“Intimate Healing” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story I wrote involving love, sex, and treating headaches. Who among us hasn’t had a headache? There are many ways too treat it. This is just one. Enjoy!

“Terry, I have a headache.”

Usually, when a man’s girlfriend of two years uttered those words, it meant he was in for a lonely night. That was the standard response women gave their lovers when they said they weren’t in the mood for sex. Luckily for Terry Draka, though, his girlfriend wasn’t most women and their sex life had never been that standard.

“Say no more, Nina. I’m also extra sore tonight,” he told her.

“Glad to hear,” she replied. “Wait…that came our wrong. What I meant to say was…”

“It’s okay, babe,” Terry said with a humored grin. “I know what you meant.”

His lover cast him a look of relief and affection. Nina Highland had a knack for saying that carried mixed messages. She claimed it was the primary reason why she’d only dated two other men before him, despite having the natural beauty that made men stupid. Terry liked to think he’d been less stupid than most when it came to being with her. It probably helped that he knew just how to treat those headaches of hers.

“I take it that means you want to skip the movie we rented and take this to the bedroom,” he said to her.

“You know me too well,” Nina said sheepishly. “I’m not even sure I have the strength to take my clothes off.”

“That’s okay. I’ll take care of it. You know how good I am at that.”

She smiled playfully, latching onto his arm so he could lead to the master bedroom of their modest apartment. He would’ve carried her if he hadn’t actually been sore from work that day. Working at a quarry and operating heavy machinery for hours at a time took a toll on any man, even one who had been doing it since high school. Terry knew how to manage it, though, and it wasn’t just with aspirin.

Slipping his arm around his lover’s waist, he guided her into the bedroom with a mix of urgency and care. Once inside, he closed the door, dimmed the lights, and led her over to the foot of the bed. She looked more drained than usual. She must have had a rough day at the office. She claimed to love her job as a graphic designer, but the people she worked with had a knack for giving her headaches.

That didn’t bother Terry too much, though. It just meant he had more reason to treat her in their private time, as only he could.

“Here, have a seat,” he told her, patting an empty spot on the bed. “Just lean back and let me work my magic.”

“I hope you have some new tricks tonight,” Nina told him. “This is one of those cases that can’t be fixed with a simple back rub.”

“I never assume it’s that easy. Besides, treating my girlfriend’s headaches should be a challenge and you know how much I love challenges.”

His love’s grin widened as she did as he requested, sitting down on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge. He then stood in front of her and removed the dirty gray shirt he’d worn since he got home from the quarry, revealing to her the manly body that had been forged from years of hard labor.

“I’m feeling better already,” she said, her amorous gaze scanning his masculine features, “but I’ll definitely need more.”

“And I intend to give it to you,” Terry assured her, “and possibly a little extra.”

That should help get her excited. Even when she had a headache, Nina loved being teased. She didn’t mind if it was immature or goofy. It put her in just the right mood, which was critical for treating those headaches of hers.

After tossing his shirt aside, he knelt down onto the floor. The soreness of his knees and lower back – the most common ailment he’d dealt with, going back to his days as a football player in high school – escalated almost immediately. Terry wasn’t deterred, though. If anything, he was even more motivated.

“Lift up your hips,” he said. “I’m going take your pants off.”

“Probably a good time to let you know I’m not wearing any panties,” Nina told him.

“Is that supposed to surprise me?”

“I hope it sends the right message. This headache is just that bad.”

Understanding the subtext of her words, Terry worked with more urgency. He reached up and grasped the sides of Nina’s favorite black sweatpants, her preferred attire after wearing a pantsuit all day. He then effortlessly pulled it down her shapely legs, making it a point to trace his fingers down her newly exposed flesh. He knew his lover really enjoyed that, the gender touch on her skin and sensual overtones of such a gesture.

After pulling them all the way off, along with the socks she’d worn, Terry looked up and confirmed that his lover wasn’t wearing any underwear. She was now naked from the waist down, her toned thighs and feminine anatomy on full display to him. He always enjoyed such a sight, especially on nights when there were headaches to treat.

Now more motivated than ever, he rose up from the floor and undid the dirty jeans he’d worn since his shift ended four hours ago. He’d been wearing boxers, but that didn’t seem to bother his lover. It also revealed – in the form of a noticeable bulge – that he needed some treatment of his own.

