“After A Long Week” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story that I wrote after an especially long, busy week I had recently. I think everyone has had similar weeks like that at some point in their lives. This is just me turning it into a sexy story. Enjoy!

“Man, it feels good to be home,” said a tired, but restless Kevin Crayton.

Just hearing those words out loud felt cathartic. He almost had to remind himself that it was Friday night. He wasn’t just going home to sleep for a few hours before heading back to the office. He actually had a chance to rest, relax, and actually appreciate everything he’d worked for. That shouldn’t have been such an audacious concept, but that was the kind of life Kevin had forged.

After pulling into the driveway of his modest suburban house, he took a moment to just catch his breath and gather his thoughts. He had just worked a 60-hour week that shouldn’t have been necessary. Unfortunately, his job at the marketing firm he’d been working at since college threw him several curve balls.

On Monday, two people quit out of the blue, not even handing in a two-weeks-notice. On Wednesday, one of his best analysts broke her ankle in a freak accident and had to spend the night in an emergency room. Those were just the most obvious complications that culminated in a project he had finished and turned into the director just two hours ago.

It was one of those tasks that wouldn’t have been too stressful on a typical work week. In fact, he should’ve been able to take off early and spend the afternoon with his wife, Lucy, who only worked part-time at pharmacy. It wasn’t fair to her that he’d been so busy. He’d canceled their usual date night, which really upset him because that was usually the most relaxing part of his week.

He had to make it up to Lucy. He’d promised her the day they got married that he’d make time for her, even as he pursued his career at the firm. Having been raised by a former marine, Kevin took pride in keeping his promises. He just hoped Lucy was in a forgiving mood.

“Now, I need to make it up my wife,” Kevin said with a deep sigh, “and for all I know, that’ll take all weekend.”

He wasn’t looking forward to all the apologies he owed her. They’d barely spoken in the past 36 hours while he’d been so busy at work. That didn’t make Kevin any less eager to see her. He needed a lot of things to make up for the week he had, but for now, he’d settle for his beautiful wife.

“Might as well start somewhere,” he said, shaking his head in exasperation.

Hoping to leave behind a full five days of stress, he exited his car and made his way to the front door. The sun had already set and chances were, Lucy had already eaten dinner. He’d snacked all afternoon and wasn’t even hungry. Hopefully, she had room for desert, assuming she wasn’t upset with him for working so damn hard.

Kevin began rehearsing all the ways he was going to confront her as he approached the front door. Then, just as he was about to open it, he saw a folded piece of paper taped on the doorknob. On the front was his name written in his wife’s handwriting. Curious, Kevin picked it up and opened it.

“Welcome home,” he read. “I know you’ve had a hard week. Open the door to make it better.”

Now more intrigued than curious, Kevin unlocked the front door and opened it. Immediately, he was greeted with a shocking, but appealing sight.

His wife there waiting for him, but in a distinctly kinky sort of way. There, in the middle of the narrow hallway between the stairs and the small table where he put his car keys, Lucy sat naked on the dirty wooden floor. She looked so casual, leaning back on her arms with her legs fully spread with her lady parts on full display. She acted as though it were the most normal thing in the world, a wife greeting her husband with such an overtly sexual display.

“Welcome home, babe,” Lucy greeted. “I had a feeling you’d need something like this.”

“Lucy,” Kevin said, frozen in place and at a loss for words. “I’m…not sure what’s going on here.”

“Kevin, it’s exactly what you think it is and then some. Now, are you going to stand there and gawk or are you going to get in here and let me welcome you?”

His mouth hung open in shock for a good half-minute. Eventually, Kevin collected himself enough to step inside and close the door behind him, if only to keep one of the neighbors from getting an eyeful of his wife’s nude form.

Even then, he remained somewhat confused, but the more primal parts of his mind were already on alert. In seeing Lucy in all her glory, that seductive glint in her eyes that he hadn’t seen since their honeymoon, Kevin remembered that he still had a functioning penis.

He also recalled that hadn’t had sex with his wife in quite a while. In fact, they hadn’t done it in nearly two weeks. That was the longest they had gone without sex since that time they came down with the flu three years ago. After the week he’d just endured, that felt way too long.

“Lucy,” Kevin began, still struggling to form words.

“Before you begin,” she said, cutting him off, “let me just make a few things clear. It should explain why I decided to ditch dinner, candles, and clothes for the night.”

“That would be helpful,” he replied with a half-grin.

“For the record, I know how busy you were this past week. Believe it or not, I do listen when you tell me about your day. You’re not one to complain, but you do tend to wall yourself off. It’s how you keep your mood from affecting the people you care about.”

Kevin’s grin widened. On top of how good she looked naked, Lucy also reminded him how well she knew him. They’d been together for so long that he didn’t always appreciate how much she’d picked up on his quirks. Not a lot of men could make that claim about their wives. It showed just how lucky he was.

“I’m not going to lie. That does bother me to some extent,” Lucy said.

