Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Peppermint Flavor Edition

We can finally say it without people whining about the timing of it all. The holidays are upon us. That magical period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is here. It’s as official as we can get without Santa Claus himself hitting us upside the head with his sleigh. As someone who loves the holidays and regularly puts his decorations up before everyone else, I welcome it.

Along with the many festive themes that manifest during this time of year, there’s also a distinct flavor that often coincides with the holidays. That flavor is peppermint. What pumpkin spice is to Fall and Halloween, peppermint is to the holidays. While it may not be overhyped and overly marketed as pumpkin spice, it still gives us that distinct taste of the holidays.

Personally, I still like pumpkin spice more than peppermint. If given the choice, I’d still get a pumpkin spice latte over a peppermint latte. However, in the name of the holiday spirit, I’ll gladly have as many peppermint lattes as necessary to further this wondrous celebration.

It also helps that the scent is uniquely festive. I remember years ago when my ex-girlfriend bought a peppermint candle on one of our Black Friday shopping excursions. It ended up setting a mood that was as romantic as it was sexy. I encourage every couple out there to try the same. Even if you don’t like peppermint lattes or candy, peppermint candles should put you in a jolly and sexy mood.

In that spirit, I’m dedicating this week’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts to all things peppermint flavored. May the taste and the ambience help get us all in the mood for all the right reasons. Enjoy!

“Telling a horny man to not stick his dick in crazy will always come off as a dare.”

“A rock star cheating on their lover is like a billionaire buying a lottery ticket.”

“Being lucky in love means nothing if you’re unwilling to find their G-spot.”

“The price of a lap dance is definitive proof that talk is cheap.”

“Being able to get laid while you still live with your parents should count as an accomplishment.”

“Whoever claimed laugher was the best medicine probably didn’t have a lot of orgasms.”

“Making yourself more attractive often goes hand-in-hand with making yourself less boring.”

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