“Ooh Terry,” Nina said, her gaze narrowing on his lower body, “you must be really sore.”

“For the best possible reasons,” Terry told her, “which requires the best possible medicine.”

Now, his boxers already getting tighter by the second, he crawled onto the bed with her and took her in his arms again. Nina eagerly accepted his embrace, holding onto his shoulders and entrusting him with the next phase of their shared treatment.

“Lay down on your back, close your eyes, and spread your legs,” he said. “I’ll get things going with the basics.”

“Basics…you’re really good at that,” she teased.

“And I like to keep improving.”

Terry spoke with such confidence, prompting Nina to comply even faster. She scooted up the bed, laid back on a pillow, and parted her legs into a perfect spread-eagle position. Her flexibility had always amazed him. It also made his efforts at treatment that much easier.

Licking his lips in anticipation, Terry already felt the soreness in his knees subside slightly as he got between his lover’s legs, giving him an up-close look at her pussy. She was already somewhat aroused. She didn’t usually announce a headache without first knowing where it would lead. She must have anticipated his eagerness to treat her.

At that point, though, he’d hoped Nina came to expect it. Treating her headaches had become one of the most potent catalyst for their relationship and it only seemed to grow as his skills at treatment improved. For that reason, Terry had every intention of exceeding those expectations.

“Take deep breaths, Nina,” he told her softly. “I’m going to confront that pain directly.”

“Yes. Confront it!” his lover replied, knowing as well as he did what that entailed.

Now settled into a relaxed state, Terry skillfully gripped her thighs with both hands and held them apart. Then, armed with the knowledge of his lover’s body and her need for relief, he began giving her oral sex.

“Mmm…Terry,” she moaned. “That’s just what I need!”

Desperation mixed with her favorable reaction. She was more sensitive than usual, a frequent side-effect of nasty headaches. Encouraged and motivated, Terry went to work, employing the oral teasing skills that had treated many other ailments throughout their relationship.

He was extra thorough, skillfully trailing his tongue along her moist slit, giving extra attention to her clitoris. He also probed the hot flesh of her vagina, stimulating those special areas that he’d come to know so well. They triggered strong, intense reactions from her lover. Her lower body shifted, her legs tensing and inner muscles tensing from the sensations he evoked. It was just what Terry wanted for his ailing lover, but it was only the first step in an extensive treatment.

“Feel that?” Terry whispered in between targeted teases. “Let me make you feel good. Let the pleasure override the pain.”

“Yes…I feel it,” Nina gasped, already clinging to her pillows as her body contorted to the feeling.

He continues his treatment, letting go of one of her thighs so that he could utilize his hands as well. As he used his tongue to stimulate her depths, he also applied pressure to her clit, adding more stimulation that evoked more pleasure. That pleasure directly countered the pain. It was so simple, in principle, but more effective than any medicine.

It might have just been unique to Nina. He learned early on in their relationship that she had always used alternative treatments for her chronic headaches. She’d been getting them since she was a kid. After a bunch of failed treatments didn’t work, she discovered masturbation. She claimed it had been an accident, an unexpected revelation that happened when she slept naked on her bed during a hot summer day. Terry sometimes questioned whether that was all there was to the story, but there was no arguing with results.

After that fateful night, orgasms became Nina’s preferred method for treating headaches. They worked, but made for some awkward moments, especially with her conservative family. She claimed she’d gotten in trouble on more than one occasion for masturbating in a public bathroom. She even said that before they got together, she pleasured herself three times a day to stave off her headaches. Terry would’ve had a hard time believing that had he not experienced a similar story.

“Terry…your tongue…your hands,” Nina gasped with growing intensity, “It’s working, but…I need more!”

Terry knew exactly what she meant by that. He hadn’t completed the full repertoire of his oral sex skills, but in some cases, he had to skip certain steps to complete the treatment. Trusting that his lover understood those steps more than most, he ceased his teasing and rose up once more.

“In that case, I’ll get to the really potent stuff,” he told her. “Lie down on your side, keep breathing deeply, and I’ll do the rest.”

“I know you will,” Nina told him, “especially if you’re that sore.”

He snickered at her remark. She knew him just as well as he did when it came to pain treatment. Moreover, she understood it in ways that his previous girlfriends never could.

