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“Naughty Nora” A Sexy Short Holiday Story


The following is a sexy short story I wrote to help get everyone in the holiday spirit, among other things. Enjoy!

Most kids stopped believing in Santa Claus at some point. Some never believed in him to begin with. They still celebrate the spirit of Christmas, but there was nothing fanciful or supernatural about it. As adults, they see it as just another holiday, albeit one that involves elaborate decorations and gift giving.

While that shift was understandable to some extent, it came at the cost of something critical to Christmas. A key part of believing in Santa was the idea of him keeping a list, tracking who’d been naughty or nice over the course of the past year. Good kids got presents. Bad kids got a lump of coal. It was a simple, concise morality lesson that often got lost once belief in Santa ends.

Nora Rael-Nagle was among the few who’d clung to it, but for reasons that had nothing to do with childhood nostalgia.

“He’s making a list…checking it twice…gonna find out who’s naughty or nice,” Nora sang playfully. “With girls like me, you don’t need to check twice.”

As she descended the stairs of the opulent home she shared with her very wealthy husband, she hummed various holiday music to herself. It was almost midnight on Christmas Eve, a time when children were most restless. Nora was restless too, but for very different reasons.

“I still believe,” she said to herself. “I know I shouldn’t. I’m an adult woman with big tits, a round ass, and sexy legs I just can’t keep closed. I just can’t help it. I believe in you, Santa.”

Her tone was a perfect blend of childlike excitement and naughty seduction. Her demeanor had an eagerness that she reserved for just one night of the year. She even chose to be festive with her attire, wearing only a revealing red nighty and matching silk panties. She knew the big guy was watching. She wanted him to watch.

Feeling his eyes on her, Nora casually strode through the spacious halls of the opulent estate. An army of maids and butler had decorated the house with plenty of holiday attire, including a 9-foot Christmas tree in the main living room on the first floor. She’d coaxed her husband – a man nearly twice her age, but still very receptive to a beautiful woman’s allure – to go all out every year during the holidays. Being the dutiful husband he was, he obliged her. However, her reason for wanting decorations were more personal.

Upon arriving in the living room, she saw that the tree was already lit with an array of Christmas lights. That, in and of itself, was telling because she remembered turning them off before going to bed with her husband. The blinds on the windows were also closed, as if to shroud the room in a protective cloak.

That didn’t bother Nora in the slightest. After all, the true magic of Christmas often went unseen. It was still there. It just required a special kind of belief to experience it.

“You probably already know, but I’ve been naughty again, this year…very naughty,” Nora said to the empty room. “I’m still sleeping with the neighbor’s son…the one who’s engaged. I also slept with my sister’s fiancé at his bachelor party. On top of that, he didn’t even know it was me because I was wearing a wig.”

The room remained silent, the only sound coming from the cold winds outside. Nora remained undeterred, though. Now standing in front of the well-lit Christmas tree, she recounted more of her naughty deeds.

“Not everything involved me getting naked,” she went on. “This past spring, I ran over my neighbor’s dog and convinced him to blame the gardener. He got fired on the spot. I stole an $800 handbag from a store because I forgot my credit card. I lied to my parents when I said I couldn’t come home for my Aunt Marilyn’s funeral. I told them I was sick, but I was just hung over and had planned a trip to Cabo that week.”

One-by-one, she recounted a full year of misdeeds. She had a long list of confessions, full of lies, debauchery, and selfishness. She regretted plenty, but only to a point. It was hard to feel too much remorse when much of her life had been one free pass after another.

Nora didn’t deny that she’d been born ahead of the curve. In addition to having great legs, big breasts, and a healthy libido, she came from a wealthy family that pampered her to no end. They imposed few rules and fewer punishments. She gotten away with things few others could, rarely facing major consequences for her actions. The only thing her family ever wanted for her was to marry into a better family, which she did the first chance she got.

Her husband was even less restrictive, though. Nora suspected he knew about her decadent streak. That might have even been why he’d married her in the first place. He just didn’t care. Nobody cared that she was so naughty. In her world, Santa Claus was the only one who gave a damn whether someone was naughty or nice.

