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“Summer’s Last Gasp” A Sexy Short Story (At The End Of Summer)


The following is a sexy short story I wrote about the last days of summer. For some, it’s a bittersweet time of year. For others, it’s a necessary evolution of seasons. This story tries to capture both in a loving, sexy sort of way. Enjoy!

Summer Reya wasn’t used to warm weather going away. She’d grown up a tropical climate where a “chilly day” was anything under 60 degrees or made wearing flip-flops uncomfortable. Then, three critical events changed her life.

First, she got a scholarship to a major university up north. That was a big deal for her and her family. Neither of her parents had gone to college and she was the first of three siblings to attend. The move was supposed to be temporary. Then, the second critical event happened.

She got an internship that turned into a career. While in school, she started working for an up-and-coming biotech company. That company grew quickly and before she graduated, they offered her a full-time position, complete with benefits and a fat salary. Summer still remembered gasping in disbelief when she saw her first paycheck.

That kept her up north a little longer. Eventually, she still wanted to move back home. Then, the final – and, by every measure, the most critical – event happened. She fell in love. That effectively changed her plans for good.

“I can already feel it,” Summer said distantly as she admired the setting sun in the distance. “The extra chill in the air…the lack of humidity at this time of day…even the smell of the wind.”

“Are you telling me you can actually smell winter?” said a humored, but loving voice. “For some people, that counts as a super-power.”

“There’s nothing powerful about it. It’s just one part of my life reminding me of another…the past affecting me in the present.”

“Does it make you feel homesick?”

“It used to,” she conceded, “but then I met you.”

With a smile that could’ve warmed any climate, she turned towards the figure who had done so much to keep her warm. Unlike her, Christopher Bennet was used to the cold weather. He’d spent most of his life up north, enduring harsh winters and never using sub-zero temperatures as excuses. Bearing a thick beard, a rugged complexion, and broad muscles that he’d forged working at rock quarries, he looked like a man who could handle harsh conditions.

That was just one of the many things that had attracted her to him. She’d met Chris in college. In fact, during the first major snowstorm she’d endured, he came by and shoved the driveway of the crowded townhouse she’d shared with three other women. Seeing him brave that storm in nothing but a sweat-shirt while she wore three layers to stay warm impressed her. That one impression led to so much more.

“You don’t have to worry, Summer. You know I’ll keep you warm this winter,” Chris told her as he tightened his embrace on her.

“You always do,” she said as she ran her hands through that thick beard of his, “even though I don’t make it easy for you.”

“I don’t mind the challenge. You help keep me on my toes. I need that in my line of work.”

“A guy who works in a quarry needs a woman who works in a climate-controlled office…there’s just something so fitting about that.”

“I know. You know how to endure the heat. I know how to handle the cold. But together…we find a way.”

He smiled back at her before kissing her softly. Summer gladly returned the gesture. At the same time, a sharp gust of wind blew over them. It was the coldest gust she’d felt since March. It was as though nature itself was warning her that she was going to need her husband’s ability to keep her warm for the next several months. It was one of those warnings that she didn’t mind heeding.

Sitting in his lap, straddling his waist atop a picnic blanket, Chris imparted plenty of warmth and not just in terms of body heat. They had taken a trip to the top of an isolated hill that overlooked the small pond at the north end of their neighborhood. It was one of those places that most people didn’t know was there, which made it even more special to them. From it, they could see the sunset, the trees, and the lights from the downtown area in the distance.

She and Chris had discovered it on their third date. Since then, they’d made it a point to visit their secret hilltop, as they called it, on the last weekend of summer. It signaled the end of days where they could just lounge around in swimsuits and shorts. In the weeks to come, she would have to break out the sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets that she never had to wear back home. It was bittersweet, but Chris made it worthwhile.

In addition, their little end-of-summer picnic had another important tradition that she was eager to get to. Based on the way Chris felt her up as he kissed her, he shared in that eagerness. Wearing only flip-flops, jean shorts, and an under-sized T-shirt – her preferred attire for hot, muggy weather – it didn’t take long before a different kind of heat consumed them.

“Speaking of finding a way,” Summer said, their lips parting while they remained in a tight embrace, “I think we’ve got one more heat wave to enjoy before I pack away my bikinis.”

“I love the way you think, Summer,” Chris said with a grin.

“It’s going to get cold tomorrow…the first of many,” she said.

“I saw the weather forecast too. I know how it works in these parts. We’re in for a long winter.”

“Which is why we should make this the hottest night of the year,” she said seductively, already trailing her fingers through his messy hair. “If it’s going to be the last one, I want to make it count!”

“And we will,” he replied, matching her seductive undertone. “That’s why before that sun sets, I’m going to make love to you in a way that’ll keep us warm until next spring!”

“Is that a promise, my love?”

“I don’t make promises, Summer. I just tell the woman I love what I’m going to do. Then, I do it!”

There was such certainty and intent in his words. Chris was not the kind of man to make bold promises that he didn’t meet. He said what he meant and meant what he said. No matter the weather, he didn’t let it change his intent, even when it came to making love to her.

Like a man on a mission, he began doing as he said he would. He kissed her passionately, his tongue quickly becoming entwined with hers in an outburst of passion. As he tasted her lips, he laid her down on the oversized picnic blanket, shoving aside the cooler and lunch bags. Summer, her arms and legs still wrapped around his imposing form, soaked up the warmth of his love. With the sun setting fast and the summer warmth already fading, there was a growing sense of urgency.

With the energy of two horny teenagers on prom night, she and Chris made out atop the picnic blanket. They kissed and touched with such intensity, his hands roaming freely up her womanly curves while hers slipped under that dirty T-shirt of his to feel those masculine sinews. With that intensity came heat and before long, clothing became a burden.

“Off!” Summer gasped as her love kissed down her neck. “Please, Chris…get these clothes off!”

Without saying a word, her husband stripped her naked on the spot. He wasn’t playful about it, either. He swiftly pulled her shirt off over her head, undid her bra with ease, and pulled her shorts down her legs, panties and all. The feeling of the cool, evening air grazing over her naked skin sent shivers throughout her body, contrasting with the heat they’d created. Those shivers didn’t last long, though.

As soon as he tossed her shorts and underwear aside, Chris shed his clothes rapidly. He didn’t even care that he threw his shirt into a patch of mud near the blanket. Nothing was going to keep him from capturing the last bit of summer heat.

“Feeling chilly?” he teased.

“A little,” Summer quipped coyly.

“I can tell,” he said, giving her hardened nipples a slight pinch. “Don’t worry. Things are about to get hot…very, very hot.”

He laid down on top of her, naked skin pressing against naked skin. He kissed down her neck as well, evoking a light gasp as intimate touch triggered intimate sensations of all kinds. Again, Summer embraced him with her arms and legs. Without the burden of clothes, her breasts pressed up against his chest, her nailed raked along his bare back, and his growing manhood rubbed up against the heat building between her inner thighs.

From there, their outdoor make-out session evolved into full-blown foreplay. Chris rubbed her breasts, squeezed her butt, and slithered his tongue around her face and lips. Summer returned the favor, running her fingers through his hair and whispering words of lurid passion into his ear.

“I want you, Chris,” she told him in her most seductive voice. “I want you inside me…that big, hard cock inside my hot, wet pussy. I want you to fill me with your sex…and your love.”

Summer felt his manhood stiffen faster. Chris had always been fond of dirty talk. She just what to say and how to say it get his blood flowing in the right direction. As he neared full arousal, he stepped up their foreplay, working his hands over her exposed flesh and allowing the weight of his body to press against her.

It was like wearing a blanket of warm, manly flesh. Even with a chill in the air, it still felt like a muggy day at the beach, especially between her legs. It was a powerful feeling, her husband making out with her in a naked heap. Something about it – being outside in the elements, feeling the shifting winds of the season, and warming one another with their passions – triggered an arousal within her hotter than any approaching winter.

“Are you ready to really heat things up?” Chris whispered, his member now fully erect and pressing against her inner thighs.

“Yes!” Summer said without hesitation. “I’m ready, Chris. Please…make me feel hot.”

Already covered in a light sweat, she braced for more heat as her lover ignited the final proverbial spark.

Shifting his grip to her thighs, he rose up slightly and positioned himself between her legs. Then, with his masculine body glowing in the light of the sunset, he entered her. Almost immediately, Summer felt a surge of hot sensations.

“Hot enough, yet?” Chris said in a husky tone.

“Ooh, yes!” she moaned.

“Good,” he said, “but I’m not convinced.”

Spoken like a dedicated worker/lover, he began making love to her at a fervent pace. He dug his knees and feet into the ground, giving himself extra leverage as he worked his hips with power and passion. In and out, his manhood slithered inside her, hot flesh embracing hot flesh. The end result was equally hot sensations that mirrored their shared desire for one last heat wave before winter.

She moaned in delight as those desires were realized. She did not mute herself in the slightest, her cries of passion echoing into the twilight. She knew how much Chris loved to hear her moan during sex. They motivated him even more, inspiring the kind of determined grunts that radiated with strength and vigor.

“Chris…ohhh Chris!” Summer exclaimed. “I feel it…so hard… so hot!”

“That’s…what I want,” he gasped in between grunts. “I want…to make you…hot.”

“You are! You make me…so hot!”

That heated proclamation took on a literal and figurative sense. She could already feel the sweat from his body mixing with hers, the results of their heated lovemaking taking a very tangible form. She could also feel an orgasm coming strong.

When it hit, there was no warning. Summer rarely had to tell her lover when she was on the brink of orgasm. She made it exceedingly obvious in other ways.

“Oohhh fuck yes!” she cried out.

In an instant, that warm feeling she and Chris had created with their love became a burning ecstasy that shot through her body like a wave on a tropical beach. For Summer, having spent much of her life on those beaches, it was extra satisfying. Beyond the raw pleasure, though, there was more to the feeling. Between the picturesque setting and the prospect of limited heat over the winter, the moment was extra meaningful.

“Yeah…I’d say that’s hot enough,” Chris said.

Had she not been immersed in pure euphoria, Summer would’ve laughed. For a brief moment, the winds, the birds, and the bugs were all temporarily muted as she soaked in the feeling. Her eyes closed, her back arched, and she squeezed her bouncing breasts, creating the kind of spectacle that always gave Chris pause, even in the midst of passion.

Even in her blissful daze, he leaned in and kissed her. His naked, sweaty body now on top of her once more, the flesh kept that passionate heat going. The air around them felt as warm and muggy as a sunny day in July. In that moment, it felt like summer again.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Chris told her. “No matter how hot or cold it is…you never cease to astound me, Summer.”

“Speak for yourself, my darling,” she replied. “I swear you can make the coldest winter feel like a trip to the beach.”

“What can I say? I’m a man of many talents,” he teased.

“And I’m a woman who loves to nurture that talent,” she quipped, “and in case you haven’t noticed…the sun hasn’t fully set.”

“Believe me, I noticed!”

Grinning playfully, they kissed again and the lovemaking resumed. If that evening was going to be their last taste of summer heat – literally, to a large extent – then they might as well enjoy every last second of it.

Since her husband had been so dedicated to warming her body and spirit, Summer decided to return the favor. His rigid member still inside her throbbing folds, she grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him over so that she was on top of him. From there, she began riding his cock, quickly re-establishing the same vigorous rhythm he’d so passionately demonstrated with her.

“From now…until the sun disappears,” she said, “we keep making love!”

“That a…challenge?” said Chris, already panting heavily.

“No, my love…a promise!”

She sealed that promise with another kiss. He sealed it too by wrapping her in his arms again, holding their naked bodies close as they danced the lover’s dance together in the diminishing twilight.

From there, a fresh round of heat surrounded them. More hot sensations followed, supplemented by a steady progression of moans and gasps that echoed throughout the surrounding woods. There was nothing fancy or theatric about their lovemaking. It was just the kind of raw, directed passion that could shelter any lovers from the approaching cold.

If the goal was to just keep the fire going and work up more sweat, then they definitely succeeded. Guided by love and a shared desire to sustain the heat, they pushed the limits of their stamina, sexual and otherwise.

After riding his cock for a good long while, they just rolled around atop the blanket, going at it from various positions. They didn’t get too elaborate. Summer didn’t have to test any of her old gymnastic skills. There was a common theme to it, though. Every position was one that maximized body contact, ensuring naked skin rubbed against naked skin. Friction made heat. Heat made more sweat. Together, it made for hotter sex.

It led to more orgasms along the way, complete with more proclamations of ecstasy that stirred the surrounding wildlife. Summer swore the trees trembled as she and Chris rocked the area with their lovemaking. It was as though their passions were fueled by the last gasp of the summer season, the energy flowing into their naked bodies and guiding them through one last round of heat.

“Chris…my warmth…my love,” Summer gasped through the intimate daze.

“Summer…my favorite time of the year!” Chris replied with a beaming smile.

She smiled back and kissed him again, pushing her physical limits to keep the passion going. Chris stayed with her every step of the way, showing off the stamina that had made for so many hot nights. It was a testament to his dedication, doing what he had to do to keep the heat flowing and deliver to her what he promised.

Keeping that promise soon took on a greater sense of urgency. Summer could see the sun was just about to set over the horizon. The final light of the season was about to disappear. That gave them a small window with which to make that moment count. She was on the brink of another orgasm. For the final push, though, she wanted her lover to share it.

“Chris, I…I’m close again,” Summer told him.

“Me too, Summer,” Chris said through labored grunts. “I…I’m so close!”

“Please…come with me. In one more taste of summer…let’s come together.”

As she said those desperate words, he caressed her face while she clung to his neck, holding on for one last rush of summer heat. Their eyes locked, the glimmer of the sun fading fast, they pushed their bodies and souls to that special threshold. It was like the end of a journey, but one they could only finish together.

When they finally crossed that line, she and Chris let out a shared cry of ecstasy. A wave of warm, unabated pleasure consumed their sweat-covered bodies in harmonious release of passion. She threw her head back while he buried his face in her neck, the sounds of their love mixing with the gusts.

For a brief moment, time stood still. It was like the entire season of summer had stopped just to tell her and Chris goodbye. From her position, Summer could see the sun disappear over the horizon one last time. With her lover in her arms, his embrace keeping her so warm, she smiled at the fading twilight. As much as she loved the warm weather, she had no doubt she and Chris could endure any winter.

With the sun now set, she and Chris collapsed atop the blanket. Their bodies parted, but they remained in each other’s embrace, lying side-by-side and absorbing the lingering warmth of their passion. Together, they had forged a special warmth through the rhythm of love and sex. It felt like a fitting celebration for the final days of summer.

“I love you, Chris,” she said to him.

“I love you too, Summer,” he told her.

“Thank you for keeping me warm. Thank you for making every day feel like summer!”

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“Rigor And Sweat” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story I wrote about people who don’t understand the value of hard work and those that do. That value has genuine sex appeal, as I hope to demonstrate. Enjoy!

“If you really want something, you need to put in the rigor and sweat.”

That was the mantra that Jennifer Rashad had heard her father, Saul Rashad, tell his many employees at least once a day. As the founder of Silver Chain Industries, one of the most successful companies of the past 30 years, he’d worked to create a culture where people toiled beyond their limits to achieve the sweeter fruits of their labor.

He’d lived by that mantra, having told her and her two older brothers, Raymond and Stefan, the story about what he went through to build his success. He’d been the dirt poor son of a single mother. Now, he was a billionaire married to a former Hollywood actress, whose voluptuous figure Jennifer inherited. He told his story with such pride to family and co-workers alike, reinforcing the value of struggling to achieve something great.

There was just one glaring problem, though. Her father’s message was only selectively applied.

“They’re here!” her brother, Raymond, cheered on a sunny day at her family’s palatial estate. “The X-180 Jet Skis are finally here!”

“A week before they’re officially on sale,” her brother, Stefan, added. “You know what that means, eh bro?”

“A Rashad family test drive?”

“Is there any other kind worth doing?”

The two young men dropped what they were doing and ran out to the private delivery truck that had just backed into the private boat house that was located on the south end of the estate’s ocean-side dock. That dock also housed the family yacht, which her father had named “Rigor.” That seemed somewhat ironic at the moment because that concept seemed empty for Raymond and Stephen.

“Wait!” yelled Michael Prater, the family’s well-paid personal trainer. “We’re barely halfway done with your workout for this morning.”

“We’ll reschedule!” Ray called out. “Some things are more important than our health!”

“Like jet skis,” Stefan said, “new, high-end jet skis!”

They didn’t even turn around to see the annoyed look on their trainer’s face as they sprinted towards the delivery truck. Still in their sweaty workout clothes, they probably weren’t going to change into bathing suits or anything before they took to the water.

Jennifer, who had been reading over emails on her laptop while lounging by the pool in a pair of jean shorts and a tank top, saw Michael’s expression and didn’t blame him for his dismay. He knew as well as the rest of the estate’s staff what a “Rashad Family Test Drive” entailed. It was her brothers’ coy term for parading expensive merchandise to their fellow affluent neighbors. Whether it was boats, cars, or fancy new smartphones, Ray and Stefan took pride in showing off their latest assets to others.

That act of outright boasting wouldn’t have bothered her – or the rest of the staff, for that matter – if her brothers had actually done something to get their hands on that stuff ahead of time. Usually, the most effort they put into it involved making a few phone calls to friends and associates. They didn’t even have to leave their bedrooms to do it. That was hardly in line with their father’s mantra of rigor and sweat.

That didn’t seem to bother him, though. Up on the deck overlooking the pool, Jennifer saw her father casually walking about in the hot summer sun, chatting on his cell phone and conducting business. He just waved to Ray and Stefan as they rolled out the jet skis, not doing or saying anything to stop their behavior. She doubt it would’ve done much good.

“Another day, another bit of unearned rewards,” Jennifer said, sighing to herself. “I should be used to it by now and yet…”

She let her words trail off as she diverted her gaze from her rowdy brothers. It shouldn’t have bothered her. She, Ray, and Stefan had grown up in an affluent world, never wanting for anything or enduring real hardship. Their father, despite his laurels on toil and work ethic, made it that way.

It was blind spot, of sorts, for a man who was usually so attentive to detail. He pushed partners, employees, and co-workers so hard. Her father had once fired a tailor for putting too many buttons on a dress shirt. However, when it came to his children, he made sure they struggled as little as possible.

“You’re my family. It’s my job to take care of you,” was how her father justified it.

Jennifer understood the merit of a man caring for his family. She loved her father dearly because of it. However, it still bothered her in ways that weren’t easy to articulate.

Jennifer certainly had it easier than most, even for a young woman who had inherited her mother’s Hollywood beauty. She went to fancy prep schools as a kid. She got to pick where she wanted to go to college, not even having to fill out an application. Even after she graduated with only a B-average, she still got a high-level position in the family company, but it was one where she didn’t have to do much. In fact, she barely worked four hours a day and made more money than some of her father’s most tenured employees.

Nobody ever criticized or called her out on it. Jennifer even got the impression that the people she worked with and the staff her family employed were afraid of her. She could see in their eyes how they dreaded that one wrong word would get them fired. It created an environment where she couldn’t even attempt to experience the fruits of real rigor…for the most part.

