Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Fresh Flowers Edition


I know giving roses to a lover is cliché. Even as a self-professed romantic, I often roll my eyes at the idea. I feel like it’s one of those gestures that has become less valuable over the years. These days, just bringing someone flowers feels like the bare minimum. There are far more elaborate things you can do to show your lover how you feel.

That said, I think there’s still a place for such a simple romantic gesture. During this time of year, roses are a great way to mitigate the lingering smell of rock salt and dead grass. Even as a man, I can definitely appreciate that sort of shift. It’s a nice way of getting into the spirit of spring. It also helps create a more inviting world for lovers who have been cooped up all winter.

There’s also something to be said about being around pleasant smells. I’m not going to lie. I’m a man and I sweat a lot. I know the musk of a sweaty man has some form of sex appeal, but there are limits. I tend to exceed those limits whenever I work out so something like fresh roses really helps balance things out. Cliché or not, it has value.

Now that spring is here and flowers are starting to bloom, the time is right to appreciate the value of fresh roses even more. Even if you don’t appreciate the gesture, trust me when I say your lover will appreciate the scent. This round of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts is my way of appreciating it as well. Enjoy!

“A dentist is the only profession that makes people hesitant to receive oral sex.”

“Porn has given a generation of aspiring delivery boys unrealistic expectations about their job.”

“If sex is a sin, then shouldn’t people be yelling out to the devil during orgasm?”

“It’s because of our aversion to nudity that we’ve come up with so many erotic gestures that don’t involve our genitals.”

“To some extent, falling in love with someone means wanting them to have more orgasms.”

“In a healthy relationship, masturbation is treated like a regular tune-up to a fancy car.”

“Talking dirty is like an erotic massage for your ears.”

Fresh flowers only come around once a year during spring. However, we can all appreciate the sweet scent they bring every day of every year. Life is tough and rigorous. We’re all going to work up a sweet, both of the sexy and non-sexy kind. Adding some fresh flowers and roses to the mix helps make the ambiance extra romantic in its own special way.

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