Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Deep Sexy Voice Edition

There are many ways to set a sexy mood. Regardless of gender, orientation, or kinks, the goal is the same. You seek to create an environment where you and your lover are feeling extra-frisky. Not everyone goes about it the same way, but the results are a big reason why many of us exist.

Of all the ways to set that special mood, talking in a deep, sexy voice has a uniquely profound impact. There’s a reason why Barry White is both a musical icon and a sex symbol. That deep, masculine voice just triggers something in us that makes us want to get intimate. It’s a beautiful thing.

There’s even a very real chance that someone reading this is alive because their parents listened to Barry White, but I’ll try not to belabor that. I’ll just let countless lurid imaginations fill in the blanks.

However, you don’t need to have the musical talents of Barry White to channel the sex appeal of a deep voice. You don’t even have to be a particular gender. You just have to be willing to get close, say the right things, and say them in a way that’s deep, affectionate, and intimate. Put that all together and let your lover react. The results can be both beautiful and sexy as hell.

If you don’t believe me, try it the next time you’re with your lover. Talk dirty in an extra deep tone. See how they respond. If they respond favorably, then you’re welcome. You now have a new tool in your intimate arsenal. If you still need more convincing, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts that I hop inspire you. Enjoy!

“Is it ironic that something as inherently delicious as chocolate sauce has probably been used in kinky sex acts that would make most people sick?”

“Telling someone what turns you on is like telling someone your weakness and giving them an instruction manual on how to exploit it.”

“Would you take marital advice from someone who claims they’ve never cussed during sex?”

“You can’t be an overly honest person and still be good at kinky role playing.”

“Like it or not, the presence of a dirty imagination ensures there will always be free porn.”

“It’s exceedingly difficult to be a bad listener and a skilled lover.”

“If sex were a video game, then the afterglow would be the bonus level.”

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