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Daily Sexy Musing: Cars And Passion


Let’s not lie to ourselves. A lot of sexy things happen in cars. Some of the people reading this might have been conceived in a car. Some might have conceived one or more of their children in a car. While I don’t consider myself a car guy, I can certainly appreciate its value as a facilitator of sexy activities.

It’s no secret that the car changed the world, our culture, and how we go about pursuing love and intimacy. Suddenly, the world wasn’t so small and inaccessible. People, places, and experiences that were once fanciful dreams became within our reach. Say what you will about traffic, pollution, and mechanics who charge way too much for a tune-up. We live in a more vibrant world because of cars.

That’s especially true of those who get frisky in cars, sometimes in obscenely dangerous ways. They can take lovers places where they can explore and expand their passions. They unite lovers who wouldn’t have otherwise met. I know this first-hand because my first girlfriend is someone I met online. We even shared our first kiss in a car.

It’s easy to take for granted just how much our love lives are dependent or made possible by cars. A major part of any great love story is being able to visit your lover, no matter the distance. That’s what cars have been doing for over a century and it’s worth celebrating. Whether you’re a car lover or not, this Daily Sexy Musing is an ode to this incredible catalyst for so many sexy moments. Enjoy!

I get in the driver’s seat.

You get in the seat next to mine.

I insert the key and turn on the engine.

I know the car isn’t the only one turned on.

As we speed off into the open air, we feel that special freedom that the strongest legs and healthiest horses can’t match. The road is open. Our potential destinations are limitless. It’s just you and me, riding the roar of a powerful engine to wherever our passions take us.

It’s an escape.

It’s an adventure.

It’s a catalyst for new experiences.

It’s whatever we want it to be.

So much distance once separated us. To know you only went so far. Hearing your voice, seeing your face, and learning about your world was enough to win my love. However, I still yearned to express it. I longed to be in your presence, feel your touch, and share my world with you.

A short drive can take those passions a long way. Suddenly, you’re not just a dream or an image to admire. You’re right here next to me, riding with me down the open road, venturing wherever our desires take us. I am with you because I can be near you. The car was the means, but you were the end.

I reach over and touch you.

I embrace you at speeds beyond the legal limit.

I ride with you into a world of shared passion.

Maybe we’ll just pull over, get in the back seat, and unleash our passions upon one another. Perhaps we’ll find a quiet place, shelter ourselves within the shadows, and let loose the desires that once only went so far. Whatever the case, the car makes it possible. It is both the ends and the means. It is our highway to love.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Independence Day Edition


I know the 4th of July was three days ago. I also know that some people are still digesting all the hot dogs, burgers, beer, and assorted barbecue from the festivities. I know I sure am. Fireworks and patriotism makes me hungry and mid-summer heat ensures clothing requirements are minimal. That kind of celebrating is worth extending.

Say what you will about America’s behavior in recent years, but it’s still a country worth loving. We’ve achieved some incredible things in our history, which is still relatively recent in the grand scheme of things. Sure, we sometimes make the headlines for all the wrong reasons. We can also make headlines for reasons that are both uplifting and hilarious. The headlines from Florida alone make America awesome.

As an American, I consider myself a patriot. While I’m proud to be an American, I don’t deny my country’s flaws. I also don’t deny that we have a lot of room for improvement and progress has been a lot slower than I wish. Even with setbacks, I still believe that America’s best days are ahead of it.

There will definitely be more opportunities to discuss America’s flaws. I believe they’re worth discussing. I’ve already done it a few times on this site and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to talk about. For now, in the spirit of Independence Day, I prefer to focus on the positives of America. The fireworks may be over, but these Sexy Sunday Thoughts should help inspire a little extra patriotism, among other things. Enjoy!

“Being horny around someone is not the same as being om love with them, but one feeling need not preclude the other.”

“It’s very likely that sex and/or masturbation was one of the first ways to combat boredom.”

“There’s a good chance that the first man to become skilled at oral sex had a very small penis.”

“In many ways, brothels are to orgasms what fast food is to meals.”

“Quality love songs are like foreplay for our ears.”

“Are teenagers hornier than adults or are they just less experienced in dealing with it?”

“To some extent, making love is interpretive dance that doesn’t need music.”

Once again, I’d like to wish everyone a happy belated 4th of July. To all the brave men and women who serve this wonderful country that I love, thank you for your special caliber of patriotism. You make the food, fireworks, and festivities a true spectacle. A country may be flawed, but its ideals are still worth celebrating.

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Daily Sexy Musings: Soldiers and Warriors


There are certain jobs, titles, and roles that will always have some level of sex appeal. I’m not just referring to those directly or indirectly related to prostitution, either. These occupations offer a unique appeal that can be downright primal. Chief among those occupations, both today and throughout human history, are that of soldier and warrior.

That appeal is even greater during holidays like the 4th of July. Even though it’s a celebration of history and patriotism, a big part of that celebration is dedicated to the brave men and women who served in the armed forces. Countries like the United States of America wouldn’t even exist without the dedication and sacrifice of its soldiers.

It takes a special kind of person to fill that role. Not everyone can be trained to fight in combat and even those who can aren’t always proficient. Like gifted athletes or skilled academics, soldiers and warriors have an innate strength to them that goes beyond their muscles. That fighting spirit and commitment to duty is part of their identity and more than a few people find that sexy.

