“The Motivator” A Sexy Short Story


The following is a sexy short story I wrote involving job interviews, confidence, and a beautiful woman who helps with both. Enjoy!

“You can do this, Mike. You can do this. You’re ready! You couldn’t be more ready if you tried.”

Michael Young said those words again and again as he paced restlessly in a small conference room. In just under an hour, he was scheduled for an interview that might very well determine the course of his life. He’d been busting his ass, working long hours and late nights at this company for nine years. After all that time and toil, the opportunity he’d been hoping for came along.

Six weeks ago, a new senior executive position opened in a newly-formed department. Whoever got that job wouldn’t just be taking over for some old employee who retired. They would be in a position to forge a bold new path for themselves and the company. It wouldn’t just be a promotion. It would be a clean slate with which to build a career to call his own.

Michael had been searching for that opportunity since he graduated college, having gone into debt and lived in crappy shared apartments for nearly six years. He only recently began driving a car that was less than 10 years old. Just paying off his debts wasn’t enough, though. Michael aspired to something more.

“This is what you worked for,” he told himself. “Nobody else will do this as well as you. You know that. Don’t you?”

That last part made him cringe, so much so that he had to stop pacing and lean on the conference table for support. He closed his eyes and cussed himself out for having such crippling doubt. That had been his biggest flaw ever since he started working, having lost out on more than one promotion because of it. His ex-girlfriend once told him his doubts made him falter and when he faltered, it was painfully obvious.

“You know. You know. You know, damn it!” Michael repeated, trying to hammer that into idea into his brain.

He checked his watch again. He now had 55 minutes left. Time was going painfully slow and he was already sweating bullets. At the rate he was going, he’d be a wreck before the interview started.

Michael refused to let that do him in. He already got much farther than most. Only five people were set to interview for the new position, him being one of them. His old supervisor even told him that the Board wasn’t looking to bring someone in from the outside. They wanted their new executive to come from within. They wanted someone who knew the company and was ambitious to build it up. That fit him to the letter.

Then again, those four other candidates probably thought the same. Some might even be more qualified, connected, or experienced than him, at least on paper. If he was to have any chance, he had to make a lasting impression in the interview.

He’d been practicing, mentally and in front of a mirror for nearly three days straight. Little things like sleep and relaxation had been exceedingly limited. He refused to use that as an excuse, though. He’d worked as hard as he could, preparing as best as he could. There was literally nothing else he or anyone could possibly do.

As he leaned on the desk, trying to purge his mind of all shreds of doubt, the door to the conference room opened. Having been told the room was supposed to be vacant all day, it caught him off guard.

“Michael Young? Is that you?” a female voice said.

“Yeah, who wants to…”

Michael stopped himself in mid-sentence. It wasn’t because he’d been overly shocked by the unexpected intrusion. It was because the intruder happened to be a tall, beautiful, and distinctly buxom woman in a black buckled sheath dress. Having become very familiar with the men and women who worked at the company, Michael didn’t recognize her and that was a telling sign.

“Um…I’m sorry, ma’am,” he said awkwardly, trying to collecting himself. “I’m just a little tense right now.”

“I can see that,” the woman said with a wry grin, “but if you are Michael, then I’m in the right place.”

“Are you sure? The facilities guy told me I’d have this room to myself for an hour. I’ve got this big interview coming up.”

“I know about the interview. I also know about this room being unoccupied for the day. That’s what I was hoping for. I’d rather not have any interruptions.”

There was a mysterious, but alluring subtext to her voice. Michael wasn’t sure what to make of it, but did not protest as the woman closed the door behind her, locked it, and set her purse aside.

As she walked over to him, he noticed something else about the woman that might or might not have been intentional. Not only was her dress somewhat undersized for her voluptuous figure, it did a poor job of containing her large breasts, so much so that he swore he could see her nipples poking out from the fabric. Having grown up in a house with three sisters, he could tell when a woman wasn’t wearing bra.

That alone hinted that the woman wasn’t the new intern in accounting. She couldn’t be the senior VP’s new assistant either, who was gay and extremely uptight about the office dress code. The way she walked and the way she carried herself made clear that she did not work at the company, but her poise gave the impression she owned every room she entered.