For reasons too kinky to make sense of, even for her, that had an effect. As a girl, it gave her a unique appreciation for Christmas. It also connected her with the spirit of the season in a unique way.

“But I don’t need to tell you all the naughty things I’ve done,” Nora said. “You already know what I’ve done. You know I don’t deserve any presents and a lump of coal just isn’t going to cut it. For someone as naughty as me, you’ll need a special kind of holiday magic.”

Again, there was only silence in response. Then, she sensed it.

The air in the room suddenly got hotter.

The lights on the Christmas tree flickered.

A strange noise echoed from the empty fireplace, which wasn’t even connected to a chimney. Nora shuddered with a new kind of excitement, one that was mostly concentrated between her legs. She swore she could hear the echo of sleigh bells outside. That convinced her that the man she’d been waiting all year for had arrived.

“Ho, ho, ho…my naughty ho!” said a booming voice.

The lights on the tree flickered again. The air around her go so hot, especially between her legs. A year’s worth of naughtiness has invited the one figure who dared to punish her for her deeds.

“Santa?” she said, still fixated on the tree.

“Turn around, Nora,” said the voice.

Nora hated being told what to do, but she gladly made an exception.

As soon as she turned, she saw an ominous white mist emerge from the fireplace. Like a cloud with a mind of its own, it quickly grew. The line between the real world and the world of magic blurred, as often happened around the holidays. Rather than fear, Nora grew excited and not just from the sight of something that defied the laws of physics.

From the misty cloud, a familiar figure took shape. The magic of the season took form and substance…a magic most didn’t believe even existed, but Nora still did. As such, the figure that appeared within the mist was every bit as real as her naughty deeds.

He appeared first as a shadow, but took human form as the mist faded. The man that appeared before her was as recognizable to her as he was to any child. He had the big red coat, the long white beard, and the iconic red hat. Most importantly, in her particular case, he bought his big red sack…a sack she knew was not full of toys.

“Every year, Nora,” he said in his jovial tone. “Every year you find your way to the top of my naughty list. You don’t even try anymore. It’s as though you enjoy being naughty.”

“What can I say, Santa?” Nora said with an innocent shrug. “I’m just an inherently naughty girl.”

“A naughty girl who insists on believing long after any child. Most don’t dare tempt the spirit of the season…especially those who knows what Santa does to those who are extra naughty.”

“The fact that I know only makes being naughty that much more tempting.”

“Then, I need not explain why you deserve what Santa is about to do to you.”

A very jolly grin formed on his face. He then dropped the big red sack in front of him. More magic followed and all Nora could do was brace herself while still trying to contain her excitement.

Like the misty cloud before it, the sack took on a life of its own, opening as though invisible hands were at work. From within the velvet-red sack, a large red bow – the kind typically placed atop large presents – floated up into the air. Then, as Santa’s jolly grin grew wider, the bow magically untied itself and shot out towards her like tendrils from an octopus.

Nora barely had a chance to react. First, one part of the bow wrapped itself around her wrists, bounding them tightly and pulling her arms up over her head. After that, the other end of the bow removed her nighty and pulled down her panties, rendering her completely naked before the big jolly icon of Christmas.

“Ho, ho!” Santa laughed. “I can see why you’re so tempted, Nora. With a bosom and buttocks like yours, naughtiness tends to find you.”

“You have no idea, Santa,” Nora said.

“Ah, but I do! Remember, I check my list twice.”

As if to affirm how well he knew her, he waved his hand and the bow stream reacted. Her hands and wrists still bound, the stream swirled around her body before wrapping itself around her arms and legs, tightening its hold on her. Eventually, her hands ended up being her back, but her breasts and inner thighs remained exposed.

It happened so quickly, utilizing forces that only came around once a year. It still took Nora aback, but in a way that excited and aroused her. For every other day of the year, she was the one who tied up others and bent them to her will. Her beauty, her family ties, and her wealth gave her so much leverage over others. Everybody was just too afraid to subdue her so completely and dominate her.

