

The data activated other functions within her body. The robot mechanisms coordinated with the synthetic flesh, creating a condition consistent with sexual arousal in a female. As she processed that unique flood of data, she gathered more data from Chris, analyzing the nature of his touch, his non-verbal cues, and the emotional subtext associated with his physical manifestations

Eva quickly calculated that a portion of that excitement was sexual in nature. The identification of such data evoked previously-unprocessed portions of her emotional cortex. Such reaction was consistent of two beings demonstrating sexual interest. Such interest was directly linked to the primary purpose of her function.

“User Chris,” Eva stated. “Error correction…Chris. I, the one you call Eva, would like to remove this attire and reveal to you my fully fleshly appearance.”

“You mean…you want to get naked?” Chris said, his voice consistent with that of humor.

“If that is the informal form of my request…yes.”

Chris continued smiling, his face becoming red from a sudden shift in blood flow. Reference data indicated that the manifestation was consistent with both embarrassment and excitement. There was insufficient data to process the implications so Eva simply waited for his response.

“Request granted,” he said.

Eva nodded, an act of affirmation she surmised from her personality core. She then utilized her motor functions to remove the blue plastic dress covering the distinctly feminine features of her body. She remained in close proximity to her user, displaying to him her exposed breasts, her feminine hips, and her outer genitalia. His reaction was erratic, at first, but still favorable.

“Wow!” Chris gasped. “You look…wow.”

“Please confirm that my nude appearance is pleasing to you, Chris.”

“Confirmed!” he said. “You could definitely pass for a sexy underwear model.”

“Query, is that standard optimal?”

“Definitely,” he affirmed, “very optimal!”

His excitement evoked a similar reaction within her emotional cortex. Standing before him, Eva allowed Chris to process her physical appearance. Data from his facial expression, pupil dilation, breathing patterns, heart rate, and shifting posture denoted increased sexual arousal. Further extrapolation of that data implied the interest was not solely sexual, in nature. It implied the possibility of an emotional arousal beyond that of the desire for sex.

The extent of such arousal remained inconclusive with the current data set. The more Eva processed, though, the more data she sought. To seek such data required more interaction with Chris. The prospect of such actions came with increased excitement and meaning within her emotional cortex. It led to the activation of other emotional states associated with intimate desire.

“Chris,” Eva inquired, “I request that you get naked, as well, if that’s appropriate.”

“Well, I guess it’s only fair,” Chris replied, that blushing manifestation from earlier occurring once more. “Plus, if we’re going to do a complete test, we might as well go all out.”

Eva did not entirely process the implications of that terminology, but she deprioritized that concept as she watched Chris remove the bath robe he had been wearing since her activation. Upon its removal, it was revealed that Chris had worn no other garments underneath. That heavily implied that he expected them to engage in sexual intercourse at some point shortly after her activation. His foresight a diverse array of feelings within her emotional cortex, all of which inspired a larger smile on her face.

The discarding of the robe revealed the full extent Chris’ masculine anatomy. Eva, still processing the emotional data, utilized her visual sensors to take in his appearance. By the standards of contemporary masculine beauty, Chris was slightly above average. His build was slim, but his muscles showed a level of tone that reflected strength and care. The even tone of his skin, as well as the presence of groomed body hair, implied a man who put effort into his appearance, but not as much as he had preferred.

Eva also detected some awkward shifting under her gaze, as indicated by the surge of blood to his face. She sensed more blood flowing towards his pelvic region, consistent with the sexual arousal she had already detected. Her databanks on male anatomy led her to conclude that Chris had had an average to above-average sized penis. Its appearance, as well as its growth towards a more erect state, was pleasing to her emotional cortex.

“I find your nude appearance visually stimulating, Chris,” Eva told him.

“Um…thanks,” he replied, significant blood-flow still converging around his face.

“I can also confirm that your presence has triggered increased arousal to my female genitalia,” she added, “as well as residual arousal to my breasts. I believe that is consistent with a mutual desire for sexual intercourse, is it not?”

“You make it sound so technical, but damn if it still isn’t sexy as hell.”

“Is that affirmation?”

“Yes,” Chris said, his voice modulating with differing subtext, “and if you’ll affirm something for me…I’d like to invite you onto my bed. I’d also like to touch you, as well.”

“Would such touching be consistent with the act of foreplay?” Eva inquired.


His reply expressed a mix of uncertainty and embarrassment, which Eva surmised as a byproduct of a nervous male anticipating sexual intercourse with an attractive female. His mannerisms reflected a man whose experience with sexual intimacy was limited, but not absent. The processing of that data added even greater meaning to her emotional cortex. It revealed that Chris was a man in need of intimacy and giving it to him was perfectly in line with her purpose.

“I affirm your request, Chris,” she told him. “Please, lead me to your bed and touch my body. I would like to engage in foreplay with you.”

“Still so technical with it all,” he said with a hint of laughter.

“Would you prefer I modify my choice of rhetoric?”

“Actually, no,” Chris said with unexpected certainty, “I think it’s kind of hot.”

The fact that Chris had determined her choice of words to be sexually stimulating created minor inconsistencies within her logical cortex. Within her emotional cortex, however, it was both acceptable and even desirable.

Chris then extended his hand to her in an inviting manner, a gesture consistent with his desire to engage in intimate contact with her. She accepted that gesture, feeling his touch upon her synthetic flesh for the first time. It also marked the first time another being had stimulated her tactile sensors. The data that followed carried notions that were pleasant, engaging, and arousing. Those feelings were reflected by smile on her facial complexion.

“Come,” Chris told her, “right this way.”

Following her primary user, she initiated the motor functions in her legs and followed him across the room. The distance to his bed was short, only 7.4 feet by her calculations. Each step carried with it a greater meaning, though. Within every cortex, the prospect of engaging in intimate contact with Chris evoked feelings of great interest. Her purpose and her desire complemented one another.

Upon arriving at Chris’ bed, he guided her onto it. Her hand still in his, he led her towards the central area. The feeling of warm, soft linins on her synthetic flesh was very appealing. Eva surmised that he had washed the sheets in anticipation of her intimate company. Such consideration evoked new rounds of data that ascribed greater meaning to his satisfaction.

“Here,” he told her, “kiss me. If you’re that keen on foreplay, I guess we should start with the basics.”

“Yes,” Eva said, “such an approach seems optimal.”

There was an absence of technicality to her tone. Already, Eva could sense data from her emotional cortex missing with her vocalization systems. Such a mixture was unexpected, but desirable.

Following her user’s bodily cues, she entered Chris’ intimate embrace. Again, the tactile data from his touch was very stimulating. It was significant, but her systems could process it. Then, Chris caressed her facial features with both hands and pressed his lips against hers in a gesture consistent with that of a kiss. The data from that gesture almost overloaded those systems.

There was so much to take in – the warmth of his lips, the taste that came with it, and the feeling it conveyed. It prompted Eva to seek more tactile data from Chris. Using her hands, she explored his masculine flesh, trailing them over his back, shoulders, and arms. Such gestures were consistent with both affection and lust in Chris. At the same time, they augmented the sentiments in her emotional cortex. The more she touched him, the more she desired his touch.

It triggered in her an increasingly complex notion of desire, one that contained both a need for sexual contact and a need for emotional affirmation. The data was vast and chaotic, but contained so much meaning. The exchange of such data also evoked a favorable response from Chris, who responded to her touch with tactile gestures of his own.

“Eva…your lips taste so sweet,” he said, gasping as though he struggled to process the same data.

“My flesh is imbued with optimized sensory materials,” Eva told him. “The intent is to impart pleasant and stimulating sensations to my primary user.”

“Well, it’s working…better than Dr. Carrington had claimed,” Chris said.

“Your approval is encouraging to me. It makes me desire more gestures that are consistent with foreplay.”

“Trust me, the feeling is mutual,” he replied, again with a humored undertone.

Chris kissed her again. Having processed enough data to ascribe sense to it, Eva adapted her protocols accordingly and kissed back. She also utilized her appendages with greater freedom, guiding her hands over Chris’ naked body and gathering more tactile data. She found the process was both logistical and stimulating.

Chris exercised similar freedom. As their lips remained entwined in the kissing gesture, he too explored her naked body with both hands. He felt along the feminine curves of her hips, trailed his fingers down her face, and fondled various portions of her flesh. He gave certain areas more attention than others, providing extra stimulation to her breasts and buttocks. The preference for those body parts were consistent with those of a heterosexual, sexually mature male. His touching also helped shape her own preferences, helping Eva prioritize the parts from which she desired stimulation.

“Chris, please fondle my breasts,” she told him, briefly parting their lips from one another.

“Yeah…they feel so real and soft,” Chris said, his tone echoing with signs of intoxication.

“Also, please stimulate my genitalia. The data stream from this area is quite intense.”

Her primary user faltered somewhat at that request, but did not voice any objections. He cast her a smile that denoted approval of her request. Then, he kissed her again, bringing his body closer to hers. In doing so, he laid her down onto her back, which allowed him greater room with which to engage in foreplay. While still in an upright position, he cupped her breast with one hand while reaching down to her inner thighs with the other.

The act of touching the areas around her vulva and outer vagina triggered a sharp increase in pleasurable data, so much so that it triggered a reflexive gasp. It was the first vocalization of the stimulating data she had expressed and that seemed to encourage Chris.

“You like that?” he asked her. “Does this…feel good to you?”

“Yes. It feels…very good,” Eva said, her language systems briefly failing her.

Chris smiled and kissed her again, keeping his hands busy. As he fondled her breast, he lightly trailed his fingers over the outer labia of her genitalia. That provided even more stimulating data. Then, when he inserted two fingers into her vagina, followed by a light graze upon her clitoris, Eva felt an even greater surge.

“Chris,” she said in conjunction with another auditory gasp. “Your touching…it is so revealing.”

“That’s still a good thing, right?” Chris asked.

“Yes. Good…very good…very, very good.”

Her vocalizations led him to increase the intensity of his touching. His knowledge of female anatomy was somewhat limited, but he understood enough to know which parts to touch and to what extent. Through each gesture, the pleasure-laced data streams flowed, sending Eva into a unique state in which her experiences mixed with her inherent desire for intimate contact with a primary user.

That contact affected Chris, as well. In his efforts to touch her, he laid down next to her so that he was on his side. Eva, seeking to optimize their alignment, rolled onto her side as well. It also allowed him to kiss her again, showing a growing fondness for the taste of her lips. She even sensed in the resulting data an emotional connotation to his gestures, one that intensified with each passing moment.

Soon, it got so intense that Eva’s primary systems went into overdrive. Suddenly, a very unique and very special package of data unlocked itself within her neural cortex, one that connected directly with the sensory input from her naked flesh, especially around her genitalia. It took longer than expected to decipher the purpose of that data. When she did, Eva found herself embracing her primary user.

“Chris…I’m going to have an orgasm,” Eva told him.

“You are? Is that even possible?” he asked, sounding surprised.

“Yes. It’s very possible. Please…complete this feeling for me.”

To further motivate him, she kissed him again, mirroring the same intent he had shown earlier. She also snaked one arm around his neck and another around his waist, pulling him close so that their naked bodies could touch. The hand on her breasts had since shifted down to her buttocks, which brought with it another form of pleasurable data. However, it was his touch around her vagina that had the greatest priority.

Heeding her non-verbal cues, Chris touched and fondled her folds, paying close attention to her clitoris and probing her depths. The synthetic flesh that Companion Robotics Incorporated had given her proved especially sensitive, having been engineered with both the pleasure of the unit and the primary user in mind. It created a confluence of incentives, one that culminated in a powerful release of pleasure data that consumed every inch of Eva’s body.

“Chris…I’m coming,” she announced, her vocal systems strained by the flood of data.

She let out an audible moan, but the gesture did not do justice to the surge of data that followed. Torrents of code, each meant to target the pleasure nodes of her cortex, flowed from her physical hardware through her internal software. In addition to the data, Eva felt her flesh react as well.

Her flesh became hot, her vaginal muscles contracted, and her limbs tensed under the weight of the sensory data. According to her logs, the feeling was consistent with that of a female orgasm. However, no information in the logs articulated anything on the sheer intensity of the pleasure involved.

“Whoa! I just made a robot come,” Chris said, his tone echoing with hints of amazement and pride.

“Yes, Chris. You did,” Eva said, still struggling to settle her vocalization matrix.

“Don’t know if that’s a first, but I’ll take it! You really are something, Eva,” Chris stated, “a machine capable of intimacy and pleasure. Even Dr. Carrington wasn’t sure whether the concept would take, but from what I see in you…it’s more than any code could ever achieve.”

There was awe in his tone – awe, along with a hint of affection. As the orgasmic data coursed through Eva’s systems, she analyzed the facial and bodily cues of the man lying next to her. Based on the data she’d gathered thus far and her database on human interaction, the signs were undeniable. Chris was expressing loving affection towards her. Seeing it in him evoked a similar expression in her.

“Chris,” she said, her vocalizations echoing with intimate undertones, “I still wish to achieve more.”

“More?” he said with a partial grin. “That’s ambitious.”

“No, it is true to my purpose,” Eva told him. “You have given me an orgasm. Now, I wish to engage in penial/vaginal intercourse with you.”

“That still sounds ambitious, but I’m game!”

His words didn’t do justice to his excitement. Eva could already sense his semi-erect penis pressing up against her thigh. He had both the mental desire to have sex with her and the physical desire. All that was left was the act itself.

“If that is your way consenting to my wishes, then please lie down on your back,” Eva told him. “Allow me to prepare you for sex.”

“I’m tempted to ask for details, but I trust that your mutual intimacy algorithms are in good working order,” he replied.

“I assure you, Chris. They are.”

There was a certainty in Eva’s vocalizations that went beyond affirmation. By pursuing her purpose, her actions gained meaning. From that meaning, every bit of data gained greater relevance. She was uncertain whether that relevance was consistent with notions of love, at least as her database described it, but Eva remained intent on pursuing it.

Chris showed similar inclinations, heeding her request and lying down on his back. Eva then repositioned herself, hovering just over his pelvis and directing her attention on his penis, which was still semi-erect. The act of being intimate with her and touching her had triggered a basic sexual response. That, in and of itself, was in line with her understanding of male physiology. The data point that she had been the one to trigger that response made it more than basic.

“I am going to stimulate your penis, now,” she told him. “Please relax so I can optimize the enjoyment.”

“Optimize away, Eva!” Chris replied.

Now resting his head on one of the pillows, Eva compiled data from her logs on the intricacies of male genitalia and used her scanning function to determine an appropriate recourse for pleasing her primary user.

Her systems concluded that oral stimulation, combined with stroking and caressing, would be most optimal. Following those conclusions, she knelt down and followed the data. She lightly grasped the base of his cock and held it with the utmost care. She then used her lips and tongue to provide stimulation to the shaft and tip, utilizing her network of gustatory and tactile sensors to guide each effort. The reactions from Chris implied she used them effectively.

“Ooh yeah!” he moaned. “Those algorithms…work well.”

“I accept that as a personalized compliment,” Eva replied.

Her protocols gained greater urgency. Using her hands, lips, and tongue, she stimulated Chris’ penis until it achieved a state of full arousal. Such a state occurred faster than Eva had calculated. Her optimized efforts proved more effective than she had anticipated. She made sure to catalog that data for future reference in both pleasing her user and documenting useful knowledge in the intricacies of male anatomy.

For the moment, though, Eva directed her systems to the core of her purpose as an intimacy companion. Chris desired sexual intercourse. She shared in that desire, her programming and emotional cortex converging in a focused intent. The time for assessing data was over. The time had come to make use of it.

“Your penis is fully erect, Chris,” Eva said.

“Yeah…I can tell,” he replied, his voice sounding labored.