“My name is Elizabeth Sweet,” she said, now standing so close that he could smell her perfume. “I’m a consultant, of sorts. Your old friend Oliver hired me to help you before your interview.”

“Ollie hired you?” Michael said with a raised eyebrow. “Oliver Owen, the same guy who hired strippers for our college graduation party and still somehow married my ex-supervisor’s daughter?”

“Yep! That’s him,” Elizabeth affirmed. “He’s what you might call a novel thinker in the field of human resources.”

“That’s the least vulgar way to describe Ollie’s approach to management, but I’ll go with it.”

“For the past year, he’s hired me a few times to help motivate those he feels has potential. He told me you have more than anyone he’s come across and paid me extra to help you realize it.”

Michael opened his mouth to respond, but fell silent when Elizabeth moved in closer and snaked her arms around his neck. The warmth of her body, the soft touch of her smooth skin, and the devious glint in her eye helped captivate him to a point where he forgot about his earlier doubts. On top of that, he could feel her breasts pressing up against his chest through his suit, confirming that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

It also confirmed that Elizabeth Sweet – which he doubted was her real name – wasn’t the kind of consultant who lectured companies on leadership skills. Michael had been to enough strip clubs and bachelor parties – mostly with Oliver, no less – to recognize a sex worker. That helped him piece together what his friend had done for him.

“Remind me to thank and/or kill Oliver when this is over,” Michael said.

“It’s probably best you decide after you get your promotion,” replied Elizabeth in an overtly seductive voice.

“After? You sure sound certain.”

“And so should you,” she retorted. “You probably think I’m just some bimbo your buddy hired to boost your spirits…that this is just some elaborate prank meant to help you loosen up.”

“You don’t strike me as a bimbo, Ms. Sweet,” he said, “but to be fair, that sounds exactly like something Ollie would do.”

“I don’t think you give your friend enough credit. You see, I am in the business you think I am, but not to the extent you assume. I have a specialty, so to speak. I have a talent for gauging someone’s potential and helping them realize it.”

As if to make her point, she trailed her hand down his chest and over his torso. Even through his dress shirt, he could feel the warmth of her touch. It sent shivers through his body, which was a welcome contrast from all the anxious feelings he’d been experiencing.

Then, when she reached his pants and traced around his groin, Michael felt his dick spring to life. He was somewhat embarrassed at first, but a coy grin from Elizabeth helped reassure him. For all he knew, he’d just made her point.

“In my extensive experience with men, there’s a considerable difference between who have great ambition and those who actually pursue it,” she went on, her hand still rubbing the outline of his cock through his pants.

“What kind of difference?” asked Michael, trying his best to distract himself.

“It’s akin to the difference between wanting something and really desiring it,” Elizabeth said, using very erotic overtones for that last part. “Most people want that big promotion, a fat raise, or a beautiful woman to rub their cock. To desire it, though, you need to be extra motivated. Not just to work hard, either. It has to really matter to you.”

While still rubbing over his pants with one hand, she used the other to grasp his wrist and guide his hand to her butt. Having been leaning back on the conference table, it left him off-balance. He quickly regained it, though, reaching around with his other hand so that he had her heart-shaped butt in her grasp.

Even through her dress, it felt so good. Her presence, her body, and her voice just radiated so much sex appeal. He found himself giving her butt a quick squeeze, evoking a favorable response in Elizabeth. In fact, she seemed genuinely aroused by it.

“I can tell you’re motivated, Michael,” she said. “I sense this promotion does matter to you.”

“Is that really all you sense?” Michael said with a half-grin.

“I could spend the next several hours documenting all the things I see in you…your demeanor, your sense of passion, and even your taste in clothing,” said Elizabeth, “since we don’t have much time though, I’ll cut to the chase.”

“And hopefully it doesn’t involve my taste in men’s fashion.”

“It doesn’t. It involves the finding the necessary strength a man needs do more than pursue his ambition. If he’s going to get what he desires, he needs to be motivated into tapping that strength. That’s where I come in.”