None of that applied to Santa Claus, though. Armed with the magic of Christmas and a complete knowledge of her naughty deeds, he was the only man who could make her submit. Like the holiday season itself, the fact that it was so rare made it so special.

“Naughty girls often learn their lesson once I give them their lumps of coal,” Santa said. “For those who grow up to become naughty women, I must use other means to dissuade their misdeeds.”

“Do they work?” Nora teased seductively.

“For the few who still believe in the magic of Christmas, it gets the point across. For cases such as you, Nora…well, sometimes naughtiness can only be tempered with a special kind of spirit.”

With another hand gesture, the large red bow that remained wrapped around her naked body came to life again, applying force like a dozen hands pushing on her. It quickly forced her down onto her knees, a position she’d been in many times over the course of the past year. However, she’d never been in that position on someone else’s terms.

Still secure in his festive hold on her, Santa approached her, his portly form casting a large shadow. Upon reaching her, he undid his large black belt buckle and dropped his red pants to the floor, revealing a huge, jolly endowment that was perfectly proportional to his jovial size.

“Fuck! That spirit does wonders for your dick,” Nora said. “It’s even bigger than it was last year!”

“Such naughty language from such a naughty girl,” said Santa. “I say we wash that mouth of yours out with some Christmas joy!”

Whether by magic or the presence of a naked woman bound by holiday streamers, the jolly old man’s member began stiffening almost instantly. As it grew before her eyes, he grasped her chin with one hand and guided his dick to her mouth. Being the naughty girl she was, Nora eagerly opened her mouth and awaited Santa’s joy.

He delivered, as only Santa Clause could, thrusting his festive endowment into her mouth. It tested both her reflexes and her jaw muscles, more so than the many other men she’d blown over the years. Nora embraced the strain, though. Being such a naughty girl, she deserved it. Once she had his jolly cock in her mouth, she began sucking it with some holiday spirit of her own.

“Ho, ho, ho!” said Santa. “It’s a miracle! A naughty girl’s deeds becomes so nice!”

The spirit of the season was fully stoked, so to speak. With one hand still gripping her head, he guided the pace of her oral sex. Back and forth, her head rocked as her lips slithered along the length of Santa’s manhood. With each movement, his member swelled, becoming larger and more erect. It further strained her jaw muscles, but Nora kept sucking like the good naughty girl she was.

Being bound left her so vulnerable, having to cater to the whims of the jolly fat man in front of her. Something about that feeling – confronting her lurid behavior, accepting punishment from one who could subdue her so easily – just seemed so fitting. Having rarely experienced it during other times of the year, it made Christmas that much more exciting. Along with that excitement came arousal. The longer she sucked Santa’s cock, the wetter her pussy became.

As her arousal escalated, Santa’s became exceedingly jolly. His grip on her head intensified. She could tell by the way his massive member twitched inside her mouth that he was close. Being so naughty, he didn’t even warn her when he released his festive load into her throat. A load of thick manly fluid – which, fittingly enough, had a peppermint-flavored aftertaste – shot right into her gullet.

“That’s the spirit, Nora! Taste Santa’s joy!” Santa said with extra jolliness.

Nora did what the big man asked, licking up every drop. When he pulled out, finally allowing her to catch her breath, she gasped sharply. Traces of seminal fluid still dropped down her chin, but she remained very spirited. Looking up at Santa, his erect dick still hovering around her face, she flashed another naughty smile.

“Mmm…my favorite Christmas treat,” Nora said in a festive daze. “Am I back on the nice list, yet?”

“Ho, ho! Far from it, Nora,” Santa laughed. “For once such as you, I must impart some extra Christmas spirit.”

With another wave of his hand, the bow streams still wrapped around her body went to work again, putting her in another position with which to receive Santa’s special gift to naughty girls. She was moved around like a rag doll, the bow stream pushing her legs apart in the process. She eventually ended up on her hands and knees, her heart-shaped butt pointed up at the jolly old like a perfectly-wrapped present.

