Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Elaborate Seduction Edition


Being a romantic, I’m a sucker for exceedingly elaborate acts of seduction. Whether it’s on Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or even a first date, I think the power of romance is on full display when ambitious people go all out. It’s a beautiful thing, even when it’s overdone. As long as someone’s heart is in the right place romantically, seduction can be quite a spectacle.

You don’t have to look too hard to find stories that are romantic, extreme, or just plain hilarious. I once worked with a guy who turned his entire bathroom into something that looked like a high roller suite in Las Vegas. I also knew a girl who set up this elaborate sound system in her husband’s bedroom to play sounds of the beach in the middle of winter. They weren’t crazy stunts, but they conveyed the same sentiment.

Putting time, energy, and resources into intimacy doesn’t just show how much you care about someone. It shows how much you’re willing to invest in love. It tells your lover, and the world as a whole, that you have a large capacity for love. If you have the means and the opportunity, you’ll demonstrate it to the utmost. To lovers and romantics alike, it’s a powerful message.

I certainly have my own ideas for how elaborate I’d get if I had a lover to seduce. I won’t share them here or hint at what it might involve. That’s for me and my future lover to know, whoever they may be. Until that time comes, here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to celebrate those who go the extra mile when it comes to seduction.

“The sexiness of underwear is directly linked to how easy it is to take off.”

“Does it really count as seduction if the person you’re trying to seduce is already horny?”

“When you think about it, babies are living orgasms.”

“The extent of someone’s love is directly proportional to how much of their lover’s body their lips have touched.”

“If there really is that special someone for everyone, then bisexuals are really hedging their bets.”

“Depending on your attitudes towards nudity, strip poker is the only form of gambling that has no losers.”

“Having sex with a pregnant woman is the only act of redundancy that leads to orgasms.”

I hope these musings inspire others to go a little further the next time they want to seduce their lover. There’s a time and place for a grand, over-the-top gesture to show how much you want to get frisky with your lover. They don’t come along often, but whenever you have the opportunity, I encourage everyone to take it.

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