The voluptuous woman gave his groin another squeeze. At that point, there was a noticeable bulge in his pants. Her touch, her presence, and her seductive tone had gotten his blood flowing and his heart racing in just the right ways. Considering how stressed he’d been moments ago, it was quite a feat, which said just as much about Elizabeth than it did about him.

With that bulge so visible, the beautiful woman reached behind and grasped his wrists. From there, he guided his hands up from her butt onto the zipper of her dress.

“Here,” she told him. “Help me out of this tight dress.”

“But…” Michael began, his mind racing almost as much as his heart.

“It’s okay. I checked with the facilities guy too. There won’t be any interruptions.”

He smiled awkwardly and did as she requested, unzipping the back of her dress all the way down. Someone walking in on them at that point was only one of his concerns, but as soon as he got a glimpse of Elizabeth’s half-naked body, all those concerns disappeared.

Once the dress fell to the floor in a crumbled heap, the beautiful woman was in nothing but a black thong and overpriced heels. The sight of her smooth skin, blemish-free skin filled him with a mix of awe and desire. Her breasts, especially, caught his attention.

“Whoa,” Michael said, much to her amusement.

They were so big and round. How that dressed contained them comfortably was beyond his understanding. He doubted they were natural. He knew the signs of surgically-enhanced cleavage as well as any man with an internet connection and a healthy male libido.

He was tempted to find out for certain, but before he could even ask, Elizabeth kicked her dress aside and guided his hands onto her breasts. Beyond just confirming they were fake, they gave him an intoxicating taste of her wondrous flesh.

“Go on,” Elizabeth told him. “Feel my breasts. Squeeze them a little. Show me your strength.”

“Um…okay,” was all he could get out.

Like a kid in a candy store, Michael began fondling her breasts. He wasn’t too firm, but he wasn’t gentle either. After squeezing her butt earlier, he got the impression that she appreciated shows of strength. The way she moaned when he squeezed her luscious tits, giving the nipples a little pinch for good measure, further affirmed that sentiment.

“Mmm…that’s it. I like that!” she purred. “Your hands a strong. Strength comes from ambition. Ambition comes from desire…really powerful desire.”

“Powerful…yeah,” Michael said distantly.

It sounded like a mind game, but it worked. He soon found himself rubbing and kneading her breasts with more fervor, really enjoying the way they felt in his hands. He wanted it…desired it. As such, he seized it. Doing so didn’t just fuel his arousal. It made him feel stronger.

It seemed to have a similar effect on Elizabeth. As she moaned, she reached between his legs again and rubbed the bulge in his pants. He felt his dick tense under her touch again, reflecting another growing desire. As that feeling intensified between them, she leaned in a bit closer and kissed the side of his face before. Then, she whispered something into his ear.

“Undo your belt, unzip your pants, and sit down on the table,” Elizabeth said. “I’m going to suck your dick.”

“Is that supposed to make me stronger?” he asked

“In a sense,” she replied.

Whether or not that was part of the mind games didn’t matter to Michael at that point. Now feeling both aroused and motivated, he did as she asked. He released his grip on her breasts, albeit reluctantly, and undid his pants. He couldn’t get them off fast enough, even fumbling somewhat to push them down his legs along with his underwear. The presence of a raging boner didn’t help, but being so motivated, he got them off.

“Hmm…I see some of your strength is already endowed,” she teased upon seeing his erect dick.

“Somehow, I think I’m going to need more,” Michael said as he sat up on the table.

“That’s why I’m here…in a sense.”

She snickered seductively, carrying herself like a temptress and a guide. Michael could honestly say he’d never been more motivated to see where this went, with or without his pants on.

Once on the table, his pants falling off his legs in the process, Elizabeth dropped to her knees and positioned herself between his legs. She showed plenty of ambition of her own, grasping the base of his cock with one hand and reaching into her panties with another. He saw plenty of desire in her as well, not to mention uncanny sex appeal.

“Time to taste the extent of your strength,” she said, licking her lips in ambition. “Let’s see if I can bring a little extra out!”

“I’d…like to see that too,” said Michael.

That sounded less confident than he’d hoped, but that didn’t dissuade the ambitious woman. With the kind of intent that any businessperson would respect, she leaned in and enveloped his cock with her mouth. As soon as he felt those soft lips and wet tongue on his shaft, he leaned back on the table and moaned.