“I see the spirit has already affected parts of your body, Nora,” Santa said, “but for one such as you, I must employ the full magic of the North Pole.”

“Yes! Please, Santa…fill me with that pole,” Nora gasped.

He laughed jovially again, her naughty tone encouraging him even more. The bow streams pushed her legs apart even more as Santa’s gloved hand grabbed hold of her hips. Then, as she remained bound on all force, he guided his still-erect member towards her wet entrance and thrust it into her feminine depths.

A chorus of naughty and nice moans echoed throughout the room. Nora, her arms still tied behind her back, could only bury half her face into the soft rug, feeling her world rock under the light of the Christmas tree. Santa’s hard, jovial flesh slithered within her folds, sending surges of intoxicating sensations throughout her body.

“Oohhh, Santa!” Nora exclaimed. “That’s it! I’m naughty! So fucking naughty!”

“Ho, ho, ho! Yes, Nora! Yes, you are!” Santa said as he rocked her body with every movement.

He dominated her body and spirit so thoroughly. It was as though the weight of her naughtiness helped weigh her down, unable to use the influence of her husband’s wealth or the beauty she so effectively wielded. She was a naughty woman and Santa did not overlook that naughtiness, nor did she want him to.

Being dominated and bound, at the mercy of a jolly old man and his magic, was a special feeling. Between the size of his endowment and the holiday spirit that supplemented every movement, the pleasure felt uniquely festive.

“Santa! I feel…the spirit…coming!” Nora cried out with increasing fervor.

“Of course you do, Nora! Of course you do!” Santa laughed.

The red streams that had bound her body tightened, as if to keep her hold her in place for her coming release. It hit her like a Christmas miracle, a powerful orgasm that rendered her paralyzed with pleasure. It was like the spirit of the season possessing her, turning all that naughty behavior against her for one powerful moment.

“Oohhh Santa!” she exclaimed with a cry that echoed all the way to the North Pole.

Her body shuddered, her back arching and her toes curling under the onslaught of ecstasy. It rendered her even more enchanted by Santa’s magic. At that point, she might as well have been drunk on the sweetest fruits of the holiday.

“More cheer, Nora! A naught girl needs more cheer!” he said to her.

Even as her body trembled from orgasmic bliss, Santa continued ravaging her with his spirit-laden Christmas. He kept rocking her body, working his big old candy cane within her depths. The bliss that followed just sent her deeper into a holiday daze. Nora wasn’t sure how many times she came after that. She just knew that she remained at the mercy of Santa’s holiday prowess.

The streams around her body kept her in place, shifting her occasionally so Santa could ravage her from as many angles as he desired. He was as thorough as he was with his list, hitting every sensitive spot within her once and then hitting it twice for good measure. For such a big man, he had such miraculous stamina. It helped him build towards the ultimate Christmas miracle.

“Santa is ready, Nora!” he said with a beaming grin. “Prepare to be filled with true spirit!”

“Yes, Santa!” Nora exclaimed. “Fill me up! Fill me…with your…spirit!”

The big man used his size and weigh to his full advantage, delivering the last few round of gifted thrusts before crossing the final threshold. Upon reaching is North Pole, so to speak, he let out one more round of joyous laughter as he filled her with his holiday cum. Like the season itself, it had a unique flavor that filled her with a special kind of warmth.

Just as before, he made sure to inject every last drop. A girl as naughty as her needed all the spirit he could offer. Once the miracle was complete, the jolly old man withdrew his festive member from her and pulled up his pants.

“Your punishment is complete, naughty Nora. Do you feel true meaning of Christmas within you now?”

“Yeah…among other things,” she replied playfully.

“Then, my delivery is complete!”

With a jovial grin, he waved his hand again and the red bow that had kept her restrained magically untied itself, unbounding her wrists and legs from its grasps. Then, the bow magically re-tied itself before turning to Santa’s big red sack. Still grinning, he hitched the sack over his shoulder and gave the still-naked Nora one last glance.