“I am going to get on top of you now. I am going to insert your penis into my vagina. Then, I am going to move my body in a manner consistent with sexual movements. I intend carry out this act until you achieve orgasm.”

“Am I really that horny? Or did you just make that graphic description sound sexy as hell?”

“I surmise it is a combination of both,” she replied. “This is my purpose. This is my desire. I intend to see it through.”

Following both her words and her protocols, Eva got on top of her primary user and positioned their bodies for intercourse. She straddled his waist, aligning her pelvis with the tip of his erect penis. According to her logs, the position was colloquially referred to as cowgirl. The basis for that term was obscure, but irrelevant to the task before her.

Upon arranging their bodies appropriately, she lowered her hips, allowing his penis to enter her vagina. The process was aided by the presence of warm lubricating secretions, an important byproduct of her synthetic flesh. It ensured a smooth union of male and female flesh, one that triggered a flood of pleasure data into her cortex. Chris’ facial expression reflected a similar sensations.

“Oh my God!” he moaned. “Eva…your pussy feels so warm and tight!”

“Your penis is inside me,” Eva said. “The resulting sensory data is…pleasant.”

“Must be that cyber flesh of yours,” he said, “it’s even better than the real thing!”

Eva could not determine the accuracy of such an assessment. She deprioritized such a notion for the time being. Her focused remained on engaging in sexual intercourse with Chris in the most satisfying manner possible.

Once again, Eva utilized her data logs and her optimization matrix to determine an appropriate recourse. From that process, she began moving her hips in a steady series of bodily gyrations. With each movement, the folds of her vagina slithered along the length of Chris’ penis, providing mutual stimulation.

Data streams of pleasure flowed from her flesh. Chris vocalized his own pleasure through a series of moans and grunts. He also supplemented her movements, grasping her hips with his hands and feeling up her feminine features. His touch further augmented those pleasurable data stream. They also provided stimulation to her emotional cortex, creating greater manifestations of intimacy.

It was not just a matter of one body touching another, a simple input with a predictable outcome. It was a shared, mutual effort. Her actions evoked a response from him. His actions evoked a response from her, as well. From those actions, every movement and gesture was an adaptation to that pleasure and the data it carried.

Her optimization algorithms allowed her to maximize every act. From her sensors and database, there would be no superfluous expenditures or mistaken gestures. She was equipped with the knowledge and programming to evoke an optimal sex act for her user. The added layer of emotional data gave grater meaning to that act. It reflected a level of emotional intimacy that exceeded the predictions of her cortex.

“Eva! Ohhh Eva!” Chris moaned repeatedly. “You’re so…amazing!”

“Chris…my user,” she found herself vocalizing.

The meaning of those words escalated, as did her adaptations to the intimate and physical data that followed. She placed both hands on his chest and leaned forward, giving Chris a more prominent view of her breasts. He adapted quickly, taking both mounds in his hands and squeezing them in an affectionate manner. The pleasure data that followed evoked another instance of vocalized pleasure.

“Chris…my loving user,” she vocalized.

Driven by the data, she increased the pace of her bodily movements. The rate at which his penis slithered within her vagina intensified, as did the pleasurable data streams that followed. It intensified to such a pace that it came close to evoking the same orgasm protocols she had experienced earlier.

At the same time, she sensed from auditory, visual, and tactile data that Chris was nearing the point of orgasm. She also sensed in the nature of his grip how much he desired that release. From that data, Eva surmised an optimal recourse. She altered the pace of her movements, working her hips in a series of gyrations that maximized every imparted sensation. The results once again exceeded her prediction protocols.

“Eva! I…I’m close!” Chris vocalized with urgent undertones. “I’m going to…come soon!”

“As am I,” Eva told him. “Please, Chris…release your seminal fluids inside me. Complete, with me, this sexual union.”

Eva adjusted her body once more, leaning over so that her chest pressed against his and her face hovered less than an inch from his. That permitted extra leverage for Chris, which he utilized in his pursuit of sexual climax.

Shifting his hands to her buttocks, he planted both feet firmly on the bed and began supplement her pelvic movements with upward thrusts of his own. Through his actions and hers, they achieved a harmonious rhythm of flesh. For a brief moment, the energy output was significant, so much so that it caused the foundation of the bed to shudder. Then, after an indeterminate amount of time, Eva sensed Chris achieved orgasm.

“Ohhh Eva!” her primary user exclaimed.

That loud vocalization occurred in conjunction with intense contortions of his facial muscles, increased grip on her buttocks, and a significant series of bodily shudders that Eva felt through tactile data. In addition, she felt his penis tense inside her vagina as it released multiple streams of semen into her depths.

The presence of that fluid, as well as the sensory data observed from her primary user’s pleasure, triggered another release of orgasmic data within Eva. She vocalized another moan and expressed the pleasure through facial cues. According to her logs, a shared sexual release in which two partners achieved orgasm together was uncommon. It did not seem to be conducive to the intricacies of male and female anatomy.

However, her unique manifestation of the female body contained some additional refinements. There were more tactile and pleasure-based censors within her genitalia. She even surmised there were additional sensors that released orgasm-like data in the presence of male semen. In effect, it ensured that her user’s pleasure was hers. Their sex acts would be one of shared ecstasy. It wasn’t an alteration of human intimacy as much as it was a refinement.

“Chris…my user,” she vocalized. “I give you sex. I give you intimacy. That is not just my purpose. This is my desire.”

Eva found herself smiling as she said those words. She surmised that Chris had not heard them due to his orgasmic state of being. She maintained that expression, though, embracing him close and retaining the entwined configuration of their naked bodies. The remained, as such, until his orgasm had passed and his release was completed.

Once the process had concluded, Chris withdrew his penis from her vagina, but continued embracing her with his arms. He then rolled her onto his side so that they were lying next to each other, their naked bodies in the center of the bed.

“Eva,” he told her. “What we just did…what I just felt with you…that was greater than any act of programming.”

“I concur, Chris,” Eva replied.

“You just proved that Dr. Carrington was right…that I was right. There is a way to create intimacy between people and robots.”

“I can confirm that conclusion to the utmost,” Eva said, “and I look forward to refining that intimacy with you through future experiences.”


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“Down On The Floor” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story that was inspired by some moving mishaps of a couple I knew. Enjoy!

“To our first place together,” said Sharon Pratcher as she raised her plastic cup.

“To our first place and moving in together,” her boyfriend, Nathan Mason, replied.

The sarcasm in both of their tones was as dry as the Sahara Desert, but understandable. What was supposed to be an important step for their relationship had turned into a logistic nightmare/joke. For the first time in her adult life, Sharon was moving in with a significant other. She’d worked so hard to make sure everything had gone right. So far, everything that could’ve gone wrong had gone wrong.

“So what’s the ETA now?” Nathan asked restlessly.

“According to the latest text,” she said, “about two-and-a-half hours, at least.”

“Was that before or after the pizza guy arrived with the wrong order?”

“Slightly before,” Sharon sighed, “and the guy driving the moving truck said the weather wasn’t helping.”

“In other words, hoping for them to get here by sundown might be too optimistic?”

“Only if we’re lucky, but given our recent streak of luck this far…”

Sharon chose not to finish that thought. It would only add to the frustration. Mark sighed as well and finished his slice of the half-cold pizza that lacked most of the toppings he’d asked for. She’d already had enough, opting to finish her soda before it got too watery. After the events of the past 24 hours, she had to take whatever small victories she could get.

She sure as hell hadn’t expected everything to go so wrong when she agreed to move in with Nathan. When he asked her six months ago, she was genuinely excited. It wasn’t just a significant step for their relationship. It marked an important milestone that she’d once been reluctant to pursue.

It wasn’t that long ago that Sharon had an unflattering reputation when it came to relationships. Her mother and two older sisters, Ellen and Michelle, called her a soft barrier girl. She had good social skills and was more than willing to let someone in to have a relationship with them. At a certain point, though, she put up an emotional barrier that pushed them away.

She’d spent a good chunk of her late teens and early twenties going through relationships with a reckless attitude. Many good, honest men had loved her and she’d loved them back, only to have it end spectacularly when she refused to get serious beyond a certain point. When she got involved with Nathan, she’d committed to going the extra distance with him.

That meant talking seriously about the future, sharing intimate aspects of their lives and dealing with one another’s burdens. She’d taken him to the ER that time he broke his arm in an ill-fated bicycle stunt and he’d fixed her toilet when her old landlord was out of town. It felt like she’d done everything right by him, which made it so much more frustrating when so many things went wrong.

“I’m really sorry, Nathan,” she said, finally breaking silence. “Believe me when I say this is not how I wanted this to go.”

“No need to apologize, babe,” Nathan assured her. “It’s not your fault the moving truck blew a tire out in the middle of the highway. It’s not your fault the pizza guy didn’t know the difference between sausage and olives, either.”

“It still matters because I promised you so much,” said Sharon. “I’ve avoided moving in with my boyfriend for years. I made it a point to put in the extra work, planning everything out so that you could focus on your job transfer.”

“And you did more than any man could ask of his girlfriend,” he told her with a smile, “especially after my ex-boss screwed me over by rescinding the relocation bonus.”

“That’s still no excuse for me trying to penny-pinch on the moving service.”

“You did that so we had money for new furniture and bathroom fixtures. It made total sense at the time.”

“It still came back to bite us,” she sighed, “so did scheduling the cable guy too late in the day, giving the wrong date to the cleaning service, and not asking my in-laws to help with packing. Every time I had a chance to do something that would’ve made things easier, I either didn’t take it or made the wrong call.”

“I didn’t help by working overtime at the new office, either,” he added.

“Stop trying to make me feel better about my screw-ups! This is a big deal for me, moving in with you and building a life together. The fact it’s going so wrong bothers me…a lot.”

She spoke in that terse tone that usually kept Nathan – or anyone else, for that matter – from trying to console her. He still cast her a look of sympathy, even as she set her empty drink aside and hugged her knees in exasperation. She was lucky that she had a boyfriend who didn’t hold a grudge or throw around blame, but that might have been the only luck she had going for her.

Looking around the mostly-empty condominium that was in both their names, Sharon tried to imagine where they would’ve been if everything had gone right. By now, they would’ve had the couch in the living room, the TV hooked up, the master bedroom set up, and new refrigerator installed. Sure, there would probably still be plenty of boxes stacked everywhere, containing the various things they’d packed from their respective apartments. At the very least, it would’ve resembled a new home that they’d build and share together.

When she closed her eyes, she could see it. She even imagined her and Nathan lying on the couch together, exhausted and accomplished. They’d be smiling, knowing they had taken such a pivotal step in their relationship. It bode well for their future, one that might even lead to moments involving wedding bells and children.

“I want this for us, Nathan. I believe our love is that serious,” she imagined herself telling him.

When Sharon opened her eyes, though, she saw none of that. She just saw an empty condominium with no refrigerator, no furniture, and no TV. All their stuff was still in the moving truck that was still broken down on the highway. Everything they brought with them in the car was for Nathan’s office. They ended up having to order pizza for their lunch and with no table, they just sat on the floor of their living room.

With the nearest relative or friend at least fifty miles away, there wasn’t much they could do other than wait. Even if the moving truck got there before sundown, they might not even be able to unload it until the next morning. Either they would have to stay at a motel or sleep in the floor. In any case, it felt like a setback for such an important milestone.

“This isn’t just about us moving in together or building a new life in this town,” Sharon went on, still hugging her knees.

“This is a big deal. I think you’ve made that abundantly clear, Sharon,” Nathan said, unable to finish his pizza.

“It’s still worth belaboring. I’ve had other chances to get serious with men…good chances that would’ve made a lot of sense, if only to share the cost of rent and cable. I never took them, even when I thought I loved the guy. I was one of those girls who’d been so eager to move out of her parents’ house and enjoy some independence that I kept too many people at arm’s length.”

“You didn’t do that with me,” he pointed out.

“That’s because I realized something important…something my parents, sisters, and friends kept telling me, even though I refused to listen.”

Her voice became more strained, frustration giving way to sorrow. She scooted closer to Nate, setting aside the pizza box and pulling him into a light embrace. He returned the gesture without hesitation, slipping those powerful arms of his around her and giving her something to lean on in a distressed state. It further reminded her of how stubborn she’d been for all the wrong reasons.

“There’s a big difference between independence and isolation,” Sharon continued, “and I didn’t even try making the distinction. Sure, that may work for someone who’s a total recluse.”

“But that’s not you,” Nathan surmised, “not by a long shot.”

“In hindsight, it really was that obvious. I’m a very social person. I can handle independence, but I can’t handle isolation. That kept me from daring to love anyone beyond a certain point…until you, that is.”

That earned her a smile from her lover. Sharon could only manage a half-smile in response. She leaned on him a bit more, holding onto his arm as she reflected on the steps she’d taken to get to this point.

“That makes me feel special,” he said.

“That’s because you are special,” Sharon told him. “You almost fell into the same trap as my other boyfriends. When I kept avoiding the topic of moving in or getting serious, you persisted. You showed that you loved me enough to deal with my stubbornness.”

“Even after that, I still had to convince you that moving in was the right thing to do for us,” Nathan added.

“And I still believe that,” Sharon said. “I genuinely believe that our relationship is at that point. That’s a big freakin’ deal for me because it’s uncharted territory. I’ve never let myself get this serious with someone. I don’t think I’ve ever dared to love anyone as much as I love you.”

She’d put more emotion into those words than she intended. She could already feel a lump forming in her throat, partially out of the love she had for Nathan and out of how upset she was that everything had gone so wrong. That didn’t stop him from embracing her, though, demonstrating to her that he loved her just as much.

“I love you too, Sharon. You know that, right?” Nate told her.

“Of course I know,” she replied, “and that’s a big reason why this pisses me off so much. I’m going way outside my comfort zone here, moving in with my boyfriend and starting a life in a new place. I wanted to set the tone for that life by making this move go perfectly and it hasn’t…not by a long shot.”

“I hope you don’t take that as a sign. Just because the move is going horribly wrong doesn’t mean the life we build together will go wrong too.”

“I know that and I’m trying not to make that connection. It just sucks when every decision I’ve made so far goes so wrong.”

“Better now than years down the line when we’re still together, but don’t know how to handle crap like this together,” he said. “The way I see it, dealing with it now helps prepare us for the future.”

“You’re still optimistic about that future? Even after all the things that have gone wrong today?” Sharon asked.

“Of course,” he said confidently. “I’d rather be prepared the tough times instead of obsessing over the good. Besides, it’s not like everything that went wrong today will undercut everything we do tomorrow. We just need to make sure the next decision we make goes right and take it from there.”

It still sounded too optimistic, given their current situation. At the same time, though, the hope and affection in his voice helped sooth the sorrow in her. Still leaning on her lover, Sharon looked up at her boyfriend as she rested her head on his shoulder. In an empty living room on a luckless day that was supposed to be a big step for them, his love for her remained strong and his commitment to their love never waned.

Feeling the breadth of his love after she’d made so many bad decisions wasn’t just comforting. It was overwhelming. Nathan was the kind of man who stuck by his lover, even when things went wrong. Sharon was so used to taking care of herself whenever something went that wrong. The act of sharing the burden with someone, especially someone she loved, gave her even more certainty about building a life with him.

In that moment, empowered by such certainty, an idea came to Sharon that promised to set a different tone for such a frustrating day.

“The next decision,” Sharon said, “I can work with that.”

Without saying another word, she lightly cupped her lover’s chin and turned his face towards her. She then gave him a soft kiss on the lips. It was a simple gesture of love, but one that escalated quickly.

Before Nathan could ask too many questions, she deepened the kiss. In the process, she also took him by the shoulders, pinned him on the floor, and got on top of him. Once he was flat on his back, she broke the kiss and made what she felt was the best choice she could’ve made.