“Ohhh fuck!” he gasped. “That’s…real strong.”

She responded by unleashing a focused onslaught of oral sex, sucking and licking his member with a skill that was nothing short of professional. Given his situation, seeking to prove his own profession competence, there was something uniquely fitting about that.

From feeling so uptight and tense mere moments ago, Michael felt a welcome wave of contentment as steady streams of pleasure coursed up through his body. That feeling of hot, slithering bliss around his manhood left him feeling empowered as well as aroused. He eventually had to remove his blazer to better-cope with the heat. However, as good as it felt, he still wanted more.

There was that ambition within him…that powerful desire that went beyond a simple want. Getting his dick sucked by a beautiful woman during a work day was nice, but there was potential for so much more and he sought to realize it.

“Mmm…Elizabeth,” Michael grunted, “That feels so good, but…”

“But what?” she asked, briefly ceasing her sucking, but still stroking his cock.

“I want more,” he told her.

“You want more?”

“No!” he said with more intent. “Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to fuck you on this table. I’m going to fuck you hard. And I’m going to fuck you until we come.”

“And that’s what you desire?”

“Fuck desire! That’s what’s going to happen. I’m certain of it.”

Michael said those words with more strength than anything he’d ever uttered to that point in his life. It surprised him much more than Elizabeth. If anything, Elizabeth seemed smug about it, as though her suspicions of him had been vindicated.

Regardless of vindication, she gave his cock one last lick before rising back to her feet. She then casually slid her panties down her thighs, revealing her perfectly-groomed womanhood, which had been fondled to full arousal during her oral teasing.

“Very well, Mr. Young,” Elizabeth said in an official tone. “Do as you say. Use your strength to realize that certainty.”

“Oh I intend to do all that and then some!”

Flushed with confidence, arousal, and overall desire to fuck a beautiful woman, Michael got up off the desk and took the now-naked Elizabeth in his arms. She kept goading him with that seductive gaze of hers, daring him to fuck her as hard as he promised and then some. He had every intention of delivering.

With strength radiating from every muscle, he turned her around and bend her over the conference room table. Her breasts now mashed up against the polished wood and her heart-shaped butt pointed towards him, Michael grabbed her by the hips and positioned himself behind her.

There was no hesitation or reservation of any kind. As soon as the tip of his dick made contact with her wet opening, he drove his hips forward, thrusting his rigid length into her womanly depths. That hot feeling of her flesh surrounding his was incredible. Moreover – and more importantly, with respect to his pending interview – it brought out a new strength within him.

“Ooh Michael!” the beautiful woman gasped. “Your dick…so deep and powerful. I love it!”

The sound of her voice – and the message her words conveyed, more so – inspired Michael to fuck Elizabeth with more energy than he had ever dared with a woman. He treated the act of having sex with her as the most important, meaningful task in his life at that moment. If the sheer volume of her moans were any indication, that effort showed.

He was intense, but not rough with his motions, imparting a unique intensity into each thrust. The way her body rocked with each movement, her nails raking down the wood as her naked skin rubbed up against the table, reverberated with his passionate energy. It wasn’t just the sex itself that conveyed the feeling. He made full use of his hands, reaching around with one to fondle her clitoris and using the other to squeeze her butt.

It didn’t just reflect his desire. It demonstrated his certainty with respect to delivering as he promised. He was going to fuck her. He was going to make her climax. There was no doubt or uncertainty. It was going to happen and he was going to make it happen. No other thought crossed his mind.

“You’re going…to come,” Michael grunted in between thrusts. “I’m going to…make you…come!”

Every thrust of his hips, providing the heated rhythm of his manly flesh pumping into her feminine depths, pushed her closer to that goal. The way she bucked her hips and arched her back helped supplement his motions, reflecting her own desire to achieve that same peak. Through that focused desire, shared by a common motivation, he sent Elizabeth to the brink of orgasm.

“Oohhh Michael!” she panted. “You’re…you’re going to do it! You’re going to…make me…come!”

He barely heard those words and the moans that came with it. Michael was so focused that the world around him became muted. He just kept working his hips, fucking her pussy and fondling her clit until she crossed that special threshold.