I have relatives who served in the military who can attest to that sex appeal. Some have even told stories about how the uniform alone was enough to get some extra attention. Beyond the military, warriors like the Spartans and superheroes like Wonder Woman reflect the power of our fighting spirit. That spirit is going to attract more than just respect.

In the afterglow of the 4th of July, alongside my immense appreciation for people who put their lives on the line for their country, this Daily Sexy Musing is dedicated to the unique sex appeal of soldiers and warriors. They don’t just keep us safe and look good while doing it. They remind us just how strong and capable we can be. Enjoy!

There’s chaos everywhere.

There’s danger lurking.

There’s an emerging threat.

Everywhere I look, I see a world of conflict. It can be avoided, but only to a point. We can run and hide all we want, but eventually the conflict finds us. Confronting it is rarely easy. At times, it’s so daunting that we tremble in its presence. There’s only so much we can do to fight. In our darkest hour, we feel helpless.

Then, you arrive.

Whether in a uniform emboldened with emblems or within a suit of armor equipped with weapons, you charge into the chaos. Without fear or hesitation, you confront the conflict head-on. You let out a cry of grit and determination that echoes over the carnage. I can only watch in awe.

You swing your sword.

You shoot your guns.

You bloody your knuckles.

You embrace the warrior’s spirit within.

Suddenly, the world feels safer and more secure. I no longer fear the looming threats of conflict and chaos. You’re here and I’m by your side. I see in you the duty and determination to protect others from the horrors of war. I can only begin to comprehend the strength within.

In you, I see an ideal.

In you, I see a principle.

In you, I see the best of what someone can become.

My dread fades. I find myself drawn towards you. The heat of conflict turns into a different kind of heat, but one I readily embrace. With you, I hope to share it. You make me feel so safe. The least I can do is help you feel warm.

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“Rooftop Fireworks” A Sexy Short Story (For The 4th Of July)


The following is a sexy short story I wrote in celebration of the 4th of July. To all the proud Americans out there, especially the brave men and women serving in the military, this day is for you. In the spirit of patriotism, I wrote a story that I hope combines the best elements of patriotism and sexiness. Enjoy!

“God bless America, indeed,” said Brent Braxton in a proud, patriotic tone.

“Amen to that, my darling lieutenant,” said his wife Janet Braxton, matching his tone as only she could.

“Hey, we’re not in the marines anymore. You don’t have to keep calling me lieutenant.”

“I know, but it’s not my fault you love it so damn much.”

“Point taken,” the former marine.

They shared a good laugh and a glowing smile. Brent gladly raised his half-empty beer bottle to the cloudless night sky. His beautiful wife of four years did the same, tapping her bottle with his. It capped off what had been an eventful 4th of July thus far and for a couple of veterans who’d met on a military base, that carried greater meaning.

They’d both taken very different paths to get to this moment. Brent was born in the United States, but his parents were immigrants who barely spoke English when they first arrived. Conversely, Janet came from several generations of red-blooded Americans who could trace their lineage back to the Revolutionary War. He joined the marines after losing out on a college scholarship. Janet joined because enlisting in the military was practically a rite of passage for her family. Logistically speaking, their paths never should’ve crossed.

Being a marine taught him a lot about being American. However, when he met Janet on a routine visit to vehicle maintenance facility, he learned more than he ever could’ve imagined. She wasn’t just the quintessential American woman. She radiated a strong, free-wheeling spirit that would’ve endeared her to any soldier. She took all those patriotic platitudes that most people rarely scrutinize and gave it a face…a beautiful, angelic face.

Holding her in his arms while sitting on the roof of their quiet suburban home, Brent still couldn’t believe that this American angel fell in love with him. Every time she latched onto his arm and caressed his face, it affirmed that love was real. On the 4th of July – the same date he proposed to her, no less – that love became part of the festivities.

“You know, it’s funny,” Brent mused as he set his beer aside.

“What is, love?” Janet asked.

“How people ask God to bless America, as though it needs more at this point,” he said distantly. “I certainly thought that as a kid. Whenever my parents told me about where they’d come from, even simple comforts like air conditioning seemed like divine gifts.”

“Whereas my family didn’t believe in gifts,” she said. “You worked for everything and you celebrated when you earned it. That’s the American way, according to my dad.”

“It still seemed like a dream to my parents,” Brent went on. “Where they came from, even hard work didn’t always earn you much. In fact, there was a good chance it earned you precisely dick. For a while, I wasn’t sure if growing up in America would be any different. Then, after serving my country, meeting you, and seeing other parts of the world, I realized something profound.”

He turned towards his beautiful wife, pulled her deeper into his embrace, and caressed the face that still made his heart skip a beat. The star-lit sky, the full moon, and the lights in the distance made every aspect of her beauty so clear. On the 4th of July, she seemed to glow even brighter. When she smiled back and placed her hands over his, he felt truly blessed. All those patriotic sentiments that he’d heard all day resonated on a new level.

“I believe that when people say, God bless America, they’re not just asking for more of those gifts. I don’t even think it has anything to do with being lucky for being in such a wonderful country,” said Brent.

“Then, what do you think it means?” Janet asked intently.