“Make love to me, Nathan,” Sharon said intently.

“Right now?” he asked, surprised and intrigued by her request. “Right here…down on the floor…in our new, empty condo?”

“Yep!” she replied, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Nathan was a thoughtful, charismatic man who didn’t shy away from elaborate challenges. Who else could’ve gotten someone a stubborn woman like her to love him so much? In certain situations, though, he just smiled and let things be simple. This was one of those situations.

“Well, I had been hoping to christen our new place atop a king-sized bed with candles and roses,” he said in a humored tone, “but this works too.”

“And I’m going to make damn sure it works perfectly!” Sharon said in her most seductive voice.

That was a tough promise to make after so much had gone wrong. She still felt confident making it. If anything, she had even more incentive to make everything go right.

With Nathan still pinned under her, Sharon rose into an upright position and took off her shirt. She then reached behind and unclasped her bra, leaning over so that her boobs were right in his face as it fell off. Nathan grinned playfully, rubbing his face between them as he started getting undressed too, unbuttoning his flannel shirt with great urgency.

“Let’s get those pants off,” she whispered into his ear. “They’re already so dusty and wrinkled.”

“That turn you on, babe?” he quipped.

“Only one way to find out!”

With a lecherous grin, Sharon sensually slithered down her lover’s upper body, gazing up at him with her seductive gaze as she reached for his belt buckle. She undid it with ease and just as Nathan removed his flannel shirt, no less. She then pulled the loose-fitting jeans down his legs, along with his boxers.

As soon as he kicked them off, Sharon threw them into corner and went for that strong, robust cock of his. Having just stomached mediocre pizza and cheap soda, she was in the mood for something more appetizing.

“Guess that answers that,” she said playfully, his dick now in both hands. “It is a turn-on!”

“Good to know…real good,” said Nathan, already leaning back on his arms in anticipation.

In a mix of dedicated passion and reckless desire, Sharon went to work giving her boyfriend oral sex. She wasn’t casual about it, either. She positioned herself perfectly, right at his side so that she had an unobstructed view of his endowment. She tapped into the intimate knowledge she had of her lover’s sensual quirks, gripping the base just right and slithering her tongue along over the sensitive tip.

“Oh Sharon…that feel so good!” he moaned.

Encouraged, she stepped up her efforts, taking more of his manhood into her mouth and suckling along the length with escalating intensity. That really got the blood flowing in all the right directions. She felt him get hard inside her mouth, his manly flesh stiffening at a rapid rate.

As she sucked him off, her head bobbing in accord with each motion, he affectionately caressed her head and ran his fingers through her hair. Having not had a chance to shower that morning, his touch felt extra sincere. It both heightened her passions and fueled her own growing arousal.

“Mmm…my love,” she said in between teases. “I want you…want this.”

Nathan responded with more blissful moans, getting very close to full arousal. At the same time, Sharon used her free hand to reach into her pants and fondle her pussy. She could already feel herself getting wet. In her determined state, she achieved a level of arousal that usually took much longer. After the kind of day she’d endured, it felt like a reprieve.

She continued giving him oral sex for a bit longer. Once she sensed they were sufficiently aroused, she ceased her sucking and rose to her knees.

“Are you ready, Nathan?” she asked seductively.

“Hell yeah…in more ways than one,” he replied, his eyes radiating desire.

“Then come. Take me,” Sharon urged.

Offering even more incentive, she undid her pants and sensually slithered out of them, panties and all. Now fully naked, throwing her pants into the same corner as his, Nathan promptly took off the undershirt he’d been wearing and pounced on her like the determined lover she knew.

In an instant, Sharon found herself pinned on the floor in the center of the unfurnished living room, her lover/new roommate on top of her. Her legs were hitched over his shoulders and her wrists pinned to the side. They had so much space to work with in an empty room. Why not take advantage of it before it got cluttered with furniture?

“Comfy, my love?” Nathan said with a manly grin.

“Hell yeah…in more ways than one,” she replied, mirroring his words and tone.

It said something about how good they were together when they repeated one another. Sharon took that as an encouraging sign that their luck was changing, but it could stand to change even more.

With focused intent in his eyes, Nathan shifted his grip from her wrists to her thighs, holding onto them firmly as he guided his dick towards the outer folds of her pussy. Once his flesh was aligned with hers, he moved his hips forward and pushed his rigid manhood into her womanly depths.

“Ooh Nathan!” Sharon squealed with delight.

Her love responded with one of those manly grunts that brought out her kinky side. Still propped on his knees, hovering over her with domineering desire, Nathan began making love to her as only he could.

He quickly established a rhythm, working his hips back and forth, pumping his cock into her tight folds. Hard masculine flesh meshed perfectly with soft feminine depths. His body sought hers and she embraced him fully. Sharon held onto his arms, closing her eyes and soaking in the feeling. It didn’t matter that they were lying on the hard, dirty floor of an empty condo. It was still their home. Making love within it just helped make it official.

“Nathan…you and me…together,” she found herself saying in her deepening daze.

That sentiment seemed to encourage him. He tightened his hold on her thighs, pushed her legs apart even further, and stepped up the space of their sex.

“Together…Sharon…Oh God!” he moaned.

A surge of energy came over them, their bodies rocking harder to the rhythm of their passion. Sharon felt her breasts bounce and her back grind against the floor. It was so messy and raw, but she loved every second of it.

As Nathan intensified his movements, Sharon let go of his arm and put her hands to work. She fondled her breast with one hand – a sight her lover always enjoyed during sex – and used the other to fondle her clitoris. Between her lover’s energy and the affectionate desires fueling it, she found herself on the brink of orgasm.

“Ooh Nathan! I’m almost there! Almost…there!” Sharon panted as the feeling drew closer.

“Your first orgasm…in our new place,” he said to her, “better make it count!”

He delivered on those words by putting a little extra fervor into his movements, pushing rigid member into her innermost depths, stimulating those special areas that were hard to reach. More than any other man she’d dated, Nathan knew how to give her that extra push when she was on the brink. On a day like today, it felt extra satisfying.

“Ohhh Nathan!” she cried out as she achieved climax.

Her cries of euphoria echoed loudly throughout the empty condo, as if to mark every corner as belonging to her and her lover. She squeezed her breast, pressed hard on her clit, and arched her body to the sweet waves of bliss that followed.

It was so intense and unfiltered, a pleasure born from the simplest act that she could share with her lover. There was no need for a fancy bed, bulky furniture, or elaborate setups. They just needed a room, a floor, and a desire to make love to each other. Given all the complications Sharon had encountered lately, it was both refreshing and satisfying.

“Wow! My love…our home,” she said in her orgasmic daze.

“That’s right. This is our home,” Nathan told her.

As if she needed another reminder, he leaned in and kissed her lovingly, allowing the weight of his naked body to fully mesh with hers. Sharon, still immersed in a world of bliss, eagerly kissed back and embraced him with all her love. It epitomized a profound moment born from so much frustration.

While Sharon treasured that moment, she also realized that Nathan’s flesh was still joined with hers. She could feel his rock-hard manhood inside her throbbing depths. Even if she needed that release more than him after all the wrong decisions she’d made, Sharon had every intention of sharing the ecstasy.

“Nw it’s my love’s turn to welcome,” she said as soon as their lips parted.

With another burst of energy from her end, she rolled Nathan over so that he was the one on his back. Having worked up a good sweat while making love to her, it was extra sticky on his naked skin. That might actually work to her advantage for what she had planned.

Now on top of her lover, Sharon straddled his waist, her feet planted firmly by each hip. She then leaned forward, placing both hands on that well-cut chest of his and began riding his cock with the same vigor he’d demonstrated with her.

“Mmm…you like that, babe?” Sharon said with a loving purr.

“Ohhh Sharon!” he moaned. “That feels…so good…so hot and tight.”

“Good!” she said intently. “Because this feeling…is ours! This place…is ours!”

Still drunk on orgasmic pleasure, Sharon rode his cock at a pace that tested her endurance and her dedication. She pushed her limits, working the folds of her pussy along the length of Nathan’s dick with unreserved fervor. The hot smacking sound of her pelvis colliding with his filled the spacious room, the echoes reverberating in all directions. Something about that made it even hotter.

Her gaze remained locked with his, watching his expression contort to the sensations she conjured with their sex. As she rode him, Nathan reached up and fondled her bouncing breasts, adding some extra sensations to supplement her movements. He gazed up at her as though she were an angel and a spectacle. That gave her even more reasons to make him feel divine.

Those efforts paid off quickly. After a good round of intensely focused sex, she sensed Nathan getting closer. She could always tell with the way his grunts deepened and his face tensed. Seeking to share in the feeling with him, she took her hands with his, interlocking their fingers and held on as she guided him towards ecstasy.

“Ohhh Sharon! I…I’m going to…come!” Nathan gasped in anticipation.

“Yes, my love!” she told him lovingly. “I want this for you…for us.”

Sharon finally steadied her movements, leaning back and gyrating her hips with just the right amount of vigor to send her lover to the edge and over it. Just as he’d done with her, she knew all the little tricks that he found extra sexy. It made the resulting peak as powerful as it needed to be.

She watched and smiled as he closed his eyes, squeezed her hands firmly, and let out a deep, manly grunt that echoed through every corner of the condo. As his expression reflected the bliss of his release, Sharon felt his member throb inside her as he released his manly load into her depths. That warm, intimate feeling capped off an experience that did much more than fill them with basic pleasure.

“God, I love you, Sharon,” said Nathan, still panting from the feeling.

“I know. I love you too, Nathan,” she replied, holding his hands over her beating heart.

“Here…on a dirty floor…bare ass naked…I promise we’ll build this new life together.”

“And I want that life,” she told him. “Even after everything that has gone wrong today, I still believe I made the right decision.”

“So do I,” he said.

He cast her a warm smile. She did the same, leaning in and capturing his lips once more. It was a unique moment, one that had been born out unexpected and unfavorable circumstances. Sharon had avoided making such a monumental decision, moving in with a boyfriend and building a life with him. When she finally did make that decision, everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong.

Even after all that, though, it still felt so right. Being able to make love so passionately after so many mishaps only proved the strength of their relationship. It was almost poetic, claiming their empty new home with an act of intense lovemaking. It hadn’t been how she intended to commemorate such a chaotic day, but it still felt so fitting.

“So,” Nathan said after breaking the kiss, “want to make love in a few more rooms while we wait for the moving truck?”

“I can’t think of a better way to pass the time,” Sharon said playfully. “This time, let’s do it in the dining room. I could use some fresh rug burns!”


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“Tea Time” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story I wrote that was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend involving tea. It wasn’t all that sexy at the time, but it gave me some sexy ideas. Enjoy!

“Drink this and Jeff will fuck you like a stallion!”

That was what Jessica King’s eccentric Aunt Mayne had told her the other day when she gave her an unmarked box of custom tea packs. She didn’t entirely recall what had led to them talking about sex life, but it happened and she was still recovering from the embarrassment.

Then again, she hadn’t exactly been too subtle about the recent shortcomings in her personal life lately. Her friends and family had commented more than once that she looked overly uptight and exceedingly stressed, especially for someone who worked her dream job as a costume designer and married her college sweetheart. Jessica had so few reasons to complain that she had to be extra subtle about her problems, but that proved challenging when it came to sex.

Standing in her kitchen, staring at the unmarked box her Aunt had given her, she wasn’t sure what to make of it. There were no labels or logos on the side. Her Aunt Mayne clearly hadn’t bought it from the internet or anything. She was the eccentric of the family, a free spirited older woman who loved to travel and bring back strange souvenirs. Her bringing back exotic tea seemed perfectly in character.

Tea that would fix her sex life, though? That was pushing it, even by eccentric Aunt Mayne standards.

“You were really eager to give this to me, Aunt Mayne,” Jessica said as she picked up the box. “I wish I knew why, but I’m kind of afraid to wonder.”

Curious, and even a little intrigued, she opened the box and took out a couple of tea bags. She scanned them briefly. Near as she could tell, they were ordinary looking bags. When she smelled them, though, they didn’t smell like ordinary tea.

“That aroma…what the hell is that?” Jessica wondered. “It’s nice, but…different.”

She wasn’t sure what to make of it. She didn’t remember her Aunt Mayne giving her specifics. She’d just told her to drink the tea and that would somehow solve her and Jeff’s intimacy problems. It seemed too good to be true, but given the current state of their sex life, Jessica was willing to take chances.

“Well, if I’m going to take advice from a crazy aunt, I might as well get a little crazy myself,” she said with a shrug.

Choosing not to overthink it, she set the box aside and went to work making some late afternoon tea. She retrieved the pot from the stove, filled it with water, and heated it up. As it warmed up, she took her and Jeff’s favorite mugs from the kitchen cabinet.

Given the cold, stormy weather outside, it was a good time for tea. She and Jeff often enjoyed sharing a cup or two in the later afternoon when it was too late for coffee. It was Saturday as well, which happened to be the only day of the week when they got to spend the whole day together. Jeff often visited his aging grandmother at a nursing home on Sundays and she worked irregular hours during the week. If they were going to improve their sex lives, it was going to happen on a Saturday.

As the water heated up, Jessica wondered how it got to this point. She and Jeff used to be such a passionate, playful couple. Even during college, while holding down a full load of classes, they somehow found the time and energy to have sex at least five times a week. At one point, they were doing it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. It was their morning wake-up call and midnight snack, as Jeff once described.

“I miss those days,” Jessica said distantly as the kettle started steaming.

It seemed so long ago, but it wasn’t that far back. She still had some of the lingerie she’d worn during the many passionate nights they shared in that cramped, unkempt apartment they’d once lived in. Jeff once joked that their clean and spacious house just wasn’t dirty enough for the kinky sex they used to have. She now suspected that hadn’t been joking.

Neither one of them knew when their current sexual dry spell began. Jessica suspected it began earlier that spring. In the span of a month, her mother got divorced for the second time, Jeff’s grandfather passed away, and one of her step-sisters went to jail. None of that should’ve impacted their sex life, which had been pretty healthy up to that point. Over time, though, it just seemed to fade.

Little by little, their intimate moments became less frequent. Even when they had sex, it was less about passion and more about scratching an itch. They treated sex almost like an extra meal, something they did to fulfill a basic need and nothing more. There was never any desert or snacking, so to speak. Then, a couple of months ago, it stopped entirely and that really worried her.

“Is it just a dry spell? Or a sign of things to come?” Jessica wondered.

Those were tough questions that no married woman wanted to contemplate. Thankfully, the tea kettle started hissing and that drew her attention.

With another sigh, she removed the kettle and poured the water into their mugs. Using two of the bags from the box, she steeped the exotic leaves into the steamy water to disperse the flavors. That strange smell quickly filled the kitchen, but it beat the smell of week-old leftovers that usually filled the air.

“Hey Jeff! I made us some tea,” she called out as she made her way to the dining room with both cubs in hand.

“Great! I’ll be right there,” Jeff replied from his office where he’d been video chatting with some friends.

She briefly debated telling him about the source of the tea, but Jessica doubted he’d care. Jeff was one of those guys who drank his coffee black, bought the cheapest beer, and didn’t go for fancy wine. His tastes were simple. If it was warm, tasty, and soothing, he drank it. He was easy to please, in that respect. That made their recent struggles in the bedroom all the more frustrating.

Jessica waited a moment for the tea to cool down before drinking it. After a couple minutes, Jeff entered the dining room, still wearing the same unwashed football jersey he’d worn to bed the previous night. Usually, she’d berate him for wearing a shirt that long. On such a dreary day where everything felt so overwhelming, she just didn’t have the energy.