Nora, still lying on the floor, drunk on Santa’s holiday magic, just looked up and smiled back. He knew how naughty she was. She knew how naughty she had to make his list every year. For someone like her, a beautiful rich woman who rarely gets punished for her behavior, she needed someone to punish her naughty behavior. She needed someone to subdue her without fear or hesitation. She needed someone to inspire her spirit in a unique way.

Who better to do all of that than Santa Claus? Giving gifts to good children did plenty to enhance the spirit of Christmas. Punishing naughty women like her just helped supplement the magic of the season.

“Merry Christmas, Nora. May you nice next year as you were naughty this year,” said Santa as the mist from earlier consumed him.

“You and I both know that’s not going to happen, Santa,” Nora said. “Being naughty just feels too nice.”

“Ho, ho, ho!” he laughed as he disappeared into the mist. “That, my dear, is part of the holiday spirit. Whether you’re naughty or nice, you still get the gift you deserve.”


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Have A Very Merry (And Sexy) Christmas To All!

The wait is over. The shopping is done. The eggnog is cold. The decorations are bright, lit, and a sight to behold. That’s right. It’s Christmas. Whether you’re an adult, a child, or an adult who just enjoys acting like a child every now and then, it’s a special day that’s worth cherishing with those we love.

So to those who have helped make this website so successful, especially over the past two months, I sincerely thank you. On behalf of myself and all those who try to bring a little sexiness into this world I wish everyone a very sexy, very merry Christmas. Open gifts, celebrate with loved ones, and enjoy this wonderful holiday.

Merry Christmas!

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“The Greatest Gift” A Short (And Sexy) Christmas Story

The following is a short, but sweet sexy story that I wrote to get everyone in the holiday spirit. With Christmas only a few days away, I thought I’d write a little something to celebrate the season, as only an aspiring erotica/romance writer can.

It’s not as long or elaborate as my last holiday-themed novel, “Holiday Heat.” It’s just a simple little story that mixes love, sex, and the holidays into one sweet little narrative. Enjoy!

It was set to be the loneliest Christmas she’d had since her grandmother died. Jessie should’ve been used to it, having lost her father at a young age and endured many quiet Christmas mornings with few presents and limited festivities. However, she’d come to love bigger, more elaborate moments as she grew older.

After meeting her boyfriend, Robby, she thought those quiet mornings were over. For the past three years, he’d gone out of his way to make Christmas extra special for her. He came from a big family and going over to his house was like entering a holiday paradise, full of elaborate meals, abundant presents, and a buffet of succulent deserts. Thanks to him, she’d grown to love Christmas and being part of Robby’s family.

Then, about a month ago, Jessie got a double dose of bad news that promises to derail her Christmas entirely. Robby’s father got sick with severe bronchitis and had to spend several months in Florida with his brother recovering. Most of the family was going to follow suit and join him for Christmas. Jessie thought she’d be going with him.

That was when the second bit of bad news dropped. Her mother got into a car accident, breaking a leg and injuring her back. She ended up needing surgery, the kind that required a recovery period that extended beyond the holidays. As a result, a plane trip to Florida just wasn’t feasible. She had to stay home and Jessie couldn’t leave her. She needed her help around the house as she recovered.

That meant no elaborate feasts and festivities with Robby’s family. It also meant her mother’s ability to celebrate was severely limited. The most they could do was exchange some gifts, having a light meal, and watch Christmas specials all day. If that weren’t bad enough, a snow storm had rolled in and few relatives would be able to drop by to help.

It made Christmas Eve feel even colder than it already was. After spending most of the day putting up decorations and keeping her mother comfortable, she felt too tired to be festive. It seemed like this year’s Christmas would be the same quiet, uneventful affair that left her so jaded as a kid.

When she curled up in her old bedroom that night, having agreed to sleep over at her mother’s house to make things easier on Christmas morning, Jessie expected this year to be one of the most forgettable holidays of her adult life.