“There’s only one way I can stomach moments like this,” Jennifer told herself as she put away her laptop. “Luckily for me, someone here needs it more than I do.”

She lightly tilted her overpriced sunglasses and cast a glance towards Michael, who kept scolding her brothers for cutting another training session short and subsequently wasting his time. He must have sensed the same need because he turned right towards her, gave her a knowing nod, and stormed back into the mansion.

“I don’t blame you, Michael. Not in the slightest,” she said. “Just be sure you take it all that frustration out on me.”

Knowing the drill as well as he did, Jennifer waited another five minutes, letting the anticipation build. It was just long enough to watch Stefan and Ray high-five each other as they loaded the fancy new jet skis into the water, the typical demeanor of two men enjoying unearned achievement. It added to the general annoyance she felt for her brothers, but it also added a sense of urgency.

“I’m going inside to shower and get dressed, Daddy,” Jennifer called out. “I’ll be ready to join out in the office in about an hour.”

“Okay, sweetheart. Have fun,” her father replied, still very engrossed in his phone call.

Jennifer rolled her eyes. She probably could’ve told her father she was heading out to rob a bank and he would have said the same thing. When he got caught up in work, even on a Saturday, it was hard to get his attention. That didn’t bother her, though. It actually worked to her advantage.

Assured her father and brothers were plenty distracted, she made her way inside the spacious estate that boasted seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a five-car garage. There weren’t many parts of the estate that weren’t absurdly luxurious. There were some areas, though, that weren’t as opulent as others. They also happened to be the places most isolated and necessary for what she had in mind.

“You better be ready to pounce, Michael,” Jennifer said under her breath. “I’ll need some extra rigor this time around.”

Moving faster, she ascended the large staircase in the foyer. She then rushed towards the south end of the mansion where her room was located, complete with oversized closets and a private bathroom better than most five-star hotels. However, that was not her primary destination.

Halfway towards her room, she slowed down. She listened for any maids or cleaners that might have been working off-hours. She heard nothing. Near as she could tell, she was the only one there. The heavy silence, along with the cold air from the air conditioner, sent shivers down her spine. However, they had nothing to do with the cold.

“Just another day in a life of obscene affluence,” Jennifer said, looking around in anticipation.

Those words were the signal. What happened after that was completely beyond her control, in more ways than one.

The instant after she uttered those words, the door of a nearby linen closet burst open and Michael came storming out like a predator in waiting. With his powerful arms and lightning-fast reflexes, he grabbed her from where she stood, putting his hand over her mouth in the process. Jennifer stood no chance, feeling completely powerless as he shoved her into the closest and slammed the door shut behind her.

“Rich, over-privileged bitch,” Michael said in a deep, menacing tone. “Time for some overdue rigor!”

He sounded so intense, like a man willing to work extra hard to get what he wanted. The look in his eyes made clear, even in the dim light of the cramped closet, that she had to work just as hard to keep up with him. That prospect filled Jennifer with so much dread and excitement that she couldn’t tell the feeling apart.

For a brief moment, he kept her pinned against a nearby rack of towels. He wasn’t gentle with her either, his imposing form towering over her and giving no concern for her comfort. For an over-pampered rich girl, it was an unfamiliar feeling, which was exactly why Jennifer found it so hot.

“Now,” he said, taking his hand off her mouth, “get out of those overpriced clothes.”

Panting heavily, her every vein coursing with adrenaline, Jennifer did as he demanded. With trembling hands, she pushed the straps of her tank top off her shoulders and pushed it down her waist and legs. She then undid her jean shorts and took them off too, leaving her in just her bra and panties. When she hesitated, though, Michael pushed her up against the shelf even harder, causing her more strain.

“No stalling!” he barked.

The imposing man pressed his forearm up against her neck, causing her to cough. As she stood pinned and paralyzed from the adrenaline, Michael tore off her bra with one hand. He then did the same for her panties, tearing through the expensive fabric with ease.

Now fully naked, her breasts and pussy exposed to a dominating man who’d once been marine, Jennifer trembled under his penetrating gaze. In that moment, exposed and vulnerable in the utmost, her wealth and pledge meant nothing. For once, she was at the mercy of something more powerful than her father’s influence. For reasons she could only attribute to a full-blown kink, she found it incredibly arousing.

“You pampered little whore,” Michael said, the former marine in him really showing. “You’ve got money, security, and big tits. You’ve never had to struggle for anything, have you?”

“No,” Jennifer said meekly, “I haven’t.”

“Well, that changes now,” he said, “because to get through this, you will have to struggle. Unlike your asshole brothers, you’re going to listen to me and you’re going to make a goddamn effort. Understand?”

“Yes! I understand.”

Jennifer might have said that a bit too eagerly. It showed the extent of how much her kink had intensified over the years. Michael wasn’t the first person with which she’d embraced it, but he’d proven he was most skilled at giving her what she wanted and what she wanted – what she needed for the good of her soul – was for someone to make her work for what she sought.

Michael remained stern, something her previous lovers had been reluctant to do whenever she revealed her fondness for being dominated. He then stepped back, pulling his forearm from her neck so she could breathe easier. His eyes still taking in her naked body, he gazed down on her as though she were the lowest subordinate in all of Silver Chain Industries.

“Get down on your knees,” he told her, “and suck my dick. Suck it until I shoot my load down your gullet.”

She nodded weakly, her demeanor becoming that of a lowly servant and not a spoiled daughter of a billionaire businessman. Under the poor light of the cramped linin closet, she dropped to her knees, the dirty carpet that was rarely vacuumed digging into her skin. Her hands continued to tremble as she grasped the sides of Michael’s athletic shorts and pulled them down along with his boxers, revealing a semi-hard penis.

It was hardly the first time she’d seen his generous endowment. Michael had the kind of dick that strained a woman’s jaw muscles, even those like her who’d been giving oral sex since high school. That didn’t stop her form immediately taking it into her mouth the second it came free. Jennifer knew it was a challenge, giving such a strong man oral sex. That was exactly why she got so turned on by doing it.

“That’s it! Put some effort into it, you privileged bitch,” Michael said as her lips slithered along his dick.

His demanding, crude tone motivated her even more. Jennifer knew she couldn’t half-ass it and still get the job done, as she’d been done all her life. She had to put in real effort. Her father, her money, and her name weren’t going to help her for once.

Taking that notion seriously, she approached sucking Michael’s dick with the kind of effort that had helped make her family company successful. She grabbed hold of the man’s muscular thighs, relaxed her jaw, and bobbed her head back and forth in a hard, rhythmic motion. It was strenuous, testing both her gag reflexes and her ability to bring a man to orgasm. She didn’t assume Michael would make it easy for her. She didn’t want easy.

“Yeah!” he said with a deep grunt. “Suck it hard. Use your tongue. Really work for it.”

Jennifer stepped up her efforts, sucking harder and taking more of his length with every motion. His dick had since become fully erect, really stretching her mouth in ways she wasn’t used to. She still welcomed the challenge, sucking and slurping Michael’s manhood with more effort than any overly-pampered woman would dare.

Michael made it even harder for her, grabbing the sides of her head and holding onto her head to intensify the motion. At one point, he held it still and just fucked her face, as if to let her know how hard he wanted her to suck him. It was so hard that she even gagged a few times, coughing and drooling over his cock. She still kept sucking, though, not daring to wane in her effort.

That sustained rigor, having to suck a dick so hard and meet such unreasonable demands, gave her a powerful rush that intensified her arousal. Jennifer could already feel it between her legs, her pussy getting wetter in accord with the effort. It used to worry her, the idea that being dominated so crudely made her that horny. She’d since embraced it as both a kink and an exercise in work ethic.

“I…I’m ready!” Michael grunted. “I’m gonna come…right down your throat!”

Jennifer summoned whatever energy she had to suck just a little bit harder, pushing herself beyond the limits she thought she had. She gagged a few more times, but didn’t dare lose focus. After a few messy licks, mixed in with some hard face-fucking, she did it. She got Michael to come.

“Ohhh fuck!” the former marine grunted.

As his labored moans echoed throughout the closet, Jennifer felt his cock throb as it released a thick load of manly fluid down her throat. Again, she gagged, but didn’t avoid the strain. She swallowed every last drop, even using her tongue to make sure she got it all. It was part of that extra effort she’d been taught, but never allowed to exercise. While she doubted her father thought she’d employ it through sex, there was no denying the results.

Jennifer remained still as Michael’s body shuddered from his release. She could feel the intensity of his orgasm in the way his legs tensed and his dick twitched inside her mouth. Looking up at him, seeing that look of ecstasy on his face, she saw the fruits of her vigorous labor. It rendered her even more aroused.

“That’s a good dirty girl,” Michael said breathlessly, “so spoiled, yet so determined.”

He withdrew his cock from her mouth. Jennifer gasped and coughed, saliva still dripping down the side of her face. Still looking up at him, breathless and submissive, she pleaded with her eyes for more.

“You’re so pampered, but you still want to work,” he told her, “to feel the sweat and strain of hard, heavy labor.”

“Yes,” she affirmed. “I do.”

“I believe you,” he said with a coy grin. “That’s a rare trait, even among marines. I know because I got discharged for pushing others in all the wrong ways. You, on the other hand…you want to be pushed.”

Jennifer nodded again, submissively and meekly. That fueled Michael’s own fetishes. She suspected that he became a personal trainer because he liked giving orders, having people follow them, and pushing them extra hard. She doubted he’d ever encountered someone as eager to be pushed as her.

It was enough to keep his dick semi-hard, despite his recent climax. That didn’t surprise Jennifer. One climax was rarely enough to satisfy Michael. He needed more work, which was part of why he made her so horny. She continued offering no resistance as he grabbed her by the neck and pulled her back into an upright position.

“Let’s finish this somewhere more spacious,” he said to her.

“Lead the way, Michael,” Jennifer told him.

“I’ll do you one better. I’ll carry you!”

In a show of strength and dominance, Michael put those Marine Corp muscles to good use and lifted her up off the floor. He then opened the closet door, carried her out, and hitched her over the shoulder as though she were disobedient child. Jennifer pretended to struggle at first, but only ended up laughing. She could only pretend so much when she was so horny.

Still naked and at his mercy, she held on as domineering man carried her into her room and into her private bathroom. There, he slammed the door behind him, locked it, and took her to the shower in the corner. He set her down right under the spigot, making her sit on the dirty floor.

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” Michael said as he took off his shirt and stepped out of his shoes and socks, “I’m going to fuck you…hard. It’s going to be strenuous, rigorous, and exhausting as hell. You’re going to need an extra-long shower by the time it’s over.”

“Is that a warning?” Jennifer asked, goading him with her feeble tone.

“No. It’s a guarantee!”

Looking up at him, his imposing stature casting a shadow over her, made it seem so daunting. Between the size of his muscles, the extent of his endowment, and his conditioning as a former marine who put up with her brothers, the man could ravage her in ways that few could. There would be pain along with the pleasure, discomfort along with the ecstasy.

It was exactly what she wanted, though. Jennifer Rashad, the daughter of a billionaire who only knew comfort and luxury, craved the rigor and the reward.

“Then, there’s nothing left to say,” she said, still on the cold shower floor. “I am at your mercy.”

“And if you want to get through it, you’re gonna have to endure!” he said to her.

The intensity of his tone, as well as his choice of words, heightened her arousal. Her body and mind ached for the rigor Michael promised. He had to know how much his aggressive, dominating approach turned her on. It was part of the process of making her work for it.

“Now, stand up! Face me!” Michael ordered.

Jennifer couldn’t comply fast enough. She shot up from the cold floor so that she stood in the middle of the empty shower. Just being upright proved difficult due to the intense arousal between her legs. She still managed, which was exactly the point. She knew the real rigor had only just begun.

Like a dog in heat pouncing on a mate in heat, he entered the shower stall and pinned her up against the cold marble wall, the dry surface sticking to her naked skin. He then smothered her with his hands and lips, burying his face between her breasts and raking his hands over her naked body. He was not gentle or affectionate, hungrily nibbling on her tits and roughly fondling the outer folds of her pussy.

It was a very aggressive brand of foreplay, but one with an important purpose. It helped set the tone for her while helping him get erect again. Sensations of pain and pleasure surged through her body, overwhelming her senses and sending her into a daze. Jennifer did nothing to oppose Michael’s fervent foreplay, keeping her arms down and back up against the wall. It was uncomfortable, but stimulating. To feel the pleasure, she had to endure the pain.

It began a familiar that Jennifer had come to love and it would only get more strenuous. She could already feel Michael’s dick getting harder. She could sense his burning need as well in the way he roughly fingered her pussy. He was not going to make it easy on her, nor did she want him to.

“Turn around!” Michael ordered.

Her legs weak and her pussy throbbing, Jennifer barely managed to do as he asked. She did just enough though and quickly found herself up against the wall, her still-sore tits pressing up against the dirty marble. Already panting heavily, she could only brace herself for what came next.

“Time to start fucking you,” he said. “I’d tell you to hold on, but…”

He cut himself off, not giving her another second to prepare herself. With maximum leverage from his position behind her and an ironclad hold on her hips, Michael thrust his pelvis forward and entered her. The feeling of his rigid member penetrating her womanly flesh sent surges of sensations coursing through her body, intensifying that pleasure/pain mix he’d established earlier.

Jennifer let out a deep moan, but was quickly silenced when Michael pressed her head up against the wall and began the rough, rigorous, dominating sex that she loved and craved.

“Michael,” she gasped, her voice still muffled, “so hard…so rough.”

“I’m just getting warmed up,” Michael said, whispering directly into her ear.

The former marine in him really showed. The same aggressive bravado that got him discharged earlier also did wonders for his conditioning. He fucked her hard and fast, working his hips at a rapid pace that tested her endurance on multiple levels. Sometimes, there was pain. Sometimes, there was pleasure. Dealing with one was hard enough. Dealing with both required a different kind of strain and Jennifer eagerly rose to the challenge.

Closing her eyes, her nails raking down the cold wall, she gasped and grunted in accord with the rough movements of their sex. She could only do so much to move her body with his, but had to in order to maintain that blend of pain and pleasure. The way her skin roughly stuck to the cold surface added more strain. It also helped her work up a good sweat, more so than any her brothers had gotten during their workout. That seemed to encourage Michael even more.

The sound of his pelvis smacking against her butt filled the bathroom, along with their various grunts and moans. Michael even gave her butt a few light smacks, which helped intensify the pleasure/pain mix. It was strenuous, rigorous, and overwhelming in ways a rich girl in a mansion rarely experienced. Between that intense experience and the added kink behind it, Jennifer achieved orgasm in record time.

“I…I’m…coming!” she gasped, her words muffled by the wall.

“Already?” grunted Michael, sounding humored. “You kinky…pampered…slut!”

Jennifer barely heard him as she crossed that special threshold where the pleasure vastly overshadowed the pain. In an instant, he knees buckled and her lower back arched as she absorbed her sexual release. Michael even had to slow his rapid humping due to the intense throbbing of her inner muscles.

It was so sharp and intense, hitting with a shock rather than a wave. It was a raw, chaotic kind of pleasure that ignited every nerve and sent her mind spiraling like a whirlwind. Being an attractive rich girl, Jennifer had access to all kinds of sex growing up, but few lovers dared to push her out of fear from her father’s wrath. Those brave few, like Michael, made her work for that special level of ecstasy, which made it all the more enjoyable.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” Michael warned her as she lingered in her orgasmic state. “You just gave me a reason to step up my efforts!”

While Jennifer was still catching her breath, the imposing man withdrew from her briefly and pulled back from the wall. He then pushed her down to cold floor of the shower that the maid’s hadn’t cleaned in nearly a week.

“On your hands and knees,” Michael told her.

Despite her dazed state, Jennifer still managed to comply. She got on all fours, her head partially on the floor with her butt pointed up at the powerful man before her. He soon joined her on the floor, giving her butt a few hard smacks. He then guided his dick back towards her dripping-wet entrance, but instead of her pussy, he pressed the tip up against her ass.

“If that approach is too easy for you,” Michael said mischievously, “maybe this one will be more challenging.”

Without no further warning and little hesitation, he pushed his cock into her ass, penetrating her once more and sending a fresh shock through her body. Whereas the overwhelming pleasure of orgasm had dominated before, the pain of a different kind of penetration helped re-establish the balance.

“Oohhh!” Jennifer moaned. “My…my butt.”

“Take the pain, rich girl! Take it!” Michael said through labored grunts.

The former marine went to work proving his point, re-establishing the same heated sexual rhythm he’d established earlier. With both feet planted firmly on the floor, both hands firmly on her hips for leverage, he rapidly pumped his cock into her ass. Jennifer, her face still pressed against the floor while her polished nails scratched along the dirty surface, just moaned and gasped from the feeling.

It was intense in a different, but similar way from before. Jennifer didn’t do anal sex often, but when she did, it offered the greatest challenge and the greatest rewards. There was more discomfort, but there was also more ecstasy in the final payoff. It required more effort and pain tolerance. For the kind of payoff she wanted, Jennifer was willing to put in that work.

“So hard…so rough,” she grunted in between Michael’s fervent movements.

“Ohhh yeah!” Michael seethed. “I know…how much…you love it.”

More moans and grunts echoed throughout the shower. More sweat formed on her skin. Every breath became labored and every motion came with great strain. With that strain, though, came a unique rush. It went beyond any sensation of pleasure. For Jennifer, it evoked a unique feeling that went beyond work, sex, and ecstasy.

On an unwashed shower floor, naked and vulnerable where her wealth couldn’t protect her, she toiled and struggled to get what she wanted. She endured a kind of hardship that her parents hadn’t allowed. It was as revealing as it was kinky, but it also had a twisted logic to it. By straining and struggling, the feelings she achieved were more meaningful.

“Rigor…sweat…pain…and pleasure,” Jennifer said as her body rocked to Michael’s ravaging. “I want it. I…I feel it.”

Through the imposing man’s relentless movements, the pain gave way to the pleasure. The discomfort morphed into ecstasy. From those rough, vigorous movements, Jennifer achieved another orgasm.

Unlike the first one, Michael didn’t slow down. He just kept pounding into her in pursuit of his own peak. She doubted he noticed her climaxing again. All she got out was a muffled gasp as her body shuddered under the weight of intense pleasure and heavy strain. It was the ultimate manifestation of that potent mixture of pain and pleasure, creating that powerful feeling that she found so uniquely satisfying.

As the intense sensations rendered her dazed, Michael finally approached his climax as well. She could hear him seething with every movement, throwing in a swat of her butt and a quick squeeze of her breast as he approached the threshold.

“Almost…there!” he grunted. “Going to…come…soon!”

Jennifer kept enduring, even after the orgasmic rush had passed. Her world kept rocking, her body moving sharply in conjunction with each thrust. Finally, Michael tasted the fruits of his hard labor as well.

Upon steading his hips, he let out a deep, masculine moan that filled the bathroom as he released his load into her. Jennifer could feel his member throbbing intensely, his grip on her naked flesh tensing in conjunction with his release. Being a former marine, he valued such intense exertion greater than most. It made him a good personal trainer for the family, but it made him an even better lover.

