Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Spring Showers Edition


As I’m writing this, it’s pouring rain outside. A month ago, that would’ve been a good excuse to be lazy and moody. Rain in the middle of winter is like expired milk when you already have the stomach flu. It doesn’t necessarily cause your miserable mindset, but it certainly compounds them. However, rain in the spring is different.

I’ve always found rain during this time of year to have a unique beauty and not just because it washes the pollen off the trees, much to the benefit of my allergies. There’s actually something sensual about it and I’m far from the first person to notice that. After a cold, barren winter, the rain comes along to fertilize a landscape eager to bloom. You don’t need a dirty imagination to see the sexy connotations.

Rain in spring is like foreplay for summer. It helps gets a world that has been barren, isolated, and lonely for too long in a more intimate mood. Coincidentally, the warmer temperatures and brighter spirits also encourage more people to wear less clothing, which is something an aspiring erotica romance writer can appreciate.

This is the time of year where we can sense warmer and sexier times ahead of us. Rain is just a tease, but a tantalizing one. This latest batch of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts should help add some more overt forms of teasing to complement the rain. Enjoy!

“A honeymoon is the closest most couples will come to living in a real-life porno.”

“The worst blowjob you’ve ever had is still better than the kiss you’ve ever had.”

“To some extent, every romantic gesture is an attempt to convince someone to get naked for you.”

“Intense fighting and intense lovemaking are equally capable of destroying furniture.”

“In some respects, jealousy is anger over stolen orgasms.”

“Your genitals won’t tell you when you’re falling in love, but they will sound the alarm.”

“Finding ways to please your lover was very likely the first use of the scientific method.”

Whether it’s raining or not, winter is on its way out. Better weather is fast approaching. It’s been a long, bitter winter for many of us. We’re ready for weather that doesn’t require dressing in layers. A nice bit of rain to wash away what’s left of the snow is a promising sign that warmer, sexier times are almost upon us.

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