Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Gift Wrapping 2020 Edition

Christmas is almost here. Whether you’re a little kid or a full-grown adult, it’s approaching fast and we should prepare accordingly. Now, I’ve made no secret of my passion for the holidays. I had my tree up the day after Halloween. I also had my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. It’s not just about being proactive. I just love embracing the holidays sooner than most.

For some, wrapping gifts is just part of the holiday process. Some even see it as tedious and laborious, especially if your gifts don’t easily fit into boxes. However, I honestly love wrapping gifts. I don’t know if I’m just weird or if that’s just an extension of my love for the holidays. I genuinely enjoy wrapping presents.

One of my favorite personal traditions involves putting on a Christmas movie, laying all my wrapping gear in the middle of my living room, and just proceed with wrapping every gift I can. It’s just one of those things that fills me with a special kind of joy.

I also believe that your willingness to wrap a gift helps make it more personal. It shows the people you love that you really put time and effort into getting this gift for them. That sends a message that’s every bit as meaningful as the gift itself.

I know not everyone feels this way about gift wrapping. At the same time, I think it plays a major role in the holiday aesthetics. You have Christmas trees, lights, decorations, and holiday specials. You also have wrapped Christmas gifts. Together, it’s just a perfect picture of the holidays and it’s worth celebrating.

Here are some of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts to help contribute to that celebration. Enjoy!

“Being in love and horny at the same time is a potent combination.”

“Like it or not, anything that gives men erections is going to be scrutinized, commodified, or celebrated.”

“Every time you open a door, there’s a non-zero chance you’ll walk in on someone having sex.”

“Depending on the situation, being a sexy virgin is either an accomplishment or a tragedy.”

“Porn is basically candy for our genitals.”

“Urging women to not be sluts requires that you convince them to have fewer orgasms.”

“You’re either homophobic or horny if you’re extra careful when sucking on a popsicle.”

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