Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sexy Candle Edition


What is it about candles that have both sex appeal and romantic undertones? I get that candles have a logistical use. They provide light without electricity. Some even have scents that make a dirty apartment smell like a rose garden. None of that is groundbreaking. However, whenever someone create a romantic scene, candles are often used to set the mood.

Maybe it’s the dim lighting, the added heat they provide, or the unique scent they exude. Maybe there’s something more primal at work. For most of human history, if we wanted to make love at night, we either had to do it under the stars or by the light of a fire. For all we know, it was the first method people used to establish a genuinely romantic mood.

Whatever the case, candles can provide uncanny sexiness when used properly. Beyond lighting, they have other kinkier uses that I won’t get into. I’ll just say that there’s a market for candle wax that goes beyond lighting. It’s more than enough to justify dedicating this week’s edition of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts to the unique sex appeal of candles. Hopefully, we don’t need to wait for a power outage to appreciate it.

“We are never more vulnerable when we’re both confused and horny.”

“Porn stars are the only professionals who can never take off their uniform.”

“Good grammar is like good foreplay in that people notice when it’s poorly done.”

“Lingerie is like wrapping paper for sex.”

“An anniversary is a tactful way of telling your lover that you still enjoy seeing them naked.”

“Making love in a moving car is like running naked during a blizzard in that you can do it, but there are some serious risks.”

“From a purely evolutionary standpoint, having sex while eating is the most basic form of multi-tasking.”

I hope that inspired lovers, young and old alike, to stock up on candles. Winter is here. The days are getting shorter and cold weather is making the act of getting naked less desirable. For fans of all things sexy and romantic, this presents a challenge and we need to make use of all the tools at our disposal. Candles are an underrated, but incredibly powerful tool to achieve plenty of sexy things this winter.

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