He paused for a brief moment, collecting his thoughts so he could do justice to both the woman and the country he loved. On the 4th of July, he could do no less.

“It’s an acknowledgement,” Brent said, “a sign of immense gratitude for a blessing that we received long ago, but still appreciate to this day…especially on a day like today.”

“The 4th of July,” she said, as if to acknowledge it with him.

“The fact this country exists is a blessing. It’s a place where a guy like me can grow up feeling out of place, but find purpose. It’s a place where my parents can actually earn a better life from all their hard work. We don’t have to have lengthy legacy like yours to receive these gifts. We just have to share in the same uniquely American spirit.”

“My God, that’s patriotic. And that’s coming from someone whose father made her memorize all 50 states and all U.S. territories by age seven,” Janet said.

“I know. It’s corny as hell.”

“Did I say I minded?” Janet replied, along with another warm smile.

She leaned in and kissed him. Patriotism often did that to her. Being a marine, herself, and the daughter of such proud Americans, expressing love for America wasn’t just a formality. It meant a lot to her. Between serving his country and marrying her, Brent had come to cherish that meaning every bit as much.

Under the skies of a perfect 4th of July evening, he savored every second of her kiss. With that American spirit he loved, she wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened their embrace. Brent shared in that spirit, slipping his arms around her waist and immersing himself within her loving warmth. Even in the summer heat, it felt so intoxicating.

Both the spirit of the 4th of July and the spirit of their love intensified their passions. Simple kissing morphed into deeper gestures. Hands roamed, tongues twirled, and hot bodies pressed together, even after a day of barbecues and community events. They both smelled like charred burgers, cold beer, and over-cooked fries. They both radiated all things American. He and Janet just had to celebrate their blessings to the utmost.

What began as a loving kiss had become a full-blown make-out session. Brent had planned on getting intimate with his wife at some point that night, but he didn’t think it would happen on the roof of their house. He was tempted to break the kiss and ask if she’d like to take this back inside. Before he could, the booming echoes of fireworks in the distance erupted in the night sky.

Suddenly, he remembered why he and Janet had chosen to sit out on the roof in the first place. It gave them the perfect view of the annual fireworks show at the nearby lake. As the sky lit up and their patriotic passions kept flowing, a new desire took hold. In the spirit of American independence, he sought a more ambitious form of celebration.

“Hey Janet,” Brent said breathlessly as more fireworks filled the sky.

“Yes, my darling?” said Janet.

“Let’s make love,” he said to her, “up here…on the roof…under the fireworks.”

“And on the 4th of July?” she replied with a beaming smile. “God, I feel as blessed as my country right now!”

“I hope that’s not all your feeling.”

“Believe me. I’m feeling more than just patriotism right now!”

Inspired by both love and liberty, they kissed again and just as a large plume of reddish fireworks erupted overhead. It was like America itself was encouraging them to celebrate the freedom they cherished. At that moment, it became clear that the fireworks weren’t going to be the only 4th of July spectacle they enjoyed.

As the fireworks erupted overhead, he and Janet quickly shed their clothes. Thanks to the summer heat, they didn’t have much to take off. He’d just worn an old T-shirt and jeans. She’d worn denim shorts and a right, white, and blue halter top. True to her libertine spirit, Janet got naked faster and more eagerly. She practically tore off her shirt, bra, and pants. She didn’t even care that she kicked her flip-flops off the side of the roof. Being naked outdoors on the 4th of July just seemed so American for her.

“My God…patriotism never looked so sexy,” Brent said as he gazed upon her naked form.

“Shut up and get those pants off, soldier!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

He responded as though he’d been given an order by his old drill sergeant. Janet even helped him, grabbing the sides of his pants and pulling them off along with his underwear. He didn’t care that she threw them across the roof and into a pile of dirt. He didn’t even care if someone walked by their house and saw their naked bodies under the light of the fireworks. He and his beautiful wife were going to make love in celebration of America.

“Come here, my All-American beauty,” Brent said in his most seductive voice.

“Yes, sir!” Janet replied, mirroring his soldier-like tone from moments ago.

They laughed playfully, even as the noise from the fireworks drowned out all other sounds. They embraced and kissed again, taking a brief moment to enjoy each other’s nude form. Janet had such a fit, sexy body. Being a marine and a cheerleader in high school gave her so much to admire. Her breasts, butt, legs, and lips all radiated that uniquely American beauty that helped fuel his passion for her.

She showed just as much appreciation for his masculine features. She eagerly pawed his chest, hooked her legs around his waist, and embraced him in a way that maximized skin-on-skin contact. It was Janet’s preferred approach to foreplay, letting her body lustfully grind against his while she smothered him with loving kisses. He often joked that she loved foreplay almost as much as actual lovemaking. On a night like this, it was no laughing matter.

The kissing, touching, and caressing of naked flesh helped turn intimate desire into physical arousal. That perfect combination of affection and desire did more than enough to get them both aroused. Brent could already feel the moist heat between her inner thighs, even amidst the summer humidity. She definitely felt his hardening penis press against her thigh, affirming just how much he wanted her.

By the time the sky was really flashing with multi-colored fireworks, they were both ready. Usually, he and Janet made an effort to draw out the foreplay. Knowing their window with the fireworks was limited, they had to act with both urgency and passion.

