Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Slushy Roads Edition


There are people who love winter snow. I used to be one of them and I don’t deny there’s an inherent beauty in seeing a winter wonderland unfold outside your door, preferably from a heated room with a warm cup of cocoa. Even though I still plan to retire to a tropical climate after I sell enough sexy novels, I still appreciate winter scenery and fully understand those who love it.

However, I’ve yet to meet someone who sees any beauty in the slushy mess that covers the streets when the snow stops being pretty and the rain starts mixing with the ice. There isn’t much beauty or sex appeal to that stuff. Even I’m reluctant to try and craft something from it and I wrote a sexy short story about being snowed in.

Slush and wet roads aren’t very sexy, especially when warmer weather and the prospect of not having to wear layers outside is so close. There’s only so much an aspiring erotica/romance writer can do to inject sex appeal into a situation, but I’m still going to try.

That’s why I’m dedicating this week’s edition of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts to shared misery we all feel when we see more slush than winter wonderland. We’re not quite through winter yet, but it’s going to get drearier before it gets sexier. It’s always worth the wait, though, and these sexy thoughts should help make it more bearable.

“When you think about it, a slap on the ass is an impromptu test of the durability of your humping muscles.”

Image result for slap on the butt

“The noises people make during sex says a lot about their enthusiasm and experience, as well as the lack thereof.”

Image result for woman orgasm

“Virgin women are the physical embodiment of a new car smell while virgin men are the embodiment of a failed TV pilot.”

Image result for loser virgin man

“Texting during sex is like juggling during heart surgery. It’s a significant detriment to the process.”

Image result for texting during sex

“A morning blowjob from your lover is like a fresh cup of coffee, but a quickie in the shower is like an overpriced latte with extra foam.”

Related image

“Does the fact we make so many divine references during orgasm mean sex counts as a form of praying?”

Image result for sexy nun

“The inherent health benefits of orgasms make sex the nutritional equivalent of free vitamins.”

Image result for female orgasm

These sexy musings won’t wash away the slush or make the winter end any sooner, but I hope it makes the prospect of spring and summer that much more enticing. Slush is ugly. Pouring rain that doesn’t involve a wet T-shirt contest in Cancun is miserable. The most we can do is let nature take its course and find a way to be sexy along the way.

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