“Guess this year counts as one big setback,” she sighed to herself after turning off the light, “and just when I was starting to really like the holidays again. Maybe I’m just not meant to enjoy Christmas like most people. Maybe I just can’t be part of Robby’s festive world.”

It sounded so sad when she said it out loud. It made her want to cry right then and there. Jessie ended up burying her face in her pillow, muffling her voice and absorbing any tears she’d shed. The best she could do, now, was rest up and brace for another solemn holiday.

She tried not to think about all the elaborate ways Robby’s family were enjoying themselves down in Florida. She swore she could smell the chocolate pie his mother made or his sister’s succulent cookies from 800 miles away. Most of all, Jessie tried not to think of how great it felt when Robby held her in his arms, even when he wore that ugly old Christmas sweater that he’d bought in college and refused to throw away.

It was nothing short of torturous, contemplating what she’d miss. Not being with Robby and his family was like the antithesis of a Christmas miracle, a gut-punch to her holiday spirit. She wanted to make the most of the time she had with her mother, but between her injuries and her tendency to recount sad memories of her father during the holidays, it wasn’t looking good.

Jessie closed her eye, groaned into her pillow, and just wished she could skip the holidays entirely.

“It’s not fair!” she lamented. “Why does Christmas have to suck so much? Just this once, can I get a break?”

Jessie kept her face buried in her pillow, muttering a string of curses in hopes she’d just pass out from frustration. She was so tired that she was ready to just let the rest of the holidays pass her boy completely.

Then, just as she was about to nod off, she heard a loud thump against her window. Considering her room was on the second floor of her mother’s house, that was pretty rare. At first, she thought it was just a large chunk of snow blowing off one of the trees and hitting the side of the house. However, another thump followed, along with a familiar voice.

“Jessie!” it said through the cold December night. “Open the window. It’s me!”

Almost immediately, Jessie’s ears perked up and she shot up from the bed. She’d recognize that voice through a window, a snow storm, and a goddamn hurricane. It was Robby, but that should’ve been impossible. Either she was having one of those vivid Christmas dreams or her boyfriend was actually outside her window somehow. Both seemed unbelievable.

“Hurry up, Jessie!” he said. “It’s colder than penguin’s ass out here. Only your ass can warm me up at this point.”

“Holy shit, it is him!” Jessie gasped.

There was no denying it. Only Robby could’ve said something so crude, yet so cute to her on a cold winter night. That meant he was really there. It wasn’t a dream.

With the energy of a kid on Christmas morning, Jessie shot up from the bed and over towards the window. Sure enough, she saw Robby outside, standing atop a ladder with his hand pressed against the glass.

Where he got the ladder and why he was here instead of Florida were just some of the many burning questions she had. Seeing the heavy snow falling outside, she set them aside and opened the window so he could get in. As soon as the window opened, he crawled into her small, yet cozy room. He was shivering, despite wearing multiple layers, but he still had that goofy, lovable smile on his face. Not questioning whether or not it was a dream, Jessie just took him in her arms and hugged him.

“Robby! Oh my God, it is you!” Jessie exclaimed.

“Yep,” he said, shivering as he hugged her back. “I’m here. Tropical weather, warm beaches, and sunny mornings were nice and all for the holidays…except, it didn’t have you.”

“And you ditched your family to be with me, your hapless girlfriend?” she said curtly.

“I didn’t ditch them. They urged me to come here. Even my dad said this is where I should be on Christmas…with the woman I love, in her time of need, celebrating the holidays with her.”

“That…might just be the most romantic thing any man has ever said to me.”

“You mean fully clothed, right?”

“No, Robby. I don’t,” Jessie said strongly.

Her heart was racing. In an instant, the notion that she would endure a lonely, uneventful Christmas faded completely. Even if she couldn’t spend it in Florida with Robby’s family, just being in his arms and feeling his loving embrace was enough to reinvigorate her holiday spirit…among other things.

