Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Peppermint Candy Edition


We’re in the heart of the holiday season now. This is the time when people generally stop whining about seeing Christmas displays in shopping malls and just start enjoying the ambiance. Every year, it seems to get a little longer for that whining to die down, but when it does, the spirit of the season really sets in.

Part of that spirit involves the various candy and treats that coincide with the holidays. Coming from a family of talented chefs, I’ve always had a soft spot certain treats. In the same way pumpkin spice lets me know that fall has arrived, the abundance of peppermint flavored candy and treats help affirm that the holidays are truly here.

Now, I don’t consider myself that big a peppermint fan. I still enjoy it and will occasionally indulge in some peppermint candy, but I won’t say it’s my favorite. It’s one of those truly seasonal tastes that just doesn’t fit with other times of year. I still appreciate it for what it is and the season it represents.

With the spirit of the season in full swing and plenty of festive treats to choose from, I gladly single out peppermint for this week’s edition of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts. That extra fresh taste in your mouth goes a long way towards becoming more kissable and more eager to kiss, in general. For an erotica/romance fan, you can’t get much more festive than that. Enjoy!

“When you think about it, there isn’t that much difference between making your lover climax and hacking a computer.”

“Sometimes, you fall in love with a person, but other times, you fall in love with their financial situation.”

“Kids with active imaginations are more likely to become adults with elaborate kinks.”

“The lipstick industry probably owes a good chunk of its sales to oral sex.”

“Depression is one of the few feelings that can be both the cause of and reason for a lack of sex.”

“Fantasizing about your lover is like giving them a cameo in your wet dreams.”

“To some extent, puberty is your sex appeal under construction.”

I hope that puts everyone in the mood to take advantage of the glut of holiday candy we’ll be seeing for the next couple weeks, among other things. Even if you’re not a fan of peppermint, it’s still an excuse to eat more candy and in my experience, nobody can get into a sexy mood on an empty stomach. Uniquely flavored candy just makes that mood more festive.

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