Another Milestone For This Blog!

I just thought I’d share some news that put a smile on my face and a boner in my pants. I’ve been working hard on this blog for over a year now, trying to build an audience and create my own uniquely sexy sliver on the internet. I know it’s not much, but I’m proud of what I’ve done thus far. I’m also happy to report that my efforts are paying off.

Last month was another banner month, in terms of traffic. I managed to rake in over 1,300 views for the month of June 2017. That’s my second highest month to date. The first highest is still May 2017, which had about 1,500 views. I hope to top that at some point this year and I’m already making progress.

Just yesterday, I found out that my article on the current status of the “X-men: Dark Phoenix” movie was my most heavily trafficked article of the year, raking in over 100 views in a single day. That is a record for a single post and I couldn’t be happier.

It helps that I already have a large presence on comic book message boards and FaceBook groups. I’ve been talking about comics online for much longer than I’ve been working on this blog. Whenever there’s an opportunity to combine the two, I jump at it. Sometimes, it even ties into the world of erotica/romance, more so than most people realize.

So from the bottom of my heart and my loins, thanks to all those who have helped this blog grow. I hope it continues to grow, especially as I release more books like “Rescued Hearts.” If there’s any other topic that people want me to discuss, please let me know. I want to make this blog as successful as possible and I’m open to suggestions, especially the sexy kind.

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One response to “Another Milestone For This Blog!

  1. Steve

    You’ve been knocking it out of the park lately! Good job!

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