Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Strong Coffee Edition

Beautiful Woman with cup of Coffee

I don’t consider myself a die-hard coffee enthusiast, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t often depend on this holiest of beans to get me through my day. In fact, there are many moments in my novels and my sexy short stories that I owe to having a good coffee buzz either early in the morning or late into a sleepless night.

There are even times a simple cup of coffee just isn’t enough. Every now and then, I eagerly splurge on an over-caffinated espresso or an extra-suggary frappachino. I know it’s bad for me. I know it’s way more buzz than I need. I don’t care, though. It’s a delicious way to get my ass in gear to write more sexy stories.

I know I’m not the only one who has a special love/dependence on coffee. There are probably a few people out there who are more passionate about it than I’ll ever be. Given that there are only so many hours in the day and our bodies are painfully limited when it comes to maximizing that time, coffee is a critical component to all our endeavors, sexy or otherwise.

For this week’s edition of Sexy Sunday Thoughts, I’d like to dedicate the sexy sentiment to this wonderful elixir of modern life. Whether it’s just a small mug of black coffee or a foam-centric novelty, I gladly praise coffee and all its wondrous forms. Yes, that even includes decaf.

“A bitter ex and a horny ex aren’t always mutually exclusive.”

Related image

“Promoting abstinence until marriage is kind of like promoting student loan debt, but hiding the interest rate.”

Image result for student loan debt

“Are couples who regularly kiss with their tongues, but refuse to share a toothbrush total hypocrites?”

Image result for couple brushing teeth together

“Does every wedding anniversary also double as a celebration for avoiding divorce?”

Image result for wedding anniversary

“You can learn more about a man from his bachelor party than his honeymoon.”

Image result for men at bachelor party

“Only getting a goodbye hug from a date is like only getting nominated for an Oscar.”

Image result for Oscar nomination

“If falling in love is the ultimate drug, then it’s one of the few that can and should be taken with alcohol.”

Image result for couple drinking alcohol

While I doubt this will give anyone the same buzz as a well-caffinated espresso, I sincerely hope it helps everyone feel more alert. There are many ways to energize yourself in the morning. Sometimes, an overpriced latte is worth it. Other times, it’s more efficient to just channel a little sex appeal. The only difference is that one is packed with sugar and calories while the other just makes your pants a little tighter.

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