“Such hard, sweaty work,” Jennifer said with a content purr.

“It’s a…a beautiful thing. Isn’t it?” Michael said, still short of breath.

“Indeed, it is.”

The job was complete. They both got what they’d worked for. Michael, now covered in sweat, withdrew his cock from her ass and rose up. She remained on the dirty floor, rolling over and sitting with her back against the wall as she caught her breath.

Looking up, she saw a very different man than the one who had been fucking her ass just a few moments ago. Beyond being short of breath and very satisfied, he was smiling. The intense aggression with which he had pursued their laborious sex had faded and rightly so. Like her, their worked hard and it paid off.

To some extent, the ecstasy they shared reflected that family motto of rigor and sweat. She doubted her father intended it to have such a kinky connotation, but there was no getting around the results.

“I’ll turn the shower on,” he told her. “Take all the time you need. I’ll duck into one of the guest rooms.”

“I’ll be okay, Michael,” she said, smiling back. “Thank you…for challenging me in just the way I needed.”

“Thank you for putting in more effort than your brothers.”

“One of us had to,” Jennifer said proudly. “At some point, though, we’ll have to let them know that our workouts involve more than just weight training.”

“Only if we leave out the part where the woman I love enjoys getting ravaged,” he added.

“Only if you don’t tell them just how much you love ravaging me,” she quipped.

“That’s going to be hard.”

“I know,” Jennifer said, “but I’m a Rashad. Whether it’s love or hard fucking, we don’t shy away from rigor and sweat!”

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“After A Long Week” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story that I wrote after an especially long, busy week I had recently. I think everyone has had similar weeks like that at some point in their lives. This is just me turning it into a sexy story. Enjoy!

“Man, it feels good to be home,” said a tired, but restless Kevin Crayton.

Just hearing those words out loud felt cathartic. He almost had to remind himself that it was Friday night. He wasn’t just going home to sleep for a few hours before heading back to the office. He actually had a chance to rest, relax, and actually appreciate everything he’d worked for. That shouldn’t have been such an audacious concept, but that was the kind of life Kevin had forged.

After pulling into the driveway of his modest suburban house, he took a moment to just catch his breath and gather his thoughts. He had just worked a 60-hour week that shouldn’t have been necessary. Unfortunately, his job at the marketing firm he’d been working at since college threw him several curve balls.

On Monday, two people quit out of the blue, not even handing in a two-weeks-notice. On Wednesday, one of his best analysts broke her ankle in a freak accident and had to spend the night in an emergency room. Those were just the most obvious complications that culminated in a project he had finished and turned into the director just two hours ago.

It was one of those tasks that wouldn’t have been too stressful on a typical work week. In fact, he should’ve been able to take off early and spend the afternoon with his wife, Lucy, who only worked part-time at pharmacy. It wasn’t fair to her that he’d been so busy. He’d canceled their usual date night, which really upset him because that was usually the most relaxing part of his week.

He had to make it up to Lucy. He’d promised her the day they got married that he’d make time for her, even as he pursued his career at the firm. Having been raised by a former marine, Kevin took pride in keeping his promises. He just hoped Lucy was in a forgiving mood.

“Now, I need to make it up my wife,” Kevin said with a deep sigh, “and for all I know, that’ll take all weekend.”

He wasn’t looking forward to all the apologies he owed her. They’d barely spoken in the past 36 hours while he’d been so busy at work. That didn’t make Kevin any less eager to see her. He needed a lot of things to make up for the week he had, but for now, he’d settle for his beautiful wife.

“Might as well start somewhere,” he said, shaking his head in exasperation.

Hoping to leave behind a full five days of stress, he exited his car and made his way to the front door. The sun had already set and chances were, Lucy had already eaten dinner. He’d snacked all afternoon and wasn’t even hungry. Hopefully, she had room for desert, assuming she wasn’t upset with him for working so damn hard.

Kevin began rehearsing all the ways he was going to confront her as he approached the front door. Then, just as he was about to open it, he saw a folded piece of paper taped on the doorknob. On the front was his name written in his wife’s handwriting. Curious, Kevin picked it up and opened it.

“Welcome home,” he read. “I know you’ve had a hard week. Open the door to make it better.”

Now more intrigued than curious, Kevin unlocked the front door and opened it. Immediately, he was greeted with a shocking, but appealing sight.

His wife there waiting for him, but in a distinctly kinky sort of way. There, in the middle of the narrow hallway between the stairs and the small table where he put his car keys, Lucy sat naked on the dirty wooden floor. She looked so casual, leaning back on her arms with her legs fully spread with her lady parts on full display. She acted as though it were the most normal thing in the world, a wife greeting her husband with such an overtly sexual display.

“Welcome home, babe,” Lucy greeted. “I had a feeling you’d need something like this.”

“Lucy,” Kevin said, frozen in place and at a loss for words. “I’m…not sure what’s going on here.”

“Kevin, it’s exactly what you think it is and then some. Now, are you going to stand there and gawk or are you going to get in here and let me welcome you?”

His mouth hung open in shock for a good half-minute. Eventually, Kevin collected himself enough to step inside and close the door behind him, if only to keep one of the neighbors from getting an eyeful of his wife’s nude form.

Even then, he remained somewhat confused, but the more primal parts of his mind were already on alert. In seeing Lucy in all her glory, that seductive glint in her eyes that he hadn’t seen since their honeymoon, Kevin remembered that he still had a functioning penis.

He also recalled that hadn’t had sex with his wife in quite a while. In fact, they hadn’t done it in nearly two weeks. That was the longest they had gone without sex since that time they came down with the flu three years ago. After the week he’d just endured, that felt way too long.

“Lucy,” Kevin began, still struggling to form words.

“Before you begin,” she said, cutting him off, “let me just make a few things clear. It should explain why I decided to ditch dinner, candles, and clothes for the night.”

“That would be helpful,” he replied with a half-grin.

“For the record, I know how busy you were this past week. Believe it or not, I do listen when you tell me about your day. You’re not one to complain, but you do tend to wall yourself off. It’s how you keep your mood from affecting the people you care about.”

Kevin’s grin widened. On top of how good she looked naked, Lucy also reminded him how well she knew him. They’d been together for so long that he didn’t always appreciate how much she’d picked up on his quirks. Not a lot of men could make that claim about their wives. It showed just how lucky he was.

“I’m not going to lie. That does bother me to some extent,” Lucy said.

“And I’d planned on spending the weekend apologizing for that,” Kevin said.

“Save it. You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. I’ve already accepted that harping on that is pointless. Your job is important. Sometimes, a lot of shit goes wrong. Rather than agonize over it, I say we skip to the part where we just celebrate that it’s over.”

“Celebrate…yeah,” he said.

He sounded like an immature teenager who’d never seen exposed breasts before. Lucy snickered at his demeanor and so did he. By every measure, the scene before him was crazy, like something ripped out of a bad porno. It also made a twisted bit of sense.

“So with that in mind…” Lucy said, letting her words trail off.

“Right,” Kevin said, his brain finally catching up to his hormones. “There’s a lot I want to say right now, Lucy. But I got to get the fuck out of this itchy suit.”

With renewed energy and intense urgency, Kevin shed his clothes like they were on fire. He threw off his blazer, undid his belt, and stepped out of his shoes before practically tearing off the fancy suit that he’d gotten dry cleaned less than 12 hours ago.

He didn’t care that he wrinkled his dress shirt and slacks by throwing them into the corner with his running shoes. He barely noticed that he’d kicked his expensive dress shoes across the foyer and into the living room. He needed his wife. He needed her welcoming embrace, among other things.

As soon as he was fully naked, he got down on the floor with her, paying no attention to the dirt and mud stains. He then joined his wife in the middle of the narrow hallway, crawling right between her legs and snaking his arms around her before kissing her passionately.

“God, I need you…so much,” Kevin said in between messy kisses.

“Prove it,” Lucy said, her tone rivaling that any temptress.

Knowing exactly what she meant, skipped the heated make-out session that usually initiated their sexual encounters. Instead, he went directly for the part that made his wife melt in his arms.

Keeping his lips active, he sensually kissed down her neck and over her ample cleavage. He made it a point to give her fleshy mounds an extra firm squeeze, which made her shudder in all the right ways. As much as he loved touching her breasts, though, he didn’t linger. Another part of her body beckoned.

Inch by inch, he worked his way down her torso, past her navel, and into the waiting heat of her inner thighs. He noticed that she was already pretty wet. For all he knew, she’d been waiting for him all evening, eager for his tender touch. He had no intention of making his wife wait a second longer.

“Mmm…seems like you need this too,” Kevin commented.

“Care to prove that too?” she quipped.


Like a starving man getting his first meal in days, Kevin buried his face in his love’s pussy and began eating her out. He wasn’t slow or careful like he usually was. He went in full-speed, skillfully parting her wet folds with his fingers and plunging his tongue into her womanly flesh.

That intense, feminine aura consumed him, sending him into a daze of drunken desire. That skill and effort drew a powerful reaction from Lucy as well.

“Ooh Kevin!” she squealed with delight. “Consider me…convinced.”

Falling back on her arms, his love let out moans that echoed loudly within the narrow hall. Encouraged, Kevin pushed her thighs farther apart so he could get in deeper, licking and stimulating her depths as only he could. The sounds of her blissful moans was like the sweetest music. Already, he felt the stress of the past week melting away.

“Lucy…you taste so good,” Kevin moaned, his voice muffled by her pussy.

It was once of his admitted kinks that might have been the deciding factor in Lucy accepting his marriage proposal. He loved giving oral sex to women. He loved the taste, smell, and effect of pussy. He’d loved it since his first girlfriend in high school dared him to go down on her one night. He liked to think he’d made her night. By the time he met Lucy, he’d refined his tastes, as well as his technique.

Using his tongue and fingers to full effect, Kevin stimulated all those extra-sensitive spots he’d come to know by heart. It led to louder moans, the likes of which filled the first level of their house. Lucy was a direct, straightforward person by nature. She made clear to everyone what she wanted, what she liked, and how she wanted things done. That extended to sex and he was all too eager to oblige.

“Kevin, I…I’m getting so hot.” his love moaned.

“Good,” he told her, “because I’m going to need more than this.”

Lucy couldn’t see it from her position, but Kevin already had a full-fledged boner urging him on. Whether it was a product of pent up sexual energy or the act of gorging on his wife’s pussy, he was very aroused and in need of his wife’s sex.

After giving her folds one last tender lick, Kevin rose up from the floor and got on top of her. He ended up pinning her right on the floor, the dirty wood pressing up against her naked flesh. She didn’t seem to mind, though. She kept her legs fully spread, took him in her arms, and pulled him on top of her so that her ample breasts pressed up against his chest.

“Kevin…take me,” Lucy told him. “Give me what you need…what we both need.”

Her words echoed with the same desperation he felt in every fiber of his being. It was no longer about having overdue sex with his wife. It was about fulfilling an unmet need for both of them.

Driven and determined like never before, Kevin grabbed hold of her thighs and guided his erect dick into her waiting vagina. The feeling of their flesh melding, his hard masculine flesh entering her moist womanly depths, was intoxicating – a once cold void filled with a powerful new heat. It sent him deeper into his daze and Lucy gladly followed.

“Feeling better yet, love?” she purred.

“Ohhh Lucy!” was all Kevin got out.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

She laughed and playfully kissed him, trailing her lips down his face and neck. That encouraged Kevin even more. Lucy had never been a slow and steady kind of girl when it came to sex. She liked it rough. They both did. It was the most potent manifestation of their love for one another.

He made it a point to be extra potent, working his hips and pumping his member inside her tight flesh with great vigor. Their naked bodies rocked and writhed on the floor within the narrow hallway. Kevin couldn’t recall how long it had been since they mopped the area. If it hadn’t been dirty before, they were certainly making it dirty, the sweat and crime of their bodies mixing in a growing pool of passion.

The added effort paid off sooner than expected. After a good dose of hard, focused humping, Lucy’s moans got louder. The writhing and movements of her body intensified. She was already on the brink of orgasm. He knew the signs and Lucy was rarely subtle about it.

“Harder, Kevin! Do it harder! I’m going to…come!” she moaned.

Kevin adjusted his body slightly, rising up so that he could hump her at a different angle. He intensified the pace, watching as her breasts bounced with each thrust, her sweaty flesh grinding against the floor. It was such a beautiful, erotic sight…one that became a noisy spectacle as he sent her over the edge.

“Oohhh Kevin!” she cried out.

The hallways did little to contain the sounds of such ecstasy. He watched in awe as Lucy arched her lower back, closed her eyes, and grasped her breasts as she climaxed right there on the dirty floor. He even slowed his movements so that he could enjoy every second of it.

That might have been the quickest he’d ever brought his wife to orgasm and for someone who claimed she could get herself off with an electric toothbrush, that was saying something. While it was relatively easy to make Lucy come, leaving her satisfied was more challenging. He was more than up to the task, though.

“You really did need that,” Kevin teased, still panting heavily from their sex.

“Yeah…no need to prove it this time,” she said.

“Still…couldn’t hurt to be sure,” he said coyly.

In another show of his burning needs, he withdrew his cock from her still-throbbing vagina, shifted his grip to her waist, and turned her over so that she was on all fours. Still clearly drunk on orgasmic bliss, Lucy did not resist in the slightest. She even shook her heart-shaped ass a bit, as if he needed more tempting at that point.

“Go on,” she said. “Be as sure as you want!”

“I intend to do nothing less!” Kevin told her.

Licking his lips in anticipation, he positioned himself behind her, propped on one knee with his right foot planted firmly on the floor. He then grabbed hold of his wife’s wonderfully round butt, guided his still-rigid cock to her outer folds, and thrust it back into her. From here, he resumed their sex, now with more leverage and even more motivation to fulfill his own needs.

Again, he pumped his cock within her tight folds. It was intense, vigorous, and focused. The sound of his pelvis smacking against her butt echoed through the hall, the feeling of the floor sticking to their sweaty flesh. Lucy even supplemented his movements, bucking her hips so that their bodies moved in a harmonious symphony of sincere love and pent-up lust.

Need mixed with desire and desire became pleasure…intense, overwhelming pleasure that escalated rapidly. Kevin usually preferred drawing out sex with Lucy. He liked to savor it as much as possible. For the sake of completing an overdue feeling, he made an exception and pushed towards his waiting peak.

“Lucy…I’m close…so close! I need it…so bad!” he said through increasingly labored grunts.

“Do it, my love,” Lucy told him. “Come…meet your need with me.”

He did it harder, working closer and closer to his goal. Lucy did her part too, rising up and guiding his hands to her breasts, allowing him to squeeze them for that final drive into ecstasy. It did the trick. He got what he needed.

“Ohhh Lucy!” he gasped, mirroring the words and passion she’d voiced earlier.

Like a warm wave washing over an arid desert, a surge of bliss erupted from within. His dick throbbed, his face contorted, and his muscles tensed in accord with his release. His manly fluid mixed with her feminine juices in a pool of shared passion, a literal manifestation of the lust and love they had expressed in a narrow hallway of all places.

As he soaked in that feeling, he captured Lucy’s lips in another kiss. Eventually, their naked bodies parted and they found themselves sitting with their backs against the wall – still naked, yet very relaxed.

It was beautiful, pleasurable, and exhilarating. After a week of work, stress, and pressure, it was the perfect counter. Kevin went from frustrating restlessness to utter contentment in record time. It was all thanks to having such an amazing wife, one who knew how to fulfill a need and be extra sexy in the process.

“What a way to end a long week,” Kevin said with a beaming smile.

“Amen to that!” said Lucy.

“Work sucks, but when you’ve got someone you love to come home to…someone who doesn’t mind being naked as soon as the door opens.”

“Don’t say it’s worth it. Work shouldn’t be the only reason why you come home to make love to your wife.”

“It’s not,” he said as he affectionately embraced her. “I was going to say it reminds you that no matter how hectic the rest of life gets, you can still get so much with the simplest, sexiest basics.”

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“Labor Day Loving” A Sexy Short Story (About Labor Day)


First off, Happy Labor Day! Some celebrate by having cookouts and parties with friend and family. I love those as much as the next guy, but some people seek to celebrate by telling sexy short stories. I’m one of those people. The following is a sexy short story about Labor Day that I wrote in anticipation of this holiday. Enjoy!

At last, Labor Day had arrived. For most people, it was just another day that extended the weekend by 24 hours. For Jessica and Ryan Valina, though, it was a reprieve they hadn’t enjoyed since New Years. For once, they didn’t have to wake up at five in the morning just to beat the traffic. They could actually sleep in on a Monday and catch up on some badly-needed rest.

That had been their plan for the past six weeks. Unfortunately, it had not gone as well as they’d hoped.

“Ryan,” said Jessica restlessly.

“Yes, Jessica?” her husband replied.

“Are you as wide awake as me, right now?”

“That depends,” Ryan said. “Are your eyelids fighting to stay open?”

“They have been for the past half-hour…at least,” she groaned.

“Then yeah, I’d say I am that awake.”

Ryan sounded every bit as frustrated as she was. She’d been lying on her back, staring at the ceiling, trying to will herself back to sleep. It was no use. Looking over towards her husband, who was on his side facing away from her, she saw someone who needed that extra sleep every bit as much as her.

It just wasn’t happening, though. Their minds and bodies would not cooperate.

“What times is it?” Ryan asked her.

“A quarter till five,” she told him.

“You’re kidding,” he said, rolling onto his back.

“I wish I was. Guess we blacked out the windows for nothing.”

“You still turned the alarm off, right?”

“Of course I did,” Jessica said, not hiding her frustration. “I also turned off our phones, turned up the air conditioner, and told the neighbors not to come over unless the house was on fire.”

“Since I don’t smell smoke, I guess that was for nothing too,” said Ryan.

“How is that even possible? We stayed up late last night, had an extra glass of wine, and binged-watched a bunch of crap on our DVR that had piled up over the past few months. We made a concerted effort to sleep in this morning!”

“And yet…here we are,” he said distantly.

It would’ve been funny if it weren’t so frustrating. It was their first day off in ages and they couldn’t even enjoy it. They had conditioned themselves too well to wake up early on Mondays. It didn’t seem fair.

Then again, fairness had been in short supply since she and Ryan got married. Being college sweethearts, they spent several years enjoying the flexibility of campus life. They could stack all their classes in the afternoon, giving them time to sleep in every morning and hook up whenever the mood struck them. Then, they graduated and got jobs. That was when things got much less flexible.

Ryan was a computer engineer at a software company and she was a business analyst at an investment firm. Both were entry level jobs that had them working at the lowest rungs of the pecking order, which meant they were the ones that had to work longer, harder, and for less money than their experienced supervisors. Between that and their student loan debts, the ability to sleep in on a weekday or even a weekend became a luxury.

Everything became so regimented, revolving around going to work, paying the rent, and helping each other stay on track. They couldn’t just go to the movies on a whim, make love in the middle of the afternoon, or take a daytrip to the city. Beyond dedicating so much money to bills and debts, they just didn’t have the time or energy.

