Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Memorial Day 2018 Edition


It’s the last weekend of May and you know what that means. Tomorrow is Memorial Day. For most people, especially kids who have been stuck in school for the last nine months, it’s the day when all the pools finally open. It’s the first holiday of the summer and a good excuse to spend the day at the beach.

While I appreciate any sentiment that involves summer, the beach, and lounging by a pool, Memorial Day has a more serious connotation that warrants a far greater celebration. It’s a day in which we honor the sacrifices of our veterans. I come from a family who has multiple veterans, going back to World War II. We understand the value of that sacrifice more than most.

The brave individuals who put their lives on the line for their country deserve to be honored. Whether it’s through a parade or a backyard barbecue, their story is one that helps make freedom possible. In a chaotic, unjust world, they are the ones that help carve law, order, and civilization from the chaos. That’s the kind of strength that’s worth honoring.

As such, I’m proud to dedicate this week’s edition of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts to all the veterans out there who have so bravely served their country. It’s because of you that we can live in a world where we can appreciate the sexy things. For that reason, we are in your debt and we thank you.

“A good day for a prostitute has a lot in common with a bad day for a plumber.”

“It’s distressing to wonder just how many lurid sex acts have been covered up by good laundry habits.”

“A comfortable couch has much more sexual potential than a typical bed.”

“People rarely need an excuse to be horny, but they’ll make as many as they have to in order to justify it.”

“Nobody ever fell in love with someone because they gave lackluster oral sex.”

“Are men who have sex with their pregnant wives just trying to earn extra credit on future paternity tests?”

“A man who begs for nudes is tacitly admitting that he’s bored with internet porn.”

I hope that helped get everyone feeling patriotic about their country and compassionate for its veterans, among other things. Make no mistake. Veterans are worthy of our love, admiration, and sex appeal. They put themselves in the line of fire and make tremendous sacrifices so we can live in the freest, sexist society possible. For that, we are forever in their debt. Happy Memorial Day!

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