Daily Sexy Musings: Skilled Hands


There are many sexy parts of the human body. Some are inherently more sexy than others, but everyone has their preferences when it comes to which parts they admire. I certainly have my favorites. Being a healthy straight male, I think most can surmise which body parts I most admire. However, there are some parts that I feel don’t get the attention or respect they deserves.

Those parts are our hands. I’ll give everyone a second to finish rolling their eyes, but I believe there’s a case to be made for hands being the most under-appreciated tool in our intimate arsenal. Now, I don’t deny that hands aren’t the first body part that gets our attention when we see someone attractive. It might not even be the fifth. However, it’s utility in all things sexy is beyond dispute.

In many cases, our first romantic gesture involves touch. Whether it’s holding hands or heavy petting, we use our hands to convey all sorts of intimacy. Most people know how to caress and fondle. It’s as natural as breathing for thinking, emotional creatures. It only gets really interesting when lovers develop some skill with their hands.

Make no mistake. Skill makes a difference. I know this because I’ve known men and women who use their hands to do more than simply touch. They know exactly where, how, and what intensity to use in conveying their passions. It shows in how they deal with their lovers. They can make another person feel loved and satisfied without saying a word and while keeping their clothes on, no less.

Hands are undeniably useful and deceptively powerful. That special skill can be wielded by men and women alike. It often takes practice and refinement, but it’s definitely worth doing. I hope this Daily Sexy Musing affirms that. Enjoy!

I crack my knuckles.

I focus my mind.

I rub my hands together, creating a warmth I hope to convey.

You stand before me, waiting and eager. There’s so much to say and do. We’ve finally found the time and space to focus only on each other. I want to make it count, but there’s only so much I can put into words. How I feel and what I desire simply defies description.

Thankfully, there are other ways of telling your lover how you feel.

With my hands, I lightly graze your face with my fingers. Then, I trail down your chin and neck, finding those extra-sensitive spots I know so well. You shiver and shudder every step of the way, just as I’d hoped. I don’t have to say anything. I just smile and let my hands do the talking.

These hands can say more than most. Whereas some develop their speaking skills, I chose to refine how I touch and feel my way around my lover. Practice and dedication, combined with trial and error, have made me adept at making every tactile gesture matter. I’ve also made sure you reap the benefits.

Through my touch, I show how much I want you.

Through my touch, I convey how much I love you.

Through my touch, I inspire your greatest passions.

My skilled hands work their magic. You eagerly succumb to my spell. Guided by my hands, I take you in my arms and we follow this new passion. What starts as a simple touch can become so much more. With skilled hands, they can become truly powerful.

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