“Brent…I’m ready,” Janet told him, already breathless from so much kissing.

“So am I,” he said to her, equally winded.

“Then, do it, my American stud. Make love to me!”

With a confident grin and patriotic passion, Brent began a 4th of July celebration that would’ve made any American proud.

He shifted his grip to her butt, squeezing it hard with the strength of a trained marine. Then, with her legs still hooked around his waist, he lifted her up and aligned her body with his. He soon felt the tip of his manhood against her outer fold. Her gaze never diverting from his, she grabbed onto his shoulders in anticipation. Using the same powerful arms that he’d used to carry her into their honeymoon suite, he lowered her onto his manhood.

“Ooh Brent!” she gasped, just in time for an extra-loud burst of fireworks.

Their flesh united. His rigid member penetrated her hot depths with ease. Wet womanly flesh embraced hard masculine flesh in a perfect merging of two proud Americans. As they both soaked in the feeling, Brent lovingly caressed her face and admired her beauty amidst the dazzling spectacle of the fireworks in the background.

“Janet…my love,” he said in a daze of passion.

“Brent,” his wife replied, already far deeper in that daze.

Not much else needed to be said. Given the commotion from the fireworks, they wouldn’t have heard each other anyways. However, the dazzling sights and booming sounds of that 4th of July spectacle was secondary. On this roof, their love was the real show.

Driven by both passion and excitement, they moved their bodies in a sensual rhythm. Brent used his powerful arms to rock his lover’s hips back and forth, working her tight folds along the length of his member. She supplemented every movement with gyrations of her own, clinging harder to his shoulders and imparting just the right amount of energy to their sex.

The incline of the roof even worked to their advantage. It gave Brent extra leverage in guiding their sexual rhythm. It also allowed his beautiful wife a greater range of motion. She sensually swayed and contorted her body through the motions, as though she were dancing amidst their intimate union. He couldn’t imagine a sight more beautiful, even without the fireworks in the background.

The fireworks still had an impact. As the pace of the show picked up, so too did the pace of their lovemaking. Janet rocked her hips harder while he supplemented each movement with his arms. A more intense rhythm meant more intense sensations. As more fireworks went off, the sensual feeling escalated. Brent could feel it in his lover’s touch, from the way her nails raked down his upper back to how her inner muscles squeezed his member every time he plunged into her.

“Yes! Yes! Ohhh yes! Brent…my proud, patriotic love!” Janet exclaimed.

“Janet! Ohhh Janet! My sweet, sexy, All-American wife!” he gasped.

It was a spectacular feeling, one that fit perfectly with the fireworks in the background. As he and Janet absorbed that feeling, they kissed wildly and unleashed a torrent of blissful moans. The noise of the fireworks masked it, but they still felt it.

Their lovemaking seemed perfectly synchronized with the spectacle in the skies above them. As the volume of fireworks became greater, their heat of their sex intensified. Brent had been to enough 4th of July parties to know when the grand finale was getting closer. With each booming crackle, he and his love neared their own finale.

“Janet…so close!” Janet said over the rhythmic rocking of their bodies. “I’m so…so close.”

“Me too, Janet,” Brent replied intently. “Let’s…shoot off…together!”

“Together…under the fireworks…tonight!”

The ways he said it made it sound both sexy and patriotic. Like two determined Americans, who just happened to be trained marines, they focused their efforts like never before. The firework around them had just entered the main finale. They were going off in rapid succession, filling the skies with dazzling lights and thunderous booms. In that light, their naked bodies glowed like never before.

In that moment and under this wondrous spectacle, he and Janet capped off the finale with a shared ecstasy like no other. It felt like a 4th of July miracle because they achieved orgasm almost simultaneously. As the pleasure washed over them, they let out their most patriotic gesture to date.

“Oohhh America, yes!” they each said at once.

It would’ve been funny if it weren’t so amazingly euphoric. Just as Janet’s inner muscles clamped down around his cock, he got his release. Thick streams of his manly fluid mixed with her feminine juices, creating a harmonious mixture. Love, passion, and ecstasy took a tangible form, both in terms of the spectacle around them and the feelings coursing through them. As they held each other closely, their naked bodies perfectly enmeshed, they shared a deep kiss to complete their celebration.

As their lips were entwined, the fireworks show above them ceased. The sound of applause from bedazzled onlookers echoed through the trees. They were rightly amazed by what they just saw, but Brent doubted they felt as satisfied as him and Janet at that moment. Together, they didn’t just witness a spectacle to celebrate the country they loved. They embraced the ideals that made America worth celebrating.

“I love you,” he told her, dazed and breathless by their passion.

“I love you too,” she replied.

“Happy 4th of July, my star-spangled wife.”

“Happy 4th of July, my freedom-loving husband. Thank you…for making this American woman feel so blessed.”

“Just doing my wife and my country proud!”

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“Out Of Our System” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story that was partially inspired by a true story. Without giving away too many details, I’ll simply note that the story involved a few minor lies to parents that resulted in a young couple having a house to themselves for an entire weekend. I hope this story does justice to the fun they had. Enjoy!

“It’s official!” said Dean Kyler. “For the next 48 hours, all clothing other than briefs and panties are prohibited.”

