Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Slow And Steady Edition


There is a time and a place to be bold, adventurous, and daring. That applies equally to both sexy and non-sexy situations. When you’re madly in love with someone and eagerly exploring that love, you’re going to want to push yourself and your passions to make the most of it. That’s a big part of what makes dating and honeymoons so fun.

However, I would argue that those times are brief and infrequent. For pragmatic reasons, they have to be. The body, heart, and mind is only capable of so much. We’re not machines with unlimited energy. Everyone needs to pace themselves, balancing out the desire for excitement with the need for some form of stability.

It’s a challenge, even for those who aren’t in relationships. Within an ongoing romance, though, it’s one of those necessary logistics that good couples figure out. Taking things slow and steady may not sound very sexy, but it absolutely can be when done right. In some cases, it can be even sexier because the passion is draw out and savored rather than vented all at once.

I’ve known couples who are all over the place, doing anything and everything they can to keep the excitement going. It can be great for a while, but they do tend to burn themselves out. The couples I know who take things slow and steady usually last longer. It doesn’t just win races. It makes for great romance. This round of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts is my way of acknowledging that. Enjoy!

“Clumsy foreplay is like cold pizza in that it’s not ideal, but still gets the job done.”

“Quality lovemaking requires skill, but simultaneous orgasm requires teamwork.”

“Better sex is the extra-strength aspirin to a troubled relationship.”

“When you think about it, an orgy is a democratic process for orgasms.”

“Big tits are the private jets of sex appeal in that they’re the most overt display of desirable assets.”

“The only thing that keeps everyone from being a stripper is confidence in their dance skills and comfort with nudity.”

“If all drugs are gauged by how good they make us feel, then prostitutes were technically the first drug dealers.”

Every romance is different. Every love story is unique in how it unfolds. It’s easy to get impatient and even easier to get excited when you think you’ve found the one. Even then, taking things slowly can go a long way towards helping a relationship blossom. It’s like an investment and quality lovemaking are the dividends.

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