In an outburst of passion and holiday spirit, Jessie kissed her thoughtful boyfriend with all the love and heart of a million Christmas specials. He eagerly kissed back, even as he shed the heavy coat he’d been wearing to brave the cold. However, she quickly made it clear that she didn’t want him to stop there.

“Robby…you came all this way to be with me,” she told him. “So be with me.”

“Well, I was going to ask for some hot cocoa to warm up first,” he said playfully, “but if this is how you want to warm me up…”

Jessie didn’t let him finish. She was too excited and impassioned to waste another second of this Christmas miracle. Robby was here now, in her room and in her arms on Christmas Eve. That was proof enough that he loved her just that much. Her only Christmas wish from that point forward was to return that love and that wasn’t something she could do fully clothed.

Not caring how wet and cold his clothes were, Jessie helped him strip out of them bit by bit. By the time he was down to his boxers, his skin still felt so cold, but his lips felt so hot. That was all the reason she needed to jump him where he stood, throwing her arms and legs around him and her body heat mesh with his.

The cold and the long trip must have made him extra impassioned as well. As soon as he caught her in his arms, he carried her over to her bed. Together, they crawled under the covers where they made out like a couple of horny prom dates. Already, she felt his flesh warming up, but hers was already too hot to bear. It led her to remove her sleeping attire, with Robby’s help.

“Off…get it all off,” Jessie urged him.

She quickly slid her tight-fitting cotton shirt off over her head while Robby removed her sweatpants, panties and all. His boxers soon followed, revealing a semi-hard dick that even the December cold couldn’t temper. It showed just how much he wanted her sex and her love.

“Ooh Jessie,” Robby gasped as he took in her naked body.

“Robby…make love to me,” she told him.

For a moment, he just gazed at her with his loving eyes. It felt like the gaze of a Christmas angel, one who’d answered her payers for a holiday miracle. There wasn’t just a deep love in his eyes. There was a desire to mend the pain of so many cold and lonely holidays.

Those feelings, and the powerful desires behind them, led him to embrace her naked body as only he could. Jessie eagerly embraced him back with desire of her own, wrapping her arms and legs around him as he got on top of her. Then, in what might have been the greatest Christmas gift anyone had ever given her, Robby made love to her.

It was so raw, yet focused…so intense, yet affectionate. Under the thick covers, the rippling muscles of his manly body glided against the sensual curves of her feminine figure. His flesh melded with hers, sinews entwined like a million pieces coming together to form a single whole. Her body welcomed his, taking him into her depths and feeling his flesh, as well as his love, fill her with every movement.

The sensations that followed were intense and hot, not an easy feat on such a cold, snowy night. It didn’t matter, though. They could’ve been at the North Pole and it wouldn’t have mattered. She and Robby were going to make hot sex and passionate love tonight. There was no way around it.

Jessie had no idea how long they went at it or how many times she’d climaxed in the process. With Robby, it was so easy to lose track. It could’ve been as many as ten, but no fewer than three. All she knew that when all was said and done, they were warmer and more content than any couple could’ve been on Christmas Eve.

“I love you, Jessie,” Robby said to her, breathless from so much spent passion.

“I love you too, Robby,” she told him, “and thank you…for making this the best Christmas ever.”

“You’re welcome, babe.”

They shared one last passionate kiss before settling into a blissful state of post-coital afterglow. Now lying atop his naked body, the thick comforter draped over them, Jessie gazed up at her wonderful lover. He looked so happy, despite not being with his family in a tropical climate. The way he held her in his arms made clear that there was nowhere else he’d rather be.

She made sure he knew the feeling was mutual, holding him closely and listening to his heart beating in his chest. She made sure he fell asleep knowing how much she loved him. She could do no less for the lover that had captured her heart and saved her Christmas spirit.

The next morning, Christmas morning, Jessie awoke to find that her lover was still in her bed and they were still as naked as they’d been when they fell asleep. Robby was still fast asleep. Being a deep sleeper, especially after sex, she didn’t expect him to wake up for a good long while.

