Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Mood Lighting Edition

There are a lot of things that go into a good romantic setting. Some aren’t always within our control, but that just makes putting in the effort more important. There are a lot of things you don’t want to half-ass in life or in relationships. Romantic settings is one of them.

One element you can control has to do with lighting. I’m not just talking about candles and lamp shades, either. A romantic moment can stand out in many ways, but if the lighting is just right, you and your lover will remember it for all the right reasons.

How you get it to stand out depends on what a couple is into. When I was dating my girlfriend, we were both early risers. We enjoyed the subtle lighting of the morning sunrise. That usually meant drawing the shades in my bedroom just right to give us that perfect blend of morning sun. It made for some wonderful moments between us.

For others, it’s different. One of my old roommates was the opposite of a morning person. He and his girlfriend liked to keep things dark, but not pitch black. That usually meant extra dim lighting in which you couldn’t see much, but you could make out just enough to discern the sexy details. They liked that sort of mystery element and I can totally understand why.

When contemplating your own mood lighting, what kind do you and your lover prefer? Does it need to be bright or dim? Do you prefer candles or sunlight? What gets you and your lover in the best possible mood? Contemplate that as you read over these Sexy Sunday Thoughts. Enjoy!

“People with a voyerism fetish make the worst spies.”

“Is it really possible to not discover a kink by accident?”

“A man who is good at puzzles has an advantage when it comes to pleasing a woman.”

“Your sense of modesty and shame is directly proportional to how little you’re willing to wear when receiving a pizza delivery.”

“Being sexually repressed and moving to Las Vegas is like hating football and moving to Green Bay.”

“A fight that ends in make-up sex can horribly skew your concept of foreplay.”

“Never mistake being in love for not wanting to go back to masturbating alone on weekends.”

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