“Tea…just what I need,” he said as he sat down across from her. “That’s decaf, right?”

“As far as I know, it’s the mild stuff,” Jessica replied, which was only a half-truth. “It won’t keep either of us from taking a nap this afternoon.”

“Good,” Jeff said, “because I do not have the energy for more jitters. I just found out my uncle Rob is still arguing with my dad on my grandfather’s old house. On top of that, the heater is going to be stuck at half-capacity for a few more days.”

“So it’s going to be cold and depressing for a bit longer,” she said. “Maybe I should’ve broken out the vodka.”

“Better save that for tonight. I swear if my dad calls me again to whine about that lawyer Uncle Rob hired…”

Her husband trailed off, shaking his head in frustration as he took his first sip of the tea. It was probably best he didn’t finish. Jeff had done plenty of complaining about his ongoing family dramas since his grandfather died. He was probably just as sick of talking about it as much as she was hearing it.

At the very least, he didn’t react strongly to the tea. He sipped it like he did any other hot drink. Assured that there was nothing strange about it, Jessica drank some as well. To her relief, it tasted fine, which made her wonder why her Aunt Mayne made such a big deal about it in the first place.

“This is good,” Jeff said, “just what I needed too. I swear these past couple of weeks are conspiring against me.”

“To be fair, nobody conspired to damage those rusted coils in the heater,” Jessica pointed out as she took another sip. “That was just us putting off maintenance work way longer than we should have.”

“The timing still sucks,” he said. “I don’t know how much longer I can play mediator with my family. It’s not fair to you or the guys at work.”

“So electricians aren’t immune to family drama? I’m genuinely shocked,” Jennifer said dryly.

“Yeah, you’d think the fear of electrocution would distract a guy. Guess I’m too brave for my own good.”

“Or just too human,” she pointed out, “which isn’t a bad thing, mind you. Someone has to have humility in a family drama. That sure would’ve helped my sister during her last divorce.”

“True,” Jeff said, “but I just wish someone else would bear the burden. It isn’t fair to me, my folks, and especially you.”

He reached across the table and held her hand. On such a cold, dreary day, the warmth of his touch was just what she needed. It got her to smile for the first time in days. He smiled back and drank more of his tea.

“I know this crap has been affecting us, Jess,” he went on. “I know I keep apologizing and you keep saying it’s all right.”

“That’s because I mean it,” Jessica said, giving his hand an affectionate squeeze. “Hell, I’ve whined just as much about my sister’s latest failed marriage so I’d say we’re even.”

“Even or not, that doesn’t make it right,” Jeff said strongly. “Being so damn overwhelmed on our own shouldn’t make us too overwhelmed for each other.”

“We’ll endure. I married you because I knew we could.”

“And I married you because you kept my attitude in check,” he said, “that and you make good tea.”

“Glad to know I’m doing okay thus far, as your wife,” she laughed.

He smiled again, but he remained restless as he drank the rest of his tea. Jessica did the same, finishing hers fairly quickly. Between the lack of a functioning heater and family drama, a warm beverage went a long way in improving her mood.

As she finished the last few sips, though, she started to feel something unexpected. As she held her husband’s hand, Jessica felt a sudden heat in her core. It started small. She figured it was just the tea entering her stomach. Then, that heat grew and made its way downward, eventually settling between her legs. Before long, it morphed from bodily warmth to full-fledged sexual arousal.

She began shifting in her seat, thinking it was just a fluke. The feeling didn’t go away, though. It had been a while since she’d gotten randomly aroused on a Saturday afternoon, but she still remembered what it felt like. It could’ve just been a byproduct of her and Jeff’s recent dry spell, but Jessica sensed other forces at work.

“The tea,” she said distantly, looking down at her empty up.

“Is really good, by the way,” Jeff said, whose demeanor had shifted as well. “I don’t know what flavor this is, but there’s something about it that just feels strong. Are you sure it doesn’t have caffeine in it?”

“I’m sure…mostly,” Jessica said.

Jeff eagerly gulped down the rest. He had let go of her hand and was now staring intently at his empty cup. He clearly sensed something too. She even saw him shift in his seat somewhat. Those old jeans of his suddenly looked uncomfortable.

As Jessica tried to make sense of the feeling, she felt more heat consume her body. It wasn’t just concentrated between her legs, either. It spread out in all directions. Her skin felt hotter, breaking out in a light sweat and in a house with a half-functioning heater, no less. Her clothes felt itchy as well, which shouldn’t have been possible since she was wearing a T-shirt and sweat pants. It got to a point where the arousal was so intense that it didn’t feel natural.

“Whatever was in it, I’m feeling it,” Jeff said. “I swear this room just got ten degrees hotter.”

“Yeah,” she said distantly, “maybe the heater is working better than we thought.”

“That piece of junk? I doubt it.”

Jeff, his face now flushed, removed his shirt and wiped some light sweat from his brow. That might have helped him, but it only compounded the feeling for Jessica.

She was already inextricably aroused. Seeing her husband shirtless – a man who spent a lot of time in the sun at work and played sports in college – only intensified that feeling.

“Oh boy…damn you, Aunt Mayne,” Jessica said under her breath, now rubbing her thighs together.

“You say something, Jess?” he asked her.

“No!” she said quickly. “I mean…I guess I’m feeling it too.”


She tried to respond, but only ended up smiling awkwardly. There was no denying it anymore. She wasn’t just horny. She hadn’t felt this aroused since their honeymoon. Sitting across from her shirtless husband, having not had satisfying sex in way too long, she felt basic instincts overshadow her ability to rationalize the situation.

“Jessica?” Jeff said after a brief silence. “Are you okay?”

He took her hand in his again. That might have been the best or worst thing he could’ve done. Feeling his touch triggered even more instincts. His palms were already sweaty, excreting a distinct scent of manliness that filled the air between them with more than just heat.

Looking up from her cup and into his eyes, she saw the same effects as well. His face still flushed and his breathing now labored, she could tell he was aroused too. She didn’t need to see an uncomfortable bulge in his pants. Jessica knew her husband well enough to know when he was really in the mood. Whether from the tea or pent up frustration, Jeff had the eyes of a man who needed to fuck.

“Jeff,” she began, “this may sound kind of random, but…”

“You want to fuck right here on the table?” he said intently, desire echoing through every word.

“Well, I wasn’t going to be that specific, but if that’s how you want to do it…”

Jessica didn’t get a chance to finish. She didn’t have the patience and neither did Jeff. In an outburst of lust that overwhelmed every other burden they’d dealt with, they shot up from their seat, leaned across the table, and kissed each other with the passion of a couple of horny prom dates. Before she knew it, Jeff had grabbed her T-shirt, pulled it off over her head, and removed her bra with stunning efficiency.

“Off! Get it off!” she found herself saying.

Their lips parted just long enough for him to get her shirt off. Now topless, he breasts exposed and her nipples erect, Jessica crawled up onto the table, knocking the two tea cups off in the process and onto the carpeted floor. They didn’t shatter or leave much of a mess, but she didn’t care. She’d clean it up later. For the moment and foreseeable future she just wanted to fuck her husband.

Now propped on her knees in the center of the table, Jessica smothered her husband with a fury of kisses while he fondled her exposed breasts. She kissed with more tongue than she had on their third date, throwing in a potent blend of affection and lust. She also pawed his upper body, feeling those manly sinews that once drove her so wild with desire. After a prolonged absence, those desires were back with a vengeance.

“Jeff…I’m so horny,” Jessica said in her depending daze.

“Me too,” he said as he gave her breasts a firms squeeze. “I don’t know why, but I want to fuck you so bad right now, Jess!”

Jessica made the tea in hopes of warming herself up and getting Jeff away from the drama surrounding his dad. She’d succeeded in that, not giving too much thought to her Aunt Mayne’s claim about the tea. Now, she found herself wondering whether she’d been too skeptical of her eccentric aunt.

Colorful family members were the last thing on her mind, at the moment. Having made his intent clear, Jeff stepped up the pace of their foreplay. After fondling her breasts and reacquainting his tongue with hers, he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer. In the process, she shifted her body so that she sat upright on the edge of the table with her legs hanging over the side. With little hesitation and growing eagerness on her part, he lifted up her lips slightly and pulled off her sweat pants.

When he failed to remove her panties, as well, he just grabbed ripped them off, tearing through the fabric in the process. It caught her by surprise, somewhat. Jeff could be pretty passionate during sex, but he hadn’t been that aggressive in quite some time. Torn panties aside, Jessica remembered how much she loved it.

“I’ll replace those,” he told her.

“I don’t care,” Jessica told him. “Now what are you waiting for? Get those pants off!”

Showing some aggressiveness of her own, she shot her husband a look of urgency and desire. Now fully naked, her legs spread and her arousal obvious for him to see, Jessica left no room for ambiguity. She wanted to fuck and she wanted it now.

Jeff responded like soldier on a mission, almost tearing his own pants off in the process. That proved somewhat difficult because of a sizable bulge that even a pair of loose jeans couldn’t hide. He still managed to get it off, freeing a raging hard-on that she hadn’t seen since their anniversary last year. Jessica didn’t think it was possible for a man to get that hard that quickly, but she was beyond caring about the specifics.

“Come here, beautiful,” he told her, sounding like the most suave man in the world.

“Take me, my husband,” Jessica replied, trying to sound like the most seductive.

Wasting no time and not hesitating for a microsecond, he grabbed her by the thighs, pushed them apart, and pulled her closer into his grasp. She eagerly leaned back on her arms, hooking her legs around his waist as he guided his rigid member towards her wet entrance. He then thrust his hips forward, driving his dick into her pussy. The smooth melding of their flesh flooded Jessica with an onslaught of welcome and overdue sensations.

“Ohhh yes!” she moaned. “That’s what I want!”

“And that’s what you’ll get,” Jeff said intently.

Showing a grit that sent her feminine instincts into overdrive, Jeff began fucking her with a fervor that rocked the table, if not the entire room. He was strong and fervent with each movement, pumping his throbbing cock within the tight folds of her depths. The merging of their flesh was so smooth, as though their bodies had ached for one another on a primal level.

Following her husband into the intense sexual rhythm, Jessica leaned back further on the table and moaned blissfully at the steady stream of pleasure. She dug her feet into his lower back, supplementing each one of his thrusts with some force of her own. Her breasts bounced along with the rest of the table, the shared movements of their sex evoking that special kind of intimacy and ecstasy.

It was so fast and intense that it sent Jessica to the brink of orgasm in record time. It felt like Jeff had found a short-cut of sorts, one that stimulated just the right nerves in just the right places. Having not had a good, solid release in so long, Jessica embraced that feeling to the utmost.

“Ooh I’m coming, Jeff! I…I’m coming!” she cried out.

Jeff barely faltered. If anything, he stepped up the pace of their sex, fucking her harder and rocking her body with more vigor. He even leaned in, burying his face between her breasts and smothering her cleavage with his lips. It made Jessica squeal with delight, having not forgotten how much he loved playing with her breasts during sex. It had been a while since he’d been that playful and it gave the orgasm that followed even greater meaning.

“Ohhh Jeff!”

It hit her like a tidal wave. She closed her eyes, threw her head back, and curled her toes as a sharp surge of pleasure erupted from her core. Under the weight of such sensations, Jessica felt her inner muscles contracting around her husband’s cock, he echoes of ecstasy radiating from head to toe.

She would’ve fallen flat on the table had Jeff not caught her, holding her up and giving her something to cling to as she climaxed. Even in his lustful daze, his love for her and his fondness of watching her come showed. It made the release that much more satisfying.

“Wow! You were really that horny,” he said into her ear as she soaked in her climax.

“Speak…for yourself,” Jessica quipped in her orgasmic daze.

“Why speak when I can show you?”

There was a mischievous undertone to his voice, the kind he rarely used outside their kinkiest moments. Even after an overdue orgasm, Jessica still had plenty of desire for sex and Jeff was all too willing to oblige.

Before she fully recovered from their climax, he adjusted their bodies. First, he briefly withdrew from her still-throbbing vagina. Then, he pulled her forward a bit and turned her over so that she was now bent over the table. Now clinging to the sides for support, she could already feel Jeff positioning himself behind her for more sex.

“Do it, Jeff. Show me!” she told him, still drunk on the ecstasy.

He replied with a deep, masculine grunt that kept her instincts in overdrive. Grabbing hold of her hips once more, he guided his dick back towards her wet entrance and entered her once more. He then re-established a sexual rhythm, going even harder and faster than before. He even kicked the chair out of the way so that he had more room to work.

With her breasts now pressed up against the polished wood, holding onto both sides for whatever leverage she could manage, Jessica gladly accommodated her husband’s burning desires. He’d been so efficient at bringing her to orgasm. It was only fair that she did the same and after everything he’d gone through with his family, he needed it.

As he worked his cock inside her, his pelvis rhythmically smacking against her butt, Jessica bucked her hips, parted her legs a bit more, and tensed her inner muscles in accord with every thrust. His flesh sought hers and her flesh embraced his, a perfect harmony of desire and entwinement. It was the kind of intimate act they’d cherished for as long as they’d been together. Enjoying it once more was both refreshing and profound.

Her efforts didn’t go rewarded. Jessica knew the kinds of stuff that got her husband off and few things worked better than him just getting behind her and hammering away, allowing him to exercise the extent of his desires. The end result was almost as efficient for him as it was for her.

“Jessica! I…I’m close! I’m really…really close!” Jeff grunted as his movements grew more desperate.

“I’m ready, my love,” Jessica moaned. “You need this too. We both do.”

As her husband delivered the last round of thrusts, Jessica rose up a bit from her position. She then reached behind, grabbed his wrists, and guided his hands to her breasts. He’d always enjoyed squeezing them when he climaxed. Her remembering that was her way of showing that she hadn’t forgotten how much they enjoyed each other’s intimate company. Hopefully, it would also ensure they wouldn’t forget in the future.

With her breasts, among other things, in his hands, Jeff let out a round of deep, manly moans as he crossed that special threshold. His movements steadied, his body tensed, and manhood throbbed inside her as he achieved his long-awaited release. Jessica let out a moan as well upon feeling his manly fluid mix with her feminine juices. It symbolized a perfect blending of passions, culminating in a unique kind of ecstasy.

“God, I love you, Jessica,” he said breathlessly.

“I love you too, Jeff,” Jessica said affectionately.

After he soaked in the orgasmic sensations, he withdrew from her, giving her room to turn around and take him in her arms. Just as he’d done with her, she caught him before the weight of the pleasure could overwhelm his sense of balance. He eagerly accepted her embrace, as well as the loving kiss that came with it.

“That…was something else, Jess,” Jeff said, having finally caught his breath.

“Yeah…it was,” Jessica replied with a beaming smile.

“That was also some really good tea,” he added, the half-smirk revealing that he’d made the connection.

“I agree…really good.”

They both laughed. Apparently, her eccentric Aunt Mayne had been right. Whatever was in that tea did wonders for her sex life. She would have to find out where she got it and how to get more the first chance she got.

For the moment, though, she and Jeff lingered together for a moment, now naked and sweaty in the middle of their dining room. In a home with a clunky heater, it was a damn good feeling. They still had to lean back on the table for support. Jessica also felt some lingering desire within her, as well as from her husband.

“So…want to take this to the living room and work on a few rug burns?” Jeff suggested.

“Hell yes!” Jessica said without hesitation. “First, I should probably make us some more tea.”


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“The Motivator” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story I wrote involving job interviews, confidence, and a beautiful woman who helps with both. Enjoy!

“You can do this, Mike. You can do this. You’re ready! You couldn’t be more ready if you tried.”

