Daily Sexy Musing: Happy Friday Edition

Group Of Golfers Walking Along Fairway Carrying Golf Bags

Greetings and Happy Friday, everybody! I know it’s somewhat inane, especially if you have to work on the weekends. Trust me, I understand that sentiment. For a good chunk of my 20s, I worked at a company that required me to work on Saturdays. That meant anyone who greeted me with a Happy Friday was just rubbing salt in the wound, albeit unknowingly.

I no longer have that job anymore. I’m now in a position where I can appreciate someone who greets me with a Happy Friday. For most people with a regular work schedule, Fridays are among the best days of the week. Whether you’re in school or working, it’s the end of a rigorous work week and the start of the weekend. What’s not to love about that?

Fridays are the days when most people try to go out and have some fun. Sometimes, that fun involves something sexy. A lot of date nights are on Friday. A lot of celebratory lovemaking occurs on Fridays. I lived in a co-ed dorm in college. I remember how active Friday nights were.

It’s still somewhat cliched, treating the end of the week as though it’s a full-blown holiday. However, I think that’s exactly the kind of spirit we need in our lives. We don’t have to reserve that spirit for a few days out of the year. Why can’t we channel some of that passion on a weekly basis? If so, what better day to do so than Fridays?

To those working this weekend, I apologize if this comes off as empty rhetoric. Again, I’ve been there. I know how you feel. To you and those looking to enjoy their Friday, I hope this Daily Sexy Musing helps. Enjoy!

The week is over.

The journey is complete.

The blood, sweat, and toil have ceased.

Friday has come and I’m ready to enjoy it. Like anything, though, it’s easier to appreciate when you have someone to enjoy it with. That’s where you come in.

For five days, we’ve rolled out of bed, worked hard, and earned our keep. Our passions, energy, and focus had to go in many different directions. Few were sexy and even fewer were memorable. Like so many others, we put in the time to do our part. Once again, we followed the rules and paid our dues. Now, it’s time to collect our reward.

Tomorrow, the burdens are lifted.

Tonight, we celebrate as we undo the locks.

The sun goes down and our paths cross. Much of the stress, anxiety, and concern of the past five days. I take you in my arms and you take me in yours. Like a breath of fresh air, it leaves us elevated and energized. I don’t know what I’ll do over the weekend, but I know what I want now.

Being with you, no longer encumbered by thoughts of another early morning, pent up passions come pouring out. We can finally shed the clothes, demeanor, and formalities that have stifled us all week. There’s no need for anything elaborate. We just need each other, our love, and a bed that and support our bodies.

It’s Friday.

We’re home.

We’re together.

That’s all we need.

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