“Music to my ears, babe,” replied Leah Pool, already stripping down with playful eagerness. “Between this goddamn heatwave and three months of forced celibacy, I don’t plan on wearing much this weekend.”

“As your loving boyfriend who hasn’t been near a naked woman in three months, I’ll make sure those plans don’t change.”

“You better.”

Leah snickered as she slipped off her T-shirt, kicked off her shoes, and removed her tight denim shorts. Dean followed suit. He couldn’t get his shirt and jeans off fast enough. He didn’t even bother folding them up. He just threw it aside, leaving him in a pair of black briefs and showing little inclination to wear much of anything for the foreseeable future. Having already stripped down to her, she did the same with her discarded clothing, enjoying that liberating feeling of being topless in the presence of her boyfriend.

They were still in the foyer of his parents’ house. They’d just walked in the front door, having capped off a two-hour drive in a beat-up Buick with sub-standard air conditioning. It might have been the first day of spring break, but an early heatwave made any clothing other than underwear seem unbearable. Even so, Leah didn’t mind in the slightest and not just because she’d gone months without her lover’s intimate touch.

“God, I missed seeing your tits,” Dean told her, already moving in closer for a semi-nude embrace.

“I missed you copping a feel every chance you got,” Leah quipped as she accepted the gesture and snaked her arms around his neck. “Not gonna to lie. It got very lonely at times and there’s only so much I can do with a vibrator.”

“I’ll bet that pissed off your roommate.”

“Let’s just say she knows not to ask me for batteries,” she joked.

They both laughed as they kissed and deepened their embrace. Leah made it a point to maximize skin contact, making sure her exposed breasts pressed up against his chest. As soon as their lips touched, Dean began feeling her up, trailing his hands and fingers along her naked skin. Warm tingles coursed through her body. Aside from heating up her loins, it reminded her how much she’d missed Dean.

They’d had been together since their freshman year of high school. What their parents and friends thought was teenage puppy love had evolved into something much deeper. She’d given Dean her virginity at their junior prom. She’d gone with him to his uncle’s funeral after he died in a traffic accident. He’d been there for her while recovering from a broken leg she endured during an ill-fated skiing trip. Leah wasn’t afraid to tell Dean that she loved him.

While other high school sweethearts were splitting up or growing apart after graduation, she and Dean got more serious with their relationship, even as it gained new challenges. She’d been accepted into a prestigious all-girls school. He’d gotten an athletic scholarship to a private religious school that his dad had attended. Even though both schools were just an hour’s drive away, their strict policy against public displays of affection and co-ed mingling made their relationship difficult to sustain.

They still endured it. It wasn’t easy. College had been full of many distractions and temptations. Their love proved stronger in the end. That made the prospect of a clothing-optional weekend at Dean’s parents’ house even more appealing.

“The fridge is full. The doors are locked. I also confirmed my mom’s plane is in the air,” Dean said, breaking the kiss while remaining in an embrace.

“Does she know that I’m not currently on a bus with my roommate to a camping retreat in the mountains?” she asked.

“No, but it wouldn’t matter if she did. She’s already in another time zone and expects me to stay home during Spring Break while my father’s visiting his brother.”

“You’re just trying to get me out of my panties faster, aren’t you?” teased Leah.

“It’s working, isn’t it?”

“Shut up and take me to the nearest bedroom.”

Dean gave her a lecherous grin before shifting his grip to her butt, lifting her up in his arms, and capturing her lips again as he carried her up the steps. As their lips and tongues twirled, she clung to his shoulders and hooked her legs around his waist, already feeling a growing bulge in his underwear. Just the thought of two thin layers of fabric separated his cock from her pussy send her lustful desires into overdrive.

It had been too long since she and Dean made love. She should’ve been used to that. Neither her parents nor Dean’s were fond of them being sexually active. Dean’s family was religious and her parents had always been concerned about her personal life, especially after her older sister ended up in a bad marriage. Officially, their position was that they shouldn’t have sex until their wedding night and they made a concerted effort to keep them from deviating.

They had to have known their attempts at that point were futile. They knew she and Dean had slept together at least once. She doubted they knew just how much they’d done it, often behind their backs and in ways that would make most parents cringe. Despite being in such a conservative environment all their lives, she and Dean realized quickly that they loved sex. Having so many constraints just meant they had to be extra efficient with their private time.

The next several days gave them just the opportunity they’d needed. She and Dean were both on spring break. They both had an entire house to themselves, absent of parents, teachers, or anyone else who could keep them from expressing their love. On top of that, they had a lot of pent-up horniness that they hadn’t been able to vent. Finally, they could get it out of their system.

“The guest room,” Dean gasped upon reaching the top of the stairs.

That was all he could get out. Leah kept his lips busy with hers, clinging harder to him with her arms and legs as he carried her into the guest room, which happened to be the closest bedroom. She’d slept in it before, but never with Dean. It was usually reserved for one of Dean’s many relatives. Instead, it would be the first room they christened during their romantic weekend of sexual venting.

“Dean,” Leah said upon reaching the bed, “keep the door open. For once, I want to make love without feeling like we’re hiding.”

“Given the circumstances, that counts as kinky,” Dean said upon setting her down on the bed.

“Compared to all the decadent things I want to do to you this weekend, it’s almost sad.”