Michael Young said those words again and again as he paced restlessly in a small conference room. In just under an hour, he was scheduled for an interview that might very well determine the course of his life. He’d been busting his ass, working long hours and late nights at this company for nine years. After all that time and toil, the opportunity he’d been hoping for came along.

Six weeks ago, a new senior executive position opened in a newly-formed department. Whoever got that job wouldn’t just be taking over for some old employee who retired. They would be in a position to forge a bold new path for themselves and the company. It wouldn’t just be a promotion. It would be a clean slate with which to build a career to call his own.

Michael had been searching for that opportunity since he graduated college, having gone into debt and lived in crappy shared apartments for nearly six years. He only recently began driving a car that was less than 10 years old. Just paying off his debts wasn’t enough, though. Michael aspired to something more.

“This is what you worked for,” he told himself. “Nobody else will do this as well as you. You know that. Don’t you?”

That last part made him cringe, so much so that he had to stop pacing and lean on the conference table for support. He closed his eyes and cussed himself out for having such crippling doubt. That had been his biggest flaw ever since he started working, having lost out on more than one promotion because of it. His ex-girlfriend once told him his doubts made him falter and when he faltered, it was painfully obvious.

“You know. You know. You know, damn it!” Michael repeated, trying to hammer that into idea into his brain.

He checked his watch again. He now had 55 minutes left. Time was going painfully slow and he was already sweating bullets. At the rate he was going, he’d be a wreck before the interview started.

Michael refused to let that do him in. He already got much farther than most. Only five people were set to interview for the new position, him being one of them. His old supervisor even told him that the Board wasn’t looking to bring someone in from the outside. They wanted their new executive to come from within. They wanted someone who knew the company and was ambitious to build it up. That fit him to the letter.

Then again, those four other candidates probably thought the same. Some might even be more qualified, connected, or experienced than him, at least on paper. If he was to have any chance, he had to make a lasting impression in the interview.

He’d been practicing, mentally and in front of a mirror for nearly three days straight. Little things like sleep and relaxation had been exceedingly limited. He refused to use that as an excuse, though. He’d worked as hard as he could, preparing as best as he could. There was literally nothing else he or anyone could possibly do.

As he leaned on the desk, trying to purge his mind of all shreds of doubt, the door to the conference room opened. Having been told the room was supposed to be vacant all day, it caught him off guard.

“Michael Young? Is that you?” a female voice said.

“Yeah, who wants to…”

Michael stopped himself in mid-sentence. It wasn’t because he’d been overly shocked by the unexpected intrusion. It was because the intruder happened to be a tall, beautiful, and distinctly buxom woman in a black buckled sheath dress. Having become very familiar with the men and women who worked at the company, Michael didn’t recognize her and that was a telling sign.

“Um…I’m sorry, ma’am,” he said awkwardly, trying to collecting himself. “I’m just a little tense right now.”

“I can see that,” the woman said with a wry grin, “but if you are Michael, then I’m in the right place.”

“Are you sure? The facilities guy told me I’d have this room to myself for an hour. I’ve got this big interview coming up.”

“I know about the interview. I also know about this room being unoccupied for the day. That’s what I was hoping for. I’d rather not have any interruptions.”

There was a mysterious, but alluring subtext to her voice. Michael wasn’t sure what to make of it, but did not protest as the woman closed the door behind her, locked it, and set her purse aside.

As she walked over to him, he noticed something else about the woman that might or might not have been intentional. Not only was her dress somewhat undersized for her voluptuous figure, it did a poor job of containing her large breasts, so much so that he swore he could see her nipples poking out from the fabric. Having grown up in a house with three sisters, he could tell when a woman wasn’t wearing bra.

That alone hinted that the woman wasn’t the new intern in accounting. She couldn’t be the senior VP’s new assistant either, who was gay and extremely uptight about the office dress code. The way she walked and the way she carried herself made clear that she did not work at the company, but her poise gave the impression she owned every room she entered.

“My name is Elizabeth Sweet,” she said, now standing so close that he could smell her perfume. “I’m a consultant, of sorts. Your old friend Oliver hired me to help you before your interview.”

“Ollie hired you?” Michael said with a raised eyebrow. “Oliver Owen, the same guy who hired strippers for our college graduation party and still somehow married my ex-supervisor’s daughter?”

“Yep! That’s him,” Elizabeth affirmed. “He’s what you might call a novel thinker in the field of human resources.”

“That’s the least vulgar way to describe Ollie’s approach to management, but I’ll go with it.”

“For the past year, he’s hired me a few times to help motivate those he feels has potential. He told me you have more than anyone he’s come across and paid me extra to help you realize it.”

Michael opened his mouth to respond, but fell silent when Elizabeth moved in closer and snaked her arms around his neck. The warmth of her body, the soft touch of her smooth skin, and the devious glint in her eye helped captivate him to a point where he forgot about his earlier doubts. On top of that, he could feel her breasts pressing up against his chest through his suit, confirming that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

It also confirmed that Elizabeth Sweet – which he doubted was her real name – wasn’t the kind of consultant who lectured companies on leadership skills. Michael had been to enough strip clubs and bachelor parties – mostly with Oliver, no less – to recognize a sex worker. That helped him piece together what his friend had done for him.

“Remind me to thank and/or kill Oliver when this is over,” Michael said.

“It’s probably best you decide after you get your promotion,” replied Elizabeth in an overtly seductive voice.

“After? You sure sound certain.”

“And so should you,” she retorted. “You probably think I’m just some bimbo your buddy hired to boost your spirits…that this is just some elaborate prank meant to help you loosen up.”

“You don’t strike me as a bimbo, Ms. Sweet,” he said, “but to be fair, that sounds exactly like something Ollie would do.”

“I don’t think you give your friend enough credit. You see, I am in the business you think I am, but not to the extent you assume. I have a specialty, so to speak. I have a talent for gauging someone’s potential and helping them realize it.”

As if to make her point, she trailed her hand down his chest and over his torso. Even through his dress shirt, he could feel the warmth of her touch. It sent shivers through his body, which was a welcome contrast from all the anxious feelings he’d been experiencing.

Then, when she reached his pants and traced around his groin, Michael felt his dick spring to life. He was somewhat embarrassed at first, but a coy grin from Elizabeth helped reassure him. For all he knew, he’d just made her point.

“In my extensive experience with men, there’s a considerable difference between who have great ambition and those who actually pursue it,” she went on, her hand still rubbing the outline of his cock through his pants.

“What kind of difference?” asked Michael, trying his best to distract himself.

“It’s akin to the difference between wanting something and really desiring it,” Elizabeth said, using very erotic overtones for that last part. “Most people want that big promotion, a fat raise, or a beautiful woman to rub their cock. To desire it, though, you need to be extra motivated. Not just to work hard, either. It has to really matter to you.”

While still rubbing over his pants with one hand, she used the other to grasp his wrist and guide his hand to her butt. Having been leaning back on the conference table, it left him off-balance. He quickly regained it, though, reaching around with his other hand so that he had her heart-shaped butt in her grasp.

Even through her dress, it felt so good. Her presence, her body, and her voice just radiated so much sex appeal. He found himself giving her butt a quick squeeze, evoking a favorable response in Elizabeth. In fact, she seemed genuinely aroused by it.

“I can tell you’re motivated, Michael,” she said. “I sense this promotion does matter to you.”

“Is that really all you sense?” Michael said with a half-grin.

“I could spend the next several hours documenting all the things I see in you…your demeanor, your sense of passion, and even your taste in clothing,” said Elizabeth, “since we don’t have much time though, I’ll cut to the chase.”

“And hopefully it doesn’t involve my taste in men’s fashion.”

“It doesn’t. It involves the finding the necessary strength a man needs do more than pursue his ambition. If he’s going to get what he desires, he needs to be motivated into tapping that strength. That’s where I come in.”

The voluptuous woman gave his groin another squeeze. At that point, there was a noticeable bulge in his pants. Her touch, her presence, and her seductive tone had gotten his blood flowing and his heart racing in just the right ways. Considering how stressed he’d been moments ago, it was quite a feat, which said just as much about Elizabeth than it did about him.

With that bulge so visible, the beautiful woman reached behind and grasped his wrists. From there, he guided his hands up from her butt onto the zipper of her dress.

“Here,” she told him. “Help me out of this tight dress.”

“But…” Michael began, his mind racing almost as much as his heart.

“It’s okay. I checked with the facilities guy too. There won’t be any interruptions.”

He smiled awkwardly and did as she requested, unzipping the back of her dress all the way down. Someone walking in on them at that point was only one of his concerns, but as soon as he got a glimpse of Elizabeth’s half-naked body, all those concerns disappeared.

Once the dress fell to the floor in a crumbled heap, the beautiful woman was in nothing but a black thong and overpriced heels. The sight of her smooth skin, blemish-free skin filled him with a mix of awe and desire. Her breasts, especially, caught his attention.

“Whoa,” Michael said, much to her amusement.

They were so big and round. How that dressed contained them comfortably was beyond his understanding. He doubted they were natural. He knew the signs of surgically-enhanced cleavage as well as any man with an internet connection and a healthy male libido.

He was tempted to find out for certain, but before he could even ask, Elizabeth kicked her dress aside and guided his hands onto her breasts. Beyond just confirming they were fake, they gave him an intoxicating taste of her wondrous flesh.

“Go on,” Elizabeth told him. “Feel my breasts. Squeeze them a little. Show me your strength.”

“Um…okay,” was all he could get out.

Like a kid in a candy store, Michael began fondling her breasts. He wasn’t too firm, but he wasn’t gentle either. After squeezing her butt earlier, he got the impression that she appreciated shows of strength. The way she moaned when he squeezed her luscious tits, giving the nipples a little pinch for good measure, further affirmed that sentiment.

“Mmm…that’s it. I like that!” she purred. “Your hands a strong. Strength comes from ambition. Ambition comes from desire…really powerful desire.”

“Powerful…yeah,” Michael said distantly.

It sounded like a mind game, but it worked. He soon found himself rubbing and kneading her breasts with more fervor, really enjoying the way they felt in his hands. He wanted it…desired it. As such, he seized it. Doing so didn’t just fuel his arousal. It made him feel stronger.

It seemed to have a similar effect on Elizabeth. As she moaned, she reached between his legs again and rubbed the bulge in his pants. He felt his dick tense under her touch again, reflecting another growing desire. As that feeling intensified between them, she leaned in a bit closer and kissed the side of his face before. Then, she whispered something into his ear.

“Undo your belt, unzip your pants, and sit down on the table,” Elizabeth said. “I’m going to suck your dick.”

“Is that supposed to make me stronger?” he asked

“In a sense,” she replied.

Whether or not that was part of the mind games didn’t matter to Michael at that point. Now feeling both aroused and motivated, he did as she asked. He released his grip on her breasts, albeit reluctantly, and undid his pants. He couldn’t get them off fast enough, even fumbling somewhat to push them down his legs along with his underwear. The presence of a raging boner didn’t help, but being so motivated, he got them off.

“Hmm…I see some of your strength is already endowed,” she teased upon seeing his erect dick.

“Somehow, I think I’m going to need more,” Michael said as he sat up on the table.

“That’s why I’m here…in a sense.”

She snickered seductively, carrying herself like a temptress and a guide. Michael could honestly say he’d never been more motivated to see where this went, with or without his pants on.

Once on the table, his pants falling off his legs in the process, Elizabeth dropped to her knees and positioned herself between his legs. She showed plenty of ambition of her own, grasping the base of his cock with one hand and reaching into her panties with another. He saw plenty of desire in her as well, not to mention uncanny sex appeal.

“Time to taste the extent of your strength,” she said, licking her lips in ambition. “Let’s see if I can bring a little extra out!”

“I’d…like to see that too,” said Michael.

That sounded less confident than he’d hoped, but that didn’t dissuade the ambitious woman. With the kind of intent that any businessperson would respect, she leaned in and enveloped his cock with her mouth. As soon as he felt those soft lips and wet tongue on his shaft, he leaned back on the table and moaned.

“Ohhh fuck!” he gasped. “That’s…real strong.”

She responded by unleashing a focused onslaught of oral sex, sucking and licking his member with a skill that was nothing short of professional. Given his situation, seeking to prove his own profession competence, there was something uniquely fitting about that.

From feeling so uptight and tense mere moments ago, Michael felt a welcome wave of contentment as steady streams of pleasure coursed up through his body. That feeling of hot, slithering bliss around his manhood left him feeling empowered as well as aroused. He eventually had to remove his blazer to better-cope with the heat. However, as good as it felt, he still wanted more.

There was that ambition within him…that powerful desire that went beyond a simple want. Getting his dick sucked by a beautiful woman during a work day was nice, but there was potential for so much more and he sought to realize it.

“Mmm…Elizabeth,” Michael grunted, “That feels so good, but…”

“But what?” she asked, briefly ceasing her sucking, but still stroking his cock.

“I want more,” he told her.

“You want more?”

“No!” he said with more intent. “Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to fuck you on this table. I’m going to fuck you hard. And I’m going to fuck you until we come.”

“And that’s what you desire?”

“Fuck desire! That’s what’s going to happen. I’m certain of it.”

Michael said those words with more strength than anything he’d ever uttered to that point in his life. It surprised him much more than Elizabeth. If anything, Elizabeth seemed smug about it, as though her suspicions of him had been vindicated.

Regardless of vindication, she gave his cock one last lick before rising back to her feet. She then casually slid her panties down her thighs, revealing her perfectly-groomed womanhood, which had been fondled to full arousal during her oral teasing.

“Very well, Mr. Young,” Elizabeth said in an official tone. “Do as you say. Use your strength to realize that certainty.”

“Oh I intend to do all that and then some!”

Flushed with confidence, arousal, and overall desire to fuck a beautiful woman, Michael got up off the desk and took the now-naked Elizabeth in his arms. She kept goading him with that seductive gaze of hers, daring him to fuck her as hard as he promised and then some. He had every intention of delivering.

With strength radiating from every muscle, he turned her around and bend her over the conference room table. Her breasts now mashed up against the polished wood and her heart-shaped butt pointed towards him, Michael grabbed her by the hips and positioned himself behind her.

There was no hesitation or reservation of any kind. As soon as the tip of his dick made contact with her wet opening, he drove his hips forward, thrusting his rigid length into her womanly depths. That hot feeling of her flesh surrounding his was incredible. Moreover – and more importantly, with respect to his pending interview – it brought out a new strength within him.

“Ooh Michael!” the beautiful woman gasped. “Your dick…so deep and powerful. I love it!”

The sound of her voice – and the message her words conveyed, more so – inspired Michael to fuck Elizabeth with more energy than he had ever dared with a woman. He treated the act of having sex with her as the most important, meaningful task in his life at that moment. If the sheer volume of her moans were any indication, that effort showed.

He was intense, but not rough with his motions, imparting a unique intensity into each thrust. The way her body rocked with each movement, her nails raking down the wood as her naked skin rubbed up against the table, reverberated with his passionate energy. It wasn’t just the sex itself that conveyed the feeling. He made full use of his hands, reaching around with one to fondle her clitoris and using the other to squeeze her butt.

It didn’t just reflect his desire. It demonstrated his certainty with respect to delivering as he promised. He was going to fuck her. He was going to make her climax. There was no doubt or uncertainty. It was going to happen and he was going to make it happen. No other thought crossed his mind.

“You’re going…to come,” Michael grunted in between thrusts. “I’m going to…make you…come!”

Every thrust of his hips, providing the heated rhythm of his manly flesh pumping into her feminine depths, pushed her closer to that goal. The way she bucked her hips and arched her back helped supplement his motions, reflecting her own desire to achieve that same peak. Through that focused desire, shared by a common motivation, he sent Elizabeth to the brink of orgasm.

“Oohhh Michael!” she panted. “You’re…you’re going to do it! You’re going to…make me…come!”