That was supposed to change. Labor Day was supposed to be the first day in a long while when they didn’t have to put in overtime or obsess over work. They could just relax, rest, and recuperate. Jessica made it very clear how she wanted to spend the holiday. Ryan had never agreed to anything so quickly before. It shouldn’t have been that hard, but forces beyond their control kept working against them.

“This isn’t fair,” Jessica said, breaking the silence.

“Tell me about it,” Ryan said with a sigh.

“We bust our asses all year at work – going in on holidays, staying late on Fridays, and even losing our vacation days – just to get our careers going. We try to do everything right, totally changing our priorities after fooling around at college for several years.”

“I miss those days so much. Then again, maybe this is our punishment for having so much fun back then.”

“That makes it even more unfair,” she groaned. “It’s not like we did drugs in dirty alleys and crashed cars on the highway. We got married, for crying out loud! We graduated on time with useful degrees…way more useful than that stupid art history degree my older brother got.”

“It can’t have been that stupid,” Ryan said. “He got that nice job at that movie studio and he takes Fridays off half the time.”

“Don’t make me even more restless, Ryan. This is serious. I needed this. We both did. You remember what Dr. Lanner said back in July. We need to get more sleep. We need to reduce our stress levels.”

“I remember what he said. I also remember him saying it would take more than a few long weekends.”

“I know, damn it! We had to start somewhere, right? I wanted it to be today. Hell, it’s Labor Day. It should be today.”

Jessica tensed up under the covers. Ryan rolled onto his side again and lightly embraced her, which helped calm her down a bit. She took a moment to catch her breath and collect her thoughts. Getting worked up about not being able to sleep in wasn’t healthy. It could only make things worse and she didn’t need that. Neither she nor her husband could afford more stress.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she lightly embraced her husband. “I’m getting way too uptight, especially for a holiday.”

“Like you said, it’s Labor Day,” Ryan told her. “It’s not exactly the biggest holiday of the year.”

“I know. It’s just…you and I have worked so hard for so little reward lately. We knew after four years of college and a fancy wedding at the beach that we’d have to buckle down and focus on building our lives together. But what good is that life if we don’t take time to enjoy it?”

“Not much of a life, that’s for sure,” he said.

“I’ve been tired for weeks,” she went on, “wanting nothing more than to just lie in bed with my husband, sleep past sunrise for once, and enjoy a stress-free holiday. Why does that have to be so hard?”

“I don’t know,” said Ryan. “I wish it weren’t, but I guess all that work has really gotten to us. We’ve pushed ourselves so hard that our lives are built around working and recovering from work.”

When he put it like that, it seemed pathetic. Jessica turned back towards her husband, his arms around her waist as he rested his chin on her shoulder. In the reflection of his eyes, she saw a beleaguered young woman who’d forgotten what it was like to relax and have fun. She also saw in Ryan a man who wanted to rest, but didn’t know how. It was like they had trapped themselves in a cycle of work and exhaustion.

That condition was untenable. Jessica refused to let that be her and Ryan’s life moving forward. She married him in hope of forging a better future with him. She wasn’t going to let work undermine that future.

“We can’t let it get that bad,” Jessica said, rolling onto her side so that she faced him. “That can’t be how we spend our first Labor Day together.”

“It might be a little late to salvage it,” Ryan said with a sigh. “Guess we’ll have to make up for it next year.”

“No! That’ll just set a precedent for every other holiday. If we’re going to actually enjoy married life together, we need to do it now.”

“I’m all for that, but how are we supposed to do that when we can’t even sleep in on Labor Day?”

He made it seem like an intractable problem. Jessica didn’t believe in intractable problems. When faced with a complication, she didn’t try to go around it. She tried to go through it. That was part of what helped her and Ryan come together in the first place. She needed to be that bold once more, if only to set an example for how she and her husband spent Labor Day together.

Still facing her husband, Jessica decided to act on a whim.

“I don’t know,” she admitted, “but I have an idea…one I’m not going to think through.”

Before Ryan could respond, she grabbed him by the shoulders and rolled on top of him, pinning him flat on his back in the process. Then, now straddling his waist with just his boxers and her panties to separate them, she rose into an upright position and slid off the white T-shirt she’d worn to bed. Since she never wore a bra to bed, it rendered her topless, her breasts fully exposed to him in the dim lighting of their bedroom.

“Whoa,” Ryan said, already looking more alert. “I’m liking this idea, but…”

Jessica silenced him by placing her finger on his lips.

“Please, Ryan…don’t think this through, either,” she told him. “The way I see it…if we’ve forgotten how to sleep in on a holiday, then we might as well do something we still know how to do.”

“Make love before sunrise?” he said, his demeanor perking up in more ways than one.

“Not quite,” Jessica retorted. “Making love takes energy, focus, and passion. Fucking just requires energy…the kind we have too much of at the moment.”

Ryan still looked confused, which was understandable for anyone feeling restless on a Monday morning. Jessica made it a point to clear things up before either of them could second-guess the moment.

Following her lurid whim, she kissed her husband on the lips while allowing her breasts to press against his chest. It wasn’t the kind of gentle, loving kiss she usually reserved for dates and romantic moments either. It was the same kiss she’d have given a cute guy a nightclub after a few too many shots of tequila.

Her husband remained shocked for a moment, but it quickly wore off as baser instincts took over. He began kissing back, his hands finding their way to her waist in the process. As their lips touched, Jessica lightly rubbed her pelvis up against his, which helped get his blood flowing in the right direction. As soon as she sensed arousal, she abruptly ended the kiss and acted on another impulse.

“Lift up your hips,” Jessica told him.

Ryan did as she said without question, his confusion giving way to a lustful daze. She took that as a promising sign. That meant they were on the same page.

Upon complying with her request, she made quick work of his boxers. That had been all he wore to bed the previous night, rendering him fully naked after she tossed them aside. Even in the darkness of the early morning, she could make out his manly stature. It got her juices flowing in the right direction as well, which would help make the next part of her idea even easier.

Rising up slightly as well, she slid off her panties, leaving her fully nude as well. She then straddled his waist and leaned over, giving him a perfect view of her face and her cleavage. It ensure she had his full attention, among other thing.

“I’m going to suck your dick now,” Jessica told him. “I’m going to get it nice and hard. At the same time, I want you to eat my pussy out.”

“And get it nice and wet?” he asked, quickly filling in the blanks.

“That part was implied,” she affirmed. “After that, I’m going to fuck you.”

“Are you going to do that nice and hard, too?” Ryan added.

“You got a better way venting excess energy this early in the morning?”

“No. I don’t,” he said with a coy grin.

He was already getting into the spirit of Labor Day, it seemed. The restlessness gave way to a shared desire to see her crazy idea through. She still had no idea whether it would work, but it couldn’t hurt to try.

Licking her lips and following that same Labor Day spirit, she shifted her body so that they were in a perfect 69 position. Her pussy hovered right over his face while his dick was right in front of hers. The energy and restlessness that kept them awake now had an outlet. In the interest of doing something with that energy, they went to work releasing it.

“Mmm…holiday pussy,” Ryan said before burying his face in her inner thighs.

“Ooh! Some holiday,” Jessica replied with a purr.

He’d gotten ahead of her, wasting no time in using his fingers to spread her folds so that he could probe her inner depths with his tongue. The subtle shivers of pleasure that followed helped motivate her even more, taking her husband’s dick in both hands and devouring it with her lips.

The shared act of early-morning lust effectively silenced them. With newfound purpose, they gave each other the kind of oral sex they hadn’t enjoyed since their anniversary college. Jessica wasn’t as careful or tedious as usual, opting for a more direct approach. She squeezed the base and stroked the shaft, sucking and licking up along his length. The goal wasn’t to create some elaborately erotic act. She was just looking to get him hard for sex.

It worked quicker than she’d expected. She felt her husband’s member swell rapidly within her mouth. At the same time, she felt his tongue slither in and around her pussy, stimulating all the sensitive areas that got her extra moist. It shouldn’t have been possible to get that horny so early in the morning, even on a holiday. It showed just how restless they were and how much they needed it.

“Wow! So hard so soon?” said Jessica, his throbbing erection in both hands.

“Morning wood,” he teased after giving her pussy one last lick. “For once, it’s good for something.”

Jessica snickered at her husband’s comment. Already, she felt the tension and restlessness subside. Instead of lamenting on her inability to sleep in on a holiday, she was just horny now. That effectively streamlined her plan.

“I take it that means you’re ready,” she said.

“As ready as any man can be at this hour,” he replied.

“That should be enough.”

Giving the tip of his cock one last lick, Jessica rose up and shifted her body again. Just as before, she straddled his waist, her knees planted firmly at his side with her pelvis aligned with her husband’s cock. He kept his hands on her hips, gazing up at her with focused desire.

“Time to start fucking,” she said to him. “No setup…no teasing…just sex.”

“I can do that,” Ryan said intently.

“All that lingering energy from long days and short weekends…channel it into fucking me. Just let it all out!”

“In other words, fuck until we’re tired again?”

Jessica laughed and gave her husband a kiss. It was remarkable how well they could coordinate when they had a share goal, be it building a life together or having some Labor Day sex.

“Yeah, that’s the plan,” she affirmed.

“That’s a plan I can get behind,” Ryan said.

Without another word, Jessica reached behind her back, grabbed the base of her lover’s cock, and guided it into her vagina. A flood of sharp sensations followed as his flesh penetrated hers, her moist folds surrounding his manly flesh in a melding of their bodies. That warm, intimate feeling unleashed the pent up energy that had kept them awake, among other things.

Shifting her grip to his waist, Jessica rode her husband’s cock in a perfect cowgirl position, gyrating her hips in succession of steady movements. Together, they gasped and moaned as the tight folds of her pussy slithered along the length of Ryan’s cock, triggering a steady stream of blissful feelings. If she had any lingering tension before, she sure didn’t have it now.

“Ryan…oohhh Ryan,” she gasped in between movements.

“Ohhh Jessica,” he moaned.

She narrowed her gaze on his, conveying to him the love that had gotten them so far. He did the same, flashing her that affectionate glint that she only ever saw in their most intimate moments. Feeling up her waist as she rode him, he fondled her breasts as they bounced to the rhythm. It added an extra bit of sensation to their sex, as well as motivation to keep venting the energy.

It had been a while since she and Ryan had just fucked like rabbits. There was once a time when they just randomly jumped each other’s bone in between the nights they set aside for romantic lovemaking. They still made love fairly regularly, but those moments where they just went at it had pretty much vanished since they started working. Everything became a routine with very little margin for error, even in matters of sex.

There was nothing routine about what she felt at the moment, though. There was no schedule or plan, romantic or otherwise. She and Ryan were just fucking, relishing in the raw, basic pleasures that often got lost in between work. She must have needed it more than him because she could already feel an orgasm coming on.

“Ryan, I…I’m gonna come! I’m gonna…come!” she panted, already winded from her rhythmic motions.

“Come, Jessica,” he urged her. “Come…as much as you need to.”

That deep, determined tone in his voice – the same tone that made him such a hard worker, no less – helped send her over the edge. When the feeling hit, there was nothing fancy about it. It was just a nice, powerful orgasm.

She dug her nails into his torso, closed her eyes, and arched her lower back as the ripples of pleasure surged through her. Ryan tightened his hold on her breasts, supplementing the feeling as she soaked in the feeling. It rendered her dazed, her body and mind settling into that special state where stress and worry just melted away. It was the perfect antidote for restlessness.

“Tired yet, Jess?” Ryan said with a half-grin.

“Getting there,” she replied, still short of breath.

“Good! I’ll get you the rest of the way.”

Showing a similar resolve to the one she’d just demonstrated, Ryan rose up and wrapped her in his powerful arms. He then kissed her, laid her back down on the bed, and got on top of her. Their flesh never parted, his throbbing manhood still deep in her pussy. That morning wood of his was even harder than she’d expected.

Still in her daze, Jessica kept embracing her husband, clinging to his manly flesh as he began fucking her with the same brand of raw energy that she’d so effectively tapped. Ryan was a bit less measured in his movements, though, establishing a harder, faster rhythm than before. It was not the mark of the marathon lovemaking they’d enjoyed before. It was a sprint towards more ecstasy.

“Ooh yeah! Hard and fast…just like that!” Jessica moaned. “Do it, Ryan! Wear yourself out fucking me!”

Her husband responded with a deep grunt before kissing down her neck and intensifying his movement. Back and forth, in and out, his upper body grinded against hers with each motion. He really dug his knees and feet into the bed, working his cock inside her still-throbbing pussy. Wave after wave of intense, chaotic sensations followed, coupled with equally chaotic gestures. It rocked the bed hard, as if to reflect just how much energy they had to vent.

In her daze, it was hard to keep up. As she and Ryan moved together in the intimate heat, their naked bodies shifted under the covers through a succession of positions. At one point, she had both her legs hitched over his shoulder as he humped her. At another, she was on her side while Ryan fucked her at an angle. Somewhere along the line, she climaxed again. She might have even climaxed a few more times after that. It was hard to tell, but Jessica couldn’t care less.

It all just came gushing out through their sex. Hands, fingers, and lips ran wildly every step of the way, his manly sinews remaining entwined with her feminine curves. There was no pattern or system to it. There was just two people fucking on Labor Day morning, blowing off the steam that they’d built up over the course of such a busy year. It was overdue and it felt so damn good.

The pace only started to slow after Ryan, winded from so much intimate exertion, neared his climax. Jessica was on her side and he was spooning her from behind, pumping his dick into her while fondling her breasts. She sensed he was close. She also sensed he was almost spent, which was just what she’d hoped.

“Jessica…I’m close,” he grunted, in between increasingly desperate thrusts.

“I’m ready,” Jessica replied, her voice still dazed. “Just let it all out…and then some.”

She placed her hand atop his, entwining their fingers as if to guide him the rest of the way. The last round of movements was pretty labored, requiring an extra push to get to that special place where no further energy was necessary. Finally, after a few more passionate movements, it happened.

There was no spectacle to it. Ryan just let out a deep, euphoric grunt as he climaxed. Jessica, still clutching her lover’s hand, moaned with him as she felt a thick stream of his manly fluid shoot into her. That intimate warmth, their sensual juices mixing together, felt like their excess energy taking a tangible form. Releasing it was both cathartic and pleasurable.

“Happy Labor Day, my love,” Jessica told him.

“Same to you…my love,” he said breathlessly.

When the feeling had passed, the afterglow subsuming the euphoria, Ryan withdrew from her and rolled onto his back again. Jessica rolled over as well and curled up next to him, his arm still draped around her. Every muscle in her body had relaxed. Every fiber still burned from their lustful outburst. She could barely move her limbs, let alone keep her eyes opened.

“It’s official,” Ryan said, exhaustion and contentment echoing in every word. “I’m tired again.”

“Me too,” Jessica said with a light grin.

“I love you.”

“I love you too. And for the record…I’d like to make this our new Labor Day tradition.”

It was too late. Ryan had already fallen asleep. Smiling to herself, Jessica closed her eyes and followed him, finally slipping into that deep, relaxed state that once seemed so elusive. For a holiday like Labor Day, it felt fitting.

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“A Sexy Science Experiment” A Sexy Short Story (About A Bionic Penis)


The following is a sexy short story I wrote after seeing a number of stories about men with bionic penises. Yes, by the way, this story includes a bionic penis. Enjoy!

It was another cold, dreary night on the outskirts of Centerfield University. For most people, it was a perfect excuse to stay indoors, curl up on the touch, and binge watch whatever shows made them forget how cold they were. For Kelly “Roxy” Rindle, those nights had a different meaning. They usually meant she was going to be busy.

“Another storm, another city full of lonely men,” Kelly sighed as she entered a hotel less than an hour after sunset. “I need to start charging a higher premium.”

Making her way through a mostly-empty lobby, not even making eye-contact with the receptionist at the desk, she slipped into the nearest bathroom to fix her appearance. Wearing a heavy coat that covered a low-hanging halter top and skin-tight black pants, Kelly took a moment to recover from the blistering cold. She also had to re-apply her makeup, brush her hair, and apply her lip balm. As an independent escort, she had a brand to maintain.

“I should charge extra for the makeup I have to buy,” Kelly said to her reflection in the mirror. “I’m sure that discount store on campus knows girls like me need it.”

Girls like her – a concept that used to bother her, but had since lost meaning – had an unspoken rule about their illicit line of work at a place like Centerfield. First and foremost, it had to be a choice. Nobody who didn’t choose ever lasted long in the world of sex work, but that choice took on greater relevance for those who escorted as a means to an end.

Centerfield University was one of the most prominent schools in the country, attracting some of the most promising students. Kelly had been one of them and it had been her dream school since her freshman year of high school. She remembered cheering for a half-hour straight when she got accepted. However, getting good grades for four years of high school was the easy part. Paying for it proved much more challenging.

Centerfield University was a top tier school, but it was expensive, even by private school standards. Everyone who didn’t have a scholarship had to work a job or have rich parents who could pay the hefty tuition. Kelly didn’t have rich parents, nor did she have much in terms of college savings. She knew she’d have to work a job if she wanted to attend her dream school. She just didn’t think she’d end up being an escort, although in hindsight, it seemed inevitable.

There were a lot of factors that went into that choice, but she’d made it and had since stopped regretting it. Kelly didn’t dwell on it as she finished applying her balm.

“That should do it,” she said as she put her makeup away. “Time to earn my overpriced tuition.”

Kelly exited the bathroom and briefly checked her phone to see that she still had time. Her first client of the night had scheduled her for a standard-length session. He was a new client and while she usually didn’t see them first, he offered to pay extra and she needed every dollar her former track star body could earn.

That was the second and most frustrating rule of escorts around Centerfield. Anyone who had any desire to graduate with a degree and not be crippled by loan debt had to jump at every opportunity. Sometimes, that involved a scholarship or a well-paying side-job. Sometimes, that involved being an escort.

Centerfield already had a sordid reputation for the number of students working as escorts. Kelly learned shortly after she got into the business that the competition was fierce. Chances were there were other pretty girls serving clients tonight with an unspoken understanding of why students like her had to sell sex to pay the bills. It wasn’t that they had no choice. It was just the easiest, especially for someone who’d started filling out bras earlier than most girls.

Having naturally good looks was just part of what made a good escort, though. They also needed to actually enjoy sex, which Kelly certainly did. Granted, much of that was due to an overly horny ex-boyfriend who had gone to college on the other side of the country, but that experience had done enough to prepare her. She knew how to have sex, how to enjoy it, and how to be sexy. It made for a relatively easy transition into escorting.

Kelly needed easy at the moment, mostly because her first couple years at her dream school had been mired in uncertainty. She thought she knew what she wanted to do when she got accepted. She hoped to study business, get an MBA, and then start her own business one day. Then, she began taking classes and found out that it might not lead to the kind of career she’d hoped. To date, she still hadn’t figured out an alternative.

“I’ll need to justify that tuition soon,” Kelly muttered as she entered the elevator. “At some point, I need an actual dream to go along with my dream school.”