“It’s not,” he assured her. “It just tells me that my parents’ rules failed. They only made us hornier.”

“Now, I know you’re trying to get me out of my panties.”

“Well, if you need more incentive…”

He spoke with that deep, suggestive undertone. He knew that voice made her wet, even when they spoke over the phone. It effectively sealed the fate of her panties and his underwear, for that matter.

“Change of plans,” she said, “panties and briefs are no longer exempt. All clothing this weekend is hereby banned!”

“I can get behind that rule,” said Dean in that same deep, manly tone.

He must have been waiting for that proclamation because he slipped out of his briefs before joining her on the bed. Leah practically tore hers off, throwing them across the room and having no intention of retrieving them for the rest of the weekend. As of that moment, she and Dean were going to be full-fledged nudists.

Now fully naked, his throbbing erection free and her engorged pussy exposed in the midday sun, Leah moved further back on queen-sized bed and gestured for her lover to join her. He did so without hesitation, crawling on top of her and kissing her again, allowing their fully naked bodies to embrace.

It was a great feeling, his manly sinews pressing against her feminine curves. It got her heart racing and her blood flowing even faster, triggering a heated make-out session that quickly ruffled the sheets of the neatly-made bed. Usually, Leah preferred some extended nude exchange before they got to the sexy stuff. After several months without sex, she just didn’t have the patience.

“Your dick,” Leah said, abruptly breaking the kiss. “I need to taste your dick.”

“And I need your pussy just as much,” he told her. “I almost forgot how good it tastes.”

“Well, now is the best possible time for a reminder!”

Needing no further convincing, Leah took the initiative and adjusted their bodies so that they could give each other oral sex simultaneously. Dean ended up on his back while Leah got on top of him, his head now perfectly positioned between her thighs while she was perfectly positioned over his cock. He was as hard as she was wet, the desire that had been denied by distance and rules finally coming out.

“Mmm…a real, actual dick,” she said, licking her lips in anticipation.

“Pussy…real, moist pussy,” Dean said.

She made the first move, engulfing the full length of his dick in her mouth and sucking it with the same passion she had at their senior prom. His manly flesh tasted as good as she remembered. It was so hard and hot, the veiny contours throbbing around her lips and tongue. She savored every inch as she bobbed her head up and down, sucking and licking along his length.

Dean was just as thorough. With a potent blend of hunger and lust, he gorged on her pussy, probing her depths with his tongue and fondling her folds with his fingers. He hadn’t forgotten her most sensitive spots. He also hadn’t forgotten how she liked having her clit rubbed. It didn’t just feel incredible. It showed just how much he’d missed her. Absence, it seemed, added some special intensity to their sex. It also added a sense of urgency.

“God, you taste good!” gasped Dean, already breathless after so much intimate gorging. “I…I want to be inside you now. Actually, scratch that. I need to be inside you!”

“I can tell,” she said, still grasping his cock after giving it an extra-long suck.

“Please, Leah…I’ve missed you so much. I’ve missed this…our love…and expressing it.”

“Me too, Dean. That’s what this clothing-free weekend is all about…expressing our love.”

As much as she enjoyed tasting her lover’s cock, she enjoyed having it inside her even more, uniting their bodies in that fleshly union that their parents thought was too deviant. Time and again, she and Dean proved that nothing so intimate and pleasurable could possibly be that deviant.

Looking to prove it once more, Leah adjusted her body in preparation for sex. She remained on top, straddling his waist and alighting her pussy with his cock. Dean stayed on his back, grabbing a firm hold of her hips and bracing for the coming feeling.

All it took was a single plunge of the hips. With a that one motion, the months of loneliness and horniness ended. Dean’s manly flesh was inside her womanly depths. They were making love.

“Ooh Dean!” Leah exclaimed.

“Leah!” Dean cried out.

For once, they could make as much noise as they wanted, letting the world know that they were in love and freely expressing it with sex. It made for a fitting crescendo of moans, cries, and gasps that echoed throughout the vacant house. In an instant, those lonely sexless nights they’d spent in cramped dorm rooms became a distant memory.

They were loud and fervent with their sex. Leah rode her lover’s cock cowgirl style, gyrating her hips and working her folds along his ridged length. Dean supplemented her movements, using those powerful arms of his to add more energy to their sex. In the warm mid-day sun, even with the air conditioner going, they worked up quite a sweat. It sent her to the brink of orgasm in record time.

“Dean! Oh Dean! I…I’m coming! I’m gonna come…so hard!” she exclaimed.

“Good!” he said in that deep tone he knew she loved. “I promise it’s the first of many.”

He was a man of his word. As she rode him harder, he used his thumb to rub her clit, which helped send her over the brink. When the intense wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her, she ended up grabbing her breasts and throwing her head back as that wonderous feeling of ecstasy washed over her. It was a special ecstasy, one that she couldn’t get with a vibrator. It affirmed just how much she’d loved and missed Dean.

“You’re always so theatrical when you come,” he commented. “I’m not used to seeing it in the middle of the day.”

“Mmm…better get used to it fast,” said Leah, her words slurred by the daze of bliss.

“I intend to, but first things first!”

As she soaked in her orgasmic state, Dean shot up from the bed and threw his powerful arms around her, drawing their naked bodies together once more. Leah instinctively returned the embrace, kissing him despite her heavy gasping and holding on as he rolled her over so that she was now the one on her back.