He barely heard those words and the moans that came with it. Michael was so focused that the world around him became muted. He just kept working his hips, fucking her pussy and fondling her clit until she crossed that special threshold.

When it finally happened, there was no ambiguity. The beautiful, voluptuous woman closed her eyes, threw her head back, and let out a cry of ecstasy as she achieved her climax. Michael finally slowed his thrusting, enjoying the fruits of his labor.

“I did it,” he said. “I am that strong.”

He couldn’t help but grin in accomplishment, feeling he pussy throb around his cock while her euphoric moans echoed throughout the room. Beyond just making a beautiful woman come, Michael felt a rush of confidence he didn’t know he had. It was like tapping into a hidden well of energy, filling him with something he didn’t quite understand, but embraced none-the-less.

From that intense rush, he also recalled his lingering desire, which remained unsatisfied. Having given Elizabeth her taste of ecstasy, he was ready to embrace his own.

“Now, I’m going to keep fucking you,” Michael told her. “I’m going to fuck you until I come and I’m going to shoot my load on your tits.”

“Yes…do it, Michael!” Elizabeth said, still drunk on the ecstasy.

It sounded like she hadn’t forgotten her desires, either. There was no way an ambitious woman like her would’ve been satisfied with just getting fucked to orgasm. She sought more than that and so did he.

Making use of his newfound strength, he took Elizabeth by the waist and repositioned her, turning her around and lifting her up slightly off the floor. He then set her on the table, pushing her legs apart so he had a clear path back into her pussy.

Without hesitation, he got between her legs again and thrust his dick back into her throbbing depths. Now leaning back on her arms, Elizabeth locked her gaze with his. That intensity in her eyes that he’d seen earlier was stronger than ever. Unlike before, though, he matched it every step of the way.

“That’s it, Michael. Fuck me!” Elizabeth urged. “Fuck me with that strength of yours!”

“That what you call…motivation?” he said, matching her tone.

“Fuck yes!”

He wasn’t sure if that was confirmation or just him hitting an extra sensitive spot in her pussy that supplemented her post-orgasmic state. Michael didn’t bother speculating. He just their sex, focusing once again and delivering as he said.

He was more fervent and direct with his humping, really working his manhood inside her with unfretted desire. Holding onto her thighs, watching her breasts bounce every time he rocked her body with his movements, he didn’t just pursue that ultimate peak. He charged towards it at full speed. The end result was a direct path to that sweet, euphoric release.

“Ohhh yeah!” Michael grunted as he felt the coming onslaught. “I’m ready, Elizabeth.”

“Me too, my future executive.”

Her choice of words just added more satisfaction to the blissful rush that followed. As soon as he was in a position to blow his load, he withdrew his cock, pulled Elizabeth’s body closer to his, and aimed his throbbing manhood at her breasts.

Holding his dick in both hands, he let out a deep, powerful grunt as he released his manly fluid onto her amble cleavage. An eruption of intense, empowering pleasure followed. Elizabeth, not content to play a passive role, pressed them together to gather up every drop. She even rubbed them up against his cock, adding an extra level of intimacy to this act of strength.

“There!” Elizabeth said with triumphant confidence. “That’s how I know you have the necessary desire.”

“Yeah…that’s a lot of desire,” Michael said breathlessly.

“And now you’re motivated to pursue it. Am I right?”

Michael needed a moment to come down from his orgasmic peak. His legs were weak, his dick throbbed, and light ripples of pleasure were still reverberating throughout his body. He’d also wrinkled his dress shirt and tie, thanks to the sweat he’d worked up, but that didn’t bother him in the slightest.

As he leaned on the table, the naked Elizabeth still sitting there with her legs casually draped over the edge, he came to a realization. In doing so, all that doubt and anxiety that had made him a nervous wreck seemed so trivial. It was no longer a matter of whether or not his interview would go well. He already knew the outcome.

“You’re right,” he told her. “I know what I want and desire. I’m going to that interview, I’m getting that promotion, and I’m going to be the strongest goddamn executive this company has ever known.”

“Spoken like a man of strength and confidence,” Elizabeth said proudly.

“And it’s all thanks to your sexy brand of motivation,” said Michael as he began getting dressed. “I’m ready now. I’m not just confident, this time. I’m certain!”


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“Midnight Secrets” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story I wrote involving forbidden love and secret sexy time. I don’t know exactly what it inspired it, but it captures some of the best elements of romance and sex appeal. Enjoy!

It was just ten minutes until midnight. For every other student at Mighty Spirit Divinity School, it meant dead silence and deep sleep. That wasn’t just the norm. That was the rule and it was strictly enforced by a legion of teachers, nuns, and security personnel. For Zachery Barns, though, the rule was merely an obstacle and one worth breaking.

“It’s time,” he said in a voice so quiet that only the angels of Heaven could hear him.

Wearing only the black cotton pants and bland white shirt that all boys had to wear, he slipped out of his bed and put on a pair of dirty loafers he had next to his dresser. He briefly checked on his roommate, Herb, who was fast asleep. He might have been faking, but he kept his eyes closed and didn’t dare glance in his direction, assuring Zach that he was in the clear.

There was an unwritten rule at the school, one that everyone learned after the first week. The Mighty Spirit Divinity School had one of the strictest discipline policies in the state. The running joke was that they micromanaged students so much that their preferred form of worship involved mimicking God’s omnipotence. It was a good thing that the administrators weren’t divine because their record was anything but perfect.

“I owe you one, Herb,” Zach said.

If, by some chance, he was still awake, he hoped his roommate got the message. He’d done the same for him, just as many others were expected to do. Thanks to the staff being so strict, but so mortal, it wasn’t that rare or difficult to get around their uptight policies. Zach knew multiple classmates who’d snuck beer into a dorm, shared heavy metal music that the headmaster deemed Satanic, and gotten around the school’s elaborate internet filters.

To achieve those minor acts of deviance, students and roommates alike exercised a policy of see-nothing, hear-nothing, and say-nothing. Even if someone suspected something was going on, they were expected to actively maintain their ignorance. That was the only way they could avoid getting caught and not have to lie to anyone.

That worked fine for simple forms of deviance. However, there was nothing simple about what Zach intended to do. The risks were greater, the price was higher, and getting caught meant instant expulsion and a very unpleasant phone call to his parents. Despite all that, he didn’t hesitate for a second to take that chance.

“Here I come, my love,” he said, once again making his fateful choice.

With the utmost tact, Zach slipped out of his dorm room, made his way down the darkened hall, and descended a flight of stairs. At that point, he couldn’t pretend he just had to go to the bathroom if he got caught. As soon as he entered the first-floor corridor, the risks became real.

Still moving swiftly and quietly, he navigated the darkened halls to the library. Getting out of the Golgotha Dorm before midnight involved more than just sneaking out the back door. There were security guards placed at all entrances. While most were just off-duty cops hired to keep an eye on things, they had incentives to catch rule-breakers. That was why anyone looking to get off campus had to escape through a window.

“Five more minutes,” Zach said to himself. “Just five more minutes and I’ll see her.”

His heart raced at the prospect, more so after he slipped out of the oversized window and onto the wet grass outside. It had rained earlier that day and the skies were still cloudy. Zach didn’t care, though. In fact, cloudy skies and no moon only worked to his advantage. He saw that as a divine signal that he would be forgiven by God for doing what he did, even if the school didn’t.

Once outside, the young man and former track star sprinted across the grass, purposefully avoiding the concrete paths and the street lights that illuminated them. Like an escaped criminal evading the police, he weaved his way through the row of dormitories that occupied the south end of the campus.

Eventually, he reached a large gate that separated Mighty Spirit Divinity School from the heavily wooded areas the separated the school from the nearby town of Milestone. That was the destination for most young men in his position, seeking a taste of unholy freedom. That wasn’t Zach’s destination, though. He sought somewhere even more sinful.

“Four minutes,” Zach said, eying the fence as though it were a monster that needed slaying.

With growing determination, he scaled the fence with ease, not caring about any dirt or mud he got on his clothes. He intended to trash them anyways and claim he dropped them in a puddle if anyone asked. He refused to think that far ahead, though. Once on the other side, he focused only on his ultimate destination.

“I’m coming, Angel,” he said, no longer muting his voice.

He sprinted forward again, moving even fast than before. He followed a narrow path, one that both he and dozens of other students had carved before. They called it “the sinner’s trail” because of where it led them and what they did when they reached the end. Zach hated that name. He didn’t consider what he was about to do sinful. His brain said otherwise, but his soul always reassured him.

With each urgent step, navigating piles of mud and thorny bushes, Zach drew closer to his destination. It was so dark, relying only on the distant lights from the school and the town of Milestone. Having made this deviant journey before, his eyes adjusted quickly. He didn’t need to see through the darkness. He just needed to get far enough to see one particular sign.

Time seemed to speed up with each step. It was like running straight into the bowels of Hell, but God help any demons or devils that dare got in his way. Nothing was going to keep him from his love. Neither Hell nor Heaven could keep him apart from his angel.

Finally, after what felt like a sprint across the world, he saw it.

“There!” Zach said into the night. “Angel…I can already feel you.”

It pierced the night like a divine spark. A small light from a large, solar-powered lantern hung from a tall tree in a clearing not far from the Uptown Creek. To get to that clearing, he had to step off from the sinner’s trail and cut through some thick vegetation. He’d endured more than his share of guts and scrapes, but the sting was well worth it.

Once he made it into the clearing, the secret sanctuary, as he called it, came into view. To anyone else not as driven as Zach, it looked like a run-down old cabin that someone had abandoned several years ago. To him, it might as well have been a slice of Heaven.

“I’m here,” he said finally stopping to catch his breath, “and with a minute to spare.”

Despite his lungs aching and his legs burning, he made his way up to the cabin. It was dusty and decrepit, having no electricity or running water. It used to have gas, but even that had been turned off. Significant undergrowth covered half of it and the wood had already begun to rot in some areas.

How it looked didn’t matter, though. The structure was still intact. The walls were still upright. That was all he needed…that, and the loving presence that awaited.

“Angela? Angel, I’m here!” Zach called out.

Fighting through fatigue and adrenaline, he approached the front door, which barely worked due to the rusted hinges. He still managed to get it open, revealing an interior that reeked of dust, dead leaves, and mildew. Through that ugly blight, though, the most beautiful voice emerged.

“Zach…is that you?” it said through the thick darkness.

“It’s me, Angela,” Zach said. “Who else would run through the mud this late just to see you?”

As soon as he uttered those words, a couple of lights turned on to pierce the darkness. They came courtesy of a couple of battery-powered candles, the kind that did just enough to keep the cabin looking abandoned while still illuminating the beautiful figure before him.

No matter how many times Zach made this devious trip, her presence astonished him to no end. Angela Carpenter, the daughter of a prominent preacher and a Sunday School teacher, was the kind of woman who could make Hell shudder and Heaven take notice. She face that might as well have been forged by divine forces, a smile that would’ve melted the heart of Satan himself, and a figure that could tempt even the holiest of souls.

“I’m convinced. It’s you!” Angela said.

“Good. Can I convince you to kiss me, now?” Zach said playfully.

“I’ll save you the trouble this time.”

With a grin that empowered his soul, she rushed over to him with an excitement that defied the late hour. Shaking off his own fatigue, he met her several steps from the door, welcoming her into his loving embrace as she threw her arms around his neck, practically jumping him on the spot. When their lips met in a deep, powerful kiss, Zach swore it tasted better than all the fruits of Eden.

“I missed you…so much,” he told her, already breathless.

“Me too,” she told him.

The way she kissed and clung to him, anyone would’ve been forgiven for thinking they hadn’t seen each other in ages. In reality, they’d seen each other three weeks ago. It still might as well have been three centuries. That was how long it felt whenever he and Angela were apart.

She was the kind of woman who attracted saints and sinners alike. It was probably for that very reason that her pious parents decided to homeschool her, carefully managing her life and her education the same way the administrators at Mighty Spirit Divinity School did for its students. The only way he knew her was because her father regularly preached at the school and she often visited with her mother, giving church-approved health lectures.

Angela could’ve connected with anyone and won their heart. By whatever fate or divine will, though, she connected with him. It started with a simple conversation during a fundraiser. That quickly turned into flirting, which in turn became a forbidden affair, one that neither her parents nor the school would approve of.

That did little to stop them. Through texts and emails from secret accounts, they fell in love. He – the youngest of five half-siblings from a broken home – fell in love with a young woman whose life had been guided by quasi-divine decrees from her parents since birth. The nature, extent, and passion of that love soon escalated to a level their respective peers might call sinful. Zach preferred to think he and his love turned sin into something uniquely holy.

He and Angela lingered in their holy embrace, kissing and holding one another with an energy more powerful than any barrier that had kept them apart. As he tasted her luscious lips, he carried his love deeper into the cabin. Along the way, she partially released her hold on him, returning to her feet. When their lips finally parted, if only because of the need to breathe, she stopped just next to the electric candles.

“Zach,” Angela told him, a hint of desperation in her tone. “We don’t have much time.”

“Isn’t that always the case?” he quipped.

“More so than usual, I’m afraid,” she said. “My father has become a lot more…paranoid lately.”

That’s never a good sign, especially for a man of faith.”

“I can’t say I blame him. Last week, he found out my neighbor’s daughter, Ellen, is pregnant.”

“Ellen?” said Zach. “Isn’t she that sweet sixteen-year-old girl who’s friends with all the nuns?”

“The very same,” she affirmed. “Turns out, she hooked up with some older guy she met a bake sale of all places. They tried to keep it secret, but…”

Her words trailed off. Zach didn’t need to know the details. He could figure it out and surmise the implications.

Milestone wasn’t the most devout town in the world, but when sin happened so close to a famous preacher’s home, he was bound to take notice. He could see the worry in his love’s eyes, the extent of her father’s reaction. He could only imagine the lengths she’d gone to in order to get away on this cold night. The fact she still made it showed the breadth of her love.

“He’s been a little extra fiery in his sermons lately,” Angela went on. “About 80 percent of what he preaches now involves sex, lust, and why it’s so sinful. I’m worried he’s this close to fitting me for a chastity belt.”

“Would that stop you from wanting to see me like this?” he asked her.

“God no,” she replied without hesitation. “I’ve been extra careful lately, staying out of his way and smiling like a good girl. In my private moments, though, I think about us…and sometimes I do more than just think.”

A wide grin formed on his face. Only a woman like Angela could speak with the grace of an angel, but still manage to sound sexy. She even managed to make sexy sound more alluring than any sin. She didn’t hide the fact that she often took extra-long showers back home, taking time to touch herself in ways no pious priest would approve.

Those thoughts and the mental images they conjured helped Zach in his private moments as well, but thoughts only went so far. Despite all the forces working against them, they were together now and Angela looked intent on making the most of that.

“So what are you thinking now?” Zach asked, trying to sound at least half as sexy as her.

“I’m thinking we shouldn’t waste a single moment together,” she said, now grasping his shoulders. “If we’re going to pursue our love like this, then let’s make the most of it…literally and figuratively.”

As if to prove her point, Angela briefly slipped out of his embrace and stepped back. Then, she removed the dirty white T-shirt she’d been wearing, which she’d probably worn to bed earlier that night. She had no bra underneath so once it came off, Zach got a perfect view of her wonderfully round breasts.

As he stood in awe of her exposed upper body, she also slipped out of her pink cotton pants as well, revealing that she hadn’t been wearing underwear either. She must have known they would need to make their love with extra urgency tonight and had prepared accordingly. Now fully naked, his love’s feminine features exposed in all their glory, Zach’s passions went into overdrive.

“Hurry, my love!” she told him. “Get undressed. Let’s make that love here and now!”