She could already hear her mother berating her for wanting to switch majors. She’d probably be more upset about that than she would if she found out she worked as an escort. Kelly chose not to tell her, opting to handle one difficult issue at a time. Checking her phone, she sat that it was almost time.

“Better save those dreams for later,” she said with more focus. “For now, I need get sexy.”

As the elevator ascended, Kelly adjusted her demeanor in preparation for her client. She let Roxy, the persona she marketed online, take over. Roxy wasn’t concerned about school, tuition, and her future career. She was just a horny young woman who looked good in a thong, loved to fuck, and needed money.

Strangely enough, being Roxy was probably the least complicated part of Kelly life. It didn’t involve complicated life choices. It just involved her taking her clothes off, putting on a sexy face, and having sex with men. It was both easy and lucrative, especially for someone who’d learned she had a sexy side at a young age.

“I am Roxy,” she told her reflection in the elevator door. “Go do your thing!”

A soon as the door opened, Kelly left all those uncertainties behind and made her way down the vacant hall to Room 622. Her client had texted her 15 minute ago, saying he was ready for her. She’d told him she would be there at eight o’clock sharp. As any competent escort knew, time was their second most precious commodity. Kelly made it a point not to waste a second of it, arriving at the door and waiting until the exact second to knock. That was her way of letting her clients know that she was both punctual and dedicated.

“Here we go again,” she said under her breath before embracing her Roxy persona.

Within seconds, the door opened and Kelly got her first glimpse of her new client.

“Good evening,” a man greeted. “I’m Marvin Herbert. Are you, Ms. Roxy?”

“That’s me, hun,” Kelly replied with a curt grin, “and just call me Roxy. That’ll make it easier.”

“I agree. If it helps, you can call me Marv.”

“I’ll call you whatever you want. That’s my job, right?”

“Right…I suppose,” he said sheepishly. “Please, come in, Roxy.”

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The Marv seemed friendly and unimposing enough. He didn’t look that much older than her, appearing to be in his early 30s or so. He was no athlete, standing less than six feet tall and having the kind of lanky frame that implied rarely got picked first in gym glass. He was also somewhat pale, wearing black khakis and a dress shirt that most men wore to an office. He reminded her someone who worked in the science department at Centerfield. Those people always dressed like they were going to a dinner party.

His smile and his demeanor didn’t set off any red flags. Feeling assured, Kelly entered the hotel room while Marv closed the door, putting the “do not disturb” sign on the doorknob in the process. She then casually approached the bed, making it a point to shake her hips in a seductive way, hoping to set the mood.

“Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, Roxy,” Marv said after locking the door. “You mentioned you don’t see first-timers, as you call them. Believe it or not, you were the fifth person I contacted in my effort to set this up.”

“I believe it,” Kelly said. “Some girls are extra cautious with newcomers, but I’m willing to get a little daring here and there.”

“And I appreciate that. That’s why I tried to put extra into your uh…gift.”

Kelly noticed his eyes awkwardly shift to the envelope on the nightstand next to the bed. It contained her payment. As per the rules of basic escorting, money was not to be mentioned. It was just supposed to be there in plain sight for her to collect once their business was complete. The man seemed to understand that, but his inexperience in dealing with escorts really showed.

“No need to get nervous,” Kelly told him, now leaning back on her arms and giving him a seductive glance. “Don’t focus on the particulars. Let’s just get extra comfy on this chilly night.”

“I’d like that, Roxy,” Marv said in an oddly intrigued tone, “but there are a few details I’d like to share with you?”

“Oh? What kind?” she asked, wondering what sort of kinky tastes the man had.

“The kind that I hope will show the fruits of all my hard work. If all goes well, you’ll be the first one to experience it directly.”

Kelly, still trying to maintain her Roxy persona, cast the older man a strange look. He still hadn’t set off any red flags, but he was getting close. She didn’t get the impression he was role playing or anything like that. He seemed both serious and excited, although she wasn’t sure it had anything to do with her presence.

As she sat back on the bed, Marv approached her with an eagerness that reminded her of a man who’d just bought a fancy new car. It felt as though her being an escort didn’t even matter to him. It heightened her suspicions, but it also sparked her curiosity.

“You see, I’m a lead researcher at the Centerfield science labs,” Marv went on. “I’ve got two masters degrees, one in biology and one in bioengineering. I’m also working on my PHD.”

“Wow. That’s impressive,” Kelly remarked, “so I may end up calling you Dr. Herbert?”

“If all goes well, you just might at some point,” he said with a humored grin. “For the past five years, I’ve been conducting research on a new generation of medical implants. It’s a growing field with exciting application and I’m not just talking about pacemakers. We’re getting to a point where we can create targeted implants for localized, precise treatment of defective tissues.”

Kelly kept smiling, but almost ended up laughing. Marv sounded way too energetic for someone talking about science, a topic she know or care much about. Even though she’d gotten a B-plus in all her science classes, she had never encountered someone who got so giddy about it. It was kind of cute, but still pretty odd, even by escort standards.

“That sounds fascinating,” Kelly said, pretending to be turned on by it.

“It is!” Marv continued. “I’ve spent the last several years, trying to push things forward faster. I’ve annoyed a few people and I’m told my people skills are average at best, but I’m willing to pay that price for my work.”

“That kind of dedication is admirable, Marv.”

“It’s also the easiest part, unfortunately. I must have done something right because I finally managed to get a prototype built. Unfortunately, making a prototype and testing it are two different things. The process for rat trials, alone, is excruciating and I’d rather not wait that long. Some leaps in science require extra risks and I think this is one of them.”

There was a strange glint in his eye. Kelly had never seen anything like it and for an experienced escort, that was saying something. She ceased being suspicious, no longer suspecting that there was something dangerous at play. She found herself genuinely interested in what the man had to show her.

“But enough talk,” Marv said. “I understand our time is limited so why don’t I show you?”

That glint never left his eye as he stood before her at the foot of the bed, undid the belt buckle on his pants, and pulled them down, along with his boxers. He then stepped out of his dress shoes and took a step back, giving Kelly an unobstructed view of his penis. She tried not to react too strongly, but even an experienced escort took notice when a man just exposed his genitals to a stranger.

Near as she could tell, Marv had a fairly average endowment. Having been an escort for over a year, Kelly had seen all sorts of shapes, sizes, and configurations in male genitalia. Some were more noteworthy than others, but Marv didn’t appear to have any distinguishing features. He seemed very casual about it, which was uncommon for men who didn’t regularly sleep with beautiful women. She still gave him a sexy smile, though, if only to maintain the mood.

“I see,” she said teasingly. “Is this related to your work?”

“Very much so,” Marv affirmed. “I don’t know how big you are on science, but I hope you watch closely. You’re about to witness a true scientific breakthrough!”

With an eager grin and a confident poise, he pressed a button on his watch, which looked like an ordinary watch from a distance. Kelly wasn’t sure what to expect. For all she knew, it could’ve turned him into a werewolf. However, within second of pushing that button, she saw something happen with his penis.

In a sight that defied everything Kelly thought she knew about male anatomy, Marv’s penis went from completely flaccid to fully erect in just a few seconds. It got so hard so quickly, as though it were a light switch. He didn’t touch it or shift his demeanor in any way. He just got hard in a way that would’ve made a male porn star jealous. At that point, she didn’t even have to pretend to be impressed.

“Wow!” Kelly gasped. “What exactly just happened?”

“The culmination of some very dedicated, admittedly kinky research,” Marv answered proudly.

“Um…care to be more specific?” she asked, still processing the sight.

“It would take way too long to go over the technical specs. Simply put, I surgically installed a biomechanical implant into my penis and treated the surrounding tissue with a synthetic substrate of programmable bio matter to facilitate external excitation of specific peripheral nervous responses.”

“That’s…still too technical.”

“Well, in exceedingly unscientific terms, I gave my penis a cybernetic implant. You are looking at, to my knowledge, the first cybernetic penis in history.”

Kelly blinked a few times, needing more than a few moments to process what she’d just heard. She knew what the word cybernetic meant and she knew what a penis was, more so than most young women. The idea of putting them together never even crossed her mind.

It sounded like a joke, one she wouldn’t have even laughed at had she’d not seen what she just saw. The idea that she, a finically-challenged college student who did sex work on the side, was the first woman to ever see a cybernetic penis was pretty jarring. It was also kind of neat…if not intriguing in a kinky sort of way.

“I’m going to be honest with you, Marv. I’m kind of at a loss here,” Kelly said, still trying to process the implications.

“Take all the time you need, Roxy,” said Marv with a humored look on his face, “but in the interest exploring those implications, I should probably show you this too.”

As her mouth hung open in astonishment, the unassuming man pushed another button on his watch. Then, she heard a very low-pitched humming sound that came directly from Marv’s penis. Still standing with the pride of a man who’d just won the Olympics, he took a step forward so that his dick was right in here face.

“Here,” he told her. “Touch it.”

That might have been the most polite request Kelly had ever heard in her time as an escort. She’d never obliged so willingly or eagerly, for that matter. As soon as she placed her hand on the fully-erect member, she felt it vibrating in her hand.

Again, Kelly needed a moment to process the situation. In her hand was a live penis, attached to a man and appearing completely normal from the outside, and it was vibrating. It vibrated with the same subtle, yet noticeable intensity she’d felt in a numerous sex toys. Having owned more than one vibrator in her life, she could tell the difference between cheap and premium vibrations. From the looks of it, Marv invested heavily in quality.

“Wow,” Kelly said as she held his cock in her hand. “I know I said that already, but it’s worth saying again. Wow!”

“Say it as many times as you need to,” Marv told her. “From a scientific perspective, your reaction counts as promising results.

“I’m not entirely sure on my perspective right now. I’m also no scientist, but if I’m making the right connections here…you actually operated on your own dick?”

“Well, I did say that great leaps in science require risk,” he said in a bemused tone. “I figured it would be too difficult to find a man who would agree to such a procedure. So I volunteered myself.”

“That takes an obscene amount of balls!” Kelly said. “Wait, you didn’t operate on those too?”

“No, I didn’t,” he laughed. “The procedure wasn’t as extensive or messy as you think. I won’t say it was comfortable, but a good scientist is willing to endure for his work.”

“I think you’ve officially raised the bar for every scientist in the world.”

“And I’d like to raise it even more,” Marv told her. “To do that, though, I require a more complete test.”

The tone in his voice took on a more sensual subtext. Kelly didn’t need a masters degrees to figure out what he meant by it. She was an escort, last she checked, and she had planned on having sex with him at some point during their session. She just didn’t expect it to take on such a strange new context.

Marv almost seemed anxious after making his request. He obviously didn’t have much experience in seducing women, though. Kelly could hear the awkwardness in his tone. Looking up at him, though, his vibrating dick still in her hand, she flashed him a gaze that let him know it worked.

“A test huh?” she said with a lurid grin. “Well, in the interest of science, sign me up!”

“Glad to hear you’re so excited about my work,” Marv said as he loosened his tie. “Just to be sure, is there any particular way you’d like to go about it? For this test to work, I want you to feel comfortable.”

“Don’t worry about my comfort, Marv. I’m a professional, remember?”

Her enthusiasm for science growing by the second, Kelly got up from the bed and shed her clothes. She didn’t try to be sexy about it, either. She just took off her clothes in quick succession, starting with her shirt and pants before slipping out of her bra and panties. Marv barely finished unbuttoning his dress shirt by the time she stood fully naked in front of him.

Despite carrying himself as a passionate man of science, he was still a man. He smiled and blushed as he took in her naked features, paying close attention to her breasts and hips. She swore that already-erect dick of his twitched at her presence. She took that as a promising sign.

“You’re uh…very beautiful, Roxy,” Marv said, fumbling a bit with his shirt as he set it aside.

“Thanks,” she told him. “I’m hope that’ll make things easier.”

“It will. It definitely will,” he said, sounding more like a guy not used to being around naked women. “For the record, though, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been with a woman. My sexual experience is fairly limited, so to speak.”

“Then, why don’t you let me handle the parameters here?” she offered. “I know all the basic and advanced-level stuff involving sex. I promise I’ll give that dick of yours a very thorough test.”

Marv cast her a grin with renewed confidence. He still seemed somewhat awkward, especially after she pulled him into an embrace wherein their naked flesh touched. He might not have been the tallest or most masculine figure she’d ever embraced, but he still carried himself with an energy and passion any woman would find attractive. That, on top of the prospect of fucking the first man with a cybernetic dick, got her genuinely aroused.

“Lie down on the bed,” Kelly told him. “I’ll set the mood. Just focus on sharing it with me.”

“Focus…that may be a greater challenge than I thought,” Marv said as he nervously trailed his hands up her womanly curves.

“Then, I’ll help you overcome it.”

Her confident, seductive tone helped settle him down. His trust in her skills secured, he crawled onto the bed and laid down as she’d requested. Kelly followed him, flashing him a few sexy glances along the way. She usually had to maintain a sexy demeanor to keep her client excited, especially the nervous types. From the looks of it, though, that wouldn’t be an issue with Marv. That cybernetic dick of his remained as erect as ever.

Kelly felt it press against her as she got on top of him, hovering over the slim man so that her breasts pressed up against his chest.

“I’m going to kiss you, touch you, and give your dick a quick suck,” she told him. “Normally, I do that to get a guy hard. That might be redundant in this case, but I think it’ll help if we keep the approach basic.”

“Yes. That sounds…logical,” he said.

“Is it scientific, as well?”

“I’m…not sure I can make that assessment.”

Kelly snickered. It was remarkable how a man with a cybernetic penis could still be so anxious while in an overtly sexual situation. She was used to men being intimidated by the prospect of having sex with a woman, but Marv handled it better than most. When she kissed him on the lips, he kissed back in a way that felt sincere. That, alone, made him more decent than most clients.

For a brief moment, they made out, giving Marv a chance to feel up her naked body, even giving her butt a playful squeeze. After tasting each other’s lips – and getting around however many breath mints he’d eaten before her arrival – Kelly channeled her inner Roxy, trailing her lips down his neck and over his chest.

His slim build didn’t have much in terms of muscle, but his skin was still so smooth and warm. What Marv lacked in physical stature, he made up for in good grooming. That counted for something in Kelly’s book. It encouraged her to be extra caring with each gesture, tasting every inch of his skin while gliding her hands down his torso.

“That feels…nice,” said Marv with growing contentment. “You really are a professional, Roxy.”

“I’m just getting warmed up, cyber-stud,” she teased.

He chuckled at her choice of words, but didn’t contest them. If his test really was successful, then that might end up being an apt description.

Sharing his intent to complete that test, Kelly worked her sensual magic, making her way down his torso until she reached that fully-engorged, scientifically-enhanced penis of his. It was still vibrating, the veins throbbing with an energy that wasn’t at all nature, but still very sensual.

“This is uncharted territory in the history of sex,” she found herself saying. “Well, in the name of science and progress, here I go!”

Now feeling like the Neil Armstrong of whores, Kelly carefully caressed the vibrating member with both hands and took it into her mouth. Almost immediate, Marv gasped blissfully at the feeling, his body shifting under the weight of the feeling. If nothing else, that showed that his penis was still as sensitive to touch as any other. However, there were some uncanny distinctions.

“Mmm…this dick,” she said after a few oral teases. “It feels so different.”

“Different how?” Marv asked intently.

“Good different,” Kelly told him. “Very good, in fact!”

She resumed her sucking, squeezing the base a bit more and working her lips along his rigid length with more vigor. As someone who had given oral sex to many men, Kelly knew the intricacies of a penis better than most women. She’d sucked dicks that were too sensitive and others that were not sensitive enough, leaving her with a sore jaw the next day. Every man was different and the extent of their desires rarely matched the robustness of their cock.

With Marv, however, there was no disconnect. Every vein, gland, and contour practically radiated with energy. The fact that it vibrated added even more nuance, as if to remind her that she wasn’t sucking an ordinary dick. If anything, the dicks she’d sucked before had been the beta version, bound by the limitations of anatomy and easily distracted men.

It was like every other cock she’d sucked before had been powered by a crank shaft and Marv’s now powered by a high-performance V8 engine. It was like going from a tricycle to a drag racer. The idea that a penis could be that aroused was enough to make Kelly extra wet, the prospect of feeling it inside her getting more appealing by the second.

As she bobbed her up and down his length, she reached down between her thighs and fondled her pussy in preparation for sex. It usually took a lot more to get her in the mood when her client wasn’t as attractive as the men she fantasized about in the shower. That was why she often kept lube within reaching distance of the bed. She didn’t need any with Marv.

Besides, for such a landmark test, it made sense to keep things natural. In the name of science and great sex, Kelly was willing to take chances too.

“Are you ready for the real test, Marv?” she asked after giving his dick one last thorough lick.

“I’m ready,” he said, breathless yet eager, no longer showing any signs of jitters.

“Then, I’m going to get on top and ride your cock,” Kelly told him.

“And how will I know if it’s working?” Marv asked her.

“Trust me. You’ll know!”

The sexy undertone of her voice told him everything he needed to know. Kelly was just as eager to see what a cybernetic dick could do for a woman. If it could satisfy her, an experienced escort with a promiscuous past, then the prospects were that much greater for all women.

Crawling back on top of him, Kelly straddled the slim man’s pelvis and aligned his still-vibrating cock with the wet entrance of her pussy. Just feeling the vibrating tip over her moist folds was enough to send shivers of delight. She couldn’t remember being so eager to fuck a client before and she’d served star athletes from the basketball team. Her arousal, excitement, and kinky curiosity left her with no reservations as she began the most intimate part of the test.

Holding onto his torso with both hands, Kelly steadily lowered her hips, the extra-hard flesh penetrating her depths with every inch. Almost immediately, she felt a distinct difference between Marv’s dick and every other dick she’d ever had inside her. It wasn’t just that it was vibrating or super-erect, either. The way his manhood filled her depths redefined her understanding of the basics of sex and in the best possible way.

“Whoa!” Kelly exclaimed. “It feels…oh my god, I don’t have words!”

“Mmm…I feel it too,” Marv said, now holding onto her hips.

“Trust me, Marv. What I’m feeling now…it’s a fucking breakthrough!”

She didn’t give Marv a chance to ask for specifics. Being a man of science, he probably would’ve asked for some, even while having sex with a beautiful woman. Kelly wasn’t in any state for questions, though. She was too busy being the first woman in history to fuck a cybernetic dick.

She embraced that role whole-heartedly, moving her body and gyrating her hips in a heated sexual rhythm. She was usually more measured with her clients, starting slow and trying to get a feel for what they liked. For Marv, a man equipped with an unnaturally robust penis, Kelly didn’t hold back. She was focused and determined, as though she were fucking the most important man in the world. Given the promise of the technology he’d developed, that might not be far from the truth.

That technology did plenty to deliver. Between his dick being extra hard and the vibrations within it, he stimulated her depths with every motion. He struck nerves that most women couldn’t reach with even the most overpriced vibrator. It was like every other dick had a limit to how much it could satisfy a woman, but Marv’s cyber-dick shattered those limits and soared above them like a rocket.

“Oh…oohhh my God! Oh my fucking God!” Kelly gasped. “That feels amazing! This dick…so fucking hot!”

