Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sexy Fireplace Edition


It’s getting cold outside. Winter is here and that’s no longer a teaser for a popular HBO show. Fall may not officially end until late December, but if you live in an area outside a tropical climate, it feels like winter. There have already been a few major snowstorms. This is just the beginning. As I write this, it’s freezing outside and I’m clinging to a hot cup of coffee.

There are many ways to stay warm in the winter. Some are a lot sexier than others. While I could definitely name a few, I’d like to focus on one that’s more pragmatic than sex, but still has a sexy connotation. It’s a fireplace. Whether gas powered or wood burning, having a roaring fire in the fireplace is a great way to keep your place warm in the winter. It’s also a grate way to set a sexy mood.

I can say that because the place I currently live at has a gas fireplace. In fact, one of the many reasons I bought my current home is because it has this nice little feature that I’ve always been fond of. A roaring fire in the fireplace isn’t just a nice utility for the winter months. It creates a unique ambiance that I find very intimate.

It’s an ambiance that has all sorts of romantic potential. I can easily imagine having a nice candle-lit dinner, followed by a little snuggling near the fire while it gets cold outside. That helps things get heated. From there, simple passions flare up. It’s a beautiful thing.

Not everyone has a fireplace and even a few who do probably see it as nothing more than a heating tool. I believe it can be more than that. Please use the following edition of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts as my arguments for the inherent sexiness of fireplaces. Enjoy!

“Women who watch gay porn and men who watch lesbian porn are sending mixed, yet understandable messages.”

“Trashy is just sex appeal made disgusting.”

“We live in an age where we share so much of our lives with total strangers online, but we’re still very protective of our porno stash.”

“How horny do you have to be to consider using a used sex toy?”

“Ignorance may be bliss for an individual, but knowledge is essential for anyone who wants to please their lover.”

“Being bitter that other people are more attractive than you is like being heartbroken that a prostitute slept with someone other than you.”

“A heartwarming gesture is the simplest way to start warming up someone’s loins.”

I hope that warmed everyone’s heart, loins, and everything in between. It’s going to be a long winter. There are many long, cold nights ahead of us. If you have a fireplace and a lover to share the warmth with, this is the perfect time of year to make use of it. There might be easier ways to stay warm, but I doubt few others will be as effective and sexy.

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