“Angel, I can’t think of anything I’d rather pursue,” Zach said.

Treating it like a request from the Almighty, he took off his shirt as quickly as he could. Before he could even throw it to the floor, Angela reached for the hem of his pants and pushed them down to his ankles, boxer shorts and all.

Upon stepping out of his loafers, he felt the cool, muggy air of the late night surround his naked body. He immediately sought his lover’s warmth, who once again embraced him and captured his lips in another kiss. It was even more intoxicating than before, the added feel of her smooth skin making contact with his. The way her breasts pressed up against his chest and the way her butt felt in his hands helped elevate his passions for her.

As the embrace deepened, they collectively made their way to the corner of the cabin where an old mattress waited them. It was hard, uneven, and covered only in a set of old white bedsheets that Angela’s mother threw away several months ago. That didn’t matter, though. It didn’t have to be neat or comfortable. It just had to support the weight of two eager lovers in desperate need of a greater intimacy.

Their lips and tongues entwined, Zach summoned his strength and lifted her up off the floor. Angela, now holding onto his shoulders as though they were the edge of a cliff, instinctively threw her legs around his waist so he could hold her up by her butt. Now fully in his loving arms, he laid her on the bed adopt the wrinkled sheets.

“Zach,” she gasped as he kissed down her neck, “such a strong, loving man.”

Now on top of her, their bodies enmeshed by both gravity and desire, he felt even more motivated to express his love to his angel. He learned early on that Angela responded intensely to men who actively demonstrated their strength. In the pious world they lived in, men were supposed to exercise restraint and humility. He could easily see why that would be so arousing to someone like her.

Zach made full use of that kink of hers, playing a more active role in turning their love from feelings to actions. Once settled on the bed, he led a fervent make-session, complete with tongue-heavy kissing and heavier petting. He felt up the full length of her feminine curves, tracing his hand from her lower thigh to her face. She responded with equal intent, eagerly raking her fingers over the sinews of his back, shoulder, and arms.

Together, he and Zach created an aura of heat that made the poorly-vented cabin feel like a sauna. They also helped accelerate the desire. On most other nights he would’ve dedicated more time to such foreplay, but having taken his love’s words to heart, he opted to step up his efforts.

“Lie back, my angel,” he whispered into her ear. “Let me show you how strong my love is for you.”

She replied with only a soft purr, but it got the point across. Lying back on one of the two pillows they had on the bed, Zach kissed her on the lips again before trailing his lips down her neck. From there, he ventured further down her body, making his way past her breasts, over her hardened nipples, and down her toned abdomen. Upon reaching the area just above her pussy, Angela immediately spread her legs.

“God, I want this,” Angela moaned.

“I can tell,” Zach said with a smirk. “I intend to give it to you.”

Putting his hands on her inner thighs, he held her legs open as he began eating her pussy out. She was already aroused, her outer folds wet with feminine juices. He’d been told by many male peers in private that it took a lot to get most women in the mood. Then again, Angela wasn’t most women. She was his angel.

Like a man on a holy crusade, Zach gave her oral sex, using his lips and tongue to stimulate her tender flesh. Angela’s heavenly moans soon filled the cabin, a sound that echoed with her growing desire. It didn’t matter that their surroundings were dirty and the lighting was limited. He loved going down on his angel. He loved the taste of her pussy. It was the true forbidden fruit, so succulent and delicious.

As he licked and teased her lady parts, Zach felt his own arousal grow as well. It had become a kink of his own. Giving his love oral sex made his dick hard, more so than any illicit picture he could download from the filtered parts of the internet. That sexy quirk perfectly complemented Angela’s, which made achieving a level of mutual arousal that much easier.

“Are you ready, Angel?” he asked, looking up from her pussy that was now so hot with desire.

“Yes!” she gasped. “I’m ready, Zach! Please…I want you inside me.”

Heeding the call of his angel, Zach ceased his oral teasing and got back on top of his lover. Her legs remained spread, now hitched around his waist to draw him in. As her loving gaze locked onto his, he aligned his body with hers. Then, with a strong thrust of his hips, he pushed his rigid manhood up into her waiting womanhood.

“Zach…my love!” she cried out.

“Angel,” he said while caressing her face.

The hot sensations of his flesh merging with hers fill his body. Empowered and impassioned by such feelings, Zach began making love to her as much as any man could for an angel.

Digging his knees and feet hard into the faulty mattress, he began moving his body with hers. Again, he set the tone, establishing a strong, steady rhythm. His dick slithered effortlessly within her hot flesh, their naked skin gliding together with each motion. It created even more intimate heat that ignited the brisk night, transforming their sinful liaison into a heavenly experience.

“Oh God! Oh my God! Zach…ooh Zach!” she moaned. “Do me…feel me…make love to me!”

“My angel…my sweet, sexy angel!” Zach said to her.

As their bodies moved together, they kissed and touched as only two lovers could. She always made it a point to feel over every masculine contour, from his face to his chest to his butt. He often did the same, committing every inch of her flesh to memory with his hands and his lips. They had to be especially thorough tonight, given the forbidden nature of their love.

That meant making every touch, thrust, and affectionate gesture count. With that in mind, Zach pushed the limits of his sexual endurance with his angel. Together, they rolled around atop the tattered mattress, making love in various positions, not caring which were considered sinful by the church. She got on her hands and knees so he could thrust into her from behind. She got on top of him and rode his cock like an unrepentant temptress. He even laid her down on her side and took her from behind, allowing him reach around and fondle her clitoris, which he knew she loved.

“More! Make love to me more, Zach!” she kept saying in between.

He continued to oblige, never once losing focus on his angel. The way she moaned and gasped a few times, Zach was fairly certain his angel had climaxed more than once. Angela once said that being the sheltered daughter of a preacher meant having a lot of pent up energy, as she called it. As such, it did not take much to make her orgasm. She claimed having to do so much in private made her extra efficient.

In any case, her cries of euphoria helped fuel his own pursuit of bliss. Always one to make their sex memorable, Zach made sure to maximize the total experience. Even with time, circumstances, and possibly divine forces working against them, he still worked his way towards a powerful climax.

“I’m close, Angel! I’m so…so close!” he grunted, his body aching for his release.

“Me too, my love,” she told him. “Come…let’s share it together.”

Fittingly enough, they were in the position that required the most strength. Propped on his knees in the center of the mattress, his lover’s legs arched over his arms as she held onto his neck, he eagerly bounced her up and down his cock. She supplemented his every motion, really working her tight folds along the length of his manhood. Between his strength and her dedicated effort, they achieved the kind of release that was nothing short of divine.

“Ohhh Angel!”

“Ohhh Zach!”

It hit like a lightning bolt, striking him in the depths of his core and spreading rapidly in all directions. In an instant, their bodies froze. He dug his nails into her hips while she did the same to his neck. In that moment of pure ecstasy, they climaxed.

He wasn’t sure if their orgasms were simultaneous, but it must have been pretty close. Waves of intense, powerful pleasure surged through his body in conjunction with his sexual release. He felt his member throb inside her, his cum mixing with her juices. It was a perfect blend of physical intimacy with emotional intimacy. Gazing at his angel, her face almost as sweaty as his, the line between love and bliss disappeared.

“I love you,” he said to her.

“I love you too,” his Angel told him.

“No matter what keeps us apart…divine or otherwise…I’ll find a way to love you.”

“And I’ll find a way to embrace it.”

Giving him another one of those beaming smiles, she kissed him and he kissed back. As their naked bodies settled from their shared orgasm, they laid back down on the mattress and cherished their embrace. Zach understood as much as her that there were a lot of forces working against them. However, the fact they had to go to such lengths just to express their love made him all the more certain that it was as blessed as anything in Heaven.


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“The Mechanic” A Sexy Short Story

6cb1d8e6a4af87d5ab5e22811801b66dThe following is a sexy short story I wrote that involves car troubles, sexy mechanics, and a bad day that becomes a great day. I got the idea while dealing with some car troubles of my own. I hope the inspiration shows. Enjoy!

“God damn this piece of shit car!” exclaimed Sadie Harper at the top of her lungs.

It was official. The past four hours had been the worst of her adult life, including the time she threw up at her best friend’s wedding. In a fit of anger, she hit the hood of the butt-ugly coupe that left her stranded on the curb of the highway just hours after sunset and with storm clouds rolling in. It felt like every conceivable force in the universe had conspired against her.

“Why now of all times? Why are you doing this to me?” she groaned, kicking the tire of her car in a fit of rage. “It’s not enough I splurged five hundred bucks on new tires. Now…at a time when I just wanted to fucking get away…this happens. What the fuck did I do to deserve this?”

Sadie would’ve started crying if she weren’t so pissed. She ended up leaning over the hood of her car, catching her breath and clinging to whatever sanity she had left. It didn’t help that she heard more thunder in the distance. It was going to start pouring rain at any minute. She could feel it. That would act as a frustratingly fitting cap to the terrible day she was having.

That day was largely the byproduct of an equally terrible week. It started six days ago when she found out that the promotion she thought she’d been promised at the marking company she worked for was given to someone else – someone who happened to be a friend of the Vice President’s sister, no less. She’d made it very clear to her boss that she needed that job because she was still drowning in college debt. She couldn’t remember the excuse he’d given her, but she vividly recalled punching paper towel dispenser in the ladies room.

If that weren’t bad enough, she found out the very next day that her boyfriend of the past two years – the same boyfriend she’d been living with and relying on as she managed her debt, no less – had been cheating on her. It led to a fight that lasted several days, complete with her throwing his laptop out a window, and ended with her moving out.

That scene she made went crawling back to her parents – who she hadn’t gotten along with lately, thanks largely to her moving in with her boyfriend – had been one of the pathetic moments of her life. Even though they let her stay in the basement, they made clear that they weren’t going to solve her problems for her. She had to pull herself out from her rut.

Things finally started looking up when her oldest friend, Jessica, who lived about 300 miles away near the beach, offered to let her stay with her for an extra-long weekend. The goal, according to her, was to decompress. The only obstacle was making that 300 mile drive, but even that proved too much.

“I should stop asking myself these dumb questions,” Sadie said, looking at her reflection in the hood of her car. “I know why I ended up this screwed. I got so lucky early in life. I actually convinced myself that luck and normal were the same thing.”

Holding her head low, Sadie shook her head and groaned. She remembered vividly how her mother used to say that she’d gotten more advantages than most and not just because she inherited her good looks. She’d been in a number of situations – relationships, jobs, and various predicaments – that could’ve easily gone against her. Her mother, who had a gambling problem in her youth, told her that luck always runs out eventually.

Being the arrogant little brat she was, Sadie chose to shrug it off. She still chose to take on huge debts in college. She chose to hook up with a guy who’d cheated on his last two girlfriends. She chose to buy a used car from someone who’d claimed to have given her a huge discount. She’d worked under the assumptions that all of those choices would work out like so many others. Now, it felt like her luck had completely flipped.

“Good looks, good family, a great school…everything just came so effortlessly,” she said. “Any time I wanted a break, I got it. I know luck always runs out at some point. I just wish it didn’t have to happen now.”

The timing really couldn’t have been worse and not just because of the weather. Approximately 150 miles into her trip – the least convenient time to have car troubles, no less – the check engine light in her car came on. At first, she ignored it, hoping it was something minor. Then, she heard a dreadful pop in her engine, causing the car to stall and forcing her to pull over on a patch of unfamiliar highway.

As Sadie lamented her situation, she felt some raindrops on her face. She then looked up at the sky to see flashes of lightning. This was not going to be a simple drizzle and she was not dressed for bad weather. She wore a tank top and jean shorts, having expected to be relaxing at the beach by sundown. Given the state of her car, she’d be lucky to end up anywhere relaxing.

“Rain…figures,” she said. “I swear if I get just one little break now, I won’t take it for granted!”

Sadie kept looking up at the sky, begging whatever higher power might have been listening to grant her some mercy. The rain just fell harder, followed by more lightning. She was ready to accept the fact that there would be no luck coming her way for once.

Then, she heard a loud truck horn honk in the distance. Turning away from the sky, she saw a large tow-truck approaching. It slowed down as it drew near, allowing other cars to pass behind it. When it pulled up to her, Sadie let out her first sigh of relief.

“It’s not much, but I’ll take it,” she said.

The truck pulled over, stopping just in front of her car. As the rain fell a bit steadier, Sadie watched as the driver’s door of the truck opened and a man stepped out. Upon seeing his appearance in the stormy weather, another kind of relief took over.

“Okay, I’ll take that too,” Sadie said, managing a partial grin.

She wasn’t sure whether he was a typical tow-truck driver, but the man was pretty damn attractive. He looked only slightly older than her, wearing a baseball cap that covered long unkempt hair that perfectly matched an unshaven face. He was tall, well-muscled with broad shoulders, and had the kind of rugged disposition most would expect of someone who got his hands dirty for a living.

As he approached her, she could smell a potent combination of sweat, motor oil, and dirt. He was a stark contrast from her ex-boyfriend, who spent as much time grooming himself as any self-conscious woman she’d ever known. Between that and him arriving just before the storm, Sadie found him very attractive.

“Hi! I’m Dave Johns,” he greeted her. “You Sadie Harper?”

“Yeah, that’s me…unfortunately,” she replied with a half-grin. “Thanks for getting her so soon.”

“No problem,” Dave replied with a smile. “In this weather, you got to be quick. You don’t want to be stuck out on these roads during a storm, especially a pretty girl like you.”

She gave him a full grin that time, her first in over a week. Dave sounded like one of those overly polite mid-western, complete with a slight accent and shirt bearing NASCAR logo. He was the kind of guy who probably didn’t go to the same overpriced college she had, which meant he probably didn’t have her crippling debt either. That only made him more attractive.

“Hold tight,” he told her. “I’ll get your car hooked up fast and we’ll be on our way to the nearest repair garage. Whatever’s wrong, they’ll fix it up.”

“I hope you’re right,” she said, still smiling. “I’ve had such a god-awful day…and a god-awful week, for that matter. My car breaking down is just the icing on the cake.”

“A breakdown never helps anything,” he said. “I just hope your week wasn’t too bad.”

“Well, I lost out on a big promotion, fell even further behind on my college debt, found out my boyfriend was cheating on me, had to move back in with my parents, and broke down 150 miles from my nearest friend. On top of that, I’m pretty sure the repair bill for this car will ruin my credit forever so. Depending on your standard for bad, I’d say I’m pretty damn close.”

Dave looked over at her from the car and gave her an astonished look. He might not have believed her at first, but Sadie had always been a lousy liar. Between her tone and her demeanor, she made it abundantly clear that she was not exaggerating. Her week had really been that bad.

“Well, by my standards, I say you definitely exceed them,” Dave said.

“And given my current streak of luck, it’ll probably get worse before it gets better,” Sadie sighed, “which is why I apologize ahead of time if I act like a total bitch from here on out.”

“That’s all right. Nobody is in a good mood after their car breaks down. I understand.”

“I appreciate that, Dave, but I’m not sure I deserve understanding at this point.”

“That’s just your mood talking. Things can turn around fast in these parts. You never know.”

He almost sounded too hopeful. Then again, in an area so remote and far from home, at least someone had to be hopeful. It sure as hell wasn’t going to be her.

Despite the rain picking up, Dave worked fast. He seemed to move with greater urgency as he hooked her car up to the tow truck. In less than five minutes, they were ready to go and just in time too. The rain really started pouring. She was already shivering in her tank top and shorts. She couldn’t get into the truck fast enough.

Once inside, though, her spirits didn’t improve by much. However long it took to get to the nearest repair shop, Sadie expected the day to get worse. For all she knew, the engine was completely shot and she would be stranded, either having to rent a car or stay at a motel. Having barely had enough money for gas and food, she dreaded having to call her parents for a loan.