“And I’d planned on spending the weekend apologizing for that,” Kevin said.

“Save it. You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. I’ve already accepted that harping on that is pointless. Your job is important. Sometimes, a lot of shit goes wrong. Rather than agonize over it, I say we skip to the part where we just celebrate that it’s over.”

“Celebrate…yeah,” he said.

He sounded like an immature teenager who’d never seen exposed breasts before. Lucy snickered at his demeanor and so did he. By every measure, the scene before him was crazy, like something ripped out of a bad porno. It also made a twisted bit of sense.

“So with that in mind…” Lucy said, letting her words trail off.

“Right,” Kevin said, his brain finally catching up to his hormones. “There’s a lot I want to say right now, Lucy. But I got to get the fuck out of this itchy suit.”

With renewed energy and intense urgency, Kevin shed his clothes like they were on fire. He threw off his blazer, undid his belt, and stepped out of his shoes before practically tearing off the fancy suit that he’d gotten dry cleaned less than 12 hours ago.

He didn’t care that he wrinkled his dress shirt and slacks by throwing them into the corner with his running shoes. He barely noticed that he’d kicked his expensive dress shoes across the foyer and into the living room. He needed his wife. He needed her welcoming embrace, among other things.

As soon as he was fully naked, he got down on the floor with her, paying no attention to the dirt and mud stains. He then joined his wife in the middle of the narrow hallway, crawling right between her legs and snaking his arms around her before kissing her passionately.

“God, I need you…so much,” Kevin said in between messy kisses.

“Prove it,” Lucy said, her tone rivaling that any temptress.

Knowing exactly what she meant, skipped the heated make-out session that usually initiated their sexual encounters. Instead, he went directly for the part that made his wife melt in his arms.

Keeping his lips active, he sensually kissed down her neck and over her ample cleavage. He made it a point to give her fleshy mounds an extra firm squeeze, which made her shudder in all the right ways. As much as he loved touching her breasts, though, he didn’t linger. Another part of her body beckoned.

Inch by inch, he worked his way down her torso, past her navel, and into the waiting heat of her inner thighs. He noticed that she was already pretty wet. For all he knew, she’d been waiting for him all evening, eager for his tender touch. He had no intention of making his wife wait a second longer.

“Mmm…seems like you need this too,” Kevin commented.

“Care to prove that too?” she quipped.


Like a starving man getting his first meal in days, Kevin buried his face in his love’s pussy and began eating her out. He wasn’t slow or careful like he usually was. He went in full-speed, skillfully parting her wet folds with his fingers and plunging his tongue into her womanly flesh.

That intense, feminine aura consumed him, sending him into a daze of drunken desire. That skill and effort drew a powerful reaction from Lucy as well.

“Ooh Kevin!” she squealed with delight. “Consider me…convinced.”

Falling back on her arms, his love let out moans that echoed loudly within the narrow hall. Encouraged, Kevin pushed her thighs farther apart so he could get in deeper, licking and stimulating her depths as only he could. The sounds of her blissful moans was like the sweetest music. Already, he felt the stress of the past week melting away.

“Lucy…you taste so good,” Kevin moaned, his voice muffled by her pussy.

It was once of his admitted kinks that might have been the deciding factor in Lucy accepting his marriage proposal. He loved giving oral sex to women. He loved the taste, smell, and effect of pussy. He’d loved it since his first girlfriend in high school dared him to go down on her one night. He liked to think he’d made her night. By the time he met Lucy, he’d refined his tastes, as well as his technique.

Using his tongue and fingers to full effect, Kevin stimulated all those extra-sensitive spots he’d come to know by heart. It led to louder moans, the likes of which filled the first level of their house. Lucy was a direct, straightforward person by nature. She made clear to everyone what she wanted, what she liked, and how she wanted things done. That extended to sex and he was all too eager to oblige.

“Kevin, I…I’m getting so hot.” his love moaned.

“Good,” he told her, “because I’m going to need more than this.”

Lucy couldn’t see it from her position, but Kevin already had a full-fledged boner urging him on. Whether it was a product of pent up sexual energy or the act of gorging on his wife’s pussy, he was very aroused and in need of his wife’s sex.

After giving her folds one last tender lick, Kevin rose up from the floor and got on top of her. He ended up pinning her right on the floor, the dirty wood pressing up against her naked flesh. She didn’t seem to mind, though. She kept her legs fully spread, took him in her arms, and pulled him on top of her so that her ample breasts pressed up against his chest.

“Kevin…take me,” Lucy told him. “Give me what you need…what we both need.”

Her words echoed with the same desperation he felt in every fiber of his being. It was no longer about having overdue sex with his wife. It was about fulfilling an unmet need for both of them.

Driven and determined like never before, Kevin grabbed hold of her thighs and guided his erect dick into her waiting vagina. The feeling of their flesh melding, his hard masculine flesh entering her moist womanly depths, was intoxicating – a once cold void filled with a powerful new heat. It sent him deeper into his daze and Lucy gladly followed.