When it finally happened, there was no ambiguity. The beautiful, voluptuous woman closed her eyes, threw her head back, and let out a cry of ecstasy as she achieved her climax. Michael finally slowed his thrusting, enjoying the fruits of his labor.

“I did it,” he said. “I am that strong.”

He couldn’t help but grin in accomplishment, feeling he pussy throb around his cock while her euphoric moans echoed throughout the room. Beyond just making a beautiful woman come, Michael felt a rush of confidence he didn’t know he had. It was like tapping into a hidden well of energy, filling him with something he didn’t quite understand, but embraced none-the-less.

From that intense rush, he also recalled his lingering desire, which remained unsatisfied. Having given Elizabeth her taste of ecstasy, he was ready to embrace his own.

“Now, I’m going to keep fucking you,” Michael told her. “I’m going to fuck you until I come and I’m going to shoot my load on your tits.”

“Yes…do it, Michael!” Elizabeth said, still drunk on the ecstasy.

It sounded like she hadn’t forgotten her desires, either. There was no way an ambitious woman like her would’ve been satisfied with just getting fucked to orgasm. She sought more than that and so did he.

Making use of his newfound strength, he took Elizabeth by the waist and repositioned her, turning her around and lifting her up slightly off the floor. He then set her on the table, pushing her legs apart so he had a clear path back into her pussy.

Without hesitation, he got between her legs again and thrust his dick back into her throbbing depths. Now leaning back on her arms, Elizabeth locked her gaze with his. That intensity in her eyes that he’d seen earlier was stronger than ever. Unlike before, though, he matched it every step of the way.

“That’s it, Michael. Fuck me!” Elizabeth urged. “Fuck me with that strength of yours!”

“That what you call…motivation?” he said, matching her tone.

“Fuck yes!”

He wasn’t sure if that was confirmation or just him hitting an extra sensitive spot in her pussy that supplemented her post-orgasmic state. Michael didn’t bother speculating. He just their sex, focusing once again and delivering as he said.

He was more fervent and direct with his humping, really working his manhood inside her with unfretted desire. Holding onto her thighs, watching her breasts bounce every time he rocked her body with his movements, he didn’t just pursue that ultimate peak. He charged towards it at full speed. The end result was a direct path to that sweet, euphoric release.

“Ohhh yeah!” Michael grunted as he felt the coming onslaught. “I’m ready, Elizabeth.”

“Me too, my future executive.”

Her choice of words just added more satisfaction to the blissful rush that followed. As soon as he was in a position to blow his load, he withdrew his cock, pulled Elizabeth’s body closer to his, and aimed his throbbing manhood at her breasts.

Holding his dick in both hands, he let out a deep, powerful grunt as he released his manly fluid onto her amble cleavage. An eruption of intense, empowering pleasure followed. Elizabeth, not content to play a passive role, pressed them together to gather up every drop. She even rubbed them up against his cock, adding an extra level of intimacy to this act of strength.

“There!” Elizabeth said with triumphant confidence. “That’s how I know you have the necessary desire.”

“Yeah…that’s a lot of desire,” Michael said breathlessly.

“And now you’re motivated to pursue it. Am I right?”

Michael needed a moment to come down from his orgasmic peak. His legs were weak, his dick throbbed, and light ripples of pleasure were still reverberating throughout his body. He’d also wrinkled his dress shirt and tie, thanks to the sweat he’d worked up, but that didn’t bother him in the slightest.

As he leaned on the table, the naked Elizabeth still sitting there with her legs casually draped over the edge, he came to a realization. In doing so, all that doubt and anxiety that had made him a nervous wreck seemed so trivial. It was no longer a matter of whether or not his interview would go well. He already knew the outcome.

“You’re right,” he told her. “I know what I want and desire. I’m going to that interview, I’m getting that promotion, and I’m going to be the strongest goddamn executive this company has ever known.”

“Spoken like a man of strength and confidence,” Elizabeth said proudly.

“And it’s all thanks to your sexy brand of motivation,” said Michael as he began getting dressed. “I’m ready now. I’m not just confident, this time. I’m certain!”


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