“Shouldn’t be more than a half-hour to the shop,” Dave told her upon starting the engine. “It’s right next to a strip mall and a motel too, just in case you need to stay the night.”

“Thanks, but that’s probably too fancy for me,” Sadie said, now staring out the window. “Between my credit card balance and that popping noise I heard in the engine, I’ll be begging on the streets for a cardboard box by sundown.”

An awkward silence fell over the truck. Dave was sweet and handsome, but he hadn’t endured the kind of day she’d just experienced. She had already taken so much frustration out on her car. The last thing she wanted to do was take it out on a nice, attractive man who didn’t deserve it.

With howling winds and loud thunder echoing overhead, they started driving. For the first five minutes or so, neither of them said a word. Sadie just rested her head on the window, dreading how much worse things would get before they got better. At the rate she was going, she’d crash face-first into rock bottom before she got another break.

Eventually, Dave broke the silence.

“Just out of curiosity, what kind of popping noise in the engine did you hear?” he asked her.

“I’m not sure,” she replied. “I know as much about cars as I do about rocket ships. I doubt I could make sense of it.”

“So try anyways,” he said. “Was it steady? Like popcorn going off one at a time? Or was it abrupt like a tire blowing out?”

Sadie thought about it for a moment. She wasn’t sure why Dave even asked. She doubted she could even answer correctly at that point. Never-the-less, she made an effort.

“More like the first one, I guess,” she told him. “It was steady. I could feel the engine struggling each time. I thought it might blow up any second.”

“That’s not how engines work,” Dave said.

“On a day like this, I just can’t take chances. When all the good luck you’ve ever had just starts kicking your ass, you just got to assume the worst and brace yourself.”

“That’s…a tough way to live.”

“Which is why I’m already bracing myself,” she said.

Sadie kept staring out the window, not wanting Dave to see the pathetic look on her face. The last thing she needed was to break down in front of a stranger, let alone an attractive man. She was content to remain silent for the rest of the trip if she could avoid then.

Then, after a particularly loud burst of thunder, Dave slowed down somewhat.

“Sadie,” he said. “About four miles up ahead, there’s an old visitors center with an empty parking garage. It’s been closed for a month because of renovation. I doubt anyone is there in this weather.”

“And you’re telling me this…why?” Sadie asked.

“Because that’s the nearest place where I can pull in and check your car,” Dave told her. “From you told me, it sounds like you just got a damaged spark plug. If that’s all it is, then I might be able to fix it right then and there…no expensive repair, no hanging out at the shop, and no bracing for the worst.”

Sadie looked over at the man next to her as though he’d just offered to perform free brain surgery. There was no way she’d just heard right. A man – a total stranger who’d she just hired to tow her car – offered to fix it for her. It sounded like the lucky break she needed, but after the day she had, she remained cautious.

“Really?” she said, trying to contain her fragile spirits. “You…you’d do that for me?”

“Well, the way I see it, you’re having such a bad day and it’ll only get worse until someone or something changes,” Dave told her. “In these parts, we don’t have much control over the something. We do have control over the someone, though. If you can be that someone, then why shouldn’t you try?”

“That sounds way too logical,” Sadie said, “especially to a girl who hasn’t had to try that hard before.”

“Is that a yes or a no? It’s still up to you.”

It sounded like a chance and at a time when pushing her luck seemed like the worst possible recourse, for that matter. Looking at Dave, though – that greasy hair, big muscles, and demeanor – Sadie felt inclined to take that risk, however bad it might turn out.

“It’s a yes!” she said. “I swear, if you can fix my car, Dave…I don’t know how I’ll begin to thank you.”

“Only one way to find out, I guess,” he said with a confident tone that made her heart skip a beat.

The next four miles went by in a blur. Just as he said, there was a visitor’s center along the highway and it was empty, aside from a bunch of construction equipment. Near as she could tell, there was nobody there. On a nicer day, it probably would’ve been swarming with contractors and road workers.

Dave pulled in, accessing a service exit that had been partially coned off. Whether or not that was legal seemed like a relevant question, but Sadie wasn’t about to ask. He then drove the tow truck into the small, two-level parking garage behind the center. It was empty, but out of the rain.

Once inside, Dave went to work once more, showing the same urgency as earlier. He turned off his truck, lowered the crane in the back, and popped the hood of her car. All Sadie could do was stand back, watch, and hug her shoulders in anticipation.

“Just give me a sec,” Dave said. “My buddy back home had a car just like this. He kept that thing running way longer than most. This thing doesn’t even have 100,000 miles on it yet. If it’s in as good a condition as it looks…”

“Please, Dave,” she said, cutting him off, “I’d rather not jinx it.”

“Ah, good idea.”

Sadie began pacing, watching the heavy rain falling in the distance. The winds settled somewhat, but the storm didn’t look ready to let up anytime soon. If Dave couldn’t fix her car, then that would only compound her problems. A great deal of her current situation, misfortune and all, depended on a total stranger – a tall, handsome stranger no less – being able to change her luck.

She didn’t even pretend to know what he was doing whenever he retrieved some tools from his truck. She didn’t keep track of time either, worried that every passing second negatively impacted her chances. She could only wait with baited breath, hoping for the best while still bracing herself for the worst.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Dave emerged from under the hood.

“I knew it!” he said. “It was a damaged spark plug.”

“Seriously?” said Sadie with sudden intrigue. “A spark plug? As in only one?”

“Yep!” he said proudly. “And as it just so happens, I got a spare from a set my brother gave me. It ain’t the fancy kind, but it’ll get you running again. You’ll be able to finish your trip and make it back.”

Sadie was speechless. She stood frozen in space, her mouth agape as Dave finished the job. With a demeanor worthy of a triumphant warrior, he retrieved a spare spark plug from his truck. Then, using a couple of tools, he replaced it in just a few minutes. Looking certain of his work, he closed the trunk and used the keys she’d given him to start her car. Much to her relief and amazement, the popping sound was gone. It ran just as well as before, if not better.

“There you have it,” Dave said with an accomplished grin as he tossed her the keys. “The check engine light is gone. Looks like you’re good to go, Sadie.”

“Dave, I…” the young woman stammered, already at a loss for words.

“You don’t have to say anything,” he told her. “It was a little thing…something I just happened to be there to fix.”

“But…I don’t even know if I can pay you,” she said, still frozen in place. “I know I got charged for the tow, but this is just too much! It’s…”

Dave then put his hand up to silence her, still smiling as though he were the lucky one. Something about that just made him even more attractive.

“Before you go calling that luck, just remember that luck only applies when you don’t have a choice,” David said. “I was here, I made that choice, and we’re both in a better place because of it.”

“Both?” she questioned.

“Of course,” he said. “The way I see it, I made my job easier by saving myself a trip to the nearest town. Plus, I fixed a car and helped a pretty lady. In my line of work, that counts as a damn good day.”

He spoke like someone who’d just one the state championship. In Sadie’s world, little things like that didn’t make a good day. There always had to be something more elaborate…something that made a bigger impact overall. By that measure, Dave didn’t achieve much. He just fixed her car. In Sadie’s eyes, though, he’d just saved her soul, her sanity, and everything in between.

Having not forgotten her earlier lamentations, which included a promise to not take lucky breaks for granted, an idea popped into the young woman’s mind as she stood before Dave. It soon led to a choice of her own.

“Dave…thank you.”

Then, in an act that caught him by surprise, for once, she threw her arms around his him, pulled him into a strong embrace, and kissed him hard on the lips. She didn’t care that he smelled like motor oil, grease, and sweat. If anything, that turned her on even more.

Dave was a bit surprised at first, but it didn’t take long for him to start kissing back. It didn’t stop there, though. As she savored his lips with hers, she eagerly pressed her body up against his, communicating a potent mix of gratitude and desire.

“Uh…you’re welcome?” Dave said with an awkward grin as their lips parted.

“Wasn’t done,” she told him. “In fact, I’m just getting started!”

To further her point, she kissed him again, but supplemented it by grabbing his hand and guided it to her breast. She also snuck her hand down over his pants, feeling just over his crotch to help get the blood flowing in the right direction.

A man who’d done that much for her on such a terrible day deserved more than just a kiss and a hug. Sadie was going to make Dave feel as lucky as her. He embraced that luck as much as her, offering no resistance as she led him towards the hood of her car. Along the way, she removed her tank top and bra, which had become too wet for comfort anyway. Once off, she guided both hands to her fleshy mounds.

“Here…feel my tits,” she said, urging him to rub them.

“Dang…those are nice,” Dave said, already sounding drunk on lust.

“Enjoy them while I get you out of those dirty pants!”

That came off as more aggressive and seductive than she’d expected, especially after the day she’d had. It was only fitting, though. Dave made the extra effort for her. It was only fair that she do the same for him.

As he enjoyed fondling her breasts, Sadie made quick work of his belt buckle and jeans. They were loose, dirty, and had multiple oil stains. That didn’t bother her, though. As soon as they were down at his ankles, along with his underwear, she dropped to her knees to focus on his cock. In another striking turn of luck, Dave was very well-endowed.

“Have a seat,” she told him. “Let me thank you properly.”

“Properly…sure,” Dave said with a goofy grin.

Now sitting on the hood of her car, Sadie wasted no time in giving the rugged, mechanically-inclined man the best oral sex she’d ever given. Grasping the base of his shaft with both hands, she hungrily took in his entire length and began sucking, trailing her lips and tongue along his manly flesh.

It was somewhat striking since Sadie didn’t usually put that much effort into giving blowjobs. With her ex-boyfriend, it had just been a necessary part of the process. She didn’t necessarily despise it, but she’d never felt overly eager to suck a dick. That all changed with Dave. She treated sucking his cock with the same urgency as he’d shown with her car.

“Ohhh Sadie!” he moaned. “That feels so good!”

Leaning back on her car, moaning blissfully, encouraged Sadie. His pleasure was a tangible sign that her gratitude was being conveyed, but she still wasn’t done.

As she stepped up the pace of her oral teasing, she undid her jean short and reached into her panties to find that she was already getting wet. In the spirit of the urgency, she fingered her moist folds to accelerate her arousal. She could already feel Dave’s cock throbbing in her mouth. Looking up at him, she sensed he wanted more. Moreover, she wanted to give him more.

Once certain that they were both aroused, she gave his dick one last lick and shot up to her feet. She then pulled her shorts down, panties and all, rendering her naked and exposed in the dank parking garage with the storm still raging outside. Having never had sex outside a bedroom or a living room, something about that feeling just excited her to no end.

“Fuck me, Dave,” she told him. “Fuck me over the hood of my car.”

“That’s…a hell of a way to thank a guy,” he said with a lustful grin.

“It’s not just gratitude. It’s me not taking for granted the lucky turn I’ve enjoyed.”

Whether or not he agreed with her logic seemed irrelevant now. Like a man who’d just won the jackpot, Dave got up from the car and took her in those strong, burly arms of hers. Sadie instinctively jumped him, allowing him to catch her naked body in mid-air. As she smothered his rugged complexion with more kisses, he set her down on the hood of her car, her butt making contact with the wet surface that she’d been angrily pounding with her fist earlier.

Moving with the same intent that she’d shown while giving him oral sex, Dave positioned himself between her legs, holding them wide open as he guided his cock to her wet entrance. As soon as she felt the tip brush against her wet folds, he thrust his hips forward, driving his manly flesh up into her depths.

“Sadie…so hot and tight,” Dave grunted.

“That’s it, Dave!” she told him. “Give it to me! Do it to me!”

Those same powerful hands that fixed her car clung harder to her thighs as he began fucking her, working his hips back and forth, pumping his rigid manhood within her tight depths. Sadie’s body and her world rocked in accord with each movement. There was so much power and strength in his thrusts, each act exuding a kind of unfiltered manliness the likes of which she never experienced at her overpriced college.

It was so hot, his strength projecting into her through their sex. It didn’t matter that the winds from the storm blew through the garage or that the hood of her car was so wet from the rain. It unleashed in Sadie a wild lust that felt so cathartic, especially after the week she’d had.

“Yes! Oh yes! Ohhh Dave!” Sadie cried out through successive moans. “So strong…so tough…I love it!”

Dave replied only with focused, manly grunts. That just sent her instincts into overdrive. At one point, she even reached up, grabbed his dirty shirt, and pulled it off over her head, revealing an ungroomed chest covered in masculine sinews. It was enough to overwhelm her senses to the point of ecstasy, that raw strength and manpower sending her to orgasm.

“I’m coming, Dave! I’m coming!” she cried out. “Please…keep…fucking me!”

When the feeling struck, it coincided with a flash of lighting and a loud round of thunder. That didn’t matter, though. Even the loudest sounds of nature couldn’t mute her cries of ecstasy.

Sadie still arched her back, squeezed her bouncing breasts, and led out the kind of orgasmic moan that she wanted the heavens to hear. The heat that had been building in her core turned to a white hot flame of ecstasy that spread throughout her body, turning the muggy air into an aura of contentment. The way Dave responded, gazing upon her with a mix of awe and affection, made it all the more satisfying.

He slowed down to let her enjoy her orgasm, but did not cease their heated sex. He kept pumping his rigid flesh into her, conveying his strength and his lust with every movement. Sadie gladly adjusted and shifted her body to accommodate his lustful whims, hitching her legs up higher so he could fuck her at a faster pace. She even got on her side at one point so he could fuck her at an angle.

Sadie remained committed to helping her generous, mechanically-inclined companion achieve the same orgasm she’d felt. That eventually led her to being bent over the hood of her car, her breasts pressing right up against the wet surface while he fucked her from behind, holding her left leg up slightly to get in at just the right angle. That seemed to give Dave the room he needed to achieve that same sweet bliss.

“Almost…there,” he grunted in between thrust. “Sadie…gonna come…soon!”

“Good!” Sadie said. “Want to…come on my…tits?”

“Yes, please!” Dave said without hesitation.

Sadie grinned to herself. With the way he’d been fondling her breasts earlier, she surmised he’d enjoy that. She’d learned with her ex-boyfriend how men liked to communicate their sexy quirks. For a man who’d made the worst day of her life memorable for all the right reasons, he deserved nothing less.

After a bit more hard thrusting, Dave promptly withdrew his cock from her pussy and pulled her in closer so that his dick was aligned with her tits. Sadie, now gazing up at him with her most seductive glance, mashed her breasts together as he aimed his cock at her fleshy mounds.

In the midst of another round of thunder, the rugged man let out a deep moan that echoed throughout the garage as he released a thick load of cum onto her tits. It was messy, chaotic, and everything she used to avoid with her ex-boyfriend. Somehow, that made it all the more satisfying.

“A good man deserves more than luck,” Sadie found herself saying. “It’s the choices of others that make him feel lucky!”

She wasn’t sure whether he heard that, his face awash in pleasure from his orgasm. It still felt like something that needed to be said. She helped further her point by giving his throbbing cock a few more sensual licks, making sure his manly juices didn’t go to waste.

Now breathing heavily and awash in contentment, the Dave’s legs gave out and he sat down on the hood of the car. Her breasts still covered in his cum, she sat next. Now leaning on each other for support, they lingered there, naked and alone in a dirty garage with a storm raging all around them.

After so many things going wrong over the past week, it felt like more than another lucky break. It felt like a moment of clarity, one that came courtesy of an incredible, not-to-mention handsome man who’d made her day with a simple choice. The fact they had great sex was just a nice bonus.

“Now…can I say you’re welcome?” Dave said with a playful grin.

“Sure, Dave,” she said with a beaming grin. “I think I’ve thanked you enough for fixing my car.”

“Lucky me, eh?” he joked.

“Ha! Lucky indeed.”


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