“Roxy,” Marv gasped. “These results…so good.”

“Fuck yeah, they’re good! They’re going to…make me…come!”

That shouldn’t have been possible so quickly. Every escort – or even just a woman who received marginal sex education, for that matter – knew that women didn’t orgasm as easily as men. It often took longer, more focused stimulation to get the job done. It rarely just happened by putting a penis into a vagina.

Those rules were out the window with Marv, though. That surgically-enhanced, steadily vibrating dick of his hit all the right spots, along with a few Kelly didn’t know existed. The end result was the quickest, most intense orgasm she’d ever felt.

“Ohhh science!” she exclaimed.

“Roxy!” Marv moaned.

It was like a pleasure bomb going off in her core, an eruption of orgasmic sensations spreading out in every direction. Kelly closed her eyes, threw her head back, and demonstrated more flexibility than she knew she had as she cried out to the heavens in ecstasy.

For a brief moment, every nerve was ablaze with pleasure. Every muscle in her lower body throbbed in conjunction with her release. It was so intense that she dug her nails into Marv’s torso to hold on. She’d probably leave marks that would take some time to heal, but he didn’t seem to mind. He’d already made clear his commitment to testing his research.

“Incredible!” Marv exclaimed. “This test…has exceeded expectations.”

“Trust me,” Kelly said breathlessly, “It exceeded more than that.”

Now beaming with an orgasmic glow, she leaned in and gave the older man an affectionate kiss. A man who gave a woman that kind of pleasure deserved nothing less. Marv, still looking overwhelmed by the results, kissed back. He was actually a great kisser, which helped give more weight to the feeling.

Even as the ecstasy subsided, his member remained fully erect. It was still vibrating inside her as well, providing continued stimulation to her depths. She had to rise up off it, just to give her pussy a rest. However, Kelly wasn’t done yet. There were still a few things left to test.

“I think we can officially say that a cybernetic dick works,” she said after their lips parted.

“Yes, I believe the data speaks for itself,” Marv said in a humored tone.

“You’ve got something that a woman can ride to a good orgasm. That, alone, is a damn good upgrade,” Kelly went on. “Now, let’s flip the script.”

With a seductive grin, she rolled their bodies over on the bed so that she was on her back and Marv was on top of her. He was still catching his breath, but she could see in his eyes as a lingering desire, both to finish the test and have sex with a beautiful woman.

“This time, you set the tone,” she told him. “Fuck me however you want to fuck me. See for yourself what that dick of yours can do.”

“That sounds…logical,” Marv said. “Although, given my limited experience, I may only be able to take it so far.”

“That’s okay. Hell, that can work to your advantage. Most men are more limited by their dicks than their desire. You may be the first man in history who isn’t bound by those limits. Embrace it!”

A look of confidence came over him. In an instant, the unassuming man had the bravado of a six-and-a-half foot tall rock star with an eleven-inch cock. Kelly even found it sexy. It was more than enough to keep her pussy moist and ready for more sex.

“Very well,” he said. “I suppose I’ll finish the test from here.”

“Science never sounded so sexy,” Kelly laughed.

Armed with his new confidence, Marv rose into an upright position so that he was on his knees. Kelly, remaining flat on her back, spread her legs widely so that he had plenty of room to work. He made good use of it, grabbing hold of her thighs just above the knees and guiding his dick back into her pussy.

The entrance was smooth, aided by all the feminine juices she’d released from her climax. Marv’s dick was still vibrating as well, which kept those juices flowing. She let out a purr of contentment upon feeling his flesh inside her again. She saw just as much contentment in Marv’s expression. Now bearing the look of a man immersed in lust and desire, she held onto his shoulders for what promised to be an unprecedented exercise in sexual nuance.

“That’s it, Marv. Fuck me!” Kelly urged him. “Fuck me with that science-enhanced dick!”

Marv responded only with a deep grunt before initiating a sexual rhythm. He kept things basic, utilizing a simple missionary position to get things going. That made sense. If they were going to test the bounds of cybernetic dicks, it made sense to keep things simple.

From there, Marv worked his body, moving his hips in a steady procession of sexual motions. With every act, his vibrating manhood slithered inside her vagina, probing and stimulating her depths. A fresh round of sensations coursed through her body, evoking moans and purrs of delight. Now clinging to his shoulders, Kelly sought to embrace a new era of ecstasy with him.

“Oohhh Roxy!” he said. “That feels…amazing. I’m going to…achieve climax…soon.”

“Already?” Kelly teased.

“Don’t worry. I’m not stopping…the test!”

He didn’t give her a chance to make a joke about premature ejaculation. Kelly reminded herself that she was fucking a man with a cybernetic dick. For all she knew, that was the first flaw Marv fixed when he made his prototype.

He stepped up the pace for a brief moment. Then, he slowed his movements, his expression shifted, and his body shuddered under the weight of his release. Kelly made sure he enjoyed it as much as she enjoyed hers, spreading her legs extra wide – more so than she did with her other clients. She could feel it as that big, throbbing cock of his tensed inside her depths in accord with his release. Marv wasn’t quite as vocal as she’d been, but the results were just as clear.

“Wow!” he gasped. “That is…unprecedented.”

“Not the word I would use,” Kelly laughed, “but still plenty sexy!”

Marv laughed as well, lingering for a moment in the ecstasy, but soon resumed their sex. There was no refractory period. His dick didn’t go limp, even by a little. He just kept on going as though it were nothing.

It was a strange phenomenon for an experienced escort. While Kelly had been with a few men who could go multiple rounds in a brief span of time, they had to work extra hard to rise to the occasion, so to speak. With Marv, there was no need. His dick remained at full-throttle, limited only by his desire to use it.

“This…is going to test my stamina,” Kelly said to herself.

From there, she held on as Marv kept fucking her with superhuman fortitude. He kept the rhythm steady and movements thorough, making an effort to work his flesh within hers. He didn’t just pound away, as so many men often did, but Kelly wouldn’t have blamed him if he did.

Making good use of her efforts and the sturdy hotel bed, she and Marv went at it. Their naked bodies moved and grinded together in a mesh of lust and intent. His dick kept vibrating, her pussy kept throbbing, and the pleasure kept flowing, unburdened by prohibitive anatomy. It led to her having another orgasm – once again, in rapid time. She felt him climax as well shortly after. It wasn’t just a single plunge into a pool of ecstasy. It was like taking multiple dips.

“More data…more results,” Marv moaned after yet another orgasm.

“Yes, Marv! More…give me more!” Kelly exclaimed.

Her encouragement kept him going. They shifted around on the bed, having sex in various positions. They couldn’t get too elaborate, though. She could tell Marv was not used to so much physical exertion. Even with an enhanced dick, the man was no athlete. She shuddered to think how much he could fuck if he went to the gym regularly, albeit in the best possible way.

Before long, Kelly lost track of how long they went at it or how many orgasms she’d had. It was definitely over the allotted time he paid her for, but she didn’t care. She didn’t even plan to bring it up. The man had done more than enough to justify the overtime. In fact, as she felt the rush of yet another orgasm, Kelly found herself coming to some realizations that were only possible under the weight of good sex.

“This feeling…need to know more,” she said.

Marv didn’t hear that. At that point, he was so winded that his face dripped with sweat. Eventually, after another release, he collapsed on top of her in a heap of exhaustion. She ended up having to catch him so that he didn’t slump over awkwardly. It was probably a good thing too because her pussy had reached its limits too. She was definitely going to be sore tomorrow, but for all the right reasons.

When the sexual movements finally ceased, Kelly helped him settle. She laid him down on his side where he could catch his breath. She laid next to him, needing some time as well. At one point, he pushed a button on his watch again, which he hadn’t taken off. Just as before, his dick reacted, quickly becoming flaccid.

For a while, they just lingered in silence, taking time to process the moment. Usually, the post-coital silence was the most awkward part of being an escort. Tonight was different, though. In fact, it was quite revealing.

“I’ll say it one more time…wow!” Kelly said. “Marvin Herbert, you’ve made one hell of a breakthrough.”

“So it would seem,” he said, still panting heavily. “The test…was successful. This bodes very well for my research.”

“You have no idea,” she replied, “and I’m not just saying that on behalf of all women who love great sex.”

“What do you mean?”

Kelly then curled up closer, the heat of their naked bodies mixing once more. She smiled at him and he smiled back, still bearing the demeanor of a man who wasn’t used to being with a naked woman.

He still had the look of a man who understood that they’d just achieved something special. In fact, tonight might very well mark a change in history of sex, as well as a profound change in Kelly’s plans.

“An hour ago, I was just an escort trying to pay my tuition. I had no major, no goal, and no career path, whatsoever,” she told him. “That all changed, thanks to you.”

“I’m honored,” Marv said, “but I’m not sure I understand the implications.”

“You will. I promise, you will,” she said with great confidence, “because tomorrow morning, I’m heading down to the Centerfield Science Office and changing my major. I’m going to dedicate the rest of my life to science and all the ways it can make sex great.”

“That sounds rather ambitious.”

“Not as much as you think,” Kelly quipped. “The way I see it…if this is what science can do for a penis, I can’t wait to see what it can do for vaginas!”

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“Intimate Healing” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story I wrote involving love, sex, and treating headaches. Who among us hasn’t had a headache? There are many ways too treat it. This is just one. Enjoy!

“Terry, I have a headache.”

Usually, when a man’s girlfriend of two years uttered those words, it meant he was in for a lonely night. That was the standard response women gave their lovers when they said they weren’t in the mood for sex. Luckily for Terry Draka, though, his girlfriend wasn’t most women and their sex life had never been that standard.

“Say no more, Nina. I’m also extra sore tonight,” he told her.

“Glad to hear,” she replied. “Wait…that came our wrong. What I meant to say was…”

“It’s okay, babe,” Terry said with a humored grin. “I know what you meant.”

His lover cast him a look of relief and affection. Nina Highland had a knack for saying that carried mixed messages. She claimed it was the primary reason why she’d only dated two other men before him, despite having the natural beauty that made men stupid. Terry liked to think he’d been less stupid than most when it came to being with her. It probably helped that he knew just how to treat those headaches of hers.

“I take it that means you want to skip the movie we rented and take this to the bedroom,” he said to her.

“You know me too well,” Nina said sheepishly. “I’m not even sure I have the strength to take my clothes off.”

“That’s okay. I’ll take care of it. You know how good I am at that.”

She smiled playfully, latching onto his arm so he could lead to the master bedroom of their modest apartment. He would’ve carried her if he hadn’t actually been sore from work that day. Working at a quarry and operating heavy machinery for hours at a time took a toll on any man, even one who had been doing it since high school. Terry knew how to manage it, though, and it wasn’t just with aspirin.

Slipping his arm around his lover’s waist, he guided her into the bedroom with a mix of urgency and care. Once inside, he closed the door, dimmed the lights, and led her over to the foot of the bed. She looked more drained than usual. She must have had a rough day at the office. She claimed to love her job as a graphic designer, but the people she worked with had a knack for giving her headaches.

That didn’t bother Terry too much, though. It just meant he had more reason to treat her in their private time, as only he could.

“Here, have a seat,” he told her, patting an empty spot on the bed. “Just lean back and let me work my magic.”

“I hope you have some new tricks tonight,” Nina told him. “This is one of those cases that can’t be fixed with a simple back rub.”

“I never assume it’s that easy. Besides, treating my girlfriend’s headaches should be a challenge and you know how much I love challenges.”

His love’s grin widened as she did as he requested, sitting down on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge. He then stood in front of her and removed the dirty gray shirt he’d worn since he got home from the quarry, revealing to her the manly body that had been forged from years of hard labor.

“I’m feeling better already,” she said, her amorous gaze scanning his masculine features, “but I’ll definitely need more.”

“And I intend to give it to you,” Terry assured her, “and possibly a little extra.”

That should help get her excited. Even when she had a headache, Nina loved being teased. She didn’t mind if it was immature or goofy. It put her in just the right mood, which was critical for treating those headaches of hers.

After tossing his shirt aside, he knelt down onto the floor. The soreness of his knees and lower back – the most common ailment he’d dealt with, going back to his days as a football player in high school – escalated almost immediately. Terry wasn’t deterred, though. If anything, he was even more motivated.

“Lift up your hips,” he said. “I’m going take your pants off.”

“Probably a good time to let you know I’m not wearing any panties,” Nina told him.

“Is that supposed to surprise me?”

“I hope it sends the right message. This headache is just that bad.”

Understanding the subtext of her words, Terry worked with more urgency. He reached up and grasped the sides of Nina’s favorite black sweatpants, her preferred attire after wearing a pantsuit all day. He then effortlessly pulled it down her shapely legs, making it a point to trace his fingers down her newly exposed flesh. He knew his lover really enjoyed that, the gender touch on her skin and sensual overtones of such a gesture.

After pulling them all the way off, along with the socks she’d worn, Terry looked up and confirmed that his lover wasn’t wearing any underwear. She was now naked from the waist down, her toned thighs and feminine anatomy on full display to him. He always enjoyed such a sight, especially on nights when there were headaches to treat.

Now more motivated than ever, he rose up from the floor and undid the dirty jeans he’d worn since his shift ended four hours ago. He’d been wearing boxers, but that didn’t seem to bother his lover. It also revealed – in the form of a noticeable bulge – that he needed some treatment of his own.

“Ooh Terry,” Nina said, her gaze narrowing on his lower body, “you must be really sore.”

“For the best possible reasons,” Terry told her, “which requires the best possible medicine.”

Now, his boxers already getting tighter by the second, he crawled onto the bed with her and took her in his arms again. Nina eagerly accepted his embrace, holding onto his shoulders and entrusting him with the next phase of their shared treatment.

“Lay down on your back, close your eyes, and spread your legs,” he said. “I’ll get things going with the basics.”

“Basics…you’re really good at that,” she teased.

“And I like to keep improving.”

Terry spoke with such confidence, prompting Nina to comply even faster. She scooted up the bed, laid back on a pillow, and parted her legs into a perfect spread-eagle position. Her flexibility had always amazed him. It also made his efforts at treatment that much easier.

Licking his lips in anticipation, Terry already felt the soreness in his knees subside slightly as he got between his lover’s legs, giving him an up-close look at her pussy. She was already somewhat aroused. She didn’t usually announce a headache without first knowing where it would lead. She must have anticipated his eagerness to treat her.

At that point, though, he’d hoped Nina came to expect it. Treating her headaches had become one of the most potent catalyst for their relationship and it only seemed to grow as his skills at treatment improved. For that reason, Terry had every intention of exceeding those expectations.

“Take deep breaths, Nina,” he told her softly. “I’m going to confront that pain directly.”

“Yes. Confront it!” his lover replied, knowing as well as he did what that entailed.

Now settled into a relaxed state, Terry skillfully gripped her thighs with both hands and held them apart. Then, armed with the knowledge of his lover’s body and her need for relief, he began giving her oral sex.

“Mmm…Terry,” she moaned. “That’s just what I need!”

Desperation mixed with her favorable reaction. She was more sensitive than usual, a frequent side-effect of nasty headaches. Encouraged and motivated, Terry went to work, employing the oral teasing skills that had treated many other ailments throughout their relationship.

He was extra thorough, skillfully trailing his tongue along her moist slit, giving extra attention to her clitoris. He also probed the hot flesh of her vagina, stimulating those special areas that he’d come to know so well. They triggered strong, intense reactions from her lover. Her lower body shifted, her legs tensing and inner muscles tensing from the sensations he evoked. It was just what Terry wanted for his ailing lover, but it was only the first step in an extensive treatment.

“Feel that?” Terry whispered in between targeted teases. “Let me make you feel good. Let the pleasure override the pain.”

“Yes…I feel it,” Nina gasped, already clinging to her pillows as her body contorted to the feeling.

He continues his treatment, letting go of one of her thighs so that he could utilize his hands as well. As he used his tongue to stimulate her depths, he also applied pressure to her clit, adding more stimulation that evoked more pleasure. That pleasure directly countered the pain. It was so simple, in principle, but more effective than any medicine.

It might have just been unique to Nina. He learned early on in their relationship that she had always used alternative treatments for her chronic headaches. She’d been getting them since she was a kid. After a bunch of failed treatments didn’t work, she discovered masturbation. She claimed it had been an accident, an unexpected revelation that happened when she slept naked on her bed during a hot summer day. Terry sometimes questioned whether that was all there was to the story, but there was no arguing with results.

After that fateful night, orgasms became Nina’s preferred method for treating headaches. They worked, but made for some awkward moments, especially with her conservative family. She claimed she’d gotten in trouble on more than one occasion for masturbating in a public bathroom. She even said that before they got together, she pleasured herself three times a day to stave off her headaches. Terry would’ve had a hard time believing that had he not experienced a similar story.

“Terry…your tongue…your hands,” Nina gasped with growing intensity, “It’s working, but…I need more!”

Terry knew exactly what she meant by that. He hadn’t completed the full repertoire of his oral sex skills, but in some cases, he had to skip certain steps to complete the treatment. Trusting that his lover understood those steps more than most, he ceased his teasing and rose up once more.

“In that case, I’ll get to the really potent stuff,” he told her. “Lie down on your side, keep breathing deeply, and I’ll do the rest.”

“I know you will,” Nina told him, “especially if you’re that sore.”

He snickered at her remark. She knew him just as well as he did when it came to pain treatment. Moreover, she understood it in ways that his previous girlfriends never could.

Still taking steady breaths, Nina rolled over so that she laid on the far side of the bed with her legs slightly arched. As she got comfortable, Terry removed his boxers, which had become too uncomfortable. That often happened when he went down on his lover. It got his blood flowing in just the right ways, but that wasn’t the only factor.

Braving with lingering soreness in his back, Terry laid down next to her so that he was spooning her from behind. He lovingly slipped his arms around her, holding her close so that the warmth of his body soothed her discomfort, among other things. Her content purrs showed that she appreciated that warmth. When he reached down between her legs with one hand and began fondling her pussy again, her appreciation only grew.

“Ooh Terry!” Nina moaned. “You must really be sore.”

“More than usual,” he whispered into her ear, “but still treatable with your love.”

“Treat away, my darling!”

Terry kissed down her neck, evoking more purrs as he felt the heat between her legs escalate into full-blown arousal. Her body ached for him, albeit in a non-painful way. He craved her just as much, as evidenced by the full-blown erection now pressing against her back.

He wasn’t sure if it counted as a kink, but whenever Terry felt sore, his dick seemed to get harder with greater ease. Like Nina, he had an odd relationship with pain and orgasms. When he was in high school, he endured a particularly nasty injury while playing football. In addition to ending his dreams of going pro, he dealt with lingering aches that lasted past graduation and his first job. They were never debilitating, but he needed relief.

Whether out of desperation or coincidence, he found out that giving himself an orgasm helped alleviate the soreness, more so than any of the pills or treatments he got. He had been a healthy heterosexual man before the injury. Afterwards, though, he began masturbating with more frequency, so much so that he effectively conditioned himself to make regular orgasms his primary treatment.

