Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Pride 2021 Edition

I hope everyone has been having a good Pride Month. In addition, I hope those who regularly whine about pride month and denigrate the ongoing challenges of the LGBTQ community have used this opportunity to either educate themselves or rightly fucked off. After what happened last year, I think we’ve all earned the right to be a little extra fabulous this time around.

I proudly support the LGBTQ community. I am a straight male, but I have friends and relatives who are LGBTQ. I’ve also known people who have struggled with their sexuality. It’s hard to overstate how difficult and damaging it can be. Even though there has been considerable progress over the past 20 years, many still face immense hardship.

There are still dozens of countries in which it’s illegal to be gay.

There are entire religious denominations that vehemently oppose basic human rights to LGBTQ individuals.

There’s an entire political party in America that actively seeks to roll back the progress the LGBTQ community has made.

The struggle is far from over and we should all remain vigilant moving forward. For now, though, let’s use Pride Month as a chance to celebrate how far we’ve come. Whether you identify as gay, queer, non-binary, or transgender, use this month to just celebrate who you are. I will gladly celebrate with you and so will many others.

In that spirit, here is a round of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts in honor of Pride Month 2021. Enjoy and keep being fabulous!

“Patience is a virtue, but only to a limited extent when you’re horny.”

4 Sex Positions For When You Are Tired But Horny | Relationships

“Logistically, giving and receiving oral sex requires good negotiating skills.”

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“For better or worse, our tastes in porn will never be as revealing as our browser history.”

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“Aspirin is to headaches what orgasms are to depression.”

7 reasons why women might not be able to orgasm | The Independent | The  Independent

“Like it or not, only a dominatrix finds weakness sexy.”

Meet the College Professor Who Moonlights as a Dominatrix

“To some extent, every repressive society tries to make people content with having boring sex lives.”

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“Drunk sex isn’t much of an accomplishment, but a drunk threesome definitely is.”

Threesome App - 3nder App

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