Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: St. Patrick’s Day 2021 Edition

I know it’s a bit premature to talk about St. Patrick’s Day. I also know there has never been a year in which an exception is more warranted. Let’s not lie to ourselves. Around this time last year, the world was just starting to fall apart as a global pandemic started raging. Everything after that was basically an extended nightmare.

It was right around St. Patrick’s Day that many parts of the world went into lockdown. That was around the time movie theaters closed, major events got cancelled, and everyone had to get used to regularly wearing a mask. It was a dark time and if you had St. Patrick’s Day plans, you had to cancel them. Even if you tried to celebrate on your own, the news was just too dire.

It’s been a year since then and while things are still bad, we’re tantalizingly close to the end of this pandemic. With three vaccines now in our arsenal and vaccination efforts underway, we have a valid reason to celebrate. Even if you don’t care for St. Patrick’s Day or the history behind it, this is the perfect time to make an exception.

Whether it involves having a drink or watching college basketball, I encourage everyone to do something extra this year. Get together with family. Go out if you can, but continue to wear a mask and wash your hands. Use this holiday as a prelude to better times. I know they can’t some soon enough, but they’ll be here eventually.

I don’t know how I’ll spend my St. Patrick’s Day. I just know I’m going to try and do something festive and fun. Here are some Sexy Sunday Thoughts to help get you into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. We need to start having good times again. Let this St. Patrick’s Day be the first.

“Confidence won’t make you better in bed, but it can fool others into thinking you are.”

“A woman’s love for her man is directly proportional to her willingness to wear uncomfortable lingerie.”

“Do we really want to know what inspired the inventor of the butt plug?”

“Dance like no one is watching and make love like you’re being filmed.”

“When it comes to making love, searching for your lover’s G-spot is every bit as important as finding their G-spot.”

“Learning things the hard way is still enjoyable when it comes to oral sex.”

“Pillow talk is the primary commercial sponsor for all lovemaking.”

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