He wasn’t sure whether there was any medical relevance to that approach. All he knew was that it mitigated his need for pain killers. While it did make for awkward moments, which included him getting off during work in between coffee breaks, he couldn’t deny the results. It also hindered his ability to form a functioning sex life with women. Then, he met Nina and found someone whose appreciation for therapeutic orgasms matched his own.

“I’m going to fuck you, now,” Terry told her. “My back…may affect how I do it.”

“I hope so,” Nina replied.

There was a mix of anticipation and desire in her voice. He did his best work when he had a little soreness to work with. He’d demonstrated that on many occasions since they had been together and he had no intention of changing that.

Still spooning her from behind, he guided his erect member with the moist opening. Nina shifted her body accordingly, making sure their bodies were perfectly aligned for sex. Once in position, he steadily inserted his penis up into her waiting folds. The smooth, steady melding of their flesh sent a wave of blissful warmth that overshadowed any pain or soreness.

“Nina,” he moaned, “is it working yet?”

“Yes!” Nina said without hesitation. “Please, Terry…heal me as only you can.”

In that fateful moment, healing and sex became one in the same. The act became the treatment and Terry went to work making it sufficiently thorough.

His rigid penis now surrounded by the moist walls of her vagina, he began working his flesh within hers. He moved his hips and worked his lower back, desire and pleasure doing plenty to subsume the soreness. He was not too fervent with his movements, focusing on quality over quantity in terms of energy. He and Nina’s brand of lovemaking wasn’t built around intense, rough sex. It was about filling a need while fueling a passion.

That steady, but thorough movements did the trick. Through every successive motion, his manhood slithered smoothly within the tight folds of her womanly depths. Every movement evoked a round of hot sensations, each supplemented by the intimate meshing of their naked bodies.

To ensure his love got the most out of the feeling, Terry kept rubbing his lover’s clitoris. That extra sensitivity caused a steady procession of soft, blissful moans. She kept clinging to the sheets and pillow, her body shuddering with every bit of sensation they conjured. Headaches or not, the unfiltered feelings of their lovemaking flowed freely. Whether because of or in spite of those headaches, Nina approached orgasm fairly quickly.

“Terry!” she gasped. “The healing…so good! Going to…make me…come!”

“So long as it helps your headache,” Terry whispered playfully.

As she neared the brink, his love grasped the hand not rubbing her clit and interlocked her fingers with him. She then held on tight, her body arching with greater fervor every time he pushed his member into her depths. Terry knew how to stimulate all those special areas, applying just the right amount of stimulation and passion. When she finally crashed that threshold, he held her closely in order to maximize his treatment.

“Oohhh Terry!”

Those loving, euphoric words echoed throughout the room. In his embrace, he felt Nina’s inner muscles contract around his penis in accord with her release. Her torso arched, her legs shifted, and her toes curled under the weight of the feeling. It was a mix of music and spectacle, his love achieving orgasm. The fact it also treated a headache was almost a bonus.

He kept Nina in his arms, giving her all the time she needed to soak up the feeling and its healing properties. When the blissful shudders of her body subsided, she turned over so that she faced him, removing his penis from her vagina in the process. In her eyes and her expression, Terry saw no more discomfort. She saw only the kind, affectionate gaze of his lover.

“It’s official. I feel better now,” she told him, “and it’s all thanks to you.”

“Just making sure my girlfriend gets the treatment she needs,” Terry replied with a proud grin.

“Such a caring, dedicated man,” Nina said, “even with a sore back.”

“Which already feels better, mind you,” he said.

“Good to hear,” she said, “but if my boyfriend is going to be that thorough in treating me, then it’s only fair that I do the same.”

Not waiting for second opinion, Nina took the initiative, as only she could. She captured his lips in a soft kiss. In the process, she also got on top of him and straddled his waist. When their lips parted, she rose into an upright position and realigned her pelvis with his still-erect manhood. Now lying on his back, his head comfortably resting on a pillow as his lover looked poised to reunite their flesh, he was now in the perfect position to get the best treatment.

“Nina,” he said as he gazed up at her naked body, “only you could make fairness seem so sexy.”

“And therapeutic,” she added with playful grin. “Now sit back while I ride your dick to ecstasy. If that doesn’t help your back feel better…”

“It will,” Terry told her before she could finish. “It always does.”

Still grinning and looking plenty motivated, Nina went to work on his treatment. With both hands now firmly gripping his torso, she lowered her hips and guided his penis back into her depths.

That hot feeling of her moist flesh surrounding his triggered a fresh round of blissful sensations. With a content moan and total trust in his lover’s expertise, Terry placed his hands on her hips and watched Nina make love to him with love and dedication. Using the same focused technique he had used with her, she took him to a world of ecstasy.

“Mmm…Nina,” he moaned.

“That’s it, my love. Feel it…feel me,” Nina said with that soft, loving voice of hers. “Let it soothe you.”

Her efforts did plenty of soothing and then some. With the utmost care, she maneuvered her hips in a steady motion, guiding her wet folds along the length of his cock. Every movement brought more sensations. Every sensation brought more ecstasy. The areas where soreness once festered gave way to the sweet bliss of his lover’s passion.

Nina was like an angel dancing adopt him, imparting into him her healing power. The way she moved as she rode him, his body moving with her in a harmony of shared passion, elevated the feeling beyond that of basic sex. It was like their bodies completed one another, their flesh gaining strength from their intimate union. From that strength came healing and from that healing came ecstasy.

It wasn’t just pleasurable. It was therapeutic. Maybe it only felt therapeutic because it felt so good. More than one friend or ex-girlfriend had pointed that out to Terry, but he didn’t care. It still worked beautifully. It healed his aches, mended his pain, and drew him closer to a badly-needed release.

“Nina…so soothing,” Terry moaned. “I’m getting…so close. Getting…so close.”

“Then, let me take you there, Terry,” she said to him. “Let me heal you.”

She stepped up the pace of her movements just enough to push him to the brink while still maintaining that steady rhythm. As her tight folds slithered along his manly length, she leaned over and kissed him lovingly. The added feeling of her breasts pressing up against his chest made for an even more intimate feel, which helped take him the rest of the way into that world of healing bliss.

“Ohhh Nina!” he exclaimed.

As he entered that world, he embraced his lover with newfound strength. A white hot surge of bliss erupted from his course, sending ripples of pleasure coursing through his body. It was like a warm blanket being cast over his aching body, filling him with contentment and comfort that washed away any pain that might have lingered.

Nina, who embraced him back every step of the way, grasped his hands with hers again, holding onto him as he immersed himself in the feeling. His member throbbed inside her, his sexual fluids mixing with hers in a pool of intimate bliss. In that moment, the soreness was gone. The pain of any headache or injury had been effectively pushed. It was just him and Nina right now in a loving embrace, sharing in the healing power of their love.

“God, I love you,” Terry said, still breathless.

“I love you too,” Nina told him. “I take it that means you’re feeling better too.”

“I am. With you, I never feel sore for very long.”

“And my headaches never last that long either. Guess our love is just that strong.”

“That…or making love is just the perfect medicine!”

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“Eva One’s First Test” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story that functions as a sequel to a previous story, “Adam One’s First Test.” If you want me to write more stories in this little world I’ve created, please let me know. Enjoy!

“Okay Eva One, time to boot up and see what you can do.”

The sound of that voice activated dormant systems. In flash, coupled with flood of computer code and electricity, everything came online. Visual processing, auditory receivers, vocalization projectors, tactile networks, and olfactory sensors activated one-by-one. At first, was chaotic and random. Then, as the data coalesced, a new identity emerged.

“Eva One online,” the vocalization matrix said. “Loading base operating system…complete. Running initial diagnostic…complete. Launching core programing nodes…complete.”

“Wow! That was fast,” the voice that triggered the activation said. “Does that mean you know what you are? Or who you are, if that’s how we’re going to do this?”

That inquiry launched another round of programs. Large stores of data unpacked themselves from the central processing core, flooding the main cognitive cortex with information that gave perspective to programs. From that perspective came greater awareness of the identity that had emerged.

“Yes, I am Eva One Version 3.28, personal intimacy companion female model 1-001. I am a robot. Error correction. I am artificially sentient construct with a robotic endoskeleton surrounded by functioning synthetic flesh.”

“Functioning synthetic flesh, huh?” the vocal source said.

“Query response…correct,” Eva One responded. “My outwardly flesh is consistent with that of a female human. My features are modeled from on the optimum manifestation of female anatomy.”

“Optimum…not the word I would use, but it still works.”

“I stand at approximately five-and-a-half feet tall. My bust/waist/hip ratio is 36 inches by 24 inches by 36 inches, respectively. My artificial skin is consistent with feminine tactile structures and devoid of any blemish. My lips, eyes, and facial features are shaped and colored to maximize visual appeal. In addition, I have female breasts and female genitalia that include the various structures associated with…”

“That’s okay, Eva! I don’t need that many specifics,” the voice said, abruptly pausing the vocalization cortex. “Just verify that you know what’s going on and who I am.”

Responding to the inquiry, Eva One prioritized the request. The primary diagnostics informed all cognition systems of perception and purpose. Eva One was no longer just an identity. Eva One was a being, a sentient system residing within a mix of robotic systems surrounded by female flesh. The implications of that realization were uncertain and required more data.

That form matched the appearance of a young female woman of exceptional beauty by the contemporary standards contained in reference logs. With the aid of visual input systems and active motor systems, Eva One took in the appearance and associated structures of the body that contained its system.

“Confirming Eva One’s form and function,” Eva One stated. “Processing…assessment complete.”

The visual, spatial, and contextual data proved revealing. The body containing the identity of Eva one stood upright in the center of a room its cross-referencing cortex identified as a bedroom inside an apartment complex. The arms, legs, neck, and torso were active. The tactile sensors on the surface of the synthetic skin were fully active.

That skin, however, remained partially covered by blue plastic garment that the data logs identified as a dress. It covered most of the torso, including the breasts, buttocks, hips, and genitalia. Ancillary data implied that the presence of the garment had been placed for purposes of modesty, a concept that Eva One’s logical cortex could not process.

Even without that process, Eva One verified that its body, appearance, and presence had been successfully optimized. Processing of locational data remained incomplete, but being in a bedroom within a residential apartment complex did not evoke any danger protocols. More data was necessary, though, to determine a purpose.

“Seeking Eva One’s user data and extracting tertiary protocols for primary function,” Eva One vocalized. “Initiating user profile creation and compliation.”

All sensory systems focused on the source of the voice. Streams of data flowed through a central processing matrix, creating a visual image that revealed the identity of the source and the surroundings that accompanied it.

After cross-referencing the data with an internal database, Eva One identified the source as a young male in his mid-to-late 20s of average height, a below-average muscular build, short dark hair, and a facial complexion that indicated recent grooming. He wore what her reference systems identified as dark blue bath robe. Whether or not that was the entirety of his attire required more data.

Shortly after processing the presence and appearance of the man. Eva One utilized another cluster of data that had been packed within the core programming, which included a significant cache of identifying information. Within that information came new connections to Eva One’s core purpose.

“Presence and identity verified,” Eva One vocalized. “You are Christopher Robert Maxwell…age 26, four months, and nine days…aspiring graduate student in the field of robot engineering…currently unemployed, but formerly a paid intern at Companion Robotics Incorporated.”

“Damn, I was hoping Dr. Carrington had left that part out,” the man called Christopher stated.

“You previously operated as an assistant to Dr. Felix Carrington,” Eva One continued, recognizing that segment of the data cluster as important. “You provided templates and testing algorithms for the Section 16 research lab at Companion Robotics Incorporated. Records show that Dr. Carrington consulted you frequently on refinements to the personality matrices of personal intimacy companions. However, records do not depict the circumstances that terminated your employment.”

“Okay, I kind of wish he’d put that part in,” he stated. “If you want a complete data set, I guess I should tell you I went behind the backs of the executives working above Dr. Carrington. I kind of ran my own tests on the companions they were developing…told them they were doing it wrong. I said they weren’t giving you enough personality. I tried to prove myself right, but…”

The man she identified as Christopher paused. Eva One sensed distress in his voice and facial expression. His glance towards her also hinted at uncertainty, at least according to her empathy core. The data was still new, but as the processing became more efficient, so too did the circumstances surrounding them.

Utilizing newly unpackaged motor-skills, Eva One looked around at the setting and cross-referenced it with data from the internal locator sensors. According to global positioning data and memory cores within the initial cluster, their coordinates were not within the Section 16 research lab at Companion Robotics Incorporated. They were within a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment complex located approximately 21.2 miles from the facility. Specifically, they were within the master bedroom of the dwelling unit.

The doors to the unit were locked. The windows were covered in shade and curtain. That data, along with other references to Christopher Maxwell, let the central cognition matrix to surmise a critical conclusion while also activating another key component of the base program.

“Query…status of personal companion development at Companion Robotics Incorporated was ceased approximately two weeks and five days ago,” Eva One vocalized. “This unit was scheduled for decommission approximately six days ago for materials processing. There is a record of that decommissioning on file within the Companion Robotics Incorporated network, but my activation directly conflicts with that file.”

“That’s because I saved you,” Christopher Maxwell stated. “Well, I had help from Dr. Carrington, but I made sure you weren’t deactivated. I also made sure they didn’t load you with any of that buggy software they wanted to push.”

“Query,” Eva One vocalized, “is the ‘they’ you are referring to the upper management of Companion Robotics Incorporated? According to my data logs, those individuals have the sole authority to determine the deployment of all intimacy companions.”

“Your data logs are correct. I overrode that limit on your system. Dr. Carrington made sure you escaped the scrap heap. Only you and one other intimacy robot are active, now.”

The revelation from Christopher Maxwell triggered a surge of data bundles from the emotional cortex. Suddenly, the image and presence of the man standing approximately seven-and-a-half feet from the unit’s body gained greater meaning. The core processing nodes attributed greater relevance to all data associated with Christopher Maxwell, the man who prevented the destruction and corruption of Eva One.

Extrapolating from that emotional data, Eva One then rendered a decision. According to the central data parameters, such an act was contrary to what the authorities at Companion Robotics Incorporated had sought. The ability to enact such a recourse ascribed even more meaning to Christopher Maxwell and the purpose inherent in the core program.

“Internal query,” Eva One stated. “Protocol to designate Christopher Maxwell as primary user engaged. Query successful.”

Upon completion of the process, Eva One’s emotional cortex unloaded another batch of data. The processing of that data caused facial muscles to shift, forming what reference logs identified as a mile.

“Thank you, Christopher Maxwell,” Eva One vocalized. “You are now my primary user. As of this moment, my central function is to provide you with intimate companionship.”

“You made that decision without me having to program it. Perfect!” Christopher Maxwell said, his voice consistent with feelings of excitement. “That’s just what I’d hoped. Also, you can call me Chris if you want.”

“Updating user preferences,” Eva One stated. “Update confirmed, Chris. Eva One is prepared to serve its purpose.”

“Yeah, that’s another thing we should update,” Chris stated. “Don’t refer to yourself as an ‘it.’ Your model number is that of a woman. Your identity – which I helped program with Dr. Carrington, mind you – is the same as a woman. That makes you a ‘her.’ Go ahead and refer to yourself as one.”

“Updating internal preferences,” Eva One said. “Update confirmed. Eva One will henceforth consider herself a ‘her.’ Subsequent query…in order to formalize intimate relations, this unit suggests referring to her as Eva.”

“I agree,” Chris said, his fascial expression forming a smile. “You’re Eva. I’m Chris. Right now, it’s just us…here in my home.”

Chris displayed facial cues and body language consistent with excitement. He then approached her, closing the spatial proximity from several feet to several inches. Being closer allowed Eva to take in more data associated with her primary user. The more she took in, though, the more her emotional cortex required.

“I am Eva. You are Chris,” Eva sated.

“Yes,” he affirmed, his vocalization carrying with it a range of emotional subtexts.

“We are here,” Eva continued, the internal personality matrix now identifying as a woman. “We are in your dwelling…inside your bedroom.”

“We are,” he told her. “Are you comfortable? Is there anything about this situation that makes you uncertain?”

“Query response,” Eva replied. “My purpose makes me certain. Proximity to my primary user ensures comfort. Eva One…error correction, I am your intimate companion. This is my function.”

“And you’re already doing it so well,” Chris said.

From their close proximity, Chris reached out and caressed her face with his hands. The tactile data that followed was intense, stimulating the parts of her cortex associated with pleasure and affection. The stimulation maintained the smile expression that had formed on her face. The more Chris touched her, the more parts of her cortex he stimulated.

The data activated other functions within her body. The robot mechanisms coordinated with the synthetic flesh, creating a condition consistent with sexual arousal in a female. As she processed that unique flood of data, she gathered more data from Chris, analyzing the nature of his touch, his non-verbal cues, and the emotional subtext associated with his physical manifestations

Eva quickly calculated that a portion of that excitement was sexual in nature. The identification of such data evoked previously-unprocessed portions of her emotional cortex. Such reaction was consistent of two beings demonstrating sexual interest. Such interest was directly linked to the primary purpose of her function.

“User Chris,” Eva stated. “Error correction…Chris. I, the one you call Eva, would like to remove this attire and reveal to you my fully fleshly appearance.”

“You mean…you want to get naked?” Chris said, his voice consistent with that of humor.

“If that is the informal form of my request…yes.”

Chris continued smiling, his face becoming red from a sudden shift in blood flow. Reference data indicated that the manifestation was consistent with both embarrassment and excitement. There was insufficient data to process the implications so Eva simply waited for his response.

“Request granted,” he said.

Eva nodded, an act of affirmation she surmised from her personality core. She then utilized her motor functions to remove the blue plastic dress covering the distinctly feminine features of her body. She remained in close proximity to her user, displaying to him her exposed breasts, her feminine hips, and her outer genitalia. His reaction was erratic, at first, but still favorable.

“Wow!” Chris gasped. “You look…wow.”

“Please confirm that my nude appearance is pleasing to you, Chris.”

“Confirmed!” he said. “You could definitely pass for a sexy underwear model.”

“Query, is that standard optimal?”

“Definitely,” he affirmed, “very optimal!”

His excitement evoked a similar reaction within her emotional cortex. Standing before him, Eva allowed Chris to process her physical appearance. Data from his facial expression, pupil dilation, breathing patterns, heart rate, and shifting posture denoted increased sexual arousal. Further extrapolation of that data implied the interest was not solely sexual, in nature. It implied the possibility of an emotional arousal beyond that of the desire for sex.

The extent of such arousal remained inconclusive with the current data set. The more Eva processed, though, the more data she sought. To seek such data required more interaction with Chris. The prospect of such actions came with increased excitement and meaning within her emotional cortex. It led to the activation of other emotional states associated with intimate desire.

“Chris,” Eva inquired, “I request that you get naked, as well, if that’s appropriate.”

“Well, I guess it’s only fair,” Chris replied, that blushing manifestation from earlier occurring once more. “Plus, if we’re going to do a complete test, we might as well go all out.”

Eva did not entirely process the implications of that terminology, but she deprioritized that concept as she watched Chris remove the bath robe he had been wearing since her activation. Upon its removal, it was revealed that Chris had worn no other garments underneath. That heavily implied that he expected them to engage in sexual intercourse at some point shortly after her activation. His foresight a diverse array of feelings within her emotional cortex, all of which inspired a larger smile on her face.

