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How To Appropriately Deal With The Police (Ideally)

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There are some topics I try to avoid. Some are just things I’d rather not talk about, but others involve relevant topics that bring up relevant issues. While I will offer my opinion on some of those issues, I freely concede that I’m no expert. My opinion counts for nothing. I also know that some issues are so emotionally charged that it’s hard to contribute without making things worse.

With that in mind, I’m going to talk about the police. Believe me, I wish I were referring to the band.

Like many, I’ve watched the recent news unfold in wake of the death of George Floyd. The level of injustice within this story is simply atrocious. I cannot put into words how awful it is that something like this happened in what’s supposed to be a free society. I also don’t deny that this has happened before and, without significant reform, will happen again.

The reform part is still in the works. That’s something I don’t feel I can add to. While that process is underway, there are other things we can do in the meantime. Like it or not, we’re still going to have to deal with the police. If you’re a minority or a person of color, that’s still a daunting prospect that I can’t hope to understand.

The protests are doing their thing.

The reform is still in the works.

In the meantime, the best anyone can do is find an amicable way to deal with the police, if only to minimize the chances of another atrocity. To that end, I’d like to share this video that offers some simple, but effective rules in dealing with the police. It’s from a channel called Flex Your Rights. It’s an old video, but it’s still incredibly relevant and offers lessons that can help people navigate police encounters safely.

Please note, this is for an ideal situation. If you ever have to deal with a corrupt, dishonorable cop, then that’s another situation entirely. Hopefully, those encounters are very rare. For now, let’s try to err on the side of optimism.

I really wish this video wasn’t necessary. Hell, I wish this whole debate weren’t necessary. I’ve dealt with cops. I’ve been pulled over. I consider myself lucky. I never felt like my life was at risk. However, I know that’s not the experience of many people.

That needs to change.

I believe it will change.

It just won’t happen all at once.

While that change is happening, we still need to live our day-to-day lives in a civil society. Being able to effectively deal with the police can only help. Eventually, methods like this won’t be quite as necessary. We’ll never live in a perfect world, but at the very least, we can try making a better one.

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Daily Sexy Musings: Men In Uniform


The following is a round of sexy musings inspired by men in uniform. Specifically, it was inspired by a story that a woman told me years ago about how she had the hottest, sexiest night of her life thanks to a police officer. I wish I could share the details of that story, but I prefer to save it for one of my sexy short stories.

It’s no secret that many women find a man in uniform to be sexy. Why else would it be such a popular theme at male strip clubs? Many say power is an aphrodisiac and there’s even some science to support that. Someone who wields authority can both dominate and protect us. On some levels, we’re going to feel some level of intimacy from it. Some of it will be sexual and that’s what this musing celebrates.

We’re all born naked, equally vulnerable and universally weak. We all grow, pursuing many paths and following many passions. For a select few, there’s a special path with numerous obstacles. The work, the rigor, and the sweat impart special skills, weeding out weakness and expanding strength.

Finally, at the end of that path, those elite souls are affirmed. Over their naked, weak bodies they put on a uniform. They display to the world that they defied the odds. They became more than what their flesh alone can convey. They became soldiers, officers, and influencers. It was not given. It was earned.

A man who earns is a man willing to fight.

A man willing to fight is a man who can protect.

A man who can protect is a man with power.

Under the veil of that power, we feel safe. At the same time, we feel afraid. We look up at them. They look down at us. They can dominate, control, and overwhelm us. That fear can be confusing. The line between being afraid and being aroused blurs. Only through the uniform can we see the man behind the power.

Men with such power have to be strong. Men with such power have to be responsible. From their attire, alone, they tell us what they can do for us. If we respect their authority, we contemplate what they can do to us. Any man can exercise power. Only a select few can exercise true authority.

Men with authority don’t subdue. They dominate.

Men that dominate don’t make promises. They just act.

Men that act don’t just protect. They deliver.

We need only submit to their authority. We need only see that uniform and respect the power it conveys. They’ve earned that power. They’ve worked, trained, and toiled. Underneath, there can be no weakness or sloth. There can only be muscle and sinew. From there comes their strength. From their strength, they take us.

We need not resist. We need not desire otherwise. When they shed that uniform, they reveal they’re still men. Even without it, when they stand exposed as any other, the power remains. The strength that earned them that uniform doesn’t wane. It cannot be contained. It can only be channeled.

In that uniform, they are symbols of authority. Out of that uniform, they are conduits of it and we are the spark. They don’t ask. They demand . We don’t just comply. We submit. From their power and our respect, we create the most intimate of harmony.

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