“Feeling better yet, love?” she purred.

“Ohhh Lucy!” was all Kevin got out.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

She laughed and playfully kissed him, trailing her lips down his face and neck. That encouraged Kevin even more. Lucy had never been a slow and steady kind of girl when it came to sex. She liked it rough. They both did. It was the most potent manifestation of their love for one another.

He made it a point to be extra potent, working his hips and pumping his member inside her tight flesh with great vigor. Their naked bodies rocked and writhed on the floor within the narrow hallway. Kevin couldn’t recall how long it had been since they mopped the area. If it hadn’t been dirty before, they were certainly making it dirty, the sweat and crime of their bodies mixing in a growing pool of passion.

The added effort paid off sooner than expected. After a good dose of hard, focused humping, Lucy’s moans got louder. The writhing and movements of her body intensified. She was already on the brink of orgasm. He knew the signs and Lucy was rarely subtle about it.

“Harder, Kevin! Do it harder! I’m going to…come!” she moaned.

Kevin adjusted his body slightly, rising up so that he could hump her at a different angle. He intensified the pace, watching as her breasts bounced with each thrust, her sweaty flesh grinding against the floor. It was such a beautiful, erotic sight…one that became a noisy spectacle as he sent her over the edge.

“Oohhh Kevin!” she cried out.

The hallways did little to contain the sounds of such ecstasy. He watched in awe as Lucy arched her lower back, closed her eyes, and grasped her breasts as she climaxed right there on the dirty floor. He even slowed his movements so that he could enjoy every second of it.

That might have been the quickest he’d ever brought his wife to orgasm and for someone who claimed she could get herself off with an electric toothbrush, that was saying something. While it was relatively easy to make Lucy come, leaving her satisfied was more challenging. He was more than up to the task, though.

“You really did need that,” Kevin teased, still panting heavily from their sex.

“Yeah…no need to prove it this time,” she said.

“Still…couldn’t hurt to be sure,” he said coyly.

In another show of his burning needs, he withdrew his cock from her still-throbbing vagina, shifted his grip to her waist, and turned her over so that she was on all fours. Still clearly drunk on orgasmic bliss, Lucy did not resist in the slightest. She even shook her heart-shaped ass a bit, as if he needed more tempting at that point.

“Go on,” she said. “Be as sure as you want!”

“I intend to do nothing less!” Kevin told her.

Licking his lips in anticipation, he positioned himself behind her, propped on one knee with his right foot planted firmly on the floor. He then grabbed hold of his wife’s wonderfully round butt, guided his still-rigid cock to her outer folds, and thrust it back into her. From here, he resumed their sex, now with more leverage and even more motivation to fulfill his own needs.

Again, he pumped his cock within her tight folds. It was intense, vigorous, and focused. The sound of his pelvis smacking against her butt echoed through the hall, the feeling of the floor sticking to their sweaty flesh. Lucy even supplemented his movements, bucking her hips so that their bodies moved in a harmonious symphony of sincere love and pent-up lust.

Need mixed with desire and desire became pleasure…intense, overwhelming pleasure that escalated rapidly. Kevin usually preferred drawing out sex with Lucy. He liked to savor it as much as possible. For the sake of completing an overdue feeling, he made an exception and pushed towards his waiting peak.

“Lucy…I’m close…so close! I need it…so bad!” he said through increasingly labored grunts.

“Do it, my love,” Lucy told him. “Come…meet your need with me.”

He did it harder, working closer and closer to his goal. Lucy did her part too, rising up and guiding his hands to her breasts, allowing him to squeeze them for that final drive into ecstasy. It did the trick. He got what he needed.

“Ohhh Lucy!” he gasped, mirroring the words and passion she’d voiced earlier.

Like a warm wave washing over an arid desert, a surge of bliss erupted from within. His dick throbbed, his face contorted, and his muscles tensed in accord with his release. His manly fluid mixed with her feminine juices in a pool of shared passion, a literal manifestation of the lust and love they had expressed in a narrow hallway of all places.

As he soaked in that feeling, he captured Lucy’s lips in another kiss. Eventually, their naked bodies parted and they found themselves sitting with their backs against the wall – still naked, yet very relaxed.

It was beautiful, pleasurable, and exhilarating. After a week of work, stress, and pressure, it was the perfect counter. Kevin went from frustrating restlessness to utter contentment in record time. It was all thanks to having such an amazing wife, one who knew how to fulfill a need and be extra sexy in the process.

“What a way to end a long week,” Kevin said with a beaming smile.

“Amen to that!” said Lucy.

“Work sucks, but when you’ve got someone you love to come home to…someone who doesn’t mind being naked as soon as the door opens.”

“Don’t say it’s worth it. Work shouldn’t be the only reason why you come home to make love to your wife.”

“It’s not,” he said as he affectionately embraced her. “I was going to say it reminds you that no matter how hectic the rest of life gets, you can still get so much with the simplest, sexiest basics.”

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