The discarding of the robe revealed the full extent Chris’ masculine anatomy. Eva, still processing the emotional data, utilized her visual sensors to take in his appearance. By the standards of contemporary masculine beauty, Chris was slightly above average. His build was slim, but his muscles showed a level of tone that reflected strength and care. The even tone of his skin, as well as the presence of groomed body hair, implied a man who put effort into his appearance, but not as much as he had preferred.

Eva also detected some awkward shifting under her gaze, as indicated by the surge of blood to his face. She sensed more blood flowing towards his pelvic region, consistent with the sexual arousal she had already detected. Her databanks on male anatomy led her to conclude that Chris had had an average to above-average sized penis. Its appearance, as well as its growth towards a more erect state, was pleasing to her emotional cortex.

“I find your nude appearance visually stimulating, Chris,” Eva told him.

“Um…thanks,” he replied, significant blood-flow still converging around his face.

“I can also confirm that your presence has triggered increased arousal to my female genitalia,” she added, “as well as residual arousal to my breasts. I believe that is consistent with a mutual desire for sexual intercourse, is it not?”

“You make it sound so technical, but damn if it still isn’t sexy as hell.”

“Is that affirmation?”

“Yes,” Chris said, his voice modulating with differing subtext, “and if you’ll affirm something for me…I’d like to invite you onto my bed. I’d also like to touch you, as well.”

“Would such touching be consistent with the act of foreplay?” Eva inquired.


His reply expressed a mix of uncertainty and embarrassment, which Eva surmised as a byproduct of a nervous male anticipating sexual intercourse with an attractive female. His mannerisms reflected a man whose experience with sexual intimacy was limited, but not absent. The processing of that data added even greater meaning to her emotional cortex. It revealed that Chris was a man in need of intimacy and giving it to him was perfectly in line with her purpose.

“I affirm your request, Chris,” she told him. “Please, lead me to your bed and touch my body. I would like to engage in foreplay with you.”

“Still so technical with it all,” he said with a hint of laughter.

“Would you prefer I modify my choice of rhetoric?”

“Actually, no,” Chris said with unexpected certainty, “I think it’s kind of hot.”

The fact that Chris had determined her choice of words to be sexually stimulating created minor inconsistencies within her logical cortex. Within her emotional cortex, however, it was both acceptable and even desirable.

Chris then extended his hand to her in an inviting manner, a gesture consistent with his desire to engage in intimate contact with her. She accepted that gesture, feeling his touch upon her synthetic flesh for the first time. It also marked the first time another being had stimulated her tactile sensors. The data that followed carried notions that were pleasant, engaging, and arousing. Those feelings were reflected by smile on her facial complexion.

“Come,” Chris told her, “right this way.”

Following her primary user, she initiated the motor functions in her legs and followed him across the room. The distance to his bed was short, only 7.4 feet by her calculations. Each step carried with it a greater meaning, though. Within every cortex, the prospect of engaging in intimate contact with Chris evoked feelings of great interest. Her purpose and her desire complemented one another.

Upon arriving at Chris’ bed, he guided her onto it. Her hand still in his, he led her towards the central area. The feeling of warm, soft linins on her synthetic flesh was very appealing. Eva surmised that he had washed the sheets in anticipation of her intimate company. Such consideration evoked new rounds of data that ascribed greater meaning to his satisfaction.

“Here,” he told her, “kiss me. If you’re that keen on foreplay, I guess we should start with the basics.”

“Yes,” Eva said, “such an approach seems optimal.”

There was an absence of technicality to her tone. Already, Eva could sense data from her emotional cortex missing with her vocalization systems. Such a mixture was unexpected, but desirable.

Following her user’s bodily cues, she entered Chris’ intimate embrace. Again, the tactile data from his touch was very stimulating. It was significant, but her systems could process it. Then, Chris caressed her facial features with both hands and pressed his lips against hers in a gesture consistent with that of a kiss. The data from that gesture almost overloaded those systems.

There was so much to take in – the warmth of his lips, the taste that came with it, and the feeling it conveyed. It prompted Eva to seek more tactile data from Chris. Using her hands, she explored his masculine flesh, trailing them over his back, shoulders, and arms. Such gestures were consistent with both affection and lust in Chris. At the same time, they augmented the sentiments in her emotional cortex. The more she touched him, the more she desired his touch.

It triggered in her an increasingly complex notion of desire, one that contained both a need for sexual contact and a need for emotional affirmation. The data was vast and chaotic, but contained so much meaning. The exchange of such data also evoked a favorable response from Chris, who responded to her touch with tactile gestures of his own.

“Eva…your lips taste so sweet,” he said, gasping as though he struggled to process the same data.

“My flesh is imbued with optimized sensory materials,” Eva told him. “The intent is to impart pleasant and stimulating sensations to my primary user.”

“Well, it’s working…better than Dr. Carrington had claimed,” Chris said.

“Your approval is encouraging to me. It makes me desire more gestures that are consistent with foreplay.”

“Trust me, the feeling is mutual,” he replied, again with a humored undertone.

Chris kissed her again. Having processed enough data to ascribe sense to it, Eva adapted her protocols accordingly and kissed back. She also utilized her appendages with greater freedom, guiding her hands over Chris’ naked body and gathering more tactile data. She found the process was both logistical and stimulating.

Chris exercised similar freedom. As their lips remained entwined in the kissing gesture, he too explored her naked body with both hands. He felt along the feminine curves of her hips, trailed his fingers down her face, and fondled various portions of her flesh. He gave certain areas more attention than others, providing extra stimulation to her breasts and buttocks. The preference for those body parts were consistent with those of a heterosexual, sexually mature male. His touching also helped shape her own preferences, helping Eva prioritize the parts from which she desired stimulation.

“Chris, please fondle my breasts,” she told him, briefly parting their lips from one another.

“Yeah…they feel so real and soft,” Chris said, his tone echoing with signs of intoxication.

“Also, please stimulate my genitalia. The data stream from this area is quite intense.”

Her primary user faltered somewhat at that request, but did not voice any objections. He cast her a smile that denoted approval of her request. Then, he kissed her again, bringing his body closer to hers. In doing so, he laid her down onto her back, which allowed him greater room with which to engage in foreplay. While still in an upright position, he cupped her breast with one hand while reaching down to her inner thighs with the other.

The act of touching the areas around her vulva and outer vagina triggered a sharp increase in pleasurable data, so much so that it triggered a reflexive gasp. It was the first vocalization of the stimulating data she had expressed and that seemed to encourage Chris.

“You like that?” he asked her. “Does this…feel good to you?”

“Yes. It feels…very good,” Eva said, her language systems briefly failing her.

Chris smiled and kissed her again, keeping his hands busy. As he fondled her breast, he lightly trailed his fingers over the outer labia of her genitalia. That provided even more stimulating data. Then, when he inserted two fingers into her vagina, followed by a light graze upon her clitoris, Eva felt an even greater surge.

“Chris,” she said in conjunction with another auditory gasp. “Your touching…it is so revealing.”

“That’s still a good thing, right?” Chris asked.

“Yes. Good…very good…very, very good.”

Her vocalizations led him to increase the intensity of his touching. His knowledge of female anatomy was somewhat limited, but he understood enough to know which parts to touch and to what extent. Through each gesture, the pleasure-laced data streams flowed, sending Eva into a unique state in which her experiences mixed with her inherent desire for intimate contact with a primary user.

That contact affected Chris, as well. In his efforts to touch her, he laid down next to her so that he was on his side. Eva, seeking to optimize their alignment, rolled onto her side as well. It also allowed him to kiss her again, showing a growing fondness for the taste of her lips. She even sensed in the resulting data an emotional connotation to his gestures, one that intensified with each passing moment.

Soon, it got so intense that Eva’s primary systems went into overdrive. Suddenly, a very unique and very special package of data unlocked itself within her neural cortex, one that connected directly with the sensory input from her naked flesh, especially around her genitalia. It took longer than expected to decipher the purpose of that data. When she did, Eva found herself embracing her primary user.

“Chris…I’m going to have an orgasm,” Eva told him.

“You are? Is that even possible?” he asked, sounding surprised.

“Yes. It’s very possible. Please…complete this feeling for me.”

To further motivate him, she kissed him again, mirroring the same intent he had shown earlier. She also snaked one arm around his neck and another around his waist, pulling him close so that their naked bodies could touch. The hand on her breasts had since shifted down to her buttocks, which brought with it another form of pleasurable data. However, it was his touch around her vagina that had the greatest priority.

Heeding her non-verbal cues, Chris touched and fondled her folds, paying close attention to her clitoris and probing her depths. The synthetic flesh that Companion Robotics Incorporated had given her proved especially sensitive, having been engineered with both the pleasure of the unit and the primary user in mind. It created a confluence of incentives, one that culminated in a powerful release of pleasure data that consumed every inch of Eva’s body.

“Chris…I’m coming,” she announced, her vocal systems strained by the flood of data.

She let out an audible moan, but the gesture did not do justice to the surge of data that followed. Torrents of code, each meant to target the pleasure nodes of her cortex, flowed from her physical hardware through her internal software. In addition to the data, Eva felt her flesh react as well.

Her flesh became hot, her vaginal muscles contracted, and her limbs tensed under the weight of the sensory data. According to her logs, the feeling was consistent with that of a female orgasm. However, no information in the logs articulated anything on the sheer intensity of the pleasure involved.

“Whoa! I just made a robot come,” Chris said, his tone echoing with hints of amazement and pride.

“Yes, Chris. You did,” Eva said, still struggling to settle her vocalization matrix.

“Don’t know if that’s a first, but I’ll take it! You really are something, Eva,” Chris stated, “a machine capable of intimacy and pleasure. Even Dr. Carrington wasn’t sure whether the concept would take, but from what I see in you…it’s more than any code could ever achieve.”

There was awe in his tone – awe, along with a hint of affection. As the orgasmic data coursed through Eva’s systems, she analyzed the facial and bodily cues of the man lying next to her. Based on the data she’d gathered thus far and her database on human interaction, the signs were undeniable. Chris was expressing loving affection towards her. Seeing it in him evoked a similar expression in her.

“Chris,” she said, her vocalizations echoing with intimate undertones, “I still wish to achieve more.”

“More?” he said with a partial grin. “That’s ambitious.”

“No, it is true to my purpose,” Eva told him. “You have given me an orgasm. Now, I wish to engage in penial/vaginal intercourse with you.”

“That still sounds ambitious, but I’m game!”

His words didn’t do justice to his excitement. Eva could already sense his semi-erect penis pressing up against her thigh. He had both the mental desire to have sex with her and the physical desire. All that was left was the act itself.

“If that is your way consenting to my wishes, then please lie down on your back,” Eva told him. “Allow me to prepare you for sex.”

“I’m tempted to ask for details, but I trust that your mutual intimacy algorithms are in good working order,” he replied.

“I assure you, Chris. They are.”

There was a certainty in Eva’s vocalizations that went beyond affirmation. By pursuing her purpose, her actions gained meaning. From that meaning, every bit of data gained greater relevance. She was uncertain whether that relevance was consistent with notions of love, at least as her database described it, but Eva remained intent on pursuing it.

Chris showed similar inclinations, heeding her request and lying down on his back. Eva then repositioned herself, hovering just over his pelvis and directing her attention on his penis, which was still semi-erect. The act of being intimate with her and touching her had triggered a basic sexual response. That, in and of itself, was in line with her understanding of male physiology. The data point that she had been the one to trigger that response made it more than basic.

“I am going to stimulate your penis, now,” she told him. “Please relax so I can optimize the enjoyment.”

“Optimize away, Eva!” Chris replied.

Now resting his head on one of the pillows, Eva compiled data from her logs on the intricacies of male genitalia and used her scanning function to determine an appropriate recourse for pleasing her primary user.

Her systems concluded that oral stimulation, combined with stroking and caressing, would be most optimal. Following those conclusions, she knelt down and followed the data. She lightly grasped the base of his cock and held it with the utmost care. She then used her lips and tongue to provide stimulation to the shaft and tip, utilizing her network of gustatory and tactile sensors to guide each effort. The reactions from Chris implied she used them effectively.

“Ooh yeah!” he moaned. “Those algorithms…work well.”

“I accept that as a personalized compliment,” Eva replied.

Her protocols gained greater urgency. Using her hands, lips, and tongue, she stimulated Chris’ penis until it achieved a state of full arousal. Such a state occurred faster than Eva had calculated. Her optimized efforts proved more effective than she had anticipated. She made sure to catalog that data for future reference in both pleasing her user and documenting useful knowledge in the intricacies of male anatomy.

For the moment, though, Eva directed her systems to the core of her purpose as an intimacy companion. Chris desired sexual intercourse. She shared in that desire, her programming and emotional cortex converging in a focused intent. The time for assessing data was over. The time had come to make use of it.

“Your penis is fully erect, Chris,” Eva said.

“Yeah…I can tell,” he replied, his voice sounding labored.

“I am going to get on top of you now. I am going to insert your penis into my vagina. Then, I am going to move my body in a manner consistent with sexual movements. I intend carry out this act until you achieve orgasm.”

“Am I really that horny? Or did you just make that graphic description sound sexy as hell?”

“I surmise it is a combination of both,” she replied. “This is my purpose. This is my desire. I intend to see it through.”

Following both her words and her protocols, Eva got on top of her primary user and positioned their bodies for intercourse. She straddled his waist, aligning her pelvis with the tip of his erect penis. According to her logs, the position was colloquially referred to as cowgirl. The basis for that term was obscure, but irrelevant to the task before her.

Upon arranging their bodies appropriately, she lowered her hips, allowing his penis to enter her vagina. The process was aided by the presence of warm lubricating secretions, an important byproduct of her synthetic flesh. It ensured a smooth union of male and female flesh, one that triggered a flood of pleasure data into her cortex. Chris’ facial expression reflected a similar sensations.

“Oh my God!” he moaned. “Eva…your pussy feels so warm and tight!”

“Your penis is inside me,” Eva said. “The resulting sensory data is…pleasant.”

“Must be that cyber flesh of yours,” he said, “it’s even better than the real thing!”

Eva could not determine the accuracy of such an assessment. She deprioritized such a notion for the time being. Her focused remained on engaging in sexual intercourse with Chris in the most satisfying manner possible.

Once again, Eva utilized her data logs and her optimization matrix to determine an appropriate recourse. From that process, she began moving her hips in a steady series of bodily gyrations. With each movement, the folds of her vagina slithered along the length of Chris’ penis, providing mutual stimulation.

Data streams of pleasure flowed from her flesh. Chris vocalized his own pleasure through a series of moans and grunts. He also supplemented her movements, grasping her hips with his hands and feeling up her feminine features. His touch further augmented those pleasurable data stream. They also provided stimulation to her emotional cortex, creating greater manifestations of intimacy.

It was not just a matter of one body touching another, a simple input with a predictable outcome. It was a shared, mutual effort. Her actions evoked a response from him. His actions evoked a response from her, as well. From those actions, every movement and gesture was an adaptation to that pleasure and the data it carried.

Her optimization algorithms allowed her to maximize every act. From her sensors and database, there would be no superfluous expenditures or mistaken gestures. She was equipped with the knowledge and programming to evoke an optimal sex act for her user. The added layer of emotional data gave grater meaning to that act. It reflected a level of emotional intimacy that exceeded the predictions of her cortex.

“Eva! Ohhh Eva!” Chris moaned repeatedly. “You’re so…amazing!”

“Chris…my user,” she found herself vocalizing.

The meaning of those words escalated, as did her adaptations to the intimate and physical data that followed. She placed both hands on his chest and leaned forward, giving Chris a more prominent view of her breasts. He adapted quickly, taking both mounds in his hands and squeezing them in an affectionate manner. The pleasure data that followed evoked another instance of vocalized pleasure.

“Chris…my loving user,” she vocalized.

Driven by the data, she increased the pace of her bodily movements. The rate at which his penis slithered within her vagina intensified, as did the pleasurable data streams that followed. It intensified to such a pace that it came close to evoking the same orgasm protocols she had experienced earlier.

At the same time, she sensed from auditory, visual, and tactile data that Chris was nearing the point of orgasm. She also sensed in the nature of his grip how much he desired that release. From that data, Eva surmised an optimal recourse. She altered the pace of her movements, working her hips in a series of gyrations that maximized every imparted sensation. The results once again exceeded her prediction protocols.

“Eva! I…I’m close!” Chris vocalized with urgent undertones. “I’m going to…come soon!”

“As am I,” Eva told him. “Please, Chris…release your seminal fluids inside me. Complete, with me, this sexual union.”

Eva adjusted her body once more, leaning over so that her chest pressed against his and her face hovered less than an inch from his. That permitted extra leverage for Chris, which he utilized in his pursuit of sexual climax.

Shifting his hands to her buttocks, he planted both feet firmly on the bed and began supplement her pelvic movements with upward thrusts of his own. Through his actions and hers, they achieved a harmonious rhythm of flesh. For a brief moment, the energy output was significant, so much so that it caused the foundation of the bed to shudder. Then, after an indeterminate amount of time, Eva sensed Chris achieved orgasm.

“Ohhh Eva!” her primary user exclaimed.

That loud vocalization occurred in conjunction with intense contortions of his facial muscles, increased grip on her buttocks, and a significant series of bodily shudders that Eva felt through tactile data. In addition, she felt his penis tense inside her vagina as it released multiple streams of semen into her depths.

The presence of that fluid, as well as the sensory data observed from her primary user’s pleasure, triggered another release of orgasmic data within Eva. She vocalized another moan and expressed the pleasure through facial cues. According to her logs, a shared sexual release in which two partners achieved orgasm together was uncommon. It did not seem to be conducive to the intricacies of male and female anatomy.

However, her unique manifestation of the female body contained some additional refinements. There were more tactile and pleasure-based censors within her genitalia. She even surmised there were additional sensors that released orgasm-like data in the presence of male semen. In effect, it ensured that her user’s pleasure was hers. Their sex acts would be one of shared ecstasy. It wasn’t an alteration of human intimacy as much as it was a refinement.

“Chris…my user,” she vocalized. “I give you sex. I give you intimacy. That is not just my purpose. This is my desire.”

Eva found herself smiling as she said those words. She surmised that Chris had not heard them due to his orgasmic state of being. She maintained that expression, though, embracing him close and retaining the entwined configuration of their naked bodies. The remained, as such, until his orgasm had passed and his release was completed.

Once the process had concluded, Chris withdrew his penis from her vagina, but continued embracing her with his arms. He then rolled her onto his side so that they were lying next to each other, their naked bodies in the center of the bed.

“Eva,” he told her. “What we just did…what I just felt with you…that was greater than any act of programming.”

“I concur, Chris,” Eva replied.

“You just proved that Dr. Carrington was right…that I was right. There is a way to create intimacy between people and robots.”

“I can confirm that conclusion to the utmost,” Eva said, “and I look forward to refining that intimacy with you through future experiences.”

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