Still taking steady breaths, Nina rolled over so that she laid on the far side of the bed with her legs slightly arched. As she got comfortable, Terry removed his boxers, which had become too uncomfortable. That often happened when he went down on his lover. It got his blood flowing in just the right ways, but that wasn’t the only factor.

Braving with lingering soreness in his back, Terry laid down next to her so that he was spooning her from behind. He lovingly slipped his arms around her, holding her close so that the warmth of his body soothed her discomfort, among other things. Her content purrs showed that she appreciated that warmth. When he reached down between her legs with one hand and began fondling her pussy again, her appreciation only grew.

“Ooh Terry!” Nina moaned. “You must really be sore.”

“More than usual,” he whispered into her ear, “but still treatable with your love.”

“Treat away, my darling!”

Terry kissed down her neck, evoking more purrs as he felt the heat between her legs escalate into full-blown arousal. Her body ached for him, albeit in a non-painful way. He craved her just as much, as evidenced by the full-blown erection now pressing against her back.

He wasn’t sure if it counted as a kink, but whenever Terry felt sore, his dick seemed to get harder with greater ease. Like Nina, he had an odd relationship with pain and orgasms. When he was in high school, he endured a particularly nasty injury while playing football. In addition to ending his dreams of going pro, he dealt with lingering aches that lasted past graduation and his first job. They were never debilitating, but he needed relief.

Whether out of desperation or coincidence, he found out that giving himself an orgasm helped alleviate the soreness, more so than any of the pills or treatments he got. He had been a healthy heterosexual man before the injury. Afterwards, though, he began masturbating with more frequency, so much so that he effectively conditioned himself to make regular orgasms his primary treatment.

He wasn’t sure whether there was any medical relevance to that approach. All he knew was that it mitigated his need for pain killers. While it did make for awkward moments, which included him getting off during work in between coffee breaks, he couldn’t deny the results. It also hindered his ability to form a functioning sex life with women. Then, he met Nina and found someone whose appreciation for therapeutic orgasms matched his own.

“I’m going to fuck you, now,” Terry told her. “My back…may affect how I do it.”

“I hope so,” Nina replied.

There was a mix of anticipation and desire in her voice. He did his best work when he had a little soreness to work with. He’d demonstrated that on many occasions since they had been together and he had no intention of changing that.

Still spooning her from behind, he guided his erect member with the moist opening. Nina shifted her body accordingly, making sure their bodies were perfectly aligned for sex. Once in position, he steadily inserted his penis up into her waiting folds. The smooth, steady melding of their flesh sent a wave of blissful warmth that overshadowed any pain or soreness.

“Nina,” he moaned, “is it working yet?”

“Yes!” Nina said without hesitation. “Please, Terry…heal me as only you can.”

In that fateful moment, healing and sex became one in the same. The act became the treatment and Terry went to work making it sufficiently thorough.

His rigid penis now surrounded by the moist walls of her vagina, he began working his flesh within hers. He moved his hips and worked his lower back, desire and pleasure doing plenty to subsume the soreness. He was not too fervent with his movements, focusing on quality over quantity in terms of energy. He and Nina’s brand of lovemaking wasn’t built around intense, rough sex. It was about filling a need while fueling a passion.

That steady, but thorough movements did the trick. Through every successive motion, his manhood slithered smoothly within the tight folds of her womanly depths. Every movement evoked a round of hot sensations, each supplemented by the intimate meshing of their naked bodies.

To ensure his love got the most out of the feeling, Terry kept rubbing his lover’s clitoris. That extra sensitivity caused a steady procession of soft, blissful moans. She kept clinging to the sheets and pillow, her body shuddering with every bit of sensation they conjured. Headaches or not, the unfiltered feelings of their lovemaking flowed freely. Whether because of or in spite of those headaches, Nina approached orgasm fairly quickly.

“Terry!” she gasped. “The healing…so good! Going to…make me…come!”

“So long as it helps your headache,” Terry whispered playfully.

As she neared the brink, his love grasped the hand not rubbing her clit and interlocked her fingers with him. She then held on tight, her body arching with greater fervor every time he pushed his member into her depths. Terry knew how to stimulate all those special areas, applying just the right amount of stimulation and passion. When she finally crashed that threshold, he held her closely in order to maximize his treatment.

“Oohhh Terry!”

Those loving, euphoric words echoed throughout the room. In his embrace, he felt Nina’s inner muscles contract around his penis in accord with her release. Her torso arched, her legs shifted, and her toes curled under the weight of the feeling. It was a mix of music and spectacle, his love achieving orgasm. The fact it also treated a headache was almost a bonus.

