Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sexy Barbecue Edition

A close relative of mine once said that every romantic evening begins with a delicious meal. The nature of that meal varied, but when it was the middle of summer, good barbecue often set the mood. I trust that relative’s advice. I won’t get into specifics. I’ll just say that the success they had in their personal life did plenty to prove that point.

Some foods work better during certain times of the year. I know it’s mostly a psychological quirk, but a good meal involves more than just taste. Like eggnog during the holidays, barbecue during the summer just feels right. Whether it’s burgers on the grill or my dad’s famous flank steaks, it just makes summer feel complete.

It also helps that, unlike other traditional summer activities, a global pandemic can’t cancel the joys of barbecue. You just need a grill, a heat source, and some meat. If you need to wear a mask, you can. It doesn’t make the food taste any less delicious when it’s done cooking. If I can do it in my kitchen with a grill pan, then anyone can enjoy its succulent fruits.

It helps even more when you can find someone special to share these meaty meals with. Good food inspires quality loving on all levels. That’s another lesson my relatives have impressed upon me. A good summer barbecue can make everyone feel fulfilled, among other things. In that spirit, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to help work up an appetite. Enjoy!

“You know you’ve become a powerful man when sex is offered rather than requested.”

“The intensity of orgasms is only matched by the desire to achieve them.”

“When you think about it, sex in front of a mirror is the most primitive form of interactive porn.”

“Women either grossly underestimate or exceedingly overstate how much porn is on their lover’s computer.”

“We’ll never truly know the identity of the greatest faker of orgasms.”

“If love is a battlefield, then ex-lovers are the double agents.”

“When our toilet is clogged, we all have a plumber fetish on some levels.”

This summer has been a bummer in so many ways. I freely admit that. That’s exactly why we need to cling to the things that 2020 hasn’t ruined for us. We don’t have movies, baseball, water parks, or restaurants this summer, but we still have barbecue. If ever there was a year when we deserved some extra sauce on our ribs, it’s this one.

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