Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sexy Rebel Edition

Women are attracted to bad boy. Men are attracted to bad girls, although it’s much more understated. It’s a common mantra, but one I think is incomplete. To me, there’s a difference between being a bad boy/bad girl and a rebel. In terms of romance and sex appeal, I think the rebel has the edge. I would even argue that’s the true source of the bad boy/bad girl sex appeal.

A bad boy/bad girl just breaks the rules. They shun authority and deviate from existing social norms. Now, I don’t deny that can have sex appeal for some people. However, just breaking the rules because you don’t like them is hardly sex. A rebel will break rules too, but with more purpose and agency behind it.

I’ve known rebellious men and women. When they break the rules, they have a reason for it and they don’t hide it. They’re not just looking for chaos and trouble. They want to chart their own path. They want to live their own life. That, in my opinion, shows a level of strength and self-awareness that warrants sex appeal. Men and women alike can appreciate it.

It may not do it for you, but it should be easy to understand why so many others are smitten by it. It’s that special kind of sex appeal that I want to acknowledge with this round of my Sexy Sunday thoughts. Enjoy!

“In a healthy relationship, sharing your browser history is both an intimate and informative act.”

“Getting someone a thoughtful gift is the only universally accepted form of foreplay.”

“Confidence will get you laid, but arrogance will get you divorced.”

“Evolutionarily speaking, you have every possible incentive to regularly wash your genitals.”

“A lack of sexual education guarantees an abundance of awkward moments later in life.”

“As a general rule when it comes to lovemaking, don’t be too rough with any body part you’re eager to lick.”

“If life were a video game, then a one-night stand can be either a trap or a bonus level, depending on your score.”

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