He kept Nina in his arms, giving her all the time she needed to soak up the feeling and its healing properties. When the blissful shudders of her body subsided, she turned over so that she faced him, removing his penis from her vagina in the process. In her eyes and her expression, Terry saw no more discomfort. She saw only the kind, affectionate gaze of his lover.

“It’s official. I feel better now,” she told him, “and it’s all thanks to you.”

“Just making sure my girlfriend gets the treatment she needs,” Terry replied with a proud grin.

“Such a caring, dedicated man,” Nina said, “even with a sore back.”

“Which already feels better, mind you,” he said.

“Good to hear,” she said, “but if my boyfriend is going to be that thorough in treating me, then it’s only fair that I do the same.”

Not waiting for second opinion, Nina took the initiative, as only she could. She captured his lips in a soft kiss. In the process, she also got on top of him and straddled his waist. When their lips parted, she rose into an upright position and realigned her pelvis with his still-erect manhood. Now lying on his back, his head comfortably resting on a pillow as his lover looked poised to reunite their flesh, he was now in the perfect position to get the best treatment.

“Nina,” he said as he gazed up at her naked body, “only you could make fairness seem so sexy.”

“And therapeutic,” she added with playful grin. “Now sit back while I ride your dick to ecstasy. If that doesn’t help your back feel better…”

“It will,” Terry told her before she could finish. “It always does.”

Still grinning and looking plenty motivated, Nina went to work on his treatment. With both hands now firmly gripping his torso, she lowered her hips and guided his penis back into her depths.

That hot feeling of her moist flesh surrounding his triggered a fresh round of blissful sensations. With a content moan and total trust in his lover’s expertise, Terry placed his hands on her hips and watched Nina make love to him with love and dedication. Using the same focused technique he had used with her, she took him to a world of ecstasy.

“Mmm…Nina,” he moaned.

“That’s it, my love. Feel it…feel me,” Nina said with that soft, loving voice of hers. “Let it soothe you.”

Her efforts did plenty of soothing and then some. With the utmost care, she maneuvered her hips in a steady motion, guiding her wet folds along the length of his cock. Every movement brought more sensations. Every sensation brought more ecstasy. The areas where soreness once festered gave way to the sweet bliss of his lover’s passion.

Nina was like an angel dancing adopt him, imparting into him her healing power. The way she moved as she rode him, his body moving with her in a harmony of shared passion, elevated the feeling beyond that of basic sex. It was like their bodies completed one another, their flesh gaining strength from their intimate union. From that strength came healing and from that healing came ecstasy.

It wasn’t just pleasurable. It was therapeutic. Maybe it only felt therapeutic because it felt so good. More than one friend or ex-girlfriend had pointed that out to Terry, but he didn’t care. It still worked beautifully. It healed his aches, mended his pain, and drew him closer to a badly-needed release.

“Nina…so soothing,” Terry moaned. “I’m getting…so close. Getting…so close.”

“Then, let me take you there, Terry,” she said to him. “Let me heal you.”

She stepped up the pace of her movements just enough to push him to the brink while still maintaining that steady rhythm. As her tight folds slithered along his manly length, she leaned over and kissed him lovingly. The added feeling of her breasts pressing up against his chest made for an even more intimate feel, which helped take him the rest of the way into that world of healing bliss.

“Ohhh Nina!” he exclaimed.

As he entered that world, he embraced his lover with newfound strength. A white hot surge of bliss erupted from his course, sending ripples of pleasure coursing through his body. It was like a warm blanket being cast over his aching body, filling him with contentment and comfort that washed away any pain that might have lingered.

Nina, who embraced him back every step of the way, grasped his hands with hers again, holding onto him as he immersed himself in the feeling. His member throbbed inside her, his sexual fluids mixing with hers in a pool of intimate bliss. In that moment, the soreness was gone. The pain of any headache or injury had been effectively pushed. It was just him and Nina right now in a loving embrace, sharing in the healing power of their love.

“God, I love you,” Terry said, still breathless.

“I love you too,” Nina told him. “I take it that means you’re feeling better too.”

“I am. With you, I never feel sore for very long.”

“And my headaches never last that long either. Guess our love is just that strong.”

“That…or making love is just the perfect medicine!”


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