Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sexy Jazz Edition


What people find sexy may very from person to person, but there are some things that are just inherently sexier than others. Things like thong underwear, hot tubs, and beautiful women licking Popsicle come to mind. In a sense, sexiness is a lot like art. You know what you like and you know it when you see it.

Within that spectrum, music holds a unique position. There are any number of songs with intensely sensual undertones. There are just as many songs that have no business being sexy or romantic and I’m not talking about death metal, either. Some forms of music are simply sexier than others and jazz is one of them.

My tastes in music have always been diverse. Scroll through my collection and you’ll find everything from rap to classic rock to even a few country songs. I like a little of everything, but when it comes to setting a sexy mood, jazz is often my first selection. A smooth, rhythmic, jazzy song often sets the perfect mood. It’s both relaxing and energizing. When you want to be romantic, it checks all the right boxes.

There are many ways to create some sexy ambiance. Everyone has their own unique tastes. Sexy jazz music is one of the few universal tools that can get the job done in most situations. Even if you’re not a jazz fan, your love life can only benefit by mixing it into your romantic repertoire. Consider this round of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts in celebration of sexy jazz music an added bonus. Enjoy!

“Sometimes, finding love is just a matter of finding someone as horny as you.”

“Good relationships require hard work for the same reason good orgasms require great effort.”

“Romantic conversations are basically the prequel to foreplay.”

“It’s amazing to think that ways we use our tongue determine whether a kiss is sweet or sexy.”

“If a little sugar makes romance sweet, then hot sauce makes it kinky.”

“An orgasm probably wasn’t the first gift, but it was likely among the first favors.”

“Stupidity is one of the few things that can both hinder and help population growth.”

I hope that inspired everyone to do a quick search for some nice jazz songs to spice up your love life. It may not be as elaborate as a bed of rose petals, but it’s simple, sensual, and doesn’t require an extra load of laundry. Music is a powerful force, in and of itself. Some of us are alive because our parents loved sexy music. Some forms are simply sexier than others and for all the right reasons.

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