His dick remained enmeshed in the folds of her throbbing pussy. Leah could feel it aching for his own release. She imagined internet porn and hand lotion was just as inadequate when it came to venting his lust. To sate his desires, he needed to feel her womanly flesh squeeze his rigid length in an outburst of passion. Having had done so much to meet her desires, she gladly accommodated her lover.

“Mmm…such strong priorities,” Leah purred.

“It’s been so long…too long,” he said intently, caressing her face as his manly figures pressed down against hers. “Without you…my life is so damn lonely.”

“Well, I’m here now, Dean,” she told him. “Please…get it out of your system.”

She didn’t need to tempt him that much with her seductive tone, but she did anyways. It had the desired effect. With those fateful words, Dean cast her an intense look and unleashed the full force of his pent-up sexual energy.

Using every bit of leverage that the missionary position allowed, he humped and pumped her with the vigor of a man who’d been deprived of intimate love. It showed in the desperate, yet affectionate look on his face. He never turned away or closed his eyes. It was not the look of a man just looking to fuck an equally-horny woman. There was a deeper connection at work, one every bit as intense as the orgasm she’d just experienced.

“That’s it, Dean. Ooh, that’s it!” she gasped, urging him on as she clung to his shoulders. “We’re really here…in bed…making love. It’s just you and me…this weekend…together.”

Getting that message across helped give him that extra push he needed. With her legs spread-eagle, their naked bodies rocking as naked skin slid along naked skin, she held onto her lover and guided him to that special ecstasy. She conveyed to him the same loving gaze that made her peak so meaningful. When he finally reached that peak, he put on his own erotic spectacle.

“Oohhh Leah!” he cried out.

It was a release that had been months in the making, but so worth the wait. Leah bent her knees back and took his hands in hers, giving him something to hold onto as he descended into that world of ecstasy.

It made for quite a release. She felt his body shudder atop hers, his manhood tensing as it released an impressive load of cum into her depths. The feeling of his hot fluids mixing with her juices added even more intimacy to their act. Having made sure ahead of time that there would be no need for condoms or pulling out, it was a special feeling they could savor together.

“Wow! That was…wow,” Dean said in between heavy gasps.

“Yeah…wow,” Leah said while caressing his face affectionately.

“So much…I love you so damn much, Leah.”

“I love you too, Dean.”

That might have been the orgasmic afterglow talking, but that didn’t make the sentiment any less genuine. She and Dean were long past those doubts. He loved her and she loved him back. They also enjoyed expressing that love together in all the very physical, very sensual ways that others tried to discourage.

As they soaked in the breadth of that feeling, she and Dean shared another loving kiss. Still naked, their bodies covered in a light layer of sweat, he withdrew from her while still maintaining a deep embrace. Usually, it was the point where they had to come down from their sexual high, put their clothes back on, and put on an innocent face for those not comfortable with them having a mature sex life. For once, that wasn’t a concern.

“I missed you. I missed this,” Dean said distantly, now resting his head on her breasts.

“Me too,” Leah said, “although I imagine you missed falling asleep on my chest even more.”

“I did, but it’s more than that,” he said. “For as long as we’ve been together, we’ve had to be so tactful about expressing our love. Whether it’s a quickie here or a secret romp in a closet, it feels like we have to jump through so many hoops, just to be together.”

“It’s annoying. That, I don’t deny. The fact we’re still together says a lot about our love.”

“It sure does. It says just as much about moments like this…rare, precious moments when we can just stop being careful and enjoy our love completely.”

There was a brief silence as he finished catching his breath. He then laid down next to her, still embracing her, their naked bodies making plenty of skin-on-skin contact. Despite the sweat and messy hair, he caressed her face with deep affection.

“I cherish those moments too,” Leah told him. “I have a feeling I’ll cherish them even more after this weekend.”

“And I intend to give you plenty more reasons for that,” Dean said with a confident grin. “I’m taking that no-clothing rules seriously. I am not putting those boxers back on. We have month’s worth of love to make and we’re going to make the most of it.”

“No need to convince me, lover boy. I can already feel your dick rubbing against me,” she teased. “I hope that means that bottle of lube I brought is going to be empty by tomorrow.”

“It sure as hell better be. I love you just that much, Leah. And for the next 48 clothing-free hours, we’re going to express that love in every room in every way possible.”

“Sounds romantic,” she said seductively, “and exhaustive. You sure you have the energy for it?”

“Of course!” he said, putting his hand on her butt to further communicate his desire. “You’re the one who told me to get this out of my system. Trust me, we’ve got a lot to get out and an entire weekend alone to do it!”

They shared another loving kiss, effectively solidifying their plans for the weekend. Leah had planned on catching up on lost time together, especially the sexy kind. Knowing Dean was so motivated made her more eager to make it count.

The rest of the day, and much of the evening, played out in a blur. It felt like a lurid fantasy that she would’ve woken up from long ago. It was not a dream, though. It was real…beautifully, wonderfully real.

They made love in the shower in the master bedroom…the bigger, more spacious one that her parents never let her use.

Then, they did it in dining room, Dean bending her over the same table on which they ate holiday meals.

They also did it in her dad’s man cave in the basement, going at it on the same leather recliner that she never got to sit in.

