Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Spring 2021 Edition

This past winter sucked and for once, it had nothing to do with the weather. I don’t think I need to remind everyone of why it sucked. I think I’ve belabored that enough these past few months. There’s a good chance things will continue to suck for the same reason in the coming months. They just won’t suck nearly as much.

That’s because, as of yesterday, spring has arrived. It’s official now. We made it through one of the worst winters most of us will ever experience. Now, we have warmer weather and a less apocalyptic outlook before us. I, for one, am elated. I usually don’t celebrate the arrival of spring this much, mostly because of my allergies, but I’ll make an exception this year.

I want to believe things will be better this time. Hopefully, pools and water parks will open, movie theaters will have blockbuster movies to release, and we’ll be able to travel without fear or lockdown restrictions. Moreover, we’ll be able to do all of this without dressing in layers. I cannot overstate how appealing that all sounds right now.

I’m trying to be optimistic. I really am. My spirit is still far from intact. They’ve been crushed several times too many over the past year. I want to make the effort and I hope the arrival of spring will help. Nobody knows how much worse or better it’ll get. All we can do is move forward.

To help my broken spirits, as well as many others, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to get everyone in the spirit of spring. Things may suck, but at least they’ll suck with better weather. Enjoy!

“We will never know the identities of couples who are most skilled at thrill sex.”

“A man with six-pack abs will always work harder to maintain his sex appeal than a woman with big tits.”

“If nice guys only finished last in bed, then they’re more likely to be ahead when it comes to finding love.”

“Is it ironic or appropriate that idiots who find love rely mostly on dumb luck?”

“The term, gross incompetence, was probably coined after a failed sex act.”

“A quickie is the espresso shot of sex while tender lovemaking is a perfect latte.”

“Logistically speaking, you’re better off sleeping with someone ugly because they have more incentive to put in the extra effort.”

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