That was just fine with her, though. Jessie would’ve been perfectly content spending the whole day like this, lying in bed with her lover and creating all sorts of sexy Christmas memories.

However, that plan fell apart the moment her bedroom door opened and her mother entered, leaning hard on her crutches and looking as restless as any adult on Christmas morning.

“Jessie, are you up yet?” her mother greeted, as though she didn’t even noticed Robby.

“Mom?!” Jessie gasped, immediately holding the comforter up to her naked body a little closer.

It was embarrassing, but not as mortifying as it could’ve been. Her mother knew she was a grown woman. She also knew that she and Robby had been intimate before. That still didn’t mean she liked her mother barging in her room when she was naked with her lover.

However, she didn’t seem all that taken aback and Robby barely stirred from his slumber.

“I put the coffee on. If you want to open presents, get up and get dressed already,” her mother told her.

“Mmm…sounds good,” said Robby groggily.

Still holding the blanket up to her body, Jessie was confused, if not mildly amused. She looked over at Robby, who had that goofy smile on his face again. Then, she looked back at her mother, who had a similar smile. She had a lot of questions, but she had a feeling the answers weren’t going to make this Christmas any less memorable.

“Um…mind filling me in on some context here?” Jessie asked awkwardly.

“Jessie, sweetie,” her mother said with a wide grin, “who do you think lent him the ladder?”


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Jack Fisher’s Favorite Christmas Special (It Involves X-men)

I love this time of year. I love Christmas, the holidays, and everything associated with it. I’m the kind of guy who puts his Christmas tree up a few days after Halloween, does all his Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, and gets drunk on eggnog when the first Christmas special airs.

My love of Christmas even extends into my erotica/romance career. I wrote an entire book around the premise of mixing seasonal cheer with an overtly sexy story. It’s called “Holiday Heat” and if you’re looking for a sexy gift that doesn’t involve handcuffs or anything leather-studded, this will fill that need, among others.


I hope I’ve made clear by now just how much I love Christmas. I’ll definitely be doing plenty of celebrating over the next few days, with and without my pants on. I’m at that stage in my holiday celebration where I’m watching all my favorite Christmas specials and discovering new ones.

Now I have a soft spot for the classics. I can watch the “Charlie Brown Christmas Special” again and again and still love every second of it. I can watch “The Santa Clause” and “Die Hard” just as much. Then, there’s “Bad Santa.” I don’t think I need to explain why I love that movie so much.

As much as I love those movies, there is one particular Christmas special that is near and dear to my heart. It’s necessarily the most iconic or the most sexy, but it’s been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. Naturally, it involves comic books, which I seem to cite a lot on this blog. Even more naturally, it involves X-men, which I cite more than most.

Back in the mid-90s, there was a sizable glut of comic book themed cartoons. I know because I watched damn near every one of them. My priorities were survive school, get home as fast as possible, and watch cartoons. X-men, particularly the 90s animated series that ran for 76 episodes, was one of those cartoons.

It may seem a little dated now, but for its time, this was the alpha and omega of all things X-men. It was the avenue through which many X-men fans were created. Naturally, I was one of them. Just as naturally, it had a Christmas special.

That special was called “Have Yourself A Morlock Little Christmas.” It’s one of the few episodes where the X-men don’t fight aliens, killer robots, or super-villains. Instead, they seek to help the Morlocks, a group of outcast mutants who live in the sewer to escape anti-mutant persecution. Not surprisingly, their Christmas isn’t very festive, but that doesn’t stop the X-men from making their holiday a little more awesome.

It’s short. It’s sweet. It’s not going to make you cry or vomit. It’s just going to put a smile on your face for all the right reasons. While there may be other Christmas specials in the future, this one will always have a special place in my heart. If you’re an X-men fan or a comic book fan in general, I highly recommend you add this to your holiday viewing schedule.

I can’t post the entire episode here on this blog without earning the wrath of Marvel’s army of lawyers, but here’s a clip that should show what this episode has to offer.


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