They even did in the living room while watching a porno that Dean had bought, two activities that her parents had banned outright from their house.

They did all of that while sticking to their no-clothing rule, remaining butt naked, even while making dinner. It was reckless and deviant, but fun and exhilarating. It made every kiss, hump, and orgasm more satisfying. With respect to getting their passions and desires out of their system, it definitely helped.

“I love you…so much,” Dean kept saying in the throughs of passion.

“I love you too,” Leah kept replying.

The sounds of their love echoed from every wall. Every intimate act that was once forbidden or frowned upon was now theirs to embrace. Having gotten some of that pent-up passion out of their system, the true breadth of their love felt pure and free.

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Jack Fisher’s Sexy Sunday Thoughts: Sensual Stripping Edition


This is the time of year when everyone is a bit more eager to strip out of their clothes. By that, I don’t mean that people are hornier or friskier than usual. It’s the middle of the summer. It’s hotter than a dragon’s taint outside and not everyone is lucky enough to have a decent air conditioner. In those circumstances, you’re going to be inclined to wear less.

Aside from beating the heat, this presents a rare and sexy opportunity that aspiring erotica/romance writers like myself can appreciate. The way I see it, if you’re going to take off your clothes, you might as well have fun with it. I know there are professional strippers working at legitimate strip clubs who do it better than most of us ever will. That doesn’t mean they should have all the fun.

I’m not going to lie. At times, I’ve done a little sensual stripping on my own during hot summer days. If I’m restless or hot, I’ll even put on some music and make a game of it. Even if I’m alone, it’s a nice way to remind myself that I can be sexy in my own way. I don’t need to work in a club or have a boob job. I just need a little confidence, spirit, and some decent music.

By dedicating this round of my Sexy Sunday Thoughts to the act of stripping, I hope I inspire others to try it too. You don’t have to be a professional. You don’t even have to look like an underwear model. Just find the right environment, put on some music, and let your sex appeal do the rest. Enjoy!

“Nipple sensitivity is nature’s way of daring you to be kinky.”

“You can’t say something is your fetish until you’ve willingly licked it.”

“If you’re really rich, sexual fantasies rarely remain fantasies for long.”

“Evil prevails when good men do nothing and when beautiful women have sex with assholes.”

“Being really horny and really drunk can lead to equally poor decisions, but with much less vomiting.”

“If making love is like a cake, then foreplay is like licking the batter from the bowl.”

“When you think about it, your genitals were the first gadgets you ever obsessed over.”

By now, I hope your clothes feel unbearably itchy and the summer heat is only going to make it worse. We’re all naked underneath our clothes. We all have strip naked at some point. Why not have a little fun with it? Regardless of your gender, age, or relationship status, it’s a simple way to exercise your sexy side.

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Daily Sexy Musing: Competitive Lovers


I think most of us know someone who is overly competitive. Whether it’s a friend, relative, or significant other, we’ve seen this personality type manifest in so many ways. While everyone is competitive to some extent, certain people take it to extremes and not always in a good way.

However, I’m not going to harp on the negatives of competition. Instead, I’d like to single out one of the best aspects of this distinct persona and it most frequently manifests between lovers. I know this because I’ve seen couples who incorporate their love of competition into their relationship in all the right ways. Most of those couples are still together. Some are even have kids.

They’re among my favorite types of real-world relationships. Their lives tend to be somewhat more chaotic. Comparative couples tend to take more chances and try new things. It doesn’t always work out, but that’s not the point. What makes this kind of relationship so potent, both sexually and non-sexually, is how it supplements their passions. When done right, it’s a beautiful thing.

I don’t consider myself to be that competitive, but I am someone who will try to push himself, especially when I’m with someone who will share the journey. I think that’s what can turn a casual romance into something deeper, as well as sexier. If you’re the competitive type in any capacity, then you should appreciate this Daily Sexy Musing. Enjoy!

You want to test me.

You want to strain me.

You want to taunt me.

You want to push me.

I welcome it. In fact, I embrace it. That’s the kind of lover I am. I don’t run from challenges, nor do I hesitate. I strive to be better, both for myself and you. If you think I’m content with my current skills, you’re wrong. I’ve every intention of surpassing them. I only hope you can keep up.

Within me is the spirit of a champion. It’s never enough to just finish a race. I seek to win it, just as I sought to win your love. I don’t just affirm it with simple gestures and loving exchanges. I want to raise the bar, if only to see how much love you can handle. Where some might remain content, you keep pushing. It just makes me want to love you even more.

My heart starts racing.

My skin starts sweating.

My mind begins to focus.

I’m ready to begin, but you’ve been ready. I can see it in your eyes. You’re daring me to slip up, testing my will, endurance, and stamina. I respond only with a dare of my own. You think our love is static and unchanging? You think it’s simply an anchor to which we tie ourselves? You’re dead wrong. Our love is a catalyst and I intend to prove it.

We live for the challenge.

We strive to win.

We shatter our limits.

We make each other stronger.

I’m not just going to win. You’re going to be glad that you lost. I’ll reward you for challenging me and testing our love. I’ll unleash upon you a triumphant passion that will make us both feel like champions. You’ll either surrender willingly or cry out in victory. Either way, our love ultimately wins.

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