2 responses to “Why Cops Who Use The Punisher Logo Are Hypocrites

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  2. Mac

    I stumbled upon your blog when I found that really interesting Punisher logo. Here’s some input about your article. You’re reading between the lines and buying what the media wants you to hear. “When a cop usurps the Punisher’s logo, they’re sending a message that they don’t give a damn about a fair and just society.” That is spectacular conjecture!!! And it tickles the ears in typical media influenced fashion. Bravo. Have you ever asked a patrol officer why cops think the Punisher logo is cool? Chris Kyle painted it on his humvee. Did Chris Kyle not give a damn about a fair and just society. No he fought and ultimately died for it. The Punisher logo is a symbol of justice in response to a broken system that’s really pretty easy on repeat offenders. More often than not, the only jail time an offender experiences is when the officer (the Punisher) physically arrests the offender who is then taken to jail (the punishment) before they make their first appearance before a judge. Cops want to see justice just like anyone else. They want peace in their neighborhoods, and people treating others with kindness. Cops want to see people make better choices!!! Demonstrating a willingness to change for the better, make improvements, and contribute to our society. Instead, have you been tracking gun violence in 2021 that doesn’t involve law enforcement? Has the media, the BLM and protests made people any kinder and less likely to use dangerous force against their fellow man? Has color on color homicides and aggravated assault crimes gone down or eliminated? Nope. Bad guys feel entitled and enabled more than ever by the out-cry and protests against police. Are you familiar with Reverend Jarrett Maupin who is highly critical of police brutality? The Reverend agreed to participate in a use of force simulation a few years ago. It’s on YouTube and guess what? He failed. He shot an unarmed man who approached him with no weapon. If that was real life, charges would be filed, a financial settlement would be given to the family, and civil rights violations may be levied against the officer. Rather than analyze from the outside, maybe hang out at your local donut shop and talk to your neighborhood patrol officer about the situation. Ask him what he thinks about the Punisher. Cause what’s the saying? “You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

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